Kevin “You’re in a very exclusive club.” Jacey-Lynne “Yeah! I’m feeling really welcome!”

Head of Household: Martin
Nominations: Jay & Jacey-Lynne Betty
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner: Jacey-Lynne
Veto Ceremony Results: Jacey-Lynne used the veto on herself. Martin nominated Betty
Evicted: ?

5:50pm Living room. Gino and Summer.
Summer – I don’t if people are joking or if they think its a thruple or whatever but.. Gino – I just found out about it happened last weekend kind of right. Summer – yeah two boys and one girl. How fun. If we can create another .. I won’t say thruple but like if we can just create another like ohh.. is this going to be another showmance situation whether its real or not. Do that. So either talk to Kyle. Gino – you should talk to Kyle. Summer – okay, maybe I will. And it doesn’t even have to be a game thing. It could be like lets deflect off of Gino a little bit and get people talking about another potential relationship. Gino – yeah I like that. Summer – I might be the only one saying it to you directly but.. Gino – no I appreciate that. I like that.

8:20pm HOH room. Summer and Heleena.
Heleena – I really do vibe and trust with you. I really do. I really do mans down like I trust us. I haven’t told anyone like I trust this. We think with this (brain) rather than this (pen!s). Like real talk I have your back. Hopefully it is reciprocated. Summer – yeah yeah of course. Heleena – of course in the end we will all have to play the game and cut when cut but as long as we can and I can I really do want to work with you. I feel like we can help each other because like I’ve got your back and I want you to know that. Summer – same.

8:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:48pm The live feeds return. As HOH Martin nominated Jay and Jacey-Lynne for eviction.

Bathroom. Kevin and Jacey.
Jacey – tears are over so that part is over. Kevin – you’re in a very exclusive club. Jacey – yeah! I am feeling really welcome! Thanks Kev! Now I know what’s up in the worst of ways. Now I know what its like …well not really but soon. Betty joins her. Betty – how are you feeling about the whole thing? Are you the target? Why are you on the block? Just because you don’t talk game with him? Jacey – I guess because… I thought we had great conversations. From what I am told I don’t think I am the one being targeted… so lets just go for the dang veto.

10:30pm Hermon and Martin.
Hermon – you did a good job buddy. You handled it with class. You said it the right way. Your reasons were good. Martin – you’re still good for if I pick house guest .. if I pick you? Hermon – yeah. Yup. 100%! To be 100% honest with you I know my target is bigger just because of week one so its not something that I really want to do but if I get picked 100% I will f**king go for it because you’re my guy. If you think there is someone else that would go for it too that would be great. If not, I will wear it. I will wear it. Martin – if you can’t I can check with Gino or whatever. Hermon – yeah f**k it. Its all good. Martin – you’re bigger than him. Hermon – yeah yeah yeah. Hermon – do you have an idea of who you want to go home? Martin – oh yeah, Jay. I told him. Hermon – really!? Martin – yeah. Hermon – holy f**k! Martin – he was fishing around and I was like are you looking to find out who the target is and he was like yeah. I was like you. Hermon – you’re a gangster Marty! You have big balls!

11:10pm Dinner table – The house guests are eating a pasta that Jay made.

11:35pm Bathroom – Jay and Summer.
Jay – the last thing I said to him was make sure you have your numbers if you’re going to come for me. ..And it is close! As long as Jacey f**ks it up … well I am going to win veto but if that doesn’t happen .. all I have to do is not f**k up what I am doing now because I knew this was going to happen .. this kind of sh*t. But I am a nice girl, I am also a big b***h! So like when I am really nice.. it doesn’t seem weird. You know!? Summer – yes. Jay – because I’ve just always been nice. Summer – yeah. Jay – so me making dinner last week… and me making dinner this week.. there is no difference because I am playing the same game. Just one whole man didn’t like me that much. Summer – straight up if I am playing in it, I am throwing it. I just think it would be best if you take yourself off the block. Jay – yeah.

8:36pm – 12:10am The live feeds were blocked for the power of veto competition. When the feeds return – Jacey-Lynne won the veto! She will obviously take herself off the block and Martin will have to nominate a replacement.

