“God is going to give some grace and they’re going to be at the mercy of one of us. Watch and SEE! “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cirie is the target. Veto was not used.

7pm HOH room – Jag and Matt
Jag – either way we get to see our families in 10 days! Matt – I know. Jag – 10 days BRO! Matt – 10 days! Jag – that is wild. And its going to go by hella fast because we’re going to be so busy. Matt – but what if Thursday is a double? Jag – honestly, I would prefer if it was a double. Matt – right. Jag – because the double veto you’re going to win. Matt – I know. Jag – The double veto is always really quick. But the Double is probably going to be a booth HOH.. but Felicia did sh*t in this last one. Bowie has done well in those. Matt – as long as you’ve studied you’ll do fine in a booth. Jag – yeah. They might do a double BRO because then right after they have three comps that they have to do. Matt – and has to be all spread out like basement, backyard and another one. Jag – so it might be a double. As long as it goes our way.. Matt – we’ll see .. prepare for it. Jag – A double might be fine as long as we win. We’re good when its quick. Its better than having to wait a day in between. Matt – at the end of this we have to smoke a cigar or some sh*t to celebrate … whatever bar we hit up I’m going to get a cigar. Jag – not me, I don’t like cigars.

7:06pm Backyard – Jag and Bowie.
Jag – same way that I’ve protected us and the same way that Bowie has protected us. You (Matt) are protecting us this week. That’s the way this works. And this next week I was like there is no chance in hell we are letting Felicia win. Bowie – yeah. Jag – there is literally nothing that can happen that can change that outcome. Like nothing. I think just like talking to him about that made him feel better. I was like here is what it is .. just look at our track record over the last 5 evictions. Has Felicia won? Bowie – no. The odds are good. Jag – not only are the odds good but we are so dialed in. Bowie – yeah. Jag – I was like if you think that she is studying .. she is .. we are going to study more. We are going to study harder. Bowie – there is going to be no stone left unturned. Jag – literally we are going study harder. She messes up when she is studying.. we will not. I was like me and Bowie are literally in the scary room studying every type of thing that is inside. We know everything about the scary room. We will know everything about this house that we need to know. Like she is going home. Jag talks about past events of the season and villains of the season. Jared got away with a lot of things that Cameron didn’t get away with. I am excited to see everyone after this and I hope everyone is chill outside the game. Bowie – I will still carry PTSD from it all. Jag – PTSD is real from that. Bowie – and I am still in here. Jag – hopefully people don’t take things personal that are gone but they’ve had enough time at this point. Except we’ve evicted so many people now.. it would be easy for them to take it personal. Bowie – I don’t care. That’s good game play that they didn’t know we were working together and got this far. Jag – yeah .. no but Matt is doing good. We will just have to keep reassuring him. It was him being nervous like what if she (Felicia) wins. Bowie – you know what if she wins and we’ve studied.. we’ve done everything we can so, so be it. Jag – yeah she’s won fair and square but she is not going to. Bowie – we’re in the four! Jag – yeah.

7:23pm HOH Room – Matt and Jag.
Jag reads Matt’s letter in his best Reilly voice. Matt keeps looking up at Jag. Mid way through Jag says – this is Reilly remember not me. At the end Matt says – okay now give me a kiss! Got to make it real! Ahhhh.. that’s funny! 84 days! Help!

7:50pm Kitchen – Cards..

8:04pm – 8:24pm Kitchen – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – now they’re chasing Bowie Jane. Got to stay in the good graces! Felicia – Because she might win that HOH. And they want to make sure she doesn’t put one of them up on the block. Cirie – I hope whoever stays wins it. Felicia – and then they all chasing! They will ALL be chasing! I am telling you, I think the table is going to turn. God is going to give some grace and they’re going to be at the mercy of one of us. Watch and SEE! Cirie – MMMmhhMMMmm! Felicia – watch and see! And then all last week we couldn’t get ya’ll to stay in the room with us. So I really have to sit here and think about who I am putting on the block. And hoping you better win the veto.. and I realize that I might not win the veto and you get to decide who sits next to you. I keep telling you guys.. you got to stop chasing the person that you think is in power this week.. because next week that power is gone! Power keeps shifting.. so how good is your relationship.. because that is what it is all about. Cirie – MMMmmhHHmmmm. Felicia – they’ve taken for granted that we don’t have a chance. But ya’ll just keep sitting here acting like Bowie Jane is the one to save you. It really is hideous! Last week she chasing them, this week they’re chasing her. They’re chasing each other! Drinking 2 bottles of wine between the 3 of you and made us split 1 five ways. Acting like you don’t know we’re in the house. That’s why this morning I said you guys feeling okay after drinking up all those bottles of wine? I know what you doing!? We’re 50 and 60! That’s what kids do. That’s how you show your age. F**king kids do that sh*t!

