Cameron “Yeah, Jag’s got to go this week .. AGAIN!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

10:20pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the live eviction episode where Red was evicted and Cameron won head of household.

Havenot room – Bowie and Cameron.
Bowie – Cirie and I obviously voted. I walked past her and said it was you and me right? And she said I am so sorry and I said WHAT?! And I f**king stormed past but I’ve since chatted with her and its fine. Cameron – I knew that you were going to say that when you gave me the hug when I won HOH. I was like well looks like you and me were the two votes. You got that right! You got that part right. Bowie – yeah I don’t want people to be scared that we’re teaming up. Cameron – I’m HOH now so we have a reason to be talking. Bowie – we’ve got our bullsh*t team. Cameron – its not bullsh*t, I love the team. That’s my family. I love them. Bowie – I love our team.. Its amazing. Cameron – yeah, Jag’s got to go this week .. AGAIN! Bowie – its amazing how things always change in here. And I am also loving that everyone is Havenot. I can handle being it with the protein.. its the bed that’s not idea. Cameron – you’ve only got to do one night. Bowie – easy. Cameron – when you’ve got to do 5-6 nights .. that’s not fun. Bowie – this will be hard for some people. Cameron – Oh Felicia is probably going to collapse. Bowie – because of her sugar level because she is constantly eating twirlers. Cameron – once I put her up as a pawn. I’m not doing that. I wouldn’t do that. I am not that big of a d**Khead. Bowie – yeah you wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that. Cameron – no, I wouldn’t do that. Bowie – whatever you do, don’t say that I was happy that you won. Cameron – I don’t know what you’re talking about.. Bowie – whatever you do, don’t be happy.

Games Room – Izzy and Cory.
Cory – it was really hard explaining to Cam when I didn’t tell him (that he was voting out Red). I was basically like YO I don’t think people loved how much I spend with you but if people found out .. they would assume it was me. I wish I could have told you and I didn’t .. and I am sorry. Izzy – did he ask you when the vote flipped? Cory – He said when did you know? And I said I think it was up in the air for awhile and there was a lot of chaos this morning. Izzy – because that’s just what we’ve been saying at least to be consistent in terms of time line. Cory – Basically what I was telling him was that even from the start I kind of wanted Red to go for personal reasons even when it was him and Cam on the block. I was talking about voting Red out and then with the replacement noms I wanted Red out. I said this was the outcome that I wanted but you also know that I am not the type to take a defiant stance. I am not in that position. And what he told me which is always f**king weird was like YO I think you’re in a great spot, keep doing what you’re doing. I was like thanks man for the f**king nod of approval. Izzy – I am not sure what to say to him when I talk to him one on one. I never know what to say to him because its all bullsh*t. Everything I say to him is bullsh*t. Cory – I think you need to figure out who to blame and who is believable. Here is the one thing that you have going for you .. he hell’a underestimates you and Cirie comp wise. He said that you and Cirie are in charge but that you’re not the ones that are going to win a ton of comps. Izzy – and that is not getting him ahead. Cory – f**k that guy. But this might work out .. he might view you and Cirie as in control but he views Jag as a bigger threat because he thinks he can beat you guys in comps. And the reality is he might beat everyone in comps. But as much as it might kill you .. I think you need to play into that sh*t. Izzy – I am going to. Cory – you have been second in the last two comps. Izzy – three of the last HOH’s I’ve come in second. Cory – if tomorrow at noms its Blue and Jag… we are f**king golden! And you’re going to be stressed out and I will be too .. but we will be golden. Izzy – and of course its once a week where I hope I get picked (veto player picks). You know I hope my name gets drawn for veto picks because I am not going to get chosen as HG Choice. Cory – I hope I get that for myself so that I can keep the noms the same and then just vote out Jag.. perfect! Izzy – oh I know. Cory – because I really think at this point the people he trusts are me and Jared of the people that are theoretically against him. Cory – He (Cam) goes in the storage room and was like (excited) and I was like I was part of the eight. I think for a second he thought I was one of the two votes. I was like man, I think it was you and Bowie. He was talking about how he wanted to make jury from a financial standpoint. And I was like on a human level good for you. Izzy – yeah with your 2022 f**king Ram and your whatever.. You know?! Like I am going to f**king overdraft being in here. Cory – and then I was like dude I got to get the f**k out of the bathroom.. I can’t be celebrating with Cameron right now.

