Jag – “Next week us winning the HOH is a sketchy thing”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:40 am America and MEME
America says when the last week started Izzy expected the vote 8-1 with MEME being the sole votes to evict her.
MEME – I know.. so crazy
America – would you have done it?
MEME – Yeah I would have
America – nobody would have held it against you
They continue to talk about last week.
America says Izzy had alliances with everyone. It’s a good tactic at first but eventually people talk.
MEME – Felicia was thinking she had votes..
America – from them?
MEME – yeah
America – that’s what they were upset about. They had been lying about their vote which I think is pointless.
America says Felicia came up to her and said she had Cirie, MEME and Jared’s vote.
America – I Didn’t want to tell her then..

1:30 am – 2:30 am Chit chat

3:20 am Jag and Matt
Jag – Blue said If she wins she puts up Corey and Bowie and keeps it the same and she wants Bowie out which isn’t going to happen. Corey will end up leaving.
Jag – I think Blue should throw it.
Jag – there’s corey and America on this side. The mommas over here and us three in the middle. Jared can’t play. Bowie and MEME over here.
They don’t know what MEME is going to do if she wins HOH.
Jag – The thing with MEME I don’t know what she will do. She isn’t going after Felicia.
Feeds flip when we’re back
Jag – next week whoever wins HOH will be guaranteed Jury
Jag – If you win you are saying put up Bowie and MEME so you don’t show your cards. That is going to be a sketchy week. The reason I say it is when it comes down to the votes you will want to backdoor Jared. Lets say MEME wins Veto or Bowie wins Whoever.. JAred is up there. The people that will evict Jared are Corey, America, me. The people that will not evict Jared are the mommas and Blue so that’s three and three. You need Four votes so that means. MEME or BOWIE whoever gets off the block will be the deciding vote.
Jag – MEME could vote with them or vote with us. What that means is you’ve made a BIG move without a guarantee Jared goes home. That is scary
Jag – here’s another options lets say me or you win HOH. Obviously if the Bowie/MEME route is sketchy lets say we are fully committing and showing our hands lets say you get HOH.. or I do whatever
Jag – lets say you put up Cirie and Felicia and then we swap out Jared on the block. Jared’s on the block next to Felicia. Cirie and Blue votes to keep Jared. Me, Corey, America vote to evict JAred. NOw you have MEME and Bowie again. I think probably they would come with us.
Jag – Next week us winning the HOH is a sketchy thing
Matt – I just hope they don’t take the first shot.
Jag – Blue isn’t going to vote to evict him.

Feeds cut

3:30 am Corey and America
Corey – I’m worried about Jared’s relationships with Cirie and Felicia.
Corey – Felicia has MEME and Blue.. those are the votes. Cirie, MEME, Felicia and Blue those are the four.
COrey – After what happened on Thursday and the sh1t I did wednesday
Feeds cut..
When we’re back they are making out.

4:44 am zzz
8:55 am zzzzz

9:52 am lights on.

Looks like everyone is doing laundry today.

10:10 am Blue and Jared
They are going over their boot list.
Jared – MEME doesn’t threaten you like COrey threatens me.
Blue – it’ll have to be Jag or Matt
Jared – CAmeron, MEME, Corey, Jag or Matt.
Blue – Yeah.. America.
Jared – Bowie, Felicia
Jared – your final 4 is me, You, Cirie and Bowie or Felicia?
Blue – Yes
Blue – Matt can be up there.. I can beat matt I can Beat Felicia..

10:15 am Jag and Cirie
Jag says he told Corey and America they can rock paper scissor for who he uses the veto on. “I don’t think it matters at all”

10:37 am Felicia and MEME
(hard to hear so it doesn’t make sense)
Felicia – WE need to get them on board with whatever the f** we want.. WE’re done playing games.. Well that’s what the house wants.. F*** all of that we the house
They are talking about not the original plan to vote out Felicia on THursday.
MEME says she was never supposed to know.
Felicia – I was to find out the last minute.
Felicia – but thank you god She told you, you told me and then Izzy… When she did that Corey got pissed off.. and everybody FLIPPED.
Felicia – actually he was the one that flipped..
MEME says America was always wanting to keep Felicia early that week but she didn’t think Corey would be down because he was so close to Izzy.
Felicia says Cirie, Jared, Izzy were making her believe they were voting to keep her.
Felicia – that’s why I said My gut tells me they are not fighting for me I can feel it.
Felicia – I’m hoping it’s little America’s a$$ up
Felicia – I’m going to go to corey and say What happened?
MEME says she was always going to vote to keep Felicia so when the flip happened they came to her “All of that I was a part of Technically I wasn’t part of anything.. I was sitting minding my business”

11:30 am Jared, Jag and Blue
Jared says America has a slighting better chance of staying against Cam than Corey does.
Jag says Corey picked him for Houseguests choice so he’s thinking he’ll use the veto on him.
Jared – if someone decides to keep Cameron
Blue – they’re stupid
Jag – There a$$ is grass Bro.. Their a$$ is fu*ing Grass..

