Cam “I just don’t understand why it isn’t a slam shut case?! Break up the duo! Guess which duo is next?!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12pm HOH room – Jag and Matt.
Matt – how was your talk with Jared? I thought it was about Cory and America who Jag – they really don’t care. Jared doesn’t care and Blue doesn’t really care. Matt – yeah I didn’t think they cared. Jag – my thing is this .. I am going to let Cory and America decide. If they come to a decision.. Matt – I know America thinks she should come down because she says its your fault Cory. But it doesn’t really matter. Jag – Here is what I am thinking. by default if they don’t decide I am taking Cory down because I was his house guest choice. Matt – yeah that is respectable. Jag – unless they both agree I should take America down, then I’ll do that. Matt – I think with America up it goes both ways really .. with America up people want her gone already. So that gives Cameron’s best chance with America up still because people could go oh we want her out now. Jag – I think its the opposite. That’s what Jared said. Jared said there is a .1% chance that Cam stays but America probably survives over Cory. Do you think one of them will get butt hurt if I don’t take them down? Matt – if anything America is the one that is going to get butt hurt. Jag – I know so do I take her down because I know she will get butt hurt? I don’t think Cory will get butt hurt. Matt – I trust Cory more 100% over America. Not to be mean, I just do. I just know that America said my name to go up as a pawn. Jag – Blue said that she did want to meet with us as well but as a heads up she did mention that we should meet up to see what we want to do and stuff… and even if you go a different route and I go a different route and she goes a different route we should all be on the same page.. which to me its obvious what that means .. it means that Blue. Matt – I already know what that means .. it means you would chose Cory. She would choose America .. and I could go either way. I don’t really want to split up with you. Jag – we’re in a good spot. We’re in the middle, lets keep it that way but if it comes down to it and we have to take a shot at someone, we both know that Jared has to go. Matt – I know yeah. Jag – we both know, Blue is not going to be on board. If we throw the comp and Meme or Bowie win.. then we are f**ked! Matt – absolutely. Jag – we are f**ked! Matt – but will Meme want to piss off people in the seven or Cory/America. The only one that scares me is Meme. I don’t know where her head is at. Jag – we should meet with Cirie too. She mentioned to me that we should bring Bowie in as a number. Matt – but if we do that then we might lose her on the side of Cory and America. Jag – I know. Matt – we’re such middle men. Cameron joins them.

12:30pm Backyard – Blue and Cirie.
They’re talking about their home towns and their outside lives. Felicia, Jag, Meme and America join them. They all start talking about their jobs and what they want to do when they leave the house.

12:33pm – 1:04pm HOH room – Cameron and Matt.
Matt – if you end up going up you’ve got my vote to keep you in because I know you’re a F**KING player and you could do very well in here. Cam – Well that’s no reason to keep my Matt. Matt – I would work with you. Cam – I have BEEN working with you. Matt – I know, that’s what I am saying. Cam – but I need 5 votes. Matt – maybe four if you convince Jared too. Cam – If I could convince Jared I could convince him in the next day… but if I get on that block, then his mind is made up. I just don’t understand why it isn’t a slam shut case.. Break up the duo. All the other duos are breaking up. Guess which duo is next?! Matt – Jared and Blue. Cam – and now Blue is down there talking to Cirie for the FIRST time ever! She is trying to setup her game and I am telling you I will keep you two together if I can stay in this house. You are on no radar of mince. Matt – thank you. Cam – you’re my dude. I trust Bowie. Matt – have a heart to heart with Jared. Cam – I have. Its just trying to convince him that I would be good for his game and I would … I would 100% be good for his game. Getting rid of me would not hurt his game but keeping me would help his game. Same with Jag, because right now Jag has two wins. Jag is even more of a targeted threat than he was. They’re just going to use him to get rid of Jared. And they’re going to use Jared to get rid of Jag. Matt – I think Felicia and Cirie are going to use Jared to get rid of me. They’re f**king close with Jared. Cam – absolutely. And that’s the people that you’re aligning with. I know what they’re doing .. I exposed it all. This is the thank you I get. Matt – I know, yeah .. I know. Cam – if noms stayed the same who is the person you would vote out? Matt – the house .. where would they go.. Cam – then never mind. I asked you for you opinion. I don’t care about the house. I asked you what do you thing?! Matt – I would keep America .. maybe. I don’t know .. I think maybe that. Cam – sounds like a very firm opinion. Matt – I think the mama’s are trying to rope America in so maybe it would be better to keep Cory. Cam – I know you go into the majority of the evictions being told where to vote and you don’t think for yourself. Matt – yeah I know. Cam – who are people afraid of .. its a VOTE! If their only threat is they’re going to come after you .. that’s not a treat they’re going to come after you regardless. Its a smart way to a 6th place finish. Matt – yeah. BB switches the feeds.

