Kelsey “I hate that Maddy thinks I bullied her this whole time. I just hate the cattiness of it.”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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big brother canada 4 tim nikki joel
8:30am In the kitchen – Joel, Tim and Nikki are talking. Nikki asks Joel if Maddy and the brothers set up a deal or something? Joel shakes his head no. Tim says yeah 100%! And I’ve heard through someone else that they have. Nikki asks what do you reckon it is? Tim says its a truce deal… so we won’t come after you, you don’t come after me. Joel says but Maddy talked to me and Phil and mentioned the plan to put Rual up and then Rual would go home. Then as soon as Maddy left Phil said that she was going to be on her own after. Tim says the brothers have the same truce deal with Rual. They’re the sneakiest ones. Its getting to the point where they will go up .. so they’re just ensuring their safety when they do. Nikki says Raul has to go up. Tim says we can’t over play it though because if he finds out .. he will make a deal with Maddy. She won’t put him up. I wish the POV ceremony was today. Maddy will strike a truce deal with Maddy after this move .. but Jared and Kelsey won’t honour it. There was a deal that Jared was like all bets are off Maddy …when that blow up happened. Everyone is just setting up for this triple eviction that might happen. Nikki says that Phil is very untrustworthy. He is so sly.

9:15am In the storage room – Cassandra tells Kelsey not to talk about votes, don’t talk about anything. Just have fun all day. I’ll talk to you after the veto ceremony and tell you what I did.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-10 06-16-58-002

10:35am HOH room – Maddy is sitting on Ramsey’s lap asking him questions about his family. Cassandra joins them and starts talking about how her mom is dating the pool boy.

10:45am – 11:10am In the bathroom – Tim asks why do people try so hard to control who stays or who goes. It often gets you in trouble. I’ve figured out why people do it .. its so they can say they had a hand in that person going. I just put that together ..that, that’s a strategy. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – just Nikki and Kelsey are talking. Kelsey says I hate that Maddy thinks that I bullied her this whole time. She literally just like hates me. Nikki says I think that she just doesn’t want any girls here. Kelsey says she just hates me, there is literally nothing I can do to change it either. I just hate the cattiness of it. She hates me, she wants me out of the house .. she thinks I’m the prom queen. Nikki asks do you think you two (Jared/Kesley) will be together when you gets out? Kelsey says we’ll see what happens. Nikki leaves. Kelsey talks to Joel about the jury house and about Mitch.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-10 07-43-37-630

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-10 08-37-56-253
11:35pm – 12pm HOH room – Maddy says that she would be really mad if Jared used the veto on Kelsey. Like really!? Tim says he could have reason to stay. Ramsey says its not a bad thing for someone to take themselves off the block. That they’re doing something for themselves. Maddy says I want them to campaign against each other. When I’m around Kelsey I can’t even be myself. She’s rude. She’s messy. She’s manipulative. She hides behind Jared. Do I send home the person that’s a good competitor or do I send home the person that makes me miserable. They agree Jared is weaker with Kelsey here. Tim says without Kelsey Jared and Raul were more focused. Maddy says I think Raul will go home if he is on the block. Tim says and I don’t think that’s a terrible idea. Maddy says no I don’t either. Maddy says I don’t even want her (Kelsey) to get second place. Tim says the 3 aren’t what they appear to be, its all an illusion. This illusion of an unbreakable bond, there never was an unbreakable bond. Maddy says Kelsey is mean, she called me a bully. Tim says when she is fat and has a boyfriend that cheats on her .. she’ll work that out. Ramsey says when I got the brownies back from Rual he said you better thank me now because I’m the nice guy. Tim says that’s capitalism. You don’t get the brownie until I say you get the brownie. Cassandra joins them. Tim tells Maddy to say in her speech it’s not targeting a person in the 3, it’s just about the 3. It’s stinky toxic stinky p*$$y sh*t! Tim and Cass leave. Ramsey and Maddy talk about making an alliance with Tim tonight. Maddy says I don’t think Jared ever wanted to work with us. Ramsey agrees.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-10 08-48-19-413

12:15pm In the bedroom – Phil tells Joel & Nick that the 3 of them should always be in different rooms of the house to gather information. Phil says I think our golden ticket is how undercover and stealth this all is. This game is just managing relationships.

