“Imagine Cory just left then right afterwards Blue leaves.. Those are the two people that are the biggest threats” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: America and Blue are the planned nominations. Primary target is Blue, Secondary is America. Felicia possible renoms.

9:30 am lights on, Houseguests slowly getting up.

10:32 am Cirie and Bowie talking about studying for mental competitions.
America joins them and they chit chat about showmances America/Cory and past showmances Rachel/Brendon

America says her and Cory were in the game room “Cuddling and whatever” when Cory said “I like like like you”
America – I was like Shutup don’t come at me with that childness stuff like we’re on the playground. He was like what do you want me to say. I said grow up. He said I love you.
Felicia is shocked.. “Ohh my god REALLY”
Cirie and Felicia give her a hug and they laugh.
America – I had been wanting to say it..
America say she told cory “I love you to”

11:22 am Felicia and Cirie
Cirie says Bowie is worried to.
Felicia – under normal circumstances she wouldn’t be in here.
Felicia – Jag is doing his thing and Matt isn’t hanging out with her she doesn’t have a connection with Blue and America. Now she ain’t got nobody but us.
Cirie – mmmmhmmmm
Felicia – When’s the last time she was hanging out with us sitting in the damn chair
Cirie – mmmmhmmmm
Cirie says Blue is in the kitchen because she’s worried
Cirie – Bowie Jane said Blue was chatting America up A LOT
Felicia – She is out there a little nervous
Cirie – mmmmhmmmm
Felicia says that Mat told her they are good.
Cirie – that is what he told me. he said.. I guess last night he stayed up with Jag for a little while. He said you’re good don’t worry about it.
Felicia – I can’t tell if it’s going to be Blue or Bowie Jane. I wish he would put up Blue and Bowie Jane and Leave America’s as$ alone.
Bowie joins them. Says Jag isn’t out of the diary room yet. Felicia comments that he’s been in there for over an hour.

12:05 pm Jag and Felicia
Felicia goes on about how she’s good at reading people and all along she thought Jag was Genuine (Felicia not calling him a snake anymore)
Felicia says she trusts Jag, “How do you see this playing out?”
Jag – this week is straightforward. She made it publically clear she’s coming after me. The question is who sits next to her. How are you feeling in terms of what do you think should happen.
Felicia – it’s a big toss up.
Jag – part of me.. I got so much blood on my hands last week for no reason I don’t want to get any more blood on my hands. I don’t want to put up anyone new. I’m clearly targeting one person so that leads you or Blue. For me we’ve had our conversations and I know you’ve sat as a pawn a lot. I don’t want you to keep doing the same thing.
Felicia pushes Bowie Jane to go up not Blue. Says if he puts Bowie up he won’t lose her trust but if he puts Blue up then he will.
Jag repeats he doesn’t want to get any more blood on his hands. He adds that he’s serious about the Matt,Jag,Cirie and Felicia final 4.
Jag – I don’t want you to be in any danger. I’m serious about working with you, I’m serious of the four.
Felicia – I am with you. Here is where I think our real connection is. If I left today I would feel like the BIG purpose. I really appreciate that I put a spiritual presence in the house (Good grief)
Felicia – THAT I believe was my real mission in here
Felicia bring sup Blue telling her that she’s not a religious person but “Seeing my higher faith” is what Blue liked.
Felicia – praying before we eat.. I don’t want to offend anybody because everybody is something.. If I connect with anybody in that way then I’ve done my job in here and that’s how I feel about you.
Felicia – even though out religions are different we’re still connected spiritually. There you go..
Jag encourages her says “I’m connected to you beyond game”
Felicia – thank you likewise.. You are playing a fantastic game.
Jag – you’re not going to touch the block. I’m not nominating you. what I ask from you now. If I don’t want any new blood on my hands Blue will go up. She will feel scared and nervous. Blue is not my target it’s obvious who my target is. Whoever is going next to America is not my target.

