Big Brother Canada 8 – 1 Quit, 2 Expelled, 1 Evicted, 1 Wants to Quit

This season has turned into a mess. Last week Sheldon won Head of Household and Nominated Maddy along with Ri. Maddy won the veto and Sheldon put Minh-Ly up as a replacement. It’s obvious she is the target. Minh-Ly calls a house meeting where Jamar ‘threatens’ Kyle. Jamar is expelled from the house for this. Fans bombard production with examples of similar threats happening in the current season (By Kyle to Jamar) and past season not resulting in expulsions. While this happens Carol complains endlessly about quitting. Production cuts feeds for a day and expells Kyle. During the episode, it’s kept murky why both Jamar and Kyle were removed. The entire week’s worth of competitions is reset. The next head of household is played. It’s endurance and Sheldon wins.

9:30 pm Feeds are back the houseguests have booze and are enjoying a meal. Carol still wants to quit.
(Feeds were down for over 24 hours)

It’s Hira’s birthday .. they sing happy birthday.

10:40 pm Chris and Vanessa now with Kyle gone.

11:12 pm Vanessa and Chris
tipsy .. they agree to a final 2 “Beasting it”

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cancel the season

its all Kyles fault for Jamar threatening his life outside the game.


You’re clearly a victim of clown world


you and the people who up voted your post clearly cant see sarcasm even when its in ALL CAPS right in your face.

another name

Hey Carol…. there’s keto chocolate out here. Lots of it. Bring toilet paper.
Free Carol.

another name

Mistake. The women should not joke for even a moment that there is a women’s alliance called the she-devils. The first four gone are all male. One of the men is going to run with it as a reason why no man can ever put another man on the block for any reason all season. That was a foolish of them.


This is hilarious.

Woke Outrage Twitter Mob

If it wasn’t for Kyle Jamar wouldve never threatened his life. Kyle had to get thrown out also to make it fair


Just put Carol on the block and send her home next week. Why keep another player that wants to self-evict.

Just Sayin'

Can we all agree Carol is the absolute worst?? I’m sure her 8 social media followers disagree, but what a waste of BB space. When I was at the live auditions this year, you could tell they were only looking for people to bring in viewers at the start. I wish they would care more about the real fans and put more people like Brooke in there, people with more then 1 brain cell. We for sure need drama starters too but at least minh also plays the game hard lol


Did Kyle really try to get Sheldon to say the N word?

another name

As clarification on your question, the conversation you are asking about was a conversation between Kyle and Jamar and Sheldon in the have not room. I had thought it was in week two. I’m pretty sure there had to have been twitter video posts of the conversation. There’s twitter video posts for any sensitive topic discussed on feeds. Look for videos that have leaves and vines in their faces, because that was the day everyone realized the set designers screwed up when designing the have not room because people faces if they were standing were partially obscured by leaves and vines.

Peter Holeczek

I am overjoyed at seeing that arrogant gangsta wannabe get booted. Couldn’t stand him. Kyle getting booted isn’t gonna cause any sleeplessness nights either. I also find it interesting that minh gets on vanessa for being disloyal when minh was the one who outed vanessa after she confided in minh. She’s delusional but entertaining

another name

The oddness about the whole situation re: Vanessa. Why did she even try to put it on Brooke? Why not just say word on the street? That was always off to me.
In regard to Minh spilling. She spilled to Carol and Hira. Weren’t they (V and ML) suppposed to be in an alliance with Carol and the three were supposed to be trying to keep Hira close as of a hot tub conversation before Sheldon won HOH? At least as far as Minh knew? I thought that was their game plan: the three women share all info, and keep HIra close.
The other odd thing about the situation: why was Carol running to Sheldon? That was weird to me. She practically left a puff of smoke and a beep beep cartoon noise running to the HOH from the pantry. I’d have thought she’d run to Vanessa (her ride or die) or Chris (who she just joined an alliance with the day before). Odd.
When something doesn’t make sense by house social dynamic i get very confused.


I couldn’t agree more!! Jamar was a cocky idiot. I’m shocked at all the support Jamar is getting outside the house and of course now it’s all about racism bs (there’s a go-fund-me set up for him that’s at just about $5000) The man threatened to kill Kyle with a .45, how is that ok with everyone? Also after all these years of bb being on it still blows my mind how offended people get when they go on the block. The house guests are always saying “I’m the best player”, “I’m gonna win this game”, “ no one can beat me” but then as soon as they are on the block they say “that was a weak move” or “there’s bigger threats”. It’s friggin bb, someone has to go up and if it’s you suck it up and campaign to stay.

another name

He wasn’t on the block. He wanted Kyle on the block and Sheldon (he thought he and Sheldon were ride or die) didn’t do it.


