Jag – “To be fair we took Cirie as far as we could, We protected her for as long as we could”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cirie is the target. Veto was not used.

noon Matt and Jag
They’re talking about how nervous Cirie is “She’s never campaigned like this”
Matt – she’s never had to
Jag – She’s nervous.. she’s bringing REilly into it. She absolutely played Reilly. Don’t bring that into this.
Matt – she was good with everyone. She made them all feel good.
Matt – Reilly was only 10 days in..
Jag says Cirie was never down with keeping Reilly but she made it sound like she was.
Matt – she was never going to risk her game her early game.
Jag – Don’t bring that into it.
Matt – she said to me Reilly is going to be mad if you put me up (Is this the mist?)
Jag – she knows we are both super close with Reilly and she’s going to bring that into it. This is why she’s got to go man.
Jag – she’s smart. She’s such a dangerous player.
Jag brings up Cirie saying to him Reilly will be so happy when she see what they did. (Save Cirie)
Jag – NO she’ll be happy when she sees you walk out.
Matt – day 93
Jag – to be fair we took Cirie as far as we could, We protected her for as long as we could
Matt – we really did.
Jag – WOW dog she is nervous.. WOW .. It ain’t going to work your little tricks ain’t going to work.
Jag – they worked on survivor they worked on the traitors but it’s not going to work here
Matt – not with us in here
Jag – not with the minuteman
Matt – the minuteman play Cirie like a fiddle then Felicia.
They talk about America being smart but playing dumb like she didn’t know how to cook or do laundry.
Matt – doesn’t know how to be clean

Bowie joins them. “Both of them just campaigned to me”
Bowie – Cirie said I’m going to campaign to you once I’m not going to chase you around the house. I just want to say we’ve been together since day one
Matt – she has not been with you since day one
Bowie – I know
Bowie – we’re family.. blah blah blah ..
Bowie told her she has her vote.
Matt – she said Reilly’s watching she’s going to be so proud of us
Jag – Reilly is going to be so happy
Matt – she’s using our attachment to reilly cause we love reilly..
Matt – she said Reilly would be mad if I put her up
Jag – that’s what makes her dangerous player.
Bowie – makes you feel bad.
Jag says reilly will be happy when she sees Cirie walk out the door.
Bowie brings up Cirie telling her she’s like family to her yet she wanted Bowie on the block.
Bowie says Cirie will be a pain this week “No remorse she’s such a schemer”
They talk about how Cory wore America’s one piece on eviction night.
Matt- He wore America’s outfit. I was like are you bragging that you can fit in your girls clothes?
They agree the first half of the game sucked “We were getting bullied BRO”
Jag – there’s for real bullies in his f**Ing game. Oh my god
Bowie – when I look at the wall it makes me anxious every single person

1:30 pm Bowie, Cirie, Felicia Pool time. Cirie and Felicia are off to the side. Chit chat

2:00 pm Sunning

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm Cards

4:30 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – what do you want to do
Matt – lay here and chill a bit.. then play pool. Last day of playing Pool.
Jag – I want to hang out outside while there’s still light. We should study again tonight.
Matt – I’m just tired..

4:36 pm Felicia comes gives Matt a quick HUG
Felicia – just want to check all is well
Matt – I’m good thanks for checking on me.

4:37 pm Cirie comes gives Matt a quick HUG
Cirie – just checking are you okay?
matt – yeah
Cirie – you sure
Matt – I’m good
Matt – thanks for checking on me
Cirie – of course I love you

(Matts got a sore stomach from stress)

5:13 pm talking about the backyard getting closed for good tonight.
Felicia tells her Matt/Jag will take Bowie to final 3
Cirie – mmmhmmmmm
Felicia goes on about how Jag suckered Matt in every decision he made.
Felicia blames everything that went wrong this season for her and Cirie’s game on jag.
Cirie – mmhmmmmm