12:25 pm Bowie and Jag
Jag tells her she’s not going up and explains “not wanting to get more blood on my hands” angle he’s been saying. Tells her that Felicia wants Bowie to go up. He’s sure Blue will say the same thing.
Jag says if America wins the veto he’ll put up Felicia but will tell Blue he’s putting up Bowie Jane.
Jag says America winning veto isn’t all that bad they’ll have Felicia and Blue on the block it’ll be an easy excuse for them to evict Blue. He adds that the only person they don’t want to win Veto is Blue.
Jag – Ideally Blue is out this week that would be perfect. Imagine Cory just left then right afterwards Blue leaves.. Those are the two people that are the biggest threats to us making it to the end. Truly
Bowie – Yeah.. the others We can deal with.
Jag – yeah
Bowie – I have a better relationship with America than Blue so I can nurture that.
Jag – say America doesn’t trust me and comes after me and Matt next week FINE I would rather America competing in that competition than Blue
Jag – the only people that know Blue is the target is you and Matt
Bowie – Cirie has guessed it on her own.
Jag – I Don’t want to confirm that.

12:45 pm Cirie and Jag
They start with the same pleasantries as Felicia did. Jag sister’s wedding. Jag never got HOH basket last week because of the invisible HOH.. etc etc..
Jag tells her he’s not putting any more blood on his hands this week. Cirie and Matt are not going up, “America is for sure going up”. Says that leaves Blue and Felicia.
Cirie -for sure I know America is coming for you and Matt. Let us know if America is the biggest threat and she’s out of here. We’re rocking rocking rocking with you guys.
Jag says he’s thinking of putting Blue up he doesn’t think Felicia should be a pawn again
Cirie – Mmmmhmmm
Jag goes on about how he’s rocking with their four.

Jag – Blue has shown over and over that she’s a better competitor
Cirie – then America. I know
Jag – she’s done so well on every Veto she’s done better than America
Cirie – I don’t want you and Matt at risk in ANY WAY
Jag – if something happens and I have to beat Blue in a veto that’s a lot scarier than beating America.
Cirie – same that is what I was thinking
Jag – the goal ultimately is to get BLue out so Blue cannot win the veto (Ohh shit he told Cirie)
Jag – I will do whatever I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Cirie – I’ll will leave that part for you to bring everyone in on and when I leave this room America is the target.
They talk about how Jag will tell Blue she’s going up.

They hug it out. Cirie tells him he’s doing a great job. “I love you. you are doing good”
Jag is happy to get the love.

1:08 pm America and Jag
Starts off kinda awkward. Says she hopes he doesn’t think she’s the only one that would take a shot at Jag and Matt if they won HOH.
America offers to keep Matt and Jag safe during the double. “I would take you off.. lets say I win the veto.. during the double people will come after you guys that will eb the only opportunity to do it. If you guys are up and I win the veto I promise you guys I’ll use it on you”
America says if she doesn’t win HOH or Veto during the double she’ll be a vote for Jag. “if you are up next to Matt I feel like you will be the target. I will be that vote to keep you. You’ll only need two. I will try to convince people to keep you I will be your advocate to keep you”
Jag – it’ll look really SUSS if I don’t put you on the block.
Jag tells her he has to put her on the block everyone expects that but “you don’t have to be my target”
Jag – without blowing up my own game I will do everything in my power to make sure you are here.
Jag says he will throw the veto to her and hopes she wins it. He tells her she’s going up against Blue and is telling everyone she is the target, “They will think you are the target you will think you are the target I will say you are the target, BUT I want to be VERY clear you are not my target”
Jag – I will talk to Matt
America – if she wins I’m f***ed i’m going home against Cirie or Felicia that’s what sucks.
Jag points out he would rather it be him and America competing in the Veto against Blue than Him and Felicia.
Jag – you can stay this week. That is also based on me putting trust in you AGAIN (lol)

1:22 pm Cirie and Felicia
Cirie – I told you last night if BLUE go up. Blue is their target. you ain’t gotta be a rocket scientist to figure out
Cirie – it’s only been four days since that whole I’m sorry I put you up I was going to save you, I rock with you, we FAM FAM from day one now you are back on the block.
Cirie – Jag ain’t stupid
Felicia – who in here is going to give the three votes to America?
Cirie – I knew last night he he put up Blue he’s after Blue.
Felicia – Why?
Cirie – Blue damn well near beat his a$$ to the ground (In comps)
Cirie say jag doesn’t want anyone in the game that can beat him ion comps. That’s why he wants them in the game.
Felicia – that will be his downfall
Cirie -0 now start counting
Felicia – this room makes my head hurt
They start to count the junk in the room.