1:38pm HOH room – Cam and Blue.
Cam – is it a lock or is there room to talk? Blue – Room to talk. And I always told you there is always opportunities for us, you know. You kept avenues open to me and I would be doing a disservice to not only you but also to our relationship if that sh*t was locked. Cam – I walked to Jared and I don’t know what he said about that but I won’t talk about if he isn’t comfortable with that. Blue – he has not said anything to me. Cam – so I won’t talk about that stuff. I know what it is. Blue – you’re not dumb. Cam – its not even that I’m not dumb, Cory and America are just blatantly telling me straight up. Straight up, the only thing I am begging and hoping to do is to make it to jury. You say I am not dumb but I know I am not going to win this game. Its going to be such a steep mountain to climb. I am not pulling sympathy here, I’ve told this to others.. financially for me getting out of here I just need to make it to jury. And here is all I can possibly do.. Keep the nominations the same. We bust up the duo. I don’t know where either of them fall with either of you. I only had one target and she left last week. I don’t have any motives. I am a competitor but the fact remains that competitors are the ones being picked off. Regardless of where you think your standing is with that piece of the house.. they’re lining up all of our demise and we are doing it to each other. And I am not saying I am trying to raise an army against that crew. All I am trying to say is between you and Jared, me, Jag and Matt we will mow down every competition in this place. I just need to make it past next week. I will do anything you want me to do and that is the gods honest truth. I will give the two of you the f**king room and the snacks as long as I stay here next week and you can pick the f**king nominees.. I just need to make it past next week. I know I am not going to make it to November 9th. That is a hill that I can’t even climb. I will do the bidding of whatever the group wants if I don’t touch the block this week. I have a legitimate shot at winning HOH next week. Blue – since week 3 I feel like I have tried to work with you to establish a further relationship with you. I never felt that you wanted to work with me to the same extent that I wanted to work with you. Cam – to my point, I couldn’t. I am not going to split hairs on this thing. I need someone to step outside their comfort zone and go against the house and I will owe my life to them. Not just this game, I will owe my life to them. I am not going to win this game but I can help someone who can. I can use my skills for the good.

2:20pm – 3:12pm Backyard – Cam and Cirie.
Cam – I don’t know how my perception got to be what it is in this house but I assure you I am a damn good guy. I am raising an 8 year old little girl. There is nothing inside of me that is evil or diabolical. Cirie – that’s the word that has been used. Cam – Jesus!? Come on!? Everyone things that I am out to get each and everyone of them and I am not. I am literally out to make it past next week. I just wanted to make it to jury. That would be financially the best thing that I could get out of this whole experience. I just want to make it into jury for her. I only made the moves that I made last week because I thought last week was jury. If I could just stay off the block this week and make it to jury. That is all I want. And I will do whatever it takes to help anyone’s game that gets me to that point. I can’t be more real with you Cirie. When I make a f**king deal.. that is a deal. That is a bond. I am on my knees begging to make it past next week. Cirie – how is that even possible to make that happen. Cam – well I will be next to one of two people .. and if we’re in the business of breaking up duos.. that is a f**king smart one! One that even I am nervous about down the road. If anything keeping me in this house is best for everyone. I am number one on the f**king list. Cirie – if you’re number one, I am number two. Cam – no you’re not. You’re not number two. Jag is number two. Because everyone believes a competitive threat is the threat in this game and its not. The smart people are going to run this from here on. You shouldn’t be scared of me, you should buy me. He can’t play next week. So what do you think? Cirie – I am so f**ked now. Cam – if you think you’re f**ked.. do you have a good relationship with Jared? Cirie – I am hearing sh*t now.

3:17pm Backyard – Jared and Matt.
Jared – just let it be Thursday already. Like I want to get excited again.

3:25pm Backyard – Matt, Jared, Blue and Jag.
Blue and Matt tell them Jared’s campaign. Blue – he basically said that Jag is going to be the next target. He was begging for his life. Matt – he said that if we kept him, he would be the biggest target and always be our shield. Blue – he said he would owe his life to us. He literally pulled a Hisam. If ya’ll keep me in, then ya’ll can get me out whenever you want. I’ll get out whenever .. you really are another Hisam.

