Jared – “The ultimate Goal is to get Cameron so I’m hoping one of them [noms] goes down.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: ??
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Jag America and Corey going up. Goal is Cameron backdoor.

9:27 am Jag, Cirie, Matt
Jag – we should meet today after yesterday to make sure we’re all good.
Jag – the remaining of the 7 I think should personally meet as well
Cirie – Okay
Jag – that’s where I am at you know what I mean? A lot happened yesterday

9:35 am Jared and Cerie
Jared – Who do you think should go up?
C – I was thinking COrey and America
J – and then Jag
C – I was thinking Either Jag or America
Jared – I was thanking Jag and Corey
Cirie laughs “Jag just said he wants to meet with the 7”
Jared – I bet you do
C – he just said I think it’s a good idea if the remaining 7
Jared says Jag told him “I’m locked in with the 6 Bro we really have to meet”
Cirie – I’m sure you are. You’ve already formed alliance last night Including MEME.
Jared – Who
Cirie – the night before that’s what they said.. something with MEME.
Cirie – If Corey gets Houseguest choice he’ll pick Cam.
Jared says picking Cameron is the stupidest thing for Corey because Cameron will either keep it the same or take down Corey and Corey knows for a fact I’ll put up America.
Jared – I personally think he’ll pick Jag. I really really want to put America up there so bad.
Cirie – I know.. think about it don’t think emotionally
Jared – the ultimate Goal is to get Cameron so I’m hoping one of them goes down.
They talk about making a deal with Jag this week.
Jared – I think Matt is good
Cirie – remember what IZZY said Matt used his power to save Jag.
Jared – Izzy messed up YO.. she was doing way too much. I had no idea she got that close to Corey and America. She told them way too much
Cirie – she said it too she said she got played by skeazy
Jared – Even Blue was all crying because America told her stuff she heard from Izzy

9:40 pm Jad and Matt
Waiting to use the showers.

9:51 am Felicia and Cirie
Talking shit about Bowie Jane. They think she’s with Cameron.
Cirie – She ran up to Jared and said Cam is going to try and PIN you against COrey.
Felicia – how does she know that if she hasn’t already had a conversation with him.
Felicia says Cameron is a intelligence guy “He did combat intelligence in the military”
Cirie mentions that Jag wants to get the 6 in a meeting.
Felicia – ohh now you want to meet… see how full of sh1t these guys are?
Felicia goes on about telling Jared to put up Corey and Jag if They can’t get Cameron out they get Jag out. She doesn’t think they should bother with America right now. “F*** America”
Felicia says this week they take Cameron out next week they put Corey and Jag back on the block.
They laugh
Felicia – then you send Jag home then next week you put up Corey and America

10:15 am America, Cameron and Bowie Jae

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C and F are two of Bye Bye Bitches I’d love to say goodbye to. And tuck Jared in their duffle bags on the way out the door.

un autre nom

Dear Felicia,
Sucking up to the people that wanted you gone, and hating the people that saved you makes you a fool. Get your head out of your ass. Not saying jump ship into the abyss, just saying don’t be the abyss.
Bbbitch, please.
She was pissy last night that Matt was continuously telling her she was good. Did you stay? so stfu. She knew Jared was doing nothing for her, so why do I feel she’d still be motorboating his ass cheeks even if he wasn’t HOH.
Senile dingbat.


So exactly what Lamerica and Corny were doing. LMAO.

The Beef

Felicia is a complete moron. Here she is making plans with Cirie on who’s going up and who’s getting evicted for this week and then the next 2! I wonder just who the Hell she thinks is going to win HOH for them next week, because Jared can’t play, it damn sure isn’t going to be her or Cirie, and the rest of the players are pretty much question marks as to whether or not they’re “with” them or against them at this point in the game! Blew might do what Jared says, but she has yet to win jack, nor has Meme, and I don’t think Matt will put up anybody (other than Cam) that they want to see OTB, and that’s assuming Matt doesn’t throw, which I think he will.

It just goes to show these two don’t recognize the strategic weakness of their position right now. I understand they’re playing with the weakest crew in BB history who have shown their own inabilities to make good decisions and to properly “read” house dynamics, so they could get lucky, have the right dumb dumb win, and make another stupid decision and put up 2 of the “good guys” while once again trying to “play the middle”. If that happens, said dumb dumb deserves exactly what will happen to him when he gets evicted, probably no more than 2 or 3 weeks later.

Spot ON

Regarding FELICIA’S plans for 2-3 weeks down the road, seems like she likes to prematurely EJECTculate.

un autre nom

Blue jumped back to Jared.
Anyone surprised?

un autre nom

Jag of all people is having to reel her back in.
Her problem arises with when Cory knew vs when America knew (like they would know same time), and her desire not to look stupid. I’m still betting last night’s d/r didn’t help.


Yes Simon she is the worst. Jared speaks horribly to her. I really hopes that she works on her self esteem

Stop ON

Just the fact that she’s willing to jump Jared shows she’s got NO SELF ESTEEM

The Beef

She wants a man. ANY man! Plus, she needs TV time to pump up her Instagram followers.

