Big Brother Over the Top Special Ceremony

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Jason – as the winner of the final HOH competition I have automatically secured my spot in the Big Brother over the top finale my last responsibility as Head of household is to bring one of you to finales..

Jason picks Kryssie to go to Final 3, Says he’s got a better chance to beat her and they’ve had a game long loyalty. This leaves Morgan and Justin to compete in the final HOH. The loser of that competitions is immediately evicted.

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4:33pm HOH Kryssie and Jason hating on justin

Kryssie is saying that Justin had nothing to worry about all season that is why he’s been so happy go lucky singing songs and making pizza.
Jason says Jason shouldn’t be worried “If my parents owned a shopping mall I wouldn’t be here”
Kryssie agrees.
They go on about how financially troubled they are and how Justin doesn’t have to worry about that because his parents own a shopping mall.
Jason – I would go out and drink every day and have so much money and everything is just provided for me.. no wonder I can pay girls 300 dollars to be my girlfriend for the night (This is a story Jusitn told way back week 1 or 2)

Kryssie – the fact he (Justin) had 2 grand to throw down on a purse
Jason – then went and blew it all at a casino
Jason – he talks about it like he’s in these streets so much..
Jason and Kryssie now saying they don’t want the wealth that Justin has , “It must be nice but I don’t want that.. Theres too much important shit in life for me to go blowing money at the casino and bullshit”

Jason says Justin is irresponsible and dumb about money
They go over the rumors of Justin’s parents. Kryssie can’t remember if they own a shopping mall, use to own it or are just opening it.
Jason – irregardless .. Irr F**king regardless
Jason says they are all poor standing up against Justin, “You’re bless so much you’re a f****g a$$hole”
Kryssie – you’re an entitled little kid.. he’s not thankful he’s not once said thankful to me for the shit I did in here” (OMG she made it to final 3)
Jason says Justin is only thankful when “Mommy and daddy” throw him cash to blow and Nordstrom

Kryssie – I’m so disappointed with myself for spending so much time making sure he was ok
Jason says he’s disappointed that he thought Justin was his friend. Jason calls Justin a “Rich Prick a$$hole”
Jason – An arrogant prick.. because for once in his life he didn’t get what he wanted.. he’s not here for the money”
Jason says Justin doesn’t deserve to win Big Brother, “He lays in bed all day and talks to the cameras at night”
Jason goes on about how this is a waste of time because the “Live feeders” are sleeping

Kryssie says Justin told Morgan he never wants to see them again and he can’t wait for this to be over.
jason – Good because I can’t wait to see him

Jason says about Justin – that’s his job.. his job is to sleep with random girls and stuff.. like he is not worried about anything else other than fuc**g around and partying.. screwing chicks..
Big-Brother-18 2016-11-26 17-54-32-743

Jason – he doesn’t deserve this even if he played the best game because he’s an arrogant spoiled rich kids
Kryssie – absolutely

Jason – I will burn that shopping mall to the ground
Kryssie – I will sh1t in the front vesitbule
Jason – I’m breaking my teeth on pavement to stay.. and like he’s the real underdog.. I have had the hardest road to the top of the mountain, I have had the steepest path by far (Wow..)
Jason says Justin has never hit cardsharp in real life and in the game.
Kryssie – you’re right
Jason – he is f*****g trash he is f****g trash

6:57pm FEEDS

8pm – 9pm Justin, Kryssie, Morgan and Jason are in the kitchen chatting about random things. Justin heads to bed.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-27 00-35-26-335

9:15pm – 10pm Kyrssie and Jason are talking in the living room about Big Brother. Kryssie – so when we get out of here what seasons do you recommend I watch right away? Obviously yours. Jason – yeah you have to watch mine. Season 2 and 3 are fundamental BB and good. Season 4 is where they start bringing in wild twists. I’m not a huge fan of 4 but its fundamental. I’m a much bigger fan of season 5. I would say 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10…. you’ve seen 11 and 12. You want to finish out Rachel’s so you’ve got to watch 13. Basically all of them skipping 9.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-27 00-41-14-461

10:30pm Morgan goes to sleep.

10:40pm Jason tries to cook a pumpkin…

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-27 00-42-39-979

11:30pm – 1am Kryssie and Jason are talking in the HOH bed talking about random things.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-27 12-22-20-290

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-27 12-22-17-854

11:06am Sunday morning .. feeds zzzz…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-27 16-17-34-837

4:00pm Nothing..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-27 18-26-56-765

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-27 18-26-47-014

5:33pm Monte BACK IN THE HOUSE!

