Big Brother 12 Spoilers – R/B’s not going Anywhere, Rachel: “I’m winning POV and Brendon has the votes to stay”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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8:10pm Cabana room Rachel and BRendon Brendon crying away about how unfair the game is. He brings up the endurance comps being a farce. He wants them to fight hard this week but he wants to maintain their integrity. Brendon wants him and Rachel to “get into peoples heads and fuck them up” . He adds that MAtt is really stupid he didn’t even ask for the 5000 dollars. Brendon thinks he’s so smart but he’s really stupid when it comes to this game. Brendon: “Matt only really started watching this game at season 10”. He gets called into the DR


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:21pm Enzo walks in Rachel calling Matt a idiot for putting her and her man up. Enzo: “it really sucks to be up on the block yo”. Rachel thinks shes better then Matt she beat him in a quiz and that was a mental comp. Enzo says your fighter yo you’ve been on the block before you’ll survive. Rachel doesn’t care taht she’s up she’s convinced she’s going to win POV and then they only need 4 votes. She’s also certain she has the votes. Rachel tells Enzo there are other alliance in the house, MAtt/Ragan and Lane/Brit. Enzo tells her he doesn’t fuck with alliances he doesn’t want anything to do with it at this stage. His reasoning is he doesn’t have anything to offer an alliance yet because he hasn’t won HOH or POV but once he does than he’ll make his move. Rachel: “But Enzo you’re going to need alliances” Enzo: “When I become HOH i’ll make my deals”. Rachel doesn’t understand what Matt is doing and why did he put her up she’s innocent she doesn’t understand why the targets are so big on her and Brendon. Enzo: “if you guys survive this week then the house in trouble.. your 1//4 of the people in this house you can do some damage”. Rachel: “Exactly thats why we need to stay to take them out” Rachel says she’ll use the 5 grand to bribe Matt to be the tie breaker. Rachel tells enzo she wants a final 4 with Enzo, Hayden and Brendon. Enzo doesn’t agree to the final 4 says, “Yo this house is getting crazy.. but yeah you need to make the deal with matt go talk to him..yo”(LOL enzo is a master at this) Rachel says Matt has been walking around like a little bitch.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:50pm ragan and Enzo Enzo is rehashing parts of the conversation he just had with Rachel. Says that they are convinced they are winning POV and they are convinced they have the votes to stay. Ragan laughing as enzo continues with what rachel says. Ragan “That ” Enzo says Rachel thinks if the vote goes to 3 then we’ll use the 5 grand and convince matt to keep her. ragan laughs. Enzo there no respect with those 2, I’m just going in there to tell her not to seclude themselves from the house” Enzo: “if they don’t win they are going to cause so much drama in this house” Ragan: “They’re going to be pissed because they can’t control the situation”. Enzo says the person that win pov is going to have their hands full. Enzo says if he wins POV he’ll tell rachel he’ll use it, He’ll take down Brendon Matt will put up whoever he wants and then we take out Rachel.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:09pm The saboteur Message comes on The message is matt has let the saboteur out… there is a new saboteur there mission is to destroy you all as they cruise to the half million. They all start trying to figure out the saboteur’s.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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88 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – R/B’s not going Anywhere, Rachel: “I’m winning POV and Brendon has the votes to stay”

  1. Love Ragan as saboteur but will hate him in an instant if he messes with getting either r/b out. Would love to see lots of good natured pranks! How about mustard in rachels extensions first!

    1. Agreed.
      I just want to see the Saboteur do pranks and not mess with the social aspect of the game. Actually, it’s in the Saboteur’s best interest not to mess with the social aspect of the game since all he has to do is survive a few weeks without getting caught.

    1. The funny thing about stupid people is they don’t realize that they are stupid. We have the votes..from who?? Everyone in the house hates them both!

      1. you know i dont understand why they hate them both brendon is a good guy he is just torn down by rachel what does he see in her really All i hope for is brendon wins POV and rachel goes out then he can be his own person

        1. I agree and disagree with you.
          I do thing brendon is a really good guy but i dont
          think rachel should leave. They both need eachother
          because they both make an awsome team. Rachel is
          an amazing competior and so is brendon. Hopefully
          ragean or britney would go home this week. :)

          ps the season would be boring without brenchel.
          they w

          1. what!!!??? seriously? “brenchel” are the only thing making me angry at my tv screen when i see those to idiots

  2. Enzo is running shit in the heezy fo sheezy!
    He’s from the streets. All this lying and manipulation is second nature to him yo.

