Blue “I want to be a part of America leaving. I really need her out this week. Lets just have a flawless week.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: America and Blue are the planned nominations. Primary target is Blue, Secondary is America. Felicia possible renoms.

4:40Storage room – Jag and Bowie Jane
Bowie – I was just thinking .. this would actually work perfectly. Blue goes this week. Then even if we lose and you two (Matt/Jag) get put up, one of you wins veto. Felicia is going to put America up as the replacement. She is the only one that we need to worry about. Jag – yeah. Bowie – Or America would put Felicia up. Because I’ll be coming for America. Jag – yeah.

In the Comic Bedroom – Matt, Felicia, Cirie and America.
Felicia – VETO VETO VETO What is the veto going to be?? Matt – Hot dog eating contest! Felicia – oh lord! I won’t do good on that one. I hope its not that pie in the face thing. America – it won’t be, we already had our pie thing. Felicia – oh yeah yeah yeah we sure did. America – It was a cool competition but we already got pie’d. They start studying the days / events of the season.

Bedroom – Blue, Jag and Bowie.
Blue – Look at you (Jag) hanging out with the peasants. Jag – I am a peasant. I was born a peasant and I will die a peasant.

5:33pm – 5:45pm HOH Room – Blue and Matt.
Matt – so what to pick me for house guest choice. Blue laughs – absolutely. I was telling Jag because obviously he was telling me that he was putting me up .. like he was leaning towards putting me up so I feel good about it. I think it makes sense. I am not upset because if he said he was going to put someone else up I was going to ask him can I be house guest choice. Because I definitely want .. in the same way that I had a part in Cory leaving because I had a veto, I want to be a part of America leaving too. Like to be honest because with Cory me and him have always been going at it but like with America I feel like I have given her so many chances. So many times to be honest with me to just like work with me. Matt – for the entire season she’s played Cory’s game. Blue – literally! Matt – and she’s never worked with anyone else. Blue – exactly. And her and I are personally close, like we talk all the time. We hang out. She’s been there for me for a lot of stuff too. But its just like girl, we could have worked together and each time you picked your man. Each time you played his game. So I was going to ask him if I could be house guest choice. Matt – he’s like I could do you one better, I can guarantee it. Blue – I was thinking about it, I don’t want Felicia to be up again. Matt – even that I get that but between you and Felicia .. its like Blue your chance of winning .. not to be mean against Felicia but if there is going to be someone sitting out this veto hopefully its Felicia. There will be one person not playing. Blue – yeah and I really need her (America) out this week. Like honestly, I really need her out this week. And Jag and I talked about this .. we are so close! SO CLOSE! Even just being top five. Lets just have a flawless week. Flawless double eviction and see where it goes. Matt – yeah I can’t have America here for the double. Blue – yeah I know. Blue talks about how Bowie this far in the game still can’t pick a side and still doesn’t have an opinion. Matt – everyone just wants America out. Blue – because she is so dangerous BRO. Matt – she is just so random, she has nothing to lose. And who knows what Cory told her to do. I think she is playing dumb.

5:58pm – 6:08pm Bedroom – Bowie and America are studying the days / events of the season. America – So I am still holding out hope. It could go either way at the end of the week. Bowie – I think you should play it real careful. Be happy go lucky.. you know how that works somehow. America – I have to get primed up for veto tomorrow. And I don’t want to be too confident .. I won’t be to cocky or confident that I will have the votes at the end of the week. I just feel like I will be there on Thursday. I am going to try not to and win the veto tomorrow but at this point I really think that no one would want to use it on me and Blue which is okay. If you win, I totally understand if you don’t want to use it so Jag doesn’t have to put up someone and have that blood on his hands and piss off someone else. Bowie – its not dire straights that’s for sure. I think its fine. America – hopefully. I think it will be .. best case I am able to win and can pull myself off. If I do pull myself off I trust that he won’t put you or Matt up. Bowie – well hopefully not but I doubt it. America – The worst case scenario is that if she wins and takes herself off. At that point I would hope I have your vote and Matt’s vote. We’ll know after tomorrow and we’ll talk about it. Bowie – We’ll know after tomorrow. Its still doable.