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Your Reality Recaps

GO JASON! I’ve been rooting for you since Day One!

Botox Pelosi

Me too but I’m been rooting for him to go back to his Mom’s basement.


Lol, that little basement bitch deserves nothing. Make something out of your life on your own. Don’t put down people that have some initiative. His complaining to the feeds makes me sick. He’s like a typical welfare peice of shit that blames everyone else for his shit life instead of looking in the mirror. Little peice of shit! I have no clue how anyone can look up to him or be a fan, only conclusion would be that they’re lowlife losers too. Set your sights higher and look up to someone that’s actually doing something constructive with their life. Like Shelby, or really anyone else in the cast. Justin or Morgan for the win!


I know I’m getting thumbs down for this but oh well!!! If the final three are Krissy, Justin and Jason then I’m voting for Krissie. First my spiteful reasons: Jason and Justin were vicious to the girls when they did need to Jason setting up a deal with the girls and just doing it for fun no strategy. Justin was really mean to Shelby especially when he thought she was going home. This season was the worse social game played by all of them but I did feel like Justin and Jason were mean just to be so even when they had power Yes Krissy talked shit behind there back but was never cruel to them taunting wise, it reminded me of how mean Scott could be to krissie just for giggles unnecessary. I really thought Justin was funny but was surprised at how fast he could become really non genuine. If Danielle would not have hooked up with Shane she could have twisted Justin around her finger. Other game reasons now. Krissie even though she was down right disgusting almost all the players were going to take her to the end. She was on the block the most but always seemed to escape and we know she got no help from production. She tried to make legitimate deals with the Bs but they chose to go with SCOTT that was there worse move they betrayed Krissie too many times and they knew she liked to stick to her word they even said that; they could have used that to their advantage. Krissie played the best social game(for this group Whitney maybe better but she should have switched sides earlier because Scott did make it clear she was on the bottom of that alliance) Krissy also seems legitimately hurt that Justin is not her friend which stunned me as well. Morgan is the least deserving of the BS I really don’t think she had better game than Alex or Shelby I’m torn about her. No one really played a good game it was a waste.


I want Morgan to win, but if she gets evicted im voting for Krissie….Im gay but I cant stand Jason…and Justin , what is he even doing there?

What was Shelby and Morgan thinking when they voted Danielle out and not Jason? Damm Girls. he had to go.

And I wish that useless called Justin had not win that stupid comp and Shelby would still be there.

Shelby was my favorite this season among Morgan and Alex.


What did Scott do that was “mean” to Kryssie? The only thing I can even imagine he did that was “mean” was he claimed that he was going to give Danielle a hard time, but he never did. Instead, Danielle screamed at Scott about how she’d been bullied, and then Jason chewed him out, and then they sent Scott’s butt packing. He never did anything to anybody that I noticed. He was over the top about his obsession with Alex, which hurt her game, but that’s about all I saw.


Ha ha! Whouaaaahhaaaa hhhaaa hahaaa.

I’m with you!!!

Haaahhhhaa ha ha!!!


unite to help stop nasty scumbag jason from winning

i am voting for whoever wins hoh part 2, either justin or morgan

twitter #neverjason


The social game of Morgan is awesome.

6.53pm BB time Nov 27 Justin says out loud to his fans “if I am not here vote for Morgan”

Ball Smashers fans will be voting for Justin if he makes it

I hope Justin fans follow his wishes and join with Ball Smashers fans to vote for Morgan if she makes final 3

Now that Justin has said this, it means if this was a regular 7 person jury this season, rather than a fan vote jury, that with at least 4 or possibly 5 votes for them either Justin or Morgan would win


Jason is a waste of space



Lyanna Mormont is a Boss

Don’t waste it. Barf on Jason.


James just proposed to Natalie and she said yes!


Found out it was just one of Natalie’s pranks. Not funny!

tech difficulties

UGH these two are horrible finalists/people. My vote will go to the winner of the next HOH.


Morgan or Justin for the win, not the gruesome twosome. Anyone but those two. Hope people who voted Jason in see now what a huge mistake that was. Duh! Having to listen to his rants and ugliness for a whole season has been hard. Didn’t you see it when he was on before??? Jozea was not a good choice either, but at least he wasn’t nasty, just deluded.


