Jared “The first wrong crack of a smile, and I am going to get kicked out of this f**king house.”

The Situation:

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a week long comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

5pm Havenot room – Matt and Jag.
Matt – Cam said I am tired of us all targeting each other. Jag – because that’s what’s going to happen and we know it. If we take Cam out, then they’re going to try to take us out. Matt – exactly! Jag – BUT if you me and Cam stick together. Matt – that’s what I’m saying! Me and Cam were laughing. Jag – BRO! Matt – He was like America is watching. Cam was like imagine us three together. Guess what you’ve won so many. He’s won many. I’ve won many now. He was like we can do this back to back to back. He was like America is watching .. you know how excited they’ll be if we all three come together and just steamroll. I was like we’re fighting and taking the shots and Cam was like I know I’ve been the one taking the shots and then there’s people like Meme who don’t do sh*t and just steam right into jury. And they haven’t done anything. I was like of anyone you really deserve it because you’ve been fighting so many times on the block… and you’re still here. He was like what you had Jag have, I don’t want to get in the way of that but I want to be a part of that. Jag – when Jared is gone then we can trust Blue more. I just want to send Cirie’s a$$ home so bad. Matt – I know, I know. Yeah, you don’t f**k with her .. good.

5:05pm Comic Bedroom – Jared, Cirie and Felica
Felicia – I am exhausted with this sh*t but I ain’t going to give in and let them win.. and just give it to them. HELL NO! Because none of these suckers left in here don’t even deserve to get carried to the end. Cory and America ain’t played no game. Bowie Jane ain’t played no game. Jared – my position with where I am at right now is honestly my game solely relies on someone winning or losing. Felicia – So does everyone else’s! Jared – you could have a conversation to change that .. no conversation between here to Thursday will change whether Cameron wins or loses. Only thing that is going to happen is Cameron winning or losing. And I know that part of it… I am still skeptical about it. Felicia – But again .. the only person that is in control of that is Jared. Faith, Faith, Faith, Faith.. Jared – no and on that part I do have faith. Felici – You get in Cameron’s head and be like I know you think you got this but this sh*t ain’t over! You get in his f**king head between now and Thursday just like he gets in folks heads where they be off their game. Go get in his damn head Jared. If anybody can do that, you can! take him mentally off his game. Say I know you think you got this but I am going to play my a$$ off I am not leaving just like you think you ain’t leaving. My a$$ ain’t leaving so you’re going to have to beat me fair and square. Sh*t ain’t over! GET IN HIS HEAD! Jared – yeah. Cirie – she ain’t lying. Its better advice than I got right now. Jared – I just need some time because I know myself because the first wrong crack of a smile, and I am going to get kicked out of this f**king house. Cirie – no you’re not. Felicia – no you’re not. Don’t say that! Don’t say that! Cirie – you’re not going to do that or else then it would all be for nothing. Felicia – right because if you get kicked out then whatever money you made so far, then you don’t even get that. Cirie – ain’t no one worth that.

5:11pm – 5:50pm Bedroom – Blue and Jared.
Jared – I am just so done with this sh*t! And now I have to stay here till Thursday and I don’t care to have no more conversations with people. Blue – I know. Jared – I don’t care to find out nothing else. I don’t care to hear nothing else. I am just done with this sh*t BRO! Blue – MMmhhmm.. for sure. Blue – but you know we talked about this .. if this were to be your last week .. you might not have an opportunity like this anymore… not saying like.. just put a smile on and act like nothing is wrong but like you might as well enjoy the time that you do have here with the people. It doesn’t have to mean having conversations over and over again. Jared – Yeah but this is the thing for me BRO these ain’t the people that I would enjoy time with regardless. Blue – yeah. Jared – I’ve already been forcing myself.. like absolutely forcing myself and now that I feel like I am at a point where I don’t have to no more .. I am just done. Like I enjoy being here because of this.. not the f**king people. I mean literally! As cool as a lot of these people are .. I would NEVER hang out with these people outside of here. Now I am just feeling like my regular self. I don’t feel like I need to play the game no more. I ain’t giving up but my life in here solely depends on somebody losing. Its not like I have a conversation to change that… Its not like I can do anything that will change that. I could try my hardest to get in his head but he is not stupid .. he is not going to let me play that sh*t. He ain’t stupid enough to give me another chance. Jared – if you sit next to any of them its an L .. if you sit next to Cory or America its a W. Its not that I’m giving up.. I just know where my fate is at.

