“It’ll be team work and it’ll be family.” ** Updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto today if Veto gets played Luke will likely go up.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)

1:20 am Reilly, Matt, Cameron and Corey
Reilly to Corey – I pulled you down for a reason. I feel super comfortable with you, We feel super comfortable with you.
Reilly – Moving forward in this game like.. I got.. like.. I got a really good feeling with you. Like how are you feeling right now?
Corey – I can saw with certainty I feel a lot better than I did 24 hours ago
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Corey is talking about feeling like a human being talking to them all. “It’s a small thing but it means so much”
Reilly says from the get go she felt so bad for Corey “immediately being dragged away.. that must have been so soul crushing for you. Imagine working months to get here and then it’s like BOOM getting taken away”
Reilly – that initial exploring the room with everybody you missed out on that. that’s a bit part of Big Brother.
Corey – the way I see it is like nothing is fair in Big Brother.
Cameron – clearly you jive with us three is there anyone else you are cool with? not that we’re testing you or anything
Corey – the way I feel is there’s people I can talk to and be open with and then there’s people I feel like I have access to. Luke for example I love love Luke but I don’t think Luke has talked that much game. So if he wins HOH I think we would be all in good shape but you think he doesn’t have his plans outlined. Jared is another example. I feel like I vibe super great with Jared we were both on the block week one.
Cameron – we have some stuff cooking, I know you like the three of us. You’re cool with Blue and you’re cool with Jag. The Five of us we’re talking you are the first name we want to get this
Corey – guys my heart.
Corey – Blue is the most effortless person to speak with.

Cameron asks if that is something he wants to be part of
Corey jokes “I considered the offer declined”
Corey – I love that group moving forward

Reilly and Cameron brings up there’s two more people they want to form their group of 8.
Corey – I know it’s super f**ing hard to get 8 people into a room
Cameron – that’s not going to happen.
Corey – so what’s the deal right now?
Cameron – the five of us is cool.. 8 is a nice round number.. if you are cool with it and you like the other two names (America/Jared)

Cameron called into the Diary room.
Reilly goes on about wanting to form a solid group of people that like to work together and get along. Stresses Corey’s name came up as someone to join them immediately.
Reilly – you are extremally intelligent.. you were dealt a really bad hand of cards.
Reilly – I want you to be part of something instead of living on your own little island.
Corey – all I wanted after entering the house 30 minutes after everyone else is a home..

Corey mentions how tight the comic room is. He hasn’t had a chance to talk to them.
Reilly – I’ve only been in that room twice ever.. I literally don’t go in there.
Reilly says their group of 8 is a “recipe for success”. She goes on about how each member in the team skills compliments each other.
Reilly – All sorts of personalities all sorts of capabilities. we all have the same mindset.
Reilly – we are the majority we are all good people. We are smart people and smart players that all have a common goal. It’ll be team work and it’ll be family. I think moving forward we know what has to happen. We are going to get the job done. We have numbers and we’re going to take care of each other.
Corey asks if other than the nominees do they think anyone will use the veto? He doesn’t think so.
Reilly says the veto won’t be used “I’ve talked to everyone and their mother”
Reilly – I will be honest with you anyone who wins that veto will walk up to my room and ask me what to do about it. (yikes)
Reilly – people who have talked to me have said I am down for whatever I’ll do what you want mt to do.
Reilly says everyone wants Kirsten out because “She’s doing what she’s doing and causing problems”

Reilly called into the diary room.

2:28 am Blue, America, Cory, Cameron, Jag, Matt
Blue – the game plan we were thinking of is clearly us six, Reilly, and then Jared.
Blue – that is pretty solid
America – we all have our different strengths.. our different things..
America – tonight Hisam came up to me and was like there’s people going up to the HOH room. I was just like I don’t think it means anything. I didn’t know who was up here at that time.
America – there’s people watching who stays up here when everyone goes to sleep. Something to look out for.
Corey points out there is a small advantage being in the havenot room. you get to watch everyone going into the HOH.
Corey – Hisam is very antsy about things. I cam back to from the nether region. He pulls me into the have not room. he goes. Hey yo Bro we’re good.
Corey – Like.. what’s your name again?
Corey – I would not be surprised if I wasn’t one of five of those conversations.
The group talks about not excepting the veto to be used unless it’s one of the nominations
America talks about how much Big Brother seasons she’s watched. (Including feeds)

