Cirie “I was ready to beat someone up! I did not plan on fighting on day 3!!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots:  Jared, Corey, Hisam

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Reilly used her HOH to denominate Corey and Jared. Kristen and Felicia are on the bloc. Kirsten is the target.

7:59pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia, Cirie, Red and Blue are chatting. Izzy comes in and heads straight for the dresser. Cirie to Izzy – what do you think about buys vs girls vote next week? Izzy looks at them and says – I’ll engage in a minute. I’m okay. Felicia – no you’re not, what’s wrong? Izzy – no, no I’m okay. Cirie – what happened that quickly? What happened? What’s wrong? Izzy – no, no I’m just having a moment. Cirie hugs her and asks what happened?! Izzy – its not about this… well its about this .. you know. Cirie – its going to be alright. Izzy – I am just missing normalcy, missing like feeling in control of perception and.. I feel supported. I say that so truthfully. I miss my (girlfriend), my parents and I was just getting this rush of feeling really guilty about not thinking about home at all today. Cirie – they want you to do that. Izzy – I know. I struggle with feeling guilty about doing this .. and now we’re here .. we’re doing this. And now its like holy sh*t I don’t know. I am tired. I am f**king tired. And maybe this will be a surprise but I am a crier. They laugh. Cirie – I was ready to beat someone up! I did not plan on fighting on day 3!!

8:20pm – 9:10pm Comic bedroom – Cirie, Red and Izzy.
Cirie – when it is really going to (blow up)… is when the eviction happens. Izzy – oh for sure. Red – I don’t know if you have noticed but I have a fairly large personality.. but I think it might put me in the crosshairs. Well this guy can do this and do that so I don’t want to over achieve on comps. Izzy and Cirie agree. Red – I need to limit risk or my threat. Izzy – We know who hangs out upstairs.. and I think let them think that they’re the only comp beasts in the house. Let them think that amongst themselves for now. Red – absolutely. Izzy – but also for me.. if I get picked .. in my position.. if I get picked I am going to go hard because I think it would help me at this point to win something or come close and show that I am not what I.. I think that would be good and I think that would scare them. I don’t want it but if I do I am going to try. Izzy – I have been hearing that Reilly, Matt, Luke, Jared, Jag, and Blue have been working together. Blue is who scares me. Blue pulled me today and I felt like it was genuine conversation .. but because Blue.. Kristen walks in and the conversation ends. Kirsten comments on how she maybe shouldn’t be in the comic bedroom. Cirie questions why. Izzy – talking about the comic book room.. that you don’t need any extra stuff. Cirie – what do you mean? Kirsten – hypothetically people shut me out because I was only talking to ya’ll. It wasn’t direct. Cirie – but you weren’t in here that much. If we want to put it on a gauge of a percentile.. from 100% range .. you might have been in here 25%. I’m a straight shooter.. What I think ..sister to sister.. what I think is a lot of information was shared from you with a lot of people because a lot of the things that you came in here and said that night.. this one said you said it. That one said you said it. You can’t… listen you can do whatever you want .. if you want to come into a room when you don’t know everybody and where they stand .. and who they messing with ..and say this, this, this and that. Its going to .. (blow up).. just like it did. You need to take that minute and breathe .. before you panic take that minute and breathe and then start over again tomorrow.

9:45pm Comic room – Felicia, Cirie, Izzy and Meme
Izzy – when Bowie comes in here are we saying we’re aligned? Felicia – We’re the bye bye b!tches! Cirie – I love it! What?! What?! Felicia – today. Cirie – wow! Bowie and Red join them and the conversation ends.

9:55pm Bathroom – Jag and America
Jag – I am sitting there with Blue and we’re telling her (Kristen) you’ve still got the veto. We’re just talking to her because obviously her spirits are down and it still sucks. America – yeah, you want to cheer her up. Jag – we’re talking and I’m there fully and she is just like yeah I just want to see like girls. And I am like mouth bleeding on her. America – she did not! Jag – no she fully did. I am sitting there and I’m just like why are you mentioning girls right now. She was like for me I am a people person and I am like trying to work with the girls. And I am just like ..yeah.. I’m going to go. Is this a conversation I should not be in?! America – no she talks and she doesn’t think about it.. she talks before she thinks about it. Jag sits on the couch and jokes – I’m camouflaged.. don’t move a muscle!

10:12pm – 10:55pm HOH room – Reilly, Matt, Cameron, Blue and Jag.
Reilly – night one.. we are a very multifaceted well oiled machine if you take a look around the room. We’re at the point right now where we need to solidify numbers and a core.. Reilly sees Cory walking by the HOH room and goes out to say goodnight. Reilly – I think you’re awesome and you deserve to be here. I mean what I say. I want to take care of you. Cory – you ripped the Bandaid off in it the best possible way that you could. Reilly comments on how she wants to win the veto and keep noms the same. I want to bag it and tag it. Reilly then heads back into the HOH room. Reilly – Things are going to start heating up. This is going to be a game about disaster prevention more than anything. Twists are going to be thrown. We need to make sure this core group has each others backs no matter what. And what we talk about does not leave this room. And no being obvious. Cameron – I know that you (Matt) and you Jag and I have a solid relationship with Jared. Yes, I love that guy. Reilly – The beauty of this is that we all have eyes and ears.. Matt interrupts – well I have the eyes. Jag jokes and points to Reilly – you a$$hole. Matt – you’re done! You’re done! Reilly – we are the “The Handful” .. we are the five. Jag – are we officially calling ourselves the handful? Blue – there are five of us and the scary room had hands all over it. Cameron – we’re the five.. anything else is protective bubble wrap. They talk about how America is solid and how they like her. They discus going to America, Cory and Jared individually to pull them in as the plus 1’s of The Handful.