Veto Ceremony Results:
Jacey-Lynne used the veto on herself. As HOH, Martin then nominated Betty as the replacement nominee.

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another name

More weird things.
The more i’m hearing, the more i’m thinking Marty is sitting in the seventh seat, not Josh.
Josh is close to Jay and will keep him. Josh and Jay feel on the outside of a men’s group that they think is formed. Josh might be the Damian of the season. So unless Josh is conning Jay… he’s not so in with the in.
Honey bunch can’t be real anymore. If Jace is saying she doesn’t have Summer or Josh’s vote, how can the four be real?
Summer. Marty thinks they are ride or die. How does she vote to keep her bestie Jay if Marty is targeting him? That’s gotta be breaking some part of the big brother geneva convention.
Marty is trying to reel in Hermon. How does this effect the men’s 4? This was another thing that made me think Marty might be seventh chair. But then again, Marty says too many things.
Kevin’s woe is me act. Way past tired. One of the effects of making your block campaign running everything your fellow nominee says throughout the house? Nobody tells you shit.
But starting each conversation he has with ‘nobody talks to me’…. fake eeyore. He’s pulling a con. Strategically he’s pulling a blanketing strategy sans blanket.
Wait…. Stephanie is a child and youth worker? Oh. She’s gotta be acting dumb or i fear for
the children.

It’s day two of feeds, so I’m still trying to work out the alliance memberships, but I think this is how it’s looking. On the one side we have a few guys over-alliancing. There are probably a few i’m missing. On the other side it’s a loose co-operative no strings situation.

bbcan10 WEEK TWOa.jpg
another name

Okay. Man down / Madames or whatever is definitely not real to Haleena.
Haleena has revealed it to Kevin. So Haleena has some sort of secret undercover outsiders relationship with Jess, and a secret undercover outsiders relationship with Kevin. No word if the tthee are actually sub undercover super secret aligned. For a second i though oh damn, it’s Kyland and Sarabeth all over…. but Kevin is too quiet to be Kyland.
Kevin thinks they find out who GIno, Kyle Hermon and Moose want out… and vote the opposite way. She has learned Josh prefers Jay stay (last night he made a final 2 type comment to Jay), and learned Gino prefers Jace stay while agreeing with each.
So Haleena started trying to gather the outsiders to go after the alphas last week some time. Both Jess and Kevin have made final 2 type comments to her. Betty? Not her real ride or die.
I’m definitely starting to see a problem with Betty. She wears her bias on her sleeve. Game wise? She is the only one in the girl alliance that isn’t in another grouping that takes priority.
Jay squandered his week one safety by not playing week one setting up alliances for himself because he had safety. Stupid.

I like to watch

Stephanie was getting geography lessons from Moose the other day. I think you may be right to fear for the children. She appeared to be brainless. How can anyone finish high school, get a certificate or degree to work with children and not absolutely know where the Pacific Ocean is? Either she thinks being dumb is sexy, or she really is not smart.


this season is not off to a good start compared to the last 9 seasons…its kumbaya BB – weak , lame cast….crossing fingers it gets better

another name

Not 100% sure, but feels like Jace won veto.
She wasn’t crying. She reassured Steph she likely isn’t the person Marty will put up.
Betty said she was happy for Jace.

another name

Kyle and Jay have a somewhat heated exchange in the HOH. Most likely because the heated exchange they had earlier in the pantry wasn’t shown on feeds.
What I learned:
Kyle is going to spiral big if his ass touches the block ever.
I mean death spiral.
Here’s the thing. Jay is tanking himself, but in such a way that he’s calling out Kyle’s alliance (one of 4 or more) to his face, and Kyle should, if he’s smart not take the bait.
Kyle is taking the bait. Jay is getting his tv moment. And we are seeing Kyle’s weakness. Kyle can’t lie well, and gets rattled by confrontation.
So, why did Kyle call Jay in for this convo? I think Kyle was trying to gloat. Jay called out Kyle’s alliance to his face pre-veto (that was stupid). Kyle was giving the neener-neener to Jay because he didn’t win veto. That’s how I feel about it.

