Justin wins final Care Package.. Final 4!

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-18 20-54-07-930

Justin gets the last care package. Safe from eviction and go straight to Final 4 if he completes a challenge.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-18 20-51-04-300

2:47pm Justin’s Care package challenge.. he gets 2 hours to practice. After that he’s got just 1 shot to make it across..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-18 20-57-16-426

4:45pm Justin completes the challenge and will get to go to final 4

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-18 20-55-50-929

Morgan wipes out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-18 20-59-03-657

4:50pm Justin is thankful…

If Jason or Kryssie win Veto Shelby is going home, if Shelby, Morgan win Veto Jason will go home. Justin cannot be nominated because of care package.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-18 23-29-43-322

8:30pm Morgan, Jason, Kryssie and Justin are in the kitchen. Justin – I’m just so glad its over. It’s done and I’m blessed. Kryssie – so if he is safe, does that mean we have one more safety ceremony? Jason – we must. Kryssie – whatever night we don’t have a safety ceremony I’ll make peanut butter balls. Morgan – yeah I’m assuming they’ll just do it Sunday. Jason – they could just do it Saturday, especially since we’re not waiting on Monday for America’s Noms. Morgan – maybe they won’t wake us up Monday. Kryssie – that’s the first thing I thought of when she read the card for America’s nom. No more getting up at 9 o’clock! Jason – those days are done. I was about to say thanks America for not making us America’s nom .. but then they did it to you Morgan.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-18 23-36-27-132

9:35pm HOH room – Shelby & Morgan. Morgan – today Kryssie was like Justin .. that counts as a comp win. Shelby – no it doesn’t. Morgan – he didn’t compete against anyone. That means I get to count my America’s care package as a comp win … and I was not planning on doing that. Shelby – Kryssie is just a f**king idiot. Morgan – the thing is the odds of those three being in the final are pretty slim. She (Krssie) can act like she hates me but I am the epitome of everything she hates. I can just tell.. sorry! Shelby – well its probably more deeply rooted in jealous to be honest.

10:45pm Morgan and Shelby are sleeping.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-19 03-44-19-165

11pm Justin, Kryssie and Jason are hanging out chatting about random things.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-19 03-48-56-180

12:35pm Justin talks about how Shelby didn’t start playing until week 6. Kryssie burps. Jason – agrees. And then I took her HOH. Justin – we just need to win this veto. They talk about when the safety ceremony might happen. Justin – so she saves one person. Jason – She would just save Shelby. Justin – I honestly think if it wasn’t for us here .. there wouldn’t even be a show. Jason – there have been plenty of seasons with boring people near the end. That’s when they normally do luxury comps and stuff.

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Justin will win. I bet my stache on it.

Dependocrat Purge

Please let Jason get evicted.


When is veto?

Ariana Grande stinks!

I agree that Justin SHOULD win. He was THE interesting character of this BBOTT with his all good sides and less good ones. That does not mean the others are not interesting — the cast of this show is MUCH MUCH better than any of the casts we were goffered to follow over the past 4-5 regular BB seasons — but Justin was/is just too big a format for all of them.

With that being said, I believe the whole BB concept is tired, the show is not interesting anymore, the dynamics is always the same with only tiny variations, so that even adding new competitions, new production-input, America votes… cannot reinvigorate a broader public interest in the show.


Well that’s just like your opinion, man.


I’ve been saying this for years now. The format is worn out and predictable. I haven’t even bothered to watch this season, only read these updates daily.
Perhaps a return to the original European format, for a couple of years anyway; where there is no HOH, HGs nominate with points without being allowed to discuss same, and the audience votes to evict; would be in order. This would upset this formula to win all HGs seem to have learned and follow. Without some drastic changes, I’m afraid BB in America is doomed.

(And I’ve just noticed your Nick… I agree Ariana does stink… Reeks in fact, I would say).


Justin has done zero to deserve to win this game! Krusty has done nothing to win this game, she’s out of the running since she quit the rock climbing and lied, trying to convince us she was “actively bleeding and had giant open wounds on her hands.” I must be blind cause they repeatedly showed her hands, no bleeding but she had a few little blisters just like all the other competitors in that comp. she’s delusional. Jason is just Jason, need I say more? If any of those scumbags win the money guarantee they’ll blow the money and not even use it to actually better their lives. At least we know Shelby and Morgan would use the money wisely like paying off school debt which we all know is a huge issue these days starting their lives after graduating college! GO Shelby and Morgan! You oth deserve to win this!!


What Kasper said. The only 2 times that Justin actually did something comp wise were 2 times. The jigsaw puzzle to knock Danielle out thereby making sure she could not save herself and keep himself off the block. The 2nd time was last night to walk the tightrope/balance beam to get himself to the next round. Not one strategic thing to play the game with any one. Just 2 times to play for himself. Kryssie and Jason do nothing but sit around and whine that the game is rigged against them and oh woe is them……. The girls are playing the game the best you can with all of the America’s.votes involved.

Ariana Grande stinks!

It’s beyond the competition. He is a controversial personality. He’s cool, he’s fun, he’s occasionally obnoxious, he can be disgusting but also endearing — but always cool. He is TV!


When Shelby and now Morgan win HOH, they very rarely leave the damn room. I find them extremely boring to watch. Neither one of them are big on cleaning or other household chores around there. I guess they figure they are just there to look pretty and plead their cases to America. I am starting to get a little tired of the “Goody Two Shoes”attitude.


Are you serious? Kryssie’s delusional mentality must be contagious, the first several weeks the girls constantly cleaned up the house until they finally said screw you . I sure as heck wouldn’t clean up after those filthy people.