8:57pm Backyard – Jag, Matt and Bowie playing pool. Cirie and Felicia watching from the couches.

9:14pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie & Felicia
Felicia – yup they’re out there skinning and grinning like they’re 3 of them in the house. Its really almost insulting. You know it is insulting the fact that its like we don’t need you guys no more. Cirie – I know. Felicia – Its insulting. It pisses me the f**k off!! I am wishing now that I had got rid of them suckers in the beginning of the game when everyone wanted them gone. At least the older people would have had the respect to at least do people right. They don’t even have that much respect for you. You say how did we come this far and land here with 3 f**King idiots. Cirie laughs. Felicia – one adult trying to be a kid and then two kids that don’t know no better. They start studying past events of the season.

9:23pm Hammock – Bowie, Matt and Jag.
Jag – The Mafia .. because we call the shots. Matt – The Mustard Seeds. She says the faith of the mustard seeds. We are the mustard seeds. Jag – we are the mustard seeds. Bowie – seriously. Matt – we are deciding your fate. Bowie – we should have called ourselves the mustard seeds. Matt – we are her mustard seeds. We decide your fate. Jag – we keep saving her. Bowie – literally every week. Jag – we are literally her mustard seed. Bowie – since the Izzy vote. Jag – since the Izzy vote .. had we wanted .. any week had we wanted she would have gone home. Matt – I think we tell them pay if forward. We saved you every time. So now its your turn to save us. Lose HOH. Jag – throw the HOH. Matt – we need you to throw it because we saved you every time. Jag – do you think we could get Mama Fe to throw the HOH? Bowie – I think there is no chance.

9:45pm Backyard – Matt, Jag and Bowie. Matt – we should take it inside so we can play it the last few days. Matt – man I can’t believe this is the last day of the backyard.

10:23pm Kitchen – Jag and Felicia.
Felicia – so Jag I am trying to figure out did we miss something? Jag – who? Felicia – me and Cirie. Because we feel like there are 3 people over here and 2 people over here… and we’re kind of like the irrelevant factors in the house right now. Jag – what do you mean? Did I say something? Felicia – no. That’s the problem. Its almost like you guys are your own little crew and you’re the final 3 and you’re just waiting to negate the two other bodies. Jag – no I’ve been just hanging out the same as I always have been. Felicia – No, there’s a difference. Jag – we can disagree on that. Especially like we’ve worked together for a long time throughout this season, its not like we’ve hung out 24/7. Felicia – no I am not saying that. I don’t expect to expect to hang out with you guys all night long like that. But I have literally stood in this kitchen for 30 minutes and its like I am not even standing here. Jag – I wasn’t intentionally trying to ignore anyone, I was literally trying to make food and eat. Its not like I was having a lively conversation with someone else. Felicia – don’t get offended Jag! Jag – no but it feels like you’re saying something. Felicia – I am. Jag – and I have to have my opinion on it. Felicia – you don’t have to agree or have an opinion. I am just saying what I see and how I feel. Remember I told you all season you see people’s behaviour change when things change. Jag – so I guess I am wondering what has changed. Felicia – I don’t know, that’s what we are trying to figure out because whenever we go in a room everyone goes out of the room. Jag – I guess I can just speak for myself. Felicia – I guess I wonder what it will be like for the fourth person in the house until they’re gone. Are you guys going to isolate them. Jag – I mean I am not trying to make anyone feel isolated so I haven’t intentionally left a room just because you’ve joined in or anything that is why I am confused by the line of questioning maybe. Even like right here the example you used.. I am just here making food, Matt was picking at the blanket, Bowie was just eating. None of us were really talking about anything. In that sense anyone could say hey why aren’t you talking to me? But I was literally just hanging out. Felicia – Mmmmm.. okay! Jag – so for me none of it is intentional especially like the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel isolated so that is why truthfully I haven’t trying to leave a room that you entered.. and if I have done that just know that it wasn’t intentional and I do apologize if you’ve felt as though I am trying to isolate you in any way or single you out.. or whatever it is that you’re feeling. For me it hasn’t been intentional in any way. Felicia – okay. I mean should we be having convos with you guys.. like has anything shifted? Should we be convo’ing? Jag – for me I am not going to shift from how I have always been. Like yeah we can have conversations if you would like. They can be game related and also they can be non game related. Felicia – no yeah we have sat here and laughed and talked all that kind of stuff. It just feels like something has shifted. Jag – I mean for me, from what you’re saying it has felt weird in the house for me as well but what I am attributing it to is that there are 5 people. It has felt a lot more quiet. Like some times I’ve just hung out in the scary room alone for a bit and usually I never do that. And I have hung out with Matt all season, that hasn’t changed. You and Cirie are cool. And now Bowie has hung out with us now more too more than past weeks but I think that is .. I don’t know so few people. That is the feeling I’ve been getting and that for me has been outside of the game but that is because I am not on the block. In terms of shifting .. game wise I haven’t shifted. I still want you here. I haven’t shifted on that at all. As far as the weirdness feeling.. I am definitely feeling the weirdness. I am not trying to isolate you. I am not trying to exclude you. I am not trying to do any of that. It really is that there are less people and I naturally hang out with Matt a lot. And I think you and Cirie have been hanging out a lot too throughout the season too. And most of it has been you and Cirie hanging out a lot and me and Matt are hanging out a lot and .. Bowie Jane has to figure out where to hang out. That’s my take on it. I know you’re on the block and I know that is a concern for you. I am still exactly where I was. I trust you. I want you to be here. That hasn’t shifted for me. Nothing has happened for me that would make me change that. Its not like you did something crazy or said something or Cirie did. Nothing happened for me to feel like I need to shift at all. Cirie – Mmmhmmm. Okay. Jag – so there is definitely not a lot of people and on a personal we can hang out whenever. Felicia – okay okay I am just checking in.

