Betty “It’s going to take a lot for me to stay in this game.”

Head of Household: Martin
Nominations: Jay & Jacey-Lynne Betty
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner: Jacey-Lynne
Veto Ceremony Results: Jacey-Lynne used the veto on herself. Martin nominated Betty
Evicted: ?

10:20am Bedroom – Martin and Betty.
Martin – I always said I wanted to play an honest game. Betty – I would never target you. Martin – I’m not targeting you. I am targeting Jay. If I don’t have to break my word, I don’t want to do that. Betty – Its cool. I know I’ve got a vote in your favor. That’s cool. Just don’t guarantee because Jay is saying there are a lot of people on his side and I am not. I am obviously going to fight for myself but awww.. man this early to be lied it really hurt my feelings. Martin – I am sorry I did that. I didn’t want to blindside you. Just the reason why I waited till the last minute .. if it gets out there. I just did what I thought was best for my game. I know Jay is going to go down swinging. Is he guaranteed to go home.. no. Betty – no, I’m sure he is going to get them (votes). I am definitely telling you now .. it is going to take a lot for me to stay in this game. Just because I am buddy buddy with people doesn’t mean I have their votes. They are definitely swinging.

12:20pm Hot Tub area – All the house guests hanging out enjoying the fresh air.

2pm Expedia Room – Betty, Jacey, Steph
Betty – I guess I should talk about the fact that I am on the block. It is just really awkward. Steph – no I know. Betty – I just feel like do what works best for you game. If that is keeping Jay, do that. If that means keeping me, do that. I am really not here to start a smear campaign against Jay and I won’t… I just can’t see myself doing that about anyone. Steph – yeah. Betty – so yeah, if you guys do decide to keep me that is great. You never know in this game who can win power but I feel really strongly about not targeting people that have not done anything but show me love. That is just important to me. Jacey – of course. Steph – yeah. Betty – that is where I will leave it. At the end of the day its all love. What anyone decides to do.. its to benefit their own game. I won’t hate on anyone. Steph – you are liked to have around. Betty – thank you. I know Jay is as well. Steph – yes, you both are. Betty – I just want to stay. I don’t know what else to say. Steph – its a tough position to try and sell yourself too right!? Jacey – no you actually feel disgusting to do it. Just everything you say to everybody seems so fake even though its real. Like oh my god, they think I’m fake. Its just such a gross feeling. Betty – and its just so inauthentic to like no having spoken game with you but hey I’m on the block. I just don’t want anything that I say to see disingenuous or inauthentic. Steph – and I don’t think anyone will, I mean look at the position you’re in right!? Betty – Yeah, I am just really not looking to take a stab at any girl at all right now. I was a little reluctant to come and talk to you because I did hear that you have a vote in Jay’s corner but.. I came here to play and that’s what I want to do. Steph – that’s what I want to hear. I appreciate you even though hearing that. I never said that (having a vote in Jay’s corner). I appreciate you being up front and honest. The sh*t that I’ve heard the last few days.. its like broken telephone.

3pm Expedia Room. Summer, Jacey and Kyle chatting.

5:10pm Fashion Show Time…

Wednesday Evening:

9pm Bedroom. Jay, Jacey and Steph.
Jay – I just want to say that I love you both. Its been a gentle time. Please do not vote for me and you better.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Steph – tear sh*t up eh!? Jay – yeah, f**k it up! Don’t just make out with boys. Okay!? I know its tempting. Jacey – we won’t. Jay – they’re both very hot but if I just see you in showmances and thats the reason you go out .. I am going to be very disappointed in you both. Steph – we won’t! We’re going to run it! Jacey – we’re running it. Jay – also Kyle is really sneaky! Be careful of that f**k.. but keep making out with him and then.. (whisper) Steph – we’re going to manipulate. Jay – Played a bit too hard. I was just too much myself. Steph – you’re amazing. They all hug. Jay – tomorrow I will be really sad but today I won’t. It sucks to just be better than anyone else. I am just going to use the platform to say what I want.

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another name

First thing this a.m. Kyle revealed to Gino that he and Moose went to Ryerson together (a year apart) and knew each other before the show. A lot of that was feed block. But it gets filled in later.
They’ve decided to bring in Hermon to the Pettyboys coverband after all. They are thinking of pulling in Jess Kevin and Haleena to their group of six ( the Retreat plus Marty).
Jess and Kyle play chess. literally and figuratively in their conversation.
Jess tells Marty and Kyle voting out Jay is very hard for her because they are both non binary, and it feels like losing a comfort (she explains it as similar to Marty having to vote out Gino given Gino provides him the ability to speak his native tongue it’s a comfort and level of understanding thing she explains). Each of Jess, Haleena and Kevin have weak and pitifuled their way into possible safety next week if the majority of the house gets power. Each of them had the goal to act alone and work their way into the middle of the house. In SOME sense, all three have accomplished this on SOME level.

Hermon tells Jay he can’t vote for him, his community would not appreciate him going against a member of their own group.
Betty’s campaign to Steph is very watered down. Keep me if it’s good for you type stuff.
Jay’s campaign to Marty is Betty is emotional, I can separate game from real.
Jay’s campaign to Kyle: I’ll go after Summer, not you guys.
Betty’s campaign to Hermon: do i have to ask? Hermon says you have my vote (they went to highschool together a couple of years apart and belonged to the same Habesha growing up).

Kyle and Moose. Both trying to play and spin each other. I’ve come to the conclusion that Moose cannot tolerate Hermon because he feels Hermon is his competition in every sense (big personality, wants to lead). I expect now that Hermon is making a play for Steph (or vice versa) Moose will try to make a play for Steph as well. book it. He’s THAT guy.

Fashion show Today. sideye. Game wise, Jay used the opportunity to lameass campaign to the second group in the show. Aaaand Moose compliments Stephs smell and how good she looks. Not saying i told you so, but THAT.

Note. May just be me: I think a production note has come down. Savage Seven members that were intensely targeting within their alliance seem to be toning it down a lot. It’s not gone. It’s less. FOR sure the note went to Summer, who has spent the last two days talking about securing the Man’s Down as a fallback and pulling in Kevin as puppy… Is now chessboarding how to protect the Savage Seven and planning a Kevin nomination with Jess. Yesterday it was who can we use to take out Gino and Kyle? Today it’s the seven is holy. BIIIIG sideye on the play.


lil bit of drama between Ugly Betty and Kevin in the bathroom yesterday…she told Kevin “have a good life buhbye”….Kevin said ” ok this is the last thing ill say”…she tells him, “i dont want to hear a thing that comes out of your mouth, get that?”….Kevin says, “well when youre ready to talk” she tells him, “ill never be ready to talk, thanks” LMAO


looks like they squashed it last night, all smiles with a handshake and a hug

another name

Tuesday part 2
Summer and Marty chat. She expresses that any talk of her keeping Jay is a lie (she considered it), and that She’s loyal to Marty. Marty expresses he kept hearing things about Betty, Tynesha, Summer and Josh. He heard those things from Kevin using info from Haleena. This was where i was thinking a couple of days ago that Kevin was causing himself and/or Haleena exposure. Because process of elimination, who was in those talks? Haleena. So exposure that someone informed when Kevin kept Haleena’s name out… exposes Haleena when says too much Marty begins Martysplaining.

Summer no longer trusts Haleena but wants to keep her as a number. She tells this to Tynesha and Betty.
Marty and Hermon walk in on this chat. When leaving, Hermon and Marty agree that the three of them meeting secretly in a room just after Marty’s talk with her does not look good AT ALL.

another name

part 3
Hermon and Steph are making out and people know about it. Showmance. i hate showmances.

Haleena and Marty solidify their final 2 called MSF. He casually tells her he is working with all the guys but he already told them they are going to bring Haleena along.
Marty and Haleena agree Moose is a target, Steph is a target, but they don’t know the showmance make out stuff, they only know the Jace thinks Steph is being a bitch because Jace won the Gino lotto.

In the house Moose is a multiple target. Betty is a multiple target. Jess is a target. Kyle and Gino are targets. Steph is a target. Josh is a target.

Tynesha is making sure the showmance doesn’t affect the Savage Seven, and have to keep it from imploding as long as possible… Remind me again, Sunday when Ty and Summer said the boys are going to ice them out, so better to keep someone that will take out Gino and Kyle???? Oh right. Sunday doesn’t exist until the storyline department comes back Monday. I said what I said.
Tynesha is also mad that Jay squealed that Ty and Summer wanted to target Jace and Steph. They did say that… once they got rid of Jess.

Bachelorette number two Jace is telling Gino that she and Steph shouldn’t win HOH because there would be social pressure to nominate guys in the Retreat…. so Gino and Kyle should win it for them.
In other words Gino: these are not the puppets to take out Moose you were hoping for, they just want you to put a mattress on your back to give them a free ride to finale. Again, said what I said.


Thanks for providing very detailed recaps. Shame this site overall isn’t really interested in doing that this season. 🙁


I know everyone has other commitments so I didn’t want to come off shady.. But damn I didn’t know they made it so hard for feed watchers. Idk why they do that.

I’ll still check the site out for the comments at least. And I’ll be back for BBUS this summer.


It allows production to go into hyper intervention mode like we witnessed last year. I don’t understand why they just don’t give the “participants” scripts on a daily basis rather than try to get them to memorize what to do during “diary chats”.

Now that all the wokey dokey people bulldozed their way into getting the desired outcome in 2021, maybe they can revert (hopefully at minimum BBUS) back to something that we don’t have to constantly suspend our disbelief and also not feel the need to head to the bathroom mirror to repeat how appalling of a human being I am because of my gender and skin colour.

I’m glad the boys aren’t doing full recaps as even they know how retarded this has become without coming out and saying it.

another name

No worries. As long as I’m awake anyway while the seasons shift and the barometer in my spine is going haywire, it’s as good a thing to do as any other.

another name

Wednesday a.m.
Some general thoughts:

  • If I heard that Hermon is unwilling to vote out Betty because of their shared history outside of the house, I’m thinking that’s as good as an alliance. If I’m on the block with one of them I lose a vote. Therefore one of them has GOT to go.
  • Marty says he has final 2’s with Herman, Summer, Gino, Kevin, and Haleena? Haleena has final 2’s with Kevin, Marty, and an almost final 2 with Jess? Does the house have enough water for both of them to float in? Classic floater not coaster. That’s what Haleena is: classic floater trying to stay in the sweet spot between both sides. Let’s see if she is able to discern rat for rattings sake from ratting strategically to maintain position.
  • Betty. I’m kind of getting to the place where i don”t understand the social media love for her. Oh look, Betty is calling out Kevin for saving himself from the block at her expense. After he said he’d keep her. Awww. How about this: What did Betty do to secure her own safety? Between her Thursday night talk with Marty and Monday… how many conversations did she have with Marty to maintain her relationship with the HOH? I get it, Marty lied to her. I get it: Kevin (and Jess, and Kyle, and Moose, and Hermon and to a lesser extent Haleena) put Betty under that bus… but what did Betty do to proactively maintain her own safety? Nothing.
  • Not really seeing what Summer and Tynesha’s point is yet. From a strategic point of view i almost feel like they are waiting for cues from the d/r before they do anything at all. One gets a d/r call: the boys are going to snow us, we better maintain the women’s alliance backup. 2 days later, same drill only: gotta worry about the safety of the 7. That’s my suspicion.
  • Playing who is the seventh Savage for days has left me with the thought that Josh ghosted them. He’s not a fan of Tynesha (says she makes comments that feel like bullying hate that word but he said it). He isn’t a fan of being told or directed what to do (so i doubt he’s camp Hermon or camp Kyle).
another name

Wednesday a.m.
Some general thoughts:

