“I expect America to come after me, I expect Corey to come after me, I expect Cameron to come after me.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: ??
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation – From what I can see Cameron is the target. Noms could be combinations of America/Cameron/Corey/Jag.

12:30 am Blue and Jared
Blue – can I trust Cirie? What was a point of a final 4 if Izzy was saying all this stuff
Jared says he had no idea Izzy was saying shit to Corey.
Jared – the only reason I knew Izzy was getting too close to Corey and America cause when I told they needed to go she damn near SPAZZED on me talking about they can’t. I’m like BRO I told Cirie day one when Izzy went on the block.. The was the first day she came off the Kayak.. YO, I’m not going to lie Izzy did some sh1t last night that scared the sh1t outta me.. She told me she needed Corey and America for her personal game. Even though she knew America was saying she would put her up. That was dangerous.
Blue – wait sorry what?
Jared – The day before they came off the kayak me and Izzy had a conversation I said listen I do not f** with America I don’t f** with Corey. She said YO you need to patch things up with Corey you don’t need to be friends with him but just to keep him cool. BRAH i don’t trust him I don’t trust America AT ALL which is pretty evident at this point to EVERYBODY. Umm.. basically she spazzed on me she was like YO like like I need them. I was telling her like YO if I get a chance i’m putting one of them up especially America.. I’m definitely putting them up.
Jared – she was like YO you can’t do that I need them. I’m like BRO you were literally listening to them saying they want to put up one of our final 4’s and you telling me you want to keep them around for you personal? I’m like BRO that don’t make sense.
Jared – the day Cirie came out of the kayak I said listen the one thing that spooks me out about Izzy is she knows America would put you up and she still wants to keep America around.
Jared – Izzy is not here no more BRO.. why are we still talking about Izzy
Blue – cause it just happened
Jared – she’s not here any more
Blue – we can still talk about it
Jared – what are we going to get to talk about what Izzy said to America
Jared – I didn’t know Izzy told Corey about the 7 deadly sins
Jared doesn’t care about all the alliances ‘BRO’ he goes on about knowing about the professors and the Bye bye Bitches.
Jared – There’s a million groups in here we can name groups for DAYS! there’s Final 2’s in here without name we can name for days.. there’s final 3’s in here we can name for days .. i’m just like BRO who gives a f*** like it doesn’t f***Ing matter..
Jared – what i’m more concerned with is last night Jag knew he wasn’t voting Izzy to stay. This morning he never said one f**ing word to me about that sh1t that’s what I’m more concerned about. If that is what’s happening it needs to be brought back to the table.
Jared says cameron is doing exactly what he wanted to do and everyone is losing their sh1t over it. “that shit is pissing me off BRO”
Jared – Who says what.. who is saying what I don’t give a f*** As far as your relationship with America I’ve never done anything to compromise your relationship with America. I never said Anything to Corey or America about you. I’ve never said anything to Cirie or Izzy about you and America. I don’t care that’s you.

Jared – I’m going to cut America first chance I get period so this sh1t is starting to be too clear.
Jared – I expect America to come after me, I expect Corey to come after me I expect Cameron to come after me. that’s it anybody else that’s when I get surprised.
Jared – I told Jag the same thing I’m not going to lie I was rubbed the wrong way.. I didn’t find out you were voting a certain way until after this whole argument. Last night you had this conversation that spooked you so much that you felt
Jared goes on about being sketched out by Jag flipping his vote on them last night. Jared says last night Izzy and Cirie came to him and said something funny happened. “I expected Jag to go the others no.. I need to talk to him tomorrow BRO you’ve been finicky as F**”

Blue – ok, that’s all I needed. I’m not going to talk to America about it I trust you.
Jared – the guy that is adamant about not trusting America. the guy that is adamant about getting America out you don’t got to worry about me saying nothing to America.. YOU DAMN SURE don’t have to worry about me saying nothing to f***Ing corey. that’s just that.
Jared – what’s up with you and America now?
Blue – I don’t know I just ended it with I need to talk to him about it.