10:55pm Backyard – Cirie, Felicia, Jag, Matt and Bowie.
Bowie to Cirie – why was she (Felicia) staring us down in the kitchen? If she has the faith in the mustard seed? What was that all about? Jag – she is sus.. she is paranoid. She is scared. Matt – she is always paranoid. Bowie – I started to giggle because it was stupid. Jag – she was just standing there for 30 minutes while we were standing there making food. Cirie – what?! Bowie – you know that time we were sitting here staring at us and wouldn’t say word? Cirie – because she feels like ya’ll are like isolating us. Jag – she talked to me about that. Bowie – she was staring at us like an ogre. Matt – she was only giving one word answers. Jag – I told her I wasn’t talking to anyone. Bowie – she didn’t talk .. none of us were talking. Matt – I was still conversating with her. Jag – either way I told her I don’t want you to feel like I was excluding her not intentionally isolating her. I said there are only 5 people in the house and so it is more quite. Bowie – she is a schemer. Jag – on a personal level I never want you or her to feel isolated. I know what that feels like and I know that sucks. If I have said something to make you feel like that I am sorry. Cirie – thank you. I am going to tell her that’s what we talked about. Cirie heads inside.

11:08pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie
Felicia tells Cirie about her conversation with Jag. Cirie – So if I am the one that goes, what is your plans for next week? what is your plans as far as winning and all of that. Felicia – if I win HOH, Matt and Jag going on the block. Cirie – of course. Okay and then you can add that to your speech. Felicia – I have been on the block 7 times and I’ve survived the block 7 times. My biggest move was getting rid of Hisam.

11:16pm Backyard – Matt and Bowie.
Matt – I don’t want to give Felicia the satisfaction. Bowie – oh me neither. Matt – the fact that she is so cocky. She has already prepped … like I haven’t even thought about a final two speech. Bowie – me neither. Matt – she has already thought of it.. she already has it planned out. And she is already assuming she is going to be there. Bowie – this is when people f**k up when they get to confident. Let her get too confident. Matt – she is all sweet but then she can be nasty too. Bowie – and when she is charming she is very charming. Like she is fun and outgoing.. great personality, lots of character.. Matt – and kind of a bully. Bowie – and on the flip side she can be very nasty ..kind of a bully yeah.

12am Cirie and Felicia go to bed.

12:15am – 1am Backyard – Matt, Bowie and Jag debate keeping Cirie versus Felicia.
Bowie – this is what makes her (Felicia) a weaker competitor.. this is what makes her flaw. Matt – that is why I am annoyed because we’re getting rid of Cirie because of game. Jag – oh I am not thinking personal at all. If it was personal Cirie would be here. But my thing is I don’t want to f**k up and keep someone for personal reasons … keep someone for 2 extra days. We have got think about the game. Matt – but Felicia has been so messy, sloppy and obvious. Jag – but that is better for her to stay then for us. Matt – exactly. Its the fact that she is so cocky that she is preparing a final two speech…I wish I could be like nope! Jag – win the veto and vote her out. Matt – I know, I would love to win the veto and be like look you should have cooked up a final 4 speech and not a final 2 speech! Jag – oh that is FIRE! The two things that we need to convince Felicia of .. whoever wins this next HOH goes straight into the second comp, the second comp is always physical… always endurance. Those are the two things. So essentially we’re going to be telling her Hey Felicia you can win this next HOH, you will be playing in an endurance comp against either me, Matt or Bowie. Bowie – yeah good luck. Matt – what I could say to Felicia is I am just nervous because I can’t play and it would have been so nice to play in this HOH because if I win this I would go right into a physical comp. Jag – that is perfect. And I will say I need to gun it in this because I need to be in the physical comp. I suck at mental.. like I need to be in the physical. Matt heads inside. Jag – I think we could actually get Felicia to throw it. Either you or I have to win this next HOH. First we make sure Felicia doesn’t win it. Bowie – yeah we have to.

