Hisam “We will draw first blood and that will shock the sh*t out of them!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)

6:50pm Hisam and Felicia.
Hisam – He is a linchpin .. everyone is kind of connected to him. Blue says that Jags his her number one and Reilly says that Jags is her number one. And every conversation I have people say how great he is and how much they love him and how easy it is to work with him. Felicia – okay. Hisam – Right, so we haven’t seen him compete yet so we don’t know him competitively. One thing that we saw him in was that competition with the four of you and he was the first one done. SO I think you just have to be mindful that he might be a strong competitor and he would be a fantastic backdoor option. Felicia – YES, YES! Hisam – I think everything else will just crumble. And Reilly has already made herself a really big target. Like apparently Luke said I can’t believe I got beat by you .. I don’t want to be beat by a girl. And she took a lot of offense to that. I didn’t know that she had gone to a military academy or something like that. She basically said that she’s delt with boys her whole life. Felicia – she basically said the same thing to us and said that if she had to put someone up it would be Luke. Hisam – and here is what we say .. that we were equally offended by it. Which we are .. it is true and that really at this time he is not aligned with anyone.

Hisam – here is what I got to tell you.. we will draw first blood and that will shock the sh*t out of them! Felicia – Yes because they won’t be expecting a strong move right off the bat like that. Hisam – and heres the thing .. she (Reilly) had thoughts of a blindside. I talked to Reilly about it. She said it would have been Luke. Its not Luke. It would have been Cirie for sure. Felicia – who told you she said that? Hisam – I talked to Reilly and she said .. she didn’t tell me that it would be Cirie but she told me. I asked her so what would have happened if the veto had been won by one of them? And she said I was considering backdoor options. She originally told me that she was just going to put Jared or Cory back on the block. Felicia – she told me Cory. Hisam – she said I don’t want any more blood on my hands. Today she told me no, it would have been Luke. Which means she had been thinking about who her options were. And the truth of the matter is our little friend Cory is running his f**king mouth. And Cory wants her (Cirie) out because he’s watched her on Survivor. And Cory watches this show religiously with his family and they all watch the live feeds. I feel very confident in our group. If we can just pull Jared in as if he is part of their eight. They’re counting him as their eight… Because when we pull him their numbers will be 7 and we will be 8. We need them to implode. The implosion comes from if you put Jag against her (Reilly). Both on the block.. one comes down … we put Cameron up. Felicia – there you go! At the end of the day we got one of their powerhouses.. and they won’t know what to do. Hisam – and we will get them to compete against each other and campaign to stay. And that will actually fracture that group completely. Felicia – yes! And then everyone is going to try and come and talk to us. Hisam – and then we bring them in. Blue will come to us and bring America. Cameron will go to Red.. and we will watch it implode .. and it happens in a really big power move .. like in week number 2. Felicia – this is going to be a fabulous season. Hisam – if we win.

7:43pm Bathroom – Izzy and Cirie.
Cirie – when I was telling you let her talk, let her talk. I want them to say the stuff. The more you let them talk the more they’ll say. But if you cut them off they’ll stop. Izzy – I know, I know, I know. Say it to me, say it to me. Cirie – and say it to me if I do it. I think we … might be paranoid! Izzy – okay. Cirie – no for real, for real. So you got to slap the sh*t out of me. Izzy – okay. And I want you to keep slapping the sh*t out of me. Cirie – okay. And just to be on the safe side we will limit and decide what information we share with Bowie and Red. Izzy – I still think that.

8:30pm Hammock – Matt is talking to Hisam about his hearing impairment. Matt tells Hisam that he told Reilly that he thought Jag and her were in a showmance because they were always talking and touching. He says that she said others thought that he (Matt) and she were. Matt – I do think she is attractive but I’m not going to do anything about it because I’ll just get weird about it. Hisam – you’ll get weird about it? Matt – yeah I get weird about that stuff. Hisam – she’s attractive and you’re attractive. I think you and her have similar values. You can’t speak for what she wants. Matt – I am not going to rule out anything obviously. Hisam – clearly from the outside it looks like there is some chemistry. There is a little bit of sexual tension.