So his feelings got hurt that his girlfriend was on the block and not Kyle(Jamar didn’t know about KVBS alliance)…you feel me…then he wants to be a gangster wanna be and threatens Kyle on live TV, production removes him…did Kyle “goat” him? Probably, but that’s part of the game, make a loose cannon lose his screws…but then there is “bad pr” because a person of colour got removed, and a “privileged white guy” didn’t, so for very ambiguous reasons they remove Kyle as well…None of that made the Show on TV, WHY? Because they are afraid of the optics…Jamar should have been removed, Kyle not…during the TV show they showed Minh-Ly publicly stating that her targets age Kyle and Vanessa, and I saw JL’s hand up, but it wasn’t showed what he said, but I’m guessing that it was along the lines of “The guy that got evicted last week said the same, but no body listen, so guess what you’re gone” On a side note, Minh-Ly was not a “weak” replacement Jamar, you’re just not in the look brother…

Guy From Canada

Watching the video click, what I heard was statements about muscles that don’t mean a thing against a 45. Are the clips still on YouTube?

hernanday oleary

In BB house people make threats all day long and say things that would normally be threats or not legal or civil violations ie “I’m going to punch him in the face if he wins”, “I’m going to choke her out if she doesn’t use the veto”, “I’m gonna kill you if you do that”. Last season we had a huge man threaten to “stomp a mud hole through her chest.” of a small girl (Jack Matthews). He was not expelled from the house. Probably a much more realistic threat than anything a tiny guy like Jamar could do to a big guy like Kyle. Kyle too had made threats, but the issue seems that BB only booted him after the double standard was pointed out. The racism claims aren’t BS. White guy threatens tiny black woman and it is all in good jest and no one is kicked out, tiny black guy threatens giant body builder white guy who has been making threats to other house guest all season long and is kicked out the house. BB only kicks out Kyle AFTER fans complain of double standard. Look either threats are allowed or they are not. Frankly, I don’t think anyone should have been kicked out.

Just Sayin'

I’m almost 100 percent sure Jamar has never even seen a gun, but still there are just some things you don’t say. Like you told someone muscles are nothing against a gun outside of the house, hahaha like are you dumb? You’re on live national TV lol he is clearly a complete moron

hernanday oleary

O, I agree, dumb statement, but if we banned everyone for making a dumb statement on BB,no one would be left.
It seems like a very odd double standard, we had huge death threats being made on BBCAN over the last several seasons of BB, many of them were making the rounds on twitter. There is a reason BB alum were not siding with BB on this. Jamar did make threats, but no worse than any other HGs made in previous seasons. It is just a clear double standard.


carol needs to leave. she seems like a nice person. but if she doesnt want to be there and is bringing a negative attitude, which views dont want to see, she needs to leave the house.

also so happy kyles gone. he was so rude. jams didn’t have to leave so im uber sad about that

Just saying

Was not everyone sad to see crazy chaos woman stay!! Not a jamar or Kyle fan but that was a lottttttttta work to keep the Ming

Crazy times end of the world

Instead of graying out their photos should do something else like a red x for those not voted out


Should right expelled or quit on those losers. Glad there both gone.


YUP — Vanessa just proposed a F2 to Chris! (Sue isn’t going to like this action)

another name

No way Chris tells Sue, if Chris finally has a chance to transform some blonde’s brains out.

Just a game

That would be a great final 2!


In the drunken game they played JL admitted Brooke would be his seven minutes in heaven choice, Sheldon took a while but eventually said if he had to pick it would be Maddy she’s growing on him.

Then as soon as BS are alone he tells her “I’m not attracted to her at all” – Hira walks out & says JL has a crush on you & Shel tells him Brooke told me she ruins (or maybe he said eats) guys like JL in real life.