1:20am Backyard – Matt, Jag and Bowie reminisce about past events of the season.

1:40am Matt, Jag and Bowie head to bed.

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Gan ainm

I know a place Felicia can plant that mustard seed.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Cerie has done very well considering that she spent half of the season trying to openly protect her son, put zero effort into any competition, voted out some of her key alliance members early on and ultimately relied on manipulation. There are plenty that gave it there all that didn’t make final five…


I love Cirie

Gan ainm

She didn’t have to do much to make it this far, all the houseguests knew she was protected by production. On night one when everyone walked into that kitchen to see Cirie standing there the normal response should have been, there’s ours first target. But, yeah ,she spent more time cleaning up her sons messes and then gave as little effort as possible once he was finally evicted.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Ain’t that the truth! They pretty much gave her the game!


Cirie’s game began to end when she decided with Matt that they should keep Jag week 4. Keeping a rival Jag 2 weeks straight while keeping Bowie & Cam in the dark about Red was a major blow to her winning game. Blindsiding Bowie who was loyal to Cirie is one of the biggest pitfalls for Cirie that she was so quick to let Bowie go and not try to get her back on her side. Cirie was burning her numbers. This was 2 months ago. Jag, Matt, and Bowie are still in the house from cirie winning no comps. Her inability to keep blue or any other numbers that could target Jag, Matt, and Bowie has ruined her game. How Cirie acted last night flipping off everybody in the diary room proves that she lacks class and has no social graces. She deserves to be in this position leaving.


Cirie is a great player. She has been throwing comps. She did a lot. She tried warning blue about Jag but she didnt listen. Bowie hasn’t done shit. Her hoh was jags hoh. Jag wanted Cameron out and got his way. If I were the jury, Felicia could win because she has done a lot as well. She survived the block 7 times. She called out Cameron and Cory and she outlasted them both. She was close to winning a couple comps. She also got rud of ishem.

Just The Truth

Zero effort into any competition? She clearly stated the comps she was trying to win. But she sucks so bad the she can’t win anything. Cirie is lucky to have very loyal fans. But let’s not make stuff up. One of the most overrated reality tv stars of all time. Played Survivor 4 times and never once made it to final tribal. Because she is a fan favorite due to people liking her personality does not make her a good player. She is lucky to have been carried this far while having a guaranteed number one in the game from the start. Not to mention all the starstruck houseguests keeping her around.


I am not sure Cherie has any kind of strategy whatsoever. Seriously all she needed to say to matt is Jag has Bowie and there is no question Bowie would take Jag to the end. She needs to remind Matt that he needs to even up the score by having her on his side. But she said nothing. She just played the guilt card which is hardly endearing….she seems nice as a person but that’s about it. Not a winner in these type of games.

Also……it would be nice to have a few of the challenges random to shake things up a bit. Challenges that only involve strength clearly favor the strongest and predictably they are able to run to the end. Which ultimately makes it less interesting to the viewer.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Just because you said that you tried doesn’t mean that you actually tried. I swear she has said on multiple occasions that she hasn’t wanted to win, which is a strategy as you are having others do dirty work and in the end they don’t begrudge you! She is very lucky to have made it this far and there is no question that the fanboys kept her around due to being Starstruck. I am with you in agreeing that she is overrated! She is good at not being a threat so you keep her around knowing that she will go at any time. In all of the years of survivor and now BB, I haven’t seen her come up with some brilliant masterminding! She is however good at getting others to trust her and think she is a friend because she tells everyone what they want to hear, like a stripper! She makes everyone feel special!

Getting rid of her ally hisam was so boneheaded. If she won, maybe it would look brilliant, but she won’t and instead she got rid of someone who wanted to go after the youngsters. He probably would have taken her to the end.

