Felicia “They’re stupid!” Cirie “We should have got rid of the cockroach.. Cockroach Cam”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

4:30pm Bedroom – Felicia, Meme, Cirie.
Felicia – I told you from the very beginning that he was going to align.. get that old alignment back. They are stupid! Cirie – here is the thing. Why if you want me so bad, why not just put us both up? Felicia – I think he wants to do the backdoor thing like we did to Red. But we didn’t backdoor Red, Red was on the block. Cirie – that’s right. Felicia – we backdoored Hisam. Cirie – which he was kind of pushing the train for. He said he hated Hisam. Felicia – the whole house wanted Hisam out. Cirie – including him. Felicia – we used him as a pawn to get Hisam out. Cirie – we should have got rid of the cockroach.. Cockroach Cam. Felicia – yeah when we had Cam and Reilly on the block .. we let the wrong person go. We kept doing that back and forth and we let the wrong one go. She didn’t have nowhere near as much smarts as him and she was too emotional. So he is just going to do one, two, three and Jared. Four in a row. Cirie – oh that is a lot to do .. so he is going to have to do a lot of work. He would have to win every time. That’s a lot to try to do. Good luck especially when you can’t win every other one. Felicia – but if he has enough minions left in the house to do his dirty work for him to stay in the house. Cirie – That’s the good thing about it, it just takes one, one time.

4:45pm – 5:15pm Bedroom – Jag, Blue and Izzy.
Izzy is talking all about her piggy digging challenge in the backyard. Izzy – like my shoulders are rock hard today. Blue – I think you guys had the worst punishment by far! Jag – its not even just that you had to do that.. now you have to wear the piggy costume the rest of the week so its two punishments in one. Blue – when you picked Cameron though I was dying! Jag – I didn’t know who you were going to pick. Izzy – LOOK YO! I didn’t come in here to campaign but I will f**king go to bat! Like lets f**king do this! I mean I guess Felicia hasn’t said anything to anyone because she is all kayaked up. She laughs. The kayak is my favourite though. Blue – they’re so funny. They needed help with their tea and started yelling.. HELP HELP! We’re ship wrecked. Izzy – that is funny. Blue – next time I’m a let you sink. Izzy talks about why she picked Cam because he put her up and how they’re all havenots and he isn’t. Izzy – for me the way that he did noms this week and everything was like a testament to the fact that like he talks about his word and promises or whatever but that means nothing. Its all just lip service. Right because he was promising the whole house ..he was saying this is absolutely it, this is the plan .. and I am happy that you two are not on the block. That is not what I am saying. Its not about that. How could anyone ever trust what he is saying about how he is going to move forward is how he is going to move forward. Blue – he is so unpredictable. Izzy – I just think that is revealing. There was shock factor but I don’t necessarily think it was smart for him to do it that way.. because I think it is more revealing how he will make moves moving forward. Blue – that’s scary. Izzy – he must be talking to someone .. like he must be honest with someone. Jag – I don’t trust him at all so I am like is he being honest with anyone? Izzy – I mean do you believe that he wants Felicia out this week? No right!? Jag – is that what he is saying? Izzy – I mean that’s what he said to me but he told Felicia the opposite. Jag – if I had to guess I wouldn’t believe that. Izzy – right, you would believe that it was me. He threw dirt on my BACK! Jag and Blue laugh. Izzy – that’s savage! That is targeted! Like I am laughing now btu I was some kind of way! Jag – Maybe he was hoping it would turn into some kind of fight. Izzy – like that’s what he wanted. Jag – but like what was he going to do after that like did you see how Izzy reacted!? Izzy – and that is why I couldn’t give it to him because he could use that against me right. And like I can’t say anything like why does he get to do sh*t like that .. like don’t make a joke when we’re talking about racism. Do you know what I mean.. like that is why he hates me. Jag – and if you did that to him he probably would feel something like what?! Izzy – the hypocrisy is exhausting!