Jozea would probably had got eliminated sooner.

Well I’m not sure since krissie is in the finals.

I’m going to be very disappointed if Jason wins it. I feel his fans are turning. Finger crossed!!!!


I guess Jason just guaranteed Justin wins. Smack talk about Justin is a sure fire way of insuring the dude wins HOH and gets picked by America.

tech difficulties

Exactly what I was thinking. They’re definitely working a nerve on Justin. Kryssie and Jason have no consideration for anyone but themselves. I hope Justin can hold it together and not blow out some circuits. He is having a rough time on the feeds tonight. You know when people pray all day in the BB house that usually doesn’t turn out well.


How will it be determined who gets second place and third place?


Simple, Tuesday’s comp between Morgan and Justin will determine the third. America votes the winner.


I mean who gets second and third place money.

Big Edie

It will most likely go by who gets the most votes, then the next most votes for 2nd, And then the least votes for 3rd. Thanks Simon n Dawg for the updates, this site is the best!!!!


Thank you, that makes sense.


So Kryssie is there for the money, then? I remember her saying a few times that she was there to “prove to herself she could do it” since it wasn’t about the money. I mean, I didn’t really believe that, but it’s funny to go from “not here for the money” to non-stop complaining about being poor. Christ I hope Kryssie and Jason watch all of this back and realize how terrible they are. Talking smack about how immature Justin is and how he took joking too far, Danielle was more mature blah blah blah, and yet, he’s talking about burning down Justin’s family stripmall? Justin is a terrible human being? He’s too entitled? Kryssie belched her way to final 4 and was literally brought to the final 3…for the love of god, will Justin or Morgan please bring this up ASAP?!


Justin is in bed trying to sleep and can’t because Jason is holding court sharing his BB knowledge with Kryssie and I can’t stop laughing. Blocking out the voices of Thing One and Thing Two is proving to impossible considering Justin is flopping around in bed, muttering to himself, trying to muffle their voices by hiding under the covers and then gives up, flops onto his back and starts lightly pounding himself on the forehead…lol. Justin right now is basically me every time I hear those 2 speak.


Simon thanks for the gifs of Morgan. She a such a nice person and a total goddess. I hope she wins!



I love the “Feeds still pretty good.” comment. Well done!


Jason is the kind of friend who talks shit behind your back & will drop you like a hat if things don’t go his way. He is a spoiled ugly on the inside snowflake who uses insults to mask his insecurity and self loathing. Sorry but that type of behavior should not be rewarded. I want to see a decent person win this year, my vote will go for either Morgan or Justin. Jason became the big brother player he always talked smack about on twitter. I hope he grows up eventually and retires his cunty persona. It got old really fast this season and was very hard to stomach.


Cunty persona! I love it! Describes Jason to a T!


Jason and Krissie are so jealous! Where are the facts of anything they are saying? Krissie keeps saying, Morgan said this and Morgan said that. Morgan is one sneaky little back stabbing hater, that acts like she’s cool with Justin hate his guts just because! What has he done to ANY of them for them to think their crap don’t stink but Justin is the worse? He isn’t even talking crap about any of them! I hope he wins this game just to smack it in the mean folk’s faces


Kryssie and Justin are insecure and mean spirited. They are both very insecure people that is why they need to put others down. It makes them feel better about themselves. The ones they prey on are the ones they envy. Shelby was their target now it switched to Justin


Justin will not have my vote. He is not participating in any activities. He is acting like a spoiled brat that did not get his way. This is big brother. I do not like Jason but if Justin is at the end Jason gets my vote. He played the game.

Jake K.

Ugh…where is Jill Stein in the big brother house? Would like some recounts on a few votes that went to the LNJ in the last few weeks giving this game to Jason…bleh


lol thank you for that ^.^


Im gay, but I cant stand Jason.and or all gays that has ever played Big Brother, such as Josea, Andy so on…
Not all gays act and live like those gays on Big brother does..

I wish Alex and Shelby could win so bad, but i still wants Morgan to win as well. she deserves. and Krissie deserves more than Justin..


Morgan is the only one left that deserves to win.


Seriously Krissie? You are not between a size 4 and a 6. Another delusion of hers!


I think these 2 r so bored there’s nothing to talk about beside Justin it’s like watching ground hog day same thing over and over and…..