Hopefully she doesn’t trash the jury with negativity when she is 86’ed!

un autre nom

If you are a social game player, the last thing you want in the house is Hisam.
He was a micromanaging control freak, telling people who they could and could not speak with. He wanted his allies to ask permission before talking to other houseguests.
Social game with Hisam the tyrant in the house? No, he had to go.
How long before he got it in his head that someone else was racist and / or homophobic? We know he was saying that stuff just to isolate people he didn’t like. How long before he turned that on one of his allies? He had to go.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Though you are right, he’s a shield but to be fair, he is probably a nightmare to deal with. I really believe that the youngsters would have targeted him every week, you let someone like that think that they are right, knock off as many youngsters as he will let you and when he goes, he goes. Didn’t seem to work out too well for her to get rid of him so quickly but if she was final two, it would’ve looked brilliant. He seemed to have so much disdain for Cameron, Matt and jag that they may have been short timers and she could’ve had her final two or three with Jared or Izzy…instead, she is trying to guilt trip others into keeping her. Her social game really was to take advantage of the fan boys. When I am on next season, they better not have a reality star in the house because I will get them.

un autre nom

okay, let’s work through this:
Hisam wins or comes in second in every comp week one and 2.
Hisam is targeting the people that won the comps that got him second.
Hisam is social shaming his targets by telling people his targets are racist or homophobic without any evidence we saw on feeds.
If you keep him as a shield:
He targets and gets rid of whoever can beat him in a comp (this is where never had an original thought Jag got his strategy).
he only shields his alliance members for as long as he hyper- controls their words, actions, thoughts, and movements.
He’s a sword that won’t smite your targets because he thinks he knows better.
Willing to accept all this? Okay…
How do you get rid of him? Can’t statistically beat him in physical, mental, or individual time comps if extrapolating his record.
How do you evict him later if he’s only targeting people with a shot at beating him in comps, and he’s a control freak trying to micromanage every other houseguest’s communication through intimidation? Can’t plan his downfall if you aren’t allowed to talk, can’t beat him in comps.
If you don’t take the only shot you’ve got, how do you get him out later?

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Yeah he would have been a pain to deal with but he really would have been the villain of the house. Don’t get me wrong…I wanted him out and wanted to egg him through the tv. Him knocking off Matt, Jag and Cameron would have given Cirie such a nice path to victory. I’m looking at this through her perspective. If she would have had a house with Jared, Blue, Bowie, Felicia, Izzy, Americory, Mexole and red, she would have had the easiest players to manipulate, sweet talk and go along to get along. But that’s not what happened. Instead, her kid was ousted after some key alliance members and was kept around because she for one, had a house full of fans and two, was no threat to win whatsoever.

Dealing with Doctor Gaslight would have sucked, but if the goal is to win, that move was short sighted. He was also a Cerie fan and due to him being him, he would have been easily knocked off whenever they had an opportunity, which would have obviously happened.

Her game play was garbage and selfish and I am going to go as far as to say that having Jared in the house trashed her game. I still think that it was very obvious to all of the players that they have that relationship and were instructed to act surprised. Their interactions were way too sus for them not on notice….

Ladonya Hall

I feel like she has not really tried at all.

April Laitinen

um…did you see Cirie on the Traitors? she was phenomenal! Not much effort in Big Brother though, I agree.


At this point I don’t care if either Matt or Jag goes as long as one of them does; that would provide me with great satisfaction. Breaking up their dumbass bromance — thoughts and prayers.


there’s no one left in the house to root for. i think both cirie and jag got unfair advantages. cirie was guaranteed safety from initial noms week 1 for no reason. and jag got saved by matt’s power. bowie jane’s hitching her game to jatt is beyond stupid, and felicia is so reckless socially that by default that just leaves matt who’s bumbled through the game doing whatever reilly and jag told him to do.

Just The Truth

bitter jurors and bitter viewers it appears lol

Cam Fav HG

I don’t know who I want to be evicted more: fBj or Jagg?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’d like to see Jag go.

Bowie is just as annoying, I can’t believe she said she has PTSD from playing BB.

Felicias Removable Tooth

To assure themselves of a win, Jag Matt & JanieB should have saved & given all 4 bottles of wine to Felicia the night before or the morning of the next HOH competition. If it’s mental her mind would be mush & if it’s physical she would be a dizzy donkey.


Bowie Jane is such a nasty woman.


Absolutely! Hands down nasty n she talks about others bullying her I don’t feel bad for her 1 bit everything that comes out of her mouth is nasty

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree 100%, Bowie Jane is really a nasty person.

I really hate she is still playing the victim, and she might have PTSD from playing BB.

Bowie is too old to be running behind Jag & Matt. She’s 45 years old, she’s no child.

Bowie is not the victim that she keeps portraying herself to be, same goes for Jag.

It really does suck, I don’t want Matt, Jag or Bowie to win a damn dime. Yea Jag has played the game, but I don’t like all of the shit talking, putting people down.

Jag said he doesn’t care for Cirie or Felicia, then stop lying and hugging them, I really do not care for Jag’s game play. To me he’s a Coward, so is Matt.

