“In Some ways the best thing that can happen is Nat doesn’t use the veto”

Natalie did not use the Power of Veto the Nominations stay the same.

9:23pm Tom and Kato
(These two are pretty exhausting.. they’ve gone through all the scenarios for about an hour.. )
Talking about them winning HOH back to back..
Tom – it looked like he fell for real
Kato – Ricky? That’s what I’m saying..
T – I don’t know if he was bluffing when he kicked that ball. It didn’t go through the hoop.. I don’t think he’s the biggest threat
T – these games are not just about being an athlete.. It’s about analyzing the game..
T – I think also because we’ve been on Television more than anyone in the house you’re sorta like a little bit more aware of how this all works..
K – you’re right
T – I think we might win these games a lot
T – My thinking.. OK.. We should probably get Joey out of here anyways.. He’s probably the best player other than us Including Natalie and LOLO (lol)
T – I could have beat Natalie yesterday.. I held back.. I’m not saying I through it..
K – your kick goes in you win
T – I was going slow… I didn’t concentrate.. I was thinking about maybe losing.. I’m not saying I threw it winning would have been good.. I’m just saying I didn’t try hard/
T – Once Kandi and Joey were out it was within our team
T – we need to talk to LOLO and Natalie today.. I just want to see if that’s what they thought of on their own before we suggest it..
T – If they thought on their own not to use the veto than RICKY told them.
Tom mentions that the veto ceremony is today

Tom adds if they tell them they are not going to use the veto Kato and him will agree.
Tom – Because I don’t trust them anymore (after not using the veto) I want to start through you and me together start sending some false information to Ricky Through them.
Tom – I felt really bad Ricky was really supportive in the contest yesterday.. Ahh I think I misread him I really like Ricky.. I’m going to do bench presses with Ricky..
Tom – I’m going to get WAY into Ricky mode .. be super nice to him
Kato – I don’t trust him still but I’m playing .. the exact same way as your brain..
T – we’ll send those message back will be lies.. I don’t trust him (ricky)
T – What’s going to happen is we will leave JOey on the block.. We have the veto ceremony and then at that point there is a greater than 50% chance someone stands up says they got the power and they are going to take someone off the block.. Could even be Joey with the power..
T – The safe thing to do is put Dina on the block.
T – Let’s just for fun talk about Defcon 5 .. I can’t control myself crazy tom option..
T – In a scenario where we really do think LOLO and Natalie double crossed us and working with Ricky to pick us off and all that stuff.. What would be the most insane thing to do If Joey came off and it was just Kandi there
Kato – put up me
T – that’s too insane..
T – put up LOLO and she would get voted out.. And there would be no natalie and lolo. Ricky would have Natalie..
Tom clears up LOLO is crazy to put up Ricky is a step below that.
Tom – LOLO has yelled at everyone in the house.. She will get voted out
Kato – that’s too crazy..
In the event LOLO leaves they will be tight and Ricky/Natalie will have “a confused” alliance.
T – everyone else in the house likes us
T – Joey doesn’t like RIcky or the girls..
T – We walk across the hall start an alliance with everyone else and we Knock out Ricky and Natalie over the next 2 weeks..
T – we’re left with Dina, Tamar, Joey and Kandi
Tom says if Tamar has the power she will use it on Kandi
T – If we decide we are leaning that we don’t trust LOLO/Natalie that would be the move..

T – if we decide we really do trust them.. The move is to put up Dina
Kato – I still have trust in them.
T – the safer option is to put up Ricky if someone uses it.. Say Joey.. (Joey uses power)

Tom – if we don’t trust them at a certain point we need to make a move this may be our last chance.. (to take a shot at lo/Nat)
T – next week Ricky, Natalie or LOLO have the HOH and we’re on the block saying sh1t.. We should have just picked Ricky off we could have put LO on the block.. They double crossed us..
T – I don’t want to put Tamar up.. In Some ways the best thing that could happen is we don’t use the veto
T – in some ways the best thing that can happen is nat doesn’t use the veto , Joey and Kandi stay on the block. They don’t have the power nobody uses the power and Joey goes home
T – that means I only put 2 people on the block I have less blood on my hands.. Kandi actually kinda likes us..
Kato – If Tamar has the power she’ll use it on Kandi right there
Tom – then I have to put someone on the block have another person mad at me.
Kato – if she doesn’t use it on Kandi.. Maybe she wants to get rid of Kandi she doesn’t have to tell anyone she has the power.

