JC “She is one ungrateful b***h is what she is! To give me looks!! Seriously?!”

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HOH: Kaycee Next HOH: Sept 13
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9:19pm Backyard. JC and Brett. JC – Haleigh is asking me about this week. Brett – she hasn’t said anything to me. JC – I think she is waiting till tomorrow. Brett – Kaycee’s going to keep noms the same right? JC – she’s not that stupid. She doesn’t want to do anything to piss off Angela or stuff like that. But she is about to explode. She is the new Rockstar. Brett – I keep thinking about hypotheticals and like f**k dude, I hope they don’t do something crazy. JC – we’re fine. We make it through nominations and then we do damage control. Worst case scenario is Angela wants to make a move to take you out. We could work out the votes. You can get two votes. Brett – and then it goes to Kaycee. JC – that’s why we need to make the move now! She (Angela) is just pissing me off. And then she is just a B***h. She is one ungrateful b***h is what she is. To give me looks!! Seriously!!! And I mean we’re friends and to make it top three of course I would come for you in the game. I would never give you a look or treat you different. IF you win, you’re the man. If I win, I won bro! That’s what we’re here for right!? Brett – yeah. JC – but I would never give you looks. I think that is very out of place and a very b***hy thing to do. I am pissed about that! Brett – what if Kaycee used the veto on Haleigh? JC – we’re fine. Kaycee knows better. The only way that Kaycee would use the veto on Haleigh is if Angela asked her.

9:25pm Kitchen. Angela tells Haleigh about her gymnastics past. Haleigh – are you serious!!! You’re so annoyingly talented!! NO f**king way!! Are you f**king serious!! Haleigh – why are you telling me? Angela – because I just don’t care any more. Haleigh – that’s f**king awesome! You must feel so accomplished.

10:08pm – 10:35pm The house guests get Chinese food from POP TV in the storage room. The bring it out to the kitchen table and dig in.

10:43pm HOH room. Kaycee and Angela. Kaycee – anything new? Angela – no, I was talking to Haleigh and she was like I don’t even think I should talk to Kaycee about using the veto on me. I was like yeah, that wouldn’t be very smart for her to change her own noms. She was like I know, unless she wanted to backdoor someone. I was like yeah I don’t see that happening. She was like you’re right. I just won’t even. Kaycee – that’s funny. In my speech I am pretty much going to say .. I’m just keeping it the same. Angela – out of respect for myself. Kaycee – yeah I want to respect the HOH’s noms this week and keep it the same. No backdoor plans this week.. so one of you are going home.

11:05pm Backyard. Tyler is playing pool by himself. Meanwhile up in the HOH room. Angela and Haleigh are sitting in silence on the couch.

11:18pm – 11:40pm Big Brother gives them a bottle of wine and a few beer. They comment on how JC is in the diary room. They cheers to top 7 and their families. JC joins them. He comments on how when he was in there he heard them screaming and production told him to focus. JC is annoyed that they drank all the beer and left him a glass of wine.

Sam is drinking her wine out on the hammock to watch the stars. Sam – my heart is content. I am happy.

11:45pm – 11:50pmJC tells Tyler – She needs to get her sh*t together. I am ready to blow. Tyler – don’t blow up. That’s the worst thing you could do. JC – so what are we doing on Thursday. I feel like it will be a knock out one. Tyler – is a double? JC – it has to be. If I win HOH… I could put Angela and Sam up. Brett said that if he wins HOH he is going for blood. Tyler – did you say he is going to? JC – yeah, 100%! Ty;ler – he told you. JC – I already had this conversation with him in front of the mirror. Tyler – Know but did he already say that or are you just confident about it? JC – if he is not confident about that.. then right before Thursday I am going to get his head. Tyler – are you just being confident or did he say? JC – he did. I know you don’t like to give me all you details. JC – you know you tell me 70% of stuff. Tyler – you give me 20%. JC – you think you’re so smart Tyler. Tyler – you give me 15%! Tyler leaves for the bathroom.

3:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:20am Zzzzzzzz

(FYI .. THe next update won’t be until after 5pm PST. The veto will not be used today)

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JC has NO dea that he goes before Brett. Or how tight Angela, KayCee and Tyler are. JC will go absolutely nuts when he goes up.
Him and Sam together? EEEEK.

another name

sam and jc on the block together? yes please. fun feeds demands it.
Actually… even better for freak out levels… evict jc before sam. oh that would be fun.


unfortunately it will happen during double eviction, not on feeds. wish double was last week so scottie and hayleigh could’ve just been gotten over with.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

And I can’t wait (insert evil laugh). That little scamp just stirs the pot 24/7 (while lifting over 200 lbs of weights! Impressive.) CanNOT wait for JC to go on the block. I know it will get dicey for L6/’4 but I love how they’ve played together and it will be the final blindside revealing to everyone else they stuck together to the end. Privileged, white, pretty people (stupid of course, KC is Filipino and who cares). I’m with Sam on this – being disgusted by people who don’t clean up their own urine after themselves, or clean their own dishes. For pretty privileged people, they all 4 have done their fair share of clean up and food prep. Just throwin’ it out there.


Amen to that! Spot on! We will be laughing so much harder when the self proclaimed puppet master JC is on the block.

Let’s see him orchestrate his way out of this hot mess!

His lack of hygiene (smelling like sweat) and lack of hand eye coordination (urinating all over the toilet seat) will not help his lost cause either.

He really needs to insert foot in mouth.

***(shut the front door.You’re digging yourself in a deeper hole every time you open your mouth) ***

Had to get that out of my system. Long overdue 😉


Please. They have a self appointed maid. Her name is Sam and her severe OCD demands she go through rituals like constant cleaning everywhere but where her hoard is stashed. They make messes to give her something to do. If they didn’t she’d be hanging from a shower curtain or the balcony or ripping someone apart limb by limb.

Who said that!

Sorry,Tyler said no.


I can’t wait until final 4 when L4 has to pull the long knives out…..

BB Fan

I think they can pull this off in a non-hateful way, just like all the BB19 finalists laid down for Paul.

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

The GBM to JC could be good too!


Join the discussion…So true and the thing I hate most is when JC tell all he will be so angry that know one will be able to understand what he’s saying,..lol

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I can see Brett winning the next HOH because Tyler might throw it. I think Brett would put up Kaycee and Angela.


JC has more problems to worry about after he gets out of the house. They shown him touching the house guests privates. Kissing under Tyler’s armpit while he was asleep. A lot of people are upset with him especially his community. Yikes for him.


Why does JC hate Angela so much? Is it all over Tyler? He is so petty and he thinks he controls Brett. He is trying so hard to get Brett to take the shot cause that way Tyler or Kaycee wont be mad at him. He acts like a jealous ex-lover or something over Tyler. Its time for JC ro go and if I was them I would do it before Sam.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I’m watching this scene now on AD – I think it’s definitely jealousy over Angela’s pull on Tyler (so he thinks); and also, it’s just what he does. Take your own shot, little dude. Brett’s not his Fez Puppet.

Who said that!

You’re confusing jealousy with game.JCs game has been consistant,if anything it’s too consistant.He should have changed it up by now.


He has a crush on Tyler, who has a crush on Angela. That would be “jealousy”….he is just like Fessy over Hayleigh.

Smitten Kitten

“No longer literally, but figuratively” is not confused, he/she (Im betting she’s a woman 😉 hit the nail right on the head.
This gannothing more than a clear cut case of jealousy.

– He’s jealous because he’s already said that he has a crush on Tyler.
– He’s jealous when Angela sleeps in bed with him.
– He’s jealous of the enormous amount of time Tyler spends with Angela alone.
– He’s jealous that Angela can get in his heart & get in his head in ways that JC cannot (JC’s words, not mine).
– He’s jealous that he thinks that Tyler will take Angela to the final 2 over him.
– Hes jealous that he no longer thinks he can manipulate Tyler.

Plus he never misses an opportunity to make personal attacks about her looks, her intelligence, her personality, etc. to Tyler. He does so in an effort to convince Tyler that she’s not as hot/smart/funny/loyal as he thinks she is ( *personaI* attacks are caused by jealousy, not game play)

Those are just a few examples, there are many more.

Buh Bye

“Kitten” and I also think he’s trying to get even with Tyler for getting in trouble with production for rubbing on him. It’s definitely more than “game”. It has a bit of a “fatal attraction” vibe.

Who said that!

You’re completely ignoring the game and taking everything personally.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Yes Smitten Kitten 🙂 53 year old woman here 🙂 “Literally” (ha). We said “ha” long before LOL became a thing.


59 yo woman here 🙂 Lol is now replaced by hahaha my kids tell me. ITA with your entire post!!


My kids tell me that “ha” has been replaced not only by lol, but also “ahahaha”-with an A at the beginning…go figure.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s a new one for me “hello” 🙂 I remember several years ago my husband came to me all concerned that a female colleague was using LOL in emails to him. He thought it meant “lots of love” 😀


haha haha. We sure did ;o)


Yep, it’s jealousy for sure. JC has a crush on Tyler and it bothers him that Tyler likes Angela.