6:18pm – 6:40pm HOH room – Jag and Blue.
Jag – at this point its like a lay up for real! Blue – yeah its written! And then we’ll all spend Halloween together! That’s so cute!! In our little costumes. Jag – I was thinking if the script f**ks us up … man I would be so mad! At this point I think of it as a shoe in. This week is like … we walk. Blue – yeah we walk. And then its free smoke and we can walk around like whatever. I would be so happy with any of us just going further. Jag – truthfully we have to win. She has to leave this week. I don’t want to seem like there is a second option because it f**ks me way worse. Blue – even if Bowie wins next week during a double eviction we would be okay. Jag – for me I need America to go because under an America HOH I go up next to Matt. Blue – whatever point I go whether its five, four, three, two, one… I would just be so happy that one of us represents BB25. Not an America… not a Bowie. Its get to be one of u. Jag – just one of us .. that would be wild. Na but we got to make it to the end.

7:07pm Kitchen – Cirie and Felicia are cooking dinner. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Jag is going through his HOH fridge to see what he got.

7:24pm – 8:27pm HOH room The house guests are having dinner in the HOH room. They eat / chat and head downs stairs to clean up.

8:35pm bedroom – Jag and America.
America – I am fine. Its sucks obviously. Yesterday was hard. I’m going to gun for it obviously. Tomorrow is just thinking about the veto. What will it be. How will I prepare for it. Jag – I don’t remember them doing a spelling veto. Have words ready if it is a spelling one but I don’t think it will be that. America – it can be maybe. Jag – slip n slid? America – I did talk to Bowie.. if I do get house guest choice I asked if I could pick her. I told her I understand if you want to keep noms the same. That’s fine, do what is best for you game but I would appreciate it if you do use it but we’ll have that conversation after and figure out how that works. Jag – do you have a second choice? America – I figure Blue will pick Matt so that’s all that’s left. Jag – if I get house guest choice first I’ll pick Matt. We got to win this veto. America – you’re telling me. Jag – we will.

9:40pm HOH room – Jag, Matt and Bowie.
Bowie – she (America) told me that she’s not going to put you up next week. Jag – she told you that she’s not going to put me up next week? Bowie – she said any of you. So I don’t know if she meant you to or.. Matt – she said she’ll put any of us? Jag – she told you? Bowie – yeah. If she wins HOH she is not going to put any of you. Oh and that she’s not a competition threat and if she is (HOH) she won’t put you up and she said she won’t go back on that. Matt – because she won’t be able to play the next game and then boom she’s out. Bowie – I get alone better with her than I do with Blue. Blue I don’t know where to go with her. Matt – Blue is more cutthroaty .. more fake. Bowie – see now that she’s on the block she hasn’t had that conversation with me. I just need to accept that we’re playing a game and I am not here to make friends. I am going to win the HOH next week. I really f**king want to win.

10pm – 10:25pm HOH room – Matt and Bowie.
Bowie – I hope Felicia is not playing. Maybe Blue will pick her. Matt – Blue said that she would pick me. Bowie – did she? Perfect! Matt – yeah I brought it up to her .. I was like ah pick me! And she was like you know I will. Bowie – and maybe Jag picks Cirie. If you’re taken? Oh no, he picks me. yeah. oh Jag is first. Matt – yeah Jag will pick me. Blue will pick you. Or me if I’m not called yet. America will pick you. If you’re not called yet. Bowie – we don’t want Felicia to be picked. I hope I get to play. Matt – I hope we all do, all of us. That’s what I am saying I hope it is just one of the Mama’s because it will be wasted because they probably won’t you know .. those comps they haven’t been doing good. I don’t mean that in a mean way .. its just we’re competitors and we’re going to be fighting for our lives for this veto… every comp moving forward we will be fighting for our lives. Bowie – yeah. Matt – Jag has 6 wins now. Bowie – yeah he is doing really well. They head downstairs to get ready for bed.

12am The house guests are sleeping..

6:40 am zzzzzzzz

Feel like leaving a TIP?
Simon & I could use some Kraken to survive the last few weeks listening to these jokers!
Any amount is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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Matthew schneider

Why would america want to work with you blue when you rat her out all the time i hate blue never like that piece of crap

Don't Shoot the Messenger

And she’s so stupid and delusional that she thinks America is lying when she’s telling the truth! Smh…


All I can say Blue! Blue! Blue! Girl! Girl! Girl! Bro! Bro! Bro! When are you going to wake up?

Felicia’s toxic fart

The perfect week will have Blew blindsided & gone


Blue thinks shes like the veto master now after her big win.

Hate this season

This season is HORRIBLE! Literally they have it set up for Cirie to win and I think that bullcrap! Cirie should not win at all! Production has really turned me against Big Brother by setting Cirie up to win. Any smart player would have sent her home weeks ago!


If Cirie makes it to final two the only reason she’d win is because the jury didn’t want the other guy to win. Plain and simple.
Cirie has done totally nothing during her BB stint; and I mean absolutely nothing — hanging around and chit chatting is her claim to fame (?).