5:15pm – 5:30pm Bedroom – Jag, Blue and Jared.
Jared – Cam really wants me to use it now. Jag – he does? Jared – YUP! I think I might. I think I might. Jag – use it? Jared – yeah. BB switches the feeds. Jared – I am leaning more towards .. I don’t know. Blue – I don’t want to be in your position. Jared – make it fun a little bit. Jag – the other thing is.. the power is in your hands so whether Cam.. ultimately its your decision. Jared – yeah I don’t care that he is adamant about it. He just brought up some good points. I just really wouldn’t think its you (Jag) at this point .. I mean I know it ain’t Matt. Yeah I had a long a$$ talk with dude. The Cameron.. the Killer Cam. Jared leaves the room. Blue – what just happened in the past hour?! Jag – wait .. he might use it!? Blue – what the f**k is happening. Jared comes back. Jag – what are you thinking.. did you want to talk to anyone about using it or not using it? Jared – we already discussed it yesterday. I am not nervous no more. I don’t think it will mess with any of us. Jag – you don’t think so? Jared – if he didn’t put you up in the first place what the f**k would he do it now? Jag – he could put me up as a backdoor at any point. Jared – I don’t see him doing that. I don’t think he is worried about you at this point. I don’t see him backdooring people. Jag – then why would he want to use it? Jared – um because I think he just had a good conversation with mama Felicia and it was inspiring and wanted to afford her some more time in the house.. she deserves it. Jared leaves again. Blue – I am confused. Jag – me too.

6pm Bathroom – Izzy and Jared.
Izzy – I said to them (Blue and Jag) the way Cam went about his nominations… you can’t trust his word. Because I wanted Jag to be like you think he is going to honor your bullsh*t?! Jared – MMmmmhhmmm .. He already told me Bro if you want me to put up Jag.. I can just tell Jag.. like his contingency for not putting up Jag is I can’t hear this come back to me. SO if this comes back to me, then you getting put up. So I’ll put up Jag and just f**king lie and say it came back to me. So I was like this is who you f**king making deals with?! I was so pissed off just thinking about it bro. I was thinking about it and I was like that’s what I am going to do… So I told him (Jag) I am thinking about using it. Izzy – I love this!! So now they’re just going to keep panicking.

6:07pm – 7pm Bedroom – America, Blue and Jag.
Blue – while Jag and I were sitting down he (Jared) was like I think I am going to use it. Cam is really adamant about using the veto. America – what? What?! Blue – he said something along the lines of Felicia is convincing or something. Jag – inspiring. America – well you know what is going to happen right?! I think he is BSing. This is my theory. I think he is BSing about the Felicia thing. He is smart, he is not going to be swayed by Felicia. I think he is going to put up Cirie and Izzy. Is that stupid? Were ya’ll thinking the same thing? Jag – I’m also just scared. America – its not you. After the whole stunt with the pies… HE wants BLOOD and its not ya’ll that wronged him. Jag – I have no blood left. Jag – do you think he wants Izzy gone or Cirie. America – I don’t think he cares, he just wants to hurt them. Blue – I don’t think he is going to target after me, I don’t think he is going to target after you (Jag). America leaves. Jag – I trust Izzy over Felicia every day. I think a lot of people choose Izzy over Felicia. Izzy is better at comps. Cirie is tied up with everyone. She has a really good social game. Izzy does too but its not as spread out as Cirie. I do feel good-ish with Izzy.

7:08pm – 7:40pm Bedroom – Blue and Jared.
Blue – I came in and started folding my laundry. Jared – no he came in first and you came in after bro. Blue – No, I didn’t! Jared – Okay! Blue – you’re going to tell me how .. what?! No I came in here. Jared – okay. Blue – what are you talking about? Jared – go ahead. Blue – no, what are you talking about? Jared – GO ahead! Blue – So I came in here to fold my laundry and he follows me in here and he was like so like .. what do you think Cameron said? Do you think Jared is actually going to use it? And I was like I don’t know. That was my first time hearing about it too but I have no idea but I think we’re okay. And he was freaking out a little bit. He was like what if its me, what if its me?? I was like I think we’re fine. Then America comes in and we start talking about Red and sh*t. And so you know how Jag and America have been wanting to do a three thing with me .. And then Jag was like we think the veto is going to be interesting. And we said don’t say anything.. And she said I won’t. So then me and America were like Jag you’re okay. We greed to this little thing where we will tell each other information but we cannot tell anyone else because then since you Cory and Matt are close if any of them find out it exposes us and it ruins our relationship with people.