Blue says that America told her a lot. America knew about the 7 deadly sins weeks ago and She knew Blue has been lying to her
Blue – She repeated everything I said to you Izzy and Cirie
Jared – about the group? what else?
Blue -she said she knew that I told everyone about our alliance and the fact that I was making out to be a target. Which I wasn’t but OKAY.
Blue – America told Jag that he couldn’t trust me anymore.. Yeah. I was loyal to the 7 and no matter what I was going to say it you three (Cirie, Jared, Izzy)

Blue – I said yeah it was ME.. I came clean. I was the one that told them. Yeah there’s a 7 deadly sins alliance that’s 100% too. I told her But I want to be real us getting closer that wasn’t part of any deal. that wasn’t part of some master plan I genuinely feel closer to you (America)
Blue – I said Even though you don’t trust me gamewise I still see you as one of my friends here as someone that can hang.
Blue – I told you from the very beginning I didn’t want to look stupid.
Feeds flip to Bowie washing her hands. When we’re back Jared is talking about the meeting in the have nots earlier today.
Jared – I wanted to talk to Matt and Jag.. Cirie walked in on her own. Bowie was just there. my point is nobody got brought in and was like YO not Blue. I didn’t even go get Jag. Corey got Jag.
Blue – Why did Corey flip in the first place if he was so close to Izzy.
Jared – That is what I’ve been trying to find out all day I don’t know.. That’s with all taht sh1t was about. According to Cory to him he says he’s been given all this information about me targeting him obviously he knew about me targeting America and this is what I told Corey Bro you are really sounding crazy right now. because I am sitting here saying I did trust you I f***ed with you for a minute and now you are telling me now this whole time you were feeling safe with me because I was coming after America and that was somebody that was good for your game and you were protecting Jag because we were going to backdoor Jag.
Jared – I was like BRO what are you f***Ing talking about my BOY you are bumpy and s1ht where is all this sh1t coming from. Corey had a whole bit of animosity today like a whole bunch of animosity and I don’t know where the sh1t twas coming from.
Jared – According to him last night they must have put it all together, Jag, Matt, Corey and America. I’m the problem for some reason and now we to flip and go the other way.
Jared rehashes the start of the have not blow out today. HOw he talked to Matt first then called Corey in. “from there it just went downhill”
Blue says she’s happy Jared won the HOH so he can “execute his plan and get Cameron out”
BLue goes on about why she didn’t go to him right after talking to America. She needed time to process the information she didn’t want to come in “Hot and heavy” after he won HOH.
Jared – I’m a grown a$$ man BRO there is nothing y’all can say to me that will make me feel like I couldn’t handle a intense conversation
Blue says she isn’t very close to Cirie she was close to Izzy and through Izzy was good with Cire now that Izzy is gone she’s got nothing with Cirie.
Jared goes on about Izzy getting too close to the wrong people.
Jared brings up the final four they had with Jared, Cirie, Blue and Izzy.
Blue – It’s not that I don’t trust Cirie it’s not that I don’t whatever but.. it’s the fact I did feel closer to you two and now that she’s gone I don’t know what Cirie will do because I know Cirie is closer to other people in this house than she’s close to me.
BLue – I don’t question her loyalty if she says Blue we’re the final 3 lets get it.. I would get it.
Jared – I get that point.. that I get that makes sense.. that has nothing to do with f***ing America.
Blue – told you I’m not going back to her. You said your piece and I believe you I’m leaving it alone
Jared – YOu approached me like I said something to America
Blue – No I was just asking you I just wanted to know your side of it. I stopped my conversation with America and was let me ask him first.