Post convo. Jay goes to the kitchen. Kyle goes to phone room to spill to Kevin.
Kevin is playing all I’m here for you buddy (Haleena told him to find an in with the boys so that he could get intel earlier today), and pretty much gets confirmation that everything Jay has said is on the nose by taking advantage of Kyle’s spin out without Kyle being any the wiser.

Post post convo: Kyle starts damage / spin control and bury Jay to the voters. Reality of this: the seven have six votes and it takes six votes to tie with Marty breaking the tie. Kyle shouldn’t be spinning. Jay walks in and starts a retell of a retell including some shit about monkey noises that didn’t happen…. and feeds cut.

Me: they haven’t feed cut any of the 4 or 5 insinuations that Betty has made about Jace being racist, or the veiled innuendo between Betty, Tynesha and Summer about Jess being racist… so what are they cutting feeds for now?

another name

Feeds returned about three hours or so later.
Everyone in bed.
Jay…. okay, I’m not going to sugarcoat this: that was such a low slimy disgusting move.
Did it work? who knows. The monkey noises? either he’s insinuating Kyle made disparaging noises when he said ‘boom, boom, boom, boom’ or he’s insinuating Kyle made insinuating noises when he thumped his chest regarding being Jay’s targets because they are the althletic guys. Don’t know. Or Jay just decided when in danger accuse and get the big tv moment. Of course he would.
I still think Kyle was way too rattled. Look at Gino and Hermon. No effs given and they were named too. Kyle hears his name and gets spin control confront passive aggressive then runs to tell everyone about the confrontation he had as a result of passive aggressive confrontation. If I’d been one of the listeners? I’d be wondering how big the fire is, because Jay said smoke and Kyle’s hiding matches. That’s before Jay came in to make his accusation. Sorta knew it was coming. Without that for drama moment, he could have actually nailed Kyle to a wall for being so sketch in his presentation. But that wouldn’t have gotten the big moment confrontation with an audience.
It’s week two.
Gotta have the week two / three argument unseen on feeds for speculation and drama. Look how well it worked last season.
Effect: Some say they’ll show the house a clip of the argument like they did in the Sabrina death threat scandal. Doubtful actually in my brain, because they didn’t show the house the clip of Last season’s pantrygate. The only way they are showing it to the house is if it fits the storyline.

another name


So far feeds have had a Kevin centric bend.
He’s not happy Tynesha was asking about his financial situation. He thinks that means Tynesha would target him. He thinks Summer is far better as a social threat than Tynesha.
In conversatoin with Haleena, he explains that he gets tired of the act he’s putting on, so enjoys being his real self with her. He exposes 5 of the 7 as working together: Hermon, Kyle, Gino, Summer and Tynesha. He’s missing Moose and i think it’s Marty. That’s a problem. They also know that Hermon Jace, Steph and Gino are a thing and say that Kyle is on the edge of that one too. So they aren’t Bettying… They’ve got some of the plays and the players down cold.

In terms of the Alphaboys (i think they came up with a name maybe…. but i am not sure because it was Marty that might have said it in Acadian French mumble to Gino. Anyway, Moose thinks they need a membership drive, so suggests Josh. The boys aren’t so jazzed on that, and Kyle suggests Haleena so it doesn’t LOOK like a bunch of guys picking off all the girls. That’s exactly what it is… but shhh, as long as there’s one guy to target MUUUUUCH later, it’s not a group of guys picking off girls. Social media PR semantic tactic for post game. Guaranteed. Meanwhile Marty has been putting in ALL that work to rope Hermon in as the 5th

Both conversations include BETTY NEEDS TO THROW COMPS BETTER. I guess she’s super obvious. So after they get rid of Jay, and then get rid Jess, the boys will put Betty on the block to see if she’s actually capable in comps. Or… after they get rid of their pronoun problem, it’s time to move from darkest to lightest female pecking order? Sorry. That’s not their intent. It’s just something i found a little sarcastically crude in terms of my own sense of optics. I apologize. It was supposed to be flippant and facetious, and not meant to be taken seriously. At all.

from last night, I thought KYLE initiated the conversation to gloat. Kyle chose the location and invited Jay to join after JAY asked Kyle to have a meet up so that Jay could ask Kyle to help him stay. It’s not going to make sense. Make that make sense. That’s why i misunderstood.

another name

Kevin actually got 6 of the 7. He named Moose. Missed that.