1:37 pm Matt and JAg
Jag give Matt the rundown of his conversations.
Jag cums it up “We’re going to lose Blue anyways.. ”

1:50 pm Jag and Blue
Jag tells her that America is the target. “there’s not bullshiting around that”
Jag – at this point I can’t trust her.
Jag says she’s going up as the pawn because he doesn’t want any more blood on his hands.
Blue says she’s really not upset “If I win veto and take myself down have you thought about who you will put up?”
Jag – yeah, umm, I’m thinking Bowie……..
Jag – here’s why.. I don’t know for sure so tell me where your thoughts are. Maybe Momma Fe.. I don’t know.. backtrack.. probably momma FE.. No new blood on my hands.
Jag clarifies. If she wins Veto then he’ll put up Momma Fe to get America out. If America wins veto then he’ll put up Bowie.
Jag says he doesn’t want Bowie gone, “Then next week America just MERCS me. I’m cooking her a$4 right after I cooked Cory’s.. you know what I mean” (Jeepers)
Blue says she wants America out then Bowie.
Jag – I agree that would be crazy.

Blue – you like.. Listen.. I had a hand in Cory going home. I want a f***Ing hand in America going home.
Jag – Absolutely
Blue – if it wasn’t HOH it was going to be Veto. If I’m sitting next to her on the block and she goes home.. F***** that’s POETIC justice. The end of the goddamn POEM so f*** yeah”

2:32 pm Jag and Matt
Jag telling him to go for the veto win and keep the noms the same.
They joke about an all girls alliance forming.
Jag – either America or Blue are leaving this week.

2:42 pm Blue, Cirie and Felicia
Blue going over her talk to Jag.
Blue – as long as you know we play our cards right, we just secured TOP five. so we’re hoping America goes Double eviction the only person that can not win is BOWIE.

2:48 pm Bowie, Jag and matt
Bowie says that Felicia, Cirie and Blue talking to her downstairs then coming up here and trying to get her ass up is “Dodgy… it’s just so dodgy”
Jag – at this point everyone is going to be dodgy. we’re in final 6 now. we’re making it all the way to the f***ing end. If we survive the double we are rocking.
Jag instructs Bowie to start getting close to the girls the last thing they want is her and him going up and Matt being the replacement
Jag – even if one week we have to pretend we’re not close.. F*** it that’s one week out of 16 .. make that sacrifice and we’re sitting in the final three together
In the likely event Felicia wins the veto. Jag says he’ll plead with Felicia to not use the veto saying he doesn’t want to get any more blood on his hands.

3:00 pm Feeds cut to pount. America and Blue going up.

4:25 pm Feeds return America and Blue on the block.

4:52 pm it’s chill

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no. put matt and blue up on block.


Jag won’t have anyone to cuddle with though

no mo bro

Thanks for the update Simon. My brain can’t handle the feeds anymore.

These pictures make it look like Jag is very much loved.

Maybe I missed something. Maybe I should turn the feeds back on.



I feel like I should win Big Brother and all the money this year because production made such a boring, stupid, rigged mess of a show for me to watch….I mean, I gave it up weeks ago…ugh, so high school.

un autre nom

I’m still mystefied at how an alternate that’s gotten the ‘you’re next’ edit twice is still in the house.
‘you’re next’ edit is when the feeds show a houseguest played a role in the momentum of the week’s events, but episode edit removes that houseguest completely from their version of the week. It usually indicates a houseguest will be next evictee. It happens more in bbcan, but it’s been popping up more in bbus since 20.

So not putting Bowie up as pawn pisses Fe off?
Putting Blue up re-pisses Blue off.
Jag wants the America safety deal but also wants to put her up? sideye that’s not how that works.