      1. it remains to be seen. i have my doubts that he can win an HOH or POV either.
        But the guy is a master at manipulating people. He’s very convincing and believable.
        He’s got the whole house, including the Brigade wrapped around his Jersey finger yo.
        Puppet Master.

  3. Hello – key word – “Cruisin’ ! “Gay slang” – to go out to the bars and hook up with someone and have the best kinda sex – “sex with a stranger”. Just leave the wedding dress at home!

    1. Thank you! Somebody has got to pick up on that. Every time they said cruising Reagan’s face looked more nervous. I know he knows what it means. Maybe Enzo will figure it out because he’s an Al Pacino fan. Maybe he’s seen the movie.

      1. Well, this is kind of a stretch for them. B/R were told by production that there is an all-boy alliance and they didn’t believe it. Production has given these folks a lot of information and yet they won’t believe it.

    1. I think obviously he agreed to do it ahead of time. I think the deal was that If Matt opens the pandora box, Ragan will then take on the agreed responsibilities of being the new saboteur.

  4. well gee, isn’t that a lovely pic of Rachett…well guys, now you know what she would look like looking up at you from down there ..well , you get the picture :)

  5. There all acting like 80 year old women. Enzo is pissed. Omg! just play the game. Maybe they will get a clue on how boring this season is.All u ever hear is ebay, fame, and allstars. The cast as a whole is boring. Atleast ragan has some guts, to take on the twist(again).blah,blah,blah. HAVE SOME FUN! THE WHOLE CAST NEED TO LOOK ALIVE. ALLOT OF PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO BE IN THEIR SHOES. Omg!

  6. You know, I really want someone to just straight up tell Rachel to her face that she’s a bitch and list out all the reasons why she’s going home. I’m sick and tired of her going on about how she’s innocent and she’s a fighter and doesn’t deserve to go home when her weeks as HOH begs to differ.
    The problem is, I don’t know who should do the honors of telling her that to her face. Enzo is playing a sol- Wait, I think Britney should do it. That would be awesome.

    1. I hope they reveal The Brigade to her in her post kicked the hell out interview or the messages from the other players. Would love to see her ugly horse’s ass face when she finds out

    2. calm down buddy.
      Just cause rachel is winning everything doesnt
      mean you have to hate. I doubt anyone in the house has
      balls to tell her to shut up. lol she actually the only one
      who is winning and focusing on the game.

      1. no no calm down fella becaues if i remember correctly Matt won just as many HOHs as her and the Brigade in itself has 1 OVER her.. Factz yo

  7. Worst case scenario for the Brigade:
    Either Brendon or Rachel wins POV
    Saboteur Ragan uses the veto ticket on either Brendon or Rachel
    Kathy and Britney goes up
    The Brigade alliance is exposed
    Worse of all, Brendon and Rachel in the house.
    Too many variables but who knows.

    1. And so I start praying that Ragan only does harmless pranks and doesn’t go around muddling up the social aspect of the game. I mean, come on dude, you’re getting paid to survive a few weeks. You don’t need to go around putting a target on your back screwing with the social game.
      Who here thinks that Ragan would actually save Brendon or Rachel for the hell of it?
      He might. I hope he doesn’t. But there’s a sneaky feeling that he might.

  8. Omg! Brit just shut up! She should stick to playing both sides. I llike her and ragan out of the whole boring cast, but she needs to hush that mouth.

    1. I agree…Brit talks too damn much…..But it will also be funny to see the rest get theirs..They obviously don’t realize all 6 or how much ever cant win the 500,000 They will all be screwed….time….that’s all…time…While I don’t agree with her tactics, and or behavior and attitude, yes Rachel does play the game, and if she goes home so be it,but very myopic, childish, moronic, and imbecilic behavior displayed by all these player

  9. i keep being amazed how clueless they all r. “its obviously rachel” while the real sabetour sits among them. i hope brenchel stays just to make these idiots miserable. and they all think theyre so smart, i feel like matt is not convinced tho

  10. Poor Rachel! No matter how hard she tried she could never live down the fact thay in her high school yearbook she was voted, “The Girl Most Likely To Wash Ashore!”