  • If I heard that Hermon is unwilling to vote out Betty because of their shared history outside of the house, I’m thinking that’s as good as an alliance. If I’m on the block with one of them I lose a vote. Therefore one of them has GOT to go.
  • Marty says he has final 2’s with Herman, Summer, Gino, Kevin, and Haleena? Haleena has final 2’s with Kevin, Marty, and an almost final 2 with Jess? Does the house have enough water for both of them to float in? Classic floater not coaster. That’s what Haleena is: classic floater trying to stay in the sweet spot between both sides. Let’s see if she is able to discern rat for rattings sake from ratting strategically to maintain position. Marty is also a classic floater: men’s alliance and sub alliances with the outsiders.
  • Betty. I’m kind of getting to the place where i don’t understand the social media love for her. Oh look, Betty is calling out Kevin for saving himself from the block at her expense. After he said he’d vote to keep her. Awww. How about this: What did Betty do to secure her own safety? Between her Thursday night talk with Marty and Monday… how many conversations did she have with Marty to maintain her relationship with the HOH? I get it, Marty lied to her. I get it: Kevin (and Jess, and Kyle, and Moose, and Hermon and to a lesser extent Haleena) put Betty under that bus… but what did Betty do to proactively maintain her own safety? Nothing.
  • Not really seeing what Summer and Tynesha’s point is yet. From a strategic point of view i almost feel like they are waiting for cues from the d/r before they do anything at all. One gets a d/r call: the boys are going to snow us, we better maintain the women’s alliance backup. 2 days later, same drill only: gotta worry about the safety of the 7. That’s my suspicion. They are saying loyal to 7 and loyal to mans down. That means their target list is? Yeah, I’m thinking HOH throwers.
  • Playing who is the seventh Savage for days has left me with the thought that Josh ghosted them. He’s not a fan of Tynesha (says she makes comments that feel like bullying hate that word but he said it). He isn’t a fan of being told or directed what to do (so i doubt he’s camp Hermon or camp Kyle). I’ve actually yet to hear a game talk from him (ie who he’d target).
  • As Hermon attempts to keep his legacy alliance together by going to the members and saying the alliance has to stay together and pull their weight yaddayadda… Hermon is the ONLY member that has not mentioned getting rid of a savage 7 member multiple times this week. Starting with Moose, ten minutes after feeds began. Said it before: production has a vested interest in keeping this group together, and they aren’t. So they are dropping production notes in d/r like crazy is my bet.
another name

somehow accidentally double posted. no idea how.

another name

Wednesday (real part one: plans for next week)
Jess Marty started the day with a chat about their super secret relationship and how Marty needs to learn not to use ALL the words every time he speaks.
The day MASSIVELY feels like production course correction day. Sure the drgremlins have been letting them have their fun talking about playing their own games since Sunday… but they’ve slowly been getting people back on course to Dominant alliance picking off the Underdogs as is the tradition. After getting the Savage7 must be kept together talk from Hermon and Tynesha… a few people in the 7 are now confused about who they have left to nominate. Perhaps someone should tell Hermon that Moose has been talking get Hermon since cams came on… but nobody is telling him. That’s showing you right there… the 7 should be doomed by midpoint.
Hermon (mister only the seven matters) has gone to Marty (not in the seven) to say we still good i’m still with you. Marty worries mancing with Steph makes Hermon a bigger target (common comment to Hermon, whose ego is saying nobody would dare).
Betty and Haleena touched base (Betty has been told Haleena isn’t trustworthy by the women’s alliance, Haleena doesn’t trust the women’s alliance or Betty).
Tynesha and Josh talk about motivation and game play. Tynesha would likely nominate Steph or Jace along with Jess is my guess. Josh’s body posture is very keep as far away from her as possible it appears.
Moose tells Marty he’d target a big name: Hermon or Tynesha. Moose. messy moose. says he can get Marty back in with Betty (he can’t) says Jess came to him with a deal but he feels bad (week one they had a no nominate deal, he’s extended it in his brain to be perpetual). Marty is intrigued by the deal. So all of the ground Jess made up last week is gone per new storyline direction is my takeaway. Moose would throw HOH to Kevin to get Kevin to target the seven. I don’t really like Moose gametalks because i always feel like the cleaning lady has to come in and mop afterwards. So messy.
Steph and Jay are having a game talk… Oh good, it’s time for dancing with morons. They don’t understand why Kevin would vote to keep Betty who hates him (he doesn’t want to vote against the house is the easy answer). He wants the unknown to now alliance that was named but never actually started called the badass bitch brigade to save him. That’s Steph and Jace. Jace has joined. They think Hermon is keeping Betty, but maybe they can get to Gino? That poopypants Kevin ruined their plan. Jay says Betty is after Jace and Steph (Jace knows that Jay also said Summer and Tyneesha were after them).
Gino and Summer talk: the only functional part of the Honeybunch. GIno says he will tell Summer what lies have been going once the seven starts to split. Summer wants to go after liars (Summer darlin, you wanted to keep Jay to go after Kyle and Gino, and wanted to groom Kevin for the same purpose, slow your roll on that hypocrisy). The people online craving a Summer showmance with Gino must be collecting masturbatory fantasies about these little side talks.
Jay and Moose vote plea. Moose isn’t sure, he wants to talk numbers with Kyle. Jay is anti Kevin and anti Summer and Tynesha in his talk with Moose. REMEMBER: Jay told the camera he’d say his target was Summer, but it’s actually Kyle and Marty and Gino and Hermon and maybe Moose.

Jace and Steph want to throw HOH to one of the guys they are cuddling. Most of the 7 who have multiple side deals going, are limited in their options to nominate…. so some of them will throw; more of them will throw if Jess is out of the comp. Kevin and Haleena are trying to rat float to the mid point, winning third HOH is a bad idea in a rat float game… but makes them easy pawns. I’m thinking throw unless their names come up. People actively wanting HOH? Who knows… Josh?? Jess. Betty. Hellifiknow. The men in the seven will try to win as long as Jess and Betty are in the comp.

another name

Wednesday (part two the Eyeroll report)
By this point some of the house know about Hermon and Steph.
Now Jace and Gino have been caught making out. Who knows? Jess saw. Summer saw.
Jace ran to… Haleena and told her.
By nightfall tmartyz will be telling everyone “da teeam neez to keep it in dere paanz” in his special broadcast news report.

Butt First

Thank you Simon and Dawg for your hard work! I’m going to try to make a couple donations this season since I know you probably get a lot less for BBcan.

And thank you another name and other commenters for keeping us up to date for feeds when S/D can’t, and for all your 2 cents on the players! Love reading what you have to say, and always good for some laughs. So far I’m pretty hyped for this season, but ask me again in a couple weeks and I might change my mind LOL

another name

Wednesday oh right it’s the veto filler episode night.
One preamble: I’m still of my bb23 frame of mind: there are 16 people playing big brother this season. Yeah, when i see bias i’m calling it out, but I’m calling out the bias of ANY of the 16 (soon to be 14) people in the house because everyone gets judged by the same scale in my mind. I say that because I thought I just heard Summer saying Jay was one of the people that agreed not to target poc, so Jay saying he’d target Summer and Tynesha was rotten. If there is such an agreement in the house, I’m going to say it’s biased behavior.

Episode view
Jay is target, Jace pawn.
Jay is going to fight tooth and nail he says. Jay thinks he’s staying no matter what at this point.
FILLER Jace realizes she never really formed any relationships beyond chasing Gino.
Kevin thinks he’s renom potential.
The affirmation in the mirror room. Summer d/r content. Followed by newage hippiedippie crap for narcissists.
Josh and Jay connection
Back to game:
Haleena Josh talk re keeping Jay. Haleena wants to stay invisible. Betty joins. All prefer Jay to stay at this moment.
They are skipping lots of relationships. LOTS. Haleena and Marty and with Kevin is blacklisted for some reason. Women’s alliance is non existent. Retreat doesn’t exist. Men’s alliance doesn’t exist. This is weird.
The veto pick was veeery good for Jay. (ed. oops)
Did they establish that Kyle and Gino are Marty’s boys yet? I guess the veto pick shows that. Gino joins post veto conversation…. while sitting on the toilet with the door open. ummmm.
SHOWMANCE FILLER. not bothering. don’t care.
Jess and Kevin are working together announcement. So the Haleena involvement is not storyline. oh. that’s going to make how Jess and Kevin had all the info to keep Kevin off the block odd. Sideye like psychic level clairvoyance odd.
Josh wants to take Jay off the block? ( ed.Jay told Josh not to use it if he wins.)
Betty is Bettying. Saying go business B and sucking.
Haleena is a klutz. Josh is not a factor i don’t think.
Jay looks to be quitting at some points. Jace falls
One hour. Jay giving up again. Jace is on the last level. JACE WINS VETO.
The blonde squad celebrates. Jay cries. They cut out Jay calling out the men’s alliance before veto. Jess asks Betty if Betty is safe. Betty says Marty tells her to put her feet up.
Jess is getting a LOT of airplay this episode. The boys are getting zero. Kyle who? That much.
Oh there’s Kyle. Getting the Betty should be happy to be a pawn edit.
Kevin and Betty talk pawnstar. Betty tells him other options. Lots of Betty foreshadow since veto.
Kevin and Marty have a beer. So reality: we saw. Getting Betty on the block was a community project. They skipped loads.
Jace uses Veto, BETTY IS RENOM

another name

Unpopular Opinion:
There is zero difference logistically and logically between Summer and Tynesha worrying that they will be chopped by the seven for being the only women, and Kyle worrying that he and Gino will be chopped by the seven because the rest are poc. The only difference is sociological zeitgeist.
Neither is wrong. Moose, and then Kyle have mentioned the women are closer to Hermon than them, therefore to weaken Hermon, they should target Tynesha. Tynesha and Summer have mentioned getting someone to fire at the guys (Kyle and Gino). In game terms, strategically both are correct in their assessment.

another name

Wednesday final thought:
Jace and Steph want to throw HOH’s until week six or seven. They think the boys will protect them. They seem to think Haleena is a number for them, and they think there are seven people that wouldn’t nominate them or vote either of them out.
Summer is annoyed that Gino is with Jace now, because she wanted to keep Jace open as a target and now feels like she has to protect her because she and Gino are the remaining Honeybunch.
Every step forward Jess made this week no longer exists. It was an odd thing. Seriously. It feels like production stepped in and said okay, you’ve all had your fun, now back to the storyline everyone. On a massively boring feed day: that felt visible to me.
The boys now want Kevin to win HOH to be their puppet.
Kyle went to get Josh’s confirmation that he’s still with the 7. I actually don’t think Josh IS. Kyle reveals Betty is his next target. (ed. Josh doesn’t like many of the alliance members, and he likes Betty). IF Josh is actually with the 7… I’m sorta shook that he’s being that sociopathically good at acting.
Gino reveals Summer knows they kissed. Jace admits that Haleena figured it out. They agree to give the house what they want. Do I get a vote????? barf.

So, technically, go back to where the house stood on Saturday by about 7pm if you want to know where things stand in the game going into week three. Given the episode edit, that’s the only way anything is going to make sense. Sunday / Monday had a lot of game shift that doesn’t exist anymore like everyone was jedi mindwiped.

another name

I forgot to say: the edit this season is very season 6 style. There are roughly 7 alliances active in the house. They show us ONE.
I very much disliked season 6 because their edit was so mythological… well that and I wrote down the eviction order during week one episodes, and quit watching more and more when the eviction order was my prediction (i got two people reversed liv and Maddie, otherwise called the season just from how they edited week one premier).
So if the show edit continues to be so ridiculous, i will likely watch less and less of the episodes. Fair warning.


i loved season 6. Paras was so great… im really hoping season 11 is an all stars, i want Paras to come back…i loved her on the feeds

another name

Feed Paras and Episode Paras were TWO completely different people.
The edited version was Neda manipulating the chessboard
The feeds version was Sabrina crying in bed.

another name

So last night was the first meeting of most of the Savage 7 in the same room?
Um. mmm’kay. Yeah, I’m putting my game life in the hands of a bunch of people that I’ve yet to meet up with and just relying on a broken telephone to relay information.
Sideye. yeah. i know. Telephone room meetings and a broken telephone alliance. Sideye… this screams of production handpicked alliance to me.

BTW…. before Summer stans think she’s a genius for realizing there’s no Q on the phone… rotary and push buttons didn’t have a Q. Just for clarity.

Isn’t it funny. I’m rather disgusted with bbtwitter this season, I’m going to be upfront about that. There’s an ugly side to the fanbase that demands everyone play the game according to their fantasies. If a houseguest says or does anything that interferes with the ugly side’s fantasy big brother league thoughts on how the relationships should be in the house… look out.
Kyle is now labeled as a racist by this group. The moment he mentioned wanting to turn on the other members of the Savage 7. This one, I don’t agree with for reasons I’ve stated previously. Not saying he doesn’t show bias. Saying in this instance it’s completely because the ugly side didn’t like that he named the same people they cheered for naming him as a target.
THE MOMENT Gino and Jace made out, the ‘Summer and Gino should showmance’ crowd went on the deep dive hunt for dirt on Jace to Beth or Ethan her. They found tweets from an old account used a decade ago with racial slurs. Effect: family is getting death threats and production is getting complaints to remove her. Funny that this happened within an hour of Jace and Gino making out, isn’t it? I mean, they could have found those any time between cast reveal and today (my own dive into cast members was only about ninety seconds each, all i found was figure skating stuff and a couple locked current socials). Am i condoning her tweets? Not in the slightest. Am i excusing her tweets? Not in the slightest. Do I like how she plans to play the game? Not in the slightest. Am I pointing at the timing and saying gee, isn’t that convenient? Dingdingding. Don’t care for Jace’s game, or Jace really. Think the timing is 100% because she is seen as the impediment keeping Gino from showmancing Summer in that part of the fanbase’s mind.