10:50pm Living Room – Jared and Blue.
Jared – how bro, how bro, how did we let this motherf**ker win. AGAIN! Blue – I know. Jared – Even beyond anything else he got to go! Because he is WINNING BRO! Like for a brief moment I was thinking about it .. like if dude stays long enough .. I could see him winning this whole f**king sh*t. Blue – yeah. Jared – great at comps, keeps dodging f**king bullets. BB switches the feeds.

11:05pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia, Cirie, Meme and Cameron.
Felicia – I think Jag is worried. Cameron – wouldn’t you be? I mean I did it already. I don’t know what they expect. Felicia – well I guess we need a new name. Cameron – yup… can we sleep on it? Felicia – well I didn’t say we have to do it tonight. Cameron gets called to the diary room. Cirie – lets go! (They think when he comes out of the diary room he will get his HOH room.

11:14pm – 11:20pm Cameron comes out of the diary room with his HOH key. They all head upstairs to check out his HOH room. his HOH letter was from his daughter Stevie who was going into 3rd grade.

11:30pm Havenot room – Matt and Cirie
Matt – I think he thinks that Felicia is leading it but if he goes after her then everyone goes after him. I don’t know. I’ll see and talk to him more. But me and Jared were talking about it and it can’t be the four. Cirie – now she (Felicia) is going to act even crazier… now that he is in charge and HOH. She is going to say all kinds of sh*t. We all… ain’t nobody safe. She is going to throw everybody under the bus. Matt – that’s what I am saying … I am just going to sit back because everyone else is going to start talking sh*t and.. Cirie – I am not. Thank god she didn’t know about the power. I am just going to be normal. I am not going to do any talking .. especially to Felicia. Matt – she is painting a target on her back. Its not good for her game.

11:35pm Storage room – Izzy and Jared.
Jared – we would be better off making friends with him because he isn’t going anywhere. Izzy – if he (Cam) presses me about oh well Red is saying stuff about America or whatever. I am just going to say .. like you know I haven’t that was personal about America. I will always support a woman that is being attacked personally and we got to admit that is true. I felt like that was a personal attack at me. I am not in a position to make any waves.. this was where the house was going. This is not about you. It was about my position. Jared – he also brought up the fact that ya’ll told him to lay low. And he was like that is the same thing they said to Hisam. Izzy – I don’t know who said that. That was probably Moms. Jared – I am going to push the whole Felicia and America situation as much as possibly because that is the best for me. They hug and leave the room.

12:15am – 1am HOH room – Cameron and Blue.
Blue – I’ve been better.. since two weeks ago I’ve been navigating my relationships with people and it is still an up and down battle, right!? So the ups are I feel really good about people and then the downs are I actually don’t know where I stand with people. Cameron – we’re good. I am telling you that we’re good. So if you’re navigating our relationship.. we’re good. Blue – right. Because for me I kind of want to lay it all flat right?! For me I really wanted to win an HOH. Clearly everyone else did too but I really wanted to win HOH because I wanted .. and you know this about me because I’ve told you this in the past too… I want to make a big move. I want to do something that will really set me a part from other people in this house. And I really wanted to start solidify my relationships with people here. And with that being said the past few weeks have been very eye opening for me in a lot of ways. Yeah. I am still trying to figure out where I stand with people. I don’t necessarily feel good with everybody. I don’t think anyone does but just trying to figure out where I stand with people.. yeah. Cameron – so what do you see? Blue – what do you mean? Cameron – well you say its been eye opening? Blue – yeah, I feel really good with two people. I feel great with them and everyone else I am still trying to figure it out. And even someone that I thought… well okay lets just say names. Cameron – yeah you said you were going to lay it out. Blue – I feel good with Jared.. obviously. Cameron – never heard of him. Blue – and the past two weeks I’ve been feeling great about America. Even with the nominations two weeks ago right.. I’ve been telling you I feel kind of iffy with people. With the rest of the house, I don’t know where I stand because I feel good with people but after your last HOH, I’ve been hearing a lot. Cam – me too. Blue – and I felt safe .. I mean I can never feel too safe but I had you confirming I was good. But afterwards I found out that everyone was telling Jag that he was good too. Cam – that’s crazy. Oh no I remember that.. they just wanted him to stop talking to them. Blue – oh.. okay well that’s good. This last week I’ve had multiple conversation with people asking them.. not how do they feel about Jag but if they think I am putting more trust in Jag than he is to me. That really started because after last couple weeks, he’s been throwing my name out there. I don’t know if you’ve heard that. Cameron – he knows better than to talk to me because I don’t trust him. Blue – yeah that’s that too. But yeah he’s been actively campaigning against me. From multiple people. I feel like given your HOH this week and you can’t compete next week. Given if I get to play veto, I will do whatever you want me to do. Come next HOH, if I win I am not targeting you. Cameron – you are absolutely not a target this week. And I can almost guarantee you that you’re not going home this week. Not my target, absolutely not my target. Blue – pinky promise. Cameron – people won’t vote you out this week. Who would I put up next to you? Cameron – you do know. Blue – okay the… I feel less comfortable now than I did two weeks. Blue continues crying.

