Jag – “This week all it takes is for us to say yes to Cam, Corey’s a$$ is home.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Jag and Matt want to keep Corey this week and will try to steer Cameron away from that plan.

9:03 am Felicia and Cirie
Felicia is going on about how they have to take Cameron out next week. She’s going to try and rally the house to do that.
Felicia – YOu should stop telling them to stop being afraid of Cameron
Cirie – you see where that got me and JAred.
Fe – what did that get you?
Cir – Jared going and me supposedly next. Remember?
Fe – that had nothing to do with Cameron.
Cir – what that had to do with then? Jared just put Cameron up
Fe – You think they were mad at Jared because he put Jared out?
Cir – I don’t know I never asked.. (LOL)
Fe – when Jared was up on the block and you were trying to get us to get us to keep Jared.. that fight you had.. How come you didn’t have that fight when I was on the block?
Cir – Everybody did the same thing that y’all did in the bathroom.. everyone was voting you out so I didn’t say another word
Fe – you gotta stop not saying another word
Cirie goes on that the vote flipped at the last minute.
Fe – all it takes was one person to day
Cirie – I was that person.
Cirie calls Felicia out for not speaking up to save Jared.
Fe – YOu know why I didn’t? because the week before you didn’t
Cir – OKAY, I didn’t fight for you but I didn’t fight against you.
Felicia says when she was on the block Cirie and Jared changed. “All week long I knew you were in the room not fighting for me”
Cirie – we didn’t fight against you.
Felicia looks at it like it’s the same thing if you don’t campaign to help her you are campaigning against her. Cirie doesn’t see it this way
Felicia – Jared is gone because Jared didn’t fight for me when he told me he would
Cir – ok, Now these people going to fight for you when they tell you they will?
Fe – I don’t know, I got nothing and everything to gain I’ll just see where it lands me.
Fe – if the four of us had stayed together and never wavered from that we wouldn’t be where we are at.
Cir – I agree but the wavering started way before that. We already discussed all that the only need now is figuring out how you will stay.

9:58 am lights on throughout the house. Cirie and Felicia still outside.
Felicia says Corey and America were up until 3 or 4
Cir – wow.. they’re young
Fe – mmmhmmmm
Fe – Its funny you hear America say ‘I never thought I would last this long’ And we’re going to let her sit her ass in this house. Corey, 21 years old, Sitting up in this damn house and never showed HIS hand they never had to play. (LOL)
CIr – nope
Fe – Bowie Jane ain’t never had an opinion about shit
Fe – ain’t never done nothing
Cir – mmmhmmmm
Fe – those aren’t the people you let get to the end. Shit.. .
Cir – Oh boy oh boy oh boy

10:02 am Corey and America
Corey is going to talk to MEME and feel out Matt and Jag a little bit. If Matt and Jag give don’t give him anything “We’re f***Ed”
Corey wonders if he doesn’t initiate game talk with Matt/JAg will they
America – you did all the talking yesterday
Corey – yeah
Corey says the main thing is they have to make Jag and Matt believe they are safe with them.

10:11 am Matt and Jag
Jag – there’s so much for us to think about
MATT – I know DUDE. We’re in such a good position but we won’t be if we make a move
Jag – MOMMA FE has to go I think
Matt – she has to go she’s after us BRO..
Jag – is there a world where Corey leaves this week and it’s good for us?
MATT – it’s only good if Corey leaves this week and Cameron leaves next. Then we’re the last few guys then the girls will band.
Jag – We have Bowie
Matt – Blue wouldn’t
Jag – Blue would Bowie wouldn’t
Matt – Blue would stay ricking with us she’s been with us since day one She won’t go at us yet.
Matt – he lose Corey we lose the numbers
Jag – If we lose Corey… If COrey goes up next to MEME or Felicia then Blue votes him out.
Matt says IF He puts COrey upo Cameron is going to suspect you, Me, Bowie and Blue to vote him out.
Jag – America is going to think me, You, America vote to Keep.. we will need Bowie to evict Corey.
Matt – then we piss off Cameron.
Matt says if Cameron put Corey up and they don’t vote him out Cameron will be “pissed as sh1t at us”
Jag – we can’t have it happen.
Matt – it’s almost good if next week Blue and Corey go at it.
Jag – or go after Cam.
Jag – Corey and America were nervous about me and you being up here with Cam. At some point today I want to talk to Corey and America and be like YO we were up there cause we were reassuring CAM that you guys are good with him he felt weird vibes in the room.
Matt – do we want to push COrey and America to go after CAm or BLue
Jag – for now we don’t have to push anything
Jag is going to tell them they were fighting For Corey’s life last night “Which is f***ing True.. Corey needs to understand time and time again we’re fighting for his f***ing life”
Jag – this week all it takes is for us to say yes to Cam, Corey’s a$$ is home.. we’re fighting for his life..
Jag says Matt is going to have to be more vocal with Cam to not go through with the COrey plan.
They start talking about points to make to Cam why they shouldn’t take COrey out.