JC Meltdown

I think JC goes on double eviction night so they can limit how much BS JC can throw. Sadly that will limit my enjoyment as it would be great to see him on the block the entire week.

Who said that!

Tyler and JC have been together since the beginning,JC is threatened by the showmance because he thinks it could threaten Tyler’s loyalty to him,of course he doesn’t know about L6.It’s all game.The only people obsessing over their love of Tyler are commenting here.


So rubbing and kissing Tyler while Tyler is asleep was all game?

Who said that!

No that is genuine creepy affection,however one moment does not negate his entire game.Personally I find it bizarre how all these people pet and caress eachother.


My hope of JC going home on the DE has nothing to do with “love of tyler” (though he has played a great game) I just don’t like JC. He is annoying as hell and does very much come across as being jealous of anyone he thinks is closer to Tyler than he is. JC also constantly lies about things to Tyler. Brett said this, Brett said that, meanwhile JC is the one that said it. JCs ego is way to big, he thinks he controls everyone, basically called Tyler stupid many times. Then you have the things he has said and done, he should have been taken out a long time ago. He is going to do a lot of whining when he is on the block, just like when he almost lost it when Sam was going to put him on the block. I think after the conversation he had with tyler here, that he will be able to get his alliance to vote JC out before sam. Sam is less of a threat than JC is, so, if they can get him out without him having time to throw everyone under the bus, they will hopefully do it. I hope it’s Angela that wins for the DE, JC will lose his mind that she is the one to take him out when he has been going on and on for weeks about how they have to get her out. Now, we just have to hope that L6/4 wins it and puts him up and votes him out. The look on his face will be priceless.

Who said that!

They all lie,it’s big brother.Will you be critical of Tyler when he takes him to final 3?

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Yes. I’m obsessed with Tyler. You nailed it. I’ve been married 32 years, I’m old enough to be a parent to the entire house. Totally obsessed (insert eye roll).

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Why does JC hate Angela so much?

For the same reason Rockstar does…Angela is every inch the woman that neither one of them will every be.


I hope JC goes in the DE Thursday. Quick and fast so he doesn’t have time to react, process or anything. I liked him for very early on but his darkness really pushed it’s way to the front. He is playing dangerously. People go on about Sam. I just think she’s seriously out of her element and doesn’t know how to cope. All she really wants or understands is the cash and frankly is an amateur as far as playing the game . She plays coy and cute straight out of a 1950’s musical but in real life but probably needs medication to focus and carry on a somewhat “normal life”.

JC on the other hand is increasingly ugly and dark and smacks of so many deeply unhappy desolate gay men I’ve known and have dealt with in my work life. He loathes Angela for “taking Tyler” even though he knows Tyler is straight. The truth is, if it was Hayleigh that caught Tyler’s eye JC would be after her. This isn’t a game so much for JC anymore, he’s out for blood. JC is a classic predator and the fact that he’s “little” he’s been given a pass all through the game. Production is bending over backwards to adjust his “character” through the DR’s. I suspect because of the live feeds and what so many have witnessed. “He’s a little person he can’t be a negative representative of that community and gee he’s gay too. I mean come on, we’ve checked all the diversity boxes”…said the entire production team.

Anyway sure hope he’s gets the boot sooner than later. I’m rooting for Kaycee. Tyler kinda blew the wad too early. I think his game might be in the rear view mirror. Brett? Oh Brett. Brett’s a douche. The little engine that couldn’t. Angela? Please make it to the end with Kaycee so Kaycee wins. Sam Sam Sam…go home to the critters and make lamp shades and toast. A few months from now it will all seem like a dream…


A+ analysis Chrissy! ^5

Kaycee laid low in the beginning getting to know everyone and blending in.

She played a great social game and peaked when she needed to during competitions not showing her cards too early.

Brilliant strategy! :o)

Team Kaycee! Let’s go!


I agree to a point…. because of Tyler being a good looking athletic competitor, both sides tried to pull him on board from the get…. he wanted to lay low but you can’t hide genetics or good hygiene….
If KC sits next to him at the end,she wins…. if anyone takes her to the end she wins. Tyler will win if he takes anyone else but Sam… you have a sour jury who would give the game to her over anyone L6…. it is just who they are and how they played. Great talk ya’ll?


WOW!!! That’s the most sanctimonious BS I’ve seen in a long time.

