“BRO she [Felicia] is going to f**king go crazy. Whatever she is cooking up, it is going to be TV GOLD!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) Jag’s new target is Cory/America.

9:45am The house guests are waking up.
10am Backyard – Blue and Cirie.
Blue – DUDE I am glad I won that second veto! That sh*t was crazy! Cirie – yeah, yeah. Blue – I’ll let Jag tell you because he is going to tell you but he is the invisible HOH. I was fully the target this week. FULLY! Cirie – WOW! Blue – Fully the target this week. Ah long story short, he and I had a very long conversation last night and he told me that he was the invisible HOH. That I was the target. He was sorry for putting me up but when I had a conversation with him and Matt yesterday telling him everything about Cory …umm that was me signing my ticket to stay here. Cirie – Wow! Blue – because you know how I was basically signing my ticket out of here. That was me signing my ticket here. Cirie – I think the difference was you wasn’t pressing him. You was giving him information. Not saying “Did you, did you, did you?!!?” Blue – so that’s what I basically said. And that was like the pivotal moment for me. When I was on the ropes I was like COME ON JAG! Like why are you not dropping. I was PISSED OFF! So what the F**K! He was staying on the ropes as long as he could so that he could prove to me that he was going to take me off. Because if I won and he told me, Oh I’m the invisible HOH he didn’t know how I was going to take it. So he wanted to prove to me that he was going to take me off and that he was serious and that he wanted to work with me and not them. But they essentially they along side Cameron villainized me to Matt and Jag. Cirie – WOW! Blue – but that is why my guy is telling me to trust them but I do feel weird about it but holy f**King thank god! So I am going to take myself off. He is going to take Felicia off and Cory and America are going up. Cirie – MMmmmm. Blue – and he was like I am sorry you would be so mad at me. I basically told him this is the happiest and most secure I’ve felt in weeks now. AND the fact that I now have a part in Cory a$$ going home.. I cried! Cirei – oh I bet you did. And when he tells me, I am not going to tell him that you told me because I don’t want him to think that we’re close because next it will be me and you. Blue – not at all. Cirie – okay, so keep that up. I am so proud of you Blue! I was just looking at you. I wanted to cry! I wanted to scream GO BLUE! But and you know how I couldn’t! But I know Jared is going to watch it and be like look at BLUE! And then you won the thing after. It was meant to be. You were meant to have it. Blue – exactly and I was the target and I am coming off by my own hands. Cirie – it was meant to be. Blue – was like I know you felt sh*tty for putting me up but thank god you did because that lit a fire under my a$$ and made me stay on that god damn block. Cirie – Just make sure there is no weird feeing from you and that you’re 1000% with them. Okay?! Blue – YUP!

10:13am Backyard – Felicia and America.
Blue – Damn I feel bad for Felicia though. America – I know, that sucks! Blue – I feel really bad for her. That is why she is only going to have 7pm on to campaign. America – till tomorrow .. thats why she is going to campaign hard. You saw 14 (BB14) right? Dan. Cory was like do you think she is cooking in there. Blue – yeah yeah yeah, that’s what I thought of. That’s what I thought Cam was doing when he was in the scary room. She is going to start yelling at people. America – we were saying she is going to have a speech. Blue – I don’t doubt it. Bro she is going to f**king go crazy. Whatever she is cooking up, it is going to be TV GOLD!

10:18am Kitchen – Matt, Jag and Cirie.
Jag – I talked to Bowie and Blue last night. Cirie – oh.. how did she take it? Jag – she took it well. Cirie – good, good.. I figured she would. She hugged you? I would have too. Jag – yeah. But what I was thinking she didn’t ask who knows or who didn’t know. I don’t want her to see us as a trio or a four so.. Cirie – I won’t say anything. Jag – for us you’re going to find out today and I am just going to tell Bowie that too. That way she doesn’t think or suspect because I want to prevent any scenario where we’re on the block together and you’re a replacement nom or something. Cirie – yeah of course. I have to go pretend to Cory that I could still go up.