Hate the Ballsmashers with a passion!!!

I 100% agree. I don’t see how any one can seriously like Morgan and Shelby. Sure they are really pretty but they are basically the typical, pretty, white winners we see on Big Brother every frickin year!
I don’t care about what anyone from either group has said in the house (both the BS and LNC have talked equal amount of crap about each other so it’s hypocritical to focus hate on one specific side), I just find that Justin, Jason, and Kryssie are all very diverse players unlike those preppy, stuck up white girls Morgan and Shelby.
If one of those 2 girls wins it will just continue productions goal of having all white, pretty, straight winners for the show. If one of those 3 LNC players wins, it would be alot bigger of an accomplishment since it would be going against productions plans and they would be one of the few diverse winners this show has seen in over 10 years.


I disagree. The reason I like the ball smashers is they aren’t your typical pretty girls on BB. They aren’t insecure and jealous and there for male attention or a showmance….like BB18 Michelle and Zakiyah. They are there to play the game. And they formed an all girl alliance that was pretty strong. Alex and Shelby are 2 of the stronger girls to ever play this game. I liked some of the LNC at first….except for Jason….he is just an angry insecure little whatever…because they are diverse and I thought they might be cool. Danielle was a good player but she is just a self absorbed brat, Neely and Krissy are way too emotional…Krissy is dillusional as well….Justin sucks at the game. Both sides have bashed each other but the ball smashers bash on a game related level. The LNC bash on a personal level as well….they bash their character and lifestyle. It is horrible to listen to.


Your post is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. SMH. The typical winner of BB is 100% not pretty, young, white females. Maybe you should do some research before you leave a comment. And leave your bullshit color of skin being the factor of why someone wins to yourself. If you’re rooting for those disgusting pigs Jason and Kryssie that says a lot about you. Sure the BS have said mean stuff but they were no where near as vile and disgusting as the LNJ. Do you enjoy armpit sweat and boogers on your personal belongings??? I had a good laugh when Justin said I honestly think if it was for us here there wouldn’t be any show haha. Yes because we enjoy watching that slob Kryssie lay on the couch all day burping and Jason laying around to whinning and b@tching like a little girl. Yup that’s real good tv right there. NOT!!


So Justin isnt’t playing for the veto?


Don’t they all realize that if Jason is still there none of them have any chance of winning the game? This season has been on the boring side because no one ever seems to think outside of the box. Us good, other side bad!


Duh!!! The only one who doesn’t realize is Kryssie. You know, the one that claims everyone underestimates her massive intelligence? The girls are targeting Jason. They took Danielle out first because she had shown the ability to win comps. Justin knows too. He talks loyalty with Jason but has done nothing to help the LNC comp wise other than benefit himself. He wants to be in a final 3 with Kryssie & Morgan. Monte, for goodness sakes saw it week 1. If not for the mental giant Kryssie, Jason would have been gone the first week.


I would be happy if Krusti went this week and Jason next if it played out that way.


Justine is the classic millenial just take up space until someone gives him something.
The future doesn’t look too bright.


Extremely sick of complaining about the younger generation. They have parents. So if they are failing, we as parents failed. And yes, looking at myself in the mirror.


Jason told Justin to rub it in their faces if he won the Care Package! Justin said that’s not my style! Jason do it for me please.Jason has a dark venomous hatred living inside of him.


Lets be real of the people left shelby should win then morgan then jason then krys then justin based of comp wins and game moves having the numbers manority of the time and losing your shit when you dont isnt good game move IMO


Shelby for the win with Morgan and Justin the other two can go !


LOL!! If that would happen, Jason & Kryssiewould finally have a legit claim for production rigging!! That being said, Do it Production!!!!!! Let the whining begin!!!


Saying so-and-so DESERVES to win is a crock of crap! For years the people who deserve to win don’t, and many times the least deserving does, so throw that in the toilet. You have to make an effort to make people want to take you to the end. Shelby and Morgan have not done that. They have stuck together like glue, and made it impossible for anyone to take them seriously. LNC has fractured, and they know it. LNC know that Morgan and Shelby won’t turn on the other, so have no other course but to stick together. Justin tried to feel Morgan out to see if she would in fact evict Shelby, and knows it won’t happen. Saying she saved Justin last week is not true because she made it so obvious her target was Danielle and not him. She cannot use that over his head to keep her. Simon, in saying you want it to be legal questions for the next comp is not even funny. The comps. have been wonderfully designed to be in the two girls favor these past few weeks, and even Morgan’s CP was changed to include safety for Shelby. How many times do they have to change things to favor these two to get to the finals? It has been a little obvious to some of us who they want to win already. I don’t like LNC at all, so don’t even go there with me, but I think these comps should be something everyone has an equal chance of winning.


The CP was not changed. You receive a veto, unless you are on the block, you are safe and the person you use it on is safe. Morgan was not on the block so she was safe when she received the veto. She made it known that if Shelby went up she would use it on Shelby. No changes made to the veto. The last hoh comp was made for Jason as well. He even admitted it and he also admitted that he should have done much better. By the way, Simon & I were both joking!!


men Shelby is breatiful


Everyone has their favorite in the house that they want to win BBOTT, and for their own personal reason. My favorite just happens to be Justin, because I love his personality the most regardless of his wins or not! I think a lot of people want Shelby to win just to prove to others that she’s so close to being a lawyer and to prove the other house pets wrong about what she really does for a living, but that’s not important to me because they all are trying to survive in this world. Justine for the win in my opinion because the rest is just heartless selfish and inconsiderate greedy hateful unfair people just like some commenting in favor of the the undeserving in my opinion. You like who you like and so do i, now carry on and GO JUSTINE /