Everyone is just telling Kevin who they are working with. It’s stupid. He’s basically been told every alliance in the past 24 hours. Marty and Kyle mostly. blink blink.

another name

There is a possibility that Kevin has talked his way out of renom. Well, Jess put in tons of work with Marty earlier to try to keep Kevin off he block as well. Marty may put up Betty instead (breaking his word… wasn’t that a thing, want to play an honest transparent game for the first half?). But he’s running it through the channels to see if any of the males have a problem with it. If he gets the sense that Kevin doesn’t have the numbers, then Betty is renom. Kevin floated to Marty that Tynesha, Summer and Moose all have something on both sides of the house, including with Jay. I think Kevin overplayed with pretty much exposing all the info he gleaned and the info he got from Haleena. Marty says all the words all the time…. To sum up, Kevin saw a bus coming and threw Tynesha and Summer in the path to ease the wear on the bus’ brakes. He insinuated that over half of the people supposedly on a side are actually floating in the middle. Yeah, Kevin, your job today was to soak in information, not give information away. I think he may have exposed Haleena and himself too much in that one. One thing: Kevin led Marty to believe that the head of the snake in the house is Retreat alliance. Marty knows the retreat is a fallback to maintain control of Steph and Jace.
I get the sneaking suspicion that’s how Summer and Tynesha ended up in the seven… one of the guys thought pull in a couple of women to control them and keep the women from lighting torches against the men.

The seven is on shaky ground already. Moose wants to target Hermon but do it by taking out people on his side (Tynesha or Summer). I really loathe that line of thought, the let’s not directly challenge our target, let’s take out his people but leave the strongest. That’s where chess in bb doesn’t work for me. Just chop the head off the snake and you don’t have to worry about the snake. It’s not a mythical Hydra. Three more heads don’t pop out. Moose also wants to give Josh an ultimatum: are you on my team or not type thing…. oh. that will go well.
Okay: Let’s analyze the psyche of an enfant terrible style game: he wants to target the girls to get at Hermon because he’s bitter that said women like Hermon more. He’s trying to play middle of the house, and EVERYONE knows he’s playing middle of the house. aaaand… i get the feeling he peed in the hot tub. It’s week two and Moose wants to turn on a Majority alliance that he’s in… but only to knock the women out of the alliance. He’ll back down from the Get Tynesha rant soon, he’ll meander back through his psychological tantruming enough to remember he wants Jess gone. give it twenty minutes…… and yup.

Meanwhile, Summer and Tynesha have realized the boys are going to use them for a while and drop them, so they have to keep people around that will do the dirty work of attacking the seven for them. This is somewhat new since yesterday. I’m thinking it’s possssss-ible that Kyle’s rattled retell might have made them see Jay hit the nail on the head when it comes to Kyle’s loyalty. Yeah. Summer and Tynesha don’t trust Kyle and Gino long term, but trust Moose and Hermon. Yeesh. They were thiiiiiiis close. Their read works if it were still Friday. It’s Sunday and they missed their bus. They want to keep Kevin safe as their loyal stooge, and keep the Man’s Down as a fallback for when the five men turn on them. So they are in the right ballpark… but they brought swim trunks.

Kyle and Gino are final 2. They don’t trust Jace and Steph. They don’t trust Moose.
And nobody I’ve mentioned in any of this feels comfortable with targeting Haleena next week thus far. It’s actually been mentioned.

Marty spills his Kevin tea to Hermon. Hermon can’t believe his well oiled seven man machine isn’t ship shape…. lots of shock face. But he’s on board with Betty renom (so much for their high school days…)

On a far side note: Jess seems to be slowly working her way into the house dynamic. She’s toned herself down somewhat. So, she’s gone from 90% of the house wanting her gone, to working with Haleena and Kevin, coming to some arrangement with Marty, and getting in better with Jace. She’s now trying to pull in Josh. So there are now only 4 to 6 that still want Jess’ head on a pike, when on Thursday night she was around… 11?


