Kirsten – “I have to get all the way in game mode I mean Spartan mode”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam, Blue

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation

7:40 am Jag and Jared
Jag is telling him about the 8 person alliance.
Blue joins them.
Jag – I just told him about the 8 .. I don’t know when we will be able to meet I don’t want it to be super obvious.
Jag – we got to be solid man..
Jared – you got to be locked in
Jared – it’s going to be really hard to get that many people together at once.
Jag – I almost think other than once to have that moment I don’t think ever should be.
Blue – We communicate like small and play a round of telephone.
Blue and Jag point out that nobody on the other side of the house see them all as a group. “It’s perfect”
Blue – we need to keep it that way especially for us because no matter what Reilly , Luke and Matt will look together because they are always hanging out. If we can keep this under wraps it will benefit us the most.

8:02 am Blue and Jag
Blue is giving him a rundown of her conversation with Hasmin late last night. (See this post for details)
BLue – he said he wanted to be part of something bigger than us that is worth fighting for
Blue – he was like as a gay Muslim man it’s hard for us to find representation a lot of us are still hiding.. I was thinking DAMN B1tch your going to make this morally wrong for me.
Blue – Ok ok I was like totally understandably
Blue says Hisam pointed out to her he’s seeing a lot of the white hetero people grouping up together. “Reilly, Luke, Matt, Corey, Cameron and then I was like Ok”
Blue – I was like.. listen to be super honest with you I am trying to get on Reilly’s good side like Matt is like a golden retriever. He was like Yeah yeah yeah I really like Reilly too.
Blue – he’s really sussed out with Corey. Him and Izzy both. I was trying to get a feel of the Comic book people. He didn’t name any names of people in that room.

Jag – we’re going to have to be very careful with our alliance on this side because once we start voting it’ll be a split vote like it’ll look hella obvious.
Jag – if it’s like me, you and America with Izzy and Hisam all three of us can’t be voting against that part yet again..
Blue – we need to navigate very carefully
They agree it’s better to boot America out of their Hisam/Izzy side alliance and bring in Reilly.
Blue – America hasn’t talked to Hisam.. Reilly is the better option.

Blue – Do we try to convince Izzy and Hisam that Corey is not a threat?
Jag – then it shows our cards.. WE got to defend the 8 but first the core.
Blue – Hisam is so good at competition I think he’s going to be a comp beast. I’m all for protecting Hisam as much as I can as far as I can.
Blue – I will be advocating for Hisam until the very end.
Jag – it’s good to have people on the outside. They can take shots we can’t take.

8:05 pm Jared and Izzy
Jared fills her in on the 8 person alliance he was just told about. Reilly, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, America, Cameron, Jared.
Jared – I will work from inside there
Jared – they didn’t bring in Luke, Red, Hasim and Meme.. there’s still numbers on that side.
Izzy – we talked to Red and he seems game. for the time being I am trusting Red.
Both say they don’t trust Corey. Jared brings up that Jag and Blue seem to trust him he’s good with the other side.

Izzy – ultimately us three are the core (Cirie, Jared and Izzy)
Izzy – I feel like in my heart a badass getting to final three and still not telling the world I don’t f**uing know. I want to go home and every houseguest be like Izzy knew the whole time.

(First rule of stunt casting is to make sure you cast enough people enamored by the stunt cast to protect the stunt cast.)

9:30 am feeds on pound puppies

9:43 pm Blue, Jag and Reilly
Blue fille Reilly’s plan on building a 5 person alliance with Hisam, Izzy, Jag, Reilly and her.
Jared joins them.
Jag – I told him about the 8.. We’re locked. All 8 know about it.
Jared – we got it.
Reilly – solid well oiled machine we protect each other over everything else. Agreed?
Jared – 100 percent
Blue – I came up with the name family style

Blue, Reilly and Jag do the family style dance.
Jared – that’s the jist of the season family stuff..
Jared leaves..

Bowie joins them
Blue says if she wins veto she’ll keep the nominations the same.
Reilly – I have one target right now I just want to get it done. I want Noms to stay the same. I mean it. I want Felicia here.
Bowie – She’s cool yeah.. the other is a bit of a troublemaker.
Bowie – she was saying to me yesterday I’m only nominated because I am in this room as in she was coming into the comic room. Cirie told her no you are nominated because you are going to people talking all the time.
Bowie – we had enough. She’s planting seeds everywhere.
Bowie – she told me yesterday that you guaranteed her she would get pulled down.. none of us believe that.
Reilly – she’s scrambling right now.. no reason to stir the pot
Bowie – Just enjoy it..

Izzy joins them.
Reilly – she is a guaranteed

10:18 am Kristen and Blue (Hard to hear Kristen doesn’t have her mic on)
Blue – I wonder what the veto comps is going to be. The only thing you can do is compete hard.

