Cam “Lets open the game up. Now lets take the shot. Its time to dance!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Jag and Matt want to keep Corey this week and will try to steer Cameron away from that plan.

12:05pm HOH room – Cameron and Matt.
Matt – honestly the more I sit on it, the more I am on your plan. Cam – I know that sounds good but Jag is the one. You’re closest with Jag. Matt – yeah I would have to convince him. Cam – its not that. If you feel in any way that he has some sort of real deal or connection of Cory to bust us up. That he is just not letting you in on, do you think there is anything like that? Because I am with the 3. Matt – Jag knows that he (Cory) needs to go. Cam – I am with the three of us. Matt – he (Cory) just had another 2 hour convo with Meme in the hammock. Like why would you need to have a 2 hour convo with you know you’re going to vote to keep her as the plan right now is Felicia is gone. So he is probably wording it like I’m going to keep you because bla bla bla. He is getting nervous and I am like why are you getting so nervous about things. Cam – remember what I told you about Izzy.. when you have the power and someone gets very nervous about you doing something to them… its because they’re thinking of doing it to you. Matt – yeah. Cam – period. I know you’re on board and I know you’re receptive. I know we would 100% have the votes but Jag is the one that we’re going to have to convince. And I am not trying to convince him, I am trying to make the best decision. I am trying to make the best decision for the three of us. Matt – I think if we make this move and we get Cory out … MAYBE we lose America .. and that is fine but I don’t think we will lose Blue. Cam – we don’t have America already. Matt – yeah, you don’t think? Cam – no. She wants to hang out with us and she is going to use us but she is aligned down there because that’s where the votes are right now. Matt – we would have Bowie, you, me, Jag and we could have Blue easily. Cam – Blue is going to be happy that we pulled the trigger for her and she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty. Matt – yeah. Cam – I think that Blue doesn’t actually want to go after Cory because that would ruin her relationship with America. Matt – she talks a lot of sh*t about America. Cam – Blue talks sh*t about everyone in the house. Blue wants me to take the shot at Cory. We would gain Blue by taking a shot at Cory. You don’t need to correct me if I am wrong but if the two of you (Matt/Jag) have a final two. I don’t think I make it to final 3 with you if Cory is in the house because Jag is going to gamble that Cory is going to take a shot at me. And he will do that for Jag and Jag will feel good about it because Jag didn’t take the shot at me. Jag wants to leave Cory in the game. I know the kid needs to go! Matt – I am seeing it. Cam – I am just telling you all of this because we need to make a decision as a team. I will not go against the team. I cannot trust Blue. We cannot trust Blue to have the balls to take that shot at the kid (Cory). Matt – here is the thing it will be unanimous besides America. Cam – The whole house will be happy. Matt – I am down with it! Cam – I think we just take it. Matt – I am down.. it will be a couple awkward days but f**k it! Cam – I am telling you this is the move. We just need to talk to Jag. Lets open the game up. Now lets take the shot. Its time to dance!

12:47pm Comic Room – America and Cirie
America – do you have an idea of what you would do for next week if you won? Cirie – if I win.. girl you talking pipe dreams! America – no. Cirie – I really wouldn’t want to … like I would be too scared to do anything major. America – there are still a lot of us left. Cirie – there are still so many people left. I don’t want to go after people, like that is not my thing. I don’t want to be lumped into that like oh you did this and that. I would have conversations with people and see where to go .. I would need people to say this is what it looks like and this is where you should go. I am one person. I would need help, like what do you guys think. And I don’t mean what the house wants.. what the people that have had my back and what they think. I would have those conversations. I would talk to you guys and Matt and Jag. I don’t really know where Meme stands after everything. America – I don’t either. She is yeah… a little more reserved where she lands. I don’t know where her head is at.

1pm Kitchen – America and Cam.
America – I got you if I win. Like you’re not a target or Cory… You’re not a target or a pawn. Cam – yeah I know that. I feel that. I am not worried about that. I feel good with you guys.

