“I’m so freaking excited. I can’t believe it this hasn’t happened for a very very very long time”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Chrsitie
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder:
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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9:30 am

Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Only Holly isn’t

9:37 am
Nicole to Jackson – I can’t believe you pulled my chip this is a great moment

9:44 am
Nicole – I’m so freakin excited. I can’t believe it this hasn’t happened for a very very very long time
Nicole – how many vetos have we played? 9, I’ve played one.
Christie – this is week 10
Nicole – so I didn’t play in 9 vetos holy crap
Jess – you didn’t play in 8 vetos

9:52 am What’s really running the HOH.


10:10 am Studying the memory wall

10:36 am Chit chat killing time before Power ov Veto Competition.

10:37 am Holly and Christie
Holly going on about Jackson, “I gave him coffee and he ignored me. he hasn’t said a single word ”
Holly – I feel like I was cast to be in a showmance (ZOMG they forcing you to screw JAckson?)
Holly- I bring my own value and it pisses me off
Holly – I’m way out of my comfort zone.

11:00am Feeds down for Veto
12:23pm Feeds still down
1:40pm No feeds 4 you
2:50pm Still not back yet..

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I hope Nicole wins POV!

Club H.O.H

I hope she wins too and takes Jess off to make LEGOHead Jackhole get more blood on his hands. Man Beth is insecure!
P.S- Simon And Dawg need a raise and a bottle of kraken to keep up with the boring feeds! Haven’t been watching live but I read OBB to still get my BB fix haha.


Why do you call Holly “Beth”?


It’s a long running joke because at the beginning of the season, David called her Beth.
There are memes galore all over Twitter about it.

Your Common Sense

If it’s a Wyoming reference to Kevin Costner’s “Yellowstone” (character) daughter Beth? Ummm NOOO. Sooo much NO.


I have been scratching my head trying to figure out what Jacka$$ looks like and you hit the nail on the head with “LEGOHead”!

Sally B

Hey, seriously, anyway we can ship Kraken to Simon & Dawg from U.S.? That would be well, well earned! I’m serious. Can it be done?


Not me. I want Jess to win and pull herself down. Maybe then we could have an interesting week.

Dakota Barb

As much as I would like to see Nicole win a VETO, I hope Jess wins………….only so we can see Crystys A$$ walk out the door!!!




I can’t tell what Jackson looks at with more affection in the GIF: the photo, or the watermelons?


I figured we’d have to wait until next week to see Nicole in a veto. Hopefully she can win and do something that actually matters.


Yet if she takes Jess off than Cliff will go up 🙁


And Christie goes home !!

Just a game

Jackson can send cliff home (with holly and tommy), if Nicole did something to distrust her.


If Nicole goes to the end she will win it! They are all stupid letting her slide this long without earnings damn thing

An ornery mouse

Doesn’t matter….. Nicole and Holly vote Cliff to stay and Jackson breaks the tie — bye Christie.

Jackson has already broached the ‘Cliff as replacement pawn’ subject with Cliff. You could tell he wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but ultimately kinda went along to look like a team-player.

Roisin Dubh

Same plan for 4 weeks. How did it end up? Anyone that goes against Christie goes home.

An ornery mouse

It’s actually only happened twice in a row so far, but I get what you’re saying. I think the difference here would be that Jackson was not “working with” and had no deals with Sis or Nick, unlike Cliff.

If Cliff winds up on the block next to Christie this week and she somehow flips the vote on him to stay…… then screw it, I give up. I may just start pulling for her, because she’s obviously the thing that wouldn’t die.


Christie deserves to win,she fights to stay in and loves the game


It was Cliff that gave him the idea in the first place when he said he didn’t like offering himself up as a pawn, but if it comes to it, he’ll play his role in the foursome.


He volunteered.


She is such a floater. Does she have a clue how lucky she is that Cliff took her under his wing?


Holly’s upset because everyone just sees her as Jackson’s stress release. How’d did she think grabbing sloppy seconds in this house would look.


That’s what buzzards do. Get sloppy seconds!
Holly is playing this all wrong. Stop crying and make sure u give your self a way out. The girls want guys out and America may give u half a point for working to get out the douche or a guy like Tommy. Make your own statement with game instead of crying about a kid Holly! Holly didn’t even blink when she found out Jack was in a final 2 with Jackson n not her. (Best believe if u r not singing u r my final 2 and I am doing you, I would find a back up so I wouldn’t look like a used up hag)
Even Janelle n Erica were screwed n seduced by chill town n after comparing notes the girls joined forces. No both girls didnt get to the final but it ensured one of them did.
If Holly ever made it to the end, she wouldn’t be able to make a sound argument because shes too wishy washy n worried about her image instead of good game play

An ornery mouse

Newsflash Holly: You’re having sex on television with a D-bag! As a result, your image really isn’t all that stellar.