Jared – okay.. okay.. I’ll let you talk to Cirie.. I can’t let you talk to cirie I want you to talk to Cirie so you can have your own conversation with her but one thing I can tell you right now verbatim. No if ands or butts about it I’m pretty sure I know Cirie has no loyalty to anybody in this f**Ing house other than myself and you and Izzy. She’s the only person that voted for Izzy PERIOD
Jared – you said she has loyalties all over the house. WHO?
Blue – she’s closer to other people than me.
Jared – Felicia?
Blue – NO, she’s closer to Matt than she’s closer to me. She’s closer to Corey.
Jared – NO she’s not.
Blue – she goes and talks to him way more. SHe’s never come talk to me.
Jared complains she wasn’t happy when he won the HOH.
Blue apologies says she is happy he won “You winning HOH is better for me so you can do what you’ve always wanted to Cameron”
Long silence.. BLue called into the Diary.

1:20 am Corey and America
Corey is saying he has one pair of clean underwear left.
Corey – you know what makes me feel better? Today Jared said yeah I haven’t trusted you for two weeks. WEll that’s what the f** have I been talking about.
COrey – for the REd/Jag move what they are saying the plan was always to vote out REd they never trust you and America so we’re telling you the fake plan.
Corey – I said I know this is kinda a shit show but I love and respect all of you nothing is personal. I want to be friends with all of you after the show..
America – no you did not F*** All these people
Corey – then we fist bumped..
feeds cut.. then go to sleeping houseguests

2:50 am zzzzzzz

3:15 am zzzzz

9:15 am Houseguests getting up for the day.

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orwell the out of work bbad owl

Jared is a human turd. Hope he goes during the double eviction. It’s going to be a Sh*t-tastic week.


You can add a not too bright turd.


Did he say Corey was bumpy?

Carlito's Way

I don’t understand how anyone can stand him, BRO. Now they are all saying “bro.” Stop! He is the most foul-mouthed, vile person in BB for a while, and they have had some doozies. Also, what is with their command of the English language? “Ain’t,” “I ain’t talking no more,” “F this”, “F that,” etc…Did I miss something? Is it suddenly cool to use really bad grammar. Uh, nope. Total turn off. I am not a prude, just don’t think it’s cool to be a punk ass thug.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jared has a very limited vocabulary. I really do want him evicted


I am so sick of the dumb, ignorant Mama’s boy and his BRO, BRO, BRO, every other word. Also, i am am very disappointed in Big Brother for allowing relatives on the show. All he is good for is to spy for his 4 time Survivor Loser Mama.

Game fan

It would be stupid to get cam out ,
I hope they somehow get it that cam has nobody , there are far way more dangerous players to get out (but i want Cory to get to at least jury!) .
do meme ever talks with someone? Lol.
I never see what’s happening with her. I’m also wondering how Felicia is feeling.. it seems like she believes she wasn’t a target, for cirie and Jared (?).
Matt is in the best position to win this game.
Blue is in the best position to get 2/3.


Yeah, what’s up with Felicia? Does she question that “one vote”? How does Cirie explain that to her “bestie” Felicia?!


Does Mama Cirie question it? How does Jared explain not following his mommy’s voting instructions?

For that matter, does Izzy now realize she is not actually part of the Fields family, since one of them voted against her?

Game fan

Jared was loyal , he just voted with the house. It’s good for cirie that he (and blue) did. Cause now she can tell Felicia there was really bo danger in voting her out, she just wanted to give Izzy one vote out there .
I’m sure this is her explanation

Nether Region Euphemism

I think Jared could explain it as voting with the house. Cerie would also want him to do that, and she alone would be the maternal sympathy vote of support for Izzy. Felicia would be willing to accept that reasoning, as well.

Nether Region Euphemism

I’ll add. It is better for Jared’s game going forward if he does not go against Felicia, once it was clear that she was staying. Same for Blue. Cerie for sure would have advised that as well for him.


Cirie had to stay loyal to Izzy to assure she wouldn’t spill Jared secret on the way out.

Nether Region Euphemism

No way Izzy was spilling. She’s emotionally attached to Cerie in an unhealthy way. Only if Cerie had blatantly screwed her over with active campaigning and such. Other than that, she would rationalize and forgive her.


Jared does a very good job of making it seem like everyone is losing it except for him. Everyone else is unraveling, but telling Blue he can handle intense conversations….of course you can because you yell and talk over everyone. Wooo he’s got to go.