1:20pm Kitchen – Cam and Cory.
Cam – I think this is a pretty simple week. Next week, it depends on who wins HOH but lets face it there are only a couple that can’t win where we would feel unease about it. Cory – even if they do I think there are ways out of it because I do think if someone is going to put you up .. straight up.. because it gets to a point where is there even a point of backdooring. Cam – right. Cory – I think most people would probably put you next to Bowie is my guess. Cam – why wouldn’t they pull the same thing they did before with me.. put up Matt and Jag and then one of them wins the veto and then put me up there. Cory – I think that is terrifying because people feel more comfortable to move against you, than the three of you. The more I think about it .. if the numbers get low enough and I’m with the people I can trust.. f**k I think I am down to take the chances .. you know what I mean. Especially the nature of the competitions are more down my line.

2pm Cory and America haveing a juice pack lunchables date.
Cory – Its funny because every big brother instinct in me tells me that Cam being here is good for us. He is just kind of good at competitions though. America – I like him. I wouldn’t backdoor him. Cory – I don’t understand you sometimes though.. because yesterday you wanted to get rid of him and the day before you wanted to.. America – and now I don’t. I don’t know. I was just worked up I guess. Cory – I think you were worked up because he was being a d**k. America – Maybe I should take his advice and be less sensitive .. and less emotional.

2:15pm – 3pm Backyard Couches – Jag, Cameron, Cirie, Bowie and Felicia
They’re just laying out and chatting about random things.

3:05pm Havenot room – Jag and Matt.
Matt – honestly I was thinking about what Cam was talking about yesterday and I think we should do it. Jag – really? Matt – Cory is freaking out a lot. He spent 2 hours talking to Meme today. He’s been talking to everyone. He is panicking because he knows his plan is starting to fall a part. He told Blue that he thought he was up here and now he feels like he is here. So why did you feel like you were up here in the first place because he definitely had his sh*t covered and all that. Then I was talking to Cirie a little bit to see where she was at .. we talked about why the fact that Meme and Felicia were the targets this week… Why the fact that we had to make a final four with them last week.. and its because he thinks he is up here and now he is down here because Blue relayed the same message to Cirie. She said that she knows that Blue wants Cory out. She’s been gunning for him. I think a good world me, you, Bowie, Cirie in the final four… is f**king good. Jag – you know what is funny about this.. I was talking to Bowie and said.. Matt – Cirie because she is not a competitor. Jag – and after Cirie she said low key Meme or maybe America because they’re not competitors. Matt – the only thing is we have to be careful about it because we don’t want to piss off Cirie too much with that decision. But if someone else takes a shot at Blue.. perfect. Jag – but who would? Cory would. That’s the whole thing. Matt – yeah I see. Cory is always making sus’y comments about everyone. Like dudes a snake can’t trust him. And now he is making comments to Blue saying you’re playing the perfect game. Jag – if Cory leaves this week. Matt – it would be unanimous except for America. Jag – then what happens with America. Matt – if America wins next week she would put Cams a$$ up. Everyone would put Cams a$$ up. Felicia because she survives this week.. she puts Cam’s a$$ up. Meme would put Cam’s a$$ up. Everyone will go for Cam next week if we don’t win either. Jag – Wait that’s true. Matt – We got Cory out.. we got a mastermind out. Jag – that’s true. Blue joins them. Matt – I think its good.. Blue – what? Matt – Getting you out! Blue – shut up.

3:50pm Bedroom – Cirie, Felicia, America and Meme talking about random things like movies.

3:50pm Havenot room – Cameron, Matt and Jag
Cam – the more I think about it.. Matt – the better it sounds. Cam – we just have to get together. Matt – he’s been talking to everyone today. Cam – he even took up time with me in the kitchen. Jag – how was that? Cam – cryptic. He said that if he wins next week he would put up Cirie and Meme. And I was like why? And he didn’t have a good answer. I said you’re full of sh*t. I said why? He said he thought it would be the best move for the house and keep everyone calm. I was like of all the thinking you’ve done and you think the big move is Cirie and Meme? Blue joins them.