Mud hole victim

Your being wayyyyyyy too dramatic about JC. He’s annoyed his final two is hanging with someone else.. I would be too! You have to remember that he has no idea about level 6. This has nothing to do with him being a “angry little person” and that’s fucked up that you’d come to this conclusion in the first place. Relax.


So you’d still defend him if he starts murdering people? Okay, got it. Little people can be bad people too.


The little perv needs to get the boot during the DE, without doubt the smartest move for L4 +1. Little Mussolini is getting, excuse the pun, too big for his britches.


The fandom is beyond pathetic. Hive fans insist their faves never made personal attacks. err..Rocks, Fess and Scottie for starters.
How Level 6 had all the advantages.
Nope. Level 6 were underdogs for a long while.
Kaitlyn voting emotional.
Hay messing up her hacker win.
Rocks messing up OTEV comp.
Fess nominating his OWN because of jealousy.
The HIVE’S Stupidity and lack of trust and good leadership sank them.
Level 6 stayed resolute and never crumbled.
Tyler made his wins count..and stayed level headed.
It has been a team that is a tour de force.
When Hay leaves…then and only then will we see dissension.
The fact that they have been this good until 6 remain is testament to really good game play.
Now…I would love to have JC sent packing…with Sam after that.
However….there are some luck comps coming up.
I see KC/Angela perhaps evicted.
Tyler, Brett, Angela final 3.
Kay CEE deserves first or second..but I think Brett and Tyler are going to reailze they cannot win against her.
Tyler will have to get Brett to do it.
Tyler will make sure he wins final 4 HOH. He HAS to.
That Veto is the most important for final 3.
Going to be a nail biter. Cue Haleigh on that.

Just sayin'

They’re are still hive fans!?


It’s surprising that there ever were hive fans. I don’t know how anyone could look at that collection of no class, uncontrolled emotional morons and go, ‘yea, I like them.’

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For the same reason why there are so many so-called reality shows out there that feature some of the most “no class, uncontrolled emotional morons” out there and have huge fan followings of “no class, uncontrolled emotional morons”.

LA in LA

You forgot to incude Baleigh in the stupidity club… she had the biggest power app and let it go out the door with her… among other dumb decisions.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The thing that always surprised me about Bayleigh’s power app isn’t that she just didn’t tell any of her own alliance, but that even when they found out they didn’t realize that she never had any intention of using it to save any of them.


She only told fessieboy about it and even after explaining it to him, he didn’t understand how it worked. Then she told rachel who told her alliance, that is when they had to go after bay to get rid of the power app. The other side played her well that week so that she didn’t use it.


Here are the BIG questions…
Will this week be a double eviction??
Or will only Les go and Julie stay behind and simper through her contractually obligated 3 hour work week?


DE is Thursday.
Well she only has her jobs due to Less, so there’s a chance she will be let go after September or next May after The Talk ends.
Personally wouldn’t care because she didn’t deserve her career anyway but it would be weird to have BB without her.

Who said that!

JC would totally beat Tyler’s ass in a fight.


Who said that! must be JC’s uncle

Who said that!

JC said that,that’s who.There’s no conspiracy.

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

No. He would totally bone Tyler’s ass in a fight.


you’re right JC would beat tylers ass, or maybe just his thighs. But why would you even bring ‘fighting’ into this. SMH

Butters Mom

JC and Tyler actually discussed it on after dark last night … Im not sure which one brought it up but it was when JC was telling Tyler that Brett was going to take a shot at Angela.

Who said that!

They were talking about who would win in a physical fight between them on BB after dark,it was funny.


They all need to take Sam or JC to the end to win. Nobody beats KC at the end. She wins if she’s sitting there.


I agree nobody wins against KAycee , but in all honesty level six is hated by the hive, the winner won’t be based on game play it’ll be who the hive hates the least. If anyone that’s not part of level six is up there on final two they take home the 500k


Kaycee sitting next to anyone will win.

Bayleigh will make sure that Hive votes for her and she would have L4 votes even against Tyler.

Tyler has too many final twos. etc etc.

They will remember the houseguest who finished strong and had a solid honest overall game.


Basically, Tyler and Kaycee both deserve to win….and the Hive are too immature to give it to the best player so if either Tyler or Kaycee make it….they need to take Angela. Angela will probably be the only person (maybe Brett) who they will win against.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

I STILL don’t see Fez biting for KC. She best him in a ball comp. A girl. He’s likely to reward Tyler for winning comps, but not KC.


