JAG “LETS GO! LETS GO! BRO I was FLYING!! 8:30! I want Blue gone!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) He wants Blue out this week.

2:28am The live feeds finally come back from being blocked for the live eviction episode where Cameron was evicted by a vote of 6 – 0. The HOH competition was the Comic Comp that is normally a veto.

JAG WON the Invisible Head of Household!

Bathroom – Matt and Blue.
Blue – I am telling you right now it really wasn’t me. Matt – I believe you. I believe you. Blue – damn we’re f**ked! Matt – I would tell you if it was me too. Blue – yeah, awwww.. we’re f**ked! Matt – it was just really awkward when all five of us were out there and we’re like oh.. (pointing) and I am like I know one of ya’ll motherf**kers is lying. If Cirie won we’re good. She would tell us I think. Blue – I think Cirie and Felicia would have told us. Matt – if Felicia won, I do think she would put me and Jag up though. Or Cory and America. I always thought that sh*t was veto. Blue – I think it normally is. Matt – its going to be a weird week!

2:50am Comic Bedroom – Bowie, Cicie, Felicia, Jag, Blue and America.
America talks about how she though her 10 and a half minutes was good until she found out the winner did it in 8 minutes. Cirie learns that its 2:45am in the morning and kicks everyone out. We can talk about this in the morning. Everyone leaves except for Cirie and Felicia. Cirie whispers that she thinks it was Jag who won the HOH comp. Felicia – the nominees will tell you who it is. He might put up Cory and Blue.

2:57am Bathroom. America and Jag.
Jag – This whole f**king thing is set up for you and Cory or Me and Matt. Its literally going to be one of those probably. America – yeah its literally going to be one of those. No one is going to target Bowie this week. Jag – its not going to be me and Cory either. America – no. Jag – because the moment its me and Cory .. its obvious! America – what do you mean? Oh Blue. You really think it was her? Jag – I don’t know. I am not going to say anything but.. I don’t know.. Maybe.. but.. you said she was crying? When? America – in the bathroom. Jag – I don’t know. I don’t know. Its crazy. Cory joins them. Jag – here is what I am thinking. Either me and Matt are cooked! Or you and America are cooked! Cory – I don’t think Cirie or Felicia won this. I believe Felicia when she said she got 18. America – why is she so chipper.. everyone else is somber. Cory – I think Blue seemed pretty happy at the time reveal. Jag – that’s what I saying. Cory – the thing is if I get nominated I am going to think it was Blue no matter what .. you know what I’m saying. The way that I see it is if non of us are told who it is .. its going to be two of us. The reality is our odd are still pretty f**king good. Jag – what are the odd .. lets say its Blue.. what are the odds she tries a backdoor. Cory – if its a backdoor then we’re golden. Jag – if ya’ll go up or we go up. Cory – we’re kind a cooked. If you and Matt were nominated.. is Blue just going off the rails or did we turn you on you. Matt joins them. Matt – I was 13:37. (Matt has always claimed he has a photographic memory. I think he doesn’t know what a photographic memory is.) Cory – what scares me is that Blue is not telling ya’ll. Jag – I know. Bowie joins them. Bowie comments on how Blue is upset. She says that Cam got in her head. Bowie thinks it won’t be too hard to figure out who won HOH. Matt – its tricky because someone could nominate people making you think its someone else. Bowie leaves.

3:27am – 3:50am Bathroom – Matt and Jag.
JAG – LETS GO! LETS GO! BRO I WAS FLYING!! 8:30 BRO! I was FLYING! You would have been right there too. Okay here is what we want to think about. Matt – its going to be too obvious if we go upstairs. Jag – who should I put up. I want Blue gone! Matt – that’s what I am saying. Jag – so do I put up Felicia and Cirie and try and backdoor Blue? Or do I put up Blue and Felicia? And hope she doesn’t win? If I put up Blue and Felicia and Blue wins the veto and its a diamond power of veto and she tries to put me or you up .. or she can’t put me up. So then if she tries to put you up and you go up next to Felicia .. then you need 3 votes to evict. SO Blue votes to evict you.. do we think Cory and America .. do we trust them enough? Matt – I don’t know. Jag – I can play in the HOH next week plus if I tell them I am putting up Blue and someone else I think they’re going to be loyal to us. If I tell them I got it. But do I want to tell them?! Matt – I don’t know. They’ll know its us. Or that its Felicia. Jag – They’ll know its us. If I put up Blue, I am going to tell Cory and America. Or I put up Felicia and Cirie … or should we tell Bowie? Matt – I think we should tell Bowie. Jag – I think we put up Felicia and Cirie. Maybe Blue doesn’t play but if she does play she will probably use the veto and name a replacement. Matt – that is so scary. Jag – that is scary. Blue joins them and they end their conversation.