Now, I do give Holly a few points for not subjecting us to a detailed description of Jackson’s junk…. so she rates a bit higher than Sis on the notoriety-meter. But is that really saying much?


You reap what you soul, own it sister!

J e t s jets jets jets

Holly’s going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.
Hide the veto today?
I just moved yesterday so I’m limited to my watching time until Monday. So I’ll be counting on you guys, Simon and Dawg as always, to get me through.


PM or AM?


Did I miss a tiff between Holly and Jackson or is she just having a little panic attack about the reality of being on a reality show where cameras are on 24/7? It sure sounds like she is trying to clean up her image by blaming Jackson for her poor decision making.

another name

she started being annoyed while he was shotgunning beer last night and telling fratboy stories. They hashed it out around… 415am here… so about 115am bbtime. This morning the chill fell again. at one point she was calling him a pos. he ignored her this morning, and didn’t acknowledge she’d made coffee.
I’m sure they’ll all blame pms. eyeroll.

Summer Gowen

I’m thinking bb comics since taking so long


Omg Beth, give it a rest already.

She keeps proclaiming how much value she brings, but her constant complaining & incessant “woah is me” attention seeking drowns out any value that she may have.

Farris Fanik

Woe is me?


I didn’t even notice that spell check changed the spelling, lol.

another name

Holly: my values, my conservative values! Sure. snaked her best friend to get her man week one. started having sex with him the night he finally ditched the best friend (after he had sex with said friend the night before ditching her). Told the friend to deny they’d ever had sex… because feeds weren’t on (the first and only time she knows about). Continued having sex with him on camera for weeks once mounting him in a have not room display i still have nightmares about, and later with other people in the room… on camera. NOW her values have emerged? Now she says it was Day 23 before the buzzard got plucked in the melon patch by the square peg? What’s next: does she deny they ever had sex at all? Nobody likes a revisionist painted strumpet that fakes Magdalenic redemption. Waah… all I’ll be known for is being a showmance. And being Memaw the buzzard. Don’t forget that. And your ass consuming every piece of clothing you cover it with. There’s always that. And four hours of makeup for a five second d/r comment. Good times.

Nicole got picked for veto? wait. Nicole. got picked for veto? once more. Nicole. got. picked. for. veto. So are they setting birds and clowns and puppets loose in the house for the veto? Hug a creepy clown and catch a bird you win veto.

Why Jackson’s dumb. If they keep Jessica: Cliff and Nicole have an out to flip if there is a new HOH. Cliff can tell you the difference between the smell of every HOH’s ass since week two, because his nose has been up in all of them. Where’s the lie?
If they keep Christie: oh chile… that final four is already flushed down the toilet, and better bet your last watermelon that your other final four is being outed if she stays.

Argument: Let’s say Cliff wins veto. saves Jessica. who does Jackson put up? TIMMY. Who would Cliff want evicted? TIMMY. Cliff fears Tommy’s game more than Christie’s game. NOT a great argument. AN argument.


Good argument another name, but we know Cliff would never be so bold to do that, especially after Jackson said Jess is his target. He would be so pissed at Cliff to have to put up Tommy as a replacement! Cliff would likely blow up his game if he did this, but it sure would make for good TV tho!

Just a game

Nicole will be on the block in that case.
Maybe even as a target, cuz cliff went against the alliance.
It won’t happen though.

Cliff's a wuss

If Cliff wins HOH he opts not to use it so he can “respect the HOH”. As you eloquently stated, he has been up every HOHs butt. In fact he has wedging himself so far up each HOHs butt, the only thing you can see is Cliff’s shoelaces hanging out the HOHs backside.

another name

As I said. AN arguement. Not a GOOD argument. I was busy Jozeaing Scenarios. LOL.


Lol! I enjoyed reading that. I do hate Holly’s Pollyanna routine. I definitely wouldn’t call having sex in front of tv cameras conservatism. It’s called porn!

BTW, is Nicole playing in veto comp??


I also suspect he’s very conservative considering his hat had an American flag blacked out (by production.) Their hypocrisy is sickening and that’s why Holly keeps talking about how valuable she is. She picked a child and now she’s mad that he behaves like one. He does get a positive cut on TV just like Nick with his sexual comments.

Franks fumes

That’s the design of the hat I’ve seen them a lot lately….


I timed it – Jessica said “like” 20 times in two minutes – how can someone not be aware they are saying the same word Over and over again. I hope her husband likes the word “like”


Like I’m like 38.