4:15pm Bedroom – Jag and Matt.
Jag – today’s conversation that we had, she (Blue) said be f**king for real everyone is here for one reason only. She said that. I am not saying things like that. So anyone that is in her way she is going to take out. She is also saying things like I am playing the best game and you’re playing the best game. Why the f**k would she go to the end with me and you? Matt – if we’re playing the best game. jag – why would she ever .. she is smarter than that. She is not going to take us to the end. There is no way she takes us to then end. She cuts us as soon as Cory and Cam are out. That’s why Cory leaves this week. Next week Cam is going to go and then its everybody versus us. Everybody except for Bowie. Cirie is maybe with us but she is not going to win a comp. It ends up being a hard, hard battle. IF Cory stays and Felicia goes .. then its different. Cory is not going to take a shot at us because he needs us in this game to protect him. Everyone is looking at us .. we will be the targets as soon as other targets leave.

5pm Backyard Pool – Jag, Bowie and Meme while America and Cameron watch.

5:07pm Kitchen – Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – She said you know Cameron… he could pull somebody down and put up one of these guys. It wouldn’t put it past me. Cirie – if that happens we need to f**king stick together Felicia. I am not going after you. Felicia – I am not going after you. Cirie, I am promising you from this day forward I am never coming after you. Cirie – and the same. Felicia – When we go, we go. I am telling you with all sincerity.

5:53pm Backyard Hammock – Felicia, America and Meme are chatting. Meanwhile, Cameron, Cory and Bowie are playing pool.

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Cam for the win if he’s able to pull this off, so sick of seeing feeds of Cory and America


Be careful what you wish for because you might get Cameron’s bad behavior unless he is strictly warned by Production to stop his crap


What is Cam’s bad behavior? Not what Felicia has said or what anyone else has said. What have YOU actually witnessed?


If you watch the feeds you would have seen how he treated Reilly and the fact that he was saying inappropriate things to America. Felicia did not come by her statements out of the blue


Cam isn’t easily intimidated, not by Production either (at least one would assume).


cam pulls this off he’s still the target next week. he basically needs to win out comps to win and probably still can’t get the jury votes. honestly he’s much better off with cory in jury than missing it, but cory does pose a greater threat of making the final than the rest of the house. ultimately this will all come down to a) whether he has the balls to do it and b) how blue votes

Matthew schneider

Karma if they vote out cory i think you will see a different america .


Looking forward to tomorrow’s afternoon feeds. Cory is definitely going on the block. The question is if Jag will go down with the ship and keep trying to save Cory when there is no hope.

Spot ON

” Jag will go down with the ship and keep trying to save Cory when there is no hope.”

JAGATESWAR is no captain….he won’t go down with the ship….he works in the kitchen….. he’ll be the first to jump into another if it means saving his a**.


currently i’d still say jag and matt can convince blue to vote to save cory. but i think it’s more likely she convinces them to vote to oust him, than they convince her to save him.


Perhaps you’re right, good thinking.

Spot ON

If BLEW convinces JAG she will get a two-for-one deal because she will also get the rubber stamp vote (MATT)


Of course the question will be will Production have to find a way to get rid of their boy Cameron if he makes an unwanted move on America thereby creating another Buyback competition


What unwanted move on America have YOU witnessed? Not heard about but actually witnessed.

Spot ON

“Production have to find a way to get rid of their boy Cameron if he makes an unwanted move on America”

Get off of that.
Total BS and it’s OLD!

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t recall the exact sequence, but he put hands and leg on America even after she pushed him off. It’s on youtube if you google it.

I wanted to like Cam, but it feels like rationalizing for the sake of the game to excuse his behavior in that frame.

It’s very obvious he doesn’t understand consent. You don’t touch someone if they don’t want you touching them.

Replied to you by mistake, supposed to be for MiMo below.


Thanks, NRE. I’ll check it out during halftime of the Jets vs Chiefs and hopefully before BB comes on.


Production’s influence is over-rated. They may attempt at steering houseguests but in the end I believe houseguests do what they damn well please Lets not give so much credit or credence to Production. I hope I’m not being too naive (as I cringe).

Spot ON

It’s TIRING and NAUSEATING reading about trying to defend the indefensible.

It all boils down to what could be reasonably expected from what has already been observed.