Cory – Luke is the funniest he goes, Bro congrats I didn’t know you were nominated.
They laugh
Cory – what the f** man. He’s the one I Fully believe hasn’t seen an episode of the show.
They notice Hasim is up in the kitchen.
Blue – Should I go down?
Cameron – I should just go to sleep anyways.
Blue leaves. They remaining HOH crew is spooked by being found out.
Matt gets up to leave but America tells him to wait “It’s too soon”

Reilly joins them from the Diary “My brain is mushy”
America says Hisam was talking about the HOH room tonight saying “All the guys are up there”

America – he was like ‘who’s talking game with you’ I told him no one really. it’s just been group settings I’ve been in
Cameron – and this is from the guy who just asked how the power of veto works.
America – that was 10 pm tonight.
They’re all worried about Hisam finding out about their HOH meeting.

Reilly plans to pick Hisam for Veto because of a past conversation she had with him where she said she would. Her assumption is he won’t use the veto.

2:55 am Hisam and Blue
Hisam – I feel like there’s a group that has consolidated I am outside of that group and I’m nervous. It’s your typical white, hereto sexual young kinda group.
Hisam – Cameron, Matt, Corey.. they have consolidated a little group. I also noticed they don’t talk to anyone else. I don’t know if there’s something happening or if it’s like … I dunno.
Hisam – it would make sense if they started consolidating. I don’t trust Corey at all.
HIsam – he feels a little bit disingenuous to me. I think he is underplaying his intelligence. I think he’s already in Law.
Hisam – what is really interesting about him is that when we did charades. he was on top of charades I thought it was so bizarre why would you choose the wall competitions if you think you are not strong. I thought maybe he’s doing that to avoid doing a puzzle and looking like a threat.
Hisam adds that Cory is “trying a little too hard to relate to people. It feels showy”
Blue – I really don’t talk to him too much, I don’t talk much with Luke like I have not.. I think he’s my wildcard. I like matt he gives me a golden retriever energy. Reilly is a strong competitor. I am also sharing a room with a lot of them. I’m trying to get on their good side they are going to be comp beasts.

Hisam – the rest of us need consolidate ourselves into a group and start to try to get them.
Blue – I’ve talked to Izzy I like Izzy a lot.
Hisam – me too
Blue – Izzy and I have talked a few times.
Blue brings up being in a core alliance then spreading out. She’s wanting to stay close with some of the people like Matt and Reilly so she can see what they are up to.
Blue – at the end of the day I still get along with them. I can infiltrate that group a little bit. Izzy can go (that way) you can go (this way) I really trust Jag, and America on my end.
Blue – it’s important to keep it tight for now once it gets really big and if there’s a crack it only takes on person for it to fall apart.
Hisam – I see it like you there’s a main group and every one has a couple people

Hisam – I would love to work with you. It would be awesome to get like the three queer people together. Also sorta like especially with everything that is happening on the media and the news to demonstrate that LGBQT people are still relevant and important and good competitors and not just going to lay down and give up.
Blue wonders where Reilly loyalties stand
Hisam – her number one is Jag
Blue – ok .. It’s probably vice versa I know they are close. For me it’s probably Jag. I would also say America is my twin flame in this.
Hisam – yeah .. yeah yeah yeah
Blue – I do like Reilly a lot. We need to keep meeting people and keep talking. I don’t really care for Luke. I don’t really care for like ..whatever…
Hisam – I don’t jive with Luke very well based on what he’s said. I don’t Jive very well with Cody.. or Corey.
Blue – I am middle ground with Corey
Blue – I haven’t talked any game with MEME
Blue – I don’t know where REd stands. Cameron is really nice to me. I talk to Cirie and Felicia. I like them alot
Hisam – I like them a lot to
Blue points out that everyone in the Comic room stays in the comic room.
Hisam – ohh I didn’t know that.

