Marissa – America saved us .. they’ve been voting all weekend.. that’s what America wanted

Quick and Dirty Spoilers

a) Ross won the VIP Veto

b) Metta nomianted in his place

C) House votes Metta out

6:05pm When the feeds come back. Marissa, Ari and Brandi are in the tweet room.

Brandi about Ross – we just need to know that he’s true to our 4
Marissa – YES
Brandi – the other ones out (James)
Marissa – I’m letting you know
They mention James saying “I’m save anyways” because he had a deal with Omarossa
Marissa says this 4 person they have is “True”
Marissa about Ross – Even if he’s making side scam going it’s not where his heart is
brandi – I know
Marissa – I’m going to let you know America… because Omarossa had the HOH and she wanted us out.. they wantted to save us (America) he’s smart enough to see that
Marissa – he was like OHH I know which side to be on (LOL)
Marissa says all she cares about is saving “you guys”
Ross comes in
Marissa – one thing we cannot do is let Omarossa break us up.. she’s already done it..
Marissa tells them that Omarossa told her that Brandi and Ari were saying for her to put Marissa up. Brandi says that Omarossa told them she putting Marissa up.
Ross tells them he’s with them
Marissa – America saved us.. Omarossa won HOH and they’ve been voting all weekend.. they knew James had a deal with someone that’s what America wanted.
Ross – the Smart thing to do was for her to put up MArk and we would have sent him home

Ross – we need to win this HOH..
Ross and MArissa leave..

Brandi and Ari agree they have to trust Ross

6:18pmRoss and Mark Getting ready for the Head of household competition
Mark – it changes on a dime his game..
Ross says Omarossa wasn’t going to put up a girl.
Mark says Omarossa has got to go next.
Mark mentions the HOH starts at 8 o’clock

6:21pm Ross, Ari and Brandi
Ari – James told me con congratulations you’re still here
Brandi – f* him
Ross leaves..
Brandi saying they have to trust Ross

Ari – when I cam in to the kitchen he was talking to mark
Explains that his demeanor changed when he saw her.
Brandi – yes but he has to play both sides now
Brandi – he does..

6:24pm Ross and James
Ross says everybody wants Omarossa out

James – Gamewise she has nobody, nobody to back her up.. there’s two .. either one of them make more sense over her (Brandi Ari)
Ross – I see it.. I see what you are saying
Jame s- they are all equal competitors
Ross – we’ll talk about it

10:20pm Still waiting for the Head of household results.

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The Beef

So another “celebrity” quits the game. How much could a $250,000 prize mean to a man that made millions a year during his NBA career? Obviously not much. And good ol’ Metta tells Julie during the interview who he was going to “put up” had he won the veto. He’s been playing the game for three weeks and he still hasn’t figured it out, yet he claimed he had them on the run due to how much of a competitor he is (zero competition wins).

Hard to figure out who to pull for in this house of losers. Process of elimination gets me down to Mark or James, since I can’t stand Asmarosa or Brandi, and Ross, Marissa and Ari stabbed Shannon in the back for no apparent reason (she would have really helped them to eliminate James, Mark and O and THEN they could have legitimately knocked her off).


Omarosa for the win!!!


What a waste of my time those last BB episodes! Omarosa promised so much and delivered zero. Metta? Wtf? You’re all talk! Where’s the competitor u bragged so much about? It should be against the rules to ask to be evicted! CBS should cancel his check.


Yay!! Another day of Marissa being disgusting and talking over people Great!! , and no Marissa America didn’t wanna save Ross ( At least I didn’t) At this point Ross is gonna win CBB because everyone thinks Ross is with them except Omarosa . Unless Omarosa , James, and Mark team up against those 4 they’ll get picked off one by one .


Actually Ross is set up to be everybody’s favorite final 2 precisely because he’s set up with everybody and each one will feel betrayed: Who is voting for him at the end? Chuck is a question mark, Keisha was betrayed by him, Shannon too. So he’s got Metta. Now look at the house: He’s got Marissa…but needs to orchestrate her exit to get that vote, thereby risking said vote. Omarossa hates him, Brandi and Ari see his scheming. James might appreciate his game and Mark is a giant jellyfish who will vote whichever way Twitter tells him to.

