Cirie “Girl, they got her [Blue] hook line & sinker. She thinks she’s good. She’s planning for next week.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is the target.

7:20pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia
Cirie – I had my chat with Blue. Felicia – And what did she say? Cirie – Girl they got her in hook line and sinker. Felicia – what did she say? Cirie – she thinks she’s good. She is planning for next week. I ain’t saying nothing. Felicia – so who they telling.. they’re saying they’re getting out America? Who is the second person? Bowie Jane? Cirie – for what second person? Felicia – for double eviction. Cirie – I guess. You heard her say it here. Felicia – now he did tell me, if he goes that route he didn’t want to blindside her. So either Tuesday or Wednesday he was going to tell her. Now I am going to see what he says.. I am going to talk to him again tomorrow .. Have you guys.. Have you .. Have Matt and Bowie Jane decided.. and that’s the problem. Is there a consensus on which direction we going in? If it is Blue, are you planning to tell her? Cirie – right. Felicia – because I think its only right because of how this happened. Cirie – well you know they can’t tell her. Felicia – yeah that’s right they can’t. Cirie – she was like ain’t nothing I can do about it because I didn’t win the veto. She was like but I trust my friends. Talking about Matt and Jag. Felicia – he was talking to me earlier when I was doing the dishes and he was talking about our final four. He was saying that Blue and then America and then next week Bowie Jane. Cirie – okay. Felicia – He said and we just stick with the plan of the final four, he said after that its the HOH and the veto.. he said but we have to cover each other for this final four. I really do believe that’s where he is going. I said it will be interesting because everyone wants to be in the final two seats .. basically only two people are going to land there. And so I said that HOH at the final 3 decides who sits next to them. I said now I am not crazy enough to believe .. say it was me in the final 3, you ain’t taking Matt with you? But I said whoever wins at the final four and the three dictates the final outcome of the game. He said yeah and he said that I realize that people see me as a huge threat because of my competitions… but think about it last year Taylor won, Monte picked her and she beat him. He didn’t get a vote. He thought that she was a an easy win because he had won all those comps. Cirie – he won a lot of comps? Felicia – MMmmhMmm. He was just like Xavier. He won all of the comps. Cirie – Monte did? Felicia – Mmmhmmm. Her social game was better than his. He was like I don’t think just because I’ve won these comps.. he said I realize that you have a good social game. Cirie has a good social game. Matt has a good social game. So he realized that sitting next to a Bowie Jane, or next to a you or me… doesn’t guarantee him a win. Cirie – Bowie Jane ain’t you and me. Bowie Jane’s social game ain’t yours and mine. So a Bowie Jane is a guaranteed win. PRACTICALLY. Felicia – yeah. He basically said that when he said your social game and my social game. Matt’s social game. He didn’t mention her name. And rightfully so. Bowie Jane just woke up two days ago. Felicia – she woke up this morning. We just woke her up. But he is saying the final four is the four of us. And at some point .. I guess this is where I am trusting to get a plan and stick with it. Cirie motions to Felicia not to say anything to anyone – Matt mentioned to me that he knows at some point Jag’s got to go. Don’t say nothing. Felicia – I won’t. He said its all in the timing.. He said I don’t know if the timing is during the double or not. So he been thinking about it. So I think if we were to win that first HOH, if Matt wins the veto.. we could talk him out of using it. He thinks Jag will win the veto in the first HOH. He said so Jag will play in the next HOH and if he wins that one.. he can’t play in the next one. Felicia – that’s what I said, next week. Cirie – that’s what he (Matt) is saying we should do. Felicia – that’s why I am saying you almost want to win the first one and not the second one because then the next week you can do it.. at that five to four. Cirie – so then if we win the first one, what are we going to do? Felicia – I think the first one.. we still put up America and Bowie Jane. And we send home Bowie Jane.

Comic Bedroom – Blue, Felicia and Cirie.
Blue joins them to talk about the strategy for the double eviction. Felicia – I think you put them up and one of them goes home.. now you have to convince them when you can’t play that they’re not your target. Because I think if one of them goes home, I think the other one is actually low key happy. Because they feel like they got rid of their true competition. They will never do it themselves, I don’t think but if someone else does it they’re happy campers. Blue – okay so what about my position because obviously I am very close to both of them right. I am not worried about taking a shot but the only thing I am worried about is them taking a shot at me because like when I can’t play HOH right… Because my thing is I draw that line.. then they are 100% coming after me. And if they get rid of me and again I am not underestimating ya’lls skill at all what so ever but they come at me .. if they come at me and I go home the chances of them winning whoever it is is so much higher. So for me I think .. and lets talk about this. If I win the first HOH, I put Bowie Jane up and Jag. I think that for me makes sense for my HOH because Bowie Jane could be the target and Jag could be because I don’t want to get more blood on my hands.