Ash Johnson

My thing is when this game becomes personal. The 3 three idiots (i mean Matt, Jag, Bowie ) are actually being outright cruel to the two women. I mean hiding drinks is childish and I don’t understand how production is allowing them to do so. this type of behavior should not be tolerated


It is very cruel I cant wait to for them 3 to see how they acted on national TV towards Cirie and Fe amd how they talked about them and everyone else so nasty I think their just trying to make themselves feel better and justify their actions I lost alot of respect for Matt he let Jag take over his gameplay and his thoughts its pretty sad when the game is done n over I really think all of America is coming for them 3 n how they acted like a bunch of bullies!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

If Reilly is sitting around waiting on Matt, that says a lot about her. She knew him for 2 weeks, he is confessing his love for her, really!!

If Reilly has not been turned off by Matt’s behavior, putting people down, letting Jag lead him throughout the entire game, Matt is a weak ass man, he does not get a pass just because he is hearing impaired !! He’s still an ass.

Felicias Removable Tooth

Oh please! The drinks are a bonus. Felicia doesn’t need that to survive. Have nots get by on bare essentials, Felicia has all the essentials plus cakes & candy. She can have all the liquor she wants when she gets voted out. Everything is not for everybody. Why would you pamper your enemy? Not sharing your personal belongings doesn’t equal bad behavior & if so share with me some of your paycheck you naughty girl!

Cam Fav HG

I am going to hope that Felicia wins HOH this Thursday and puts Jag & Matt on the block and if either of them win the veto, put up fBj as the replacement nom. The one pulled off is the voter. Who would Jag vote to evict, Matt or Bowie (probably Matt)? Who would Matt vote to evict (probably Jagg)? Both scenarios Bowie is in the f3. Then it would be between Bowie, Felicia and either Jagg or Matt. I sure would rather see an f3 like this rather than “The Mafia”! I think that no matter who Felicia sits next to, she would get the most jury votes for the win! Felicia is the only one who has her f2 speech for ready the jury. Man, would Cirie be pissed if Felicia won! Hey, I’m 63 and while I really don’t care for Felicia, I admire her for having the guts to be so out of shape and still try and compete the best she can. Maybe she would get some implants so she didn’t have to pull her partial out all the time.

Cam Fav HG

I changed my mind. It should be fBj and Matt since neither of them have ever been on the chopping block. I think they need to know how it feels. They can cry in each others shoulder.


I agree. Then, neither Matt nor Bowie, if in the Final 2, can try to impress the jury by saying, “I have never been on the block.”


“Jag – on a personal level I never want you or her to feel isolated. I know what that feels like and I know that sucks.”
Manipulative behavior occurs when a person uses controlling and harmful behaviors to avoid responsibility, conceal their true intentions, or cause doubt and confusion. Manipulation tactics, such as gaslighting, lying, blaming, criticizing, and shaming, can damage a person’s psychological well-being.
Social bullying can take the form of rumor spreading or deliberate exclusion.
Sound like anyone you know?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jag’s a big ass coward, he says very nasty and mean things behind peoples back. Felicia is no saint, but she was 100% on point when she called him out, told him how they have been treating Cirie & Felicia, tossed them aside now that they are no longer needed.

I would not be a bitter Jury member, But Jag 100% would not get my vote, NOPE !!!

Game fan

Matt doesn’t want to vote cirie off.
But he gets shut down quickly. That’s so annoying. Talk! That was not A debate. They went quickly to – felixia can’t win the next hoh. Okay that could be the same thing with cirie.
The guys needs cirie here. She is easy to get out. People would fear taking her to the finals. Jag and Matt needs that. It’s actually a good thing for them as well for cirie/Felicia to win the next hoh cause they probably get the veto anyway and than they can get bowie out of the 3 who can somehow win the last hoh, cirie or Felicia wouldn’t.
If cirie is in the f3 , now jag and matt would have to take each other. I think if it’s bowie or Felicia they might very well try their chances against one of those women’s and cut the bromance.

Angry BB

Cirie has to go. She should be fired from her job from her reaction to being on the block. So grown up giving the finger to everyone. Not nice.

Mean Jean

BJ Aka the Joker or Jack Nicholson in the Shining is one of most bitter unlikable mean spirited ever. She is being far worse to people than her claims of being a victim. Now she’s talking about breaking Felicia. She’s the one that had a breakdown because she thought she might go on the block. Felicia won’t break she will get pissed

no mo bro o sho ho yo

nasty ass ho

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Yea Bowie was treated mean at the beginning of the game. But, Bowie was annoying, she never had an opinion, when asked what does she want to do, who does she want to evict, Bowie had no opinion. So yea, she got on people’s nerves.

Cam tried to befriend Bowie, never put her on the block when he was HOH, talked with her, yea Cam was no saint either, arrogant, no people skills, but he was being true with Bowie.