If Level 4 reaches the Final 4 they should just divide up the cashish.
Winner – 250k or 150k
2nd – 150k or 140k
3rd – 100k or 135k
4th – 50k or 125k

That way it won’t really matter who Ginger HIVE votes for

Haleigh's Melanoma

They don’t know there is a level 6 yet. They still think Brett and possibly Tyler are lone wolves.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Kaycee SHOULD win against anyone left in the house right now. For the rest of L4, they have to be sitting next to another member of L4 to have a chance. If the Hive were to remain true to form they would vote for JC or Sam over Tyler, Angela or Brett.

L4 for final four and let the best one win.


Hay will never vote for sam to win!!
I dont belive scottie and fes will too
I also dont see scottie giving the win to j.c
Sam is a perfect final 2 .she wont even try to win.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Hay may hate Sam but she hates the L4 minus Kaycee more. All of the hive would vote against in order, Angela, Brett, Tyler, Sam, JC Kaycee. They only way that changes is if they decide not to be so bitter in their votes. Not counting on that though.


From where you got the feeling hay hates them so much?!
And people talking about bay convincing the jury like she is all that something.. she barely did something while in the house ..why the jury owe her something!?
And by the way she had the best exit yet.. and a lot of time to recover so she might… not sure but maybe she would be fair..
No one will give the win to sam
Even angela will win against her (just in that scenrio prob.. but yeah)

Hi My Name Is Scott

Hay has said multiple times that she did not like the other side of the house while conversing with her alliance members. Maybe she was just wanting to be agreeable but she sounded pretty convincing to me.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Haleigh will roll right back over to mean girl once she’s joined Bay & Blockstar. She’s a 2 faced “friend”.


I have a feeling Bay, Hayleigh and maybe Scottie despite his petty exit will vote based on gameplay. Fes will be bitter.


It’s just a scare tactic why would anyone listen to a POS like Baywhore

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You actually believe they would vote for Angela over Sam or JC?

I don’t.

They haven’t seen much of what we’ve seen with either Sam or JC, but they have cultivated and rationalized a strong dislike for L4, Angela in particular and no doubt against Tyler now with Scotties input feeding their anger.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Angela told Haleigh about her athletic past, calculating she will spread that around the jury house in hopes of squashing some of that “entitled rich bitch” image that is out there.


More than likely, Angie (Blockstar) will say only rich, entitled, privileged kids can afford to do any competitive sports.


What? Take Sam or JC? No, it’s Tyler, Angela, and Brett who should be the final 3 in order for Tyler or Brett to win vs Angela. However, If it were Brett vs Angela, well that would be interesting and may be a toss up.


Tyler needs Brett to do his dirty work in order for Tyler to have a chance at winning.

A shield can only take you so far 😉


Brett hasn’t really done any dirty work (that he didn’t want to do). His eviction speeches, etc. were written by him. Tyler has made it this far by winning comps (not Brett) and making deals/noncommittal answers to people.


Brett is the designated infiltrater for L6. I do believe he was a gofer and a shield for Tyler to help Tyler get this far in the game.

Not to mention production protecting Tyler and helping him win comps along the way not addressing rope competition etc etc.

Sure he has won some comps and has lead people to believe that he is loyal to the end but will his deceiving tactics and cute boy act win him the 500K?

I don’t think it’s enough.


Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Tyler was the original infiltrator for L6 before Brett had to take over and it wasn’t just to benefit Tyler’s game but to protect their whole alliance.


Has Brett really done anything other than coast on Tyler and the others in his alliance?
He is by far the least likable member of that alliance.


I liked Bret but thought he would do better in comps…. his resume is weak. He is not a shield to anyone. He is a part of a great L6 Team.
They have all worked well together and have trusted each other from the start… one of Big Brothers best.
Tyler did not go to anyone asking for the final 2 deals…. Let’s be real, it would have been a bad game move to tell any of them asking him for final 2 “No, I do not want a final 2 with you…. ”
He was not going to say I already have an alliance no one knows about… Comps… He won his fair and square. He helped L6 as needed while keeping it on the down low. The Blockstar fiasco on the veto comp was good heads up play by Tyler… he ran down and found the correct answer and still beat the other people back up.
Everyone approached Tyler to further their game… he will tell this to the jury. It would not be good game play to turn down F2s…. he stuck to the original alliance and it will be L6/L4 final four… someone will loose but I do not believe L6 will turn on each other. The winners will discuss openly within the group a give their gameplay pitch. Out of the four, any one’s game and the choices they make. JC and Sam will be in the sour jury. Jury votes will not be given because of gameplay but rather personal. (This will included JC, who will be pissed. Sam could go either way as she is bat-shit crazy… lol)

Festicular Logic

IMO, with the # MeToo movement in full force, they ( cbs) WILL ensure that a female wins this season….. mark me, Kacee & fill in the blank:——— in F2, Kacee wins. I fully expect some “ McGyver” type rigging to make sure that happens.