1:25pm The house guests are sitting around eating lunch.

1:40pm – 1:55pm Hot Tub room – Cassandra tells Tim we need to get Raul out because him and the brothers are working to get us out. Tim says yeah. Cassandra tells Tim to talk to her (Maddy) tonight. Tim says in order to ensure it… we need to make her think that when it comes down to it we would side with her and not the other side. But I can’t lie. Cassandra says if theres a double or triple I am going after the brothers. Maddy joins them. Maddy asks is it actually better if Rual goes over Kelsey? Tim says lets just see over the next couple days. What it actually comes down to is who is more powerful if they stay. I don’t think Kelsey is the one that needs to be defeated first. She’s never had power. Maddy agrees. Tim says if you put up a pawn, its just the safer option. The perception that you chose the easier option. People owe you the respect you earned for people to ask you what you want. If you just put up the target and a pawn, you’re kind of giving away the power in a way. Maddy says right. Tim says its not a big move to get Kelsey out of the game. The big move is to destroy the three. When one (Jared) comes off, the other (Raul) goes on and then you’ve got the next few days to decide. Jared and Kelsey join and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-10 10-52-25-917

2:25pm The house guests are lazing around chatting, telling random stories.

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In all honesty, kelsey hasn’t really done anything to Maddy for her to hate her. The only I think of is that Maddy has a crush on Jared and wants Kelsey out of the way. The intense hatred for Kelsey is ridiocoulus. Give it a rest already Maddy, because Jared does not want you.


Maddy calls Kelsey a bully, but I really think that Maddy is the true bully (when she is in power). She is a first class B*&ch!!!!


Maybe jeopardy is more your style


I agree with you 100%, but feel the underlying reason is about the bullying that was done to Maddy in school. Kelsey represents the type of girl who bullied her, and Kelsey is one of the “cool crowd” while Maddy never felt good enough. Hence the reason Maddy would rather associate with the guys in the house. Yes, she may have a crush on Jared, but not to the extent she is being accused of.


You know, I have to wonder. Was Maddy bullied which led her to her character flaws, or is it a chicken and the egg where Maddy behaved in the manner she does in the house, and people reacted negatively to this so she cried bully. For some reason I can imagine both scenarios when it comes to Maddy.
Perhaps her defense mechanism is to be untrustworythy, negative, promiscuous, and misandrist in reaction to being bullied. There’s an equal chance she’s been improperly socialized which led to crafting that personae, and those characteristics have caused people to react negatively towards her.
It’s weird. I can see a young Maddy being bullied, but I can also see a young Maddy behaving badly towards people and not being insightful enough to accept the repercussions of her actions, instead calling them bullies for reacting negatively to her behavior.


Nope just bad upbringing and poor education. A spoiled little bitch who wants her way. A slut and foul mouthed.


Maddy is both immature and insecure. She is jealous of the girls who look better than her.


Oh I agree completetly. I think it’s that too. Maddy is extremely insecure. A few week back she was complaining to ramsey she hated how pretty Kelsey was. I knew right then that Maddy is insecurity.


Wheel of fortune sounds like a better gameshow for you

The three heads bully say

Kelsey , Raul and especially Jared are big meanie bully .
The Mean girl , the Jocky Bully and the I’m gay so I can do whatever I want bully are the worst in the house .
Maddy is just dumb and insecure .
Thank dog Joel and Tim are there to bring some good qualities to the house.


It would be interesting to see whom would Cassandra evict between Tim and Kelsey if they hypothetically had sat side by side on the block


OMG, every time I see Cassandra she is stuffing her mouth, wonder if she is a stress eater — she definitely has put on a few pounds since the start of the season.

If Jared uses his veto on Kelsey, he deserves to be voted out. Period. This is Big Brother, not Friends…

If Jared uses the veto on himself, as he should, then I tend to agree that maybe the best option would be to get rid of Raul and keep Jared & Kelsey in ‘couple mode’ where they don’t seem as focused on the game.


