Celebrity Big Brother HOH Results! “We four are locked in. If we f**k this up, we are idiots!”

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10:55pm The live feeds return – Mark has the HOH key around his neck. The other house guests congratulate Mark on his win. Mark – that HOH was a team effort.

11pm Storage room – Ross and Marissa. Ross – I’ve been pushing for Omarosa to go up so we need to blow that up. Ok? For them, not for us.

11:15pm Ross and James come out of the storage room. Ross – we’ve got wine! They’re all hanging out in the kitchen. Marissa – we all see our families in 6 days.

Ross, Marissa and Ari head to the storage room. Ross – put her (Omarosa) on ice. Put her on ICE! Marissa – what does ice mean? Ari – poker face. Ross – I had a friend that didn’t like someone we worked with. It was at the tonight show and so what she did was she wrote that other co-workers name on a piece of paper wrapped it in tinfoil and put it in the.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

11:34pm Kitchen – Omarosa and Mark. Mark – I couldn’t be happier to be the one to put her (Ari) up. And I’ve got no blood on my hands putting Ari up because she put me up. Omarosa – Absolutely!

11:35pm – 11:43pm Bedroom – Ross and Mark. Ross – what if one person starts to believe that and makes a choice. Mark – we just can’t this late dude. Everyone just has to stay put. I’m the HOH. Don’t start thinking about other people. Ross – she (Omarosa) just scares me. Mark – me too. She’s got to go, but so do Ari and so do Brandi. Otherwise we can’t play our game. We got rid of Metta, that was a smart move on your behalf. It was a lovely move. It was a classy move. We know the targets. Don’t get sucked up into it. Don’t! Marissa thinks that I ever thought once about putting her up, that’s insulting to me. Ross – she just scares the sh*t out of me. Mark – she can’t when we have the numbers. At this point who is going to be swayed to a different place? Not me! Not you and hopefully not Marissa. Ross – but if you nominate her it would be a 4 – 0 vote. It would be on your hands, no blood. 4 – 0, clean sweep. Mark – Ari is my least target but Brandi is a target for me you have to understand. I know Omarosa is huge for you. I get it. Ross – she just lies. Mark – she is full of sh*t. And she lies about me and I should be offended but I’m not because that’s what she does. Marissa joins them. Mark – don’t buck the four. Don’t get caught up in it! Marissa – she is going to lie. Mark – I don’t care, she is going home. I’ll listen to it for 3 days in a row. I don’t care. We four are locked in. If we f**k this up, we are idiots! Ross – yes. We can waltz into the weekend. Marissa – I am just having fun this week. Ross – if you put up Ari and one of them (Brandi or Ari) win the veto who do you put up? Mark – Omarosa! Ross – great.

1:30am Mark gets his HOH room. Mark reads his HOH letter from his wife.

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Can someone tell me why are they only allowed out at night .why can’t they go out in the daytime .


they are all vampires




Don’t listen to Ross, Mark. Put up Ari/Brandi!

How Now Brown Cow

Gahhhhh! More effin Marissa! Somebody get her the fk out! She , Ross & Brandi are 3 floating turds that won’t flush!!


I cannot believe I actually heard a houseguest refer to Ariadna as the smartest player in the house. Idiots. I was #TeamShannon. Very sad she didn’t make it farther. Stupid HG’s getting rid of her when they had the perfect moment to get rid of OmaGROSSa. Now I’m either #TeamMaslow or #TeamRoss. Either way.


I thought Ross’s Final 4 was exposed. Why does everyone else STILL seem to think they’re in a Final 4 with him? Dum dum dum dum!


Mark has been a jellyfish the whole game…but as long as Omarossa is not the one he evicts, that will show a semblance of a spine. One of 3 HAS to go, in order of big plays: Brandi is easy and a weak play, Ari is strong and a solid play, Ross would be the strongest of resume plays because he’s the guy that’s safe with everybody and that’s the guy the jury will feel most betrayed by.


Thank gosh those 4 didn’t win HOH I would like for someone to tell Mark to Backdoor Ross while he has the Chance to or even better put Marissa on the Block as a replacement should one of them take themselves down . Both of them Mainly Marissa are a pain in a arse & Thinking they’re safe and blindsiding them ( which probably won’t happen ) would be the best thing that has happened this season and would make up for Metta going home .


Thank gosh those 4 didn’t win HOH I would like for someone to tell Mark to Backdoor Ross while he has the Chance to or even better put Marissa on the Block as a replacement should one of them take themselves off . Both of them Mainly Marissa are a pain in a arse & Thinking they’re safe and blindsiding them ( which probably won’t happen ) would be the best thing that has happened this season and would make up for Metta going home .