3:14 am Jag, Reilly, America and Matt
Still talking about staggering their exits from the HOH so Hisam doesn’t get suspicious.
America – there’s a divide between Comic book and.. they all go to bed together. I haven’t had any conversations with them about strategy and game. They haven’t asked me it’s very.. the line has been drawn.
Reilly – there’s a division especially now there’s been a HOH and things are starting to heat up. There’s a clear line and people are trying to survive this week. I’m sure if someone from that comic book room wins HOH they are going to GUN for someone on this side.

Jag – we have to have the numbers.
Reilly tells them they can go to bed but she really doesn’t want Hisam to see who was all in this room.
America – girl I’ll stay
Jag – I don’t care if he speculates but what he sees

3:28 am Group hug.
America – this is fun
Reilly – oh my god this is exciting
Reilly tells them they are never going to do this again. Bringing everyone into the HOH room at night was terrible.
(They are super spooked about getting caught having their alliance meeting in the HOH)

3:19 am Blue and Cameron
Blue goes over her conversation with Hisam how she snuck out of the HOH and waited for Hisam to come out of Storage before engaging in the conversation.
Blue – he was saying how he feels like there’s a group forming. I was like ok who do you think it is and he said ohh you know it’s the same every season its like Probably, Reilly, Matt, Luke, Cameron and Corey.
Blue – ok ok yeah I can kinda sense that vibe. They seem pretty close blah blah blah.. I said I don’t know about Cameron.

BLue – I said I really like Reilly and he said he really like Reilly too. I said Cameron and Red are pretty close he said yeah yeah
Cameron – I like people thinking that
Blue – I like people thinking that too
Cameron – I do I f**ing love that guy but not like that he doesn’t fit for the plan we have. Does that make sense?
Blue – yeah

Blue – the comic room, they are always in there hanging out there’s no way you aren’t talking about game. When I just talk to Hisam he was just like I’m trying to find people to be in a group with.
Blue says Hisam says the comic room doesn’t talk about game play with him.
Cameron – they are clearly talking, we’re clearly talking
Blue – he’s the outsider
Cameron – the only reason he see that is because he’s next door and she’s in power. It’s less conspicuous to meet in the comic room then in the head of household. This is where all the paranoia sets in because he’s starting to watch people. We got careless tonight..
Blue – yeah a little bit
Cameron – he’s grasping at straws, he’s in the middle.. Tomorrow if houseguest choice gets picked and he gets picked he’ll be like ohh shit they like me.
Blue – Him an I were talking and I mentioned that I was close to Izzy. Within our family style we have the handful and our personal bubble. I think in my personal bubble I can get him and Izzy. Which will be very good.
Cameron says Hisam needs to stop worrying about who is forming around him. He needs to start making connections with people.
Blue – he said I really Like me, you and Izzy because we are all part of the queer community. I was like OHH you are going to make this about morals now?
BLue – He said especially because he’s a queer Muslim man he wants representation.
Cameron – I’m all about that but …
Blue – then he said you know there’s a lot of situations happening around the trans community all that being said. I want to keep him happy okay. ‘A’ because I like him a lot and ‘B’ he has a point and I want him to go as far as he can without affecting our..
Cameron – if the opportunity arises where the two of you are talking like tonight and he wants something like that (Queer alliance) have him approach Izzy so that it puts him in that room and then he can rope you into it.
Cameron – you are not just going into the room seeking something in there you are being invited. If we play our cards right whatever decision we make as the handful I can convince him to move in our direction.
Blue – he out of everyone in my protective bubble he’s the one I want to protect as long as I can.

Matt joins them.

3:30 am Reilly, America and Jag
Reilly it telling them about Kirsten trying to form a girls alliance saying that the guys have formed a guys alliance.