CLEARLY, when someone is making out in bed every night with some guy she met weeks before in front of a national audience, and when she’s taking showers with the guy with cameras rolling, and when the male side is looking all over the house for condoms, one can reasonably argue that her “reputation” is not stellar BY ANY MORAL STANDARDS. SAME can be said of ANOTHER female in the house. She’s (They are) not Tinker Bells. She is SINderella. The expectation of another of what is available for consumption from a SINderella weights heavily on her REPUTATION.

Put it another way:. There is a certain aura of expectation if one goes to study biology at Tinker Bell’s house with parents in the house, and studying biology with SINderella in the bed of a pickup truck by the beach. IT’S REPUTATION.

That’s not to say that it’s an open season. “No” is still “No”. And when there was a push back (if in fact there was), then the brakes come on.

In THIS county, individuals are not crucified on EXPECTED FUTURE ACTS that they MIGHT do. Leave that to the Nazis.


Man you’re really stuck on something you have no proof of…get over it


Spot ON, to respond to your request. I don’t know how to post links, but I’ll tell you what I put in my search engine which will bring up several links. I put in Google: 13WMAZ story about Cameron of Big Brother 25. His name is Cameron Hardin. You will see both videos and stories of him.

Spot ON

Yeah…thanks…..I was searching KREM, 2, CBS… didn’t find anything near that coincided with your post…. I’ll search a bit later using your query. Thanks.


Thanks, Wolfwoman, for posting this link. One day, I’m going to learn how to post links.

The Beef

So sick of all these ridiculous accusations against Cam about his supposed misogynistic comments and unwanted advances, that nobody ever backs up with evidence of any kind other than “he creeps me out” or he refers to himself as daddy! I can assure you if Cam had done anything like you perverts seem to think he did inside that house, he would have already have either been tossed out of there, or at least have been warned about it, and there’s absolutely NO evidence there’s been any of that, unless somebody here has a direct camera link to the d/r I’m unaware of.

You don’t like the way he flirts with girls a few years younger than him, I get that, but that doesn’t make him a misogynist and it damn sure doesn’t make him a creeper either. America has openly admitted she’s been flirting with him, so I don’t see how anybody can blame Cam for responding in kind. If he does anything towards her that is unwanted, I flat out guarantee you all she has to do is complain ONE TIME, and it would be taken care of, but that has NOT happened, so how about you demented perverts cool it with your assumptions and judgement from HOME, when you have about 15% of the story and no real idea of the truth, with everybody inside that place lying to each other to try and improve their own position (meaning throwing anybody and everybody under the bus, however they can). It’s pretty clear some of them would say anything about anybody in there to stay in the game, and they don’t care if it’s the truth, a half truth, or even close to the truth, and a lot of it is just repeating rumors.

Stop slandering the man unless you’ve heard him say something derogatory about women in general or some woman in particular. He has not said nor implied that he wants to get Cory out for the purpose of getting “alone time” with America in the jury house, and you’ve got to be a pretty damn sick individual with waaaaaay too much time on your hands to think that’s the reasoning behind this move to evict him from the game. Holy crap – you talk about not giving women any credit – do you morons not think America would have something to say about that? Are we going back to cave man days here or something? “Oh Cam! You knocked out my man Cory! I guess I’m all yours now!” Disgusting!


You want examples? Ahem: With Reilly he called her very attractive and nearly in the same breath said she reminds him of his daughter. He also said he wanted to hit her but couldn’t because there are cameras around. With America he’s told her to wear more clothes, he’s touched her legs without consent (to which she very quickly shoved him off), he told her “there’s no cameras in the jury house ;)” and that he can’t control himself around her. The last two examples being the main reason I believe he would try some suspicious sh*t in the jury house. There are plenty more examples if you wish to search on live feed threads or on Twitter

Oh my

I saw all those interactions and you are full of crap. If you tell a lie long enough, there’s always some moron that will believe it.


I’m full of crap? My lord the lengths you people will go to defend Cameron just because he is entertaining television is absurd. If you watch each of those interactions in addition to the countless more it is clear that the women are made very uncomfortable by his words and actions. And Mimo, the evidence you are looking for is listed in this comment chain and in many threads across the BB internet.

Spot ON

“the women are made very uncomfortable by his words”

Uncomfortable by words? Walk away.
“Free Speech” something bothers people.

