Jambalaya gang is over “these hoes ain’t loyal”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 16-01-11-968
12:53pm Justin, Kryssie and MOrgan
Morgan – Jambalaya gang.. Are we calling it quits? Just officially
Justin – Probably so
Morgan – OK… I just wanted to know.. I was taking it seriously
Justin – it was going quite good but then I realized that I was probably going to be PLAN B if this didn’t work out so it’s kinda pointless..
Justin – regardless i was probably going to have to go home if Jason didn’t
MOrgan – not necessarily but.. I get where you are coming from. Just Just wanted to check because when I shook on it I really meant it
Morgan – If it’s over now.. I’m already in the final 4
Morgan says Shelby knows they are targeting her.
Justin – why would I go to get Jason outta here.. Because if I keep Shelby she’s not taking me to the final 3, you know what i’m saying.
Justin – I know like you’ll take me to the final 3 over her.. I can’t really be worried about her..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 16-04-52-156

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 12-59-56-470

12:57pm Jason, Kryssie and Justin
Kryssie – Good for you Justin… these hoes ain’t loyal..
Talking about taking Shelby out this week and going to the final 4 with Morgan.
Sounds like Kryssie and Justin told Jason everything Morgan and SHleby have been scheming since last week. The final4, Morgan taking Kryssie over Justin, Getting Jason out etc..etc..
Jason says Shelby and MOrgan are stupid.
When Justin wins the veto and is on the podium “I have a fat one for them”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 13-05-44-894

1:00pm Backyard Shelby and MOrgan…
Morgan tells her that Jambalaya gang is over. Morgan adds that it really comes down to who wins the veto on Monday.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 16-11-20-462

4:10pm Morgan working out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 16-29-52-801

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-19 19-26-55-991


Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-19 22-58-16-086

8:10pm Backyard – Justin is BBQ’n. When the steaks are finished they all eat dinner in the kitchen. Kryssie – thank you for turning a really crappy piece of meat into a good steak. The conversation turns to talking about whether or not they would do survivor / amazing race.

8:40pm HOH room – Morgan & Shelby. Morgan – why did Justin get a huge glass of wine and two beers. I’m being really petty but… I was like fricken’ leave the wine for us.. the girls! Shelby – You know what I noticed… they’re all like we’re back together now.. and Jason seems sad because he realizes that he might have his alliance back … we left him with his weakest players. I have more comp wins than Justin and Kryssie combined. If you don’t count Justin’s default win, I have as many as Jason, Justin and Kryssie combined. You don’t count the slack line as a comp. Morgan – Jason has 2 vetos. Shelby – they have 2 vetos and 1 HOH between them. Morgan – he (Jason) knows there is a definite possibility that he is going home this week. The thing that sucks is they have more numbers. Shelby – well we’ve gone into comps with more numbers and lost so hopefully they do too. Justin was being super annoying tonight. Burping and farting, burping and farting. Morgan – Its funny how Justin’s mood changes when he realizes they… I just feel like they’re all fake. Shelby – I think he thinks they’re in power right now. Morgan – no, they’re not. That’s the frustrating thing. I just wish there was one more of us and 1 less of them. But if we win the veto, then noms stay the same. I just hope its not a crap shoot. Shelby – Kryssie kept trying to talk sh*t about Alex to me and I was like no! Morgan – I was expecting more young people. Shelby – well we do we have 27 year olds that act like 7 year olds. Morgan and Shelby start studying the days/events of the house.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-19 23-04-53-320

10:45pm – 11:25pm Jason, Justin and Kryssie go to sleep. Meanwhile – Shelby and Morgan continue to talk about random things in the HOH bed. Moran and Shelby go to sleep.

11:30pm All the house guests are sleeping..