5:44 pm Matt chilling in the HOH

5:56 pm Jag and matt
Matt says he’s stressed out about next week because he can’t play in the HOH>
Talking about how cirie and Felicia are “Cooking” trying to get Matt/Jag and Bowie broken up.
Jag – there’s no way I’m letting Felicia win HOH or Veto..
They agree Cirie is smarter player than Felicia. Felicia is a sloppy player.
They speculate that maybe the next eviction will be the Sunday so they only have a couple days to deal with Felicia.
Jag stresses he’s not letting Felicia win any competitions, “There’s no amount of studying she can do, I know everything more than she knows. She makes mistakes I will not make a mistake.”
Jag points out the pressure has been on them this entire season to win competitions to save themselves. (True)
Jag – I’m going to COOK Felicia next week.
They go on about this season being the minuteman season. They go over all the times where they had to win competitions to save themselves or to take out opponents.
They joke about Felicia trying to get matt to put up Bowie.
matt – if I can win Veto and Send Felicia home that will be nice. I’ll lose that jury vote
Jag – I don’t give a f*** at this point. All we can control is being in those final 2 chairs. After that what the jury does or says is up to them.
matt – it’s out of our control
They agree the jury is going to be pissed especially with Cirie and Felicia entering stirring things up
Matt – they are mad because they won’t be sitting in those two chairs we are.
Jag – bro they will be one Big Brother 53 and people will still be talking about the minute men.
Jag – we just need to pull this off people will be talking about ohh sh1t the minutemen.
Jag brings up the hitman and how Cody could have taken Victoria to the end and won but instead he took his partner hitman Derrick and lost to him.
They agree they were struggling in the early game. Jag was Cooked if it wasn’t for Matt’s power. Lately they’ve been running the game.
They go on about the similarities between the hitman and the minutemen.
Jag brings up that Blue told him if Jared would have won the HOH other than Hisam Reilly would have stilled put Reilly up because Jared was always closer to the comic room side. Jag adds the one thing that would have been different is Hisam wouldn’t have played to win the veto Blue would have won it (She was second in veto) and used the veto on Reilly.
Jag – Blue would have saved REilly and Jared would have put either me or you up. Probably me up…
Matt starts going on about how America and Cory won’t last. Brings up America saying she does one night stands.
They do some light sh1ting on America.
Matt wonders what will happen with Jared and Blue. They mention how Jared played the same game as Cameron.
6:50 pm feeds flip to Felicia and Cirie talking about how much they miss home.

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Gan ainm

Matt is the least deserving to win.He played like a leech,attaching himself to Reilly,to Cirie,to Jag.Even when he had power as HOH or VETO he didn’t use it to advance himself forward.Jag can only loose to a bitter jury because he plays like a coward who has yet to own his game.I can only hope that if the jury votes bitter then that bitterness extends to Matt as well.Though it should be a moot point as I don’t expect Jag to take Matt to the finals.It would be smart for Jag to betray Matt and brag to jury about how cutthroat of a player he was.I don’t expect the coward to try to sell that.Jag should have learned one thing from Cirie,in these games you can act like the hero and still play the villain.


have you watched this season? matt’s not as deserving as others but there are still a lot of players way less deserving than him

Gan ainm

Bowie Felicia and Cirie have each done more for their own game than Matt.Name one original thought or move Matt has made.



Saved jag, then rode his coattails to the final.

Gan ainm

Saved him with the power we have him.And he has to consult Cirie before using it.

The Beef

Exactly. He couldn’t even make THAT move, without getting permission from Cirie first.

Matt talks a big game, but when it comes down to it, he’s a follower not a leader. He needs somebody to tell him what to do, or at least it seems so based on everything we’ve seen in this game so far.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Well said!

Just The Truth

nope. but stay mad

Gan ainm

I will stay mad.See we are now in agreement.Now make a counterpoint if you can.


Production better get that Pandora’s Box ready if they care about Cirie anymore…

Blowme Jane’s rictus grin

Cirie’s time in the sun is over…. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but…pulling for the sh*t disturbing Felicia

Spot ON

FELICIA is a LONG shot at best. Something REALLY CRAZY has to happen for her to win HOH or POV.

Gan ainm

Looks like prodo has dropped Cirie and are polishing up Jag and Matt,though I get the feeling Grod would prefer a Matt win.She has a type.


She wins either way. Either the first hearing impaired winner or an underrepresented in reality show Sikh-Punjabi winner.

Spot ON

Wut? Wut? or Alibaba….


I’m so tired of Bowie talking about how everyone bully them and how Cirie wanted her on the block well duh ur playing BB she dont want to be on the block so why not mention you Bowie oh I 4got cause ur a big cry baby I can’t be on the block and talk about lying that’s all u 3 do is lie so who are u to say anything and bullying you Jag and Matt are the worst by far what you guys have to put others down to feel good about urself n ur actions I cant wait till the 3 of them watch this back n see how they acted and wait till the people come from them can’t wait for this season to be over! The only reason Jags on a roll in comps is because look at his competition 2 older ladies n Matt n Bowie can’t be that hard to beat ya know thats the only reason he is winning Matt is his puppet and Matt can’t see that what’s really gonna be funny is when Jag cuts Matt at final 2 n takes Bowie that would be great and when Matt watches it back he’s gonna wish he cut Jag at 4 smd

un autre nom

Bowie believes the bullying occurred. Honestly, she was ostracized and bashed behind her back relentlessly for weeks.
The reason she believes that bullying extended to professional victim Jag and Olympic level floater Matt? Because that’s the shit Jag told her weeks 6-8 in every conversation they had in order to gain her loyalty. That was the first time I asked on here when Jag had been bullied because it sounded like rubbish.