another name

Hey TTOTambz,
What do you think happens to the over all dynamic of the house at this point?
I’m guessing:
Sheldon and Brooke don’t really trust Vanessa, but can’t be outed by her if they ditch her (VBS the fake trio). They’ll form a secondary group with JL and Hira perhaps (they only needed Hira gone to protect Kyle). They’ll forget the Maddie and Ri deal and promise if I read them right, but string them along a bit too. Brooke will spend another week as a growth attached to the hoh room.
Don’t need a crystal ball to know the moment Minh Ly left the bathroom with the evicters, they looked at each other and said “as if”. MInh is still a single taking up space at a table of four… and nursing her coffee.
Sue still has her recently formed final two called “bromance” with Chris, and Vanessa is swooping in for the kill. Sue will believe she’s the obvious choice to replace Kyle in the Brooke Sheldon circle. If she feels for a moment she isn’t: she’ll babysabs on them.
Angie is still a couch. Hira won’t talk game to Angie again until after veto.
Hira I guess goes back to disliking Chris the most? Or will he start to worry about how quickly men are leaving the game?
Carol is putting on her pity party for the rest of the season (If I were an optimist I would like to think it’s so that nobody uses her as a pawn and she can be dragged to the final three, but I’m tired of the bag packing. Just go). She’ll think she and Vanessa and Chris are the real deal.


Another interesting tidbit – when Sheldon was asked what he finds the most appealing in a female he said someone who is self aware.

Thirty minutes later Hira & BS are playing pool – everyone else is inside yelling for Brooke to come in & twerk with them & she responds – I don’t need to do that I have a “high level of self awareness”.


Regardless of liking or disliking a specific houseguest, of breaking the rules or not, what’s truly saddening to me is how lazy BB has gotten. They know they can do anything, feed the viewers (no longer will I talk of fans) whatever they want. No need to explain their decisions, be held accountable for anything they do or decide.
BB’s new motto seems to be: “Just. Eat. It. And STFU. Whatcha Gonna Do About It Anyway?
24 hours of feeds outage. Why? “we owe you no explanation!”
A HG has been expelled. Why? “we saw something we didn’t like. But you’ll never know what.” (We have a pretty good idea of what happened with Kyle, but BB didn’t even bother to go beyond a lawsuit-proof non-descript statement about “a pattern of behavior”. Could they be any more cryptic?)

The whole point of Big Brother is that it’s supposed to be non-scripted. On Big Brother, those who are tired of all these scripted shows get to see the live feeds, get to see the truth of what’s happening inside the house.
Sure, that creates some pressure for production. When they come up with alternate realities to create a BS storyline for their 40 minutes TV-Show, the Live Feed watchers roll their eyes and point out how production is making stuff up.
Instead of, oh, I don’t know, just show what’s actually happening in the house, production sees this problem as a reason to stop the live feeds. No more problem, since no viewer can compare BB’s statements about what BB says happened in the house with what they saw on the live feeds. So BB has become Survivor, where the edit has all the power, and we’ll never know what actually happened. Like Survivor, they’ll want to tape the entire show before airing the first episode, so they can “focus the show on the right story”, meaning create a storyline to mold the viewer’s opinion: A weak floater won the game? No problem! We’ll let them talk in the DR about being a secret mastermind. A great player got screwed over by production and lost? No problem! We’ll just show that player in a bad light so people don’t care. Easy.

This is no longer Big Brother.


What really set the tone was the first self evict. We were told that he had his reasons and be nice. I think this is being reflected tonight as the internet is an ugly place and BB is protecting their players. So I am sorry you don’t get a good explanation, but they are caring for the people they locked in there and not giving what ridiculous fans that take the show too seriously want.


“ridiculous fans that take the show too seriously”? Whoa. Dude, chill.
It would actually be “taking care of the people they locked in there” to put Jamar’s eviction into context by spelling out what Kyle did. They could have said they had to remove Jamar for crossing the line, BUT add that Kyle planned to provoke him to cross that line, then show how Kyle provoked him.
Right now, the situation is as follows: “Jamar got evicted because he threatened other HGs. A gun was mentioned”. For a 23 year old black guy, as Ika so eloquently explained, that’s very consequential for his future. “Oh, and, also, Kyle got evicted for an unspecified reason”.
You must be a massive Kyle fan to think “this situation” is “better for the HGs”. SMH.


THANK YOU. Fans can be ridiculously toxic.

The Other Doug

The original Big Brother concept was that the outside world (viewers) was able to watch the houseguests all the time. The idea was to see how they reacted under the pressure of knowing we were watching. That was the hook.

BBCan has decided that it’s hook will be that Production is always watching, and the viewers can watch too unless Production decides the players are doing something embarrassing or revealing. Then it’s *feeds cut*. Because that’s the bedrock of network television, keeping it filtered and family friendly. And that’s given them the freedom to say “we saw something we didn’t like but you’ll never know what it was, so just eat it and STFU“.