10:20am Cory and Cirie in the hammock.
Cirie – I just hate packing and all this sh*t. Cory – yeah. Cirie – I think the packing is what makes you more anxious than everything else. Cory – and I think last week was the least anxious you’ll ever be. Cirie – right. Cory – do you think at this point that its you as the replacement? Cirie – well there aren’t a lot of people. Cory – I think my worry for you just in terms of the nominee .. so like if you’re targeting me what the hell are these Blue / Felicia noms, you know what I mean? Like its weird. Cory – there is always Bowie but she has a propensity to not go on the block. Cirie – yeah. Right. Cory – I don’t know. Cirie – just being on the block even as a pawn that sh*t makes you.. its not a good place. My mother always tells me I suffer before I suffer. Cory – I always suffer before I don’t suffer. I think part of it .. I mean this is just the wear of 75 days in this house I think people are just kind of over bullsh*t right now. Which I don’t want to blame her because being on the block 5 times would weigh on anybody but I think people are ready. I think that people have way better relationships with you. I have a way better relationship with you, than Felicia. I think every single person in the house would say that too. But I don’t know…. so Blue is going to take herself off.. I wonder if is going to be shenanigans after that. Because theoretically you could put someone up and then take them down. Which is just goofy as hell. Cirie – either way who else goes up. Cory – I think everyone would see through it though. Cirie – its another week. Cory – its another week where we all get closer to the inevitable. There is an unspoken thought of who the HOH is. Cirie – people think but you don’t know. It is what it is.

10:56pm Bathroom – Cory and Jag.
Jag – What happened with her? Cory – Cirie? Jag – yeah. Cory – she is on the hammock but she is very.. Jag – paranoid? Cory – yeah. Jag – I think she thinks I’m the HOH. Cory – I asked her, who do you think it is? And she is like I have an idea but nobody truly knows. I was like at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, its the nominations that matter. When she was counting votes she mentioned Matt and you.. so if she wasn’t counting you as a vote… which she wasn’t saying that to me which could be the other option.

11:15am – 11:30am Backyard – Jag, Blue and Bowie chatting about the comps / other random things. Blue – you know what I was thinking .. I am the first and only woman to get a veto.

11:54am Backyard Couches – America and Cirie.
Cirie – now here I am about to be on the block again. America – is that what you’re getting? Is that what people are saying? Cirie – no its like, people are saying like ..like even if… like nobody knows what’s going to happen but if you ain’t on the block you ain’t got nothing to worry about. So you can kind of put it together. If I’m not on the block, prepare for being on the block. America – I mean I don’t even know what is going to happen. Cirie – just in case. America – I know but I haven’t heard that. Cirie – no I haven’t heard it because nobody knows who the person is. America – yeah. Cirie – so there are not a lot of options. America – the scary part is there are options. I mean I feel paranoid right now. Its just scary still. It sucks feeling like .. like I wanted to win yesterday .. like even the chance one yesterday. Cirie – you aren’t going to win with Jag. I just hate packing and sh*t up because that makes you real anxious.

12:50pm Backyard – Cirie, Cory, Jag, Matt, Bowie are lounging and chatting.

1:10pm Bikini time.
America asks Cory to put sunscreen on her butt. As he’s doing it Cirie yells from across the yard – what are you doing? Cory – What’s up Cirie, do you need some oil?! Cirie – NO! Cory – okay, well let me know if you do.

1:45pm – 3:20pm Sun tanning..
Meanwhile in the kitchen – Cirie and America are starting to cook dinner.
Matt’s in the pool doing some laps (in the short short pool!) Blue – he’s in his element.

3:43pm – 3:54pm Backyard – Bowie, America and Cory playing pool. Jag, Matt and Cirie on the couch. Jag to Matt – it was cute watching you swim. Matt – I usually do 4 or 5 hours a day normally. Its been 75 days away from that. I was in my element. Jag – I’m going to go talk to Cirie.
Jag – we should chat at some point. Cirie – yeah.

4pm Havenot room – Jag and Cirie.
Jag – I just let her (Blue) know that the pivotal moment to me was when she had that conversation with me in the scary room. Which was Cory and America selling me out and all this stuff. That to me made it a lot more black and white whereas beforehand I thought I could trust them and she was the one saying all those things. Cirie – that must be their MO because today they’ve been saying stuff like we don’t know what is going to happen but if you’re on the block you’ll be fine. You have me and America’s votes. And then he told Blue that I was already campaigning towards them and I wasn’t. Jag – yeah they did mention that to me too. Cirie – that I was campaigning? Jag – yeah. Cirie – so you know what they’re going to do, they’re going to tell Felicia that. Which is some bullsh*t! Wow WOW! Jag – I said to Blue I know I played a roll in all this bullsh*t. I don’t know where she is really at. She might still feel some type a way. Cirie – I’ll talk to her and see how she really feels. Tomorrow is going to be eventful though. Jag talks about how it will go. Jag – they’re (Cory/America) will know its me as soon as it happens. Both of them are superfans. Both of them are going to try and stay. Cirie – but the whole goal is to get out Cory right? Jag – yeah. Cory without America … he is still operating. America without Cory.. who is going to want to work with America. Cirie – yeah that’s the thing about America, no one trusts her.