8:42pm Backyard – Izzy and Luke.
Luke – I think it just got to me and I felt overwhelmed. Izzy – we don’t need calling anything anything.. I just want to just continue to talk like this. But that if you win HOH or if I win HOH I want us to vote together. You know I want to do what you think is best and I want to have that kind of word. Luke – Honestly, you’re the first person to talk to me and to talk to me about that.. if you win HOH you don’t even have to say anything. Izzy – If I win HOH you’re good. They fist bump. Izzy – I think you’re good. I think you fun and I like you. I really like people that can be vulnerable and honest and I don’t feel like I get that from everyone in the house so those are not people I want to work with, you know!? As someone who’s seen a lot of this show.. largish things that happen week one.. always implode.. because we don’t know each other and everyone is excited.. but now we’re seeing the real people. Luke – yeah. Izzy – I feel like you seem way more real to me after being miserable on slop. ..than you did maybe on the first night being a little cocky. I really feel for you.. you know watching your lights dim. So f**k it lets turn your lights back on and lets get in the game. I want people to maybe flip the power in the house .. so if you’re down.. But also I will be mad at you and not talk to you if you tell upstairs about this. Luke – do you think I would tell? Izzy – I don’t know you well enough yet and I am taking a chance. Luke – I always pay it back. Izzy – lets just say .. not this Thursday because we’re .. everyone is good .. but next Thursday .. lets vote together and then we can use more intense words.

9:20pm Upper level Backyard – Jag and Reilly.
Reilly tells Jag about the conversation she had with Luke earlier today. He said the he came out into the backyard when we were all eating and says everyone stopped talking. He is tripping about everything. Jag – the paranoia is setting in. We were talking just bullsh*t. Reilly – I was thinking who in their right mind would be talking game at the dinner table. That is how paranoid he is right now. I was like that is not what happened. There is nothing to worry about. I said everyone is paranoid, its week one. You’re not going home, Kristen is going home. I was like listen, I am paranoid too. Next week, I don’t know who is going to win the HOH and I have already put myself up there as a competition threat. And he goes ..hahaha yeah you are. Like these backhanded compliments he makes to me. I can’t stand him. Then I was like I just hope my buddies keep me safe next week and he was like well who are you buddies. He straight up asked me who are you working with. Jag – what did you say? Reilly – just that I was tight with Jared because I know he is also tight with Jared. Jag – I don’t know why they’re trippin’ Reilly – I said I think its stupid to get into an alliance right now. Whenever alliances form in week one they always implode. He goes you’re a lot smarter than you look. Another backhanded compliment. Jag – what a guy. Big Brother switches the feeds and then back. Reilly – Izzy is going to recruit herself. Hisam, Luke, MeMe, Felicia and Cirie.. and who is left. Jag – ah Bowie. Reilly – That is the other side of the house.. Felicia, Meme and Jared have a secret little mance with me. They’re going to be a swing. Other than that everyone else is going to be solid. Hisam is another wild card. He really likes Blue. Jag – I am telling you right now Kirsten is going to be loyal to whoever saves her. Reilly – dude! No, no.. we can’t do that this week. Jag – maybe not. Reilly – are you suicidal? Jag – I am just thinking. Reilly – I would literally go home next week if I did that. I am down with Izzy or Luke going out next week. I am going to root for something big to happen. If Izzy stays she is going to create an army. Matt joins them. Reilly – if you don’t win HOH next week .. I am going to kill you. They ask him about his conversation with Hisam. Matt starts explaining the full conversation with Hisam.