7:45pm Bowie has the BB camera – Bowie describe the season so far.
Cirie – We live on the hill, the big house on hypocrisy hill and the zip code is BB25 – Don’t come visit!

7:50pm – 8:18pm HOH room – Jared and Cameron.
Jared – I have been having some f**king fun down there BRO! Cameron – tell me about it? Jared – I talked to Mama Felicia first and said you know you really put on out there.. Cameron – stop! Jared – Cirie had to go to the DR so I had her alone for a second. I said thinking about our conversation last night I am really considering bringing you (Felicia) down because you do deserve it. And then I went to Jag and I was like .. yeah I don’t know BRO, .. you know how I was going to keep it the same this week but you know I think it might be smart if I just use it. He immediately goes… Ah are you sure? You don’t want to chat about it? And I was like we chatted about it last night. So he started f**king panicking. So America’s been running her mouth saying Jared’s been up there for 3 hours. So then I talk to Cory and I tell him that I am thinking of using it and he immediately asks Are we good!? I have been having a BLAST BRO! Cameron – this is what this game is! You’ve done everything that you were supposed to do.

Jared – F**king America went up to Jag and was like you’re good. That’s how much he was f**king panicking. Cameron – that means he told her. Jared – no I know he did but that is no surprise in my mind. Cameron – so if he comes up here to talk to me I am going to be like .. Jared – that’s on you but that would be funny as sh*t if you scare him. Funny as sh*t if you scare the absolute f**K out of him! Cameron – I will. I am going to make him sh*t his pants. Jared – and then you know what will happen he will immediately run back to me and say I don’t think you should use it. Cameron – I am going to make him sh*t his pants. Cameron – I am going to tell one person and one person alone that I am asking you to use this. Jag. I’ve been telling everyone else that I want you to keep it the same. So if you hear it around the house from someone else that I actually asking you to use it. Then we know where the leak in the boat is. Jared – now I’m going to go down there with a big a$$ smile.

8:30pm Bathroom – Jared and Blue.
Jared tells Blue about his conversation with Cameron – I don’t even like the dude but the funniest part is going to be next week when I win HOH and he don’t win veto because I am going to be like Cam remember that fun we was having!? I am not done BRO! Get your A$$ up on the block! That’s the funniest part about it! You don’t even understand BRO what’s coming to your a$$! Its been such a f**king BLAST BRO! Its been pretty f**king fun! Jag won’t even look me in the eyes. Blue – he is nervous! Jared – he is freaking the f**k out and that’s what I wanted. And I am not even mean BRO. I am not even an a$$hole like that .. I have just been so sick of ya’ll BRO. Like every time I turn around ya’ll be threatening my game.

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Is Jared really saying he’ll use the veto????


He is saying it, but I’m pretty sure he’s lying


He is, but I think he’s just saying it to scare people. Causing trouble and chaos in the house. He knows his mother would kill him if he puts her in jeopardy.


Felicia is just more of what is on the outside of the house. She is a nasty bitch, but in stead of holding herself accountable, she plays the race card. We see right thru that shit.


This behavior is completely condoned by CBS brass, especially since the worst season in BB history, where the tribal Bakeout, Cook Off, Barbeque Pit or whatever “clever” name those valedictorians used.

Verdella Fisher

The worst season ? One season as opposed to twenty-three seasons where a certain majority named themselves cute things like Chilltown, Brigade, Four Horseman, Proud Boys, and picked off non whites? Y’all butt hurt about the CookOUT. So sad. Too bad.

Verdella Fisher

Wow! When did Felicia play the race card? Sounds like a little transference.


Is Jarat truly considering using the veto?

Not Jason’s Holly

No, but if Cameron can convince Jared he would put up Jag, Jared might fall for it. Would be hilarious if Cameron then blindsides Jared and nominates Mommy Dearest.

Time to PLAY

My hope exactly that this scenario plays out!!!! Cam would get Jared GOOD! And then we have to hope that Jag or America win HOH to keep Cam safe.


Tonight’s nominations was spectacular. Izzy cocky and removing her glasses and Felicia taking out her flipper tooth was pure gold.

Paul Sucks

Watching her take her tooth out for a pie in the face is comedy gold. Couldn’t stop laughing.