4:16pm Backyard – America and Cory.
America – how do you feel? Cory – I feel good. America – good. Cory – how do you feel? America – super paranoid all the time. Cory – really? I am not that paranoid today. America – okay good. I just need something because I am freaking out. Cory – any reason? America – no. Cory – I think its just very clear that Bowie doesn’t know anything. And they wouldn’t do this without Bowie. America – I talked to Matt and he said he hasn’t talked to Blue since the veto… which is a lie. Cory – I mean Jag has talked to Blue. I don’t know how much Matt has talked to Blue. America – up in the humiliverse yeah. She won veto but okay. Cirie is over it (her punishment). Cory – I just don’t get why this is where she draws the line. Her punishment is so f**king easy. America – I think its the mask. Cory – she makes comments at every plane she sees.. like that could be me going home. If you leave, you’re going to jury not home. Cory – if I win next week I am putting him (Jag) up. I’ve decided. America – you have to. Cory – Yup, and I might go next but whatever. I am just being realistic I can beat him in one more competition. Matt I could beat in a lot of things. Blue I could beat in everything that’s not endurance.

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If Felicia comes out of solitary spewing some bs speech immediately (since she has yet to hear the Cory/America renom plan) and makes herself a target again, that would be hilarious. Still think Cory and America are done for tho; Jag seems pretty set on something other than the safest option for once.


I hope she doesn’t learn of the backdoor plan until it happens. If she seems too comfortable, the Cory/America duo will be suspicious.


Seriously, when is one of these people going to recognize that Cirie has to go? I’m all for splitting up Cory and America, but Cirie is the biggest threat to sit at the end with.


cirie’s stay off the radar game is really really good. she’s been holding a funeral for herself for weeks and it should get her to at least final 4. if she then convinces someone to be dumb enough to go to the end with her she becomes a huge threat to win but everyone’s laser focused at targeting comp threats at the moment.

no mo bro

This comment makes me both sad and happy. Sad that Cirie wins, but happy no one else in that house does. Maybe then she can afford a tutor for Jared to teach him how to speak correctly. Bro… Ya feel me bro?

BB Karma

They all seem to need a tutor


yea, maybe he’ll learn females are not bros’ oooahh


Bowie sees Cirie”s strength but was redirected by Mag:(


Cirie is very unlikely to win a comp so they know they can cut her f4 or 3 though I do pray it bites them in the ass and she pulls out a couple wins at the end


Cirie is in the best spot while thinking “I’m in a House of Idiots”


she’s in a good spot, but i think matt and possibly america are in better spots. both are second banana to more obvious targets who can either comp win out or leverage their isolation to get further once their respective top banana is gone.


Jag is probably one of the worst players we’ve had in a long time. He is almost at Raven, Lawon or even collective FOUTE level bad.


Braun (to win comps), but no brain?


a lot of the contestants this season would be right at home in the foute alliance.


Hey, he is playing the 2nd best game behind the Jurist

BB Karma

Can’t wait to see the same surprised look on Cory’s face that Jared had when he was blindsided

BB Fangirl

Jag has now told everyone but Felicia that he is the secret HOH. Seriously, what a waste. He should automatically be on the block for that stupidity. I haven’t watched the actual show since Bowie’s nomination ceremony and won’t watch until the finale but I’m literally pulling for ANYONE but Jag or Matt to win. Even Blue…that’s wild ? But seriously Blue…Jag admits you were his target but you actually believe he tried so hard to win the veto so that he could take you off the block??? That makes zero sense. If it was down to the two of them why wouldn’t he just let her win if that was his true intention? Stupid, stupid, stupid!


Blue is Clueless!!!!

Game fan

well her biggest target would be out so what she would do.. go after bowie and america?
cirie and fe would talk her down to put jag up like he did to her/vote him out – if she would be in that position.
they would find more thing about jag and matt as well after cory lands on the bottom.
as of now its good for blue that she is playing nice to jag.

BB Fangirl

Yeah it just concerns me because I don’t think she’s “playing,” I think she’s really that delusional. Hard to tell though.


Please don’t let Blue make it to the end (insert prayer hands here)!


Jag should not be allowed to play HOH next week since everyone except Mama Fe already knows about the invisible HOH.
This would be a punishment for not allowing it to be invisible.

no mo bro

I wonder if Cory is jealous that America has more armpit hair then him?

If so, he could take testosterone therapy and catch right up!

I bet she can grow a better moustache too!

Just The Truth

Past 3 seasons of Big Brother I truly question why I even watch it. It is the same situation where you drive by a car wreck that you don’t want to see but also can’t look away just because you want to know how it ends up. I may as well just watch a scripted film since production is just pushing the narrative and winner that it is aiming for strictly to satisfy modern easily offended society. It really is not a coincidence

Game fan

i would say watch canada but last can season sucked as well.


Which Canadian season is the best? I just saw they are all available, except 8.