I see 5 firm votes against him…unless he gets to the end with somebody they hate more and doing that puts the firm votes for him in play.

Butters Mom

This season is such a joke. 2 now have volunteered to leave.. most likely knowing they were about to be voted out and not wanting it to look that way. I just cant watch it or care about it. CBS has dropped the ball with this show. My new favorite is Amazing Race and I think Big Brother has lost its appeal. The politics they are pushing by putting Omarosa on there and showing so much of her “talks with Ross” about the President and her time in the white house are nauseating and not why I watch Big Brother. You blew it CBS! Thanks for the recaps Simon and Dawg. HOw about some Amazing Race spoilers? haha


I am SO over the incessant clips of Omarosa talking politics. It actually makes my blood boil every time I see that they have included another one. I straight up could not care less what she has to say about that.


You are so right I want her to leave.


I have to disagree with you Butters Mom. When Keisha left, the plan was to remove her with Marissa’s veto and backdoor James! But no, Keisha very emotionally BEGGED for noms to be left the same and for everyone to vote for her to leave due to the depletion of her breast milk. And Metta was the absolute LAST person that Omarosa would have put up as a replacement nominee. She made Mark promise her safety if he won HOH in order to not put him up, but when she spoke to Metta she just asked him to vote for Ross with nothing in return and he said yes and that was the end of it. He too had to have been begging to be sent home as has been doing since the show began since he misses his wife/girlfriend/kids. So no, I don’t think either of them were in danger of being voted out, at least not immediately. They just didn’t want to be there for whatever reason, and didn’t want to lose their contract $$$$ by just walking out, which sucks for us viewers because it messes up the game.

Rough Kneecap Syndrome

Damn it! Ross outsmarted Omarosa by not using the second veto, locking in Metta as the only replacement nominee. She should have said Jame’s name first and got him the heck out.


So friggin’ annoying!!
That certainly was a waste of time and energy.


Lol, those 4 think we like them. The veto made no difference anyway because Metta was quitting no matter what. Another waste of a week!

Sugar Ray Fan

Team Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m a big Sugar Ray fan and I have seen them 12 times in this past decade and I even got my albums signed by them. I hope he makes it to final 3!!!!!!!


Did anybody see after dark last night metta was totally talking about needing pot they switch to the fish because they were trying to hide the conversation but you got it here and there they were all talking about pot because meta-was really needing some pot


Okay, everyone left wants to be there? Great. Now that that’s over let’s play big brother already ugh


Not for nothin’, but if Omarosa wanted to break up the “pairs,” and this was before anyone knew about the POV twist, I would have expected her to nominate ROSS and MARISSA. And when she was doing her so-called, “opposition research,” I expected her to take in the fact that Brandi was being handed to her on Marissa’s very self-serving platter, and do the opposite of what Marissa and Ari were suggesting. Omarosa is nothing if not contrary. So what was she thinking? In case she hasn’t noticed, Ari is the smartest person in the house. Omarosa could have nominated, Ross and Marissa, snitched on Ari and Marissa to Brandi, and in so doing, scattered all kinds of land mines throughout the house. The damage would have been done, even with Ross winning the POV, because if he opted to take both Marissa AND himself off the block. Brandi and Ari would still be possible evictees. Force the alliance members to pick a side. Either way, at a minimum, one of them would be gone. I’m no Omarosa fan, but if one REALLY intended to play hard and inflict some damage on all of these pairs and four-ways assembled by Ross, this makes more sense.
Oh, and it is far too late in the game for ANYONE to think there is a “safe” way to play such that no one will be coming for you. It’s BIG BROTHER!!! Someone is now, has been, and will always be coming for you!!