There’s no accountability and no defending of decisions because we were never supposed to see any of the “sensitive” stuff in the first place. We are not a partner in this show.

another name

It appears as though Vanessa and Minh are arch frenemies again? they are chatting and being nice. complimenting each other. Saying they are both alone and need to consider that. I’m pretty sure Vanessa thinks Minh will still be the target this week. So, this is the same old same old. Vanessa was the last woman standing in the hoh. She beat JL. They are sharing their concerns about Sheldon as a comp beast. I can see where this will go by tomorrow when Sheldon is having one on ones… or sheldon and brooke are having 2 on 1s. you know they will.
Maddie is telling Ri that Sheldon invited her to share the hoh bed. but her heart belongs to Michael (you have no idea how bad my gag reflex was typing that heart belongs to part). Not into the whole showmance thing. Never have been. Ever.
There is a conception in the house that Carol has asked to be put on the block and evicted.
Who wants to bet now that Carol will not get her wish? It still sounds to me like Minh is target. Sheldon has said d/r is pushing for Carol to stay and she said today she wants to stay ( unbeknownst to Sheldon after feeds returned she wanted to leave again).

Still unclear about have nots.
JL volunteered as per a conversation with Sheldon Brooke and crazyeyed yogurt nipples. There had been talk that Ri or Ness may be Have nots as wellll? Don’t quote me. That was pre Birthday party talk and I was too interested in who won HOH at that moment. At one point I thought Carol was a have not and rolled my eyes thinking she’ll be trying to sneak out by 4am.

To this point the she-devil joke has been made 3 times. Such a blunder. JL has brought up the 8 girls fact for the 4th time. HIra is mentioning to Maddie that an 8 woman alliance wouldn’t last a week. Maddie whole heartedly agrees. This joke has stirred a bit of panic in brotown. JL is really trying to push the women outnumber men thing. too much in front of Brooke (not like Brooke cares, her targets are usually women who remind her of meangirls from her childhood). As JL talks and I listen to his voice more I begin to realize that the sound of his voice is a big part of why he is my season NOPE. The sound makes my fingers talon as I type. Let’s remember his ride or die was Michael. Maddie and Ri were just sidechicks in that equation. I’m pretty sure all three evicters know it. Okay, Maddie might not know it. That’s not a dig. That’s an observation. Chill.

Vanessa and Minh started to discuss Kyle. and whether or not Jamar was part of the reason. Minh says she doesn’t have any facts but…. feed cuts. I’m not playing jigsaw to this conversation because frankly I don’t care enough. If it’s response to backlash and complaints and tweets with videos, response to season long comments, response to temper issues during feed blocks that were discussed after 3 feed outages week two, response to talking about using productionas a strategy, at this point, it’s not like we’re going to be told. This isn’t a Helen was pushed. Helen WAS pushed btw. This is just the way it is. We won’t know.

Goodnight houseguests has happened.
JL, and Susanne confirmed have nots. Brooke and Rianne are the other two.
Sheldon and Brooke wrestle her mic gets broken. Shel is taking Ri to wendy’s? Shel and Chris discuss Carol and a volunteer to backdoor MInh. (Chris plan. later to Brooke Sheldon says he’s almost rather just put the two straight up).
Sheldon and Chris plan to solidify the five tomorrow. OH God. Another Five.

another name

Couldn’t sleep damn i think it’s insomnia again thought:

Imagine being one of the alternates on this season? How many of them were screaming send me in coach after the self eviction week one?
They’d have to be sitting at home shaking their fist in the air that there has only been one actual eviction, and there’s STILL someone that wants to quit in the house. I still say it was a mistake to make the oldest also the plus size also the illness survivor also the lgbt representative. Any day now the feeds will cut for a minute while they do d/r calls to ask each of the guys if any of them will volunteer to put on full drag and talk about ‘d’ for a couple of weeks. A season can survive losing one or two of those 4 ‘niche’ castings before the special evictions… but not all of them. No wonder in week 3 two ‘alpha’ males are saying we have to keep Carol here another four weeks. they’re doing triple eviction math. By the way the cast is dwindling, by the time they get to week 7, they’ll probably be down to top 3…. with only two actual evictions. They’ll be choosing new room mates to bring back from jury instead of evicting. they won’t so much have a jury house as a jury secret room….

This season is turning into ‘What If the first five all quit when they announced the Canada’s HOH in season 2’. As a matter of interest, this season does smack me as having a what if they cast season 2 by the current american casting model vibe to me. Everyone is a little more oatmeal personality wise, but the general character models are in the environment. Just the boring versions.