I smell a rat

Does Ross remind anyone of Andy the Rat from BB15?


Boy oh Boy…………….Ross really wants to keep “his” 4 intact (him, Marissa, Ari & Brandi). I’m glad Mark is sticking to his plan! He’s right….Ari is the biggest threat. She would easily win in the finals. Since Shannon left, I have no “skin” in the game so it’s more like sitting in the Colosseum for me. James knows that Marissa won’t vote to evict Ari……….he’d better clue Mark in. With Ari & Brandi up, the voters are James, Ross, Omarosa & Marissa. Omarosa will vote to evict either Brandi or Ari so it’s 2-2 & Mark decides. That’s providing Mark sticks to his plan for nominations. He really thinks he has a 4 with Ross & Marissa. Sheeesh!

Shannon for AFP!

Double D

Ross isn’t trying to keep the 4 together. He’s just trying to get Omarosa out


That keeps his 4 intact, I’m hoping mark do the right thing, and put Ross, ari, brandy, or Marissa on the block.

Sugar Ray fan


Mark is HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew listening to Sugar Ray non-stop will give him luck!!!!!

Please put Brandi/Ari they are coming after you


colour me shocked – Mark won something! wow was the excersice – who uses the most lip balm?

not into putting up Ari or Brandi.

Mark and James are sissies! maybe it’s their time of the month! wow they cry/whine when Brandi asks one little question – and call it bullying! You will know when you are Brandi’s target.


Do the celebrities get paid when they quite like Keisha and Metta did?

They should not as it has taken what I consider a pretty entertaining show and completely changed the outcome. The Ross and Omarosa Head of Households were negated by quitters. The quitters should not get to be on the final jury either. If you sign up for the show, know what you are getting into. If you can’t complete your commitment, no money – no jury.

Next time, CBS, make sure your celebrities have 26 whole free days available on their schedule and have no medical needs to conflict or have actually watched the show and have an idea of what the hell is going on! A 50% quitters rate is unacceptable!


ive heard all celebs are bgettn paid 5k a day!does metta really need the monrey when you 35 million!i guiues we wont blame regular hg quittting!


I thought they said 5k bonus for every eviction they survive without being evicted. From what I thought some in the house said, they all aren’t being paid the same, they negotiated their fees, and got bonuses for each eviction they made it through.


from my understand 5k a day


Does anybody have a care about who wins? Ross is playing hard, Mark suddenly started playing , and Omarossa is staying on the radar but ducking the exit door. I think James or Ross might deserve the win, but I lost interest in who actually gets the $250,000.

Agree, Shannon for AFP!


I think it will be Mark, Omarrosa, and Marissa- final three. Producers are gonna get their moneys worth out of Omarrosa.


so when vetos power sover ride hoh for replaced noms since they won it?diamond veto was ok!spotlight i hopey mke into regular season but i love veto where u can iovertide the hoh and have has double or triple elimination!but they only person that vote is pov holder and screw over hoh


Mark! Snap out of it!! You have finally come out of hiding to win the most important HOH of the season and you’re following Ross’s lead??? Wake up, dude! There is no “safe” or “bloodless” play left in the game. Given the chance, Ross will cut you down where you stand. Ross understands the transient nature of alliances within the BB house. He is also a superfan who knows what has to be done in order to win. I don’t mind the tears from this group as long as they don’t let tears blind them to the treachery around them. (Shannon’s mistake.) I confess, I was invested in Shannon and I still miss her presence in the house. (Apparently, so did Metta.)
James, if you can keep them distracted and in their feelings about Brandi and Omarosa, AND win the POV, you might be able to make your way to the end.
Houseguest Alert: Not unlike Richard Hatch on the first season of “Survivor,” Ross has devoted his energies toward getting rid of strong players while simultaneously collecting potential jury votes. I don’t believe for one minute that he’s worried about Brandi or Omarosa. He has Metta and Chuck just waiting to vote for him, and Marissa, Ari, and James or Mark (depending) waiting in the wings. In other words, he has the numbers. That is why getting rid of him ought to be the priority. If the rest of them don’t see that, they deserve to be beat by Ross. Their worst nightmare ought to be Ross winning the POV. I’m begging ya’, please, please, burn down the house that Ross built, unbuckle your safety belts, be the bold, fearless player you imagined you would be, before you entered the house. Your move, Mark! Make it count. Somebody, please. You owe us a “shock and awe” move.


there 1 more hoh after so last hoh more imoprtant than yhis one!