Jay is still leaving as of late last night.

another name

Feeds went down exceptionally early for BBCAN eviction day. Usually wake up, a couple hours of scramble, feeds going down at about 1230 or 100 for tech rehearsal with taping beginning between 230 and 300. Feeds were down much earlier this time.
That has some wondering if they are doing an instant eviction.
Not a fan of instant evictions of the past: no veto, no campaign time… just gone. Therefore i hope it’s not the case because they suck. If history of their edits serves as an example, it would be Jess most likely out the door. Does that matter to game stagnation trajectory (the show edit version of the house events)… it explains a bit.

Going to show some of my own bias here… by naming the house guests whose games i am watching either because i want to see if they have any game, or because i see the game they are trying to play, and want to see how it works out. These are not my faves… these are the people that i’m trying to get a full read on: I’m watching Tynesha, and Josh to see what game they have… and watching Gino and Haleena to see if they can actually play the game they are attempting. Summer and Betty get social media adoration for breathing so that makes me care less. I don’t really like Jace, Steph Kyle or Moose’s games. Kevin, Jess, Marty and Hermon’s games? I pretty much get their game style without having to look deeper.
What we REALLY need to see: the people that have clocked six of the 7 as working together… do they just forget they think that after a lengthy d/r.
We also REALLY need an explanation of Josh’s game. Because…. he’s a house ghost.

another name

preamble: sorry about my rant earlier. I’m not an apologist for Jace. It’s the fourth call for cancellation I’ve seen this season and all of them within an hour of a houseguest saying or doing something that the twitter fanbase of Summer doesn’t like. Haleena, Kyle, Jay and Jace all got cancel calls. It’s ridiculous to me that anyone that says her name as a target or doesn’t play the game in her best interest gets cancelled / ratio’d. That’s not against Summer. That’s against the really creepy side of the fanbase cult mentality.
the 40 year marty party hoh week ends.
Post eviction:
Jay d/r best move Marty could make.
Betty d/r tears. blindsided.
Jess / Jay (Jess covers ass). Jay says there is a men’s alliance.
Man Downs alliance announced. Summer, Haleena, Tynesha, Betty. ed. it’s backup to everyone but Betty.
Kevin segment. the Betty Kevin clip that was released. the clip is a good 6 seconds too long for the dramatic music effect. Have a nice life. buhbye should have ended it.
Special announcement will be the Ika Dem wedding announcement. Remember when the fanbase wanted Dem removed for old tweets? That was before they showmanced.
Take it to church segment between Summer and Kevin.
Tynesha Summer pair segment. Summer centric in filler content tonight? Seems like it.
Jay / Josh segment. Jay looking to campaign. Can’t see why I think Josh has ghosted the seven…. this is why.
Betty Marty talk. anyone else notice the slip up that she would have voted out Kevin??? She’s supposed be saying she would have voted out Jay there. She’s proving WHY she is the good renom RIGHT THERE.
Jay smudging segment.
Campaign Trail
Betty Haleena. Jace will give her vote, Steph hasn’t said.
Haleena d/r…. she isn’t conflicted so what’s this poo?
Jay is trying to get Jace and Steph. Says he has Jess and Josh.
The wedding announcement… wasn’t season 5 in the old studio set? Just asking.
gino: jay / haleena: jay / hermon: betty (set up vote) / summer: jay / kevin: jay / jace: jay / steph: jay / kyle: betty (set up vote) / moose: jay / tynesha: jay/ josh: jay
who are they setting up for the vote??? Jess / Kevin / Moose / Jace / Steph?
HOH Comp
Tough Sledding
Steph 20 / Gino 21 / Hermon dq / kevin dq / jace 21 / josh 23 / haleena 21 / tynesha 18 / summer 22 / jess 20 / kyle 24 / moose 22 / betty dq
would have preferred Josh to see wth he would do.
Safety vote opening to fans.

bbcan10 WEEK Three.jpg
another name

For anyone planning to vote for the safety:
Kyle has mentioned Betty and Jess as potential nominees with a backdoor of Josh or Moose.
Those are the four that he’s named as in jeopardy most often this week.
But he did hear Moose say that Summer and Tynesha are Hermon’s backers. Gino never supports a Summer nomination.
Hermon is pushing 7 strong and blaming his vote on Jess. Like that wasn’t obvious.

another name

Post episode one on ones.
DOES KYLE BURN THE 7 or the RETREAT or the Outsiders????
Marty: mile a minute news report: wants kyle to target Josh, Betty, Summer, Tynesha and maybe Hermon/Moose. Marty thinks Kyle gets to evict four or five people it seems. he’s talking soooooo fast. Josh overheard Marty saying Josh is a threat.
Moose. told Betty and Jess likley noms. Moose brings up backdoor option. Kyle oh yeah… that’s a possibility isn’t it… don’t know about thaaat. wink wink nudge yeah he’s already thought of that with the retreat alliance that already have safety.
Kevin: Jess isn’t the play that’s weaksauce. She’s more isolated than he is. thanks for bringing me to Wendy’s… we’ll talk more then.
Betty. Offers 2 weeks safety. Kyle confesses he was one of the votes.
Jess. Offers alliance with him. wants to work with him and Marty (not out of left field, this was brought up during a chess game 2 days ago). Kyle unsure, thinks Jess is a beast that will end his game.
Tynesha. asks her for safety to jury…. they’re in an alliance. Tells her he wants the seven but think some of the seven don’t want him. Tynesha says the seven about 50 times in about five minutes to reinforce loyalty.
Summer: he says he adores the 7, but he’s been hearing things. Summer says Jay named the seven except he put Jace and Steph in Summer and Ty’s place. Kyle floats the jury promise again. Way to build trust with your own alliance Kyle. and talking about having to burn bridges this week.
Summer volunteers Steph would be her target and Jace hates Steph. so no all woman alliance and Gino wants Steph out, so does Tynesha.
GINO ONE ON ONE (his ride or die so this is important)
Kyle considers nominating Steph the Human Loofa.
Kyle is actually considering Steph Jess Betty combination Whu? He has NEVER said Steph’s name…. weirdness. Kyle is considering the power break to be Jess,Kevin,Haleena with Kyle, Gino Marty and Jace against what he thinks is Hermon’s army. So Betty Steph?
Steph: names Jess or Kevin on the block with a target on Josh. Steph says Summer and Tynesha were mad Kyle won. Tells her putting up Jess and she wins veto he’s her target.
Kyle wants backup there when he tells Steph she’s going on the block. Gino says he’ll get in between them and take the couch to the head when she throws it at him. *side note: anyone thinking Gino isn’t finding this hilarious… he is. look at his jaw, he’s trying not to laugh at the absurdity that is Kyle’s logic while getting exactly what he wanted… a Stephless house Jace as his exclusive puppet or Kyle becoming the big target instead of him.
Jace: doesn’t get the Betty nom. Thinks make a deal with Jess she needs someone to stick their hand out and she’ll be loyal to whoever gives her that hand. She thinks the plan is backdoor Tynesha. No clue the nom will be Steph. More talk of bridges burning. Gino face change at any talk of Hermon. hmmm. interesting. Gino gets douchey after Jace leaves.
should he prep Jace? Because without Steph she’ll be on an island. and you know… Gino has needs, and needs some affection time. Both guys laugh.

*Explanation of Hermon’s Army: Gino had previously made comments about the red room making an alliance early in the game and Kyle worries it might be a thing. Jace and Steph believe it’s a thing as well. Kyle now worries that Moose and Hermon are both playing the get information and take it back to the bedroom spy game.

Feeds went down after Gino explained Kyle’s plan of Steph and Betty noms to Marty. Marty thinks it’s not a bad plan (if my i speak french at the level of a four year old translated correctly).

another name

One on Ones
Hermon: Kyle begins with making Hermon think he’s the target.. then saying just kidding.
As long as it’s not 7 or as long as Hermon is part of the discussion if it is 7, then Hermon is good.
Hermon is smarming Kyle up like a used car salesman with a pinto and a mortgage payment due. It’s… gladhanding that anyone not Kyle could see from 10 miles away.
Kyle thinks the 7 won’t make it intact past week 5. He thinks someone will go rogue and take the first shot, and he doesn’t want it to be him they shoot first. He says Moose is already naming seven members as targets to everyone.
Kyle logic tree: Betty and Haleena are waste of an HOH and he likes Haleena. Kevin isn’t looking anywhere near them. Marty is with them, Jess could very well be used as a grenade if anyone in the seven tries anything fishy, Jace is the stronger, but Gino has her in a spell, so that leaves Steph. Hermon approves of the logic. Kyle worries about Jess, but sees value as well, but she scares him… feed cut.
They discuss how to calm Jace about everything.
Moose: feedcut plagued one on one. Kyle isn’t down with backdoor Jess because backdoors make people look untrustworthy. Kyle doesn’t have a relationship with Steph.
Moose says Summer is worried about Betty’s vibe (it was Moose that was worried about Betty’s vibe in that conversation Summer played into the conversation and used it). Messy moose 101: what he says in a conversation? He puts that on the person he’s talking to. pouty Moose wants Jess gone. Messy moose has been assigned to coach Gino on getting Jace to allign with the boys. Sideye. other side Sideye… what could go wrong. Brief talk of who to pawn if Steph wins veto.
Goodnight houseguest #1.

*Remember: Moose thinks his real world friendship with Kyle means they are a final 2.
Kyle knows Moose and knows he’d be the first one to backstab to get himself further though, Kyle has seriously considered beating Moose to the punch.

I’m not sure if Kyle’s plan is Howie level or if it has reached Christian level for sheer idiocy.
However, Steph, Summer, Jace, Tynesha, Jess, Betty have all said Kyle’s name.
The show has not revealed the Retreat as existing. Edit wise this doens’t do a thing.
The decision isn’t made, but with all the guys in the PBCoverband agreeing with it? It might stick. If Kyle DOES nom Steph? He loses a possible number in that Savage 7 implosion he’s worried about.
So Kyle wants to get the blue room and Haleena together as a group in case there is a red bedroom alliance? Oh, that would be the Hermon, Summer, Tynesha, Betty, Josh group he’s mentioned… the red bedroom.

Feeds Gold

to screw over kyle, and for max drama, im putting my safety vote for kyles target STEPH

i want the twist to reveal at the ceremony steph was kyles attempted nom so everyone knows including steph, only for it to be blocked

that would be pretty crazy to see

if you want the most entertainment… vote safety for steph…and if saved she will go after the guys to help try to stop this bro steamroll and not make things so easy for them

another name

Want to know what screws Kyle even more? Give it to someone in the seven he had no intention of nominating so the house says what do the feeders know that we don’t?


you wasted your vote becuase just now Kyle was talking to the HErmon, then Josh, and Ty and Summer about Moose being the target

Feeds Gold

looks like majority of voters wasted their vote…marty was never going up this week…rendering the twist useless, but thats probably a good thing for fairness, but a bad thing for entertainment

would have been more interesting seeing it revealed at nom ceremony, with kyle having to nom a third person on the spot after one of his inital 2 noms were blocked

another name

Note: last week felt so long that i’d forgotten Kyle and Gino thought the Retreat was fake and wanted to cut the women sooner than later on Fri-Sun until Moose started bringing up the target Hermon’s squad stuff.

Sorry, I was brewing coffee and missed the beginning of the day.
Kyle is getting nerve wracked and feeling sick. He actually looks ghastly today… like Gino’s hair cursed him for doing such a horrible job in the cut.
He explains his plan to Marty. Marty is cool with it.
Hermon wants to gather the seven (imo Hermon is not cool with the plan He wants to keep his real world attachment Betty and his showmantic attachment Steph, and wants Jess gone… Hermon is saying he’s cool with the plan but i expect Hermon will rally the seven against Kyle soon). The fact that Hermon feels it his place/duty to gather and tell the seven is a bit of a red flag Kyle is missing. Hermon is undisputed Lord and Master of that alliance, and unwilling to not be in control of the group is my bare bones on it. HUGE red flag if i’m HOH. He’s put off that he has to deal with Steph’s aftermath. Shouldn’t have made out with her. The fact that Kyle didn’t ask Hermon what to do on Kyle’s HOH from moment one is LIKELY not sitting well in Hermon’s head. Just a psychological observation.