9:50pm Storage room – Jared and Luke.
Luke – I f**k with Izzy too.. she’s got connections with all the ones (people) we like. I told her I would talk to you so we talk and then talk again tomorrow. Jared – I f**k with Izzy heavy. She’s mentioned game with me and I’ve talked game with her but all just surface level. But I can see she is just trying to see if I am somebody she can trust. I f**k with Izzy heavy. You know what I am saying.. like she has a purpose. She is genuine about what she is here for so I really really like Izzy. Luke – I need to do damage control now because everyone is thinking I am a nut job .. like I am sad, I didn’t know what was going on.. I didn’t know I was on a game show. I am going to get my mind in the game because I am pissed off now. Jared – get tight .. don’t get mad. Luke – everything is copasetic. I need to do damage control. I am returning to normal Luke tomorrow but I am not going to forget this fire. I won’t forget this feeling. Jared – I think if we stick with Izzy, we good. What me and you speak about .. nobody knows.

9:55pm – 10:10pm Upper Level Backyard. Matt and Reilly.
Reilly tells Matt about the conversation she had with Luke and all the backhanded compliments he was saying to her. The feeds switch to Cirie telling Izzy about her Survivor experiences.

10:25pm Bathroom – America and MeMe.
America – I got you. They about how Kirsten was messy and talking to everyone. MeMe – I like you, I like you a lot. They agree to check in with each other. America – there are definitely other people in line to be targets. Mecole warns America that they might be used as pawns.

10:50pm Comic Bedroom – Hisam fills Izzy, Cirie, Felicia and Bowie in on his conversation with Cory and Matt. Hisam – Blue is slimy as sh*t though. Blue is slimy as sh*t. She had a conversation with you. And then she had a conversation with us (Izzy and Hisam) where she said we should work together .. but separately. And then she was like I’m going to be getting close Reilly.

10:55pm Upper Level Backyard. Matt, Reilly and Cory.
Cory – Honestly, its like one in a whatever chance of Hisam winning HOH .. I just don’t want if he is walking around to you and asking you questions about me and sh*t. I can only imagine what he is telling Cirie and all them. Reilly – Cirie and Felicia are indebted to me. And trust me, they want to move forward with me so if they even purpose for a second they wanted to put you up, I will shut that down. Cory – Yeah I would feel good about that. Reilly – I will tell you what I am not super keen on Izzy being here. I don’t trust Izzy as far as I can throw her. She is a good person and she is so smart but you know what she is doing? She is developing an army right now. She is recruiting Luke. Reilly talks about how Luke bombarded Jared, Blue Jag, he talked to you and he cornered me up in my room.

11:50pm Upper Level Backyard – Cirie, Izzy, Bowie and MeMe.
Cirie – Hisam has been holding court all day and people have been just mouth-a-rrhea all of everything. Reilly told him that she has herself, Blue, America, Jag and Cameron. Its that 5 that are solid. He had a conversation with Matt and he doesn’t have anything with Reilly. Our solid 7 is me, Miss Felicia and Hisam. open door, Open line of communication. Izzy – basically, also when relaying information and having these conversations but then absolutely going to the source… because we don’t want our foundation to be on cinder blocks like upstairs. We are being honest because the only way of getting further into this game to Jury is to be a seven and the only way to do that is by been equal and sharing all information. One of us will win Big Brother 25. We understand that jury management is part of this we want you to be friends with who you’re going to be friends with.

