Blue “Me, you and Jag need to throw it [next HOH], but he [Jared] can’t know it. Matt “We need Cory & America to win it.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:55pm HOH room – Jared and Matt.
Jared – what do you think we do next? Matt – Like next week? Probably just do what we did this week .. just put them (Cory & America) back up. Jared – I was thinking that but I don’t think Jag is going to put up Cory. And I don’t think Blue would be willing to put up America. Matt – do you think they would put Bowie and Meme up? Jared – if we put up Bowie, Bowie is going to be pissed at me and you. Matt – and everyone else. I don’t think she knows who is working with who. Jared – Me, you, Cirie, Felicia and Meme are willing to put both of them up. Bowie won’t want to win it. Next week, the only people who can’t win Cory and America. Blue joins them. Jared – I think with Cameron gone the whole vibe of this house is going to change. Obviously there is going to be another twist, there is probably going to be a double .. if there is a twist this week I would just cry. I am telling you, I would actually just cry. Blue – the most recent twist we got was the jury which affects everybody. Jared – I think the next twist before someone is safe .. it will be the double eviction.

8:10pm – 8:40pm HOH room – Blue and Matt.
Blue – me, you and Jag need to throw it. But he (Jared) can’t know it. Matt – we need Cory and America to win it.. if we’re going to do a move like this but look what they did today. They’re not doing good in comps. It scares me because they haven’t won a single game yet. Blue – yeah. Matt – like today they didn’t even make it close so are they going to win next week. Blue – yeah. Matt – they rely on us to win. Blue – ohhh.. this is scary! Matt – that’s why I am scared because f**k what am I going to do. That’s something we 3 need to plan. Blue – we need to get ahead of it. What I am nervous about is if Meme or Bowie. Matt – I don’t think Bowie is going to win. She is going to throw it. She is not ready to make a move. Blue – That is true but what if Meme wins, who is Meme putting up? Matt – Meme is close to Felicia. Blue – yeah so she is not going to put up Felicia. I don’t think Meme is going to put up me. Jared comes back. Matt – who is Meme close with. Jared – I don’t know who she works with but she is close to America. Matt – so you know for sure she would put them up? Jared – yeah because Meme ain’t stupid she knows she is not best friends with America and would never be best friends with America. matt – do you think she would put me up? Jared – no, we can sway Felicia to tell America not to put you up. Meme is going to make a smart move. If nothing else, we count on that. If Cory wins, he is putting me up. Blue – yeah and Cirie. Jared – if America wins she would put up me and Cirie too. The problem is though they would have to beat me in a veto. In Cory’s mind it is probably going to be hard to get me out. So I don’t even know if Cory makes that move yet. If he gets me out… then he can’t play.. then he is strictly relying on America to win the following week? That’s why I low key wish this was a double eviction because even though I can’t play.. ya’ll going to whoop his a$$! That is why for me personally Cory and America can’t win next week. That is why that motherf**ker got to go because he protects them two. If Cameron made it to the end bro.. and for someone to sit next to him… I would be hard for me not to give him my vote. Matt – because as much as you were annoying you played the best game. Jared – You ain’t played the best game but the fact that you survived a whole f**king season with people essentially after you is like stellar. That is very impressive bro.. but that is why his a$$ got to go!

9:05pm – 9:30pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
They’re talking about double eviction. Cirie – we already know what we want so it will just be one of us winning HOH. Felicia – right if one of us wins that’s perfect.. if one of them win it could be a probably because two of us could be up.. we just need the numbers. Cirie – that’s why we need to lock down Bowie Jane as soon as possible. Felicia – Bowie Jane and Matt. Cirie – and Matt.. That’s extra.. where they vote with us because if we get Bowie Jane, Matt and me, you, Jared and Meme. We will still have the numbers even if two of us go on the block. I would love to be a fly on the wall to watch Cameron talking to Jared. Does he think there is any possibility of Jared not putting him up as a replacement. Felicia – no possibility. Cirie – no does he think? BB blocks the feeds. Felicia – I know Cameron is nervous as hell. Bowie joins them.

9:35pm – 10:125pm HOH room – Matt, Jag and Jared.
Talking about their lives outside of the house. The conversation turns to talking about cougars, panthers, gators, crocodiles, etc.
Jared – as Cams name got drawn for the veto.. everyone was like well he is not invisible. Jag – Even I was saying he’s only human. He is but a man. And that was me trying to calm my own nerves down. I was like listen I can do this.. he hasn’t won every competition. Bro (Cam) was like I think they’re probably going to do something the two people that are next evicted and make jury. They’ll probably do something with them. And me and Cory are sitting there and I am just like NA! Matt – NA, you done! Jag – because when have they ever done anything with two people like flip a coin and get back in there. Jared – it would be so unfair. Jag – its usually a pre-jury or post-jury battle back.