Kyle meets Josh. Tells him the plan. during the talk he says the first cryptic negative Haleena comments i’ve ever heard from Kyle, that she could be a problem later… that Jess could be a problem later as well…. but that Steph has named the boys as targets, so she gotta go.
Hermon meets outside with some of the seven (Moose, Tynesha) who decide that Kyle and Gino are the bottom of the seven. Well who didn’t see that coming. Even Kyle has said he has seen it coming. And he’s burning his game to prove he’s all in with them. mmhmm.
Moose is totally lying about feeling uncomfortable in his talks with Kyle. He’s just pissy Kyle didn’t let Moose run his HOH. Tynesha was put off by the jury safety. Hermon by the joke at the beginning to make Hermon feel like a target. But the cumulative effect is that Kyle told Hermon too much, and Hermon is sharing it because like Moose, Kyle isn’t making Hermon feel like he is running the HOH.
Kyle Haleena. Kyle blabs his every thought to Haleena. Summer and Ty were options. Steph is target for the target boys talk (a rumor Haleena started in Marty’s ear to get Marty to put up Steph instead of Kevin). Kyle tells her about the retreat. Haleena suggests Kyle not name a target until post POV because well… he could make more enemies than required if there is a renom situation. Tells Haleena the rogue vote was likely meant to be pinned on Josh or Jess.
Kyle Betty. Betty is informed she is a nom. Betty grovels. It doesn’t work.
Kyle Summer (jumps line ahead of Jess). Kyle asks if Hermon has told her yet? nope. Summer is fine with the noms. Summer wants to make sure none of the seven are pawnable after veto. The convo has a vibe.
Kyle Jess. She’s convinced she’s the nominee. He does his fake out joke nobody has found funny…. yeesh.
Just spilled coffee ala Josh on myself. sorry. brb.
Jess mentions whoever is casting rogue votes must feel really comfortable.
Gino knows Betty has been told. He’s trying to tell Kyle that Jace will be fine / keep her mouth shut when she finds out… really?
Gino/Jess. Jess tells Gino whoever the rat is with the rogue vote… that’s her target. Gino feels the same way. Okay, the house knows Kyle took ownership of one vote (why did i not know this?) Betty asked Gino if he was the other. Jess asks Gino if he finds out who is so untrustworthy to go against the HOH after promising the HOH their vote, to tell her, because she can’t trust that kind of player. Summer joins, offers maybe Kevin did it. (Jess and Kevin are secret underground with Haleena, so I’m doubting Jess buys Kevin).

ONLY members of the house that DON’T know: Kevin, Jace and Steph. Kevin is the Wendy’s date.
Apparently the lack of sleep thing due to season change is actually making me clumsy. spilled coffee again.
BBCAN votes are… psst… I don’t believe in them because of season 6 regulations that stated bb maintains the right to cancel votes during or after the voting period (in order to keep bots from voting they say… but that’s when they had captchas) I’m thinking even if the vote isn’t manipulated the casual watchers that log on to vote for their fave but don’t stay to watch feeds will rule the vote. I 40% expect a Betty save, but there’s doubt.
Okay. If I catch the Jace Steph reaction I’ll post to keep everyone up to date…
If i get something wrong… PLEASE feel free to tell me what i screwed up. Or… jump in, and share your thoughts!

another name

When i pushed enter the Jace Kyle convo was about to start.
Jace is shocked.
she wasn’t expecting it. Realizes the house is picturing her and Steph as a duo.
Both like Jess and Haleena and want to work with them.
Kyle says if not Steph he’d have to go for Moose… Mentions Hermon as well.
Jace doesn’t want to be the Brigade Brit this season. She’s tired of outside looking in while the boys plot and leave her in the cold. Kyle has mentioned Moose multiple times… and the red room thinking they run the show (did Moose create that rumor of a Hermon led secret alliance in the red bedroom? I actually don’t know WHO started that… Marty?)


btw Kevin knows Jess is safe. Doesn’t know who the nom will be… but he’s shocked.
Marty told Summer he’s in an alliance with Gino and Kyle.
Has oversharing become an epidemic?

another name

Kyle Steph. somewhere around… 12:20 pm bbt
the yelling, the popcorn worthiness.
She wants names and wows a lot. piissed.
now calling in MOOSE… and she’s yelling at him now…. popcorn for EVERYONE
and Kyle’s game is that derailed train GIF…..
Just remember…. she’s not MAD, she’s just YELLING! lmao.
Oh Kyle… ur doomed.
Moose didn’t back Kyle up AT ALL. Moose saved his own ass. He said given relationships that Steph should be considered. Didn’t own naming her as going after Kyle.
Steph is now at the tears segment of her notification.
Moose thinks this is all a plot to get rid of him… and he’s sure he knows who is behind it.
Someone flush twice… i think Kyle’s soul is still circling the bowl.
Kyle buries Moose the moment Moose leaves. Moose can talk his way out of anything can’t he, no wonder he’s playing the middle is the basics of Kyle’s cover.
Tynesha Hermon discuss not knowing all the Moose stuff and the Bad Bitches Brigade stuff…. Hermon is unbothered when asked by Tynesha and Summer if he’s worried about how to play Steph.
AND here we go with Hermon voicing that Kyle didn’t go to the seven (*HIM) and pledge seven loyalty and ask them what he should do. I knew it was bugging Hermon that Kyle didn’t seek blessing as much as lay out the plan. Hermon Summer and Tynesha feel they’ve been told what to do. Let’s remember: Summer is the one that planted the target Steph earwig this week. So she feels unconsulted about the plan she set in motion. mmkay.
That was funfeeds.
MOOSE: Hermon is the snitch.
Marty: Hermon might be the rogue vote.

another name

Going to be in and out this afternoon and evening. Snow… so shovelling.

Feeds were down for a long while after Kyle started to worry that Hermon or Moose might be the actual play to make. He went to Jess for advice, and then had Wendy’s with Kevin during a lengthy feed block.

He’s still going Betty / Steph…. but the backdoor of Hermon is a possibility.
He told Jace it was Moose and Hermon that told him to watch out for Steph and Jace.
Jace said Hermon told Steph he was totally against her nomination.
Gino is trying to step in to cool all the egos down in the mens’ alliance.
So Kyle might be calling out Hermon and Moose before noms???? Such a messy day.
Moose is practicing for his bus driver exam, using Hermon as a speed bump in his talk to Gino and Kyle. Kyle is sick of being treated like an infant when it comes to info distribution… should the whole 7 get together? sideye. SOME-body missed his nap….
Gino isn’t buying Moose’s messiness. Gino wants to talk to Summer and Hermon. (Gino knows Tynesha is saying his name so I doubt he wants to ask her nothing).
So much fun!!! And we haven’t even got to the safety insurance thing yet!!!

another name

SPOILER: Marty (facebook group, east coast and french speaking vote) won safety.
So casual non feed watchers?

Moose doesn’t know it but….. he’s now on the hot seat.
Haleena’s rat game got it’s first taste of exposure and Jess was named as targeting Hermon (Summer is in full deflection mode, throwing people she doesn’t like much to the wolves in case any of the shite she’s been talking surfaces). Gino knows Haleena ratted on Steph and sorta Jace to Summer about week one.
The seven want to replace Moose with Marty because he’s Canada’s favorite. No really, that plays a BIIIIG part in why.
Hermon still can’t believe Moose was naming him as a target and he never got the slightest clue. So wonders if everyone should just take Kyle’s word for it. Ask Gino or Marty… they were there multiple times… but hey.
Steph is still set to be nominated… only with Moose.

another name

Hermon says Kyle is targeting Moose because Kyle is afraid to go to final 7 with 5 people of colour. I’m saying true in part…I bet for sure he’s thinking bb23 when they get to final 7.
Hermon made deal with the people of colour that they are the priority in the seven this morning. I’m saying true to that as well. Only Josh not included.
Moose has been naming Hermon and Tynesha as targets for a week straight: True as well but Hermon doesn’t believe it because nobody told him and it was against gameplan.
Tynesha wants them to pull in Betty/Haleena/Kevin and maybe Jess if things go sideways. Summer agrees (Summer just under the bused Haleena and Jess).
Hermon HATES the level of crazy going on today. I”M LOVING IT.
Hermon thinks they might have to flip on Kyle.

another name

Huge Question:
Last week Moose was in conversation with one of the girls. He said he didn’t have a large circle of friends anymore because he’d screwed over a lot of people. Kyle seems to very much distrust his irl connection with Moose…
WTF was going on in the damned sports media program at Ryerson???
Did they have a secret black market hunger games deathmatch cage fightclub happening in Ryerson Community Park?

If Summer is thinking Kyle and Moose can both go for lying abut knowing each other, but the house seems fine with knowing Hermon and Betty’s connection and they won’t vote each other out (but apparently will cast a rogue vote)? I’m side eyeing.
Looked at the Jace tweets that got her cancelled. i don’t like them. I want to see the conversation for the one everyone is pointing at as the worst for only one reason. There’s quotation marks… is she quoting what someone else said to point them out for being racist, or is she agreeing with the racist statement? the others don’t use quotation marks as part of her texting style is why i said why the quotation marks what is the before and after in that thread that isn’t shown to me….. (still don’t like them want context).
If the secret underground players are smart, they are woodwork today, and sniffing out where everyone is running in the room to room contest. Not sure if any of them are actually DOING that. Until veto is played, I’d be sitting on a couch watching the ping pong balls bouncing door to door to see how the nominations have altered the house. Doing that gets them to jury.
If I’m Kyle and I thought today was a good day… goooood grief.
If I’m storyline dept. i’m laughing my ass off because today is a big day for their plan.


Moose nominated, acting docile. i wanted the feeds to pop back on with a big fight. Betty is so happy

another name

Friday end of day
Sort of glad post noms was somewhat docile…
The day was super fun for chaos, but a lot. It was a lot.

Nomination roulette was Betty/Jess, Betty/Steph, Betty/Steph/Hermon Hermon/Moose, Betty/Steph/Moose, Moose/Betty, Betty/Steph, Moose/Steph. I think there were a few more names in there at times (Tynesha, or Summer at one point were somewhere in there).

  • Kyle actually might have created the alliance he feared is the long run.
  • Marty has moved his classic definition float game up a notch. He’s now in with the 4 guys and in with Summer and Tynesha with a possible Kevin inclusion in an official capacity.
  • Moose is going to get a pass eventually for being the initial instigator of all of this since ten minutes after feeds started (the first moment he told Gino they have to take out Hermon asap). He’s feeding into and preying on the prejudices tbh.
  • Josh is still a conundrum.
  • Hermon is pissed his hand picked team that has had ZERO full meetings together and ONE 6/7th meeting by week 3 isn’t ironclad.
  • The block of Kevin/Jessica/Haleena have become the triangle both halves of the spectrum want to pull in to maintain numbers advantage. Nobody knows they are underground sharing. So they wanted to be the middle floating between two sides…. careful what you wish for. Here’s the thing: Summer / Tynesha / Hermon might be the side the triangle WOULD choose if each of the outsiders didn’t have knowledge that those are the three that have been trying to sink them. If they compare notes again soon (hasn’t happened in a while), that’s a problem. Meanwhile, who have those three been trying to sink the outsiders to? The other side. Summer earwigged to Gino about both Haleena and Jess just today a half hour before the decision became send in the clowns.
  • Marty has become a ‘power player’ because he got favorite votes. Most useless award of a safety ever… thanks facebook group.
  • Summer brought up the honeybunch again. It’s a save your ass Hail Mary for her.

Hermon was 100% against bringing Jace in to replace Moose in the seven because it was logistically difficult to bring in a new member now. Hermon was 100% for bringing Marty in to replace Moose in the seven because it’ll be fine, Canada loves him (and Hermon made a final 2 with him).
What is Betty’s actual place in the house now? Actually don’t know.
Why do both sides actively exclude Josh when the gamer squirrels try to divvy up the nuts?