12:05am – 12:45am HOH room – Reilly, Jag and Matt.
Jag – who is on the other side that is definitely gunning for us? Reilly – Izzy, Hisam… Jag – Felicia and Cirie. Reilly – Felicia and Cirie are more interested in being with us. Jag – I think they might be playing both sides. That is fine if they want to. Red no clue. Reilly – he really, really likes Cameron. Jag – MeMe. Reilly – she is attached to Cirie and Felicia. She is a free agent and I guarantee Izzy is going to scoop up the free agents like Luke. Jag – if we don’t say we’re going to align or say we’re going to work with other folks outside of the 8.. Reilly – we’re going to need to have to start lying. I really didn’t want to lie in this but we’re going to have to. I have a good feeling that 8 is not enough. Nine, we might need that. Jag leaves. Reilly to Matt – if we win HOH, this is what needs to happen. The best thing to do would be to put up MeMe because she is a floater, and it won’t piss anyone off. MeMe and Luke. Would you be super pissed. That’s a lot to ask of you to put up your buddy. Matt – but we haven’t talked game or made promises at all. If I did, I could tell him I’m using him as a pawn. Reilly – because then there is Bowie and Red.. and depending on tomorrows conversation .. like we need to pull one of them in .. not both but one. And then maybe the other goes on the block. We win the veto and pull one of them down and then we backdoor the F out of Izzy. I am more comfortable with Hisam than Izzy .. the only person that has a problem with Hisam is Cory and that is the issue. Hisam and I had a convo today and I know he was grilling me .. he came back in here after and said I really like you as a person and even if we end up in different positions I hope we can keep each other safe down the line. I don’t think booting hisam next week is a good idea.. I think backdooring Izzy next week is a good idea. Izzy is the ring leader. Hisam really likes me and Hisam really likes Blue. He really likes Jag. Hisam is not the right person to take out now.

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Pppfffttt. Good grief. Izzy let someone talk while she shuts her mouth and listens ?!? How?
Maybe if her teeth were wired shut with a muzzle strapped on


When BB25 has an open Vote for viewers, please everyone vote Izzy out. Every Cam I watch when she shows up I have to change and miss important details… LOL


I feel your pain.

I’m voting her most annoying houseguest . Ever.


It makes me sad cirie side wants Reilly out first. I love cirie but love Reilly too and she wasn’t even lying about backdooring Luke izzy just paranoid and dumb and got in ciries head


Hisam ….. use the Veto and take Felicia down!!!
Reilly replace her with Izzy and send her home!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
America will love you Reilly!!! At least I will .


I hear rumors about new people coming in. Wouldn’t it be great if it was other Survivors… Like maybe Boston Rob? Or maybe Sandra, Ozzie, or Parvoti? It would give Cerie a run for her money!


They should have done a celebrity reality star season similar to how the Challenge brings in people from other shows.


Nice thought but doubtful


When they first introduced the “multiverse” and then ended the episode w/ Cirie, my first thought was, oh wow, they’re going to introduce a bunch of randoms throughout the season! I expect at least 1 Amazing Racer, 1 more survivor, maybe a couple older BB players and maybe even someone from The Challenge (though I doubt it). Realistically, maybe 1 Amazing Race and 1 BB player from a past season. But the multiverse is supposed to be fun and introduce people, even if they are just “short stint” players. You can’t vote out this player, but they will play in comps for the week, vote and influence the game then be gone (like Jessie Godderz or something). This would switch the game up massively, but not make the players join late and have an advantage to win, and also would explain the extra days this year.

un autre nom

Possibly Final Thought for Day 5
(unless something major occurs)

Both sides are….cracked in a way.
Hand and Bitches are both assigning Hierarchy and neglecting their outer layer.
Cory and Jared and America.
Bowie and Red.

Everyone leaving Luke to the side? Error.

2 people have mentioned keeping Kirsten. it’s Sunday. It would be smart to trick Hasim into using veto and getting Luke out. Izzy? won’t happen, but should. Voting out Felicia would also be smart since it’s clear that the Hand is exposed and Felicia is on the other side. she’s killed 4 mics in 5 days… prodo ain’t gonna complain.

Izzy’s out in the open recruiting has been clocked.
In fact, the bitches reality has become possible to Jag.
Of course recognition of Izzy as the true chaos goblin was said in front of Jared. sideye.

Izzy and Jared are collecting Luke the survivor applicant standby replacement for bb that didn’t have any storyline set up for 5 days and suddenly melted down and now wants to play… how convenient. The moves aren’t bad on Izzy’s part, it’s her must do it now in open spaces obviously that was always going to get clocked. Fact she’s collecting everyone with survivor ties? Huh.. that’s…. oh. I’m getting tinfoil for this….