Felicia – and because you know he’s a good veto player. Blue – exactly. So, I just want Jag as comfortable as possible so he doesn’t feel like he needs to win. If Matt wins, I think there is a possibility that I could convince him to not use the veto on Jag. Because I don’t want more blood on my hands and have to put you or you .. I think there is a possibility where Matt doesn’t use the veto. If Jag pulls himself down.. then we got an issue. If Jag comes down, we got two options. One, I put Matt up.. if I put Matt up I might as well have put both of them up because then that’s obvious that I am drawing the line. I think there is a way where I put Matt up and say I didn’t want more blood on my hands. I hope you understand. Maybe I could convince him. The second thing is, well I guess I wouldn’t put either of ya’ll up so I guess there really isn’t no other option. I would have to put Matt up. Bowie is the target, Bowie is the target. Next HOH, because I can’t play they might put you two up.. If I win veto, I take one of you down and Matt has to go up or Jag has to go up. I think that would be a really good idea for us to strike. Felicia – yeah. Blue – personally I am not worried about Matt. I have beaten Matt a lot of times. I am worried about Jag. If Jag is the one that takes himself off the block, I have to for my game… I have to switch coarse and target Bowie. Because if Jag starts coming after me, he damn won the game. Because Bowie is going to go straight to them and ya’ll can beat anyone in mental. That’s easy but the vetos are so physical sometimes. That’s how I see it. I want us three to be final three. This is where I stand. I would love to see a woman of colour really make it far .. and if Jag targets me oohhhh.. that’s going to be hard. Cirie – I think that sounds logical. That makes a lot of sense. Blue leaves the room. Cirie – I wanted her to win the veto so bad so that she could take care of herself.

8:20pm Backyard – Matt and Blue playing pool.

8:32pm Backyard – Blue and Matt.
Blue – I think we have been in similar situations and I feel like our relationship has gotten a lot stronger in the past few weeks.. I actually feel like awhile. I feel like a month. I feel like its been really good. So just like I am doing my due diligence and letting you know that I want to be here very badly. Matt – oh I know that. Blue – I think I have proven that I deserve to be here over America. Matt – phhhtt tell me about it! Blue – just letting you and Jag know that ya’ll are my final 3. With the double coming up.. the first one will probably be mental. So I definitely want to be in a position where I can help you. And Jag can’t play in HOH too so being able to be here and help. Like five get to the five is my goal. And with America being here its going to be you and Jag. I think especially with you I have been really straight forward and haven’t lied.

9:05pm – 9:30pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and America
America – everyone is telling me different things about who wants who out this week. Cirie – they’re lying. We’ve had no conversations with them about wanting you out. America – and like I understand because I know ya’ll are close with Blue too. And like me and Blue are pretty similarly matched. Cirie – they have their agenda. They just think everybody is just going to lay down and they’ll roll on by to the end and that is crazy! That is crazy for us to think to allow that. They took out Cory, they took out Jared. And we just going to be like okay let me get the door so you can get the cheque! We can’t do that. Forget about Bowie Jane she won’t do it.. but Felicia will take the shot. Everybody is scared. I am trusting you. America – I’m not going to say anything. It feels better saying F**k it, I am going after Matt and Jag. Cirie – I’ll do it, I ain’t scared! F**K it! What do I have to lose?! America – they literally won’t come after you. If I am here, they will put me and you up. And its Felicia and Bowie voting.