6:20pm Bathroom – Cam and America.
America – So congrats, I am very happy that it was you. BB switches the feeds. Cam – I am ready to do that. America – I know you can do it. Cam – I just have to stay focused as if I am going to be here when I finish… because I am so.. America – I want you to be. Cam – they’re acting so weird.. I don’t get it. America – how, like happy? Cam – no for Jared as if ya’ll didn’t just kick his a$$ out of here. America – well it wasn’t them. Cam – everyone voted Jared out. I get me. America – they still have this mentality that it has to be a house vote and they’ve done that sh*t all season. Where they want to be on the right side of the house.. on the right side of the votes.. so I guess they heard that we were voting Jared out and the wanted to.. Cam – to save face with ya’ll!? America – so they’re probably going back to him saying like we had to do that to save face. Like they told us you were the target.

6:24pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

6:28pm Hammock – Cory and America.
Cory – I think we’re losing Cirie. They’re getting a lot more time with her and she has eyes. But its okay.. I am not worried about it. America – what is she going to win? And that’s a possibility but like whatever. We’re telling her the truth, you know!? If she chooses to believe them, that’s on her. She will run this back and see how they betrayed her. Cory – I just need her to target Matt and Jag before us. America – she will. Cory – we don’t want to be shifty but we can be less shady. I just don’t know what the f**k to do with Cam. I think he would honestly nominate Jag and Matt. America – he is trying to work with them. Cory – I know but I don’t think he cares. If he wins HOH, he is into jury. Hopefully his relationship with you prevents him from targeting us.
America – I like actually like you. Cory – actually? America – actually, which is so weird because you’re just unconventionally.. Cory – unconventionally attractive? America – I am kidding you the unconventionally.. I think you’re very handsome.

6:47pm Dinner time.. Matt tells Jag and Cory that Jared took like 3 of those and 5 of those on purpose.. he was like I am not saving any for anyone. Jag – BRO. Matt – he’s going out like that. Jag – I told Cam that we need to talk. And he was like yeah. .. I hear you loud and clear!

6:58pm Bedroom – Jag and Matt.
Jag – We need to talk to Cirie. I don’t want to keep pushing it off. Matt – I know Jared is blowing up my game. He won’t even make eye contact with me. Jag – make sure you still talk to Meme and let her know that she is good.

7:30pm – 8:27pm Havenot room – Jag and Cameron.
Jag – so what’s up? What’s good? Cam – I’m ready to whoop a$$! Jag – I am excited that you did well today. Cam – thank you.. your tryout period is going well. Jag – whatever the thing is on Thursday, I am assuming you’re going to play? Cam – yeah. Jag – I am assuming why this is an advantage it because whoever is playing is more likly to be able to do it than to not. Cam – yeah. Jag – that will be exciting. Matt filled me in on you guys chatting. Cam – last week once I was up there I knew I was going home from ya’lls perspective. I just knew what had to happen. Jag – we want you to stay. In theory we’ve tried to work together in this game. Cam – it never could happen based on who I was working with and who you were working with. Jag – there was a trust building moment but I feel that was broken again on my end. We made the deal and it was clear we weren’t going to say anything to anyone and suddenly Jared knows. Cam – Oh I had no idea. I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to say anything. I knew I was going to tell Jared because I had to. He brought it up to put you in a backdoor.. I said that can’t happen and here is why. That was me telling you I keep my f**king deals. Jag – that put me in hot water .. Jared was pressuring me and asking me and I said we didn’t have anything. Cam – I didn’t know that put you in hot water. I didn’t mean to do that. I thought that Jared was cool and then I realized what was happening. He (Jared) was one of the worst dudes that was spreading the majority of things that were being said about all of us. He probably was that guy. He played me. And ya’ll played him and that is why I said good job when I came back into the house. Cam – if I win (HOH) Meme will be sitting next to Felicia. How about we go out there and do what we do best.. which is have fun and roll over this place. Jag – you have won multiple times. Cam – that was my fourth. Jag – I’ve won, Matt’s won multiple times. Cam – LETS GO! Jag – there is no one else that’s won multiple times other than Jared who is next to you. Jag – If we move forward with this.. we have to chat with Matt too. If one of us wins HOH, we’ve got the two others playing the following week. Matt joins them. Jag – we need your a$$ to win this bro. Cam – after I win this we’re going to run this game into the ground. Jag – if we’re going to move forward like this .. we need to full trust each other. Matt – if we don’t trust each other they’re going to pick us off. Jag – what are your thoughts on Cory and America? Cam – they’ve got to get broken up at some point. Cory has to go. Without Cory, America is just Meme. He is good, he’s got to go. Matt – I am sold.