3:55am Bedroom – Cory and America
Cory – I think Blue is ratting you out. America – they were going to put us up anyway. If they didn’t tell us its because they were going to put us up. What tomorrow they’re just going to be like oh hahah hehehe.. actually we do have it! Cory – or they hide behind the fact that its Blue. America – I can talk to Blue. I don’t think she is ratting us out. I don’t think so. Cory – she has just proved herself time and time again to just say too much. America – I know. Cory – its just Jag and Blue in there.

4am Bedroom – Bowie and Blue
Bowie – who is not nervous? Blue – it seems like everyone is nervous. We’ll just have to see tomorrow. Bowie – well we’ll know the people that are up there (nominees), its not them…and its not me. Jag joins them. Bowie – If its that Diamond veto ..and you can pull someone down and put someone else up ..then you would know who it would be if you can’t put up the HOH. Jag – that won’t be the power because they said its invisibility. So what would be the power? No one is going to be suspicious of Bowie Jane. Bowie – that’s what I was thinking.

4:08am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Gan ainm

Wow,Grod is really Grodding this season.The guy that got evicted and saved now gets to compete in back to back HOHs.Cirie must be pissed Jag took all her saves.

Game fan

wish she would have at least evicted him against red!


Except you know damn well Cirie would never have been able to do well in that competition. She isn’t exactly athletic. She can’t win competitions…like ever. I think they wanted Matt to win to save Cirie.


Let’s go Jag! Don’t be dumb. Get that soy boy Corny outta here!




we thought the game would be rigged for the Fields family when in reality it’s rigged for the only Sikh-Punjabi contestant in history of the show

Mike Honcho

DEI Strikes again.

Team Hisam

Getting rid of Blue who’s an ally to him, is just dumb. There is literally a showmance that’s about to make it to the final 4. Well, Cirie tried to warn Crayola.

Spot ON

She’s as dumb as dumb comes.


Does anyone know all the particulars of how this invisible HOH works? I assume Jag has the choice to tell if he wants to but does not have to. But does he not get an HOH room? How will it work for noms and veto players and comp? If he won and will have a reign as HOH why does he get to play again next week? Or will this be a shortened HOH so it will not last a week, kind of like a live eviction but just over a couple of days?


Does anyone else feel like BB is setting up folks to win? Why is this comp not a Veto comp as usual but a HH one? BB knows dam well F/C can’t win that. BB knows this. And Jag can play again next HH. Thus far, the only player that is left who is truly playing this game is Jag. All the rest are just floating on by… UGH


Why does he want Blue out so bad? Blue and Jag in the early stages were very close and I don;t know what Blue did to Jag? If Blue is HOH she would go after Corey and America. I don’t understand Jag. Same thing with Cam. He wasn’t going after them so why go after people who keep you safe? I used to like Jag, but he has gotten really annoying and drunk with power.


He’s a $^==<%% idiot

Game fan

his hoh is invisible and he is going to put cirie and felicia.
kill me now! ugh
this twist is a waste for that cast especially for the biggest cowerd to have it!!
he is annoynomoce and still is a cowerd!


Useless Useless Useless
Oh Bulldog Bully Momma Fe if you could just keep your mouth shut and be NICE I would want you to win with your knocked out tooth, Cirie’s bacon in your robe, and bulldozer ways but you whisper and plot steal ideas from Cirie so you spoil that. You are SAFE Jag doesn’t want to target you and you purposely put yourself in the line of fire.

no mo bro

I had a huge wall of text ready to post.

Then I realized… I don’t care anymore.

Some humans make horrible people.

no mo bro

How do you downvote a comment like this? Do you think that here are no horrible people in the house?


The horrible humans down voted your comment.