Spot ON

100%. BS

Spot ON



The Beef: Thank you for asking for evidence of Cameron’s alleged wrong behavior. I’m still waiting for it.

Nether Region Euphemism

Have you seen the video where he puts his hands and legs over America as she pushes him off? If so, what about that seems appropriate to you?

Is it that you’d behave the same way?

Do you like someone touching you when you didn’t want them to, then repeating it after you clearly shoved them off?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

If America was uncomfortable with Cam, when she was in the HOH, America told Cam, I hope you like this outfit.

That does not sound like someone who is creeped out by someone, I think America likes the attention she gets from Cam.

America is just worried if Corey leaves, she thinks she will look bad if she starts hanging out and spending time with Cam.

I do not think Cam has crossed the line with America, we all know Felicia lies, Felicia’s mouth is not the Bible. I don’t trust Felicia at all !!!

Spot ON

“America told Cam, I hope you like this outfit.”

Didn’t she do a little wiggle too?
Was there a pole nearby too??

The Beef

Both of you get the down vote from the lynch mob who have already tried and convicted Cam with no evidence.

Don’t you know it doesn’t matter what she says or how much she flirts with him? He creeps them out and calls himself “daddy”, plus he’s 7 years older than her. He’s got to be a perv.

Guess it doesn’t matter that she’s 6 years older than Cory and basically had to teach him how to kiss. 😉

The Beef

NO I haven’t seen it and I did go to YouTube and search for it as you directed in a previous post and couldn’t find it.

What I did find was several wanna be blog hosts posting their OPINIONS of what they think is bad behavior (one of them even referred to Cam as a mid-40 something guy – he’s 34) which some seem to be hung up on this “huge” age difference, between him and America and also Reilly (she’s a bar tender for God’s sake), while others cite “unwanted attention or advances”, when America has openly admitted to flirting with the guy.

Does that give him the green light to touch her? No it doesn’t, but again, if he touched her in some sexual manner that bothered her to the point she felt it was sexual harassment, OR if production felt like that was going on (there are cameras everywhere in there and they see pretty much everything), I feel they would intervene and tell him to knock it off, and if he didn’t they would expel him from the game for cause.

Palaikeni said above that he threatened to hit Reilly. I do think that happened, but I strongly feel that was said in jest, and Reilly KNOWS it was said in jest, or again he would have been expelled from the house for threatening violence against another house guest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve threatened to knock the sh@t out of one of my friends or beat their azz in a joking manner, everybody knew it was a joke, and just laughed it off. Now some of you want to say he threatened her by saying something like that? Come on now, let’s be real here!

It all started with Cam and Red talking about keeping Mama Fe around during the very first week, because she liked to cook and was good at it. Some here jumped to the conclusion they were both misogynists based on that statement alone. My saintly mother (may she rest in peace) was a stay at home mom, one of the best cooks on this planet, took care of running our family home and carted me and my two brothers to all of our sporting events (including daily practices) throughout our school years. I know women now don’t do that much because it’s hard to support a family on only one income, and women also like to have their own careers, and I get that. But it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with being a good chef and appreciating that ability. I miss my mother because I love her, but I also miss getting to eat some of her great cooking every once in a while. I promise you, I have infinite respect for my mother, as I do for all people, unless they give me a reason not to. Therefore, to me, that comment, made about a 63 year old woman, who just might take it as a compliment, does not in and of itself indicate he has a low regard for women.

Honestly I’m just weary of seeing Cam attacked with very little evidence or reason for people doing so, other than “Well Felicia said” or maybe “unnamed poster said Cam said something out of line to America” or even “Have you seen the YouTube video where Cam’s leg touched America and OMG she pushed it away? I don’t know where it is, but YOU go find it – just Google it.” Well I tried to search for it on YouTube and I couldn’t find it – only more vague accusations with he said she said – no actual footage showing anything that actually happened. People here have been asked numerous times to provide the evidence to back up their accusations about Cam and NOBODY has actually done it to date. It’s always just “Oh he’s said a lot of things” or “The way he acts around America just creeps me out”. Sorry, but that’s not evidence.

So fire away with the thumbs down, but before you do how about posting a reply with a link actually showing him saying something that supports your point of view, or one that shows him inappropriately touching somebody, because I’m not going for the vague implied unsupported BS accusations any longer.