That scenario is one of the very likely scenarios. Kaycee and Angela definitely have a superb shot at the final spots on their own merits. CBS doesn’t have to do anything. Brett and JC have the weakest resume’s in the house other than Sam unless she totally flips and claims her activity as her strategy and that’s a toss up.

So CBS can let the game play out and have a real good shot at a woman winning and I don’t think anyone can legitimately say it only happened because it was rigged like with Nicole.


Exactly! Their own merit. Key words 😉

Angela and Kaycee have held their own throughout the game.

They deserve a place in final 2.

They need to win out. Never relying on the boys 😉

Let’s Go!


It’s funny, there jc talks the more if a target he puts on brett.

JC Cups Les Moonves’ Huevos

JC shouldn’t talk about anyone being ungrateful. Production allowed him to stay after assaulting and harassing the houseguests. I checked out of this season a month ago, so now I’m just looking forward to JC’s mugshots after the show.


I cant believe JC is calling Angela ungrateful!! He is the one that talks to production like sh*t and is always complaining!!!

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Oh but don’t forget about her giving him “looks”! How dare she give him “looks”. I am so curious about these looks she is giving him. Could they be anything like the constant scowl or pout he has on his face? This is the lamest excuse yet for targeting Angela

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I seem to recall Bayleigh going all drama queen over how someone said good morning to her but didn’t she or RS get all spun up over how someone looked at them once?

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

Sam and JC up at the same time??? EPIC!!!

Hi My Name Is Scott

Sad news, like has been mentioned already, will be on DE on Thursday. We will miss out on several days of JC freaking out. Only will have a few minutes……bummer.

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

You need to retire

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

JC is not jealous of angela. JC is frustrated!!! He correctly wants to break up L4 and his move was to target angela and Tyler and their showmance with the others. He has been planting seeds and working that angle with Brett and KC. For his game he needs to split up some of L4. He targeted Angela and Tyler. Good game strategy but it is not working. JC is getting frustrated because he knows he cant win comps, the L4 feel he is riding their coattails, and the pressure is building. He knows that he is going up with Sam next week. He could not manipulate Brett and Tyler like he could fezzy. He is starting to panic. He is starting to realize he can not crack L4 and get them to back stab each other. It means he is going up with Sam. And if Sam comes off the block, JC is going home. His fatal game flaw was thinking he could breakup L4 and waiting too long. The numbers game caught up with him. Bye Felicia

Cray Cray

He doesn’t know about L4 and that’s why he can’t get Brett and Tyler to turn. Was until he finds out about L4 and he will lose it. Cant wait for him to see he never controlled the game…just Fez!

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

I though L4 picking off Scottie, Hay, JC, and sam one by one would be boring. So so so wrong! Scotties exit and interview was a cluster phuk of entertainment. Hay interview with The Artist Formerly Known as Mrs Moonves could be good. Back to Back meltdowns by JC and then Sam will be ratings gold. And then a couple weeks of good ole fashioned BB back stabbing and bad mouthing will be epic!

My Fraternity Ran a Train on Hillary

How many women did Les Moonves rape?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Something to remember when considering Les Moonves is that for now he’s only been accused.

No, I am not defending Moonves, and yes, usually when there is all that smoke there is probably some fire, but sorting out what is really fire and what isn’t will take time and I seriously doubt we’ll ever know the whole truth.

If Moonves was a sexual predator, he had plenty of accomplishes, most of whom will never be punished. From the network execs and entertainment reporters who knew or suspicioned and turned a blind eye, to the women who accepted his price for their own advancement and are only now calling fowl. To be honest, I think the whole current mess is everyone in the entertainment industries making and only a few figureheads will pay any price.

As for the $100 million buyout, most of that will end up in lawyers’ pockets.

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ACCOMPLICES not accomplished…damn auto-correct

Butters Mom

Could this all be politically motivated? He has openly said that supporting the President is good for CBS. Funny how those that have supported the President seem to be dealing with these types of issues all the sudden.


You mean like Harvey Weinstein? Or Kevin Spacey? Or Charlie Rose.? Or Matt Lauer?