Literally the worst person that could have won. This will be a very boring week that will probably end with all of the “flipped” side of the house all throwing Cameron under the bus. I expect Cameron will get evicted this week. Let’s hope that whomever wins HOH during the double eviction targets Jared and gets him out. I don’t want him being another vote for Cirie in jury.


I hope Blue is gone in the double. I hope cory or America come and tell that blue is targeting him. She’s dumb to play jared and then side with them. Did she not learn from Izzy? Cory threw her under bus and he’s gonna do the same thing to Blue if he is on the block.


pretty difficult for blue to even get nominated in the double. only way i see it happening is if someone like america wins, noms cirie/felicia (with plans to backdoor jared), jared plays and wins veto, blue goes up as replacement when cirie comes down, but i think felicia still gets voted out in that scenario.


Sounds like jared plans on winning everyweek and taking out all his enemies. When he talks/whines to his ‘momma’ BRO makes me think of junior from the old movie smokey and the bandit–i don’t know why as I was a kid when I saw it and barely remember it.


Oh I’m sure production will let him win because his mommy probably already has the check.


the only way Blue can redeem herself is if she becomes a double agent!

Jarod’s greasy durag

Not only do we get to hear “ bro” a million times this week, we get to hear Jared say in the DR: “ your boy won, America “……ugh, he repulses me just like the two Jackholes did…. Don’t think it’s fair to have Cirie & son in the game; also one being in jury is a super advantage…… what a fkn let down this season


what do you mean this week,we,ll hear it a million times a day.

Game fan

Not in jury yet.


At least one of the Fields is going to be in jury. Next week’s evictions will be the last pre jury hgs. So hopefully Jared or Cerie go out in the 2nd eviction.

Carlito's Way

Julie Chen calls Cirie “likable and kind,” in an EW interview today. Does she have any clue what is going on in the house?



julie chen basically just shows up for a couple hours each filming day and gets handed a script. maybe she chats with grod a little bit while she’s in makeup. most of the time she doesn’t have much of an idea of what’s going on.

Nether Region Euphemism

The perception on this site is very different from general viewers. Even feeders on other platforms do not all hate her. Some feel sympathy.

Personally, I get her. She’s very anxious high-strung and impulsive, but she is also funny and playful.

She can be mean as she is a very black and white thinker in terms of how she assesses people.

For sure she needs therapy. But she’s not toxic. That would be Jared.


yeah, i really don’t find her half as mean as paul. i think she’s a very guarded person and what cracks we get to see of her personality are actually genuinely pretty likeable, but she’s very much a gamer and can be ruthless when she’s in game mode which is most of the time. ultimately i think she’s playing a good game, but it’s not a fun game to watch as her guardedness masks a lot of the charisma necessary to make her game a fun watch (though she does give enough for a good edit which is helping her image for people just watching the show or for when she was on the very heavily edited survivor).


I don’t believe Chen knows anything that isn’t on her teleprompter.

un autre nom

Baby is afraid of Cameron playing in veto.
If I’m a potential nom, I’m telling Baby that I’ll choose Cameron to play veto if I’m nominated. Baby is already saying I’m an acceptable casualty. Play on his weakness.

un autre nom

Veto is supposed to be Otev.
How do they rig that this time?
I’m still half convinced Jared wore a button up to hide a strap with a hook on it, and everyone was warned to dive before the one hour mark because that’s the longest Jared can go without lying down.
He’s part of the season twist, so let’s be real. Mommy is there because prodo knew he’d never make jury without cleanup crew in the house.
The secret is storyline, therefore production, therefore can’t be talked about. Think wall yeller rules.
Am I saying production created a storyline before filming? It’s reality entertainment television.
Is Jared reminding me a little bit too much of bbcan11 Tyrant? Yup.
A direct comparison as a beta test for BB25 is hard because so many people quit in Bbcan11. We’ve got a thoroughly unlikeable man that gets dubiously acheived comp wins and has a showmance that talks about backstabbing him but never does. His main adversaries are all former allies he backstabbed week one. The leader of the other alliance in the house was secretly a final 2 with him and protected him from being a target.
Seeing what I’m seeing?


otev has always been one of the easier comps to rig. it’s all about where the correct answers are placed and observing which houseguests explore those areas.

