Big Brother Over the Top Final 6 eviction results Jason Vs Danielle

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 18-00-24-295
Jason and Danielle are nominated for Eviction

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 17-56-44-110

Danielle says it’s harder to stay in the block with Jason than Shane.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 17-57-46-672

Jason misses his friends and family.. thanks the house guests for a unforgettable experience.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 17-58-55-744

Justin Votes to Evict Danielle

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 18-00-00-735
Morgan votes to Evict Danielle

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 17-59-25-804

Kryssie votes to Evict Danielle

America Votes to evict Danielle

Danielle is evicted from the Big Brother Over the top house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 18-02-32-282

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 18-05-41-785

6:06pm No more America nominee and no more America vote. After the last care package no more America involvement until the finale.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 19-03-42-272

7:03pm HOH comp called Keep you Posted

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 19-16-47-909

Jason and Justin out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 20-06-31-349

Morgan and Kryssie remain

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 20-17-06-126

Kryssie falls

Morgan wins the Head of Household competition

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-16 20-22-30-296

8:20pm Ballsmashers celebrate

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Shelby gets hotter every week!


Krissie is going home!!!! Justin gets care package and Jason will get veto and in order for Justin to use care package he will have to vote out who Morgan say. It will be Krissie!!

Dependocrat Purge

I hope Jason gets evicted.


Fall off Jason and belchy… I’ll give you…..well I’ll just clap really loud
Fall falll falll


Bye bye Jason


Lol, yup. And his 60,000 twits, I mean Twitter followers can’t help him by cheating the votes now. Back to the basement losers, or the back bedroom in the trailer. Whichever

Cindy Withanesse



So far Jason & Justin are out. Morgan & Kryssie still in it for HOH.


Morgan won HOH


Chrissy fell Morgan is the winner!!


WTG Morgan fat girl should have taken the deal


Yeah that massive intelligence that is so underestimated by those dumb plastic girls showed up for Chrissy again!!!!! Like you said, she was up against a long time cheerleader that is still in great shape so she really should have taken the deal. Would love to know what she was thinking when she turned Morgan down


Yaaaaas Morgan!


I was really hoping Morgan wins. Justin gets the CP, secures his position in final four. Kryssie and Jason on the block one of them wins veto, Shelby automatically goes up and gets sent home. Best scenario for this week.


Jason and KRYSSIE on the block. And Shelby wins veto and wins 250,000!! Yea, BS Girls!! KRYSSIE talking to Jason telling him that she’s probably going to end up winning 2nd place against Shelby & Morgan. Still calling the BS girls Bitches! The girl is so confused, cause that name fits her way better! Yea MORGAN!!!


The girls better win veto. If Jason or someone on his side does not win veto then he will be going home. Kryssie and Justin will stick together. Jason will be the odd man out. Or Production will somehow manipulate the veto for Jason.


Glad Morgan won the HOH!! Justin wins CP and can’t be put on the block. Morgan will put up Jason and Kryssie. I really hope Morgan or Shelbie win the veto or else Shelbie goes up and goes home. Either way it is what it is…..


Jason actually thinks Krissie will win if she’s up against Morgan and Shelby?? Hilarious! She’s done nothing this season but belch and wipe her armpits on people’s pillows.


Jason mad because the girls are happy. Really. He would be calling them britches and everything else. Hope he goes home. Quit the pity poor me. Should not have choked on the comp. BS have fought hard to get where they are now. They new one of thermal l d be sent home if they did not win. Hoping they win veto too.


Tired of Jason’s pity party–he didn’t deserve anything more than any of the others in BBOTT just because its his 2nd time. Ball smashers all the way!!!


Was the Care Package changed? Evel Dick thought it said you automatically go to final 4. It now says you have the opportunity to go to final 4.


It has always said the winner of the CP has an opportunity to go to F4. They have to complete a challenge to earn it.


Way to go Morgan !!! Now hopefully Morgan or Shelby can win Veto and get Jason outta there !!! It’s time for him to go. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a few credits for playing the game but all the rude behaviors from him this season have ruined any of the chances for him to win IMO.


Praying this is the week that bitchy c*nt gets sent back to his basement!!


I Hope the care package is something Justin can’t do.


He probably won’t be able to read or comprehend the directions!!!!!! LOL!!