4:22pm HOH room – Matt, Jared and Blue
They’re chatting and eating. Jared is asking Matt about his disability. Meanwhile in the backyard – Cory and Jag are playing pool.

4:45pm – 5:10pm HOH room – Matt, Jared, Blue, Jag and Cam
Cam – I think you guys have at least touched base on the topic so what do you want me to do? Jared – I don’t think he ever got in on it. We talked about it. Cam – I didn’t get to talk to you (Jag) because you’ve been in and out of the diary room and back and forth. Jared – he’s been Jagging. Cam – so here is what I’ve got. The moves that I’ve made over the last week or two were to get my target out. And the reason I had to do that was because it was the one person in the house that was definitely gunning for me. That I felt was gunning for me. The only thing that matters to me in this game .. and this is not a sympathy thing.. the only thing I wanted to do was to make it to jury. That was my break point, I have to make it to that point and I will do anything to make it to that point. And the fact remains if you use the veto and I go up on the block.. which is basically an understood plan by the entire house, I mean I will go home. I get that. I feel like that is the plan and I respect it. I don’t take any of this personal. All I have is this.. I just have to make it two weeks. The only way I make it to next week is if I don’t touch the block this week. And all I can figure is making any possible deal with the people that are in this room right now. I am willing to do whatever it the point of if I possibly win HOH, this group of people will choose the nominees. I will have no say. It is yours. I don’t care who goes home as long as I don’t go home this week and I have the ability to stay through next week. I know that I have a short shelf life in this house. If I don’t win HOH, I am a vote for anyone in this room. I am in complete understanding that I am public enemy number one in this house. I am at the top of the list. I am out for hire. If I can do your game any good. I am here for a week and a half.. and I don’t care who you want to go home I’ll send their a$$ home. I will be your vote. I will be everything. And if you want me to go and sit in the corner for the next week I will go and request duct tape. I will do what you need me to do for whatever you need for this group of people. You’ve said it yourself the smartest person inside this house is sitting on that block. I am ready to take him on. But if we go and get that motherf**ker out of here right now it would make all the sense in the world. I am here to beg you to give me a week and a half and be your gun slinger. And if you want to shock some people, leave the noms the same because everything thinks they’re going to change. If you want to have some fun, you know I like to have fun. Hire me! I know I will not win this game. I am no dumba$$. I can do whatever I can to further you game. I would not only be in your good graces for this game I would be indebted to you for my life. That is a real f**king statement. Jag – you bring up good points. I will have to consider a lot. I can’t decide right now. I know which way I am leaning. Cam – hat in hand on my knees.. And I will do that for all of you. Jared – I am definitely taking in everything that you’ve said. Personal aside .. game play its hard for me. Person that is something I would love to do any day. Cam – what is holding back on the gameplay, I could try to clear some of that up. Jared – I felt betrayed at a certain point where we were having conversation and then overnight it was like you were after me. Cam – no I was never after you. Cam talks about how Cory wanted Jared out after they had their argument. Cam heads out of the room to let them talk.

5:10pm – 5:40pm HOH room – Jared, Matt, Jag and Blue.
After Cam leaves they talk. Jared – ya’ll were f**king shook huh!? You didn’t have sh*t to say. Jag – what is there to say to him? Matt – it looked like you were about to be shook by the Cory thing. I was like bro you knew that. Jared – no the way he framed it at first was like ya’ll were in on a plan .. like he was like if it was a double eviction and I was like HUH?! Matt – yeah that was weird. Jared – that was no surprise to me. Matt – what makes it hard is that he is done .. if he was just a regular dude. Jared – for me it doesn’t make it hard. Throughout the conversations when I hear it I am just like oh this is the same thing. BB switches the feeds. Jared – Bro like everyone wanted to make it to jury. Kirsten wanted to make it to jury. Hisam wanted to make it to jury. Reilly wanted to make it to jury. Jag – yeah everyone wants to .. thats the thing. Jared – well I am glad that is over. Matt – the way his actions were .. he did it too soon. You know what I mean .. he was trying to make it to jury.. Jared – that’s what I am like .. bro you orchestrated that whole sh*t with Cory. Jag – yeah bro did all that and now is trying to back off from that. Jared – yeah and then put it on Cory. Blue – well we entertained it and here we are back to the plan.

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As much as I hope, I don’t believe there is a chance for Cam to stay.

