Jason “I want to make them eat dirt! I want to run them over. I want to grind these girls faces into dirt!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-16 22-57-47-935

8:25pm Jason talking to himself. Okay, so whoever doesn’t get nominated… HAS to win the veto. Like HAS TA, HAS TA, HAS TA! Thanks for the endurance comp that I asked for … that I tanked at! I should have know that do back flips over herself would have been able to stand on that sh*t forever. We’ve got to win the veto. f**king eh! I clearly can’t win anything. Justin joins him and asks if he’s okay. Jason – no, I’m f**ked. Justin – well I’m not too far behind you in the f**ked boat. Jason – hopefully the veto comp is something that we can help Kryssie win. Whoever isn’t nominated we have to try and help that person win. Justin leaves. Kryssie joins Jason. Kryssie – whoever isn’t on the block wins the veto. Jason – sh*t we couldn’t beat them at a 1 in 4 chance, how are we going to beat them at a 1 in 5 chance?! Kryssie – we’re going to go into it with a good attitude.. and pull it out. Jason – I went into this with a good attitude and I sucked. Kryssie – I really tried. Jason – I should have been great with my tiny a$$ feet. We just have to win the veto and hope that Justin doesn’t play into their hands. Kryssie – he won’t. I’m going to fight for you. We have to get that veto… it can’t come down to you or Justin.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-16 23-03-53-323

Bathroom – Justin asks Morgan – you’re not going to throw me under the bus are you? Morgan – no, no, no… I want to carry out with what I originally said if possible. So no, no, no you’re good. I am just so excited. I’m excited because everyone saw me as such a none threat in this comp. Now I feel like I’m in it! Justin – you’re in it.. because you got yourself an HOH and you got two vetos.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-17 02-50-28-025

11:13pm Morgan gets her HOH room. All the house guests head up to see it. Jason looks at one of her photos and says – is this your date? Morgan – that’s my dad. Kryssie – your dad is like really attractive. Morgan reads her letter from her dad and starts to cry.
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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-17 02-57-37-958

11:22pm All of the house guests but Morgan and Shelby clear out of the HOH room. Shelby – yay you’re HOH! Morgan – we get the room back! We get the room back! We get the room back! Shelby – I get to sleep up here for 3 weeks in a row! Morgan – I’m so pumped! Shelby – I was down there and basically calling them out for trying to get me out the first week. You know that fight that Kryssie and Neeley got in .. it was about me .. because Neeley wanted me up. Morgan – she must have really disliked you then. Shelby – she hated me. Morgan – at the end of the day it just needs to be Kryssie & Jason together. Shelby – we might need to convince Justin to use the care package on me. It seems like they were trying to backdoor me this week from the way Jason was acting. Morgan – they definitely were. Justin joins them.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-17 03-03-48-084

11:30pm – 12am Justin & Morgan. Justin – no matter what … I know that Shelby is going to try and change your mind at some point but I mean can I really count on you though? Morgan – yes. As long as we’re HOH we control a lot of things. Shelby joins them. Morgan – we’re talking about how we need to have Kryssie up on the block with Jason. Morgan – your care package.. Shelby – if you keep someone else safe it might have to be me so its not someone else that goes up. Morgan – we 3 just need to be on the same game plan that if Jason is up we have to vote him out this week. Shelby – I have no problem with that. Morgan – we have time. Your care package won’t even come till Friday and we don’t nominate people till Sunday. Shelby goes to the bathroom. Justin tells Morgan – I got you. Justin leaves.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-17 03-06-10-747

12:10am Bedroom – Jason, Justin and Kryssie are talking. Jason – your care package might protect you though depending on what it is. It might be a buy in to the final 4 for you. Justin – that means Kryssie and I would be automatically nominated. If you get immunity, she would have to put up Shelby and then you and I would vote her out… BOOM KAKA! The best case scenario is your care package is immunity. Justin – I will take whatever it is. Jason – I want to make them eat dirt this week. I want to run them over. I want to grind these girls faces into dirt!