Bowie finally wins HOH, Bowie wanted to work with Jag sooooo bad, she stabbed Cam in the back, put him on the block, and talked shit behind his back.

For a 45 year old woman, Bowie is very immature, trash talks people behind their back, and then she plays the victim, Bowie is no saint.

Meme's Muse

Bowie, I still contend, remains something of a mystery. She is a 45 year old lawyer. That doesn’t mean or equate she should be smarter or better than the way she has behaved recently. It should , but it doesn’t. Bowie avoids confrontation. She complains that Fe is not campaigning hard enough then when Fe does, Bowie avoids her. Matt is not feeling well, yeah he is stressed and some of it may be because he now realizes he has to depend on Jag to take him to the final 2. That’s gotta hurt a little. Jag won’t take Matt, because Jag knows he can, without question, win against Bowie wether the jury approves of his gameplay or not. Hisam posted something on his Instagram: to paraphrase: He was disappointed in Bowie, Jag and Matt for the way they’ve talked about Cirie and Felicia.( he did not give them a pass either because they have done their share too) He commented that they’ve been saying things that may be out of their normal character. I think that’s a very good way to put it. I’m not making excuses for them. I’m only saying, their behavior at the moment doesn’t necessarily represent who they are entirely as people. They need to be called out on it, and I am glad many on social media are as well as calling out production if they try to go through with it. Thankfully it looks like the idea has run out of steam , but Bowie wanting to offer Cirie one of only four croissants just to make Fe mad was childish! We can disapprove of the way they’re acting, but we don’t have to start hating them. It makes us no better than the way they are behaving in the fish bowl they are in an we are not.

Nether Region Euphemism

Jatt and Bowie: Let’s mess with Fe so she falls apart for the next HOH, bwah hahahahahahaha, we are the Torturers

Fe: I know you’re isolating me.

Jag to Fe: Oh no I would never do anything to make you feel excluded.

Bowie: Fe staring at us for 30 minutes, shiver.

Cerie: Ok, I’ll let Fe know you aren’t trying to isolate us.

Jatt and Bowie: Phew, thank goodness, maybe Fe won’t be upset with us anymore.

Nether Region Euphemism

One thing I have to say, if I were ever in the house I would be more of a Felicia than those chicken droppings in the HOH this week.

You think you can psych me out, bring it. One demonic look from me, you will melt. I have that ‘I see you and know what you are’ sort of face that covers my deeper angst when I’m made to feel alienated. You will suffer……

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I wonder if Matt has had many experiences with women ?

He is all giddy, and falling head over heels for a woman he spent 2 weeks with.

Matt gives off Red Flags, kind of like a stalker, Reilly better be careful, Matt might be one of those guys that wants all of your time, always be around you, he had the nerve to say Cory and America will not make it on the outside.

Matt spent 2 weeks with Reilly, I got the feeling when Reilly was in the house, yea she talked with Matt, but I thought she was getting feelings for sorry ass Jared ?

Felicias Removable Tooth

Because of Matt’s disability he probably never had non-special need females truly interested in him. More than likely he was misled into believing Reilly was really into him but actually it was just part of her game-play, leading him on. He’s no stalker, just a confused little duck in the water that takes and holds in to whatever he can get.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

I do agree with you 100%! I believe that his disabilities go beyond being HOH. It may be tough for him at first but he is going to have so many women throw themselves at him!

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

Guarantee that she has been having “dates” with Big Brother alumni and will only want anything to do with him if he wins.

Matt will be devastated but he will be okay. He is going to get so much action for many years to come…

un autre nom

I tried to keep count, and then checked bb twitter to see if I missed any.
In 48 hours, Matt brought up America in order to slag her 17 times. I thought maybe it was a joke that people were saying he’s got a weird obsession with her. Nope. He’ll twist any topic of conversation into a reason to throw personal insults. The game stuff: fair game, so subtract 2. 15 times it was low blow personal shit. In 2 days.
The boy just ain’t right in the head…
Ignore the fact she’s a jury vote. Ignore the fact that he now knows the game reasons he used as cover his hate were false. What’s the story behind the story?
Why is he so pressed?
If it were bbcan, I’d be thinking this was a Jed / Austin situation (bbcan9). Guy that wanted a showmance so bad, and didn’t care with whom, repeatedly slags the girl cast for showmance that wouldn’t go through with it with him, instead choosing to flirtmance with a guy he considered inferior to his perfect self. IS THAT POSSIBLE IN THIS CASE?
Same insults: bitch, slut, stupid dirty spewed with his sidekick. Same character model archtype… is it that he’s just a creepy douchebag, or is it his little head didn’t get attention from a girl that checked the showmance box in casting?
The ‘is this the Jed’ thought has been in the back of my mind since day 17, but I’m only asking now because it’s getting weird anyways.