9:12pm Backyard – Cam and Jared.
Jared – I won’t impede in on your decision but how you feel about it? Cam – I’m a do it. Why wouldn’t I? Jared – That’s what I figured. Cam – you are going to go hard at it. I believe you can do it. No piece of me would insult you by going na you going to do it. Jared – Cam know me. And I know Cam. Champions would rather lose with the ball in their hands than say damn I wish I could have done better. I just wanted to say Congrats Bro. That was a hard a$$ comp. Cam – thank you.

10:48pm Backyard – America, Cory and Cameron by the pool table.
Cory – I know we did this thought experiment before America, who is good casting. I think its a really good cast. I think in terms of everyones stand alone impact on everything. I think its a really good cast and its hard to zoom out but like f**K everyone adds something.. with like one or two exceptions. America – like this Cory guy. Cory – I think I’m unique for the 21 year old. America – I am just kidding. I am teasing. Cory – I gave a pretty dorky speech with my noms. This is a shot that I don’t want to take but one that I need to for you Jared and you Blue.

10:57pm Backyard – Cory talking to the cameras.
Cory – the lengths I go to protect myself in this dog sh*t game. Again I don’t dislike Cameron on a chemistry level, just the sh*t he says pisses me off all of the f**king time. Maybe it is just F**King High School Jealousy but I don’t think so.. maybe it is something about that guy .. am I drunk .. no way right!? Having two Smirnoff’s? That sh*t would be embarrassing. Hope you guys enjoyed the Double!? That sh*t was crazy! I wasn’t exactly fighting for my life.. well I was kind of based on the comp but I should have been in an okay spot going into that double… but I almost got f**ked. Like I had to beat Cirie at the very least ..if Blue was in that spot I could have been in trouble for sure but like Cirie winning I am actually probably the target. I think at least. I don’t know what the f**k to do with Jared coming back though. I am just going to make this Cameron sh*t work. I have no choice. Look honestly if we get in a situation where Cameron comes back and I am okay on a Cameron HOH I am back to being in an excellent spot. Because I will be Bowie Janes number 1. Obviously I am America’s number 1. I want to be Jags number 2. I want to be Matt’s number 2.

11:42pm Backyard Hammock – Cory, America and Matt.
They’re rehashing past conversations / events of the season so far. Cory – dude I was so anti Matt for a couple weeks. Here is what pissed me off. Red kept telling me Yo I’ve got Matt. And Cirie was telling me I got Matt. And then Jag was like I’ve got Matt. EVERYONE can’t have Matt. Matt – Damn, I was doing a good job I guess. America – I was like no way Red has Matt. Cory – I thought that was bullsh*t. I thought Cirie had you for a bit. Matt – no me and Red were actually kind of close. He pulled me into that big alliance that happened .. he pulled me into the meeting when he wanted.

11:48pm – 12am bathroom – Jared and Jag.
Jared – not only was yesterday hard because BRO like not only was I fighting for my life but I got to fight for my life because I was caught off guard. I am still not okay that I was caught off guard but now I am still fighting for my life and I feel like I did lose fair and square but I can actually accept this sh*t now. And now I am ready to have these conversations. In the event that I do stay.. BRO I am not coming after your a$$. There is ONE motherf**ker (Cory) that I got in mind. There is ONE motherf**ker that I got in mind and you know who exactly I am talking about… and I don’t care whether or not you two are cool or not and I don’t give a f**k if he knows. That is who I am coming after. I do feel like I told Blue and I told Matt.. I do feel like Jag had a reason to do what he did even though I don’t know if it was the right move. Even though I don’t think it would have been the move I would have made. I respect that sh*t. I understand the game is fluid as F**K. At first I was like if I stay I am taxing that a$$. Like it is going to be f**king war! F**k that I ain’t got nothing to hide. If in the event that I do stay in this crib I ain’t coming after you BRO.

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Cameron must really be kicking Jared’s butt. Cry baby. He is showing his real self now. His words not mine. I am sure that most of these people wouldn’t be friends with him either outside of the house

Spot ON

“. I am sure that most of these people wouldn’t be friends with him either outside of the house”
I’ve said that in the past. I laugh every time one of these bozos say they’ll “hang out” together after game. LOL


What it do, baby?

Backseat Driver

His mother must really be proud of him….


it’s hard to think of a competition jared would be better at than cameron. cameron’s overall better physically and mentally than jared. all jared has going for him is more entitlement.