They are joking around about flip flopping your votes.
Jared says he might mess with people today for no reason “Yeah man, I don’t know if Cam needs to go home right now”
Jag – Wait BRO That would be so F***ing funny
JAred – people are going to go like jared’s gotta go

11:52 am Jag and Blue
Blue – what happens if one of us accidently gets it (HOH) Where do we stand on that?
Jag – I’m down
Blue – even if You want to go one way I want to go one way and Matt want to go a different way it’s better to kinda be in the know and figure out what is going to happen. Ultimately it’s us three and we all have what’s best for our personal games. Being able to talk out and be on the same plate.. Also we can brainstorm names..

Likely this will be the nominees after Tomorrow

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un autre nom

Table Shifting:
Meme is telling Felicia to talk to Cory. They can’t trust Jared / Cirie because they weren’t even going to inform Fe/Me about the Felicia vote.
Matt is looking for cover/excuse if Jared hits the block. I think he believes he can get closer to her than Jared. The ratting he did was mostly superfluous, except the America told Cam house details. Still an error 24 hour early conversation.
Matt will not share the middle seat now that Cory is out of it and Izzy is gone. I think knowing Cirie is kingpin makes him think he’s more middle than Blue.
Cory named the brown sugar members to America in bed. He alludes to them voting together. Does he remember?


I think they pushed jury back because they will reveal Jared and Circe if they are still in the game at that point, which also opens up the battle back option since everyone will know about them.

un autre nom

Some thoughts on this throwing roulette.
It’s mid-game. Throwing is for early game.
Stfu and choose a side.
Hey Late nighters,
You’re dropping the ball. Again.
If one of your number (Blue) has reneged on voting out Jared, she’s not with you. Get to work on pulling in Bowie and Meme. Cirie already is, so why drop the ball to let her?
Jag, as soon as Cam is gone your veto wins make you the next big bad comp beast, don’t rest in temporary peace.
The idea of middle at this stage is cowardice. I’m not saying declare war. I’m saying quit throwing.
After seeing a montage of Bowie’s crossfit stuff it’s obvious she’s throwing physical comps.
who hurt whose game more? Did America badmouth Cory to half the house to keep him isolated and paint a target on his back? No. She wins.
Cory knows about / forgot about bsb. jared told him in comic room when cory’s robe period started.

Carlito's Way

They should start an alliance called The Robes.

Paul Sucks

I still don’t understand how Jag and Matt still playing the middle is an option when everyone already know where the lines are drawn. They are kidding themselves to eviction.

It is clear they need Jered out the house plus one more of their numbers.


I must’ve missed the robe period! ?

un autre nom

Weeks long period where Cory wore his robe on feeds 24/7. the knowledge of bsb was before he started wearing the belt as a head band.

The Beef

It is beyond incomprehensible that Jag thinks there are not 2, not 3, but 4 sides in the game right now, and that’s with him not even including Jared on anybodies side!

Also interesting how he puts Meme and Bowie on the same team, when Meme is clearly aligned with Felicia, and therefore most likely with Cirie and Jared, but that doesn’t keep Jag from creating a “side” out of nothing, just so he can conveniently place himself, Matt and Blew in the middle, where they so desperately want to be.

I said in an earlier post that Jag and Matt were playing scared, and that neither Cory nor America wanted to be HOH because of the responsibility and blood that goes along with the job. I’m glad to see you agree with me on that.

These players continue to show they have no read on what’s going on in the house, nor a good strategy for what to do moving forward to improve their positions in the game. Every single one of them, except for Cam, and Cirie’s core group, is afraid to make the moves they need to make to improve their own game positions because “OMG, those old women might come after me if I do!” That’s just about all they would have to worry about if they would just stick together and GET JARED OUT, but they’re too damn afraid and/or too stupid to just DO IT!

Spot ON

Afraid AND stupid


I wonder how Cirie had the revelation that this week is double eviction?

Spot ON

As she was slithering along the house floor with her FORKED-TONGUE extended she was able to pick up the voices in the production room.

Nether Region Euphemism

I’m dying.


The majority of the house expects a double because most seasons the jury starts with a double eviction.

Typically the double sends the first two hamsters to the jury house but this year with only seven in the jury the two evicted are the last two outs.