11:35pm – 11:55pm HOH room – Matt, Reilly and Cameron.
Cameron brings up how each of them have a person. We all know of the 17 people here there is one person that sticks out and just doesn’t jive. And that is clearly who the target is. Its Kirsten. If Kirsten was out of the picture… like f**king threw her hands up in the air and walked out the door today and had to be replaced today.. there is only one other person that I get weird f**king vibes from when we’re just talking .. and you know who it is. Reilly – Luke. Cameron – its Luke. When we are talking he is continuously vague in what he talks about.. Reilly – he is a f**king doctor and I know it. Cameron – I know he is a F**king doctor. Reilly – he is not an artist. Cameron – something is not right. Reilly – the medical terminology he uses. Reilly – did you hear him today .. he was like did you hear the word that there are doctors and lawyers in here? He said that. Reilly – when you’re alone with him do you get the sense that something is missing? Matt – kind of.. I can just tell we’re just bros. We don’t talk game. He is older but playing the frat vibe. Reilly – he tries to play super dumb. What’s a backdoor? What’s a blindside? Its so obvious he is playing dumb.

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I despise Izzy so much… I’m getting major BBCAN7 Kyra vibes from her


I’m getting BB23 US – Britini D’Angelo over eager cringy overly loud & crying vibes from her. Also, I’m neurodivergent and an ally, so it’s not that — she just gives me the ick.


I thought that the minute I saw her intro. Can not stomach her. The BS she feeds Cirie and she seems to believe. If her lips are moving, she’s lying. She spins everything she talks about with everyone.

un autre nom

Random thoughts:
I’m determined to judge Cirie as I would any other houseguest. that doesn’t mean i don’t know her tv past, that doesn’t mean I don’t see the hand of Grod stuff; it means i don’t feel like starfuqing and losing objectivity. If I slip, call me out for it, because I’ll deserve it. Thanks.

Byebye bitches is the name of the core 4 Cirie, Felicia, Meme and Izzy. Apparently Bowie will be informed she’s with them later. if that raises no red flag, that’s on BJ.

Reilly absorbs and feeds off of the person she talks to… after an hour with Cameron, it’s raging HOHitis. So much so that Blue and Jag are concerned about their connection to Reilly.

Kirsten. so Izzy and Felecia have been making Kirsten a greyhound speedbump since Jared 1/2 truthed to mom about going off script day one, putting it all on Kirsten (it’s what initially made me think that’s a possible Achilles heel to family in the house). For her part, Kirsten pulling the whole showmance triangle with the HOH gossip to multiple houseguests before de-nom ceremony? Um, yeah, she deserves to still be on the block for that stupidity alone.

Izzy’s crying was NOT about family. It was fear. Fear that the finger she thought she had on the pulse was actually a finger up her nose after Kirsten laid out the house dynamic and it didn’t match Izzy’s mastermind vision of house dynamic. Izzy has spent the rest of the day repeating her kirsten is a chaos agent mantra to dispel that fear. What this tells me? Izzy on the block is going to need a double shot of Audrey ‘vitamins’ and a blanket.

Red… um…. for a guy currently at Azah level lack of involvement in the game… where is he coming up with the idea he’s mancandy and kirsten got a sweet tooth?? That was Paloma level simulation talk… whoa.

Luke… doofus. not dr. doofus. just doofus. recruit doofus. grimace.

Dear Cirie, just putting this out there….no Matt is not sitting back and listening in on your convos… although he very well could be reading lips. little cringey to say the deaf guy is listening in my books. just sayin. let it slide the first 2 times… third time you get called out for cringe factor. do better. If she doesn’t know, that’s a hole in her game, if she does that’s cringe.

Blue asked Cory why bb picked him to go to the nethers. feed cut. sideye. mmhmm. who didn’t think it was fishy when Luke was only doing the comp with one hand? eyeroll.


OMGosh, un autre nom! YES! [Raises her hand] So fishy!

“who didn’t think it was fishy when Luke was only doing the comp with one hand? eyeroll.”

The camera guy was all over it. Showing that hand grip and let go…then just hover over that hand hold. I was like, what the heck? Hmmmmm so early to see such obvious production direction.

Just like trying to get rid of Corey because he clocked Jared so quickly? Why are they not talking about that?

un autre nom

Last minute of episode, Cirie’s intro. I’m 99 that Kisten saw Cirie, looked at Jared and said “that’s your mom”… it’s why I think word of Grod was to jedi mindfuq the cast saying there is no family resemblence. Production note meeting pre-feed. We know they do production note meetings thanks to 21 and 24 cast mentioning production note meetings on feeds.
Cirie has said Kirsten is a threat because Cirie thinks she knows. She’s said the same about Cory. It’s why i’m raised eyebrow about this seeming blindness in the house.
It’s not adding up.


You pulled my thoughts right out of my head on everything you just said. On the Luke one hand thing, I kept saying that while watching. None of them looked to be struggling to hang on, that was downright ridiculous.

Aunt Fester

Izzy won’t stop talking. She is such a negative nelly. Got her nose in everything. It no wonder most people are avoiding her.Wouldn’t mind seeing her go home first if someone on the block comes off.

Aunt Fester

Anyone one else thinks it’s odd that Cirie doesn’t appear in the rankings? After all she is #17 but only rank the 16.


It will take me a considerable amount of time to recode the ranking system to go from 16 to 17,18 etc. I’m waiting for either someone to leave or for the final houseguest count (there were rumours of 18). Season looks like it’ll be 17 so I’ll add Cirie on Thursday.


I get that, Brother Simon. HATE re-coding. Blech. Let some people drop out before you have to go through those shenanigans!


Omg… can Izzy crawl any further up Ciries butt? I swear she follows that woman around like a lost puppy. She’s pathetic.
GO HOME !!!!