Well said, about the entitlement thing….It’s worked well for Cirie, but in general the majority are tiring of it….


IMO, there isn’t one lol.
I’m biased. I think there is so much tomfoolery and garbage going on behind the scenes and also to much production scripting the script (like Blue said) to allow for any other ending than Jared coming back into the game. Again, I’m biased. I now think it’s all rigged for a “Fields” win.

Spot ON

IF you are correct in your thinking, one would have to assume the network and producers obtained Consent and Waivers of claims and liabilities for participating in a RIGGED show where the winner has already been predetermined. What then would be the utility for participating? Otherwise, it would be foreseeable for these victims to file numerous claims for damages against the network. There would be so many theories of recovery the network would settle in a heartbeat. So, is it blatantly “rigged”? Who really knows?

Nether Region Euphemism

Jared’s behavior all season has been sickening, but now showing some vulnerability and crying is actually making him seem more decent. He’s also been very realistic and accepting of his fate., even showing some humility. I have to give him a measure of credit for that.



Nether Region Euphemism

Funny how those complaining about bullies in the game, won’t ever show any grace themselves.


Sorry, I’m a bit confused. How does anyone complaining about bullying not showing grace?

Do you believe Jared has been been ”bullied”?

IMO, ZERO %, based on the dictionary….
a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.
seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable)

Just because he’s sad, and others are happy to see the change in his egocentric actions and diatribes (fyi – forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something)
or actually elated at his status change in the game, doesn’t change he fact that Jared is a massive, dictionary example of the word bully.
Sure, if he actually showed even a quarter of an ounce of regret, most folks would share grace!
He hasn’t yet, not holding my breath that he ever will apologize, even when confronted with truth the way the rest of the world sees it, not the truth he convinces himself of.
I find it actually sad, the delusion of it all….

Nether Region Euphemism

I’ll clarify.

Jared and his crew are bullies.

He’s a classic toxic male, big ego.

Now that he’s crying, people are saying he’s a cry baby. Mob mentality to skewer him when he’s actually wounded.

That in fact is bullying,

I can feel some empathy for him breaking down to cry. It removes the toxic bluster that made him so vile thus far.

I don’t care if thousands down vote me. Majority mobs historically have been destructive and distorted in their mission. Bring it.

Spot ON

Blah, blah, blah


IMO, he’s only crying because he recognizes how crap his game has been, that he couldn’t win a comp not handed to him and that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he realizes his mom is gonna be sooooooo pissed at him for how he’s been.

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

He is crying because he has a myriad of problems including controlling his emotions. His ego is bruised due to no self-awareness as I think that he actually believes that he is smarter than everyone but didn’t see his eviction coming. Absolutely blames everyone but himself. He has no idea that he is the common denominator in all house drama and cannot picture others noticing this. I don’t think that I have ever seen anyone as arrogant as him and you wouldn’t believe the people that I have been around. He really needs help but I can’t help but think that he is beyond redemption and has some serious narcissistic traits!

Nether Region Euphemism

Do you know anyone who actual fits the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder?

They don’t stop to reflect or say, damn I screwed up.

Covert narcs will be perennial victims, the nastiest vitriol will come out against those who contributed to their undeserved downfall. In contrast to Jared saying he understands tit for tat put me up bc I put you up. So he feels most bitter now towards Jag and Matt, but ok with Americory and Cam. A narc would be hating on all of them. Cam would still be seen as that vile nasty human. Narc is so superior to all of them.

Overt narcs are Trump. They refuse to accept the loss, relentlessly work to change the narrative so that they are still the winners. Someone cheated, conspiracy, blah blah.

Jared does have toxic tendencies and ego, but not on the level of a malignant personality disorder.

Nether Region Euphemism

Crying bc you realized you screwed up, is, in fact, a sign of humility and even, WOW, maturity.


Jared is a punk.

Spot ON

“Jared – I just need some time because I know myself because the first wrong crack of a smile, and I am going to get kicked out of this f**king house”

THE PRESSURE OF THE HOUSE / “GAME” IS BRINGING THE HOOD OUT OF HIM. It’s now only a matter of time…lol…


Felicia is in the room with Jared and Cirie saying none of the people left deserve to be carried to the end cracks me up. Cory and America lead the charge to get Izzy and Jared out plus Cory just won HOH. How much has Cirie won and Felicia won one crap shoot HOH. Jag and Matt talking about working with Cam if he wins and dumping Cory and America. Cam told Cirie he would try and get back in with them and blow their game up. They jump from one alliance to another like drinking water and at this point they deserve what they get if they do work with Cam. I like Matt but he isn’t playing smart and has a soft spot for Cerie that’s going to end up biting him.