Tom is thinking the veto ceremony might be today. Around 10:10am
Tom starts wondering if the nominations are Joey and Dina they send Joey out
Tom explains why he doesn’t want Tamar on teh block. – the main reason she is the smallest threat in teh house why do we want her mad at us.. someone who is no threat..



2:10pm Natalie and Tamar
Natalie says it will be “really crazy” if “Homeboy” had the power (Tom/Kato?))
Nat – this game is making people nuts including myself..
Nat – why haven’t they wanted to talk to me

Nat mentions how kato came up to her and said they need to talk a but that’s it.

Nat – what if one of them has the power .. they can’t turn that on me and nominate me because I’ve won the Power of Veto
Tamar – we don’t know what it is (power)
Tamar – don’t worry about it do what you are going to do
Nat – I’m not going to use it. What For?
Nat – there’s no benefit to using it. Do you know what I’m saying
Nat – the only reason why I would use the veto is if you and lolo were on the block
Tamar – 1000 percent
Nat – this move to me does not make any sense.. this move to use is
Nat says using the veto “weakens our side”

Feeds were down for the Power of Veto Ceremony. Natalie didn’t use it.

4:57pm Ricky, Tom and Kato
Ricky’s telling them he thought the veto was going to be use so they could put Tamar up. Thought the plan was to flush out Tamar’s power. Tom and Kato are saying the girls are acting weird now
R – if we’re going to be a group we have to get on the same page and I thought the plan was veto somebody and put Tamar up.. to get the power out..
Kato says Natalie had “3 or 4” opportunities to talk to him today
R – did you make an effort to talk to them
Kato – yesterday we said talk to us about the plan..
R – todayu
Kato – yes we always make an effort..
Ricky – whats the plan (now)
T – it’s a curve ball.. I don’t want to accuse any one maybe that is what they thought we wanted to do
T – they haven’t talked to us all day.. they’re avoiding us something is wrong (nat and LO)
K – what if the power saves one of the two
T – the power is variable to.

Tom says it was strange how Nat and LOLO didn’t talk to them today “I found the veto meeting strange.. they didn’t look at us.. maybe they’re nervous”
Ricky says the girls were telling him the same thing that you guys didn’t talk to them and they were unsure about the plan.
Tom says he did that out of respect because it was their power of veto
Ricky – but you’re the boss man..
T – I didn’t know the meeting was going to come so fast.
R – you gotta take charge to make sure we’re on the same page..

Tom says Natalie had the power of veto you would have think she would have told her team what she was going to do
R – but you’re the boss.. I think she was waiting.. anyways we have to figure out what to do next..

5:10pm HOH Ricky, Tom, Natalie, Kato
R – I want to make sure we’re all on the same page
Lo – thing got a little bit crazy with the power things shifted and I felt everyone was pointing fingers at everybody..
Nat – the only reason I chose to not use the power of veto today is becuase all of us were never on the same page what our next move was going to be.. AND who would I have saved.
R – It did seem kinda strange yesterday.. it seemed more fragmented
Lo – the whole house was crazy..
R – we got to stick together the alliance is sh1t if there’s not communication
Tom – Yeah
Nat – I thought I was going into Diary I didn’t know it was the time (Apparently the POV Meeting was sprung on them.. )
Lo – what are we doing whats the plan
Tom – what do you you guys want to do individually and collectively I would love to hear from everybody
R – I think we should vote Kandi out, Joey doesn’t have any Allies.. Tamar and Kandi might be tight
Lo – I forgot about that they are extremely tight
Natalie mentions it was Kato that told her Kandi said she should go.
Kato – No I said Kandi wanted to get rid of Dina..