9:35pm – 9:50pm Backyard – Bowie and Felicia
Bowie – I had a chat with him (Jag), he wants it to be Blue. Felicia – so you, me and Matt want Blue and Cirie wants it to be America. Bowie – she does? Felicia – she does. I am trying to get her to stay with Blue. Bowie – and honestly that’s her decision if she wants to. Why does she? Felicia – this got to stay between me and you.. Bowie – yup 100%! Felicia – she wants it to be who she thinks is the biggest probability of taking a shot at Matt and Jag. Bowie – ah okay yeah. I guess I hadn’t thought of that angle but yeah that makes sense. Felicia – and she figures Blue will do it before America .. and be successful. Bowie – yeah. But yeah, we may not last. Like she might also vote us off. Felicia – and that’s the point I keep trying to make. I said at some point you have to trust somebody. So we get rid of Blue and we keep America.. I said you know you can’t trust America as far as you can see her. And I said after that if they win the next week, they may put you on the block. Bowie – yeah that’s right. Yup. Felicia – and I know everyone is trying to think of how do we get out Matt and Jag we have to get to the end but.. Bowie – they’re strong competitors and they can also potentially take you through to the end .. you know? Its not necessarily a bad thing. Felicia – yeah and that’s my thought. I say hold on and keep that cover for as long as you can. Blue can’t give us that much cover.

10:05pm Comic Bedroom – Jag, Bowie, Felicia, Matt and Cirie are hanging out and chatting about piercings.

10:35pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie.
Felicia – a part of me really feels bad for Blue. She believes them. Cirie – I do believe that one of us are going to win because its us against Bowie Jane, America and Matt. Felicia – Okay! And its going to be a mental challenge. I am sure of it. Cirie – I think its going to be you or America that’s going to win. Then what? She thinks even if we take the shot they’re (Matt & Jag) are still going to go after her (America). Felicia – Na! They’re coming after us because we’re supposed to be aligned with them. She’s not aligned with them. They don’t care nothing about her. They’ll keep her and Bowie Jane to get rid of our a$$es! If we take the shot we can get rid of one of them. I still think there is a way to get to five with them and take them out. I think if you do it now its too early and they’ll just knock our a$$es off.

11:05pm Bathroom – America and Bowie.
Bowie – I had another chat with Jag and chatted with Matt and its not even a question (voting out Blue and keeping America). America – okay, I don’t know what her campaign is like but for me and I told Jag .. okay you want me to keep up this whole charade that I am going after you guys.. that’s what my campaign is going to be so its just been pretty basic. Bowie – did he (Jag) think that was a good idea? America – well yeah, he in his speech said that he is coming after me .. it makes sense for me to be going after them. I’ll be the shield. Right like they are always going to come after me so I don’t know what Blue is pitching but I just know she is a lot close to them because of Jared. I just don’t know what her pitch could be. Bowie – yeah I don’t know. One thing at a time .. its all going to go pretty fast on Thursday. America – yeah we can chat on Thursday. Bowie – I will definitely tell you if anything changes.

11:17pm – 11:25pm HOH room – Matt and Bowie.
Bowie – they probably think they can get one of us. Matt – that’s why I put my foot down and just said I am voting Blue out. Because every time they would redirect and they would be like Blue is competitive but… Because even if we keep Blue and she doesn’t take a shot at us. She takes a shot at you. Bowie – yeah. Its just as bad. Like its not good for us at all.

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un autre nom

Felicia woke Jag this morning to get an early start on her bus route.
Cirie wants a split vote. sideye.
Minutemen alliance with everyone
“Invisible” HOH
Jag’s ‘illegal’ HOH.
heavy sigh
Blue pawn
America ptiches
Blue target
Fe busing Ci .FE BUS ROUTE 1

Jag taking deal with USA
Blue ego ego ego
Cirie wants Blue to stay
ASIDE she knew the plan.
America tears D/R she’d still target Matt / Jag
Bowie trusts the boys
Jag announces his double dipping D/R (expect 4 more reminders)

Matt sucks up to Cirie filler section. MOMMY.

Fe doesn’t know the get Blue plan. She has a big mouth.
FE: why not target Bowie?
Jag / Cirie
Blue is the target talk. Matt trusts Cirie so Jag trusts Cirie
Cirie: Jag dangerous for targeting his frenemy.
Blue: nervous bitch D/R
Jag has to get rid of Blue after taking 2 shots at the woman who volunteered him for the block week 5… as the target.