The Beef

So how do they know beforehand which house guest is going to which area? Unless they tell them where to go (basically limiting them to where they can search), your rig doesn’t work, and if they do, the entire cast knows beforehand the fix is in, so why even bother trying?

Ghost of Jared’s IQ

I agree that they did something to give him the W except I believe that they lengthened the ledge and put athletic tape down for him to grip! I don’t know why they picked him to be their golden pick. There is one every year that you can tell on day one that you know production is pulling for and it has obviously been him. There is no way that they are going to be able to pull this off now. The guy tried to do way too much! He made alliances with others and lied just to be deceptive. That crap with Cameron this week was unnecessary! With how low on the totem pole Cameron is, you don’t have to pretend to work with him. He also seems to be an abusive partner based on what I read last night! I can’t help but think that they thought that he would charm America (us)and he probably thinks that he is the favorite and cannot wait to find out how he reacts to his unpopularity…

un autre nom

why I worry:
the bbcan11 comparison. Over 1/2 the comps were individual time comps and the season arse won them. In early part of the season he was paired with Zach, their game got blown up. Zach the social game toadie to Tyrant got the lion share of blame for Tyrant’s bad game, but he was still a target that won ind time vetoes repeatedly. He did win one endurance comp legit. look at the default comp wins this season.
The parallels of hiding a gross personality in the edit and dubious comp wins? Beginning to really trip my radar.

Ghost of Jared’s IQ

Yeah, I can’t help but think that it’s been rigged all along and some do win with the cards stacked against them from production. There is always one that seems suspicious but must say that this one is the most blatant. Motivation on CBS’ end is unknown. The guy is not going to be a good ambassador for anyone. Could you imagine this guy’s social media posts? Lololol! You know that they had him delete his accounts. In no universes does he not make posts that aren’t extremely incorrect. I personally don’t care and find social media to be a joke but I’m in the minority and most take it very seriously.


There’s no doubt in my mind Jared needs constant supervision by mom and assistance from production. My hunch, production thinks it will be cool (Bro..lol) to have mother and son sit sided by side as final two. My guess Izzy or Matt as final three and four. However they didn’t share this information with American and Cameron. Now Izzy is toast and Matt thinks he’s really playing a game, rather than being impressive supporting actor in the BB USA soap opera.


Cirie has some nerve to be trashing Cory about the blow up/his game play while dumbasses Felecia and mecole nod mindlessly while never mentioning how trashy her baby was.

Stop ON

Ever wonder what makes a “bad” or “good” player on BB?
A starting point to answer the question has to evaluate the nature of the “game”; a summer long session of lying, deceit, backstabbing, having no shame or ethics, etc., etc., and then practicing the “craft” on others for your sole benefit.
In fact, if one is artful enough, and is blessed with those traits with sufficient proficiency and endurance, THAT person gets rewarded with $$$$$$ at the end.
In evaluating those that are left in the game against the criteria above, it’s abundantly clear that SOME are more “gifted” than OTHERS.
Being a hoodie does seem to help advance one’s pecking order in the “game” when the daily grind in the “real world” likely involves practicing those same traits on others as a form of “surviving in the jungle”. Not only are these “good” players are possible “snakes” in the game, but they may also be Gila monsters.


I’m voting Cameron AFP just to tick Jared off if he wins it!!

JagOrMatt ftw

I don’t like the fact that there is a secret duo in the house and nobody has any idea. It’s NOT FAIR.
They should have at least given the houseguests a CLUE that someone in the house has a pre-existing relationship.
Of course one of them will win!

It’s made this season annoying.
My favorite players are Jag & Matt. And there are some smart & interesting ppl in the house.
Jared would have been gone if not for Cerie.