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-17 03-27-21-031

1am – 1:15am Kryssie starts crying. I had to relive the comp. (In the diary room) I just hate being reminded of how f**king close I was. If you (Jason) go home this week, its my fault. Jason – don’t say that. Justin hugs Kryssie. Kryssie – unless your care package has a miracle in it, one of us is f**ked. Jason – its not your fault. Justin – everything is going to work out. Kryssie – I f**king hate this place. F**King nominate me, I don’t want to do this bullsh&t any more! Justin and Jason say no. Justin – you’ve got to stay, you’re my sanity. Jason – I can’t control Justin. Justin – I don’t even trust this bastard! Just kidding. Kryssie –

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-17 03-37-14-046

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Great, Morgan wins HOH but one of the 2 BS members needs to win veto or Shelby goes home anyway. Hate all this America vote and care package crap! Let them play!!


FYI, No America’s nom or vote to evict this week……so……it is what it is. Just like every season when it gets to this point. To be honest, it all depends on Justin. As long as Jason does not win the veto, he should be going.


But if Justin wins veto (miraculously) then he takes down Kryssie and up goes Shelby. Kryssie and Justin will vote out Shelby. Justin is not loyal to Morgan. He is B.S.’ing her.


We have come to the point in the game where loyalties cease. It’s now every person for themselves.
Each has said they came to play to WIN. They don’t want second place. I’m hoping Shelby takes the win!


That is the way it should be…but…Kryssie seems to be playing for Jason to win. And Danielle said that she didn’t campaign because Jason needed the win more than her. So they are here for Jason.


If Jason wins veto he would take himself off the block and it would be Krissy and Shelby up for nomination because Justin automatically goes to Final 4 with his care package.


They should let America vote whether or not to send the care package!


Amazing how Jason knew what the last veto might be.


Thats exactly what I was thinking. This type of reward has never been on any other BB season but Jason just randomly guessed that’s what it might be?? I don’t buy it. I’m a little confused about the 12:10am bedroom post between Justin, Jason and Kryssie. I thought if Justin gets the CP means he gets immunity and goes right to top four. That’s means he cant be nominated right? So why are they say it means Justin and Kryssie go up automatically and Justin comes down cause of his CP and then Shelby goes up? Doesn’t he get his CP before nominations which mean Jason and Kryssie go up. If not if Justin is up and takes himself down wouldn’t that mean Jason goes up? Simon or Dawg or anyone can you please clarify this for me? Thanks 🙂


I was confused at first too. I’m pretty sure the second line where it says Justin- That means Kryssie and I would be automatically nominated. It was supposed to say Jason- That means……..etc. That makes more sense bc Jason was talking before and after that. Go back and read it with Jason’s name there instead of Justin:) Hope this helps.

Basically Jason is saying he knows it’ll be him and Kryssie nominated. If one of them win the Veto and come down, Morgan will have NO choice but to put Shelby up, bc Justin will be safe:( That will SUCK! And it most likely will be the scenario this week:( The girls ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WIN VETO!!! They might be able to convince Justin that it’s better to take Jason out than Shelby, but that’s a long shot. You never know with him. He’s like James, whoever was in his ear last is who he’ll side with:(

Christine's Divorce Attorney

Keep it classy, Jason. And to think he was worried about the public’s perception of him on his first season…..


I don’t think I’ve seen any houseguest behave as Jason has since being put on the block last night. I understand he’s upset…but suck it up like everyone else that you sent out the door. This is the game you signed up, especially as a vet player. Don’t go out this way. Dig down deep and realize that you are more than that. Enjoy this BB experience. He’s been sulking and saying evil things. Threatening to put the girls’ SS#’s on the internet….really! I’m sure he wouldn’t really do that, but the threat of it was pretty bad. Beside all the nasty comments.

out of the loop

Who got the cp last week and what was it?
re Jason and Krystie…I can’t even!


Morgan won the care package, it was the power of veto, she was not nominated and could use the veto to take Shelby off the block, so neither BS was nominated, Danielle was HOH nominated Justin and Whitney, Whitney went home.

out of the loop

What was last weeks cp and who won it?


Their was no CP last week. The last CP was over DE and Morgan got it. It was a POV granted before the nomination so she could save herself and Shelby.

out of the loop

Ok, thanks. 🙂


I really hope Jason leaves this week, long time overdue


Cry Jason cry! Loser.

Botox Pelosi

F Jason.