Feeds Gold

thank you bb gods for kyles messiness, i much prefer that over predictable weeks

Feeds Gold

good presence of mind for steph to grab moose and bring him up to the hoh and grill him in front of kyle, which helped take some of the target off of her and onto moose…and made kyle think shes been nothing but truthful to him, a target to keep around, and he realised his mistake of targeting steph

most players wouldnt think to do what steph did confronting moose in front of kyle or have the balls to do that in the heat of the moment, i enjoy seeing players who are a bit fearless, unafraid to call people out, take a risk to help themselves when needed

i laughed when she stormed down into the kitchen, called moose out in front of everyone…he goes,”but im in the middle of cooking,” and she replies,”i dont give a shit” , it was like a mom getting angry at their child…get up to hoh now young man, youre in big trouble haha

im sure theres people who may not like steph, but shes always going to be one of the more lively and entertaining personalities and i hope she stays a while

another name

Scenarios regarding alliancing for wrecking ball dumpster fire week.

bbcan10 WEEK Three 2.jpg
another name

It stopped snowing. cool.
As a few of them are stirring out of bed, I’ve got some thoughts on the new dynamics.
Marty is being brought in on a lot of renewed alliances. Marty. Who tells everyone everything.
Kyle namedropped far too many alliances yesterday. Honestly, he’s screwed, it’s only a matter of how many games he’s taking down with him.
Steph is screwed if she doens’t win veto. Mark my words.
Betty… I give her a hard time. Now is no different. I could not be in a living environment with Betty, she annoys me. Sorry about that, but it’s true. I mean, considering her response to last week’s nomination, she’s surprisingly dismissive of the feelings of nominees this week. Yes, she should be happy she’s not on the block, but being catty about one of the nominees while she’s standing ten feet away is crass. It made me respect her less.
We’re finally getting into the actual storyline breakdown for the season now.

another name

I’m thinking Moose campaigning to four of the seven would be fine.
I think Moose campaigning to anyone he deems beneath him (the rest of the house) in the game would not go well. His tone of voice. He just can’t help being condescending and bordering on rude to the people he doesn’t think are cool enough for him. If he doesn’t win veto he’s gotta hope for a whole whack of people keepng him just to spite Kyle.

another name

Veto picks
Steph / Moose with Josh, Betty, and…Jess(?).

another name

not Jess in veto. Gino in veto. Haleena host.
Everyone seems to be gunning for veto, but none of the picks want to use it.
Josh seems to buy that Kyle is paranoid and Moose is a victim?
He won’t use veto to keep Betty from being the renom, but he told Steph he’d use it on Moose before he’d use it on her is what he told Betty.
Kyle no longer wants the veto used, he doesn’t want to make a renom (awwww, no spin the wheel for renom every ten seconds until the wheel breaks? That’s what his spin head thought process for noms was like… seriously).
I still project if Steph is on the block on Thursday, she’s evicted.

Feeds Gold

kyle sees how valuable steph can potentially be for his game and how big of a mistake it was targeting her…

steph likes and enjoys the company of the 3 guys kyle has the bro 4 with

she handled the whole nomination day well, impressing kyle first hand dealing with moose

she told kyle she can do that again when needed, doing the dirty work

follow up chats re veto draw with kyle she was selfless, further showing loyalty, a team player

kyle mentioning to marty he thinks steph is such a good person and wants to take her off and put betty up to regain trust

steph can win comps to help keep his bro 4 safe

she is a target and shield

re kyles loyalties outside the bro 4, im sure he sees someone like JL will obviously have much more loyalty to gino first and foremost…but with steph more of a free agent theres much more potential she will have more loyalty to kyle over the other guys in the bro 4 as i think he will put in more work with steph than the other 3 bros

another name

I think Kyle totally screwed himself.
At the present time, he has to hope Hermon swings the seven to save Steph if she’s still on the block, and even then that’s not enough votes (5 out of 11).
If Steph is on the block post veto meeting, her chances of staying are almost zero right now.

Feeds Gold

if its betty v steph…you would think the 4 bros have influence over JL…and kevin wants betty gone(thats 5 votes)…and kevin and kyle have the connection with jess and could sway her

i will be interested to see if the 4 bros can work the house to get steph to stay, and that outcome is in their collective best interests

Feeds Gold

a good point kyle mentions to kevin prior to veto, if the outcome is a betty v steph scenario, he mentions its more likely any of them go home vs a betty, so could be smart to eliminate that factor early

another name

Initially I thought Gino would be a problem in keeping Steph only because it was HIS initial dislike of Steph that peaked Kyle’s interest allowing Summer’s target Steph earworm to take root.
I have no clue now what is going down.
Hermon being Hermon and placing priority on epic alliance making history stuff… will he back a men’s alliance thinking strength and run over the competition?

another name

I may be off in this… someone go ahead and clarify if i’ve missed the mark.
Hermon told Josh they should keep Steph because Hermon can control her now that Jace doesn’t want anything to do with her (reality: Hermon is attempting to stack the jury).
Josh now tells Jess that people are saying they want to take out Steph but he wants Moose out and the HOH wants Moose out.
What I noticed when Summer and Tynesha talked to Kevin: have they always been that passive agressively rude to him? There was tone.
Moose is saying he’s being ostracized? Actually, only by his alliances. The people he thinks he is superior to, they check on him and talk to him. Maybe he just needs to get off his high horse and realize he’s got a screwed up perspective on the value of others.

another name

individual timed veto? if yes consider 45-55 minutes per participant if last season is any indication… which would mean about 4.25 to 4.75 hours? But feeds for veto have been down as long as… 19 hours in the past. i shit you not.
Usually when i type this feeds come back….
don’t forget clocks go ahead one hour tonight.

another name

four hours fifty minutes later, feeds return.
It appears (95% certain) Moose won POV.
He said it probably looks so cool, going out and winning POV when he needed it most.
Actually incredibly expected.

Dear lord… this means we have 2 days of Kyle renom roulette coming up….
heaven’s to murgatroyd!!!!!

Feeds Gold

speaking of renom roulette, if tim dormer were in there i could see him spinning the veto wheel to decide a renom, out of a few candidates

another name

I honestly thought week one would be spun wheel nominations to protect the week one HOH because it was chance not bloody hands.

another name

BTW… Quick Question
Would it be production as a strategy to completely get Marty paranoid by saying
:’If I won safety while one of my closest allies was HOH, I’d be wondering why my community is so worried about me this week.’
Just something I’d attempt if I wanted to sow the seeds of maximum chaos.

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it is strange the houseguests, particularly marty and kyle, havent considered that, unless i missed it

another name

Well, it looks like Kevin considered it today. And used it, if my catching up phase of the day is correct.

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Not my circus not my monkeys…. but what the poop on a saltine is this fresh hell?
Kyle and Moose are having wine together, they’ve invited Gino and Josh to join? I think Hermon might be joining as well??? Oh and Marty. So all the men but Kevin? oh.
gear up the circus music, looneytunes probably has another one of his brilliant ideas.
Meanwhile…. Hermon and Steph were making out in expedia, until Hermon went to join the boys in HOH.

The cams go down for this conversation. So who are the men going to sit back and decide to get rid of? Guess we don’t deserve to hear the first hand version. or it won’t be discussed until much later. BBCAN gonna BBCAN?
2 cams flip on for Steph to be saying she’s going to offer to be the loud mouth piece for the introverts that will do what the house wants.
Summer and Tynesha are locking in with Kevin and Haleena to count votes.
The alliance name being workshopped is Rebel Rejects.
The alliance appears to currently include Kevin, Haleena, Summer and Tynesha and Josh (in absentia) with Betty and maybe Jess? and of course Hermon coming in. They mentioned poc or outsider (non alpha?) or nonbinary or gay winner when talking about their alliance, which made me think Jess might be asked? but who knows.
Kyle’s sausage party in the HOH is not going over with the women. At. ALL.
Haleena reveals Jace told her about 20 minutes before that she doesn’t actually want Steph to stay.
While Sausage fest ‘veto celebration’ goes on (cams came back on)… Summer invites all the non included to join a party in the question mark red bedroom.
Summer was denied entry to HOH being told it was a men’s meeting. Kevin being left out is a bit of a sore sport to a few of the women. Was Kevin let out as a setup… or just excluded? He’s putting on his nail biting act, but doind so in front of the men as well… hmm. not sure.
Kyle Josh renom talk. Who is it better to turf this week Betty or Steph. Josh says the seven controls the numbers, so Betty should stay because she can’t win comps, and the perma pawnstar doesn’t apply to a 7 next to her because the seven controls the numbers.
I’m sort of tired… and starting to get confused by the idea of more Kyle Kyling right now.
If a decision is reached, I’m sure it will be repeated and changed a million times.

another name

I was away for quite a bit today… this is the catch up shot

  • Kyle wants Summer, Tynesha and Josh out of the 7.
  • Hermon is trying to save Steph. Wants Steph to get 7 votes (presumably so he doesn’t have to vote out Betty and Steph still stays).
  • Marty has insinuated the mandems is an alliance, and tries to get Summer to confirm, making Summer believe it’s because they’re black.
  • Marty is full throttle on his Josh must be eliminated train.
  • Kevin went to Hermon about working together (the Comedians f2) Hermon is down.
  • Hermon told Kevin he’s riding with the boys and JL. Kyle wants the four man alliance (k,g,h,marty) along with Jace and Kevin to be the new power side. They want Kevin or Marty to spin Jess into voting to save Steph. (Kevin thought he was getting in with Hermon for the rebel rejects has just learned Hermon is team alphamale).
  • Kevin told Haleena Hermon is in with the boys, and if they get rid of Betty, Kevin and Haleena become the pawnstars.

Betty has been told she will be renom. The house seems to be expecting Kyle to Kyle and throw up someone else.

another name

I’m very lost today, if you couldn’t tell.

Hermon wants Kyle to stop targeting his allies and busting alliances this week, he’s done enough of that, just chill tf out.
Jace might have figured out Haleena is ratfloating? Perhaps Gino told her the Summer throws Haleena under a bus tidbit? She’s being kept in the middle, not pulled into the new group as originally suggested. She’s still talking to Haleena like they are besties.
Jess is also being left out, but Kyle thinks he and Marty can control / spin Haleena and Jess. They also think they control Kevin.
Kyle talks to Jess saying people were pushing a Josh backdoor. He doesn’t plan to do that, Betty is the renom. Jess tells Kyle that everything he’s saying about keeping Steph is the EXACT opposite of everything he said yesterday about why to get rid of Steph (Kyle called Jess into HOH to do a logic run about targeting Steph when the noms were Steph and Betty before the Moose train).
I think Marty’s woe is me is a modified Kevin approach. Kevin plays dumb and naive, Marty plays woe is me. That’s my thought. Information gathering tactics.
Gino fully believes Tynesha is targeting him. She said it, so he’s not far off (timing wise, he’s off… she said at 7, Moose left that out).
Marty’s talks with Betty and Josh. He will run that as Betty and Josh are a final 2 as further reason to get out Betty. He is FIRMLY anti Josh.
On my chart I had 4 options listed. Option one: Pulling Marty into the existing 7. I don’t think that’s going to happen when the seven is basically broken.
Option two: it’s somewhat of the Rebel Rejects. Hermon is in it. So is Kevin. Last night’s talk.
Option three: it’s today’s alliance scheme of the Retreat plus Marty and Kevin. Hermon is in it. So is Kevin.
Look at option two and three and tell me what could possibly go wrong? Kevin has already warned Haleena that she HAS to keep Hermon OUT of the rejects.
Option four: Moose stays. Well that’s happening. But the seven riding things out? DOUBTFUL.

Somehow, at the moment, I’m thinking Tynesha’s target is getting bigger because Marty told Kyle Ty and Summer will turn on him. Gino believes Tynesha is coming for him.
Hermon assessment: would Hermon choose cultural approval over making out with Steph? At the moment, he’d choose making out… but doesn’t actually WANT to be a vote to evict Betty (note the 7 votes talk with Steph). Jess told Kyle that if Steph is after Tynesha, then Tynesha can’t be an option for replacement because then Steph has no target and will shoot at Jess.

It feels like i’m not getting something. I feel like I’ve missed a big part or a big conversation somewhere. Anyone else feeling that????
I know Jess and Josh had a post lights out talk in the bathroom. He isn’t down with the men’s league. He felt like he had to play a role. Kyle has told people his talks with Josh are keep your enemies close talks.
Today, Jess is trying to reach out to people, but might also be trying to calm the waters for Kyle (?). Summer says she feels like she (S) could go on the block instead of Betty. Jess says she’s been talking to Kyle today because she’s afraid she (J) will go on the block, but at the same time extending an apology to Marty that Kyle hasn’t been making him feel like he has value. Summer is really letting TOO MUCH out in her talks today. Marty can bury her with Kyle pre renom if he desires. He could do the same to Tynesha. And it’s Marty… who can’t keep his mouth shut. Marty is still worried that Josh is gathering an army to come for Marty (the come for Marty part he isn’t voicing, but that’s why).
There may be a crack in Haleena and Kevin… she isn’t trusting anybody anymore she said after leaving Kevin. Kevin was different this time in his talk with Haleena, but not to the extent she seemed to have put on it. Kevin cycled through feeling her out on the place of Jess and Betty and Marty. Both agreed a Kyle Steph Jace and Gino run the show season isn’t what they are looking for.
Jess talks with Summer: raises Marty is too quick to say Summer is in a black girls group, (Mandems is a thing btw so her protests are… sus). Jess talks with Haleena: they have to pick sides. Steph bullies Jess, says Jess, but Kyle wants to keep her. Haleena says until POV ceremony is over she can’t trust Kyle, and everyone needs to be careful what they say right now. Jess might have inferred she or summer (? yelling going on) may not be keeping Steph as Kyle wishes.
Kevin wants Betty out this week he says to himself (see where my confusion comes from).
Dinner time. will check in again later.

another name

Done dinner so throwing this out there while I’m half paying attention.
Part three of Sunday.
Jess is solidifying her pair with Josh. Tells him to bro up more because his name is getting dropped. both hope they can get rid of Steph but that enough of Kyle’s connections may still exist in the house to keep Steph.
Moose apparently told people he Knows Kyle, has shared friends irl with Jace, and knows or lives close to Steph. There was one more name he dropped, I don’t remember what name or the relationship.
Lazy Kassting really did just grab his contact list for half the cast didn’t they?