Soooo, another wasted HOH. Who would’ve thought Omarosa would play scared??
All of Ross’s alliances remain intact. I can say this b/c Brandi was always a wild card and proved it by not only announcing, “I don’t want to be in the alliance any more,” but by doubling down and making a senseless and needless confession that it was she who voted to keep Shannon. She still doesn’t understand why they no longer feel they can trust her. (Nothing wrong with a sympathy vote; everything wrong with broadcasting that you did it.) Ari “promised” she wouldn’t say anything to the others. That promise had a 3-5 minute life-span.
Ross sent Brandi a loud, clear signal that she is alone on an island. He can claim he didn’t use the POV to save her because Metta’s exit was already in place; or he could even blame it on her vote to keep Shannon. All of this may be true, but, more importantly, he was thinking of the men on the other side of the house whom he still needs. He couldn’t risk Mark or James going up to replace Brandi. She is expendable.
Metta, floater by default, gets to leave the house and be with his wife, but still gets to vote on the winner. Does Omarosa think he’ll remember that she made it possible and show gratitude by throwing her a vote at the end? Not likely, but, if she makes it that far, she could use that as a talking point.
Metta sounded delusional. Does he really think anyone felt threatened by his game-play? It was strange to hear him talk about who he would have nominated had he won the POV. Was he ever trying to win anything? Or, was he trying to go home? Which is it? Does that mean he was willing to tough it out for another few days, but only if he could win? Face it, Metta, you gave up and then used “family” to rationalize what was really your need to maintain control. Your weren’t going to win, you knew it, and begging to leave was your way of saving face. Guess what, big guy. It’s not that big of a deal. You could have survived losing Big Brother, dignity intact.
Other than Shannon and Chuck, who of the remaining celebrities has sufficient ego strength to tolerate an actual eviction ceremony, and who will “stage” an exit? Keshia and Metta couldn’t take it. Omarosa staged a sick-out over a mere competition loss. An emotional meltdown may be in Brandi’s future since her break from the alliance. As for the others, I think they came ready to play, whatever the end-game.
For now, Ross has regained/ re-established control of the house…

Omarosa, check your six… None of your side deals are worth squat. You could have taken advantage of Ross’s POV and truly made a big move, as promised. But you lacked the foresight to see the potential. (Ari would have seized the moment). Brandi, they are done with you. Marissa, who’s it gonna be? Ross or Ari? James, nobody in the house wants to see you at the end, except as a jury member, and that includes Mark. So, this is the time for you to win the upcoming HOH.

Hmmm… Everybody says/thinks they want Omarosa out, but she might just be the one person who could guarantee a unanimous vote in your favor… Oops, I forgot: Keshia gets to vote. But otherwise, she has no allies.
So, in summary, Ross, James and Ari are coming in hot. Marissa, and Mark, less so, but only because neither has had to make any tough, conspicuous moves. Mark’s “strategy” was to lose comps and not draw blood. Marissa’s was to orchestrate Shannon’s exit and make it seem like an alliance idea. Everything that has followed was just Marissa following Ross’s lead, but Ari has been her brain supplement.
That leaves Brandi and Omarosa to either win the HOH or the next POV, respectively, or hitch their wagons to someone else’s star.

Such a deal…


There’s always that one idiot who thinks he/she is the “good guy/girl” and “America” is on their side…thanks Marissa for being the loon..


The anti-Metta comments are just weird. If anybody has ever come close to playing Dr. Will’s game (minus the chess board mentality) it was Metta. He never tried to win a competition, told everybody to vote him out, had no problem randomly tossing grenades, telling people who their threats were…and yet was so fun and charming, people liked having him around.

But most importantly IT WAS DIFFERENT…and all the people whining he didn’t want to win: What show have you been watching the last decade because every year there’s maybe 2-3 people who want to win. The rest are superfans just happy to be on TV, waiting to do appearances off their 15 minutes. I’ll take a Metta over a Christmas every single time.


Omo set us up for her BIG PLAY in breaking up the couples…..and then got no one. Putting Marrissa up against Brandi was the play.