10:27pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

10:44pm Backyard – Felicia and Meme
Felicia – Yeah so its like .. I just asked him what do you think .. we’re actually hoping they take Cory down and put Cameron up next to America. Of course Cameron is going to go home .. and then next week we gonna see if they can talk if one of us wins we’re going to put up .. actually thinking about..Cory and America if one of us wins. Actually if its anyone of us .. Jag, Matt, Cirie, Me, you, Cirie .. we put up Cory and America again and then if one of them comes down.. backdoor Jag. They may want to backdoor Bowie Jane. We said if we can get Bowie Jane to lock in with us and have me, you, Cirie, Jared Bowie Jane and Matt..

11:53pm Kitchen – Felicia, Meme, Jag, America and Cory
They making food and eating in the kitchen.

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I hope Jag doesn’t use the veto. Wouldn’t that piss the other side off? But are they the other side? I’m confused. I don’t know who is on which side anymore. I just don’t want Cam to go home.
TPTB might have a twist and maybe Cam gets kidnapped into the Netherlands before veto ceremony? ! know, now I’m just wanting something, anything to save him. He’s the only one of the who!e cast that isn’t a suck-ass and he makes the show worth watching. I couldn’t care less about the big star-cast twist of Cirie and son. They are horrible players and not nice people.
Aside from Cam, this season stinks.


Big star cast is not Cire and her dufas of a son despite what BB wants us to think.


Cam and Jag had a deal; when Cam was HOH last week he promised not to put Jag up if he would do the same for him this week. (Including no backdoor).
If Jag uses the veto for him to get backdoored he is not a man of his word.
Jag need to remember if Cam is gone he is always going to be the target, he has a chance now to keep him as a shield.


Happy: good point … I forgot about that deal between jag and cam. I can imagine jag using the veto because I don’t see him as “a man of his word” … he is far too influenced by others. AND, you are correct, keeping Cam would keep a bigger target in the house BUT sadly, I don’t think jag is smart enough to see that. (Sigh) I wish cam had won veto and we would be seeing jag go this week. His wishy-washiness is tiring.


Technically, Jag would not be nominating Cam, Jared would.and Jag has no control over who the new nominee would be.


I understand; but why use the veto, he is not on the block. Just tell Jared I am sorry, I respect your nominations.

Not Jasons Holly

Jag probably doesn’t see it as he’s going back on his word because he’s not the one who would actually put up Cam.

I would reinforce that with Jag, because it is like going back on his word. Please quit playing to placate Cirie & Jared! Don’t use the veto and send Corey home.


I agree, they are just paving the way for a Cirie/ Jared win.

Jared’s greasy durag

Just wondering if anyone will be bitter re: Cirie & spawn if they make it to the end ? I would be HELLA pissed myself knowing that a seasoned reality show player ( winner of one) and her relative ; son no less had a major advantage on the path to win ….. at least with Evel Dick & Dani, everyone knew up front & they were targeted early….. this season really pisses me off for the advantages & overlooking of bad behavior from Jared


I can’t see any world where the HG’s wouldn’t be raging/fuming/spewing/ pissed off when they do finally know of their connection/actual relationship… might take a second for them to realize the implications, but when they do…..


If the Stunt cast does win I think it would open the producers as well as the network to
multiple lawsuits. Can you say fraud? Unless the houseguests signed on with the knowledge that they would not each have an equally fair chance of winning the prize money, that they would be lead to follow “suggestions” and hints that would determine a specific outcome to choosing the winner.
Then the network and producers would claim it’s not a game show. Of course they provide direction.. It’s just an ordinary scripted show…Whatever. I know I would be so angry that all season I was lied to about their relationship. A lie of omission is still a lie. To me it’s an even worse lie!


I would be very upset if I were a contestant! And even as a fan, if these two win, I will reconsider whether this is still the show it once was. Production is becoming overly involved, now to the point of ensuring that it controls the ultimate outcome. So again, what’s the point of going through all of this if we already know who’s gonna win?!


did you notice that Cory actually voted Jag out and they dubbed over his voice to vote out Red, not that it made a difference,, but don’t play us for fools


I’m pretty sure hamsters had to sign an ironclad agreement/contract, basically giving their rights away, in order to be on the show. That would most likely include forfeiting the right to sue or hold the network liable. It would take a brilliant and powerful attorney plus a lot of $$ to turn that boat around.

Matthew schneider

Rachel look at what matt said about cory and america not winning comps matt hasnt won hoh or pov either what an ass


Matt won that saucer and throw ball thing. He chose not to take the veto.