If Blue is REALLY Jatt’s target then I am fine with that. Bye Gurl… kitty kitty purr your ass to the jury

Game fan

yeah but put her up!
this is invisable!
or put cory and america invisibale is your chance
you put cirie and felicia playing safe?!!!


Cameron was a class act with his eviction. Didn’t disrespect anyone and took his defeat like a grown ass man! They wanted him to self-distruct but he was a gentleman! Now he’s in Jury, relaxing and still getting a paycheck. Cameron for AFP!!




Whatever. With Cam gone even production will have a hard time putting together a show to watch


I’m so confused. I don’t get the live feeds so I don’t understand what is going on.
1) There is an HOH, but no one knows who it is because everyone had a timed event and the winner was not exposed?
2) And that winner also gets to compete in the next HOH?
3) How does Jag not get exposed when it’s time for drawing for the veto?
4) The winner of the POV, wins a “diamond” POV? Is this something they were told or are they speculating?
5) If it is a diamond POV, does that mean who wins that POV, and uses it, also chooses the replacement nominee and not the HOH?
6) Will the houseguests ever be told who won this week’s HOH or will only those who Jag tells and they tell know? Kind of like the Matt win of the special power. The one where Matt saved Jag.
7) Julie will have a ton of secrets to expose at the finale.
Many thanks for answers to #1-6.
Simon, I hope you enjoy your time off.
Dawg, I appreciate your working so hard to keep us informed while Simon is gone.
Y’all are the best, and I can’t wait for the day one or both of you get to play in the Big Brother house.

Another Dixie

I can only give my opinion but my answer to # 6 is that I give them until this evening, at the latest, and everyone will know. Jag has already told Matt. Matt blabs & everyone will know. He should have been required to keep it a secret & given some kind of punishment if he tells anyone.

Sandra M

I agree! If you tell anyone, then your HOH reign goes to the next fastest time and you are automatically one of the nominees!! Ha ha…I wish! This group can’t keep anything to themselves.

Game fan
  1. true
  2. yes
  3. dont know yet- two options i think either they wont know who competed or everyone is playing
  4. didnt confirmed its true from what i can understand
  5. yes
  6. production wouldnt tell its up to jag and the others how they act on it till the end
  7. i think it would be unrelevnt by then. maybe if cirie won it , it could have kept secret until the finals

Thanks, Game fan.


I thought Cameron was a class act, with both the houseguests and with Julie, when he was evicted.

Backseat Driver

Same here MiMo…..I wish Cam a relaxing couple of weeks, some movies to watch, good food and a few beers at the jury house. He’s so far above these clowns….class, intelligence, manners. I will miss him but it’s gonna be fun watching the circus from my cozy couch.


Sorry but with Cam gone I think that there are really no great or exciting players to watch.

no mo bro

Even though he was my favorite house guest and his chat with Julie was very humbling, I still wouldn’t call him a “class act”. He had some low points. Like when he was HoH and kept calling anyone who didn’t agree with him, “Stupid”.

He may not be a “class act”, but he certainly isn’t the a$$hole the house guests say he is. They base their opinions on lies they have been told by the other house guests, until the lie becomes the truth.

They needed a villain to keep the heat off themselves and did so by doing/agreeing with the majority until “Cam is an a$$hole” became the driving theme.


To address part of your first paragraph, I deliberately put the last four words, “when he was evicted.”

Your last two paragraphs, so wonderfully written, summarize Cameron’s journey in the BB house.

Cameron for AFP.

Mean Jean

These are the scariest group of people that I have ever seen . Use the secret power to nominate the Mama’s. Such a big move.


These BBComic Book Covers are HIDEOUSLY RIDICULOUSLY HYSTERICALLY accurate. (Some cut off by accident. Sorry. I am proud I am not perfect.)

Bwhahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

Mike Honcho

Bro! bro, lets go bro! – dang, i thought Jared was gone… guess not.


I don’t like Jag or his cowardly game. BUT, if idiotic, ebonic speaking Blu gets voted out, that’s okay with me. Cameron tried to warn her stupid butt and she dragged his name all week. She lied and twisted everything he said to her. America thinks her and Cory are making it to f2? Cameron told her as well that it will be Blu or Cory in the jury house after him.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

She has become her online persona and even talks like she posts. I hope that this isn’t normal for this age group that grew up on social media. We are going to have a lame future if this is the case…