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Queen B

Freaking unbelievable!!!!!!!!

Felicia's eyebrows

America has become my favorite player, for the simple fact that she doesn’t do shout-outs in the DR


Shoutouts are ok to me. Just don’t spend 30 seconds naming every person you’ve ever met. Haha

Felicia's eyebrows

And their mailman, and their neighbor and their fourth-cousin’s twice removed dog, and….


every year i hope for someone to shoutout simon and dawg and it never happens.


A shoutout to Simon and Dawg…That would have been so cool!


Be a couple of years since I have been here. I just did a donation through PayPal.


Hey no name long time no see welcome back and Simon and Dawg are doing their normal awesome job and these boards are a lot more entertaining than the current season. Lol ?


Cameron is a complete moron if he actually nominates Blue and Jag… does he not see he’s been the target of Cirie and Izzy and Jared for weeks now?? No way a man is this naive, right?

Spot ON

We’ll see.

FELICIA has already started singing to his ear about putting JAG on the block.


Come on wall yellers.

Not Jason’s Holly

I could not believe when I heard him say “Jag’s gotta go!” My happiness that he won was quickly gone! I’m so disappointed he is this dumb and clueless.

I get he wants out a comp threat, but it’s also jury votes needed to win.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He’s a beta male. They all are this year!


He thinks blk people don’t have the brain. And plus he thinks he can easily beat them anyway.


Meme just said she has a 2 month old husband. LOL

Spot ON

Well, at least if she has a kid with him the newborn will not be a bastard. Right?



Spot ON



Let the nose browning begin. Cameron told her she is good this week yet she still gabber gabs about herself. Clueless.


Bwhahaha new dish called the Korean Krying Egg


Because he also told her she was going on the block. Against Jag, I think. She bawled and cried forever begging him not to put her up but he said his mind is made up. She’s afraid Jag will get taken down (POV) and she’ll end up going home. No mention who the replacement nom will be.
I wouldn’t be mad as long as the replacement nom was Jared, Cirie, or Izzy.

Oh my

He told her she would need to win Veto to keep herself safe. She’s the one that ASSUMED he was talking about her and Jag. She threw Jag under the bus, left, right and center. I think he’s putting up Jared. He told this bobble head that he wouldn’t tell her who but, the person close to her. SHE kept saying Jag, not Cameron. Cameron didn’t call anyone’s name to her. If she stop acting like a bobble headed Brat’z doll, maybe she would’ve understood what he was saying.

un autre nom

nom discussions:
Bowie says Cam said Matt / Jag
Cirie says Cam said Blue / Jag

America advised Jag to spill his guts.
Jag asked America to get Cory to vouch for him.

Who knows right now.

un autre nom

Izzy / Airhead plan to blame America.
Red left because he “called America a bitch”
This was a lie Cirie told Corie told America that made America go off.

un autre nom

why this irks me: we got feed blocks about this.
using something not in storyline that viewers were mostly blocked from hearing about as the reason to get someone targeted.

It feels poisonous fruit to me.
Shake my head. Sure, the r-word user that faces zero repercussions gets to use production prohibited topic to target someone else.
Can’t show a woman’s reaction… but it can be used as reason to evict her.

un autre nom

Matt tells Jag to bus America and Felicia to Cam. He and Jared are planning to.
Matt may not know Jag asked America / Cory to vouch for him.