Jag thinks himself into knots making it impossible to move. Shut up and listen. Maybe no one talks and that’s more information than talking everything to death.so much bs spewing from everyone. When did spin all the webs you can become the game? So not fun this season. When are meme and Bowie gonna step up? Do they have game? If not get them the heck out. Players don’t even know enough to know what they’ll do. Well meme will vote for Felicia. BFD. And…. No? Nothing? Bye meme. Same with Bowie but no strong allegiance. Bye bye.


Meme and Bowie are actually in a pretty good spot for now. They’re not a threat and they’re needed for their vote.

Spot ON

One of the two will likely be sitting in the #2 chair simply because they’ve done absolutely nothing to get there.

The Beef

They’re both pretty much playing the same game Taylor played last year. Maybe Bowie will turn it on in the last couple of weeks, win a comp or two, make a great speech about there never has been an Aussie winner before, and take the whole thing! 😉

Spot ON

I hope so, but I think BOWIE may be running of time to make some moves for herself. She did pretty damned well in The Wall comp tonight. I think she’s been hiding her physical abilities for the “right” moment, but again, the places to hide in the house are not getting any bigger. She’s gotta win an HOH SOON.

Game fan

they can be easily disposable as well. (jag and matt are already talking about nom them)
also , they would never win .

Game fan

better exsmple of someone in a good spot- matt. he is needed yet appreciated and has game

Carlito's Way

Cam needs to stay this week to keep this game interesting. How can they not see Blue is full of it. She will never put up or vote out Jared. They do not have the votes if he goes up. They need Cam to take Jared out and to remain a shield. Cam deserves to be there over Cory. If I were there, I would talk Jag into not using the veto, vote out Cory and team up with Cam, America, Matt and Bowie Jane. They have to see the Brown Sugar Babies are a core. Jared even indicated that when talking to his mother last night. They want to drag Matt and Bowie Jane along for strength and numbers before they dump them. They already have Blue if push comes to shove. WAKE UP! There is no way the Brown Sugar Babies will vote each other out unless you can get Felicia and Meme to turn on Jared and Cirie for the lies about the vote last week, but that will never happen. This is the only real alliance. They are going to the end. KEEP CAM, you need him. He will get it done. He will get out Jared and/or Cirie since the others are all too chicken to do it. Between the disadvantage of the Dasterdly Duo combo Cirie and Jared, and the gutless wonders in this cast, this is an extremely frustrating season!

Queen Catia

This is what I really want to happen…leave noms the same and vote out Cory. Cam is the better shield moving forward in the game. Cam also has a better shot of winning HOH and getting Jared out by putting him up against Felicia. If Jared wins veto and pulls himself off the block then Cam puts up Cirie. When you consider that Cam has been playing this game almost entirely by himself it is obvious to me that he is not only a better player than Cory but Cam does deserve to stay over Cory. I also hate the total lack of sportsmanship from Cam’s fellow hamsters. They celebrate whenever he fails and they shun him when he wins all out of spite, pitiful!

Game fan

cam is the better shield but no way cam is a better player. he could of wanted izzy out but ultimetly it was america & cory who made that happen. and it was america who oppend his eyes about jared.

Spot ON

Too much logic and common sense for those brickheads to understand.
“Common sense is not too COMMON”


Jag/America/Matt/Corey/Bowie need to prepare for the double eviction now. They should all know that the initial nominees have to be a combo of Felicia/Cirie/Blue if the goal is to have the best shot to backdoor Jared.

If Jared doesn’t win Veto then he is likely going to become the replacement nominee and is going home for sure because most people would use the Veto. Obviously those five would use it.

I would be shocked if Felicia didn’t use the Veto on herself if she won but I’m really curious if Mecole would use the Veto to save Felicia if she was on the block against Cirie. Because doing so means that Jared is going to be backdoored but not doing that means her top ally could potentially go home (or if not then Cirie goes and would Mecole/Felicia rather have Cirie in the game or Jared?).

I could see a scenario where if Cirie won the Veto that she pulls a Marcellus and doesn’t use it to save her son.

Hell if Felicia/Mecole won the Veto I could potentially see Cirie convincing them to not use it to save Jared from the backdoor by volunteering to go home. She could even expose that she is Jared’s mom to really tug on Felicia’s heartstrings so that she or Mecole wouldn’t use it on her. I don’t know if they should or would trust her since that move is one of her iconic ones from Survivor Micronesia (RIP to Erik smfh)…but maybe she could really be sincere by telling everyone she wants to go home to spare her son.

I bet Production would love all that emotional drama lol.