10:35 am Cameron and America
Cameron – what about next week
America – next week I mean.. In terms of targets? What are you thinking is that the question I’ll tell you.
Cameron called into the Diary room
America – NOO… I don’t feel super great with Blue right now. We’ll talk more when you get out
Cameron – I’m shocked..
Cameron leaves..

10:38 am Felicia and Bowie
Felicia asks Bowie why she’s getting her out. Bowie says she has nothing to do with Cam’s plans.
Felicia says Cameron wants her out because he doesn’t think he’ll win against her in the final 2.
Felicia is bothered that Cameron told her he doesn’t want her in the jury house.
Felicia says she’s not going home and will fight.

10:40 am MEME and Corey
Corey is wanting to work with MEME. He pitches a plan to form something between America, MEME and himself.

11:07 am Jag and Blue
Jag asks how she’s is with America. Blue is okay “I don’t have any animosity towards her really”
Jag – did you catch the Bowie jane talk last night when we were outside.. They were saying Bowie Jane is just a number she’ll vote however we want..
Jag – Guys C’mon.. Poor Bowie
Blue – I know.. they were like Bowie is going to to whatever we want her to do

11:25 am Jag and Bowie
Jag is talking game with Bowie.
Jag – if one of the three of us wins lets say we put up MEME and Cirie? I don’t know what do you think.
Jag – purely because we think we can beat them the following week if they are angry
Jag – our initial nominations don’t matter as much they can be damn near anyone and we tell them it’s a back door.. IF they win Veto we say f** okay we upheld our word it’s a backdoor and we put someone else up. If they don’t win veto then we have a decision to make. Lets say you were HOH and you put them up I win the veto and now me, You and Matt talk. Hey do we actually want to send one of them home. Probably not.
Bowie – that’s right
Jag – we have the vote to send whoever home we want.
Bowie – YEAH
Jag – we need three votes to send someone home.
Jag – we take off MEME we want MEME on our good side because she’s a better competitor. We put up whoever.. Pretty much Blue, Corey Cam one of those three. All we would need is one more vote. If Blue is up there you know Corey will vote her out. You know If Corey is up there you know Blue will vote to evict her. If Cam is up there you know everyone is going to vote to evict (LOL)
Bowie – YEAH
Jag – at that point if we win next week can low key make whatever we want happen.
Jag says Corey isn’t that great of a competitor as they all make him out to be.
Bowie – he gets anxious

(Jag pulling Bowie in talking real game with her)

11:38 am Matt and Bowie
Matt says Felicia is campaigning to him “She wants to stay now”
Matt – she said that you wanted her to stay
Bowie – I knew she would say that that’s why I said …
Matt – she’s like BOWIE Jane says she wants me to stay
Bowie – No I did not say that. I said to her ‘I don’t know why you think that I don’t like you.. I’m just letting you know twice I campaigned for you to stay and she said will you campaign for me to stay this time’
Bowie – I was like. (Shakes head)
Bowie – she said she had Cirie’s vote to
Matt – she said to me she really wants me to consider it. I said I need a couple days to think on it.


Matt- we’ll see we’ll see
Bowie – she’s never kept her word once every single conversation she’s had she’s told someone
Matt looks at the soup he was shaking “I’m going to make some of this”
Bowie whispers “Jag is talking about strategy”
Matt – what?
Bowie – Strategy
MAtt – stretch ?
Bowie – Strategy
Matt – Crazy ?
Bowie – Stra-te-gy Strategy
Matt – energy?
Bowie – Strategy
Matt – strategy
Bowie – I tried to do an American accent (OMG that was funny)
BOwie – who do we want to be with in the last 5. Who can we beat?

Bowie wants the final five to be her, Jag, Matt, Cirie and either MEME or America.
Matt says MEME is scary she needs to go to.

Bowie is questioning how good of a competitor Corey is.
Matt – he has everyone on his side
Bowie – he’s dangerous

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Don't Shoot the Messenger

They are two of the most unlikable BB houseguests EVER!!!