  1. Hermon. Who is he really with? Beyond being Team Hermon he’s on both sides?
  2. Kevin. He’s said save Betty and get rid of Betty. Which side is he rolling?
  3. Moose. will he take what he’s gotten today and try to ingratiate back into the Alpha pack?
  4. Marty. Is he really trying to woe is me back into the centre, or is he gathering intel to spill to get the house to go after his target…. Josh. (remember, he thinks Josh is targeting him because Marty slipped and said something about Josh while Josh was standing right there).
another name

This is Sunday. All plans made on Sunday are irrelevant until storyline dept returns on Monday. REMEMBER SEASON 7 AND REMEMBER LAST SUNDAY.
As Kyle does BBmath thinking he gets to break the tie if he back doors Josh as Marty is imploring. 11. There is no tie in that number. I’ll keep pointing it out every time he says it.
Jess isn’t saving Steph over Josh. Hermon just warned Josh the bros are looking at him next week. Summer and Tynesha never vote out Josh over Steph. Betty? nope.
Haleena? nope. So it comes down to Hermon and / or Kevin.
Note to Marty: Jay wasn’t that big a swing, quit acting like you took out someone actually playing Big Brother. Dude had ZERO alliances.
Kyle runs the plan to Hermon. Look at Hermon’s face. More mess.
Kyle and Marty were sure Jess would vote how Kyle wants if it’s Josh vs. Steph on the block. Sideye. Other side sideye. I don’t think even a little. That there is a baaad read.
Kevin has warned Summer that Hermon is in every group. Hermon has warned Summer Kevin is in every group. That’s how that’s going. Comedians final two is a joke. lol.

Get your helmets back on.
Kyle’s spinning the wheel in his head again.
Kyle had almost insured the house split on his own. Marty may have just cemented it.
All so Kyle can be a BB legend is what Kyle is thinking.
Kyle informs Jace of his new target
Jace is psyched about the bd Josh plan. Kevin takes in all the info and says he loves the 6 (that he just ratted out to Jess and somewhat to Summer), he’s tired of the other side thinking they can control him. Jace says Haleena is a better vote to get from the losers than Jess. I think Jace suggested she can get Betty’s vote… but i don’t think she possibly could believe that. Kyle will talk to Haleena to get her to vote out Josh, shouldn’t be a big deal he thinks. Sideye.
IT’S NOT A BACKDOOR BTW… IT’S A BLINDSIDE. Backdoor is when the plan from inception is getting rid of a threat that wasn’t allowed to secure their safety in the Veto comp. There is no backdoor involved. Kyle has named 8 targets since Thursday…. That’s not a backdoor plan. That’s gamersquirrel chaos.
Thus far Hermon has not told anyone that Josh is a block consideration NOW. He thought it was next week and warned Summer and Josh.
Kyle Haleena be my swing vote convo
Haleena isn’t giving Kyle a blind loyalty yes she’ll vote how he wants until he tells her who he is thinking of putting on the block. She told him she’s cool with the red bedroom, but has no idea what they think of her. She tells him he’s had a really Chaotic HOH already, and ANOTHER target after Betty, then Steph, then Moose… she won’t guarantee her vote until she knows for sure what he is doing.
He finally says his front runners are Josh Tynesha or Summer. Haleena says she won’t 100% lock in a vote right now (he’s changed his mind 388 times since Thursday…. so…) She says after the veto ceremony, she will tell Kyle what she will do with her vote, but isn’t going to tell him what to do or who to nominate. Kyle wants confirmation now because he can’t have all of his targets stay. Kyle says he has 5 votes, and just needs a 6th vote so he can break the tie. (11 votes this week). Kyle needs to know if he has her vote, but won’t name the target. He says he can reel Steph back in and Betty is a non factor in the game. He says he is the prime target of Josh, Summer, Tynesha and Moose, so he needs her answer tomorrow morning. I THINK he slipped and said he’ll either put up Josh or Betty depending on Haleena’s answer.
She’s piiissed after he leaves the area. She doesn’t want Summer or Josh to leave (at the same time, doesn’t say what she’d do) Rewind and check. at that same moment Hermon is alone on cam, very very pissed at Kyle.
Hermon is pissed outside monologue feels like he’s fumbling his lines.
Hermon says Kyle has already screwed two of his alliances, and a flirtmance, and the irl community relationship that is Betty. Now he jumps to Josh? Insanity. 23 year old punk trying to screw with Hermon’s game.
Kyle and Kevin convo
Kyle vents to Kevin that Haleena won’t promise him her vote without knowing the target. Sideye. Kevin covers Haleena by saying, yeah but she’s so dumb… Kyle agrees and says she keeps things to herself. He says Betty is good, but Josh is better because then they steamroll the game. They ponder a sixth vote to evict Josh. Kevin again mentions the red room trying to control him. He asks if he should talk to Haleena. Kyle says yes (he told her to be a swing vote to help his five vote six person alliance). When Kev asks about Jess, Kyle says he’ll talk to Jess because it’s no bueno if the bd has to be stopped and he can’t get to the tie vote to send out Josh (there is no tie in 11 voters). Kyle doesn’t want the bd plan to become house knowledge when he’s now talked to 1/2 the house about the bd plan. oops.
Kyle plans to grab Marty, pull Jess aside and say we kept you off the block, pay up and keep Steph vote out Josh.
Kyle tells Kevin Hermon is friends with Josh, but he’s with the new allance MORE.
Kyle wants the battle lines drawn… and he doesn’t get to play in the next HOH. Never be the HOH that draws the battle lines… be the person that gets some other fool to draw the battle lines.
Betty is out of the Loop… uh-gain.
Meanwhile Betty tells Summer and Josh that Hermon won’t guarantee his vote for her to stay because of her comp performances. They are shocked. This leads to Summer Josh planning to target Kyle. Summer says maybe they pull Jess into the rejects instead of Hermon, but worries that Hermon already pretty much knows about the group.
Marty Gino and Hermon
Hermon is sick of this chaos. Marty is pushing his Josh agenda. Gino says it will be epic.

Kyle is in d/r. A wave of calm resounds around the house.

another name

Kyle’s plan to get Haleena’s vote: (he said this to Hermon) bring Haleena in, lay out that the four men have a final four, and they want Haleena to be their fifth. No really. He wants to tell her we are a final four but we’ll keep you until fifth. It’s what Marty told her last week… only solidified and quantified.
He has the same deal with Jace and with Kevin. Hermon even points this out. Kyle is unstoppable in this idea. head desk.
Kevin is telling Haleena that Josh may have to be collateral damage. She sounds like she’s in agreement, but brought up that Kyle talks to her like a child, Hermon is everywhere, and Steph is in with those guys. So again: Kevin has said gotta keep and gotta let go. It’s like he’s a choose your own adventure for the editors in storyline.
She had just told Josh she has him in this game. She had just told Marty that Hermon is playing all sides. Kyle just told Hermon that Haleena warned Marty that Josh might be mad (when he targeted Jay), but explained it as Haleena warned Marty about Josh.
Hermon already told Kyle that if Haleena and / or Jess aren’t guarantees, he has to abort the plan.

The drama on the Red Bedroom Rejects side is Hermon’s game style. He doesn’t do check ins to share info he learns nearly enough. He doesn’t share info except in immediate terms. This causes massive distrust. This is why Haleena and Kevin have Hermon issues *they don’t know Hermon hasn’t officially been told the rejects is a thing. This is why Summer and Tynesha and Josh are questioning Hermon’s true allegiance. It’s all on Hermon’s lack of interest in actually maintaining relationships. His big dream alliance NEVER all got together in ONE ROOM. His allies now are questioning his motivation. That’s his game error. 100%.
The drama in the middle is none of them have a relationship with Hermon in the game. Therefore none trust him, and he doesn’t trust them.
The drama on the other side is KYLE wants to be a LEGEND… and is playing his HOH like russian roulette. He thinks others in the house don’t have relationships if he doesn’t see the relationship with a neon sign. He wants big moves for jury talk at the finals.
Kyle has informed Gino that he’s going to give Haleena the final 5 spiel. He says he’ll tell Josh an hour before the ceremony. Gino wants them to target Tynesha and Moose next. He wants a double eviction so that they can rule the house.
Moose Hermon chat. Moose seems less done with Kyle than he’s been saying to Tynesha all day. Just saying.

I still maintain that it’s Sunday. BBcan has been notorious for Sundays not actually being canon. Remember the inroads Jess made last Sunday, and the moves made by Haleena? Those are not part of episode version. Much of this might just be quashed tomorrow. Josh may still be a nom… but none of the alliance movements made since veto may be canonized.

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how many times has kyle mentioned theres a tiebreaker vote?

how many times has someone hes mentioned it to reminded him theres no tiebreaker this week with 11 votes?

another name

Nobody told Kyle. He said it to EVERYONE he talked to yesterday about the plan.
Today he seems to realize. D/R must have sat him down and asked how to get a tie out of 11 votes.

another name

About to crash.
There are four players to watch if Kyle goes through with the get Josh plan.
Haleena: playing safe route, doesn’t want to draw attention to herself. will choose majority. Kevin has pushed that the men are the majority because they are stronger.
Kevin: more on Kyle’s team at the moment, convincing Haleena that the numbers are on Kyle’s side. Wants to pick fights with Summer (so his switch makes sense). Made comments about Jess to Haleena like he’s trying to wedge them??? maybe?
Hermon: post ceremony what does he do? Stick with the alpha males, or stay with the red room? Self motivated Hermon will go with alphas if he doesn’t have numbers and can’t get Moose to declare.
Moose: he REALLY wants to get back in the good books, and believes Hermon is why he was targeted.
If they voted tomorrow: Steph might actually stay given the gamestyle dynamics of these four.
There is a strong sentiment in the house that “the house” is the alpha males.
Anyone notice tonight that Marty after talking to Haleena went to the boys and said he offered her final 5, and she’s on board and good with getting Josh? I don’t think that’s what she said, I think that’s just what Marty wanted to hear because he’s so anti Josh. Marty told Haleena that Jess is with them… as in the group targeting Josh??? There goes that honest first half of game… out the fenetre. Haleena warned Marty about Hermon being on all sides. I doubt he believed her.

So much of this would be already clear if Hermon, Summer, Tynesha and Josh actually talked after the quick bathroom exchange where Hermon told Josh he will be a target next week if they don’t win HOH. He didn’t check back. Now he is going to be sus about Kevin and Haleena, and tell THAT to Summer and Tynesha and Josh. Meanwhile, Kevin has been telling Jess that Hermon and Moose are in the six that run the house (not him, he put Moose in his spot), leading me to suspect even more that Kevin is gaslighting Jess and Haleena and pushing distrust between Summer and Hermon. This mess is going to be brought to you by the no check in no communication game style that is Hermon.

another name

Before ceremony:
Hermon tells Tynesha that Kyle is after Josh and they have to save him. He says Kevin is with the boys and they are trying to get Haleena or Jess to be the vote to get rid of Josh.
Kyle calls in Haleena. Gets Kevin out of the room. Tells Haleena that Kev/Gino/Hermon/Marty/Kyle are a final 5 and they want Haleena to be their sixth. When it gets to final 3 he is fine with taking shots at Marty and Gino. He needs her, as the house swing vote, to agree to be the fifth in the top 6 group, and to agree to not be seen with them, have no involvement in any decisions the group makes, and she can just do her makeup and sit in a corner (i exaggerate a little but not by much at allllll). In all of this, Haleena doesn’t actually promise her vote. She says “all right, i get it and the shot has to be taken it’s a game” after his pitch and he extends his hand, they shake. I don’t actually see excitement from her, nor do I hear her actually promise the vote. She agrees to the final 5/3 (that he told Gino they will back out on any time they want) that Kyle said wasn’t because she’s the swing vote this week. I know i’m logic arguing here. This is the conversation that pretty much is determining if Kyle makes the move. Her lack of enthusiasm at being promised top 6, top 5 and top 3 is palpable.
Meanwhile, Tynesha and Kevin are chatting. Tynesha says she hates that some people have been using her child as a weapon to get her to trust them (she means Marty, but Kevin has actually been doing that too). Tynesha says she hopes she can trust Kevin because she feels they work well together. Kevin is pulling fake tears.
Haleena alone says Kyle sat there and named every poc as his threats, had beef with the non binary guy, and targets the gay guy. She says not a good look Kyle.
Kyle calls in Jess to inform them Josh is the renom.
Jess is flabbergasted. Does not promise vote. Says she understands. She said very little for Jess this was a noticeable silence.
Kyle calls in Josh. Tells Josh the house has been pressuring him to get Josh. He tells Josh he has to put him up. When asked who is pushing this to Kyle, Kyle says it’s his own decision and he made it himself. Josh is attempting logic response on Kyle, who admits he doesn’t think logically.
Kyle calls in Steph and says Josh is joining her on the block.
Kyle calls in Betty and tells her she isn’t going on the block. Tells her Josh is and he doesn’t expect her vote.
HOH lockdown.
as the Houseguests arrive Kyle says, well Everyone is hear, Josh do you want to just tell them now? Josh says we’ll wait.
Kyle is seeking sympathy from his alliance that Josh didn’t get mad and scream at him, so that means Josh is even more dangerous. This is actually a no win situation for Josh, and I’m talking game not world. In BB tropes, If he got angry, he’d be the scary aggressive guy. If he doesn’t get angry he’s dangerous because he’s so calm.
Steph is asking Hermon to help her come up with her campaign.
Kyle thinks Betty offered to vote Josh out… I think she was bargaining before he told her the renom, and he said he doesn’t expect her vote because it’s Josh. But you go with that Kyle.

