“I make up for my face and Clothes with my personality”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-20 12-20-24-523

11:09am Bikini Girl HOH pictures.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-20 12-14-57-078

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-20 12-14-48-140

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-20 12-31-57-434

11:51am Jason and Kryssie
Jason – that’s the nicest Shelby’s hair been all week .. Do they not know that we’re being films all the time
Jason going on about Shelby and Morgan looking “Fake” because they get dressed up for HOH pictures but the rest of the time they don’t
Jason – they see you the other days when you’ve worn the same pajamas three days in a row and your hair looks like a f***G rats nest on your head
Kryssie – even I didn’t get all gussied up when I won HOH
Jason – it’s silly.. everyone knows you look like sh1t they’ve been watching you look like sh2t
Kryssie – oh ya that selfie I took with them
Jason – people that watch the feeds don’t give a f*** about the HOH camera

Jason – no one gives a f*** sorry CBS..
Kryssie – I thin kit’s funny the other ones are like we’re all done up and I look like Vince Neil.
Jason – they do all this stuff wit their face and their hair but they don’t really try with their cloths
Kryssie – they feel like that’s enough .. they place a level of importance on that .. your face and your hair
Kryssie – and I’m over here trying to have a personality like a sucker..
Jaso – I make up for my face with my clothes though like my face will never look good
Kryssie – I make up for my face and Clothes with my personality

Kryssie – You want my d1ck
Jason – no I don’t want your d1ck
Kryssie – I’m sure there’s a line out the door with people wanting my d1ck
Jason – I am d1ck deprived .. so no
Kryssie – that’s alright I don’t actually have one
Jason – I know..

1:00pm Houseguests either sleeping or laying down in silence..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-20 19-56-55-348

Morgan nominates Kryssie and Jason

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Hahaha omg wtf are Jason and Kryssie talking about?? I’ve never seen two delusional people like these two. Shit talking Morgan and Shelby saying how bad they look?? OMG!! Have those two even looked in the mirror? Kryssie has looked like shit from day one, never changes her clothes and doesn’t shower. She says she makes up her faults with her personality?? Again hahaha. Jason has no room to talk either. He looks greasy all the time to and his personality sucks big time. I’ve never really seen Shelby or Morgan look bad even in pj’s and their hair up in a bun. Those two need a reality check.

Dirty Harry Reid

Doesn’t Kryssie know that her personality is even uglier than her face? The poster above was correct they are both delusional.


WTF is going in in that house? They all have lost it


Jason and Kryssie are so jealous of Shelby and Morgan! They have qualities that they wish they had. The reason they can’t stop bashing them comes out of jealousy and nothing else.

Pure evil

Jason and kryisse is just mean spirited..
They r evil and vile people
and don’t deserve to still b in that house at all



Mrs. Mac

No, Kryssi, your face and clothes PREPARE everyone for your personality, which is dull and ugly.


Ott is pretty boring I check back throughout the day and it’s same post
Nothing new since one o’clock


Right? What happened to no sleeping 10-10? Paying to watch them sleep at this point.

Uncle Teddy

There’s no way Krusty has fans