Kato wants Joey gone saying he’s the one that can win competitions.
Ricky – but he’s got no numbers
LO says Kato did say he wanted to work with Joey next week
Kato – with us..
Ricky – we have to stick together
Tom points out it’s OK for them to change their minds they have 24 hours they could say lets get kandi out and in 12 hours decide NO.
Tom – Patience is a good thing in this game.. A great man told me that once.. The mooch .. 7 days ago.. things change fast in here.. one second you think one thing another you think something else..
They go on with Speculation about the power. Natalie tells them she thinks Dina has it.
LOLO says Joey has been reading a lot of “jobe”
LO – if you are a christian you know if you start reading jobe it’s not good..
LO points out Dina has been walking around like she’s got a “confidence boost”

5:33pm Kato and Rom
Kato – Liars
Tom – yeah like the academy award goes to.. all three of them. It was a real fun performance we just watched
Kato – those were the razzie dude..
Tom – yeah.. it’s like they all had their little story..
Kato – are we still the five.. are we..
Kato – Ricky’s a bad actor
Tom – yeah
K – it’s so bad does he know he’s so bad that he’s tripping up
T – Natalie is an OKay actor.. the coming in hot like that WHERE WERE YOU GUYS
K – they showed their cards with one thing to me.. I think Dina has it.. (Both Natalie and LOLO mentioned this)
K – I know they know she doesn’t have it..
Kato – they’re trying to out the people that may be on our side
T – maybe the best thing to do right now is end out alliance publicly
K – we have 24 hours to think about it..
T – I don’t know if we have 24 hours.. we need to use that time to make a NEW alliance.. (LOL)
T – we’ll want to do that within and hour.. WE could do a big EXPLOSIVE thing..
T – they do this thing on the show called.. Pots and pans
K – on this show
T – yeah.. every once and a while a guy grabs pots and pans .. and bang them..
Tom goes on to explain how the BB19 winner did it but fails to mentions it’s origin from the BB8 Winner Eval Dick..

6:30pm Cards and Speculation about the power

Natalie tells Tamar that Kato and Tom originally wanted to put Tamar on the block then they wanted to put Ricky up. They all thought Tamar has the power.

8:37pm It’s a wine party…

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Roll Tide

Tom and Keto are power hungry. They are the house bosses, do it our way or else.

You can't sit with us

This is a good season. It’s hard to even predict who could possibly win this game


I think they all had a crash course in the game and they are trying to have some type of game. It’s not super gameplay but it’s an honest effort and they are keeping me interested.


yeah everyone’s roughly at the same level. tom and kato are dangerously close to letting the power go to their head and while everyone else has made mistakes most of them aren’t irreversible ones …except for tamar, everyone is looking at her like a goat to take to the end.

Sir Loin of Beef


Blind Item #3
The producers of this reality show are allowing this former talk show host/reality star to self medicate and things are going from bad to worse as far as her mental state.


Guess Who?

Sir Loin of Beef

That site “Crazy Days and Nights” has some great “blinds” about the ugly underbelly of Hollywood, the entertainment industry and celebrity life. The comments are even better! Glad you enjoy it Simon!


Since LOLO checked Tamar..she (tamar) has calmed down. (for her anyway)
I really think they upped the meds


It’s messy. Tom and kato planning. Sort of. It’s beyond understanding. They spoke to Joey…but I couldn’t make out what came out of that..except maybe it’s a 3some.
Dina is..in a word..drunk. Kato cannot get a word in..except to tell her that if she wants him to find a guy for her..she has to take off the cowboy hat or go on Farmers only. LOL.
Kandi in the room. Dina talking over her..and kato.
It’s just a mess.