@Frodo- My bad… Anxious for someone to make a move against Ross/ Marissa. This is even better if they can both still be sent to the jury.


yup imnow every1 want them out anyway!


Fantasy final three:
James, Mark, and Ari in a grueling physical challenge for Rounds 1&2, and a mental exercise for Round 3.
Or, anything that resembles an actual, old-school Big Brother Final 3 comp.

Nightmare final three:
Ross, Omarosa, and Mark, with Production lobbing three rounds of softballs and nobody so much as breaks a sweat.


i guess we wouldnt blame regular hg quitting but blame celeb quitting?


“Quitting/ giving up”/demanding to be let go is a rarity among regular houseguests. In fact, the other houseguests usually resent and want to punish players like that by making their lives even more miserable and/or keeping them a tad longer. But again, the “regular” players come with big dreams and aspirations.

This group of celebrities seem to be turning it into a “norm”/ “routine” to quit when your life in the game is being threatened. Big Brother is meant to be played hard, winner take all. No shame in being evicted. You sign up to play and you hold up your end of the bargain. It’s unsportsmanlike to deny your housemates the opportunity to vote in an established ritual. The whole show is built around a social experiment and rituals of game-play. Being evicted is part of the ritual. Quitting is a departure from the ritual and therefore not well-received.


so is survivor and tar byt all im vbet your complain metta over megan quit from last ssaeasob right?




why do everything have to be about race/everybody lies to get them self farther in the game. Omarosa just because she black sound’t be targeted. Just playing to win keep it real for real thank you

Rough Kneecap Syndrome

Can anyone explain to me the logic of Mark trying to team up with people who not only have a well known final 4 deal, but also have turned on every strong competitor that they have worked with. Just last week they were trying to get rid of his only ally, James. This may be the worst finale since Steve and Liz.


Sadly, it was Omarosa who introduced race into what had been routine “getting-to-know-you” game-play. She was trying to draw Keshia into an alliance and saw “BGM” as an opening. Her reputation precedes her, so no one of ANY ethnicity was going to be rushing to be her friend. She tried multiple tactics, including the “all-girl” alliance. It wasn’t just the race card. She even advocated for Ross to join the group of women. Big Brother is not like The Apprentice. People are living in close quarters and gossip or a well-timed lie spreads like wildfire. There is no mission to go on outside of the house, or project to lead wherein only a few people see you in action at one time. Left to her own devices, I don’t even think Keshia was gaming along racial parameters. But Keshia was a rookie and did not understand how the game is played. She left the house thinking Shannon was some super-villain and that James was Shannon’s innocent, unwitting victim. She didn’t even get the fact that her attempt to blow up Shannon’s game on her way out, actually saved Shannon from being backdoored.
Bottom Line: Omarosa is not a target because of her race. It is because of how she operates. They mistrust her in the same way they mistrust Brandi. Both of them are wildcards. One can never be sure of what they might say or do, or how they might react in a situation. Those qualities can work for, OR against them in the BB house. But for alliance purposes, you can’t put your faith in them. As you said, Omarosa is trying to win. The problem is with her strategy, her tactics, and her underestimating the competition; not with her race.


Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe is by far the highest earner, taking home a sizable £100,000 for her stint in the house. But despite being the big-bucks celebrity of this year’s series, she’s still managed to secure far less than past housemates, including Katie Price who took home £400,000, the late David Gest who took home £600,000 and twins Jedward who are believed to have pocketed a tidy £500,000.


How Much Money Does The Cast Make?

That answer isn’t simple. First off, every participant on every season of “Dancing With the Stars” is paid for joining the cast. It has long been reported that each cast member is given $125,000 just for signing up. Those who manage to stick around for more than the first two episodes get a bigger payday.

It was uncovered by Gawker, and has since been reported by numerous outlets, that each season’s celebrity stars are paid on a sliding scale. Those who make it to episodes 3 and 4 earn an additional $10K on top of their signing bonus. From there, the price is raised to $20K, and $30K for starring on subsequent installments. Those who make it ot the final two episodes each season are given $50K.


I would rather watch James shower behind frosted glass and put on night cream, than listen to Marissa talk non-stop…………….I am enjoying this CBB because they are acting like respectful adults and there is no bullying, like in the other seasons.


I hope they don’t do celebrity Big Brother ever again. I don’t think it is fair to the ones who play for real.