Spot ON

“This season is HORRIBLE! ”

CONSTANTLY reading about how this season is “horrible” is just as NAUSEATING as reading about MATT saying: “Maybe the VETO comp will be slip n slide”.


Cirie is brilliant with her social game. You get to see her shit talk with Fe, Jarred, & Izzy… but they don’t. They all see Cirie as a harmless straight talking mom who can’t win a comp. Cirie will win or be in the top 3. Mostly because people are stupid and blind.
They have no idea that Matt is a bigger weasel than Cory and Jag is more disloyal than Cameron.


I hope the top2 afp vote getters are cam and cory.


I agree, and I have a feeling BB viewer votes will bear this out come finale night. Speaking of finale night can it please be NOW !


When you play among weasels (Cirie/Jared) become the best weasel; Matt. He’s planting seeds so Bowie will take him, not Jag, to final two.

Just The Truth

very true

Spot ON

“Bedroom – Blue, Jag and Bowie.
Blue – Look at you (Jag) hanging out with the peasants. Jag – I am a peasant. I was born a peasant and I will die a peasant”

1/. How come BLEW is not being called out here for calling others in the house “peasants”. She probably doesn’t even know the true meaning of the word. Nonetheless, in the context of the dialogue, it’s CLEARLY being used as a derogatory term.

2/ Kudos to JAG to have the COURAGE to stand up to BLEW’S deplorable rhetorical comment, and to stand UP for himself (for a change). Poor guy.


She was saying it in the sense, hoh is royalty,… everyone else, non-hoh, are peasants… harmless comment, and being a jag kiss ass

Big Brother Bathrobe Edition

Reality tv ate itself. Everything is now scripted. The diary room sessions are so forced. A winner is picked from the get go and the game is manipulated by these ridiculous “twists”. What the hell ever happened to throwing houseguests all in together and feeding them booze? Nothing is allowed to happen naturally anymore.


There was a time when it wasn’t?


Yes and no. If you go back and watch a reality show from its start to the current season you can see how it changes. The first seasons (like any reality show) are edited for content and maximum drama but there is an awkwardness to it. In later seasons production finds their footing a little more and I think tends to cater more to what the viewers/fans/sponsors want to see. I think a large part of BB’s problem is that nothing is done to keep it fresh and exciting. The cast is relatively the same (although finally they are diversifying more), the comps are the same and the twists/powers are really nothing new either. Past contestants have said that production says and does things to manipulate certain outcomes, no surprise but in later seasons they are becoming a little too obvious about it. BB has really just become stale, it really needs a complete overhaul to make it good again. Reality tv will never be completely real but if done right it can always be entertaining.

Another Dixie

I loved BB during the early years. It was so entertaining & actually a study in human behavior. It was interesting to see people of different ages & backgrounds, and races learn how to get along while still playing to be the last one there. Think back to the actual real BB stars. They were fascinating to watch their minds work & to see how they manipulated each other. It’s not that way anymore. Yes, we see them controlling each other but it’s mostly by ganging up on each other and intimidation. .


is it bad that i want america to go just so the top banner with the houseguests faces will be symmetrical?


Hey that’s as good a reason as any. In fact its the perfect reason for this season.


Now that’s funnier.


Now that’s funny.


Blue is a real hypocrite, when she was talking tonight and said that she tried over and over to work with America, but America kept picking her man over Blue. Blue did not spend a lot of time with anyone other than Jared, before he was evicted. What a two faced dumb ass!!

When Jared was in the house, Blue was glued to his hip, she was his doormat, he treated Blue like crap. When Cory won HOH during the double, he had to put Blue up with Jared, because everyone knew Blue would save Jared if she won veto, & she was not nominated.

Blue saying that she want to be a part of sending America out, Blue is very Jealous of America. America runs her mouth, but America is America, Blue is phony, fake, has issues with other women in the house, she’d rather to loyal to Jag, someone who keeps putting her ass on the block, Blue does not have a clue, America will watch Blue walk out the door if Blue doesn’t win the Veto.

Final comment, I almost fell out of my chair when I heard Matt say that America played Cory’s game, she never played for herself.

Is Matt really that dumb ? Does Matt think he’s playing his own game ? Matt is being carried every week by Jag. Name 1 thing Matt has done since he has been in the house, he won the veto, and he was told not to use it on Jared.

Reilly told Matt before she was evicted, to trust Cirie, Matt became Circe’s 2nd child in the house, he would run and tell her everything. Once Matt became Jag’s puppet, Matt now reports directly to Jag, but still shares intel with Cirie.