Gan ainm

Normally I hate bitter juries,they should evaluate whoever played the best game and vote for them,however this year I am so disappointed in the lack of gameplay and interference from production that I am now a bitter viewer.Bowie F’n Jane for the win!

Just The Truth

just say it. you dont want a male to win.

Gan ainm

Don’t give an F about gender but you clearly do.

The Beef

I honestly don’t think Jag will be able to get 4 votes out of the jury, despite the fact he’s the clear leader of the dominant alliance and has more comp wins than everybody else combined (almost). I’m fairly certain Blue, Felicia and Cirie won’t vote for him against either Matt or BJ, and unless Cory changes her mind, I don’t think America will either. I just feel all four of them see him as the ring leader of the over alligning and backstabbing strategy, and will therefore punish him for that by voting for whoever is in the other chair.

I’ve been wrong before, and we haven’t heard the questions, answers and final speeches yet (Taylor’s speech last year pretty clearly helped her a LOT), so nothing is set in concrete, but that’s how I’m feeling as of today. There’s no guarantee the person evicted at final 3, if Jag is doing the evicting, will vote for him either, as both will obviously feel he betrayed them BIG TIME by choosing the other, especially if it’s Matt. A lot of how that vote goes will depend on how that person was planning on making their own choice IMHO – so, if Matt was planning on staying loyal to Jag, and picking him if he won, and Jag cuts him, it would be very easy for him to vote Bowie to win based on disloyalty. But if he himself was planning on cutting Jag, I would hope he would see it as the right move, and give Jag his vote.

Felicia's eyebrows

Ah, my favorite point in the game; where the “bullied” become the bullies. {insert eyeroll}


At this point of the game, I don’t really care for any of these boring people in the house. Once they evict Cirie & Felicia, I hoping the following takes place.

  1. Jag turns on Matt, sends Matt out the door crying, on the way to the Jury house.
  2. Reilly doesn’t show up for the wrap party, sends Matt a dear John letter.
  3. Jag & Bowie make are final 2.
  4. Bowie wins 750k, Jag is shocked & speechless, he can’t believe he lost to Bowie.
  5. Cam wins AFP, Felicia and the rest of this boring cast are shocked !

What in the hell makes Jag & Matt think “The Minutemen” will be talked about as a great duo ? They will be talked about as a Duo of Cowards, Floaters, jerks that belittled everyone behind their back, just to justify how the cowards backstabbed and trashed people that they evicted.

Jag was a little bitch that could not even look Cam in the eye after he betrayed him, Jag & Matt floated to whoever had power, they thought their alliance was so great, who couldn’t beat 2 older women in comps that were mostly Physical, Cirie & Felicia were not in the best of shape to compete against them.

Bowie Jane played a weak game also, but at least she redeemed herself and won comps when she really needed to win, even though she let Jag control her HOH whenever she won, and if things keep going the way they are now, Bowie will never touch the Block.

Matt is dense, Jag controlled his entire game, Veto’s and his HOH. But Matt thinks that he has played his own game, yea right Matt. Jag will not even let Matt feel that he was closer to Reilly, Jag inserted himself into the mix, and bragged about how close he & Reilly were.

Jag won a hell of a lot of competitions, but he beat players who were not as physical as him. Jag planted seeds with Bowie & Matt about throwing competitions, and then Jag would win the competition. Bowie & Matt never questioned that !!

Once Felicia is evicted, I’m really hoping Jag sends Matt packing, but being the little wimp that Jag is, he won’t do the dirty work, he will throw it to Bowie, so Bowie has to send Matt to Jury. I bet Jag will trash Matt once he’s sent to Jury, he will tell Bowie, he was tired of carrying Matt, Matt rode his coattails, blah, blah, blah.

This is why I’m pulling for Bowie to win.

If BB brings Jag & Matt back during a BB All Stars, I bet Jag and Matt will not make it far, they will find it very hard to compete against players just as physical as they are.

If it’s really BB All Star players, they will show Jag & Matt how to play BB, they won’t be playing with cowards, or people who play the middle, Float to power, don’t own their game moves.

Matt & Jag won’t stand a chance against real BB All Star players. Jag & Matt ‘Minutemen’ will be just that, Minutemen with very little time in the BB All Star House of real players and gamers. Jag will still be cocadoddle Zooming his ass right out the door, he and his puppet.

Just The Truth

Jag has actually played the game though..

The Beef

I would tell you to get off of Jag’s jock, but he probably doesn’t own one or know what one is. The only reason Jag looks like such an “athlete” or such a “comp beast” is because he’s playing against such a weak cast of competitors.

If he’s such a great gamer, why did he get voted out unanimously in like week 4?

His strategy has been pretty much non-existent, and has flip-flopped throughout the game. When it did exist, it’s been weak at best.