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if they did an alstar season of big brother
these the player I think should come back for it
7.ian terry
9.shelby form this season
10.pualie from last season
11.danille from shane season
12.victor from last season
13.danille from this season
14. America choice
15 America choice
16 America choice


Where would you ever get the notion to add Paulie to this list? OMG. Did you even watch last season? An Allstar is considered a popular house guest. Paulie was a huge disgrace to the show, his family, America…and so on. No one in his family will be asked back on this show or any other. Paulie. lol


Well, Paulie was bread for this!! (Joke…)


im no longer a Jason fan
im rooting for Shelby to win it all
I hope Shelby wins pov
or morgan I want Shelby to win the game


I realized I was no longer a Jason fan after Week 1. I voted him back in and I had a rude awakening as to who he truly is. This is the first time i’ve watched the Live Feeds. Jason is an awful person inside. Really mean, cruel and nasty. I could not believe I ever rooted for him. No class. Full of hate.

Botox Pelosi

I voted him in too but the choice between him and Jozea was no choice at all.


Krissie, Jason, and Justin are so delusional and vile! Shelby or Morgan for the veto just so one of those disgusting people doesn’t get to final 3!


Why would these girls be loyal to Jason after what he pulled with the fake 5 alliance?!? Should they throw away their game for Jason too like Danielle, Kyrssie and Justin?


I hope Shelby wins veto.

I’m gonna be furious if the final 3 is Morgan krissy and Justin, that would be lame


Worst to me would be Jason Justin and krissie. I’m tired that he’s so vile and think he deserve the money. Sadly, if he wins, he would blow it in a year and go back to mama basement.


I totally agree Shelby for the win


Shelby and Morgan act like it’s against the rules to play your own game! They are upset because they were just using Justin with no intentions of taking him anywhere, only for them to get somewhere! Shelby’s arrogant behind had the nerve to say Justin can’t read when obviously he can read, it just takes a little longer for his brain to comprehend what’s being read! But noooo of course Shelby or Morgan don’t care to think logically unless it benefit them and i am glad Justin ditched the Jambalaya Gang, and made the best decision for himself, it’s his right to just like everyone else! Self entitled folks gets on my nerves, like nobody else is worthy or have even half the brains that they do. And Shelby, it’s because of your wins that you’re a threat so suck it up Ms. Bragadocious and gotta prove people wrong about you after lying to them in the first place about what you do for a living, but your attitude is foul, like in your mind you’ve won already because of being a competition beast that’s waiting on results from the BAR. I hope you well in all you strive for in life just as well as the rest of the house pets. Not just you for your own gain


I understand what you’re saying, Ingodseyes, but I can see why Shelby and Morgan would feel like they can’t trust the others. I’m not a big fan of any of the people who are left (I really liked Alex, Danielle, and Scott….even though they didn’t all like each other), but I think Morgan Shelby have been much more honest than Jason, Kryssie, and Justin.

hate kryssie

I can’t stand kryssie she’s a disgusting pig


I agree about Kryssie being a ‘disgusting pig’ and by ‘pig’ I mean her burping, language and extremely negative attitude. She thinks the show has made her popular, she’s in for a huge surprise when she steps out of the house. lol


It’s only a game people. The love of money is root of all evil yet we all love money for our survival. Stop hating n who win wins


That’s right Anonymous! Let the best house pet win with absolutely no interference from production. Ijs


I am hoping Morgan or Shelbie pull out the veto victory. But it’s every person for themselves, it’s win or go home time…


So hoping Shelby or Morgan win Veto. Praying Jason goes home this week. Disgusting boy. Go back to the basement, get a job or even an education to better himself but quit blaming others for his own failures.


I don’t like Jason’s comments but is it game play? I’m still confused why he is playing this way. But I will vote for him over Justin and Kryssie. But I hope both Shelby or Jason make it to the end. Hope Kryssie goes soon I don’t understand her game play.


I hope the late-night jamboree folks all read from all the big brother websites how we know how disgusting and vile they all were. They act like the plastics as they call them are so horrid but they weren’t speeding and times that they knew Alex would clean they weren’t rubbing their armpits on the pillows of the opposing side. And who knows what else that we didn’t get to really hear or see. I am voting Shelby for the win if she still there and Morgan if she’s not.