Gan ainm

While Production tries to map out their manufactured logical projection of how they want the season to go,they run into the problem that logic is Jag’s kryptonite.Bad little minion.They set him up for invisibility to force a big move and still he bungled his way through it.

un autre nom

Go back to d/r leading Jag in terms of which alliance / side to run with.
He’s easily manipulated by prodo, but also by hg’s.
That makes him useful to social game players: gullible.
If i were casting to improve the chances of a social manipulator with realitystar cred…
the cast would be full of gullible types and starfuqers.
Look at the cast. That’s what they did.
What annoys me is individual time comp based comp beast. It’s what prodo did for Tyrant on bbcan11. Six or seven prodo decides comps does not a beast make.

Gan ainm

I was originally concerned Matt or Cory would carry Cirie to the finals but nope it’s Jag who keeps her off the block and moving forward to that win.

un autre nom

blue: about increasing her brand. attaching to a known brand (Cirie) does that.
matt: biggest starfuqer on cast. took a punishment thinking he’d get time with a soap actor turned show host. been chasing cirie like a white shadow to be close to the biggest star on site for more popularity.
Jag: no mind of his own. led by prodo and hgs alike.

This isn’t a coincidence. this is WHY they were cast.


good read on Matt, wannabe “superstar”


I quit watching feeds around week 5 and don’t stay awake for a Sunday episode… first time since watching g all those years ago. I don’t give a F*** who wins. Boring and obvious cast who can’t think or vote for themselves.


I wish they would go back to the good old days when you were not allowed to discuss whom you were voting for to other houseguests. Now it is always a whole house vote. So boring!

Felicia's eyebrows

So Jag (who was already voted out) gets to compete in back to back HOH’s and everyone here isn’t screaming “RIGGED!!” ?
Hmm, interesting.

un autre nom

Did people complain when Cam got to replay after the twist that saved Jag?
This season’s twist kept 3 evicted hg’s post evicition, and gave hoh’s replays.
If you say one should have been allowed, you’d have to accept all.
If you say Jag doesn’t deserve to win because he was voted out you also are admitting Cam didn’t deserve to win.

At this point, being a twist hater for 10 years, I can say without guilt at all, Jag’s replay and Cam’s replay were prodo bs. Same token, evicted hg’s should never get winner cred support. That means Cam. That 95 means Jag (the 5 being the twist actually manipulated the vote pre-vote, without the twist, Blue would have been evicted).


These second chance twists have ruined the game. And this season has had too many.


Taylor was only saved at the first eviction because of a twist that scrapped the first HOH for the first time ever. If you’re ever about to get evicted but are saved by some weird twist, then you’re just not that good. Why Taylor is the lowest winner. If a player *needs* a ridiculous twist to save themselves then it’s hard to call them one of the greatest players ever. And without any twists or Paloma going crazy. Taylor is first out, I can’t call someone who needs something so rare like that just to make it through the first week a great player. If you’re getting voted out week 1 and need a dumb twist (that the show has never donebefore) to save you that is also quite bad.

un autre nom

i’m not about to argue for or against season 24’s outcome on day 2 million of season 25. 24 is done, over and has been in the books for over a year.

Yes, I still compare how this season is running in comparison to bbcan11 as if 11 was a betatest for just how much prodomanipulation can exist in a season before viewers cock their head to the side and say something is weird.


It speaks to your point of how you shouldn’t be given winner credit given Taylor you’re going to be evicted week 1 but are saved live last second by some weird twist that scrapped the first HOH eviction for the first time ever, then you’re just not that good.

un autre nom

Please understand, I already assessed 24. I already waded through that vitriol soaked mine field of anger, hate, bias, and accusation that was the comment section for season 24.
I’m completely unwilling to engage about 24 because it’s done.
If someone asks me about who should have won 24 I want to know if they are asking me legitimately because they want my opinion, or if I’m being asked to support an agenda that isn’t openly being presented to me by the questioner.
I’m not saying that is what you are doing.
I’m saying I will kick and scream before I’ll willingly go back to reading replies that, for the same comment post, run the gamut of labelling me commie, hippie, racist and redneck… at the same time for the same comment due to the agenda of hate being tossed around.
I’m not doing that again about a season that’s been over for a year.


Everyone but Jag better do their best to evict Jag during the double eviction this week otherwise he’s got the best resume to present to the jury. Have the HG been talking about another double coming soon?

Gan ainm

Here’s hoping for a blue/Jag eviction on Thursday.


everyone is against Jag winning, but none of the rest deserve to win seriously

Team Taylor

Once again, I’m not opposed to Blue going out in the first part of Double Eviction.