Lol. Lead the charge (CBS). You actually have the same argument that can apply for both side. But I’m assuming your rooting for America &Cory. Or you work for CNN.


You’ve got to be kidding. I’m assuming you watched the same feeds and show I did. Cory did take charge to take Izzy and Jared out by telling everything they told him about fake and real alliances. I do like America and Cory I see them as the underdogs. Also I’m not sure what you mean by, “it’s the same argument that can apply to both sides”, that doesn’t make sense to me.


Lead the charge? They voted with the HoH. They made the obvious decision and voted the better player out.

un autre nom

Houseguest Analysis. alphabetical
America. Socially not secure in house. Large part due to her gab tendency and her showmance touting her as a bad player to craft her house identity. Wants to play old school in the post mod new school.
Blue. Between brief periods of cut throat brilliance, we have days of lustsloth lettuce brain.
Bowie. The best person in the house to take to final 2. Nobody, no matter how bitter is saying i vote for FBJ to win big brother. try to disagree.
Cirie. Playing a Survivor style social game is easier when you don’t have to face those you backstabbed at tribal council. So far indignant not me is working one on one… if a large convo happens she’s cooked.
Cory. Good thing Cory / Jared argued during feedblock before the Cam vote. Socially he’s good when he’s in motion, but he stops moving too much. He’s the whistleblower that didn’t blow allllll the whistles. That is going to be a problem. You can’t base your longevity on whistleblowing new things that all happened in the same time period. People will start to say he’s blowing whistles instead of singing like a canary.
Felicia. pictured herself mob boss queen of the house. found out she’s dispensable to everyone. blabs more than America and Blue combined. she’s now a floater on a week without an HOH.
Jag. Cowardly Lion is getting brave behind closed doors. Open the doors? notsomuch.
Matt. Odd mix. Socially agile, but his impulse to bro and belief to THIS day in Reillyisms can make him cringe to listen to.
Meme. Not to be unkind, but she’s the other Bowie, only bitchy.


What about Zombie Houseguest analysis?

un autre nom

both nopes. wish they were gone.

The Beef

Re: Bowie – You said try to disagree so I’ll bite.

Last years winner received 8 votes after winning only a single competition the whole season long, until she finally won a second one when it got down to 4 players. The first one (the wall) was basically handed to her when it got down to 4 players, Taylor promised safety to Indy, who dropped, and the other 2 players (Kyle and Joseph) leaped off the wall because they didn’t want blood on their hands and were aligned with her. Remember the chaos of that HOH? Remember how she wanted to backdoor Alyssa for taking her vacation from her during the Veto comp?

She did finally legitimately win something, but even then she felt the need to “sleep” with Monte to try and improve her position in the house, and that’s about ALL she did as far as doing anything in the game.

She made an impassioned speech about “if not now, when” for a black female winner, and that’s all it took to get the votes of 8 out of 9 of those jury members.

There’s plenty of time for somebody like Bowie to come back and do MUCH better in the game than Taylor did, and actually DESERVE to win the game, especially considering the fact no one in there thus far has done much to put a lock on deserving to win to this point. I’m not saying she deserves to win now, but at this point last season, I damn sure wouldn’t have said Taylor deserved to win either, and look what happened!

You just never know when it comes down to people and who they might vote for to win.

un autre nom

listen to the ego of the hg’s. this season they are very judgmental about what constitutes playing bb.
Bowie is Britt last season, and Haleena bbcan10, the house doesn’t respect her.

Nether Region Euphemism

There’s talk on the feeds chat of Jared telling Cerie that Izzy revealed their mom/son relationship to Blue. But Cerie knew it was Jared.

Is this correct?


I’d like to know as well….


I’m not at all certain Cirie knows…I am certain Jared tried to blame it all on Izzy


Jared is such a liar. He is not a very good liar, he always gets busted, then gets mad, talks loud, acts aggressive. I really do not understand why Production is trying so hard to help him or Cirie.

Jared is an asshole, if he has power, he’s happy, walks around the house like he’s a king. When he is without power, or losing, he is always saying he’s done, I don’t want to talk, I don’t like any of these people.

I hope Production stays out of this, I want Cam to be resurrected, and I want Jared to go home, I don’t think he deserves to be in jury. Jared is a big baby, feels he deserves so much, Cirie raised a real winner, her son SUCKS !!!!