Tynesha and Summer think theyre in multiple alliances,…awww…its so cute!

another name

Betty was made the renom. She’s suprised and annoyed. Actually, so are Summer and Tynesha, who are aligned with Marty and didn’t know.
All of the guys in the men’s alliance trust Haleena, might want to pull her in.
For her part, Haleena has shifted her target to Steph/Jace with a Moose backdoor.
Josh, who has been doing nothing but existing, is being considered the possible head of the snake on the other side. Marty especially believes that Josh has been up to no good. I’m of the opinion Josh has been about as functional as this season’s have not room so far.
Marty didn’t give Betty any kind of head’s up. At all. So the honest first half of the game only applies if Marty leaves week four, because he promised her safety.
Steph told Betty that Jay is better for her game.
Summer is afraid Betty will think she’s been snaking her.
Moose is being removed from the men’s alliance, replaced by Hermon.
Marty thinks he has final 2 deals with Haleena, Herman, Gino. I don’t think any of the three think Marty is their final 2. Oh i get it, in conversations where someone said we can ride this all the way to the end, he took it as final 2?
Marty is getting messier. He’s told Josh that he purposefully left Summer and Tynesha out of the decision so that they couldn’t strategize?
Well, looks like Marty bought everything that Kevin told him. Now Kevin just has to hope Marty, who tells everyone everything, doesn’t tell that it was Kevin that brought out a bus fleet.

another name

Marty’s comments re. Summer / Tynesha were to Jay not Josh. name slip up. it’s week two. multiple J’s. sorry.

another name

Episode three review
Savage Seven Reveal
Josh is the seventh seat… anyone told him?
I think it’s pretty obvious why I say that. Josh has zero game interactions, and zero conversations with half of that alliance. Kyle names Josh as his target by today. So.. go savage seven… you last a whole episode before you start imploding.
HOH Comp
Betty is out. If she’s playing in a comp, assume that’s the result is what I’m hearing.
Order out: Bet, Moose, Haleena, Kevin, Summer, Jay, Josh, Jace, Jess, Tynesha,
Final 4 on the board Kyle, Gina, Marty, Steph.
4 way deal. Marty annoyed Steph isn’t dropping. He didn’t make the deal once, he’s made the deal proposal about five times. DId Steph throw? Maybe. But just about everyone said they threw. Marty won HOH.
(ed. side note: still confused why Marty is good with Kyle and Gino having a side alliance with Jace / Steph, but is so threatened by Summer / Tynesha having a side deal with Josh and Betty. I don’t get it. Well I sort of see why given his archetype, but I don’t).
Here’s the part where everyone thought they wouldn’t be nominated. d’oh.
HOH room reveal: don’t care. I never like the room reveal schmultz.
Steph Marty talk. Put your feet up. Everyone’s feet were up. Mostly because he made 12 deals.
No Tynesha, we don’t need a showmance. eyerolllll. So they are making Steph sound like she has a brain… no geography involved i guess.
So they are making it sound like Kevin planted the seed for targets. Um. No. Marty had told the rest of the house to put their feet up. Process of elimination was five people: Jess, Josh, Jay, Jace, Steph.
Jess / Marty talk. Cut to appear more passionate than it was.
Savage Seven reiteration meeting. Tynesha and Kyle from Friday.
(let’s reemember, by the end of the weekend we learned the 7is really only number one priority to Hermon).
So, they are playing showmance bingo for showmance lovers and i’m trying hard not to wretch. guuh.
Wendy’s meal: Tynesha and Marty discuss Jay as the target.
Jay Marty chat. Jay finds out he’s going on the block.
ANOTHER showmance session. OH MOVE ON. guh.
Marty reveals Jace and Jay will be targets. They haven’t revealed the Retreat… they are going the showmance route not the sub alliance route. So they are making sense without being real. Gino reveals Jace will be a nominee. They aren’t revealing WHY gino won’t push for Jace not to be nominated (Gino is in retreat, and the men’s group with the Men being a higher priority so far).
Jace Marty chat. Marty explains Jace has had no game talk with him. She does more tears. The cynic in me thinks she pulls tears for men to appear weak and in need of protection. Who knows. Maybe too cynical.
Jay Marty chat 2. Jay is looking for drama moments. eyeroll. biiig eyeroll. Drama in context is fun. Intentional drama for the sake of drama is contrived. That in a nutshell is my problem with Jay. Stop trying so hard to have an Ika letter shredding moment and play the damn game.
Marty doesn’t want to go for the easy moves. Noms Jay and Jace. We’ve cut out Marty telling EVERY person Steph would have been the target. We’ve cut out Marty telling most of the house who he is good with, who he’s working close with. Yeah, he did that. A million times.