It’s been wild with Kyle having power and being an absolute spin head.
I wanted to see what game Josh has… guess we’ll see.
Kevin is more with the boys i believe. I actually am beginning to see him subtly gaslighting both Haleena and Jess.
Hermon? He’s telling Tynesha all of the plans. He’s telling Summer so much less because he thinks she’s emotional. Here’s the thing… Hermon is saying Haleena is swing vote and they have to get her to keep Josh. Hermon could have just said i’m not down with plan 12 or plan 432 at any time because Kyle’s being too erratic.
Marty should be thrilled. He’s been pushing this ever since he said they have to get rid of Josh next while Josh was in the room (Josh didn’t even hear him), but Marty has built this great big Josh is after me and Kyle myth out of it.
Josh was warned in some sense by Hermon, Summer, Jess and Haleena that this was coming. He thought he was fine because of his conversation with Kyle after Sausage fest.
He now thinks the house is dealing with somebody that should be under a 5150. You could see it on his face. Josh’s face the whole time was dude, you’re unwell.

Anyone actually seeing how they will edit this mess? I have theories. I don’t like any of the theories.

another name

The problem on the Rejects side: their organizational dynamic is loose cooperative no team. Everything is based on reaction not action, and everything is based on emotion. The women of the core here are so untrusting of each other due to the socialization process where men are shown team value, and women are essentially shown that other women are a threat.
The problem with the Retreat side: Everything is based on entitlement and legend and strength being the only important factor. This is why it’s core 4 will never treat the others as equals and pretty openly discuss the women not being equal… to the women. It’s there there dear, go make me some eggs.
I don’t see either side actually being able to last more than two weeks.
What it does to the underground secret alliance wanting to play middle: Kevin insured they would have to take sides. Why? So Kevin can slink under cover and Haleena and Jess are targeted before him. Except by Betty…. who has decided Kevin is her Kevinrobertmartin, and she’s his Karen. She’s playing a totally different game… and it isn’t big brother.

another name

Monday part 2
Josh is the renom.
Tynesha cried about the renom, likely said something. Kyle pointed it out to Hermon like it validates Kyle’s decision.
Haleena had given Betty a heads up she wasn’t going on the block before Betty’s chat with Kyle. Told her they have to be careful.
Just after that Tynesha told Haleena that even if she promised her vote, they might still have the numbers to save Josh, (might have said she should vote with them because they likley have the numbers, it was quick, I’m not sure at allllll).
Betty is mad. She’s blaming Jess and Kevin? Betty. Always biting on the con. She makes it too easy for Kevin.
Kevin takes the opportunity to pick a fight with Betty so that his switch in votes makes sense this week. No really, that’s his point. But he had to because Betty has called out that he’s playing both sides and riding the middle in front of the house.
He’s pulling evil Kevin in order to get arguments started, so that he can victimize to the boys. Yup, he’s running to Kyle and Jace to say how mean Betty is to him. Textbook. He tells the cams he’s trying to Help Betty (make it look like she’s after Kevin not Kyle)… but Kevin talks out both sides of his face to the cams (gotta keep Betty, hour later Betty gotta go same with Josh. prime examples). It’s like he’s giving editing both versions so they can choose his path for him in storyline dept. I said what I said. He tells the cams it’s not 2 sides. It’s one side and a complete dumpster fire.
Summer and Jess are agreeing to work together. Tynesha and Jess have already agreed.
Summer and Jess are trying to count out votes required to save Josh.
Jess tells Summer they are trying to make Kyle think he has them, but Steph is always ‘bullying’ them. (Stop using bullying unless it’s warranted house guests).
Summer tells Jess they have to keep Kevin in the dark or Kevin will snitch to Kyle.
Summer wants to trust Hermon but isn’t sure what he’s about now.
Jess says Steph is playing Hermon because she couldn’t land Gino and she wants to play the showmance game. Jess doesn’t want the house to know they and Summer and Tynesha are together (it makes their target bigger and she can’t play Kyle). Summer doesn’t care at this point, because the line has already been drawn.
Hermon, wanting to play the middle, told Tynesha that if they get more than six votes, he will vote with Kyle and blame Jess. If they need him, he’ll vote Josh. Summer is exteme non plus about this. She’s not having this play both sides shit from Hermon.
So they have to convince Kevin , Haleena or Hermon to keep Josh is the takeaway.
Hermon and Jess are having their first one on one ever. Sideye.
Hermon tells Jess the numbers are close, but he thinks he will have to vote out Josh. He isn’t picking a side, he’s making a decision based on numbers. *He’s trying to have his cake and eat it the same way Kevin is. He’s also moving forward with set up Jess for another hinky vote if he can. Asking them if their mind can be swayed in their vote because there are 11 votes this week. Jess wants to know who last week’s rogue vote was (she says to the rogue voter). After Hermon leaves, Jess says lying their face off. I don’t know if they mean Hermon or Themselves.
Gino and Summer touched base. Summer says her vote is clear, tried to mention her fallback honeybunch (gee, wasn’t Josh originally IN that?) like she does as her hail mary.
Summer Josh. Summer tells him they have likely five votes. He needs to concentrate on Jace by bringing up the Honeybunch from night one, and gettting duo with Steph stink off of her. They talk about getting Moose, Kevin or Hermon to make the vote in Josh’s favor. They believe Haleena will vote to save Josh.
Steph? invisible pretty much.

another name

MONDAY part 3 ( i think)
Betty and Kevin are Kevin and Karening again. eyeroll. All the delusion with half the humor. Josh and Hermon are convinced Betty is jeopardizing Josh’s ability to get a vote. Betty just has to have her confrontation anyway. Betty. She should not be allowed within twenty feet of anyone actually playing big brother. She’s at the point of being ridiculous.
Jess has promised her vote to Josh, but tells him tell nobody. She has to pretend she’s cowing herself to Kyle and Marty.
Hermon says his vote is dependent on how Jess votes. If this isn’t red flagging to everyone… it should be.
Haleena tells Josh she hates the optics, didn’t know he was renom, and she’s keeping him.
Marty humble brag confesses that he is the reason Josh was renom. Josh says he wanted to go to the end with the fool. The fool continues to spill everything (but hides that Hermon is with them). Marty says his side has 6 votes. Josh says he has 5 or 6 votes already.
This SHOULD make Marty paranoia spin. That should make Kyle paranoia spin. Marty is already starting to spin after telling Josh i’m voting you out, but if you stay, don’t target me. Marty told Josh if he wins HOH he will put up Moose and someone else, if Moose wins veto, he will back door Jess.
Get those helmets out again and keep your hands and feet inside your roller coaster car, we’re in for another round.

another name

Marty is doing everything he can to interrupt every conversation Josh has.
Remember Schlumpy Eeyore in season 7? Yeah, like that. Marty is truly shell shocked that the last minute plan he pushed to Kyle might not have been a done deal. He never considered even once that it might not be cut and dried.
Steph thinks she has 8 votes right now and that she can swing Tynesha. I believe she counted Kyle as one of her votes but i’m not sure. She thinks she doesn’t even really need to speak to Kevin or Haleena or Jess, they’ll vote for her automatically, but she’ll still go speak to them.
Hermon has to count out everyone that is voting for her, saying there are 11 votes. She was sure 12.
It’s going to be a LONG couple of days.

another name

It FEELS like Hermon is VERY much attempting to make HIMSELF the swing vote so that he can determine and control the vote.
He has just promised his vote to save Josh, but only if the vote is 6-5. He doesn’t want a 7-4 vote, because then he can’t blame his vote on anybody (currently Jess or now Kevin).

Question: How is anyone trusting Hermon? They all KNOW he is riding centre.
Question 2: How is anyone believing that this will stick?

Hermon is Kevin without the twisting of the moustache idiocy. They are both trying to make EVERYONE think they are good.
Has Marty run to the boys saying Josh’s campaign is getting him votes? Is Hermon trying to lull them into complacency? These are questions nobody is asking.

another name

I started the week wondering about 4 players: Tynesha, Haleena and Josh were three of them.
Tynesha apparently must give off very untrustworthy vibes, because members of he house have questioned her sincerity and loyalty all week. As far as game, she still isn’t showing me much.
Haleena showed promise as a rat floater. That to me has died. A good floater has purpose, agency, and guile. A good floater pivots instantly. Haleena is motivated by fear and indecision. that just downgrades her to a coaster that gossips. She may actually be willing to be the Britney of this season’s brigade that already has more Britneys. That screams gone within 2 weeks. Trusting Marty doesn’t help.
Josh is playing sad, like he doesn’t have votes for the purpose of the blindside. Problem: His own people don’t know he’s acting. So they think the votes don’t exist. Jess suggested it, he did it, and now he may go home because of it.

So Haleena has been downgraded for fear of spotlight.
Josh is not the gamer i’d hoped, and Tynesha… needs to work on whatever vibe she’s giving off.
Rejects: no organization, no communication.
I still blame Hermon for that. First HOH sets a tone. Since everything this season is have to be sneaky and who can I pin this on added to groups never meeting so nobody actually declares a side? That is 100 % the game of the first HOH that set that tone.


Thanks for the updates again.

I don’t want Josh to go so I really hope his side of the voters prevail (6-5).

another name

I’m going through what I missed today and it looks like at one point the vote was actually looking 9-2 maybe, only nobody knew it.
At other points the vote has been looking 6-5 or 5-6.