Paul Sucks, exactly! Izzy immediately yanking off her glasses thinking she was safe and going to be the first one to get a pie to the face. Can’t wait until it is loaded on CBS BB site just to watch it again.


Even better when she put it back in knowing she wouldn’t be the recipient of a pie.

Spot ON

“Izzy cocky and removing her glasses and Felicia taking out her flipper tooth was pure gold”



This post was pure gold lol


And then watching her put it back in once she suspected something was up lol


Jag, dod not trust Jared. Jared is the reason Red was sent home. Jared is full of it, if he actually uses the Veto, and they put Cirie up on the block, and Jared feels that he has all of the votes to keep his Mom. I’d love to see the look on his face when Cirie is voted out !!

Jared will look like a damn fool, Jared will be the reason his Mother was evicted, all because Jared thinks that he is in control, he’s making big moves, and he’s running the house, blah, blah, blah.

That would be priceless if Jared uses the Veto, take Izzy down, Cirie goes up, Cirie is voted out on Thursday night. Please have the camera fixed on Jared’s face, this will be priceless.

Then let America or Jag win HOH, they put Jared & Izzy on the block, or Jared & Felicia. I would love to see Jared work his way out of that one.

Spot ON

“That would be priceless if Jared uses the Veto, take Izzy down, Cirie goes up,”

I think the dialogue suggested that JARED would use VETO and would take down FELICIA, thinking that JAG would be put up.


Watching Jared falling asleep and rolling his eyes while Blue is explaining strategy….. if that was my son I would be SO ASHAMED of that spoilt spoiled boy!!!
The disrespect!!!!
Vote him OUT!

Izzy’s armpit stench

He’s a total dick imo! Big ole’ man-baby… Cirie must be so proud


The only way I can listen to Jared! On the Quad camera.
For SO MANY cameras. For SO MANY microphones the view is so limited to only this.

Spot ON

JARED is stupid enough that he WILL swallow CAM’S hook, line, and sinker, and likely WILL use the VETO thinking CAM will put up JAG. Hopefully he will use VETO, and will end up seeing his LYING FORKED-TONGUE MUMMA on the block next to ICKY.

AMERIKA is the only one with brains in there who actually articulated CAM’S likely plan by being able to sniff out all the BS.


And this is why this stunt-cast is so unfair. Blue wouldn’t be telling Jared anything right now if she knew he were Cirie’s son. Instead, she’s selling out Jag and America, which Jared will use with Cameron (and his mom and the Coven).


Blue does know. That’s the sad part.


He never told her.


Jared implied he might be related to a houseguest, but he never said how nor to whom.

un autre nom

Jared decided to screw around. Instead of building bonds by saying he’s not using veto,
he’s going to cory and jag and saying he might use it… are you scared?

Gave Jag and America time to bond. Gave Cory and Izzy time to bond.
He lost social capital by trying to be a bully (exerting power and threat over someone without power is a pretty textbook definition, though I think in bb it’s used too much).

Now Jared’s lustsloth rat Blue has outed that Jag and Matt might vote Izzy out.
Jared doesn’t know if he should remove Cam’s target from the block.
What would Cam do? Still put up Cirie or take a shot at Blue or even Matt in that case.
Jared thinks votes agaist Izzy are Bowie, Meme, Jag, Matt.
Blue should have been less declarative with Jared. Jag wasn’t declarative, but she presented it as more decision than declaration. She’s having to backpedal a lot because of her delivery style.

Jared jokes with Cam about how much fun he is having with veto use threats.

Blue is trying to replace Cory in Crossroads by using the same tactics (my people suck, don’t hurt my people) that Cory uses. plus she gives sloppy unenthusiastic handjobs.
It’ll work for Jared. Not so much Izzy. Not so much Cirie right now.


Un Notre nom: I love your posts. I usually agree with most of what you say, and for things I don’t agree with, they make me look at things in a different perspective. However, how would you know about the handjobs Blue gives? Just curious.

un autre nom

have you seen her do anything enthusiastically in six weeks? call it a hunch.


I feel like I’m losing braincells every time I hear Jared speak

Queen B

Yes! And Izzy for me as well.


And Cirie and Felicity and Mecole(what a name).

Spot ON

Every time weird names like that show up one can fairly assume what it is with 100% certainty.


poor Cam is going to fell like the village idiot when he finds out he put all his trust in Cirie’s scummy son and Jared is the one who turned Red against him.