another name

Ohhhh Betty.
Currently on the block.
Just told Kevin to have a nice life, talk to you never.
She’s already gone to Hermon and Summer to find out who knew she was going on the block and when.
Zero chill.
What’s her campaign going to look like?
Jay’s chance to stay may have actually improved with Betty going on the block. She might talk herself out the door with her… campaigning.

another name

Final thought for Monday.
I think bbcan9 and bb23 have altered something in my perception.
I’m not speaking on a social scale. I’m speaking on an optics scale.
When Betty names the people she feels close to just insert the names of every poc in the house. *from her weekend conversation with Tynesha and Summer
When Kyle names the people he feels he trusts in the game, just delete the name of every poc in the house. *from his talk tonight with Marty.
Neither are being overtly bias, and I don’t think either actually sees that they even have a bias, though both are showing their socialized bias.
In terms of what that means in the game… It means if you are in an alliance with either of them, and you are against the curve of their bias, chances are you are bottom of the group to each of them.
In terms of the gut check: It looks like both Jace and Steph are attempting to showmance with Gino and Hermon… and everyone knows it. I’m not a fan of Steph. Sorry, just not into her. The thought that she might stay until about week 5 because production loves showmances? ugh.
Have to remind myself that what happens on Sundays isn’t necessarily storyline approved until Monday. That means that inroads made on Sunday by Haleena don’t necessarily exist. That means that distrust in Steph and Jace expressed by the men’s alliance may not exist. That means the savage seven beginning to implode yesterday… may not exist.

I like to watch

It was said, in tonight’s broadcast episode, that “everybody loves a showmance”…ok, I paraphrase slightly. Do the fans really love a showmance? Do we crave those romantic moments, as suggested? I know I’m annoyed by showmances, I don’t like the dynamic that occurs, I don’t want to watch the PDA, I dunno, I’d rather watch strategy and gameplay and efforts on challenges. I’d be interested to hear what others really think, instead of taking the word of the likes of Jacey-Lynn, Summer, and others in the house.

another name

Yup. I expected social media to take a hard turn against Kyle this morning.
Totally expected.
Here’s the thing: is Kyle playing into socialized bias? Yup. But. and here’s the big conundrum I’m having: every one of the people Kyle is saying he doesn’t trust has said they want a person of colour to win the season. Kyle is the colour of warm milk, so i doubt they mean him.
From that perspective, the perspective that each person he is not trusting has actively mentioned they want to play a game based on bias (many to cheers from the same account holders that have turned against Kyle today), how is he wrong? If he wants to win, each of the people he is not trusting has mentioned using someone to take him and Gino out. So the prevailing theory was Kyle’s in the majority alliance and it’s 5/7th poc…. yay. The theory continued Summer and Tynesha want to use someone to take out Kyle and Gino even though they are all in that big alliance…. yay. Kyle doesn’t trust them? that bastard. It’s like they are cheering him on for aligning with poc, as long as he remembers to line up at the door to leave. It feels massively hypocritical.
I don’t like how he’s playing the game from a strategic point of view. His social get around can be excellent… but he’s in constant spin control mode, noticeably, when he’s not a limb on the overly obvious 4 manlliance blob. He makes it noticeable that he’s in a Pretty Boys cover band.
I kept coming back to Betty for one major reason: her style of gametalk. Remember when she had her chat with nominee Jace? She used the fact that she was in a safe position to get information out of a nominee overtly and with gleeful intimidation. Jace said she was intimidating. What does Betty do with that? Goes to Summer and Tynesha and says it’s because Betty is black. No, it was because she was intentionally being intimidating and holding her vote out on a string to get dirt. Geez Betty, making me actually take Jace’s side on that one, and I think Jace has no game and is just a showmance contestant.