Jag chooses Matt. America picks Felicia. Blue picks Bowie.
ASIDE why did Blue have to go to D/R before bag check? as per Cirie on feeds.
Cirie wants to warn Blue she’s target but can’t. Blue trusts Jag. Cirie tells Blue win veto.
So we’re skipping America / Cirie bonding? oh.
Fe / Ci discuss the target plans. Cirie is trying to break the bonds Jag/Fe.
Fe is squeeling. Jag pissed? Cirie is in trouble (for about five minutes)?

photos in chronological order.
Bowie 10:36
6 middle pictures wrong order
2wrong near start.
no time shown.
wants blue out.
5 wrong near start.
3 wrong. 2 wrong.
get ready for max time.
not even showing how many wrong.
doesn’t trust Jag.
2 wrong. corrected.
Jag 6:22
wants all power to do nothing?
2 wrong near end corrected
Blue 8:00
her D/R are vomit inducing.
5 wrong not in row.
JAG WINS IND. TIME VETO…uhgin. tired of ind time comps.

Jag doesn’t use veto.


un autre nom

three of the last 4 comps are put photos in order.
Remember when bb asked Haleigh what skills she had in order to get her 2 comp wins in bb20? She talked about it on feeds and got upset they didn’t ask her again before the next comp.
Why do i think production realized Jag had good visual acuity, so they wouldn’t have to rig as hard if they threw in multiple picture order comps?


Blue is so clueless, I can’t wait for her to go. Don’t think she did her influencer ambitions any favors by being on this show. Kitty kitty purr purr

Game fan

While being the target two weeks in a row for jag, she is still afraid to go against him in the double , i don’t
know if i should laugh or it’s too sad.

Just The Truth

At least we don’t have to see anymore of Blue’s cringy DR’s with her delusional overly high self esteem. Girl bye.


Adios & sayonara, sucker.
Enough already ! !?

un autre nom

Why Matt hates America:
Reilly vote. Actually Cirie did that.
Reilly shrine. That was Izzy. more than once.
Matt hates America because he’s a petty dumbass that wanted to be season showmance guy…
At least Blue HAD a grossmance that i believe she agreed to be part of because she was told she’d get more screen time and increase her followers. She’s mad it was a grossmance v. showmance so she had to share the focus. Think about Blue’s landshark personality.. tell me she wasn’t being showmance opportunist for cred.

Matt? just bitter and childish and entitled beyond belief.
Blue? pissed she got carpal tunnel giving handies, and STILL didn’t get total focus of storyline.


You mean blues ‘mudshark personality’ right ?


Blue was closer to Reilly than America.
Do you consider Matt’s power win that saved Jag as a competition win

un autre nom

night 4 or 5: Blue told Jag she was getting off the SS Reilly sinking ship, suggested Jag do the same. Their final 3 was dead.
Blue thought the Reilly squad was detrimental to Blue’s game. She thought having to include Reilly in every plan and everyone having to protect Reilly was stupid.
Blue was jealous of Reilly and Jag together by day 3.
Blue knew Cam was jumping ship. He told her.
Week 2 Blue knew Jared was against Reilly.
In both cases she said nothing to Reilly.

Do i consider a viewer vote only 4 hg’s participated in that was indivdually timed a valid comp win for stats? no. Nobody considers the twist stuff to be valid to a hg’s stats.
If every hg competed, I still don’t think I would. Caveat: if it was run like a secret veto with 4 competitors and 2 noms (think bbcan veto) I could make a case.


Yes, definitely! even more important imo


I totally agree … Matt saw himself as the “big hunk” who’d definitely be in a showmance with a hot chick. Honestly, this seems to be the only thing he was prepared for since his game play is pathetic! Since he wasn’t able to pull off a showmance, he’s had to settle for being the “big chunk” in a bromance with Jag. He’s one bitter dude and I’m sure seeing the cute, peppy America is a constant reminder of how he missed out on his chance in the spotlight. Remember the original, sometimes shirtless and shiny Matt? (Lol, where’d he go?). I’m sure he is also sore that he lost out to Cory, someone he would think is inferior to him since he’s not “buff” (Matt’s measure of a man). Yeah, big ego blow!

And Blue is just your basic insecure B … she could never be friends or comfortable with anyone who she’d consider competition. And yeah, she had to settle for Jared, the literal scraps of the house. He treated her like crap, she missed out on a lot of the game, and now she can’t even get Jared’s mom to ally with her! Sad and pathetic. She can’t be gone soon enough!

“ Gurl, oh gurl!” ………STFU!