Spot ON



Not Jason’s Holly

But he has to realize he’s public enemy number 1 to the house. Put up any 2 that seems to always be against you. One has to go home unless production pulls some other BS to make his HOH useless again.

Oh my

I think Cameron was being sarcastic. He watched all these people last week and I think he’s going to blindside a few of them. Bowie is the only one Cameron will protect this week. The rest are on his list. But off topic, Izzy’s jealousy towards Cameron, is ridiculous!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

No, Cameron’s an idiot, and Izzy isn’t jealous of him. They all hate him because of his misogyny and mansplaining.

Oh my

Izzy’s pathetic and a hater. Talking about him having a 2023 Dodge Ram and her bank account is probably over drafting. Yes, she’s jealous and a hater. She said, she hated him from the moment she saw him. I hope he puts her and her disgusting armpits on the block.


Once again Cameron is proving why he is the worst alliance member ever and destroyed the handful. Going after blue and jag yet again after he threw Reilly under the bud a month ago. Cameron is a worthless player to protect izzy or Felicia or Jared this week.


Cory cant go two sentences without saying the F word. Dude is unbearable to listen too

Spot ON

Incredible, isn’t it ?

What a foul mouth.

Here is a guy who claims to have great oratory skills, attends Vanderbilt Univ, wants to be a lawyer, possibly enter politics, and charges about $45/hr for private toutoring, and every other word from his mouth is an F-BOMB.

Future “leader”, eh?? (lol)


I hate these people. And Cam is doing their dirty work. If only he had a conversation with Jag.


What an idiot if he doesn’t just go directly for Izzy/Cirie/Jared…

If he is trying to be sneaky and do a backdoor my question is what is the fucking point? Put two of those three up and most likely you will beat them in the Veto anyways.

Someone like Cory (America), Jag (Blue?), America (Cory), and most people really, can be scared off from even using the Veto they potentially won because if they did then Cameron could just say, “Ok well if you use the Veto I’ll put up your top ally as the replacement since you are forcing my hand… I want my nominations to stay the same.” So they would likely not use it and either Izzy, Cirie, or Jared would go home.

I guess if his backdoor does work then it would still have major issues getting out his backdoor target who I take it is Izzy. Because say if Jag/Blue go up again by him. Jag either wins or Cameron takes him off. Then Izzy goes up on Monday. Izzy vs Blue seems like a scenario where Izzy will survive which would be so tragically stupid on his part. Blue may be after him but she is not in control or that big of a threat really.

Hopefully conversations change his mind tomorrow because this clutch win of his is going to go NOWHERE if he doesn’t make some deals with his former nominees that he targeted (Jag/Blue) and main enemy (America) that if he goes after the power trio instead of them can they keep him safe for at least the week after.

Sure they could go against it but if I were those three I would honor that 1 week truce (chances are they won’t even win HOH to come for him directly anyways). It is just smarter to have Cameron take out someone they can’t really touch in a big time player like Izzy, Cirie, or Jared and for him to then again be the house target the week after (that they don’t even have to take out by winning HOH) then to potentially go home this week because they can’t direct him to who really needs to be taken out this week so that EVERYONE has a shot of winning this game.


yeah, jared and izzy should be automatic even with his limited info. if he thinks about it a bit more felicia and cirie should be considered, but he knows how izzy reacted two weeks ago and jared just sent red home during his hoh. clearly those two are targeting him at minimum and need to go.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He doesn’t see it. I think everyone in the house has a combined IQ of 80. Smh…

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Cameron isn’t smart enough to go after the power trio. He’s a lemming beta male, completely conned by Cirie.

Spot ON







The way we’ve seen BB evolve this past decade, it wouldn’t surprise me.
BB has become nothing but predictable – same comps, same strategies, same obvious interference by production, same in so many other ways.
Time for CBS to mix up the entire format.