She doesn’t care how he talks or treats her, so long as she is accomplishing those goals.


That was her plan she had with Matt and Jag..lol..she also wants to get him out next week

un autre nom

My reaction was to Blue telling Jag she wants to believe Jared.


So? doesn’t mean she’s back with him. Shes playing Jared..it’s the plan..she even said so when she was alone talking to the cameras.


I’ll believe it when I see it. Wouldn’t hold your breath on this one

un autre nom

Last night: Jared convinced me I couldn’t trust you Jag. I was going to blindside nom you.
Today: I want to trust Jared, why would he lie to me?


Not at all


Oof no. I was watching the lives earlier and saw Blue being mushy in the kitchen with Jared. Close in a way as if they were about to kiss several times. Then it cuts to Bowie sitting at the table eating with this look on her face like ‘f me’. Just the three of them before hg started walking through. So awkward and hilarious. Last night, when Blue was ‘putting her foot down’ a tiny part of me hoped she was finally getting away from him. My span of rooting for anyone in this house lasts about 5 minutes before they do something foolish.


And especially after crying to Matt and Jag and America. Bleh.


She said with conviction that she was done with Jared! Bridges burned were her words. So how can anyone trust you when one of the ONLY times you showed some balls, you backed out within hours.


I can’t watch the feeds this week with Jared, I’ll pop back in occasionally until Thursday when I hope he get voted out.


It’s always great the day after the elimination and hoh. It is a day filled with the blame game. Not one person taking responsibility for their own actions. Blue came the closest but cried the whole time. ‘I did those things but feel sorry for me!’ Silly. Izzy did a lot of damage, that’s for sure and I’m glad she’s gone. In the same breath, these people need to own up because her crap isn’t there to blur the lines anymore. Time to move on and face the decisions you made with the information you were given. Regardless of the messenger.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I do not feel sorry for Jag anymore, Jag is a weak player, Jag is definitely a FLOATER. Each week, Jag runs to whoever has the power, does he not realize that Cirie and her Crew don’t trust him, they want him out.

If Jag was really in with Cirie, Jared & Felicia, he would not be put up on the block when his so call alliance member “Jared” is HOH. Even if they sell it to him that he’s a pawn, why can’t they rotate the pawns ?

Last time Jared was HOH, he was on the block, why doesn’t Jag ask Jared to use someone else in their so call 7 alliance as the pawn ? Jag, you’re nothing but a number, a vote for Cirie and her group. Why do you keep running back to them, it really makes you look like a fool, they don’t trust you, Jag is a floater.

Matt, not much to say, he will follow Jag’s lead, he will run back to Cirie and her squad. Matt, Jag and the majority of these players this season, they are a total disappointment. Production needs to do a better job picking players, when you have a weak group like we have this summer, it really makes BB boring.

I feel bad for Cam, yes he can be arrogant, annoying and talks in riddles, but if he had people in the house that have a backbone, even when they lose HOH, they can still stick together, this group of people this season are weak and boring, followers who run and hide, they just want to make it to Jury, they don’t really want to play the game and win.

Big Brother 25 should be titled ” The Season of Floaters & Annoying Houseguests “.


yeah, my hope is cam wins veto, keeps noms the same and jag goes. he doesn’t have much strategic game at all.


Yes!!!!! To everything you said! This is the worst season I have ever watched. Cirie and her amazing son that she is so proud of ? should have never been on the show. It’s not fair to anyone but it amazes me these people keep them in the game! Cirie just won 500,000 on another show traitors. The only 2 that are playing the game is cam and America! I feel bad for Cam. Yes he is so arrogant but at least he is playing for himself and not cirie! He has a brain. He deserves to win this game and Americas favorite!


Well if Cam happens to go home I’m shutting off Big Brother. I can’t take the stupidity. I’m only watching because if him. I like America but not enough to watch. Matt was my favorite but he’s just a follower and I just can’t anymore

Nether Region Euphemism

Geez the cockiness. Cerie and Fel so confident and cackling about next week, as if they are likely to win. It’s all ego brain.


Exactly! All their plans are if their side wins HOH ???
Oh wait, all the comp are seemingly geared/rigged towards them winning so the script of who wins stays in place….?


yeah… cirie and felicia should be very aware how likely they’re on the bottom next week. jared can’t play, and unless the comp is totally random they have no shot at winning.


You’re weird. Literally what Corny and Lamerica have said as well. Talk about ego for two losers who were trying to get laid for half the game then suddenly playing punk. You sheeple are whack bro!

Nether Region Euphemism

Go away, idiot.


No sh$t


Right, the problem with Felicia’s plan to evict Cam, then Jag next week, then. Corey and America is that Cirie, Felicia and Jared have to win four weeks in a row.

Game fan

Meme & blue would also follow their wishes. They might think they can still grill matt in as well ( would not be surprised if matt nominated america)

Nether Region Euphemism

The odds of a sweep of that nature are moderate, at best, even if they can keep Meme and Blue on their side. They are way too overconfident as if they still have hold of the house and strong numbers.