Queen Catia

There in lies the problem…most of these houseguests do not think for themselves, they want to vote the way the house votes. Now let’s think about that…who exactly is the house? Well, the house is Cirie and Jared, so you really aren’t voting with the house. You are voting the way Cirie and Jared are telling you to vote. My question to Matt would be “do you want to just give them final two”? That is what everyone in this house is doing, except for Cameron, giving final two to Cirie and Jared on a silver platter. I really like Cameron, Matt, Jag and America but I really see the final 4 as Cirie, Jared, Meme, and Felicia unless Cirie and Jared are broken up during DE night and one of them (Jared or Cirie) goes home. I really don’t understand why no-one is seeing the bigger picture here, except for Cameron. What Kool aid are these hamsters drinking?


Seriously. Ughhh. Matt seems to agree with whoever he is talking too. But Cam has some good points. He needs Cory or America to offend Jared’s fragile ego to have any chance of staying.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Matt is a straight up disappointment. He adds nothing to the game, he just does as he is told, Cirie, Jared, Jag etc… Matt takes his orders, and he doesn’t think for himself.



This logic presents itself every season. Some times it’s much more egregious than this year as the reality is that most of the house is against cirie/Felicia/Jared but he’s hoh and while cam’s interests are aligned with the house short term, long term no one wants to work with him once Jared’s gone. So… if it comes down to getting out cam ahead of Jared instead of the preferred other way around, so be it


No-one is seeing the bigger picture here because, other than Cam, they’re all lamebrains. Duds. The producers really picked ’em this season, didn’t they !!
Cam stands alone he has *nobody*; but in the minds of everyone he’s a threat — go figure. I’ve given up trying to figure out what makes Jared so fuc*in’ special.


he’s a threat because he’s good at comps, he isn’t open about his game, and his targets are have been all over the place. if i’m in the house i absolutely would prefer to work with corey/america than cameron. i have no reason to distrust either of them plus they’re 2 votes instead of one, cam’s too much of a wild card.

Gan ainm

Everyone giving so much credit to Cam?If it weren’t for America’s wake up call he’d still be in an imaginary Brolliance with Jared.

Not Jasons Holly

Come on, Matt! He’s really starting to irritate me! I’ve been irritated. Everything Cameron told him is true.


Another Cirie puppet. She’s not even playing the game, she’s just sitting back and waiting for CBS to keep rigging the game each week for her.

Spot ON

MATT is a KLUTZ “playing” this “game”.


The Minute men? More like The Middle Men. lol


Or more like the The Middle Finger (lol)

Carlito's Way

Matt is sweet, but he is clueless. He is happy to be in the middle and does not think long term. Still hanging on to when Reilly told him to trust Cirie. Things have changed, Matt! Reilly must be throwing things at the tv.

Game fan

being in the middle is actually good long term. they are not even in the jury phase.
BUT i do feel like matt is gonna play the same game in the last stage of the game.

un autre nom

What everyone but Cam knows: the house leaks info.
Pitch Matt: break the duo, you need my protection.
Pitch Jag: superalliance Jag/Matt/Blue/Jared/Cam to take out the weak.
Pitch Blue: i’ll protect you and Jared, i need the money.
Pitch Cirie: got nobody, need the money.
These are don’t use the veto pitches.
Matt and Jag have already shared theirs/told Jared.

Game fan

yeah he should stick to jared and only pitch the others after the cermony.
when you are saying to EVERYONE – i would nominated everyone you tell me..
it means for everyone in the house they are open to be your target.


The best thing for Jag to do is honour his agreement to keep Cam safe for one week. Not use the veto. And tell everyone why. Don’t play the game for others. However, Jag’s a floater and unable to see the bigger game picture. His behind will be out the door behind Cam..

un autre nom

the deal was Jag can’t nom / renom him. It was a secret deal Cam broke by telling Jared.

Spot ON

By JAG using the VETO he is noming him BY DEFAULT since JAG knows JARED will put CAM on the block

un autre nom

it’s a loophole. Jag isn’t putting Cam on the block. Jag has no control over who Jared renoms.
Is a deal with someone that has broken every deal or agreement or alliance he’s been in worth anything on it’s face? That could apply to either party in this case.

Spot ON

“CAM BROKE by telling JARED” ???

JARED was not a party to the AGREEMENT that JAG entered into with CAM. So how can CAM BREACH the Agreement?? So what if CAM told JARED !!!!

Show me a non-disclosure agreement between CAM and JAG?

un autre nom

Cam said it was just between them.
Fact of the matter? It’s bb. you can bounce cheques.
If an HOH has his heel on your throat saying take this deal or you’re on the block, that’s a deal under duress. That’s metaphorically Cam putting a gun to Jag’s head and saying give me your wallet or I’ll shoot you. Yes, that’s an overly dramatic example.