JC is Pervy

His behavior took him down. Finally someone with enough courage stood up.


I believe we’re up to 12 accusers now. And “dozens more” complaining about a climate of abuse at CBS. It’s triggered a *huge* power struggle for control of CBS between the old Board and the controlling shareholder in the company. Huge mess but more fun than live feeds right now.


And there is a hell of a lot more money than 500K at stake.

My general theory, based on when I was a prosecutor, is everyone in these situations knew and were too scared to say anything. More than a few guys think the whole point of becoming powerful is to do exactly what Moonves did.


I can’t wait for JC to be put on the block! Love how he thinks he’s the mastermind for when anybody is on the block like everything is his idea-he took over the annoying HG roll after RS left-blah can’t stand him

who me?

Funny since this afternoon he and Brett were referring to Angela as the new Rockstar


I am waiting for the Tyler/Brett talk. The longer that doesn’t happen, the more unsure I am of Brett’s alliance with Tyler.

I think Tyler wants KC evicted to ensure his chances of winning (which is a shame because she deserves #1 or #2) & he would be happy to let JC do that for him. But in order to let that happen, he needs to be sure of Brett. I think both Tyler & Brett know that if they’re next to her, they lose. The whole jury would vote for her.

KC can’t play in the double & it may be the only time they can get her out. She is AWESOME in comps!

I have been team Tyler all along, but KC has really impressed me. I would be happy if she won.

No need to get Sam out now. JC needs to go. Really can’t stand him. Entitled, nasty (hygiene), breaks rules with impunity (sleeping in regular beds while being a HN, sleeps during the day, singing, etc.). But…..I would keep him until he gets KC out, if I were Tyler/Brett. Then…..BOOM….bye bye little man.

I know it’s been slow lately, but it always is during this time in the season. Good fillers would be luxury comps. instead of old players. That was boring.

I am loving this season!!!!!


Tyler needs the boys to do his dirty work for him to get further in the game

Kaycee gets it done on her own merit 😉

She’s the New veto queen… keep those comp wins coming. Win the damn thing! :o)

Team Kaycee!


That would be great TV… Kaycee wins every comp from now until finale. The rest of the house slowly devolves into a boiling pot of rage while Kaycee just bounces around the house all happy and unaware. “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

In the end…No one beats Kaycee. But everyone beats Angela!


Have you guys heard anything about production announcing that final 2 are eligible for AFP this year? I just read that online, but not sure if its true.

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All HG are eligible for AFP including the winners .


Not sure that is accurate. I’m pretty sure while you can vote for all of them, if they win either first or second place the show slides down to the next highest votes for AFP.

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If that is the case it will probably just make the night even more miserable for the other players.

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From another BB website:

BBN: It comes up near the end of every season and we’re never sure of the answer. Are the F2 HGs eligible for the America’s Fav HG prize or is that restricted to HGs not already about to win top two prize money?

Allison Grodner: America’s Favorite HG is open to all the HGs.

alice lambert

what is that dark spot above Angelas lip under her nose ??


I think it’s melasma


Lick marks from JC??


Didn’t notice THAT but I DID notice she is always checking her boobs and whatever is in her pants out.
As long as we are on the subject of Angela….does K.C. bind her boobs..what is going on there?
Just because a person is gay they don’t have to look like the opposite sex. She IS after all a pretty GIRL. ..and NO WAY does she look 30!!!!


She probably just doesn’t have real large breasts and she provides a great deal of support for them given how active she usually is. I don’t think it means she’s trying to look like a man.

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She’s flat chested and dresses like a teenage boy.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

That dark spot is Tyler’s salad.


Tyler would be stupid to take Kaycee to final 2 she has a chance….I think the best person to take is Angela(Yuck) The jury hates Angela. The only problem is that gives Angela $50,000 dollars for 2nd place lol….JC is annoying as heck please evict him this week instead of Sam in the double even though I am not fan of hers either! I’m getting Caleb vibes from Brett for him he needs to take out Tyler!

Smitten Kitten

Maybe I got hit in the head with a clown shoe or something, but I just can’t wrap my head arount JC’s logic.

He clearly knows that Tyler’s in a showmance with Angela, yet he tells Tyler that Brett is coming for blood if he wins HOH (evicting Angela & Kaycee). Then when Tyler asks him if that’s what Brett actually said; JC says…. “if he’s not confident about it, then right before Thursday I am going to get it in his head”.