Matt has potential to step up once the numbers get lower. He may try to win Double bc that is always a deadly round, but will probably throw it for a couple of weeks beyond that, if not longer. As long as there are enough people on target lists of both sides, it’s in his best interest to continue laying low, then beast it towards the end.

There’s also veto to consider, with people being taken down, or backdoors being prevented.

So many variables.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Sorry for the back to back posts, but I forgot to mention or ask the question, is Blue buying into what Jared is telling her ? Does blue not think that she also is just a vote, a number for Cirie’s squad ?

Jared is playing Blue & using her for sexual benefits (Yuck ), last night when she was lying and saying she has told Jared, it will be her that takes him out of the game, yea right, Blue is delusional, Blue is being used by Jared as I said above.

In the D/R when Blue votes, she tries to come across as a strong player, she also seems to think very highly of herself.

If the houseguests would stick together and go against “Cirie, Jared & Felicia”, they could knock them out. Yes they might not win HOH every week, but when they lose power, stay strong, give 100% to winning the next HOH, they only competition they have is Jared.

Cirie and Felicia or Blue have shown that they are all talk, they will not win HOH, Felicia won HOH by a fluke, it was not a physical comp, it was all based on luck. Cirie seems to drop out 1st or 2nd during competitions, I don’t mention Meme, because I don’t really know what team Meme is on ?

If Jag, Matt, Corey, America could actually give 100% and win HOH like Cam has done 2 times, they could have Cirie, Felicia, Jared and Blue panicking. Notice I did not mention Bowie, Bowie is on the wrong show, she’s too nice, she is just trying to make it to Jury, so Bowie is just a vote & a number for this side.

Cam, Jag, Matt, Corey, America, Meme and Bowie, that’s a team of 7, against a team of 4 people who so far have shown the only physical team member on the other side is Jared, Cirie, Felicia & Blue are no physical threat in physical competitions.

7 people against 4, America and Cam want to steam roll the other side, but they are stuck with weak ass players like Jag & Matt who keep floating back to Cirie’s squad, who really don’t give a damn about working with them, they are being used as informants, and for a Vote, that’s all Matt and Jag are to Cirie’s squad.

Jag is the worst, he was the first person to run back to Cirie, and tell her they all need to get together, he’s down with working with them, does he not understand Cirie is onto him?

Jag will be on the block again during Jared’s HOH, Jag wake the hell up, you are not a Pawn, they voted you out 2 weeks ago 10 – 0, what else do they have to do to show you, as you say, you are just a “Tool” to be used by Cirie and her squad, stop being a floater, pick a side and stay there, stop following whoever has the power !


Jag deserves to be evicted. If he hasn’t figured it out yet, he will never figure it out. Byeeee


Tell me you never watched BB without telling me you never watched BB! LMAO!!!

Stop ON

“Jag wake the hell up… they voted you out 2 weeks ago… what else do they have to do to show you, as you say, you are just a ‘Tool’ to be used by Cirie and her squad”

Actually, the term “tool” was first used by CAM to describe the manipulation. JAG has since adopted the term as his. THAT is how stupid JAG is. No originality. No THOUGHT. Just “cut and paste”.


Honestly though, if this was an actual “real” game, there might be a chance for anyone other than Cerie/Jared to win. As it stands, IMHO, everything is stacked for “mom and baby (yes, I called him a baby as his tantrums, lack of manners, decorum and language show him as being one) to win. How many comps would Jarat have won if they weren’t thrown or handed to him?
Doesn’t seem to matter what truth is exposed, I think it’s fixed for the Fields to go to the end and win…..


well I think Blue knows Jared will not target her and is smart not to actively target him. Why target someone wont target you. Doesn’t mean she’s blindly loyal.


I like Bowie but her and meme jag gotta go and then let everyone play Jared is the worse soo cocky and foul mouthed .

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Agree 100%, Jared is the worst. I also am so tired of looking at him walk around the house with that stupid bandana on his head. Jared’s a jerk, who thinks he’s killing it on this show.

I can’t wait to see him on the Block, the other side has the votes to vote him out. Izzy was a fool, I would have blasted Cirie & Jared’s relationship on her way out the door, Izzy is not a member of the Fields family, I bet she will not see them again when the show is over.

I’m glad they evicted Izzy, she was rude, obnoxious, and full of herself.


The few times Cirie and Jared have been alone today, unless I have missed it, she has not addressed his actions yesterday. Not exactly surprised, but very telling considering her criticisms of others. Aside from the obvious protecting him, I thought she would be pissed. As her son, and a player in the game.

Oh my

I tried listening to Jared have talks in the HOH, but it’s not possible. Enough is enough already. The same conversations, same targets, same cursing, same over the top, hood ebonics ( yeah I said it) is boring and drawn out. Ceri, Jared, Izzy and Felicia, have ruined Season 25. BB producers destroyed a wonderful show that millions of people “used” to enjoy. Instead of sticking to what worked, they wanted showmances, studs, half naked influencers, Representation bullshitters and shock TV. Now, this show sucks and the ratings prove it. The days of Evil Dick, Danielle Reyes, Rachelle Riley, Janelle, Kaysa, Dr. Will, and The Brigade are over. Now it’s this trash game. So long dear commentors, it’s been nice!