I hope Jason goes. Didn’t like him his season either.


Well, seeing this week was tailor-made for Morgan to win, I guess the Veto will be a hair-curling competition, or something that Shelby or Morgan can win. Just going to be a cake-walk for the little angels to the end. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the girls, but can they be a little less obvious in the choices of comps for Shelby and Morgan to win? How many puzzles have they had to help Shelby along, and now this?


Ughhh, pretty much same kinda comps as any other season, balance, puzzles, endurance, etc. Do you want them to have a pie eating contest so that that pig Krystie can win? You’re reaching for excuses.


I don’t agree that this was made for Morgan. With that being said, wouldn’t it be nice if they had all the competitions set at the beginning with no changes? Then production didn’t interfere, and didn’t give clues, helping hands. The premise of the game is enough to keep it interesting.

BB Clue

What makes you think they don’t have all of the comps decided before the season? You really think they wait until HOH is picked then quickly invent a game uited for a particular player, draw up the plans, order the supplies, contruct it and test it in a week? Production doesn’t care who wins, this is simply a job for them.


The comps are all thought out in advance, every year. Don’t remember what season it was, but they showed us behind the scenes clips of how they build the sets and stuff. The guy that was in charge talked about how they have all the comps set for each week before the season even starts!! There’s no way they would wait til the week of then come up with something, build and test it. No way.


Well, unless they have a farting, burping or swearing competition, No competition is tailor made for the misfits to excel at.


Jason could of just as easily won that comp with his small child-like feet.


Come on!!! What ever physical comp it would people will say it was rig for Morgan. Jason and krissie are not physical and Justin… well he is losing them all (almost)

Ohh. I forget krissie his weight lifter, and Jason beg to have that comp, my bad 😉


Even Jason said this comp was tailor made for him! He blew it! He kept asking for this comp! He has small feet and good at endurance competition!


Jason says he asked for this comp! didn’t think it through.


Hope Shelby or Morgan wins veto!! It would be priceless to see that fragile little snowflake Jason meltdown.


I am a little disappointed in Whitney. All of her interviews she talks highly of the LNC. She is hoping for Jason to win and thinks Kyrssie is the best strategic player. She seems to forget about the plastics and the ball smashers. They were a great alliance. I know she did what she had to do for her game but Kyrssie was the one who cast the doubt with the other BS by saying Whitney is flipping to her side. This was even before Kyrssie was HOH which was long before Scott and Alex threw Whitneys name out there. This made the girls a little leary of Whitney. For a girl that cried because Danielle stuck her tongue out at Monte, how could she be okay with everything else the LNC did behind the girls back.


Wpuld love to see shelby or morgan win. Alex should get to come back and play on the BB cbs show in the summer


Please, no more vets!!!! I like her but I’m tired of those seasons with mix of new and vet!!!!


Vets ruin the season more than twists do so I fully expect CBS to double down and cast more vets next season.


Dawg what’s up with that picture of Shelby at 11:22pm? Tisk tisk shame on you lol


In case anyone has 700 US (~950CDN) burning a hole in their pocket. http://www.ebay.com/itm/152322099393


I wonder who would pay 700 for that jacket. Ridiculous. I bet they paid about $25 for it in the first place. Plus, it’s an ugly jacket.


I really really hope Jason and Kryssie are the next two out. It will suck to see either of those two sitting there finale night. They have been the two worst human beings I’ve seen in a long time. Well since BB15 anyway but they are definitely the grossest I’ve ever seen along with Danielle. I’ve never seen a grown person wipe boogers on things and I am still in shock that BB allowed that to happen.

Liberal &Proud

If any of you are on twitter there is footage shown where Shelby says congrats we r in final 4 after a DR session, i cant believe those that watch these feeds dont see how the game is manipulated!! Wake up!


Sorry, but you’re wrong!! IF the footage u seen on Twitter really does say “we are” it was manipulated!! That was a convo between Shelby and Morgan right after Morgan won HOH. Shelby says to her, ” Congrats YOU’RE in the final four!” It’s on the weekday replay, go watch it!! Can’t believe everything you see and hear on Twitter.


YOU are wrong. Right before Julie’s questions Shelby told Morgan that DR congratulated her on being final 4! So we already know how this week is going to play out.