Well said….. Matt’s last name fits him well …. Big ‘ole glotz


I do not think Matt sees himself as a hunk. There is a naïveté about him. His body may be ready to be called a hunk; but his mind is thinking, “Am I good enough to be called a hunk?” Being a swimmer is where he found his niche in life, and most male swimmers have broad shoulders, flat stomachs, and muscular arms and legs. He is beyond that because he is a gold-medal Olympian. His body is developed to hunk status, but I believe he is insecure about his mind being there. That’s why he is so nice to everyone. When a girl shows him attention, like Reilly did, he gravitates to that. Didn’t she say that she would be his ears for him when he needed it? He saw in her a genuine friendship, one that could possibly develop into something more during their stay in the Big Brother house. None of the other girls in the house affected him the way Reilly did, because they were self absorbed. When Reilly was evicted, Matt lost his “security blanket” and at the same time lost a little bit of himself. People keep posting about his eating and weight gain. In that house with those people, and not being able to swim laps to keep his weight under control, eating may be the only outlet for living with misfits. He’ll bring that body back in no time since the Olympics are only a year away, and his LSU coaches and teammates are counting on him to do so. Notice he says, “Go Tigers” as he’s leaving the voting room with Julie. I think that is a signal to them that they are on his mind and he will come back stronger than before. I think he’s a remarkable young man, except for the jackass he bonded with in the BB house.


Reread some of simons and dawgs recaps. He is not the sweet little innocent boy man. He’s said some rude, vile, ignorant things – mostly about Cory and America. I hope he does not get afp (cerie either).


I hope neither Matt nor Cirie get AFP either.

Cameron for AFP.


1,000% !!


I thought the handies were a myth/rumors.

un autre nom

they called it playing rock paper scissors, under a blanket.


So Jag is going to tell Blue on Wednesday that she is going to Jury ?

Why do they let them tell who’s going to jury? I don’t understand why production lets them tell the person that’s being evicted is right, back in the ole days, we were able to see the shocked look on their faces, when Julie told them, that have been evicted.

I wish they would stop letting them tell the person that they are going to be evicted. If Jag thinks telling Blue she’s going to jury, if he thinks that will make it easier, and Blue still might vote for him to win, if he makes Final 2, Jag might not have Blue’s vote if she makes based on who betrayed her.

What is really going to piss people off when they get home, and they watch this season, I think Jag, Matt & Blue are going to regret some of the nasty crap they have said about the other people in the game, same for Felicia, she’s said some nasty crap as well.

If Blue was smart, she’d tell Jag when he tells her she’s going to Jury, she’s a fool if she does not realize she was the target last week, and this week. Blue needs to tell Jag, she would have given him her vote if he would have been upfront with her, but now he’s made her look like a damn fool for the past 2 weeks, she was always his target !!

In all fairness to Jag, Blue can’t be too pissed with Jag, because if Jared was still in the house, Blue would have done Jag the same as he did her, Blue would be told Jared’s puppet. Jag knew Blue was under Jared’s spell, and she would betray Jag if Jared gave the order.

Blue was told by Cam, warned by Cirie, she was the target, Cam told her, she would be following Cam to Jury the following week. Winning the Veto saved her, then her so called friend Jag, lied to her face again this week, made her think America was the target, Nope!

Blue you are still the target, is Jag going to blame America for you being his Target ???

Blue is such an air head, all Jag has to do is blow her head up, tell her how she’s the next best competitor next to him, he had to do this to advance his game, Blue’s ego will be ok, Jag needs to make Blue feel she’s a comp beast, feed her ego, and Jag will have her vote.

I think Cam, Cory, Cirie & maybe Bowie will vote based on game play, not hold bad feelings like Felicia and possibly America, can’t really read America, I hope she votes based on who played the best game, not vote based on who she doesn’t like.


It’s called jury management. You want good TV, they want the $$$.


So very true..

Game fan

So now final SIX it’s too early?
You are potentially thinking if you are hoh in the 6 , final 5 where you don’t play and both the guys play it’s a better time , than the actual time when you are hoh. or you want to wait for final 4 where the last veto is the hardest of the season and Jag would kill it.

My brain is melting listening to thay sh##$.

If she or cirie puts America and Bowie, not even bowie would go.

And they are also delusional (same for blue but i already know blue is in her own world) to believe matt wouldn’t use the veto on jag if he’s off the block.