Come on Matt, you have not played your own game, Jag tells you what to do, how to vote, when to throw a comp, who to talk with to gather information and report back to Jag. Matt you have no game, you don’t make any decisions, you are playing in Jag’s Shadow.

Jag has Matt’s game in his hands. Matt will never do anything without Jag’s approval.

Not Jasons Holly

This is all true!

jeremy pivens

blue is so damn cocky thinking shes a pawn to help get america out, these houseguests are terrified of blindsides so im sure they’ll tell her shes leaving but her getting absolutely blindsided would be amazing. Purr her asss right out the door

Another Dixie

Imagine her face if she isn’t taken down after veto & America is. Even better, when she finally realizes she isn’t the pawn.

Game fan

even when she sits in jury she would tell everyone that prob
cirie felicia and bowie all betrayed matt and jag and that isnt their fault.
thats how dumb she is

Not Jasons Holly

That last sentence is hilarious!


Who put Bowie in charge she is telling Jag what to do and floats thru. Hasn’t done anything except what Jag told her to do with Cameron and sees no reason she should ever be put up. Hope her and Jag get put up on the double eviction and Blue goes also.

un autre nom

Wasn’t even Jag that really got it done with Bowie’s HOH. The group of Jag, Matt, Cory America all mentioning Cam, added to Cam pushing too hard for Cory by saying he wouldn’t trust her if she didn’t was 90% of the work. The last 10 was Jag spilling on Cam to give Bowie Vanessarousso type reasons.


All Bowie does is say “yeah,yeah,yeah”. I get so tired of hearing her agree with whatever is said to her instead of having a thought of her own.


Bowie’s relevance is shown by how little DR time she gets.

Another Dixie

Oh, poor delusional Matt. I was just listening to the feeds & he’s talking with Bowie. He told her that he & Jag are good at the comps. Does he realize that Jag is doing all the winning & he’s just floating along with him? If Jag is, hopefully, booted out at DE, poor Matt will learn just how good he is at comps.

Just The Truth

Oh Blue if you were only smart enough to try to keep Cory in the house. Anyone with a brain would know he would of remained the target if he were to stay. Now that he is gone, of course Jag and Matt will target Blue after showing how good she was at endurance comps. She has zero strategic mind for this game. Her time has come. Will not be missed as she is her own biggest fan and the most annoying person in the DR.


As much as I dislike Jag, he’s the only one playing the game. Matt is not worth the space he occupies. Blue is dumb AF. Jag can take anyone of them and will win.


Blue just shut up already

Meme's Muse

As BB fan, albeit a waning one after this way to long of a season season and,watching feeds, doing ” the whole nine yards,” etc. I have never seen anyone “play the game “quite like Bowie. She appears to be a solid competitor for physical comps , check, as a lawyer she has shown glimpses of knowing how to shut a conversation down, check .. She probably will make it to Final three with America and Cirie, check. But yet she appears to not want to win comps ( not that you need to win them all, you don’t) she doesn’t want to be a pawn( understandable) , wants to be included in a group, but not to put in the work to be a part of a team. Just nods, says yeah, and is quoted on feeds to never want to be HOH again so she wouldn’t have to make decisions. Is she playing the way the game is played in Australia? Is Bowie a puzzle or is this a strategy? Who can unlock the mystery of Bowie’s game?

un autre nom

I’m having premonitions.
My behavior is going to get more acidic shortly.
We’re at that time of the game where I really want game ownership out of houseguests.
It’s going to get REALLY frustrating.
I took most of the day being quiet (for me) because I could feel the sideyesheaddeskeyeroll building.
Apologies in advance for my near future ranting.
It’s gonna get ugly. grimace while shaking head.
Secretly smiling grinch pre-heart growth evil smile.


You are not wrong on your rants, no need to apologize!

BB Karma

Bowie is soooo irritating at this point, I hope Jag decides to blindside her instead but that won’t happen

East coast

Are there more people throwing comps (or attempting to, Bowie) this season than usual? It seemed like a strategy all season so far for Bowie, Cory, and America.


Ok blue. Here’s my idea of a flawless week. You out first, then Matt.

Backseat Driver

I NEVER thought I’d say this……if the finals are Cirie and Felicia…..I’m for a Felicia win!


It won’t happen as Jag is the only one capable of winning any comp not because he’s that good but because the others are terrible competitors Jag has just been lucky getting to where he has.He’s had it all land in his lap. Huge disappointment this year. I knew after Cam left that it would spiral down. Big Brother no more!