another name

MONDAY EPISODE (Last 8pm Mon ep., moves to 7pm next week)
preamble: on feeds Haleena, Summer and Tynesha bonded over revealing game secrets to each other. Kevin talked to Summer. He’s trying to break the trust all of the rejects have in each other by saying there is a men’s alliance of Moose, Kyle, Gino, Marty (but marty is being conned) and Hermon. The men are all manipulating people. Says something about blaming the flip on Jess (See, he and Hermon are 2 of a kind). The biggest thing about this vote is everyone is trying to hide their vote. This is a problem for them, they should be trying to say the vote has already flipped and work on the outliers of the men’s group. Just my two cents regarding the action of the game. I’m still trying to not pick a side (but i’ve always rooted for actual underdogs to my own detriment… it depends on your definition of underdog).
Jay was evicted. 10-2. Jess pissed by the rogue votes. Kyle admits rogue vote to pin it on Jess. Hermon had the same idea. NOBODY calls Hermon Stir the Pot Papi. At. All.
The house bought it in a way.
Moose is going to kick his feet up. Kyle is starting to get manic already.
Introduction of the Retreat. Not the Men’s group? Oh.
Jess is trying to save herself again. Betty is sure Kyle goes after women.
Josh Betty and Jess are all grossed by the idea of a Kyle HOH and the HOHITIS that is to come.
HOH reveal. i always say mute. never cared.
Jess centric tonight? she goes to Kyle to show she’s beneficial.
“How do I convince you to work with me?”
d/r Kyle might be team Jess. REALITY: Actuality he held her on a string.
Betty points out Jace is safe cus she makes out with Gino. Man’s man alliance talk.
Jace is wondering if she’s being used (she is).
Betty goes to HOH. Betty says she’s the easy nom. He’s blank facing her.
Kyle d/r she makes good points. He was going to nom her in more than half his scenarios.
Moose comes to HOH. He’ll listen. names Steph. Gino Jess and Summer also have mentioned her over the past 9 days (that’s where the clips were from and one wasn’t about targeting, it was about behavior).
Kyle says Steph will be nominated to Jace. There is no guys alliance Kyle says.
The retreat is over. d/r Jace thinks she’s optionless. REALITY she played up how much she doesn’t like Steph. Jace was number 13 or 14 out of 15 one on ones. The whole HOUSE knows except Betty (thinks it’s Betty/Jess), Kevin (who thought Betty/Jess until Wendy’s), and Steph. THE WHOLE HOUSE THINKS STEPH IS THE TARGET AT THIS TIME.
TARGET ONE OF KYLE’S HOH Steph is informed
the argument. Steph names Moose. Kyle says yes. Steph goes to get Moose. Kyle is dying.
Steph is going at Moose. Moose is deflecting and defusing. Kyle is realizing Moose is a liar.
Reality: Kyle and Gino’s second conversation on feeds was about not really trusting the women in the Retreat, and being prepared to cut them immediately.
Reality: Moose has been on Kyle’s radar since last Monday because he is Messy Moose trying to manipulate everyone. This didn’t just occur to Kyle.
Kevin Wendy’s date. Everyone tells Kevin too much is the reason.
Jon Pardy: big picture, build relationships, don’t let power go to your head. 0 for 3 this week. ZERO Kyle. ZERO.
Kevin says he was in a fake alliance. The Retreat. Hopes he can use the info to bury him later.
Moose is playing the middle and throwing out Seven as targets.
Hermon doesn’t want to rock the boat.
Hermon (playing the middle) is being told by Kyle (trying to play the middle until today) that Moose is playing middle and loyal to nobody.
Kyle tells Josh, Summer and Tynesha. Summer isn’t impressed with Kyle’s HOH so far.
Sports Media program. They know each other. Tynesha is saying she’s not impressed.
Summer is saying she isn’t down. Summer planted the Steph seed that Gino was already talking about and Jess had already been saying Steph was ‘bullying’ her. But it was Steph that swiitched Kyle from Betty/Jess initially…. Summer started the entire russian roulette chaos. Facts.
Hermon wonders why Kyle is screwing up all of the Alliances they are in.
Hermon worries he was a target. He was a consideration.
Summer reveals there is a twist. Safety for the week. Marty… never a target… is saved!
Sweet thunderin’ choir of tone deaf angels… why?????
REMINDER Kyle’s named targets so far: Jess, Betty, Steph, Moose, Hermon and one of Summer or Tynesha. Josh was mentioned too. Show only mentions Steph and Moose.
Kyle is here to be a legend. Ohhh, he’s a legend alright….. for most chaotic 5150 worthy HOH in Canada.
STEPH and MOOSE are named. Betty is shocked beyond belief. SHE WAS TOLD SHE WAS A NOM.
Betty d/r: what happened….
Steph d/r: I’ll forgive not forget.
Moose d/r: big mistake. I’m coming for Kyle.

CHART: where things are as of about house bedtime last night.
I’ve included my thoughts on how production might be viewing the current dynamic according to the show edit up to the end of Thursday’s episode.

bbcan10 WEEK Three 3.jpg
another name

Might not be around for Tuesday much. Sorry, life stuff. If i can I’ll throw something in.
I hope nobody is getting annoyed with too much updating from me. If you are, please let me know and i’ll slow down.


Why would anyone be annoyed?

You literally ARE the site for this season.

If they are annoyed they can honestly f**k off. Ungrateful haters.

Butt First

Keep the updates coming dude! I love your insights on the players. Thanks!


If anybody is annoyed by your updates they can get lost. Your comments are always welcomed on OBB.

another name

End Monday.
Summer Tynesha Betty and Jess are votes to keep Josh.
Gino Marty Jace are votes to keep Steph.
Haleena is waffling back and forth. Her trust level is non existent with Tynesha and Hermon.
Hermon wants to hinky vote and blame someone and ride the middle.
Kevin wants to shake things up for fun and chaos, blame Jess.
Moose says he will vote with Summer and Tynesha.

The so called Reject side all sleep in one bedroom, and don’t communicate game.
THIS is the problem.
Haleena can’t handle the spotlight of being the swing vote. She wants to play the classic floater game and is failing because she’s outwardly been called the swing vote. By show edit, she has no relationships except with Jace, Steph and Mandems.
Hermon STILL doesn’t want to declare a side. He wants his vote to be secret and blame someone else. He’s TRYING to make himself the swing vote. By show edit, he should be voting to save Josh.
Kevin by show edit is who knows… wants to be evil either way.
Moose by show edit? again unknown, but stick it to Kyle in the end of last episode.

By now I’m thinking the vote will be blamed on Haleena and/or Kevin no matter what happens. She has almost zero presence in episodes, he’s playing evil kevin. She’s openly waffling, and has given her word to both Kyle and Josh. Her latest waffle though, totally d/r induced i think.

another name

I think i’m caught up:
appears Summer and Hermon (the one that has been the big problem) finally talked to Haleena about the vote and how they want Kyle gone.
Kevin has attempted to plant doubt with Marty about the men. Marty is scurrying back and forth trying to ensure his own safety.
Kyle thinks he has all of the middle people (Hal / Kevin / Jess) dancing to whatever tune he calls.
Kyle wants the 4 man team to be called the village voice 4. Because what they say goes? He informs Hermon that Moose, Summer and Tynesha are the voice targets.
Marty checked in with Kevin saying he thinks Kevin is right. Marty checks in with Kyle.
Kevin checks in with Kyle.

Josh went to Moose for his vote today. Moose agreed.
Marty went to Josh to work together. Josh was agreeable (but really?)
Steph thinks she has Jess’ vote and Kevin’s vote. But she also thinks she might have got Tynesha… so.

That’s what catch up tells me. At this point everyone is suspicious of everyone except Kyle that thinks he rules the roost and is the voice of the house.

another name

Why is everyone having trust issues with Hermon?
Hermon’s playing style and desire to hide his vote by blaming someone else is a big reason.
Haleena knows of the final four men’s group. Knows she was a target week one (before she had her one on one with him).
Kevin knows Hermon is in every side. Because Kevin is sitting next to him there.
Jess knows Hermon is consistently trying to paint Jess as a target.
Summer and Tynesha know Hermon is with everyone. His vote blaming to keep himself in the centre is an issue to Summer.
This is why Hermon is having trust issue problems. It’s not any one person leading a distrust charge in malice, it’s reaction to Hermon’s own game.
This is going to KEEP being his issue as long as Hermon tries to play hide my ass while leading the revolt. Seriously, he pushes himself as a leader that wants to cover his vote by blaming one of this followers. THAT is why he’s getting trust issues.
Hermon has told Gino the votes might flip… and Gino didn’t give a damn it seems.

Kyle’s game is pretty much zero right now, because of his HOH reign. How can you trust an alliance buster that busts his OWN alliances?
Gino and Jace are too busy playing dating game to pivot or even know to pivot.

*Well, the creepy side of twitter that is the Summer stan network is now trying to cancel Gino’s sister for standing up for her brother after a comment Summer made about Gino being a cradle robber (?). Eyeroll. Cancelling family now? See why I’m having an issue with the creepy side? What they don’t realize i think? His sister was on a reality dating tv program in Quebec and has a pretty large following, being one of the more beloved contestants. They aren’t going to get the cancel they desire. Quebecois are going to stay with supporting a Quebecoise.

At the moment the vote is 8-3. It’s Tuesday and distrust is still high.


Kyle has to go.

another name

End of night:

Jess tries to reconnect with Marty. Marty is hoping Jess can help her with being the target of Summer and T (he isn’t really their target) and Josh (who i don’t think NAMES targets except Kyle).
Hermon proposes a final five alliance with the original poc savage seven members, using Haleena and Betty as numbers to be back up to 7 and control the house. He tells them the boys had offered Haleena a final 5 deal to try to get her vote. He says if the plan gets out, he’s staying with the boys. Hermon further proposes a final 3 to Moose and Josh within the 5, within the 7. Says if it gets out he’s staying with the boys.
Hermon plans to call out Kevin as his vote.
Marty goes to Josh and says he knows Josh is staying, that he convinced Kevin, Jess and Haleena to keep Josh. He says Haleena would have gone with the boys if Marty hadn’t stepped in and told her to go with Josh because Kyle was lying to them.
Josh seems to worry to Jess that he is getting too many votes (what?) and that some of the people trying to hide their vote could get caught because of it. In other words: he’s afraid Hermon won’t have anyone to blame if the vote is 8-3 or 9-2.

ME: so wait, everyone in the new 3/5/7 is good with Hermon saying if his plan gets out… he’s leaving and staying with the boys???? The LEADER of the group says that?
If I’m Josh, I want as many damn votes as I can get. Sorry. Not Sorry. The cover story that should be used: a vote flip became apparent last minute, and sorry, but had to keep my ass with the house, didn’t have time to warn anyone. THAT is the cover story that should be used, blame whoever you want.

another name

Wednesday a.m.
I’m a wee bit behind, and the coffee isn’t actually brewed yet. Sorry if this comes off as a bit cranky.
Marty talked to Josh. He spilled tons and tons of the world according to Marty (which is a perceptual quagmire only paralleled by some of Jess’ opine codswallop that absolutely everything that happens in the house is a scheme against her). Marty revealed village voice 4 (the Hermon, Kyle, Gino, Marty final four unofficially named yesterday). Marty is hoping Josh will calm Betty down if she confronts Marty. (his fear of Betty is making me laugh because to me Betty is playing a completely different game than Big Brother 99% of the time). IF JOSH THINKS HE DOESN”T HAVE THE VOTES, MARTY WILL SWITCH HIS VOTE.
Kyle came in and put on his empathy voice to justify and validate his choice to go after Josh. It was supposed to sound like an apology or a good game type salute. To me it didn’t. He reminds Josh that he has to pack, and if he wants to leave a shirt, Kyle will wear it to show his respect for Josh.
Betty and Jess talked about liking Jace, but not liking Jace when she’s with Gino. Neither is too jazzed about Gino.
It may sound like I’m not a Hermon fan. The person? Not a problem. The game i see? Problematic to me, and I’m not giving him a slide for what i consider tactical negligence.
Him lying on the bed last night saying ‘who goes home, which one goes home’ reaffirms my thought that he has pushed the 6-5 narrative because he wants to be the swing so that he has complete control. A player like that? What happens when they don’t have 100% control?
Kevin is now asking Steph what her approach is to campaigning: she isn’t the target and everyone should do what the HOH wants is her answer. Sideye. back. Sideye other direction.
There was a missed conversation between Marty and Hermon. cams didn’t catch it, just saw Hermon leaving Marty in the hot tub area, and Kyle joining to discuss 420 and edibles.
Let’s hope Hermon wasn’t spooked by Marty… you know Martying. I only say this because I actually prefer Josh to Steph, and don’t want Hermon to go hissy and dismantle if he thinks he doesn’t have absolute control. Marty says the only flip he worries about is Haleena, but she says she’s good, so… Kyle leaves abruptly and Marty asks ‘bigbruddah to put a cowbell aroun ‘is neck, Kyle is following him everywhere he goes.’
Kyle ran directly to Haleena. Thanks Marty. Another day of Haleena driving herself around the house on her own guilt trip crusade. I’m tired of the wash, rinse, repeat.
He tells her a 6-5 would be good but a 7-4 is even better.
Haleena tells Kyle that tomorrow someone could whip out a power, and who knows what happens.
Josh comes for a check in shortly after. Haleena says to Josh she plans to tell people idk what i’m doing. Josh says Kev and Marty are sitting in the middle ground, likely to jump to his side if Haleena tells them to.
Meahwhile: Jess is doing a check in on Marty (he isn’t sleeping well). Marty wants both sides to join together or some shit. Frankly Marty’s annoying me today. He’s woe is me mixed with spillage is just grating.
Marty Heleena check in. She fears it’s a double, so she’s spending the day studying.
NOTE: for doubles, the back yard would have closed Tuesday most likely. Week 4 used to be a double week… but Week three used to be instant eviction week. They haven’t done an instant in a while, and more recently doubles have been shifting to week 5.
Kevin is still on his tank Jess mission. Telling Haleena they have to say Jess led the flip when they are confronted next week. Kevin explained it to Summer yesterday: he can’t beat Jess if she ever got to finals. Reality: Jess knows where Kevin buries the bodies.

With Kevin and Hermon both insisting the vote be 6-5 so that they can cover their asses and blame someone else… There is still a real possibility that they could outsmart themselves.

another name

Things we need to remember:

  • tonight’s veto episode… production told them how to solve the puzzle when none of the participants could figure it out.
  • d/r has a horrible habit of asking directed questions in order to get houseguests to react predictably for storyline (something Jess actually called out on feeds when Kevin was being called to d/r).
  • I can’t think of the last time a bbcan blindside actually remained a true blindside. If a house guest doesn’t spill after a d/r call, then d/r calls in the person most likely to go off and directs questions.