A casting process overhaul should have been called for when they saw what happened on bb21.
As much as Canadian culture is influenced by American Media, The identities aren’t exactly the same. So casting according to the same archetype models feels a little bit off. It’s like watching a movie set in England where only one member of the cast is British, and the rest are Americans speaking with a pastiche fake British accent. You get what they’re aiming for, but it just doesn’t sound right. I’m usually optimistic about the cast of bbcan, until the promo videos come out. Then i say I wonder who they really will be in the house. and for so many it just goes further down hill because they were cast to fit a role type that doesn’t fit.

Club H.O.H

Man this season is Bonkers!!!! Not even BBUK was this nuts! And they had Bear & NY!
When they said two were gone I thought Carol left but when it was announced Kyle I screamed loud (sorry but for me that’s justice). Insane and it’s only week 4.

Just a game

Hira got a nice birthday gift with kyle expelling

Butt first

Hey guys, not a feed watcher myself but I come here for updates and to read comments. Anyone wanna outline some of Kyle’s “misconduct” over the last few weeks that got him evicted? Imho he deserved it but I just don’t pay enough attention to pin point what got him ejected. TIA!!


I’ll try to answer your question to the best of my ability with the knowledge that I have, but ultimately it’s speculation on my part. So, anyone disagreeing with me, feel free to do so, and add your thoughts, all the while puhleeease staying chill.
OK. So basically, I think thee real reason Kyle got evicted was the massive backlash BB got for evicting Jamar. Many viewers used social media to point out that what we saw of Jamar’s actions/”threats” after Minh’s House Meeting wasn’t that bad. Many HGs had done way worse in the past, with no consequence, or just a warning.

About the “pattern of problematic behavior by Kyle”, I think there are 3 possibilities:
1) he repeatedly talked about wanting to provoke Jamar to try and get him to blow up, and thereby expelled for “crossing the line”. We could see how he (successfully) goaded Jamar during the House Meeting by blowing him kisses, by egging him on, asking “oh yeah? and then what?” etc.
2) in their frustration over Jamar’s removal, some viewers pointed to a clip of Kyle telling JL that “on the outside, he could break Jamar in xx pieces”, and they called that a threat and also a reason for removal. Again, I disagree, especially since Jamar wasn’t even there to hear it.
3) Big Brother used a cryptic wording “pattern of problematic behavior” because they hope people will “insert their own reason” for why Kyle was removed since the real reason (screwing up on Jamar’s eviction and public pressure) is something they’ll never admit to.

Full disclosure: I couldn’t stand Kyle at all, but I don’t think any of the above qualifies for getting someone evicted from the game. This was a PR move by BB after the Jamar fiasco.

Butt first

Thanks Frenchie!! Backlash from the jams ejection was definitely my first thought as well but I was definitely curious about what other problematic behavior you feedsters could fester up. Do you remember pots and pans from that bbus season with Paul?! There was some messed up sh*t in that season and still BB never stepped in like this. It’s a shame.

Join the discussion…The very first week Ming was asking people to be a little quiet when entering the bedroom as maybe someone could be sleeping. This I thought was a little bitchy BUT then Kyle did a steroid freak on her. I said to my husband
this guy is volatile. Then this happens. Called it

At the end of a day

Maybe this matches society— 1 self evict (can’t handle it) 1 voted out (military) 2 (fired-can’t follow simple rules—do what they want they don’t care). They say it’s a game…..agree but it’s just a small picture of crazy town


I’m so happy Kyle also got the boot!

He was bound to be a pre-jury elimination anyways. I mean I doubt he could win the endurance comp that Sheldon won (will be interesting to see who got second place since they would have won had the week gone as usual and Sheldon was unable to win back to back HOH’s).

It is really sad that Sheldon retained his title as HOH because of course he will just do the same move.

Here’s to hoping Minh-Ly really is that witch bitch and gets pulled and wins anyways! 🙂


Pretty Sick that Jams gets a gofund me page and people are actually contributing! What a joke. He is probably a great person, but he came across as a punk. and thats all we can judge him on, and thats what people want to reward..Disgusting

6Jene Williams

This show sucked right from the get go!Lots of bullshit to hide the fact the show was weak! Will never watch bb Canada again,I would rather watch paint dry! Whole season sucked and they had to introduce b.s to get viewership, Global thanking God for covid19,it was less of a risk to your health than this shitty excuse for a show!!!!!!!