Anyone thinking family members in the house isn’t an advantage… especially when prodo is invested in keeping it secret… shush.
If it wasn’t someone likeable everyone is fangirling over, huge chance there’d be calls of rigging.
Look at those doofus brothers on bbcan 4. They each hung out with a different alliance and compared notes. they won. dick and dani season 8. dick won. season 17 twins? one was runner up. yeah, bring up project dna… one of the subjects of the twist was runner up. the exes season? jun was one of the past coupled. Most returning player season stuntcasts end with a stuntcast subject in the finals.
There’s tons of precedent for twist stuntcasts having massive game advantage when their connection is known. Now make the connection a secret production has made a plotpoint.
Now have the two pregame strategize. Now add a mole that follows the celebrity on socials, plus the brother of someone from that show she’s famous for… and a recruit that applied for that show she’s famous for. fishy? shrugs. rolls eyes. yeah… little bit.

prodo is pushing for a showmance. expect Matt and Reilly. and if she isn’t into mancing….definite prejury boot. She wants to see week four? she better run for that prodo-protected safety shield of Grod. We ALL know it’s a thing… and on bbcan women that refuse to do showmances after saying they would in casting? They all leave prejury.

Last looks:

America and Meme are watching each other’s backs. real on America’s part… only real to Meme if she keeps it to herself.
Reilly thinks she has a side deal with Cirie, Jared and Felicia for real. Cory tried to hat in hand to Hasim…computer says no.

un autre nom

Red was about to jump ship. He outed comic room as a group, but also named names of the Hand people. To Reilly. Reilly fear meltdown. Tells Matt and Jag she’s being backdoored next week if the Hand loses power and they’ve lost number advantage, they needed 9.
Cirie formed a seven called the Professors and included Red, knowing he was getting antsy.
The Professors call Luke and Jared outside members voting with them. bringing them to 9.

Hisam made the good people speech earlier, after shitting on Cory and calling Blue slimy for wanting the side alliance Hasim wanted 24 hours before.
The women of the professors said integrity? nah.

Name change to Professors likely due to age plotline prodo wants and unwholesomeness of bye bye bitches.

Of note: Bowie asked if their 4 was still a thing. Izzy replied bye bye bitches. Bowie wasn’t in that 4, it was Meme. the 4 with Bowie was unnamed. doubt anyone caught it.

Rattled Reilly is like Izzy all the time. It’s A LOT.

un autre nom

Cameron ‘hush your hysteria little lady, and let a man take charged’ Reilly, totally undercutting everything that Reilly knew, even suggesting their alliance doesn’t need to win next HOH. Trying to placate the hysteria was not well received after Cam left.
America keeps pushing for save Kirsten. no takers. She wants Luke OUT. Also suggested evicting Felicia. No takers….too soon to line in the sand. America is right, her alliance is dumb not to listen.
Red told Cameron that Cirie and Izzy are leaders of all gametalk in the comic book group. Red and Cameron have decided they are an alliance of 2 against both sides of the house, and they only have each other’s backs.

un autre nom

Cameron Manson hairdo tells Blue that Izzy is trying to gather the stragglers as a resistance army to the superior forces of the Handful (eyeroll), and Hisam is playing both sides. He wants to infiltrate using Red. Blue explains why each of his infiltration plans won’t work… and are dumb. Nobody has listened to Blue about Hisam being a bigger threat than Izzy.
Considering mentioning Cirie as a ringleader got the cams switched so fast when Red said it, and Cam hasn’t mentioned her…I smell something odd. unless i missed him mention her… it’s odd. No, really, Red mentions Cirie as lead gametalker aaaaaand switch.


Who is the brother of someone from that show she’s famous for?

Big Jake

Cory, his brother was on survivor.


Cirie is not on ranking