Simon, what are your predictions who will will the game and who will get American favorite prize


Hisam for AFP!!! I have a feeling right now that the jury would vote for Cirie to win. Bitter jury= Not Cameron.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Sending Cory home would be bad jury management. I believe that he would vote objectively and not person ally and he likely wouldn’t vote with the crowd, who will all be at least somewhat upset with whoever the final HOH winner is for ending their game. I don’t think that Cory has much of a sphere of influence over the others, additionally. I think that he should finish off the cabinet, if nothing else, it will keep them as being a 40%ish voting block…


Cam fans are literally on some serious drugs if they think that keeping Felicia for jury and getting rid of Cory now is better for cam.
Cam fans you really think Felicia’s gonna vote for cam in the end and not vote personally whereas Cory would be a logical jury vote. Underestimating ciries potiential for a jury voting block for the finalist; she will not vote cam after how he has dismantled her game. Let alone cam doing ciries dirty work this week wanting cory. After cory got out jared last week who backdoored cam. There is no way in hell that getting rid of Cory over Felicia or cirie, right now is better for cams game.
It’s too soon! You do not get rid of Corey doing someone else’s dirty work especially when that somebody is CIRIE!!

The Beef

I agree Cory would vote objectively, but the problem is Cory wants to get Cam OUT, and that’s a problem for Cam. Jury management is important, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t make it to one of those final 2 chairs. Getting rid of Felicia while keeping Cory may be a good jury management move, but if Cory wins HOH next week and backdoors Cam, Cam will look like a fool for passing on this opportunity to get out a player he knows is after him, to eliminate a weak player, solely in the name of jury management.

I do understand the importance of working with your alliance members/teammates in making that decision, and not wanting to be dictatorial with it, which is why he needs to work Jag more to bring him around to the idea. Matt is like a damn sheepdog, and will do whatever Jag tells him to do, and will think it’s a “good idea” whenever Jag reaches that conclusion. The next original thought Matt has in that house will be his first.


Cam continues to not going after the sugar race babies this week it will be his undoing next week.

It's me

Jared’s interview made me change my opinion of him. Spoke very nice. No Bro!


no mo bro

So you like the fake him outside the house, not the real him inside?

Julie Chen

Hi Jared. “It’s me”. We know

Spot ON

“9:58 am lights on throughout the house. Cirie and Felicia still outside.”

“Fe – those aren’t the people you let get to the end. Shit.. .”

FELICIA’S comment to CIRIE is the subtle CLUE that CAM should let FELICIA stay, and kick out CORY. She (FELICIA) seems to value those who have done “sh**”, and criticises and opposes those who merely linger around as a result of doing “not’ng”.

For the reasons above, among others, FELICIA would likely be an advocate for CAM in the jury.


Felicia: “I don’t care what he has done in competitions .. he has no people skills what so ever. He thinks he does but he doesn’t. He got his a$$ up and came in because he was afraid of what I might say in the [jury] house. His instincts are good. I can’t stand him. That is the first person I’ve said .. I literally can’t stand him. He will never walk his a$$ through my front door.”
From her own mouth, she would actively try to poison the jury against Cam. And he knows that! She would be the furthest thing from an “advocate” for Cam in the jury house.

The Beef

Hahahaha! This is sarcasm, right Spot ON? Especially since Felicia sees herself as one of the people in the house who has done “sh**”?

Game fan

i dont understand tho why is she saying cory isnt doing nothing. the kid is ALWAYS playind
and litterly got jared out in hoh.

by the way felicia still hates cam the most. also his game play.
she is saying he has 0 social game. kinda right.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Felicia’s sense of entitlement is stunning…smh

Queen Catia

Yes, I see that…


Yeah, imo Matt’s in the best position in the house. A lot of people are giving him information and if they ever start targeting him they’ll go after jag first so he’ll have a heads up

Game fan

true but hopefully he wont sell his game to be jags number 2.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Good analogy


If Cory goes home this week, Cam is gone next Thursday (in the event he doesn’t win veto). That’s why I’ve been saying him BDing Cory this week is a bad idea. I agree that Cam needs to get Cory out sooner than later if he wants to win in the end, but doing it this week would be a mistake. If Cory goes, Matt and Jag throw the HOH comp and one of Blue, Am, Cirie, Felicia, or Meme gets Cam out the door next week. And as Jared’s Virtuous Nature said, Cory in jury would vote for Cam to win, Felicia simply would not. If Cam’s intentions are solely to win the money as all of you Cam stans claim (clearly y’all can read his mind and know exactly what he’s thinking at all times), then he should’ve said nothing about BDing Cory and let Felicia go, thus ensuring he doesn’t have an automatic “no” jury vote in the event he gets to the end.