Jared alluded that Blue may know, he said Izzy may have told her. Cirie said absolutely not, Izzy would not do that. Next example, Jared tells Cirie that Blue noticed they use the same unusual brand of toothpaste, he thinks she knows. Cirie side eye. She may suspect Jared told. Especially since it has come out that Jared told Cory about the Brown Sugar Babes!


If Jared wasn’t an undeserving Production’s pet piece of shit douche I’d feel sorry for him…but he is what he is so I don’t.

I hope Production doesn’t make some impossible to complete puzzle for Cameron when you know the one they had planned in case Jared had to do it was like 5 pieces with 5 minutes to solve it…

Even then Cameron’s potential alliance with Cirie is troubling. I would not mind if he got rid of Felicia, Mecole, Bowie, and Blue but I seriously doubt he would waste an HOH on them when his previous targets of Jag and Izzy were real threats to potentially win this game.

So while I do want Cameron to be resurrected and to make jury, I don’t want him to win the HOH after he is resurrected, because I don’t want someone like Cory, Matt, or Jag to go and I would be shocked if he didn’t go after one of them.

un autre nom

heheh. like this?




That’s what I’m scared of! Cameron has decided he will do the puzzle.


Cameron will most likely get his wish to reach the jury stage. He’s already proven he doesn’t care about blowing up alliances and since he was voted out unanimously he doesn’t owe anyone sh*t.

So far, he’s made a F3 with Jag/Matt (who are all in to take out Cory, lol – so much for Jag’s honor & loyalty code).

America & Cory believe he’ll work closest with them bc of her relationship with Cam – – but let’s not forget the part of Cam that is cringy so he’ll want to take out Cory & leave America open to be tied to him.

He also told Cirie he was going to make deals with the others (Matt/Jag, Amer/Cory) before he did it so I believe he does want to work with her. And not just because he & Jared promised to help each other (he has to get Blue to be open-minded to working with him & Cam was asked to protect Cirie). BUT… think back to the week Izzy left & Cam was honest with her when he said I’d like to work with you but ONLY if Izzy is gone.

Jared also told Cam before they returned to the house – “You were dead on the money about me leaving next. I did try to get the votes to keep you but only Cirie wanted to do it”.

Since Jared had no reason to lie Cam knows this revelation was true which means Jag/Matt telling him they wanted to keep him is BS.

Cam also showed his cards (subtly mind you) when he told Matt he’d rather Felicia didn’t make the jury b/c she’s too persuasive. This was to help move the target off Cirie & offer an alternate target.

He’ll target Cory (likely via a back door) first and I won’t be shocked if Jag is the second hit which subsequently would help Cirie since Matt would still prefer to work with her over most of the other ladies.

Although (as Another Name astutely pointed out) Bowie Jane is the perfect F2 goat, Cam may believe the angst of Jag and the others would make Cirie a better person to take to F2.

Of note, Cirie made some mistakes but no one in the house got as exposed by people she trusted more than her. America & Jag would have to spill everything Cory is saying to them for a week straight to be on par with what she dealt with this past week with the majority of the blame landing on her own son.

Then again, it’s Cam so anything is plausible but it sure looks like he’ll be the one staying.

un autre nom

I actually think 90 of what Jared has said has been a lie. To everyone since coming back with Cameron. The worst of his lies is the ones he tells to Cirie. He’s setting her up for success by denying every bonehead arrogant bully-tactic gum flapping mistake he made that has torn her place to shreds. I had no idea Hypocrisy Hill overlooked the Denial River.


Am I the only one who does not understand this post from un autre nom? I have no clue what it means, and usually I understand and love his/her posts.

un autre nom

90% of what Jared has said since he became a zombie has been bull.
How can Cirie correct the game errors that blew her game, when Jared is lying to Cirie about the game errors? That’s the simplified version.


Thank you. I understood the first two sentences. Then…You mentioned both Jared and Cameron and started talking about “he.” I didn’t know who the “he” was…Jared or Cameron. I appreciate the simplified version.


The air is pretty rare up on Cirie’s moral high ground.

Her (and Jared’s) lack of self-awareness is spectacular! His lamentable bad language is evidenced by her potty mouth. Add Felicia to the mix and boy, the bleep machine is putting in extra duty!