Just The Truth

Seasons 7 and 5 are the best. Season 2 is good, Seasons 1, 4, 9, and 10 are average, Season 11 is ok, Season 6 is bad. Season 3 is the absolute worst.

Just The Truth

I do watch Canada and I did not mind this recent season at all. It was looking to be terrible but an actual good player defied all odds and went on a winning streak because he needed to get the earned victory.

un autre nom

Individual time vetoes for almost the entire season.
No feeds to tell us the TRUE house dynamic.
A winner edit that was readable to tell us winner by the end of second digital daily in case we missed the club they beat us over the head with during episode one telling us the winner.
It was a complete waste of time.

Just The Truth

Trust me I did not enjoy the season either. It was those last few weeks that saved it for me. A good winner is what prevented it from being in the tier of worst seasons

un autre nom

Back earlier than i thought i would be today.
From what I see catching up:


Tomorrow will involve Cory trying to avoid conflict and America going “full chihuahua” (her term) and we’ll miss the bulk of it. ‘Fear of conflict unless it’s behind the back smack talk’ Jag is going to victimwhine for the rest of the week about being bullied again. When was Jag bullied? According to Jag week 1-4. We missed it. side to sideyeroll. He was targeted, not bullied. dramaqueen.
Blue plans to go week one handful level ego and fuq you to both noms. One is staying.

Thematically for storyline
This week is the end of the Cirie faces adversity part of the storyline that started when Am/Co flipped the Izzy vote. Episodically, Cirie falls from her throne, loses 3 of her allies while trying to lie low and rebuild. Then the fruits of her labour start to pay off when Cam becomes target. Now Cirie gets her revenge d/r should be full force by Tues episode. Not exactly what happened, but episode edit is never exactly what happened. We know that.

Whose position improves most:
This move cuts Jag’s side options without cutting Matt’s.
A bitter jury takes 2 votes from Jag now. I know Cam exit interviews are support Jag due to comp wins and mastermind status on show, and he’s also support Cirie… but what did season 24 teach us? Jurors are debriefed and updated on episode storyline before press interviews. Remember all Taylor’s bullies doing jury post eviction interviews and callinf Taylor their best friend? We know this.

About that Jury:
Cam has that know it all view of the game and players. Who is the only person that has beat the actual game dynamic into his head successfully? America. Sending her to jury for a week alone with Cam would be horrible for jury management on Jag’s part. Expect Matt to push for it by Monday early evening.

un autre nom

IS this move good for Jag?
targeting Cory? no. the people targeting Cory now need a new target. Throwing away the shield before top 6 is usually bad. Great for everyone else though, if they have a brain. Cory won’t be bitter. America doesn’t become / stay house target.
targeting America? no. WILL be bitter. WILL poison the jury. think of her persistence to flip the vote week six. Now get her pissed off and alone with Cameron spilling ALL.
Therefore, This move is best for EVERYONE BUT Jag. No, really. Cory had decided to really final 4 with the boys. oops.
Jury management this season…. ouch.


This morning Cory told America that he’s going for Jag next week so Jag striking first may actually benefit him.

un autre nom

he is on / off multiple times, sometimes daily, typically. For 2 days straight he was on the final 4. For him that’s long term but often America gutreads shift him, then his own ego shifts him back.

un autre nom

after this America’s gut is feeling the shift and Cory is saying he has to take Jag out next week. For 2 days Cory was final four. In case anyone checking back asks wtf am i talking about.


That really sucks for Corey and America if blue doesn’t win a veto they’re probably good and then 2 vetos made it even worse

un autre nom

Well, we knew from the set up for the week that prodo wants blood.
Didn’t see both nominated. That’s an hour after post short d/r call decision.
We know from the latest Cirie promo…I mean big brother commercial that foreshadow is on Cirie’s revenge.
To be part of Tues. episode: Cirie is currently pumping Jag’s tires about what a legend he will be for this move (insert d/r Cirie laugh, and next week it’s your turn). The convo was suggested by Jag after…you guessed it, another short d/r. He’s been getting these 3 minute d/r calls a lot for a couple weeks. Sorry,watching how d/r gremlins work to get the convos they need for episodes is one of my quirks that feeds my tinfoil tendencies.

Here We Go

Provo is so obvious. Most of the live feeders see it. I’ve never seen this many floaters in a season. Cerie is so hateful. I knew she was a perfect liar but didn’t know, until now, that she considers herself above most.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

If they really want to get Cory, send America to the jury house to be alone with Cameron for a week. Cory will be so shaken up knowing that America has a new boyfriend and won’t be as effective as a player. They can get him next week since according to data and analytics, he will not be HOH nor win the veto. Tossing challenges catches up with you, doesn’t it?


Cam must be dying to know who’ll walk through the jury house door in the next few weeks.