Get the Zombie out, shes already infected the game way too much


Stress eater no ! Pig yes lol


has anybody recorded the convo about Tim asking Joel about his crush on Loveita? missed it.

sunny dee

Maddy ;hated’ Loveita, hate hate hated her, and loveita also didn’t do anything to maddy other than work on the same side as Maddy.

she really has issues, if you ask me. maddy says she was bullied, and by people that kelsey reminds her of, but really maddy is a pretty hateful person with a foul mouth and attitude. If she wonders why people don’t like her, she should check her attitude really.

On the other hand, no one cleans up after herself and others more than Maddy does. (except maybe tim, he’s attempting to keep things tidy), but there is no need to focus on Kelsey as the source of everything dirty and messy. there are far more guys in the place who as well all know just drop their clothes and towels and leave their mess behind them for someone else to pick up. maddy must see that cassandra does a lot less than kelsey in terms of cleanup, not to mention, why does maddy assume the ‘girls’ should be picking up and cleaning up, and not talk about the guys.


Phil has consistently done the dishes. In the evening. Most likely to spy on who goes where and talks to whom from the kitchen. Jared used to sweep. Nick has cooked, Tim has cooked, Kelsey has cooked, Raul has cooked but only did his laundry for the first time last week. Joel licks his plate and calls it clean, and only recently prepared a slop pancake for himself for the first time last week. Cassandra has yet to cook, and rarely cleans or washes a dish.
Perhaps if people were more strategically minded, they’d all say Joel and Cassandra, fend for yourselves for meals this week, we’ve had it. They’d be pretty weak for any competitions, and Cassandra would be whining so much that nobody is catering to her, that she’d miss everything else going on around her. But hey, why think strategically.


You should check out Family Fued, it’s right up your alley


Welcome to High School Canada


Are you so fresh out of high school that it’s the only thing you can relate a highly socially competitive gameshow to? You need more life experience.


Wow you are so negative and your joke is old now.


are you replying to me? What part was negative?
Here’s an example of the comments already on this page, is this positivity to you?

“She is a first class B*&ch!!!!”
“She is jealous of the girls who look better than her”
“OMG, every time I see Cassandra she is stuffing her mouth”
“maddy is a pretty hateful person with a foul mouth and attitude”.
“Welcome to High School Canada”
“She is a waste of a player for this game”


Sorry I should have said you have overdone your game show reference joke and it is coming across as negative commenting now. You are coming across as snarky to anything anyone says. Commenting on the people on the show is what this site is all about. Telling someone what show they should or shouldn’t be watching is just being obnoxious.


i made that comment 3 times!? Has someone else been doing the same thing before? Sorry i haven’t been looking at comments often!
Discussing about the people is one thing, but what i’m seeing is just Haters!


“Telling someone what show they should or shouldn’t be watching is just being obnoxious.” Oh ya, and Thanks for the Strawman!


Are you sure your name isnt Maddy cuz you sure have that same bitchy attitude!


Is it just me or does it seem like Nikki isn’t having that bad of a time on slop, YET she said it would totally kill her to be on it and that she would rather go home?
I really wonder about the “perks” she gets to keep her calm and not crazy. She is a waste of a player for this game. Doesn’t matter how much you like her, as a fan you know shes a friggin waste!


Jerod is the biggest suckhole in the house.He is jealous like a 5 year old.Had enough of him!!!!!


Jared is a jealous suckhole.Acts like a 5 year old.Can’t wait till he leaves!!!!!!


Sorry for the double comment !

I Actually Like Kelsey

Kelsey and I would be friends in real life. She literally has said nothing that really irks me. She is fairly intelligent, and her sense of humour is enjoyable. She doesn’t even take herself too seriously. And as a black woman she did not annoy me with her rivalry with Loveita especially since white people always tend to get racist (more so Americans) when they hate a black person, and I never heard her say that.


Why is Tim so duplicitous!!! He is going back and forth wtf! Does he like Maddy or Kelsey?


Why oh why hasn’t anyone put Nikki or Tim on the block? Everyone else has been there also I was happy that Nikki was put on slop and in the have not room. Kinda creepy watching Joel hit on Nikki constantly watching her every move. Just saying. Cassandra did say she was a “princess” and wanted to be waited on and yes I notice too that she is the only one putting on weight ….. Eating too much junk meaning sugary things …. Lying around all day will do that to you.