10:22 am Kirsten and Cory
Kirsten – I wish I could wrap my head around what is possible could be.
Cory – you walk out and it’s the work out machines again
Kirsten – I would just lay down and die at that moment.. 100 percent.
Kirsten – honestly. I’m thinking about it. I think when I get out and I see it I’ll know. Right now I can’t wrap my head around 100 Percent what it’s going to be. I’m just know when I get there I have to get all the way in game mode I mean Spartan mode .. like

10:30 am Blue and Cory
Cory – I got to talk to Izzy. I’m trying to buddy up with red. here’s the thing about red he’ll win some competitions. If Felicia comes down and wins 3 HOH. amazing I am so down it’ll be the best season ever but I don’t feel as concerned about becoming best friends with Felicia because like it’ll have to be a certain type of competition.
Cory – right now out of the people outside of Family Style I don’t know what Luke would do but I don’t think Luke will do me.
Blue – My wild cards are luke and red. He’s really nice but when it comes to saving my ass I don’t know.
Cory – he went to highschool 10 minutes from mine. I almost feel like it’s a oversight in casting.
Cory – Red, he’s one where.. I’m trying to be genuine and use that genuineness to form relationships. Red is just someone with so much life experience and I don’t so I’ve been trying to have the mentor/mentee kinda thing going. I just don’t know how many active conversations he has. That room f**Ing scares me.. the comic room.
Blue – yeah
Cory – you know there is nothing to do but talk. If he wins HOH I mean like it’s weird I think most people don’t think it’ll be then but then you start thinking who would it be.

Blue brings up her conversation with Hisam last night.
Blue – him and I were talking part of my safety bubble is him and Izzy and I feel like I’ve been planting pretty good seeds. I feel really good with both of them. We’re all part of the queer community we have that connection. What sorta bites me in the ass now when we were talking about it he was like.. umm.. I really want to talk to you and Izzy.
Blue – I knew he wanted to work with me I didn’t know to what extent.

BLue – he said I see an alliance happening. he’s like it’s the typical alliance that Big Brother always has. it’s the Reilly, Matt, ..
Cory – yeah all the jocks like Cory
Blue – you know Cory that big mother f***er
Cory – my conversations with him have been bizarre. They just been strange. Night one he comes up to me and like aggressive .. like YO YOU AND I we got this shit we’re running it.
Cory – then I talk to him later after Reilly won HOH and I was hey man I really appreciate coming up to me.. He was not giving me f**ing anything. It was very transparent. he’s another one of those guys he’s going to win a lot of competitions. I have no doubt. Smart guy to.
Blue – I’m going to butter him up.

10:39 am shotguns
Reilly – I just need a bigger whole for the mouth


10:40 am Save Kirsten

10:43 am Reilly tells Cirie her replacement nomination will be Luke.

11:03 am Reilly tells Cirie and Kristen the fans of Big Brothers are RUTHLESS

11:27am – 12:07pm Just chit chat on the feeds.


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Is it just me or does Jared’s facial expressions during his current talk with Cameron basically say “How much more BS do I have to spew and listen to with this guy!”


It seems as if Jared does NOT have the poker face, or the subtlety, that his Mom is so well known for. She can school her features and look as if she’s interested and caring whilst people are whinging on, crying, or just blathering. THAT is a talent.
Sadly, I do not have that talent.


Sorry for all of my posts… the last thing I want to be is like Izzy …… ANNOYING. I have tooooo much free time I’m not used to. So sorry everyone !!


Love a house split in the middle, if it wasn’t for Cirie.

Jag, Blue & Reilly would run the house till the end just like Level 6 did on BB20. They can do it still, but for now the older people have built a resistance.

un autre nom

Things of note I failed to mention:
Kirsten told Cirie all the stuff she was saying that has Kirsten waist deep in the outhouse… was ALL from Jared.
The bbbitches know about the 8 and know Luke is renom.
Every quartet in the older alliance thinks they are the core with Cirie and Izzy.
The olders all have a touch of resentment that they aren’t on the in with the mass 8… to me the comic room has been trying to hold court from their bedroom… and don’t like that they weren’t sought out. It’s incredibly obvious that they are a unit… so much so that they don’t reeeeaaallly do one on one, they do group on one convos much of the time.

personal feeling we’ll have to wait and see on:
Cory doesn’t want to be in a group with Jared.
Blue? she’s going to see a shift in Hisam now that Hisam has heard Blue is in the young 8. He doesn’t really do hidden thoughts well imo.
If they bounce Kirsten, Cirie and Jared lose their scapegoat for info seepage.
It’s week one. part of me sees overlapping fives being the case unless production is pushing tribal style contest because it’s more Cirie wheelhouse.

built in excuse for deflecting large alliance membership if nailed: you’re sitting in a room and a bunch people say hey, we’re an alliance week one… do you say no, or yeah man, whatev and play along, then go about your business when you leave the room.
Surprised that doesn’t happen / get used more in regard to week one alliancing explanations.

The biggest snafu so far is the inclusion of Jared in the young 8.
The biggest snafu on the older side? creating an alliance that has close to 50% baggage to carry. Someone’s going to have to pack mule Izzy, Cirie and Felicia in about 40 percent of usual bbus HOH comps and even more % in vetoes. Jared seems to suck at puzzles. Some seasons have LOTS of puzzle vetoes.

Why is Luke not wanted? the sexist HOH comments mixed with the arrogant frat boy personna and the knows nothing about the game dealeo. He didn’t know Cory was a nom.

Noting the everyone trying to align like cookout style? Thank Blue for informing us prodo gave everyone season 23 and told them they must watch it as a guide before watching any other seasons. They used to do that with 16.
feed cut when she said it.