Cam going after Cory now trying to backdoor him will be his undoing and it’s too soon bad call on his part! Because all it is doing is ensuring that those who might be trusting cam will just turn against him and not want to work with him not going after felicia NOW!
Cam is foolishly empowering cirie and the sugar race babies giving them the win this week !

Mad Max

I guess I’ve missed too much of the BS this season….does anyone know who is on which “team”? I just see this constant back and forth except Cory/America….????

un autre nom

Cory’s problem logistically at the moment?

Same problem he’s had since week 2. The arrogance of a 22 year old left brainer. He hasn’t updated his spreadsheet since week 7, and has inconsequential talks now that he isn’t being fed info. His situational reads are 2 weeks old. Add to that he’s still discounting America’s gut as unquantifiable, therefore irrelevant. Since week 2 90% of her gut reads have been right, but thanks to Cory’s slam job on her for weeks, nobody believes her.

Cory has become arrogant and complacent. He hasn’t run the numbers since week 7, and therefore hasn’t updated the spreadsheet. This is the problem with RHAP players. They don’t read the room, they’re too busy checking venn diagrams they made previously.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’ve tried, but I just cannot get with Jag & Matt. I don’t trust either one of them.

Matt agrees with Cam about voting out Corey, then as soon as Jag comes in and says it’s too early to vote out Corey, Matt agrees with Jag. Matt is just as bad as Bowie, Matt has no opinion, Matt just does what he is told to do, votes how he is told to vote.

Jag & Matt will flip on Cam as soon as he is no longer the HOH. Cam cannot catch a break with these people, no matter what he does, they still want him out, he is a physical threat, he also is very arrogant, and Cam lacks Social Skills. But I’m still pulling for Cam.

I appreciate Cam is willing to go against what the house wants, it just sucks he doesn’t have people in the house to work with or have a back bone. Jag and Matt worry so much about people being mad at them, they want to stay in the middle.

Jag & Matt, total floaters, Matt won 1 Veto, and now he thinks he’s a comp beast. I get it, Matt has a disability, and I respect him for stepping out and playing BB, what I do not like, Matt is to wishy washy, and he has partnered up with Jag, another wishy washy person.

Not game related, but Matt needs to get rid of that floss pick he’s always chomping on, it really is gross, I cringe every time I see him with it in is mouth, I think that is just Nasty.

If Matt & Jag would agree with Cam, get rid of Corey, I think personally that would be a good move. Jag saying it’s not, because America, Felicia, Meme, Cirie will team up, and they will be after them. So what !! What can America, Felicia, Meme or Cirie do, they are not all of a sudden become comp beasts. Jag is the next target after Cam is gone !!

It sucks, but I feel once again Jag is going to stab Cam in the back. Whoever wins HOH, watch Jag & Matt suck up to them, they will kick Cam to the Curb, they will help the current HOH backdoor Cam in a heartbeat.

Let’s say Jag & Matt make it to final 2, which would be a total disappointment, when they are asked what big moves did they make, what behind the scene moves did they make to advance them in the game?

  • Playing the Middle ?
  • Being complete FLOATERS ?
  • SCARED no back bone.
  • Following whoever has Power ?
  • Kissing up to whoever is HOH ?

Jag & Matt would have been destroyed in BB if they were playing with other great BB players, BB25 is a season filled with boring, no game, Floaters, Followers, people with the goal of just making it to Jury, “Bowie”.

Jared was a pain, also very unlikeable, but his mother helped him with making moves, Cam makes moves, is not afraid, but the one thing he needs to learn, playing BB, you need ” Social Skills “, Cam tends to turn people off.

If Cam is backdoored after being HOH, I don’t have anyone to root for, everyone that will be left in the house, they are all useless, in my opinion Jag or Matt have not done anything that makes them worthy of winning 750k or 75k.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

So true. Jag & Matt are clueless and spineless. Two of the all time worst players.

Matt's Cookies

Matt is never seen without something to eat. Jag, also eats all the time. Do they have access to weed :)?
Did production tell Cam to leave Cirie in the house?
Cam has a lot of fans, but he sketches me out because he thinks Reilly is his “best friend,” and according to Fe, is always trying to mess with America when Cory isn’t around. I’m rooting for Jag, Matt, America final 3.

Matt's Cookies

If you don’t like Jag & Matt, you are really cynical. Those 2 are a refreshing duo.
Bowie is the biggest floater in the game. She should go home next.