Agree 100%. I too have searched high and low for any actual evidence and have not found any. People need to get off the slander band wagon.

Carlito's Way

Yay! Matt is totally in on cutting Cory! I thought he was just following the leader, but he is actually showing he’s got game.

Omega BB

CIRIE will win.

Gan ainm

Shocker, Cam is Camming.

Gan ainm

Will Jag Jag?

Spot ON

Well, maybe. CAM should be ready for the NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES. It’s coming.

Sikhs are known to have a knife (called a kirpan) hidden in their turban.

Senior Citizen

And if they draw the knife, they have to draw blood, even if it’s just a drop or two.

un autre nom

might be missing tonight’s HOH / Noms episode due to continuing real life lifing problems. If things calm down here, I’ll attempt to be back in time. Apologies if I can’t get back to realtime recap.

Gan ainm

Sorry I can’t say anything to make it better.

no mo bro

Is America pregnant? Maybe she’s just bloated.

Gan ainm

I think you’re looking at Matt.


This would be like Izzy/Cirie/Felicia cutting Hisam. You lose a number, and Felicia/Cirie/Meme/Blue are still after you.

Probably a week or two too soon.

Gan ainm

Listening to them eat dinner is a special kind of torture. I think I have misophonia.

Says Bark

Was Cam talking about Cory when he said, “…if he wins next week he would put up Cirie and Meme. You think the big move is Cirie and Meme?”
About as big of move as putting up Meme and Momma Fe.
Or maybe the point is to backdoor someone… starting to hope it happens to Cam.

un autre nom

Episode in Progress
late… and not up for bullshit, so i’m going to call out any episode edit lies that don’t match feeds. Fair warning. Skip this review / recap if you don’t want to read production callouts.

7minutes in recap must have happened.
Jared leaves.
Cam getting hero d/r edit
Cirie bitter betty d/r
Jag happy due to alliance onions
Blue tears. every emotion from Blue is fake.

everyone is side alliancing and onioning.
14 piece rocket puzzle.
Cirie lone wolf d/r everyone promised her safety.
Bowie d/r sighting. she’s at 24 now. 5 hg’s are well over 100.
Blue pissed at Cory.
Jag fugitive d/r
Meme final 2
Matt no strategy
Bowie 25 now.
Deals talk.
America gets ditz edit. didn’t see him there? Not what happened
Total bogus Cam reaction to deals (false justification)
Cory / Cirie suck at puzzles.
seeing lots of bogus puzzling. who leaves a space 3 rows down?
Not smelling Denmark, but smelling something weird
picking up paces.
Cam just beat Matt. by moments
Blue frustrated.
Cirie incredulous.
Felicia pissed and worried.
Bad animation of rocket lift off.
Meme worried foreshadow
Cory smooth sailing…yeesh
Cam protecting Cirie. She’s alone. no she isn’t. stop it.
Jag listing the Matt / Jag onion of alliancing while complaining about others playing middle.
Bowie’s involvement with alliancing invisible. Odd.
Everyone worrying about Cam’s plan?

Emily Dickenson fluff filler
Cirie / Cory Survivor talk.
Cory asking Survivor Trivia. it annoys. tbh Traitors trivia annoyed her more.

It’s a lot of bogus loyalty crap. three backstabbers with loyalty d/r shush. I make charts, i’ve got visual proof.
the edit looks Cory targeting. This convo was way more anti-Felicia. Cory will vote game and logic, Felicia will force her petty will remember?

Meme Disinfectant Filler.
America Kissing Filler
Bowie d/r 26

Cory / Cam
rollercoaster. great relationship… oh this edit is straight up bullshit.
Cam loves chaos.

Cam one on ones. Naming names.
Cam / Felicia
Why don’t we talk game. Gut feelings. Persuasive fighter. Cirie is the threat
Felicia would vote Cam lie.
Cam / Meme
smoke blowing up ass session. You’re a pawn. Cryptic. ANOTHER CHOPPED CONVO.
Felicia was named.

Cam noms Felicia / Meme.
Reason: Conversation. Sit next to best friend.