First, JC’s been pushing Tyler for weeks that HE wants to split up Angela & Kaycee, then when Tyler pushes back *hard* on that idea, he tells Tyler that its actually BRETT that wants to get them out, not him. Now, to top everything off, his last ditch effort is to tell Tyler that his one & ONLY goal for DE is to get into Brett’s head to convince him to send home Tyler’s showmance??

What in the wide world of sports is JC thinking???

If JC already thinks Tylers in a showmance with Angela, why would he tell Tyler that not only he’s gunning hard for her, but he’s getting Brett to do the same??
So now according to JC, Tyler not only needs to worry about one person gunning for Kaycee & Angela but two??

(said in my best Hermione voice) What-an-idiot.

If nothing more, this seems like THE perfect excuse that Tyler/Angela needed to get JC booted out on DE… especially since nobody wants to spend a week in the house with that obnoxiousnightmare on the block. Talk about miserable.

I hope Tyler fills Brett in on JC ‘s little covert espionage master plan & wont just assume that Brett wouldn’t fall for JC’s BS, because as we’ve all seen JC can be very convincing.


I think he sees he is in a bad position within the pecking order and doesn’t have many options–I guess he figures his best option is to try to convince Ty the showmance it bad for Ty’s game and to let him or brett take her out. At least he is trying, many others would have either given up or not even realized the bad position they are in. It’s not like he is going to start winning and advance himself. He probably figures if ang is gone, he’ll have tyler and brett to go against the girls.

Who said that!

JC is frustrated with Tyler because he has been clear with him that Angela is his target,while Ty has been telling him to wait on that but has repeatedly reassured JC that he will cut Angela at some point.JC also is trying to pit Ty and Brett against eachother down the road,not knowing about L6.JC doesn’t know he’s been out maneuvered by Ty.


Like Les but less.

Butters Mom

On after dark night before last while the veto comic comp was being played, JC was locked in the HOH alone. He is a have not and he was hungry and trapped in there with KC’s HOH basket and kept telling production how hungry he was and asking if he could eat or go to the kitchen to get something to eat… he complained non stop and was told “sorry” or “no” repetitively. He was being a huge pain in the arse to production. I was hoping he would disobey and eat something out of that tempting basket but, from what I saw he never did… I think production gave the wine and beer last night while he was in the DR on purpose to be mean to JC. I think he’s wearing on all of their nerves lol. I got a laugh out of how upset he was over them drinking all the beer and only saving him a glass of wine because I really do think that was productions plan by keeping him in the DR when they gave it to them.


JC just can’t stop dissing Angela who probably didn’t do a thing. Reminds me of a petulant little kid. Tell me Brett isn’t falling for this, it’s become too obvious now that JC is trying a bunch of stupid tricks to turn people against Angela. I want to see Brett telling Tyler about this or laughing with the others about this, or turning JC in because I’d like to see their reactions. Time for JC to go, maybe he moves up to go before Sam at this point.


Once the Hive was blown up the season became predictable, but H going home is a foregone conclusion, isn’t it? She was really the only one who knew Tyler had to go for anyone else to have a chance.

Survey Says...

1) Who’s been the biggest disappointment of the season?
2) Who’s been the biggest surprise of the season?
3) Who would be your friend in real life?
4) Are you pro or anti showmance?
5) If pro, who’s your favorite showmance from all the seasons you’ve watched?

Josh Cooke

So I am reading and hearing that Big brother might get cancelled and Julie chen isn’t coming back after this season if it is renewed. I know if cbs drops it that fox nbc or abc will definitely pick it up. I hope!

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The network doesn’t know whether Chen would come back for another season or not; she’s not told them. Ratings have been slipping (thanks to Grodner’s expect the stupid) but it’s still doing well enough in it’s time slots; this season has renewed interest for many viewers.

Now whether CBS will renew it in the middle of a major shakeup…who knows. But it is a cheap show to make with decent enough ratings so yes, if CBS doesn’t renew someone else would probably pick it up. That might be a good thing since it would involve a whole new house and probably new “production”.

The thing I really find entertaining about all this speculation is the melt down some of the BB alumni are having over this. Many of them seem to be very worried that their “celebrity” status might be in jeopardy.


I doubt CBS kills Big Brother because it’s been around so long and the rating are still decent. Canceling it means they’d have to fill three weekly slots all summer long and that’s a pain. They’ll more than likely just get a new host.


If I were in the house. I’d pick JC to go home after Hayleigh because of double evict. If they put Sam/JC up they have to deal with JC for another 7 days if they get rid of Sam. Bitching, complaining, doing bad things, making their lives hell is what JC will do. Sam is nice. She will clean the house.