Living 4 Parentheses

YES. She is exasperating. Now that she fears she’s leaving, she has been crying to Christie what we’ve all been forced to realize as we bellow WTH at the screen daily: “I’ve been waiting to work with you THE WHOLE GAME.” ?!?! I can’t wait to see it when she gets smacked in her “Is-my-makeup-mussed-with-BB rain-or tears of hope to align with Christie” FACE with the fact that Christie could not care less about her! MEANWHILE, the TRUE friend she threw under the bus is right now worrying about how she’s going to make it home when the show ends; she doesn’t know if CBS helps them get back home: poor sweet, naïve Nicole.

Franks fumes

Jess’s husband doesn’t “like “ it either I bet.


The caption under picture of the watermelons:

9:52 am “What’s really running the HOH.”


Are you suggesting that melon head’s addiction to watermelons is giving him superpowers to dominate in competitions?


Are you suggesting watermelons are more interesting/entertaining and probably have better gameplay than this boring/lame cast?


Is it just an example of how much Production is going out of their way to appease the obnoxious douche head?

Seriously, has TPTB ever been this accommodating to a single house guest? I know he’s HOH now but they have kept him supplied all summer!!

Final Note: I absolutely love watermelons but it’s not chocolate. WTF? (Hmm…watermelon dipped in chocolate!)

Please, pretty pease

Maybe this is old news but, yesterday I was looking at some youtube videos & discovered that Michie’s mom had threatened CBS with a lawsuit because she didn’t like how he was being portrayed. Maybe she scared them. They are really bending over backwards to make him look good.

Franks fumes

Jackjaws Dad is a lawyer I believe.


What does TPTB mean??? I have seen that several times this summer but can’t figure it out.


The Powers That Be. I think.


Thank you CujoWasHere for answering that for me.


I’m not a fan of Jessica (or any other cast member actually). However, I hope she wins it just to maybe get Christie out.


Are you watching


(ZOMG they forcing you to screw JAckson?)

WHO AM I KIDDING? I cant with this entire CAST!


Can someone tell me why Holly is called Beth?


When david came back in the house for camp comeback after being exiled he called her Beth. She was so unimportant he didn’t even know her name.


AH, that’s f’in hilarious. thank you for solving my mystery…

BB Casting Call

It’s what David thought her name was.


David forgot her name and called her Beth


What’s the deal with the no have nots? They did what, two half assed weeks of it this summer? This summer has been so lack luster that production isn’t even trying. Hopefully they wrap it up sooner than later and fire whoever is in charge of casting.


I’m guessing they just opted to not do it after the whole Jackson cheating and eating with productions help.

another name

The deal for have nots: after Jackson broke the rules of Have nots repeatedly and noticeably, and there was outcry of goldenchild cheating, they ran it for one more week. Public discussion ran the gamut from penalty to sympathy for an eating disorder we have no verification of other than his word (the guy that admitted on feeds to lying on his medical records submission about his medications usage and current health status later says eating disorder and everyone believed without verification which sidebar I found odd). When Jackson’s cheating became public knowledge in the house, there was a short feed blockage. I assume there was a house / production meeting wherein it was decided to scrap have nots for the season.


I fiquered it was something like that. If he lied then they should have sent him packing.

Franks Ex-Girlefried

I miss the old days when there was a food competition and they had to collectively win the food they would eat. Am I remembering that right?

another name

yup. i think that ended by season 6 though.


I miss have not! Made people hangry which may or may not have affected the game. What they did was replace that with whactivity!
Appropriately named because they did absolutely nothing for the game and were all super whack

Roisin Dubh

Jess has to win. Period. Anyone else will not use the veto.


What I find so utterly ridiculous is that no one seems to see through anyone’s bs on this season. Kat and David both did but there wasn’t any other logical people who knew how to play the game the right now which is why this season has just been horrendous for the most part. There was 5 or so people who were so unjustifiably arrogant and made such blatant moves and somehow nobody else grouped together. Christie is playing the slimiest game and it’s so aggravating to see her play victim and act as though she really thinks the universe would forever be on her side. She is the walking example of what the universe would probably disregard if there was such a decision to be made. Please let her go home. The cast at this point is coming across as strangely likeable for the first time all season. Weird stuff.


Agreed. Nicole saw it too and tried to warn people twice and got her a$$ handed to her for it but somehow managed to hang in there

SD Bird

Could Holly & Jackson be staging a fight?
They had discussed it . . . & maybe went too far now? Holly is going to resent Jackson’s attention to Nicole. Can you imagine Christy fueling that convo? Christy is side-eying Nicole, ready to pounce whenever someone takes a shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Jess.