Not Jason’s Holly

I think Cam knows. I would bet his plan was actually to put Jared up as a replacement but he won veto. Matt actually won the game but didn’t take the veto from Jared.


Not Jason’s Holly: I agree with you 100%.

Carlito's Way

This is the meanest spirited cast I recall in BB history. Vile and venomous. Jared is an absolute punk ass loser and Cameron is an idiot and showing a lot of ugly with Jared. I can’t wait for Jared to get got. Cannot wait till he gets out and sees the reception of the public. He is in for a rude awaking. Get him out!


Slow down Charlie, have you not watched the “Cookout” season. Absolutely disgraceful, but we’ve all become accustomed to this type of behaviour.


I think you forgot about the BB 19 cast being the most mean spirited, vile, and venomous.


If season 19 is the one with Paul and Josh, you are so right. To this day, I still cannot believe that Big Brother allowed the bullying that happened on that show. Sometimes, for fun, I will watch the last episodes of both seasons where Paul made it to the final two and lost both times.


ehhh… most vile you have to go to 15. meanest is 19.

Izzy’s armpit flea colony

Spot on! Forgot about Aaryn & Ginamarie from BB15…. Who can forget that fight with the mattress flipping? Season 19 with Paul and company….. Raven{{{{{{yikes}}}}}}}}


Cameron is not an idiot, and the “ugly” he is showing Jared is because of his part in the eviction of Red.

Backseat Driver

I CANNOT believe how low BB has become with this ridiculous bathroom stuff….

un autre nom

Manson: Scooter told his brainless whore to make moves on me, and I let her.
Airhead giggles.

If I hadn’t already noped these two assholes… they would be now.

un autre nom

I’m 99 % sure….and i never say 100… that MOST of the men cast this season are guys that would never be cast together in a season where half of the stuntcast duo is an emotionally abusive asshat douchecanoe brat whose life is defined by his overly permissive co-dependent enabler reality tv celebutard mommy.
We’ve had:
Hisam, whose diatribe on white girls, insinuating people were racist and homophobic as social game targeting, but overlooked a racial slur because the person saying it was good for his game.
Red, who is legitimately old enough to be his gf’s father, refusing to work with certain houseguests because he didn’t want that gf to notice his wandering eye. He said that he’d play a totally different game were he single…instead gave out socail targeting scarlet letters.
Matt. Saturdays are for the boys Matt. calls women bitches a little to liberally
Annnnnnnnd Cam. Y’all know my feelings on his Reilly and America creepiness.

They’re all in the game together so that Jared doesn’t stand out as a total and complete scumbucket. They lowered their standards soooooo low so that Jared wouldn’t look as bad as we all know him to be ten seconds into any sentence out of his mouth.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

The entire male cast this year are beta males. Its absolutely disgusting!


What did Cam do to Reilly and America? I don’t have the live feeds, so all I know about Big Brother is what I watch on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS and what I read on this website which has wonderful posts.

un autre nom

Reilly’s father died when she was young. Cam used the i’ll be your daddy routine. Further, he used common gaslight manipulation techniques to break down her confidence so that she would depend on him. He was called to d/r to be told you can’t threaten to punch her in the head. Came out saying just kidding. He was attracted to her, got upset she was hanging out with Matt, covered by telling people they’re just friends, Reilly is into older men. Was very creepy in the way he looked at her./ spied on her. At that point he was telling her how stupid she was, and how only he could save her.
America flirted with him, he took it too seriously and started making comments about having a hard time controlling himself, and wait until jury, there’s no cameras. He spent a night during his first HOH watching her on hoh cams. He believed Cory was friendzone because she needed a real man. Thought she was to be his showmance. When she talked to him about trying to get her evicted during Jared’s HOH, he said he never said that and chastised her, along with alluding she was (paraphrase) a slut making child porn with Cory while Cam was in the room. During the discourse, he’s leaning in, she’s near fetal position legs up to block. She mouthed to either camera or someone in backyard ‘help me.’
Now he knows they’re a showmance.


It’s not possible for me to watch this season. I just do bits. I dislike the cast; putting Jared and Cirie together is a disaster. Really the worst BB I’ve ever seen.