Reilly – worst case scenario veto competition happens and this is Kirsten’s dream competition she blows it out of the water takes herself off. Who is my replacement nom.. I thin who is the odd ball? Luke.
Reilly – I trust him as far as I can throw him.
America – it wouldn’t cause any ripples at all.
Reilly – He just talks to Matt, hangs out in the have not room and sleeps on cheese. Another thing that is unrelated to his game play. He kinda .. He rubs me the wrong way. after that very first comp the wall hanging one. He looked at me right after and said. yeah I looked at you and thought no way am I losing against her.
Reilly – that is so f***ing rude.. He talks to me like I’m a weak duckling

4:00 am Zzzzz

5:06 am Red, Cirie and Izzy
Cirie – I would love to mess around with you I would love to.. It’s early but I see stuff happening and I want to be behind the 8 ball.
Cirie – it’s way past early for me I want to play with you
Izzy – I think legit things are happening around the house
Red says he’s a people person no matter where they all see him at his best interest is them three.
Cirie – same
Red – Promise
They fist pump
Cirie – same

They go over people.
Red – I really like Cameron
Cirie – I love Hisam he’s a solid person
Red – that’s six (Bowie, Izzy, Cerie, Hisam, Red, Felcia)
Cirie – I feel great about that group too.
Red warns them about Bowie says she “wants to play hard” down the line that could be dangerous.

Red – we need to be thinking of a name
Cerie – I don’t need a thousand check ins a day. you’re solid I’m solid.

(The night crew goes to bed at 4am the morning crew wakes up at 5am)

6:13 am

6:40 pm Fun feeds .. chit chat..

7:08 pm chit chat
Red about his time in the army.
Red – I broke my hip in a training exercise.. That is what started me travelling because it broke me down as a person because I was made to be a soldier. I was too good at it. I was decorated in my platoon.. I had the highest PT scores.
Felicia – right after you got in
Red – Shortly after.. just out of training.
Red – they offered me 80% I denied it because I wanted to come back and I took 10% (I guess he’s meaning some sort of disability pay)
Felicia and Cirie tell him he should file a claim and get the 80% it will take a year plus but will be paid in the end. Cirie says her husband was a marine.
Red says it was right after training he didn’t feel entitled to it.
Felicia – you broke you hip that is a life time injury. That is your entitlement that you let sitting on the table.
red – being raised because we were kinda poor my old man was always.. you work for what you get you don’t accept nothing so far as a handout because that is what builds your character when you have hard times that is what makes you appreciate the good times.
Felicia – now you are 37 go get your money stop playing
mecole – you got kids go do it
Felicia – do it all online.. I filled my application on line in 1 day it took 13 months.. I’m siting at 90 and I’m working on 100
Red – I got free medical
Felicia – I don’t care about medical I want my disabilities

7:20 pm feeds cut. (waking up the rest of the house)

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Hi everyone, I live in Canada and i can’t seem to find BB25 on Pluto TV. Is it only available on Pluto TV US?



Do you have Paramount plus?


yes unfort you need a VPN


“Less conspicuous to meet “…Lol. He apparently doesn’t know the expression “The walls have ears”. There seems to be many groups forming with a mole in each one


I wonder when Reilly will come out of her honeymoon phase of everything and everyone being so solid and having everyone’s back? Side alliances are always in the game… she has one with Jag for final 2!
Sooooo….. how’s that having everyone’s back Reilly?
Hearing her talk to everyone is mind numbing, sounds rehearsed word for word.
She’s gonna break down soon, no one can be that happy all the time.

And omg… why in heck does everyone keep saying “I really like Izzy”. She’s a manipulative, toxic, annoying, calculated and deceptive clown. Ok, maybe not all of that, but I just cannot stand her !!!!!


When Hisam and Cirie were in the gym talking about covid, when patients would talk to family/doctors on tablets/phones, when he said to the patient while holding the tablet “your doctor is in the phone”, was he telling this to Cirie as he’s still the “nurses aide”, or did he tell her he’s a doctor. ?


Felicia collecting 90% disability yet doing Big Brother comps with NO problem. Just shows how broken our SSI is and how pathetic people are like her that take advantage of it.


She lost them all **** . She’s not exactly a comp beast. Do you even know why she’s on disability or are you just itching for a reason to say “welfare queen” when you talk about her from now on?


I agree! How did she make it on the show? Do they need a token disabled person to show that they don’t discriminate? Sign me up. I’m bedridden, but why not? No really, don’t the houseguests have to pass a physical or something?
Grod forbid she gets hurt during a challenge. She’ll sue the show, the network, and everyone else she can. She admitted her disability and should be disqualified. JMO…


The system takes advantage of us every single day of our adult life, about right some are savy enough to get back at it the little where they can.