Cam swore if he heard even a hint that Jag spoke to ANYONE about it that all deals were off. A deal has to go both ways to be fair….

Spot ON

“A deal has to go both ways to be fair….”

A “deal” (i.e. Agreement”) doesn’t have to be “fair” to be ENFORCEABLE. It’s whatever the parties AGREED TO (subject to other conditions, but to discuss same here is beyond the scope of THIS discussion). “It’s BB”

Nether Region Euphemism

If Cam were in trouble again next week, he would sell Jag down the river in a heartbeat. It’s not smart to keep a lying two-timing self-serving comp beast in the game.

Spot ON

“The best thing for Jag to do is honour his agreement to keep Cam safe for one week. Not use the veto”


un autre nom

After pushing superalliance to Jag, Cam is pushing he’s the only one that can take out the superalliane to Cirie. Tells both he’d never break a deal. Told Blue he’ll swear on anything except his daughter.
He’s learned nothing.
He’s the guy that jumps ship. Everyone knows it.
This don’t use the veto campaigning should get him in deep doodoo because he’s disregarded all he learned last week thinking his HOH wiped the slate for everyone.

Gan ainm

Cam’s strategy; I don’t like you,I don’t respect you,I never wanted to work with you,now save me.Delusional superiority complex with no self awareness.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jag is really an idiot, if he thinks he’s in the middle, it just shows Jag does not understand game play in BB. Jag is the next target after Cam is gone, Jag has won 2 Veto comps, it has also beeb brought to Cirie & Jared’s attention, at one time Jag tried to put together an Alliance that did not include Cirie.

I wonder when they go to Jury, is Judy still going to tell everyone about the relationship with Jared & Cirie ? This was a disadvantage that was totally not fair for the other people in the game. When they have had other family members in the house, the houseguest knew, I think it’s not fair nobody in the house knows about Jared & Cirie, that fixes the game for them.

Cam is wasting his time trying to make any of these Floaters save him. They have been given orders from Cirie & Jared, Cam has to go, just wait until Jag & Matt are put up on the block, let’s see how much they regret playing in the middle, no they are not in the middle, both Jag & Matt are Floaters.

Matt has never had a plan, each week, Matt is told what’s going to happen, he doe not dare question his orders, Matt does what he is told. I’m not mad that Blue is playing Matt & Jag, if these 2 idiot’s think they can trust blue, give her information, she’s on their side, how dumb can you be.

Watch Matt and Jag, if they make it past the double eviction, they will side with whoever has the Power. This is the Season of Floaters, Matt, Jag, Felicia, Meme & Bowie, don’t really know what Corey will do, I think America wants to flip things around, but she has some Floaters she has to convince they need to think for themselves. Why keep doing what you are told to do each week, by Cirie & her squad.

Matthew schneider

Azmdw 1 probelm is america cant win comps she the only 1 who knows whats going on she had to tell cameron whats going on


So what is the probability that America and Cory decide which one of them will be taken off the block by way of the game of “Rock Paper Scissors”


I love that Cam just called out Matt for the dunce that he is! Matt doesn’t even have an opinion … what a waste! Way too many of these people in this season … makes for dull viewing.

BB Fan

Let’s be real; once Cam is gone, the show will be horrible. It WAS horrible until last week when he finally flipped things. Seemed like he helped some of them see the light but they’re all back in the dark. Jared and Cirie is a major advantage. Game has been stacked again Cameron the whole time and he’s still here! He deserves to be in jury, at the very least. No one else in the house is at all likable or interesting anymore. Cam for People’s Choice!


Cam wants to make it to jury for financial reasons. He is the only one really playing the game. Let’s get Cam some money as America’s favorite player!!




Count me in.

The Beef

“Cam – I know you go into the majority of the evictions being told where to vote and you don’t think for yourself.”

Say what you will about Cam, but he called Matt out to his face with that comment, and it’s the truth.

Cam has virtually no hope of staying this week, and that’s probably okay given the intelligence level of the people making the decision to vote him out. I totally get why Cirie, Felicia and Jared would want him out, but the rest, you know, the ones who don’t know which side they’re on and don’t seem to know who’s working with them and who’s working against them, they should want him to stay as well. The only chance he has is if Cirie decides it benefits her and Jared for him to stay, and there’s only a very small chance of that happening.

Well, at least we had one semi-exciting week out of this season.