Nicole – Keep thinking about The Lord of the Flies. You can outthink these self-absorbed, attention seeking Sound Bytes.

Jess’s ‘Truths’ come from conversations she has with herself. One of them is lying.
Jess needs to go & LIKE entertain the Jury. Take a moment to imagine that.


Totally staged!

Amy N

Wasn’t there a time in BB history when the folks didn’t know what to wear in the POV competition so they ran scrambling putting on whatever they thought it was? Same with the HOH Comp? If you dressed in the wrong clothes oh well! Unless you had to wear one of Big Brother’s outfits. I was just recalling when there actually was an element of surprise in the game…or there seemed to be. Anyway I hope Nicole wins this Veto comp for what it’s worth.

Backseat Driver

I had high hopes for Holly at day #1……she seemed smart, self-assured…..etc. and then she hooks up with Mr. Whatever-Your-Damn-Name-Is…….and over the course of the summer all the fire is gone from her. Sad……


Honestly I couldn’t tell Holly, and Sis apart until Sis became a chicken. I just always saw girl with long brown hair in the back. Oh wait there are two them! Who knew BB21 had gotten new HGs when she, Holly had won HOH?


So I’m starting to think Holly should win HOH again, backdoor Jackson & win Big Brother ?? Holly/Nicole/Christie final 3, a girl can wish!!

another name

i think their recent fighting is an attempt by tptb to stage a breach so that during the double, people won’t think to put them both on the block together. but that’s just my lame opinion.




Somewhere along the line I must’ve missed this. Who (or what) is Spencer?

another name

I think Spencer is some invisible prankster/ghost member of the cast they made up a week or two ago.

Sally B

Player from previous BB. Ummmm, wasn’t he one of many of Nicole’s bed-buddies? She had so many, I can’t remember.

another name

Notes from home to camp:

Dear Beth,
that’s not his coat tails you’ve been riding for a month to get further in the game. Don’t come home until the rash clears up.
Your neighbor,
because your father shot the tv with the state gun.

Dear Christie,
watching you chew makes every lesbian cross her legs in horror, like a man seeing another man get kicked in the groin. On loop.
Tommy’s Aunt.

Dear Jackson,
Your aunt Grod tells me everything is going fiiiiine.

Dear Cliff,
This is your final warning Cease and Desist Notification: One more before the wife joke and i’m going to be telling before the divorce jokes.

Dear Tommy,
Take your time. Show’s cancelled. I see they added attention to your broadway nickname.
Your former agent.

Dear Nicole,
picture of a tree and a butterfly. And a bunch of clowns and birds to remind her she once locked them in the basement.
Cordially, your family. NO really, where are the keys to the basement?

Jessica’s letter did not arrive before last call for mail out service to camp.

J e t s jets jets jets

That may actually be the funniest rant yet.

another name

Probably close to the last one for today. The buzzing isn’t as bad as it was before, so I’m not quite as full of vinegar. This one was more playful boredom than rant.


I have to say,as you know, I have not liked Christie since day one, never cared for Sis or Jess (no real gameplay), and Holly has just been ugh (now thinking she doesn’t deserve to be called the BB s**t next to Sis)…yeh you do. But one the past few weeks that surprised me with a dislike for him is Cliff. Already disliked Jack and Jackson. But I have had it up to here —-^^^—- with Cliffs constant “that is..before the wife”. That is so damn condescending! Hey Cliff! The only time a wife takes a husbands balls is if he hands them over gladly, then all the men friends can honestly call him “pussy whipped”! Done ranting. THanks Simon & Dawg

Just me

I don’t know what good it would do for Nicole to win this veto. Jackson will tell her not to use it.

Just me

Seriously??? Tommy won POV?? What a mess. If he’s smart, he won’t take Christie off.


Smashed up watermelons! Tommy won! Break every single watermelon in the BB house! F! It all it’s too much! Seriously WTF?!!

PUZZLES AND DRAGONS farming on my iPad and Android tablets I guess. Geez.

Your Common Sense

Gotta admit… Christie’s method for studying the memory wall is brilliant. She has definitely seen morph comps before. I always appreciate good strategy and give credit where credit is due.


I may be wrong but I thought I read that Nicole came up with the cereal box and was studying then controlling Christie came up and took it from her.

Monica Fletcher

These people are so closed-minded, they cant see further than the next comp. It amazes me that it has not donned on them that this week is perfect to start busting up the couples. They should take out christie and next weeks nominees are easy, Tommy and jess. Jackson can get Tommy to not use the veto and they could take their shot. Doesn’t matter if Tommy gets mad cause he will have no one so he will have to suk up to someone which means they would still have control over him to get Jess out.