But if she were to get Veto again, maybe Cirie works her magic to convince Jag to make Bowie the renom. Cirie gets Blue onboard to evict Bowie along with Felicia, which would take out a loyal ally for the Minutemen.

Then in part two of Double Eviction, it’s Matt vs the women for HOH. One of the women wins, Matt/Jag are the noms, Jag gets evicted unless he wins Veto (then Matt goes).

The game effectively flips again: the last man standing is a walking target the rest of the game, Blue and America can go after each other as second targets, Felicia is happy, and Cirie rises back to power again.


That’s pretty much it.

Game fan

blue is too supid tho. she would vote america out cause jag, who put her up twice, would tell her to.

Spot ON

“Jag – either America or Blue are leaving this week.”

Sounds like “JAG” is going to be blindsided by the double eviction this week.

Let’s Go Felicia

He’s nominated about everyone the last few weeks. You are right, if Matt doesn’t win, he’s gone! However, Matt would put up Jag before putting up Cerie…

It's me

I’m still sour that Cire never participated in the first day competitions when they all entered the house. She was already in the house. She was never picked for houseguest choice and I believe her chip was never in the bag. Someone had 2 chips in bag so they will not realize. I think they are told don’t put Cirie on the block.
Matt changed. What is he really doing?? Nothing!
I think CBS will have Cerie and Matt at final 2.

Let’s Go Felicia

She has so many fanboys and girls that it would be hard for her not to win at this point…even against Jag, who has done poorly when it comes to managing the jury…

Game fan

owie says that Felicia, Cirie and Blue talking to her downstairs then coming up here and trying to get her ass up is Dodgy. who do you want them to say? matt? you are saying their names as well. there is nobody left.

and why is blue always feels so good with jag PUTTING HER UP i can’t with her


Bowie has to be the most uninformed and immature HG ever. She’s talked about everyone behind their backs but gets upset if someone wants her to be a pawn. I find her extremely annoying and disrespectful. She lied about her age, claiming she’s 10 years younger. She acts like a 10 year old. Anyone but her for the win, although I don’t think anyone really played well. I hope production has noticed how much the fans have disliked this season.


You have to know that jag is destined to win big brother, cuz he us the first Sikh pajabi on big brother, like last year the 201 black women to win. That’s it I’m done no need to watch anymore.

Grodner’s Former Lover

I think that there is merit to this theory. These reality shows love having barrier breaking winners!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Since Bowie does not want to touch the block, why doesn’t Bowie really try her best to win the HOH competition.

I’m really over Bowie, she’s a snitch, a rat, a desperate person who wants so bad to feel she’s in with the in crowd. Bowie is a fool if she thinks she will ever replace Matt, only way that happens, Bowie better win HOH and try and get rid of Matt, Bowie still will not be Jag’s #2.

I’m over Bowie running back and telling Jag & Matt who’s talking with who, I can’t wait to see Bowie nominated, I want to she her ass up on the block, who the hell is she, she can’t ever touch the Block, same goes for Matt. Bowie and Matt have never been nominated !

Now for America, did she say she is a super fan? If she is, she really needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut. There was no need to tell Jag, don’t think she’s the only person that will come after him, and put him and Matt up. America talks too damn much.

Blue is really stupid if she thinks or believes America is the target this week, what a fool. I’m looking forward to the look on Blue’s face when Julie tells her she has been evicted.

It’s her own fault, Jag & Matt are not working with you, everyone can see that except for Blue. Blue is just as bad as Bowie when it comes to diarrhea of the Mouth, why can’t she see that Jag is still targeting her? Does she not think, if Jag wanted to show her, he’s really working wit her, he would have put Bowie up.

Blue would not be nominated 2 weeks in a row, unless she’s the real target. As Blue would say, Guuu–RL, Bro, Brah, you better wake up, Blue, YOU IN DANGER GiRL !!!!

Let’s Go Felicia

Am I the only one who wants Felicia to win? She’s grown on me. At first, I felt that she was out of her element due to the age gap, but she does a good job handling these younger people and find it to be funny how she treats them all like they are jokes!