Ugh. My biggest fear is production meddling and changing it from a simple puzzle for Jared to a complicated impossible one for Cam. And like… I just don’t even get why Jared is the production pet?! I think a good bit of the audience still likes Cerie so ok, I get that. But Jared? He is very unliked by the audience. Wouldn’t production favor someone the actual audience likes? I’d also think they want to keep Cerie around more but his stupidity actually ruins her game … AAAAAND – He isn’t even fun in a villain way… just annoying! Honestly I don’t even like Cam! haha but I would like to see him in the game sooooo much longer because he is actually entertaining.


If the puzzle is any more complicated than the return puzzle Kaitlin had from several seasons back, I’ll call rigged!


Cam did say Felicia does not deserve to make Jury, she has to go. He said Felicia would vote vindictively not game related.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Jared is disgusting, plain & simple….. if CBS was smart, they’d make sure his ass left next Thursday! The trash talking of Bowie’s looks is really bad….home boy ain’t all that good to look at either, so he needs to sit the fk down! mama Cirie was making fun of Bowie’s teeth too? WTF…. the Fields family is making themselves look like trash….. nasty Blue isn’t much better

Spot ON

“. the Fields family is making themselves look like trash”

“Look like”? Or…. proven to be?

un autre nom

Jared is walking around confronting, accusing and interrogating. Whining and crying.
Dudes been evicted for being a huge arse…. and he’s behaving like a huge arse.
Cam is trying to compose and lead a cult of followers that will follow glorious leaders orders. If anyone says no…he flips.
Dudes been evicted for being untrustworthy and trying to force his will on others.

Jared and Cam would have been targets without the comp wins. Their personalities are abrasive. Their social management skills blow chunks.

Jag and Matt are betas with alpha delusions of grandeur. They’re easily programmed and deprogrammed by whoever they talked to last.

Blue? I like a schemer. I like a villain. I like self aware though, too. she’s not self aware, she’s tedious. I’m growing tired with her.



Preach AN, PREACH!

Senior Citizen


Time to PLAY

Can someone explain where Meme stands? She seems to be swinging with both sides and – from the convos I’m reading (I don’t subscribe to feeds) – she’s complaining a LOT. I’d sort of liked her up until this point. Don’t have her figured out, that’s for sure!


She’s playing the middle but sees the danger in keeping both pairs (Jag/Matt — Cory/America) in the game.

Felicia is the only person she FULLY trusts and she’s uber annoyed by the fakeness & schoolyard antics that are typical in Big Brother.

For example, last week the quartet above plus Blue & FBJ all wanted Cam out & spewed negative comments about him but now with him leading & looking like the zombie who’ll return that same group is kissing his ass. Meme simply has no room for that side of the game and has a difficult time hiding her true nature/feelings.

She’s also not vibing with how the cool kids group (esp Cory/Jag/BJ) are acting now that the pendulum has swung the power structure in their favor.

I earmarked Meme as my dark horse but unless she gets lucky – – read: she wins HOH & gets a friendly HOH from an ally in back-to-back weeks she’s no longer as untouchable as she was through the first 7 weeks.

un autre nom

Given bb23 and bbcan6 were the two seasons the cast were told to specifically watch as research this season, it’s easy to see that meme is doing what if paras were in the cookout.
Until mid week last week i had a soft spot for her that has since hardened.
every thing she complains about others lacks self awareness and ownership because those complaints comprise her entire game. Camkvetching isn’t playing.
I’m in a mood,
so perhaps i’ll regret this, but at this very moment her game only has momentum if you include the fact that the earth is revolving around the sun.
It’s Friday. She can still change that. But today, other than being a lemon sucking cantankerous mean girl waste of space… what has she done? nada.


Meme thinks she’s better than the other people in the house. I’m not sure why she wanted to be on Big Brother, especially since she’s a newlywed.

Gan ainm

Meme’s goal seems to be cutting Cirie in final 3 and taking Felica to the end but has no strategy to make that happen so she’ll continue to do nothing but complain.


*DISCLOSER: the following IS JUST A JOKE. not meant to disparage anyone in need of vital organs. Do not read if you will get offended. This is a disclaimer because the following is for fun only. If you don’t laugh that is fair too.***Proceed with caution

Calling all spoilers commentators:
Created a drinking game based on Jared Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains commentary. Granted I was only drinking wine coolers. Now I suffer from alcohol poisoning in need of liver transplant.
MFker doesn’t speak smart at all.
Blue is such a snake took Izzy’s place in the sticking tongue FAR up in Cirie’s b*tt. Toxic TV but I can’t stop watching!! Help me find a liver!


I hope Cam is resurrected, I also hope Cam, Matt & Jag work together.