He survived by aligning with the entire house, and that “strategy” is about to bite him in the butt with the jury, most likely causing him to lose to a lesser player.

I guess he might be able to flex around and be happy with 2nd place, but he’s no Big Brother legend like he seems to think he is by no means.


That would be interesting. Do a BB season of all male returning players and see how Matt and jag fare. Then next season do an all female.


Matt would never see the jury house, he would be last evicted and join te others to vote winner the night he is evicted.

but agree I am rooting for Bowie to win against either Matt or jag just to watch the shocked look lol ?


Bowie goes on and on and on about the same thing! Oh my gosh!! She’s the most boring, non interesting, fake person. I used to feel so sorry in the beginning of the season but now I understand why people didn’t like her. She’s so annoying and can’t stop the constant hate fest. Her and Jag are as bad as the people they talk about. They’re probably the ones making Matt feel sick. He’s laying in bed, probably needing a break from Jag and Bowie’s constant hatefullness of the two old ladies ( plus guilt) and here comes Jag running his fat mouth.

un autre nom

or maybe it’s just i’m in THAT bitchmode mood.


week one twist was finger on scale to keep the stuntcast safe. She didn’t have to compete.
what else did it do? assessed each cast member’s abilities in real time according to their preferred comp style. Like prodo doesn’t ask cast what kind of comps they’ll be good at.
What they learned? Matt strong / fast. Jag proficient at visual comparison. Jared sucks, he’ll need help. And then there’s task 4. Who will be compliant with production, volunteering to be a tribute. They learned Cory would comply.
what was that? So the twist was Jared and Jag are immune and Bowie can’t play veto? That’s… it? What was cut out of the twist and why?
a fan vote with a stuntcast season means there aren’t 4 spots open, only 3. Then there’s an Ind. time comp. (does anyone buy them? don’t.). The prize? save a houseguest for either of 2 weeks.
Did Cirie come up with the cheatcode or did prodo?
One Blue vote, she’s out, Jag safe, Cam can’t play next HOH. Game changed. The solution used, however, just cancels the week and Cam plays again.
Jared needed handjobs, and mommy ensured he kept getting them. The less optimal solution strategically was the better solution for stuntcast mommy to keep sonnyboy happy.
Effect: Jag stays. Cam/Red strategically neutered.
the zombie curse. two evicted people freerange in the house. This was weird. they were essentially houseguests strategizing for future game while simultaneously not being houseguests. The set up strategically neutered Cory’s game. The benefit of his game move was destroyed by productions’ choice to have the zombies essentially still being houseguests.
the invisible HOH premise? Good. How bbUS adapts this bbCAN twist is problematic.
So, the HOH can tell everyone, and get the cover you were invisible HOH benefit of replay the next week. That production note was used as strategy this season. Guess the ‘you can’t use production as a strategy’ thing doesn’t matter anymore.
The HOH was an individual timed veto. THAT should make us all say sus.
The fact the chosen comp times put both Jag and America in the top 3 to ever do bbcomics? Why do I feel like production is doing everything in it’s power to wipe bb24 Michael out of their record books?
The second veto. We’re buying that? We’re buying the task, form, and guesses to the hundredth of a second as legit? REALLY? No.
Week 11 smells. I don’t need tinfoil when even the episode edit made the week look sheisty as hell. If prodo can’t hide their shenanigans in the episodes… it’s bad.
Week Eleven twists were a mess.


Don’t agree with everything you’ve said, but “he won’t do the dirty work, he will throw it to Bowie, so Bowie has to send Matt to Jury” ? Thx. That didn’t occur to me. Jag lost me initially because he didn’t use his special power to make a power move plus told every1 he had it. Maybe there shud be a caveat that u lose the power if u tell. Then it became absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now he is just rambling on & on with stupid schemes to prevent 2 older ladies from winning comps that they can’t win anyway. If they fall for his plan to mislead them abt order of physical/mental comps, wud be funny if Prod actually changes the order & makes the comps more geared towards C&F.


So, a few of you think Matt has gained 20 pounds. Again, there is a picture of him in the sun. He wears that 20 pounds well. Just sayin’…

un autre nom

he said week 8 he’d gained over 20, that’s why we think he gained 20.


Right. And then, he was made fun of over and over by a few people who post on Simon and Dawg. In looking at his body in the lawn chair soaking up the sun, I repeat, he wears that extra 20 pounds very well.

un autre nom

personally, i’ve mentioned his gain, mentioned stress eating (made a joke about 4L of ice ceam and a family pack of cookies when he was stressed out game talking and stress eating for hours), but, i’ve also mentioned not body shaming like past years. Face it, if he were female and gained 20-30 lbs, the shaming would be far more intense. We both know from Jun and…. was it Porsche? hmmm don’t quite remember. It’s not right to shame, but documenting that he has gained weight isn’t really wrong either