Why is Blue so blind when it comes to Jag? Cirie & America have both warned her, yet she remains oblivious. Why does Jag feel the need to tell her on Wednesday that she’s going to jury? Does he think telling her the day before is going to appease her and he’ll get her vote if he makes it to f2? I wish Jag/Matt/Bowie would tell Cirie that Felicia is throwing her under the bus. Then we’d see some fireworks. As it is, Jag/Matt will cruise to the final carrying Bowie along with them. If Cirie/Felicia/America doesn’t win HoH during the DE then we’ll have a boring finish.


Just a set of stupid bunch, they nauseate me.


x’s 100 ! !


I just read an article on Google about why 100 days is too long for the game. They made good points and it is not hard to see the truth of them right now. They keep on lengthening the amount of days, whether the idea is to be able to add more twists or simply fill up time spaces during the summer I can’t say, but it is not working. Last week actually had some high points of the game, but they happened too late to have much of an impact. How much more exciting could the invisible HOH twist been if it happened two weeks ago with Cam still in the house? As the article pointed out they need to stop extending the timeline as it clearly does not help the momentum of the game nor do anything to change much about HG’s gameplay or opinions formed about them earlier.
I always think Simon and Dawg do a great job with this website, but from some things they have posted it sounds like they are getting burnt out on this season as well. Still, you are doing a great job and your work is much appreciated, Keep it up you only have a couple more weeks to go!!

un autre nom

Bowie told Jag about the deals Jared was setting up to protect Cirie and Blue. Mat was put into Jared’s position in the final 3. She knows because she was pulled in by Jared to also protect Cirie and Blue.
News to Jag. Not really, it was mentioned last week by Cory and 2 weeks ago by Cam. But, according to Jag? News to Jag.

Why is this germane?

As Bowie discusses the Fe dump with Matt, he practically contorts himself into a pretzel to keep Cirie.
Given Bowie’s strategy: final 3 third, and pre-existing worry that Cirie will be given her seat? This should lead to Bowie side-eyeing.
If they are 4th place, why does it matter if it’s Fe or Ci?
As much as we hear Bowie say third is fine? 5th was fine at 10hgs remaining. Jury was fine week 1-7. she’s playing, but her game is not the usual game.


“I don’t want anymore blood on my hands!” WHO IN THIS SORRY ASS GROUP OF PLAYERS ACTUALLY HAS BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS???? Just Cameron. Will be glad when this is over.


This freekin’ season was over a long time ago.


Simon and Dawg, I have a question about the ranking chart. On each row, there is a picture of each houseguest. Under their picture, there is a number under 5.0, rounded to one decimal place, which I assume is the average of the votes given to that houseguest for that particular day. Then, there is a single digit number under that from 1 to 9, which some houseguests have and some do not. What does that single digit number represent?


Single digits must be rounding and how the program handles it. I would need to dig into the code to see what I did it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it.

un autre nom

Thinking I’d be a bad juror.
Realistically, comp wins are not THAT important to me.
Getting power to enact strategy? That’s the only thing that matters to me about comp wins.
If a houseguests social and strategic ability is poor, and they had to win comps to stay… how is that a positive?
Imagine: I sucked so bad with people and strategy that I had to win eleventy-five comps to stay.
Why would I vote for that to win?


first blindside of the season?


I really should feel bad for Blue but with all of her misreads I don’t. It’s gotten to the point that every time she leaves a critical conversation non-the-wiser I hear “Poor Unfortunate Souls” playing in my head


This season is so boring and predictable


In previous seasons I found myself saying “Oh good, Big Brother is on tonight”.

I don’t say that about this sorry-ass season.

senior Citizen

As much as I enjoy seeing pictures of Blue (I think she’s reasonably attractive), I can ‘t wait to see the look on her face when she leaves this week. I’d say she’s as dumb as a brick but I don’t want to alienate the bricks around my fireplace. How many times has she been given a factual “heads up” that she’s ignored and shared with Jag? Jag, puts her on the block twice but doesn’t believe she’s a target. Hope she enjoys the jury house with Cam, Cory and Jag.

I must have missed something about why she has so much hate for America. Was it that Cory bounced Jarhead? America is better looking? Is it the name?


I don’t get Jag’s thinking that Blue is a comp threat. Besides him wining more comps, Matt won 2, Felicia, Blue & Bowie won one comp and Cirie & America none. He is the only threat.


Felicia can’t tell the story right, she lied. I was hoping Cire didn’t say anything to her about Blue is the target, because I knew she would tell Jag. She is always first to fall and first to blab.