Love is in the air Jag looks like he wants it


Which BB Twitter account do you look at?

un autre nom

When i check bbtwitter, i start with updater accounts, then rabbithole to 5 people that I know feedtweet for hours daily, then go though rabbitholes of commenters that seem to be stans for different houseguests. There’s maybe 15 that run the spectrum in which hg’s type they will predictably support. That way, by looking both sides of the wall, i’m getting rounded perspectives…. but also seeing just how fukakta the fanbase is being.
Since the Hannastans incident, I don’t look more than 2x a week. Never comment, because who needs morons death threating? No, it happened.


I think one thing that confuses me about your posts is that you bring up BB CAN a lot. I know you do so to make a point, but I have never watched BB CAN, so I get lost and just go on to the next post.

Backseat Driver

Bottom line: This season of BB has gone on way too long…

un autre nom

when commenters say ‘well jag’s played the game, unlike insert name’ I’m stumped.
Jury management IS part of the game.
We just having selective blindness because we’ve bought into this only comps matter tripe?

Criteria to me:
Strategy. Did hg have one? Did they just adopt or follow someone else’s? Were they strategically able to maneuver both with and without power? Were they capable of adapting? Did they control the game or did the game control them?

Social. Did the hg have social charisma? Were they able to use that charisma to achieve their goals, maintain safety and gain information or exert power/control.
Also part of social: how did the jurors feel about the hg after eviction. Knowing the social aspect is part of the game, did they leave jurors thinking the hg was worthy of being the face of the season?

Comps: did they throw? for good strategic reason or to poor outcome? Did they win a comp? did they use the power that comes with a comp win well strategically? Was the hg in the position that they wanted to win, or were they in a HAD to win position? Did the hg win comps they should have thrown, or throw comps they should have won?

That’s what matters.

Mean Jean

I’m interested to see the reception Jag and Bowie get from The Mama’s family members. The way they have been treated and talk about went way beyond game play.

un autre nom

Sort of like how the mamas talked about fbj for 5 weeks?
Seriously though, they were absolute megabitches.
Now the shoe is on the other foot.
Why is it suddenly such a travesty?

Mean Jean

Bj was an annoying presents who never had an opinion on game play so she couldn’t be trusted. Also the Mama’s knew she was lying about her age.


Mommas treated FBJ like sh1t and talked about her like sh1t from week 2 to last Sunday.

un autre nom

So the only person in the house who kept her mouth shut and didn’t tell Cirie her entire game strategy should be mocked about her face, her teeth, her body, her hair, be given derogatory slurs about her mental capacity, be shunned and isolated? Sounds like it smells.
She’s being called a liar about her age by a woman lying that her son is in the house, for perspective. Smells like it sounds

No, the chaoscoven were just proving the rule of three. No more than 3 women can ever align in Big Brother, because any 4th will always be shit on and maligned by the other 3. It’s the Karen/Becky/Debbie principle.

East Coaster

I totally agree with this. I don’t get the fbj hate. Did she play a stellar game ? No worse than Matt to me. Jag shouldn’t even be there. None of them are my favorite but out of those that are left to me I’d rather Matt or fbj for a win. The mama’s deserve f#*k all. And jag was saved from eviction. Not saying I’m right by far, but that’s my flawed logic. And the mama’s totally shit on fbj. Along with izzy and cam. No she didn’t come out and go against people early and seemed to go along with whatever was being said, but didnt matt as well ?. To me she wasn’t voicing opinion openly to avoid being a target. Where did Matt initiate a plan without being told?

Who Cares

I don’t like any of the remaining cast. However, I think that I slightly dislike BJ a smidge less than the others. This could change.

I think the contestants should not be allowed to stay in their bathrobes for so long and should have to get dressed before going to the Diary Room.

There is a need to encourage the cast to try harder in the comps. Issue punishments to the ones that do the worst. Maybe lose their vote, lose the right to compete in the next comp, or be isolated for the night. Something that would actually hurt their game. I am so tired of watching floaters.

We were expecting twists from the past in this 25th season. Where is Pandora’s box, the Diamond Power of Veto, the reset button, America Team?

Mean Jean

Matt has been sick ever since Jag has decided Felicia is staying. He is torn up about evicting Cirie. Jag just gave him a long speech about her lies. At the end of it Matt said yeah and we lied too.


WTF is Jag thinking, saying he can get Felicia to throw this hoh? He is not everything and no one would throw this hoh, esp not the person he has left out of every convo this week and clearly sees that as she confronted you on it. What a joke these people are!! I’d rather watch the cookout than these morons! This season has been a disaster. I can’t wait for all of them to watch Cameron win AFP!!