Of course if Blue isn’t on the block she could potentially win the Veto and not use it to ensure that Jared skates by. If she is on the block then I’d also expect her to use it but the same Cirie play could see her convince Blue to not use the Veto Blue won so that Cirie can voluntarily leave to save Jared.

So since Blue has a higher shot of winning a Veto (double eviction ones are typically very fast paced comps typically with a puzzle element to them) maybe the nominees should be Blue/Cirie if the target is Jared?

It just sucks that Jared is going to have a very good chance of still playing since both of them would pick him as their houseguest choice and his name is in there like everyone else.

Jag/Matt/Corey/America need to win that damn Veto to get this douche out!

Game fan

i cant see matt nom cirie . not sure about jag as well. but cory has a good chance i think
its going to be mental.. a question hoh comp.


The TV ratings must be low if big brother is coming on at 9:30pm central time.

The Beef

That’s just because CBS is running out of programming due to the writer’s strike and has decided to “re-show” a program (Yellowstone) that has already been running on Paramount for 5 seasons. The first episode was a two hour one, and couple that with the usual Sunday NFL game running long, and you ended up with a 10:49 eastern, 9:49 central, and 8:49 mountain starting time for BB.

They’re NOT moving Sixty Minutes, which is a Sunday night advertising juggernaut for them.


So disappointed in Jag and Matt thought they were smart enough to play without being Jared and Cirie ‘s puppets. Jag was saved more than once by other players and is now going to stab Cameron in the back. Matt acts like he can’t think for himself. If Jag was any kind of a player he wouldn’t use the veto get Corey voted out and work with Cameron and America to get Cirie and Jared out in the double eviction. Jag may as well pack his bags to be evicted next if he uses the veto. America for the win.


How exactly would Jag be stabbing Cameron in the back? Jared, not Jag, would be putting Cam up.


Because if Jag didn’t use the veto Jared would’nt be able to put Cameron up


Stab Cameron in the back? After having an alliance together. Cam put jag on the block week 4. Pushing for the whole house to vote Jag out. Last week Cam, was going to put jag up last for a second time if jag didn’t say it would be a waste of time. Cam still was considering backdoor jag after they made a deal. Backstabbing that is all on Cam. You don’t keep players who consider backdooring you – Jag owes him nothing!


Jag never honored the deal they made and he has talked planned and considered the same things about Cameron. At least Cameron honored their deal.


Dan gheesling said it himself if your thinking about backdooring me now you will probably do it at a later point in time. Cam turned on the handful, then ponder to a backdoor after nominating Jag week 4. Where Jag was evicted because of cam nomination! This is more than enough justification that jag owes cam nothing zero as cam has proven to be untrustworthy.

un autre nom

What Jag knows about Cameron:
flipped on him week one. Targeted and got him voted out. Tried to align, 12 hours later shit talked him and targeted him. Proposed a deal, told people about the deal to make him look sketch.
With that track record JAG the cowardly lion could not find emotional security with Cameron, nor should he.

un autre nom

Y’all thinking this week is fait accompli on Sunday? Bbtwitter already throwing a Cameron eviction party.
That makes me say when has Cirie ever stuck to her plan.
We’re going to end up with flipflopfuqery, all because mommy wants Baby safe.
Wait for it.


OMG…we’re going to get a deal between Cam and Cirie where where Cam won’t put up Cirie or Jared if they can save him. Cirie will then get herself, Meme, Felicia, Bowie, & Matt (or possibly Blue if Matt, or both) to vote for America. She will go home, Cam will stay, Cam will win HOH during the Double, Cam will then put up Cory/Jag, if one wins he’ll add Blue, or Matt and they’ll vote out Cory or Jag (likely Cory b/c we all know he won’t win Veto). Cory and America out before Jury. Production gets what they want, Cirie & Jared are sitting pretty with an upcoming Cam-less HOH, Cam gets Jury, Bowie gets Jury, Meme & Felicia obliviously think Brown Sugar babies are good and oblivious Matt & Jag go next…well right after they backdoor Cam…haha. Explains Cam’s good edit too, “the break up then re-alliance of Cam & Cirie will be brilliant!” – says Grod…god I hope I’m way off, but now I think I’m on to something.