I know. What was bb thinking??


This has NOTHING to do with the present sh*t show. I just noticed that Red is still in color on main page on site. Did he battle back? Did Cory get evicted and Red, Cameron, America clean house? I have to say the prospect of Chillers 2.0 really makes me happy since they played from the beginning and not throw any competitions not like Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains Momma who missed the first competition all together to sip champagne inside the house and had all games fixed for her child to win.
Don’t know what picture grid is called on main site but it did catch my eye.


I know. Look how nice cirie looked on the first day with her sequined skirt and now look at her in a robe 24/7. Lying to us from the start and continuing to play the whole house. If she and J are the last two, it’ll be from an unfair advantage and the jury is going to be PISSED. Production has to see it coming.


How will the jury know that Cirie and Jared are mother and son? Julie has told the evicted houseguests up until now, but they weren’t going to Jury. Wanna bet the jury won’t know?
And if they do, it’s spun to them, how amazing it is, they kept it secret and what good game play. (I threw up in my mouth)

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jared has absolutely no game, everything his mother tells him, he repeats. Cirie told him, she thinks we might have a double eviction next week, what does Jared do, he tells Matt & Blue, he thinks there’s a double eviction next week, what a jackass. Does he have any idea what’s going on, does he always depend on his mother to tell him how the game goes.

Jag is such an idiot, once they get rid of Cam, Jag moves up as the next target. Jag keeps hanging out in the HOH, he follows the power, watch and see how much he comes up to the HOH when Cirie’s groupies put his butt up on the block.

I really am tired of listening to Felicia talk about who she’s going to put up next, like she’s going to actually win HOH again.

Matt had the nerve to tell Blue, Corey & America have not won anything, they can’t seem to win any competitions. Matt one 1 comp, Matt is Cirie’s puppet, Matt is a Floater, and yet he has the nerve to talk crap about Corey & America.

If America wins HOH, she won’t hesitate putting Cirie & Jared on the block, I doubt very seriously Matt or Jag have the balls to make a move like that, I am so disappointed in the 2 of them, I had high hope for Matt & Jag being good at BB, win comps, make moves, but they just don’t have the balls to make any major moves. 2 big Floaters, Matt & Jag.

Please let America win HOH, I want to see Jared and Cirie on the block, then I want America to be HOH, and win the Veto.

Jared saying that he can’t see himself voting for Corey if he makes it to the end, REALLY !! Jared, your mother has led you through this game, yea you have won 2 HOH’s, you are the muscle not the BRAINS of your Mothers group.

You should be glad that the Fans/Public watching this show don’t have a vote. Brah, Bro, Jarat, I’d NEVER vote for you, you don’t deserve to win, your mother is carrying you, she’s the Brains of your game, you and your. foul mouth, entitled butt !!!

Matthew schneider

Azmdw we all know production wont let jared get voted out so they can tell the jury they are mother and son totally bb 25 was rigged i think cameron and america are gone on thursday then they will turn on jag ,cory and matt as the next 3 too go then mecole,felicia then blue then bowie and finals will be cirie and her idiot worst player in bb history jared and cirie wins by a 7 to 0 vote .

Carlito's Way

Agree. Jared won competitions that people threw. Blue and Bowie Jane were still strong on the wall, you could see. They just did not want the responsibility of being the HOH and choosing who to put up. The other Jared “wins” were the same. Basically Jared won by default. But of course his head is bloated and he is thinking he is all that, bro. Play the game people. This is a joke. If they had any activated brain cells they would tell Jag not to use the veto, keep Cameron, vote Cory out (I think he is pretty worthless at winning anything – not seeing throws here) then let Cam take the shot next week. My perfect team is Cam, America, Matt and Bowie Jane. I think Bowie Jane has physical ability to win comps, but is playing it down. I know, dream on….

Roach squisher

Agree, Matt and Jag are the biggest disappointments in the game. They could change the game but insist on letting the exterminator and his mom control things.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Hey Simon and Dawg, how come Red’s picture is not grayed out, just wanted to let you know Red’s picture is not gray up above. Have a nice night


Wouldn’t it be a great twist on the game if fans got to vote on who goes and who stays?! I’d kick out Matt and Jag and bring back Red and Hisam … then we’d have a game!

Mark Rembold

Is red back? I see his face on the top of the OBB page back in color.

Not Jasons Holly

As I watch Felicia cook and then hear her eat, clanking her fork on her plate, I thought to myself, she’s going to get to Jury and gets to vote. I wonder when it’s Cirie and Jared in those last two chairs, who is she voting for? Will C & J reveal their secret before the vote?

Since there are so many of Cirie and friends left and they will all be in Jury, one of them is sure to win now.