  11. There sayin its the worst season to play. Man u guys made it the worst season ever.Hayden just spilled the beans saying” what if the person is suppose to mess up are alliance”. In front of everyone. No one caught it.Idiots!MAbe if brit close her mouth she would have caught on

  12. Keep in mind that right about now is when people start wondering “If its just me and that person as the final two, who will win?” which in turn means someone we really “hate” will end up staying in the house to be one of those final 2…….fortunately didn’t happen last year cuz MY MAN JEFF is smart and kind and gorgeous and gorgeous and funny and gorgeous and…….LOL!

  13. i think production will have ragan sabetouge the brigade because theyre so boring and everyone cant wait until those losers all turn on each other

    1. I respectfully disagree. After viewing several blogs, I can honestly report that the Brigade has 1000000000x more fans than Bren-Roachel. Sorry, yo.

          1. The only member in there I like is Enzo the rest are idiots with Hayden being on the top of the list. Hayden is a douche bag, Matt is a liar, and Lane is just plain lame.

    2. Bridage are soo lameeeeeeeeeeee.
      They think there so cool. Matt needs
      to stop being retarded and know that he is the
      only one in the bridage that is winning comepetions.
      HE IS BEING USES! like seriously they alll need to go.

  14. the big players in this game.
    rachel and brendon the rest of them are just sheep.

    I wish some of the other houseguests would take some risks but they are all floating if you ask me.

    1. I know they are always gonna target rachel and brendon.
      Seriously grow a pair and start going for someone else.
      I cant wait till it comes back and bites them in the ass :)

      1. They KEEP TARGETTING Brenchel BECAUSE she keeps daring everyone to “bring it on” and picking silly immature fights with every one. I wish she would have the insight and strategic abilty to see that knocking off all the other women in the house means the men get stronger–votes-wise. The men already have an advantage in the strength and endurance comps. Rachel can win comps and fulfill an eviction plan, but she can’t think strategically to save her own life and Brendon is being pulled down by association. Everytime he tries to get her to stop shooting herself in the foot or to think strategically, she picks a fight with him.

  15. i like enzo tho yo… too bad hes not sabetour, hoh bathroom would be out of commission with all the lanes he leaves… i mean floaters

  16. if enzo was saboteur this game would rock so much right now, for the next two weeks. he would be screwing stuff up left and right. i know it . too bad huh

  17. why rachel whining about matt not asking for the 5k ho why dodn’t you OFFER it to him?? thats how truly dumb this bitch is( in the house)… no wya will i have 5k in my poicket and can save myself by offering it up to HOH refuse to do it… Rachel is a real DeeDeeDee

  18. Haha i cant believe that ragean said Yes i love him he’s so cool haha im just happy the birgade is finally getting rachel out i think if i hear her laugh again my head will explode omg i can make fun of her all day

    1. hayden has a weird mouth…looks like his teeth are too big for his small mouth and he looks like a mouth breather too…lol

  19. Doesn’t ragan and matt look almost related somehow . It is just so similar maybe its just their style that they have hair short and about same body height. They could be cousins . He could pass for toadstool, hayden that is .

  20. love how matt sucks that freezer pop…i wonder if he is thinking its his man regan…whats with the 2 of them dressing alike or with the same colors etc…humm we missing another romance? who is the top? who is the bottom?

  21. Do both Rachel and Brendon automatically get to play POV or do they wait to see if their name is drawn? I’m having a brain fart!

  22. Rachel…..stop saying, “I wonder what the fans are thinking right now?” You wanna know? You’re a loser. You’re a train wreck. Go home. You don’t have any fans. Everyone in the house hates you, and everyone outside of the house (i.e., all of America) hates you. Make like Bin Laden and hide in a hole for the rest of your natural born life please.

    1. Ha, ha ha. I wouldn’t compare her to bin laden, but i really don’t like her fake, spastic, valley girl reject ass.

  23. That was harsh !! And please do not talk for all of America because I think Rachel is playing the game !! Why aren’t you bashing Kathy ???

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