East coast

Jag – because when have they ever done anything with two people like flip a coin and get back in there.” (previous post) Didn’t Kaysar get back in the game via an America’s vote between him and someone else? What if this coming week’s two evictees were put up for a vote and one returned to the game?

un autre nom

bb6 all 5 first evictees were up for the vote except Janelle’s partner who ditched sequester to go bar hopping and got caught. The top 2 vote getters were Cappy and Kaysar, the leaders of each side.

un autre nom

bbcan 11 / bb25 Beta Test Houseguest Comparisons
Jared /Tyrant has already been shown. Asshole personality with a control freak streak getting dubious comp wins.
Blue / Claudia the no alpha steamroll talk showmance stepford moron.
That makes Matt and Jag the Girlypops.
That makes Cory / America / Cameron the name undisclosed on digidump trio of Hope / Jon / Santina. In that order.
Izzy was Zach.
Cirie was Kuzie.
Felicia and Meme are Daniel / Anika
That makes Bowie… djdan (the guy that didn’t appear in digidumps despite winning an hoh).
Damn. Hope I’m wrong but casting models / storyline are starting to line up.
shudder. eyeroll.

East Coaster

100% spot on ( as usual ! )

Tyler was robbed

These house guests are overthinking things. You need one of Jared or Cirie gone, preferably Jared. There is only one way to guarantee that at least one of them is on the block – you nominate both.

The house would be mentally deficient to keep either of them if they were on tbt block at this point.

Not nominating both of them means that if either wins veto they could pull the other off meaning they are both safe (eg a wasted week when Jared had no safety.)

These floaters are all brutal players / cowards.

I think it’s a potentially great strategy to float for the first half of the game and soak up intel, but this is the point of the game where you have to start making big moves to frame the end game.

With Cam gone Jared is the best comp beast left, he’s in a showmance (Blue) and in a strong alliance of 5 (brown sugar babes plus Blue.) what are they waiting for?!?

Tyler was robbed

I should add that these HG’s are completely forgetting the “Jury Management” aspect of the game: if there are 7 jury votes and 4 of those Jury members are from Jared’s alliance – there’s a good chance they won’t beat any member of that alliance even if they make the final 2.
They MUST send home Jared/Cirie or at least a key member of their alliance on that double-eviction, or there likely isn’t a path to winning the game unless every member of that alliance is eliminated before f2 (a tall order at this point based on the people left in the house after Cam or America or Corey leaves.)

If they don’t keep Cameron as a sword to take that shot next week at Cirie’s side, the end-game scenario may be sealed.

un autre nom

Matt wants to be the new Izzy.
He’s mostly ratting out America again (Reillyism). To Cirie. Before veto ceremony.
This sets up the coming flipflopffuqery i was predicting.
She’ll tell Jared to take the Cam deal, America is glue between Cam/Cory.


If Cam goes I go. He is the only one in the house that has any balls!! I don’t know y everyone hates him and believes all the lies Jared tells. Which he shouldn’t even be in the game! Calling someone the “R” word and Big Brother saying oh that’s OK it wasn’t derogatory against anyone important so he gets to stay????? I worked 20 some years with the Mentally and Physically handicapped and yes alot of them understood the derogatory word and were hurt by it. And then to allow Felicia, Cirie anD Jared talking about getting all the non colored people out so it can be all brown sugar?? Isn’t that being a bit racist? This is my last year watching Big Brother. They just don’t understand what equality means. My rant is done

Spot ON

“Among the Sikhs, the dast?r is an article of faith that represents equality, honor, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety”.

I wonder how many of the above tenets of faith has “JAG” has kept while in the BB house during the last 40 days or so. It appears to be NONE OF THE ABOVE.

THe ones that are most disturbing is his disregard for “honor, self-respect, and courage.”

How many times has JAG failed to display a lack of honor by failing to keep a promise made to someone in the house?

How many times has JAG not kept his word, lied to others, deliberately thrown a comp, and many other like and similar transgressions violative of “self-respect”.

How many times has JAG shown courage to do something “right” without turning himself into a potty pretzel in self-debating the issue, and at the end, he shows his true pu*** colors.



His religion is irrelevant. A lot of houseguests are religious or allies or feminists and still do messed up stuff they said they wouldnt do. Whats the real problem?! You have valid criticisms of his game play why not stick to those. I think he is spineless. He seems to play from a fear based mentality. I think he deserves to get evicted. Using his religion to demean him sounds racist whether is was intentional or not.

un autre nom

Cam / Matt
Pre-emptive campaigning. Paraphrasing.
Cam takes credit for Izzy leaving and exposing the house.
Can’t understand why the people he exposed wouldn’t be grateful.
Wants Matt to convince Jag Jared not to use veto, not renom Cam.
Says Jared’s game is better with Cam in the house.
Says Matt is playing for sixth without Cam there to take him to second.
Cam pushing the duo has to be split (subtly pushing Cory).
Reilly daughter thing x2.
Matt is thankful to be deaf right now, and has covered one eye during the talk.


GEEZ! They were all lying while arguing about who is lying.