Felicia really rides my last nerve, her and Meme. Felicia’s HOH was a lucky chance, there was no skill, no physical strength needed, but Felicia cracks me up walking around talking about who’s a Floater !!!

Felicia, Meme, Cirie, Bowie, all Floaters. Matt & Jag are floaters as well, but at least they have won challenges, I wish Matt & Jag would stop saying we have to talk with Cirie, what do they need to talk with Cirie about ?? What has Cirie won ? Stop trusting Cirie !!

Jag & Matt need to work with Cam, if they work with Cirie, Felicia, Corey, America and Blue, on getting Cam out, Matt & Jag will become targets as soon as Cam is gone.

I thought Felicia was done with Cirie & Jared ? I see she’s floated back over and talking shit about everyone else, who needs to go, who’s a floater, who doesn’t deserve being in the house.

They talk about Bowie not being faithful, they treat her like Crap, why would she be faithful to them, they have lied to her, kept her in the dark, they are mean to her, why is Bowie suppose to be faithful to Cirie or Felicia. I’d love to see Bowie win HOH, put Cirie & Felicia up.

Please let Jared’s game be over on Thursday, I’m sick of listening to him, sick of Blue begging for Jared’s approval, Blue claims she’s a tough bitch, ( Her words, not mine ), Blue’s nothing but a door mat and a sexual release for Jared.

Yea, she’s tough, touch to listen too, annoying as hell on the live shows kissing up to Julie, Blue threw her game in the trash, just to be able to have a pathetic annoying showmance Jared’s sorry ass!! Blue, just wants to be used and walked on by Jared. Very sad, and I’m actually sad for her, she deserves better.

Jared’s a Loser, a Liar, verbally abusive, a spoiled brat, has a very high opinion of himself, thinks we are his fans, Blue needs to stop being his play toy. It’s time for Jared to Bounce.

Come on Cam, win, resurrect yourself, then production can send Jared packing, once and for all. He will not even be able to go to Jury, no mor $$$ for his sorry pathetic ass, please let Cam remain in the house, Cam is not a Floater.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Well, we know that fkn puzzle will be 100 piece for cam & 3 piece for d*ckhead! Production is pathetic if they try to resurrect Jared back into the game….. I’m ready for the Fields family to gtfo


I thought they should have voted out Blue when she said she wanted to stay because she had a lot of outfits to show.


Lets be real. Despicable people have won this game before. Cowards, have won this game before. I’m comfortable with a Jag, Matt, Cory, America, final 5 this year.. The rest? Inconsequential. If Jared goes, the story changes slightly. But both Cirie and Jared must go for the gimmick to be diverted completely.


You named 4 of the 5… I assume FBJ is the 5th?



un autre nom

Things I learned today:

  1. Felicia tried to get Matt to use veto (on Jared?) to get Cirie out. That failed
  2. Cirie tried to get Matt to use veto on Jared. That failed
  3. Blue tried to get Matt to use veto on her to get Cirie out. That failed.
  4. The brown sugar babes triied to flip the vote using Bowie. That failed
  5. Cory, Amer / Jag all had to tell Bowie to vote out Jared, they weren’t playing the leave Bowie out trick, the bsb made her think it was Red vote part 2.
  6. Before Cam’s eviction Jared told Jag he was targeting Jag and Matt.
  7. Before Cam’s eviction, Cory and Jared argued.
  8. After Jared’s eviction, Brown Sugar Babes had a huge argument in Scary Room.
  9. After Jared’s eviction cuss words were flying in all directions.
  10. After Zombie Return: more arguments.

That’s what we missed.
We get hours of Felicia scratching her ass while waiting for her tea to brew.
We got all of Cirie’s gas attack Wednesday
We’ve seen days of Cameron glaring at someone silently.
We got Jared opening his mouth much the shame of his ancestors up the whaaazoo…


Big mans showing his,
what’s term, lilly, yellow bellied, douche canoe.
I don’t care if I’m downvoted, this man child baby needs to go


Production – “Let’s make it a spelling puzzle!” Jared wins, “Spell R O S E, you have 20 seconds.” Cam wins, “Spell C H R Y S A N T H E M U M, you have 10 seconds.”

Spot ON

The password is…POT…
The password is…BRO…
The password is…JANE…
The password is…M*****f*****


I hope it’s Camron that gets back in the house. I don’t know how much hey Bro after everything that comes out ofJareds mouth. I cant believe even to Blue hes so called showmance . Just stop already BRO !!!!!