un autre nom

One on Ones Part One
good with Jared and America. If Jag’s your target go for it. you weren’t my target if I won HOH. Why didn’t you approach me about working together? Tells Cam people are lying to him. Cam doesn’t like blindsides, says it’s dirty.
Cam says Jared, Bowie and Cam were left in the dark. Cam presses Blue to out the conspiracy. Blue whines about Cam not wanting to work with her. Cam says Blue is not his target while she is regressing to fake self preservation mode.
Being a pawn has Blue almost in tears. Blue has no numbers, crying now. it’s fake.
Why am I being tested?
Sells Meme or America as more liked by the house. Why kiss up to the people that lied to you? Hyper-ventilating almost. so faked.
She’s burying Jag in dirt.
Cam won’t tell D/R his plan for this week.
Cam’s going to splain his fairytale version of house dynamics. ooooh boy.
The line isn’t where she thinks it is in the house.
It certainly isn’t where HE thinks it is.
He called her Jasmine. Sang Whole New World. He’s calling the Korean Jasmine after the Arabian Disney princess. oh.
She asks if Jared knows (we know he knew she was a pawn)
She’s disappointed she’s disposable to Cam.
Talking in circles between miss entitled and mr deluded.
Finally. He is using Blue as a pawn so Blue doesn’t use veto on Jag.
After Cam: she admits to totally faking.


Cameron just told Blue it will be her and Jag on the block.

Said if he wins Veto he won’t use it.

So fuck him and I’ll be THRILLED when he is Juror # 1 lol.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He doesn’t deserve to be in the jury! Not to mention the high likelihood he’ll commit SA in there. He’s dangerous to women!

Spot ON


un autre nom

Matt is my ride or die. Let’s team up.
Tells Matt to say pull Jag in they can work together.
Matt plans to push Felicia. shhhhhhh he’ll push America.

Jared mad Cam made Blue cry. why, is that his job?
told her Jared and Izzy are pushing America / Felicia.
Blue mad pretty girl crying didn’t work. It usually works.
She tells Matt she pushed America…nope, it’s Blue and Jag.
She didn’t push America, really.

Bowie tells Cirie consensus is Felicia was the head of the snake.
later talks about let’s just make a new alliance every day… and break it the next day.
She read Cirie’s memoir.

Cam’s reminding me of a mix of Frank and bbcan 10 Marty.
Matt’s America hate. dude. green is not the color you want. So ridiculously following the ramblings of a moron that left week 2. Secret hope: Gee, tell Cam it’s America’s fault Reilly left. He was on the block with her.

Matt took Red’s bed to be closer to Cirie. Izzy is going to be mad. Felicia is going to be mad.

There is a 20% chance Izzy Blindside. He was 100% sure Izzy had zero allies last week to Jared. The thing is he then imprinted on her. when he was outcast.

un autre nom

Airhead tells Blue that Cory and Ameica sharing a bed is weird, disgusting and uncomfortable.


You saw your mother lying on the spooge spot you left on the communal couch after cheating on your 7yr gf on national tv

but sure, the never kissed kids in bed is gross.



for f*cks sake!! another wasted week

un autre nom

Feed block when Cam is called the season villain?
So far,
Production skipped he jumped ship on his alliance week one. In episodes he was Handful until the Sunday episode of his first HOH week 4.
That he was gaslighting Reilly, whose father is dead, by saying he’ll be her daddy.
That daddy was hot for Reilly and super jealous if she spent time with Matt.
They skipped that he was thankful to be a pawn against ‘daughter’ so he wouldn’t have to vote her out.
That he targeted Jag so he could scoop up and lead the people he betrayed for their own good week one… while leading the other alliance with his buddy and immediately targeting an alliance member.
That he became fixated on, and attempted to gaslight another woman while making jury house has no cameras comments, and determining her showmance was friendzone so that he didn’t have to give up his newest fixation.
that he tried to reform his week one alliance, got caught.

He’s not trusted because he’s openly backstabbed most of the house at every opportunity, while saying he’s loyal.

Edit is so golden that his game in the episodes looks almost underdog heroic.

Aunt Fester

Are you Un Autre Nom related to Jag?

un autre nom

No, i think Jag is cowardly lion moron and a waste of time.


What’s up with Jared not giving Cam the HOH key? Is he actually that childish? And why didn’t Julie or production cue him to do it?

Queen Catia

Cameron’s singular focus on Jag will prove his ultimate undoing and fast track him to jury. If he were as smart as he thinks he is he would build a three person alliance with himself, Bowie, and Jag instead of trying to eject Jag from the game. Cameron needs to seriously put up Jared and Izzy/Felicia/Cerie. He needs to put his laser focus on the four of them STAT!