Big Brother 21 – “Hide The Veto” Competition Results!

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Chrsitie
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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Power of Veto WINNER: TOMMY
Tommy plans to use it on Christie. Jackson plans to put up Cliff.

Veto Hiding spots:
Jess’s was under her bed.
Christie’s was under the bathroom carpet.
Tommy’s was in the target room’s circle bed mattress.
Jackson’s was under the wood in the living room.

11pm – 4:42pm The live feeds were blocked for the Power of Veto competition. It was the hide the veto comp. All the house guests are now chatting about their hiding spots and starting to clean up the mess. The house is destroyed! Christie – it just sucks that we have to do this.. like we didn’t even want to play this comp. Tommy – I just want to throw all the rugs away. Jess – I am just surprised that they let you guys do this.

5pm The house guests are going to be cleaning up for awhile.. Tommy to Cliff – everyone puts theirs in pillows… I just got lucky.

5:08pm Storage room. Jackson and Cliff.
Cliff – I think we’re pretty good. Jackson – I think we’re good. I don’t think he’ll use it at all. Cliff – just to make sure a girl goes .. we’ll talk to him. We’re okay.

5:20pm Cliff and Jackson in the target bedroom.
Jackson – I couldn’t let Jess win. That’s why I started in the RV. I was thinking if I was a girl .. where do I spend the most time. Where would I most likely hide it. The RV so I started with her bed. BAM! I flipped up her bed and found it. I didn’t want to win this veto. Cliff – I would have liked to win it but its no big deal. Cliff – we’re good. Jackson – I just don’t want you up there at all.

5:25pm Kitchen. Jackson, Tommy and Christie.
Jackson – I would like it to stay the same to ensure that Jess goes. Tommy – right. Jackson – not to even allow the possibility of a tie breaker.. because we have it. Tommy – you would be the tie breaker. Jackson – I know and I don’t want to break it. Tommy – lets talk about it .. but if I do use it.. Jackson – it would be Cliff. Tommy – I would give you my word that you would have my vote no matter what.

5:40pm HOH room. Jackson and Tommy.
Tommy – So you don’t want me to use it. Jackson – no .. I just don’t want to have to break a tie. Tommy – I hear that. Jackson – as long as I don’t have to break a tie .. I will put Cliff up. I don’t care. I will put Nicole up. Tommy – I thought about this if this would happen. I would talk to you and figure it out. I feel like yes I love the four of us so much .. I am so gung-ho about that.. but I know that you and Holly have each other and Christie is all I have left and I want to make sure she is guaranteed safety .. so I want to take her off. Jackson – that is cool.. as long as I don’t have to break a tie. Tommy – I promise you how ever you want me to vote that is how I will vote. Jackson – I would rather go against Nicole or Cliff than Jess. Tommy – No I totally get that and agree. And I will tell whoever you put up Cliff or Nicole .. that I gave my word I would vote to keep them. Jackson – coming up we will have a lot of mental comps and I would rather go against Cliff or Nicole… than Jess. I think all of us would. Tommy – I think there are pros and cons .. but this week we are all on board. I will respect your HOH. Jackson – as long as Jess goes .. I don’t care. I don’t want to put someone up and break a tie.

6pm Bedroom. Jess and Nicole.
Nicole – do you think he will use it? Jess – I think so. Nicole – so its going to be you next to Cliff. Or you next to me. Dammit! Jess – its okay.

6:20pm – 6:37pm Backgammon..

6:47pm Living room. Jess gives Christie a kiss. Jess – I’m happy for you. Christie – why are you happy for me? Jess – I mean.. Christie – I don’t know if he is using it. I am not assuming anything. Jess – no, I know but it wouldn’t make sense for him not to use it. Christie – you’re not the target this week. I am not making any assumptions. All the other house guests join them in the living room. They all sit around chatting about random things and

7:40pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. and then at 8:13pm the feeds switch to the kitty cams. (No idea why)

8:26pm Still showing the pound.

8:38pm The live feeds return. Jackson and Holly bicker coming out of the HOH room. Jackson to Christie – that was the longest lockdown we’ve had in a long time.

8:47pm – 9pm The house guests are making dinner and chatting about the veto comp.

9:11pm – 10pm Backyard. Holly heads over to lay in the hammock. Meanwhile on the backyard couches. Cliff and Jackson. Jackson – rather than getting a second one with blood on my hands. I promise. Cliff – you don’t have to promise me anything. We’re good. Jackson – at this point in the game I want to give you as much reassurance as possible. Cliff – if I can’t trust the other three in this group then my game is over anyways. Ride or Die! I’ve got you. That’s cool, I do appreciate it. Jackson – I am going to try and convince him (Tommy) not to sue it. Cliff – going to the final 2 with you and Holly

11:02pm Backyard. Holly talking to Christie about Jackson.
Holly – he was being a f**king a$$hole because he was ignoring me. And he wouldn’t help me get my stuff when we were all on the lock down out of his room. Christie – no, you’re lying. What a f**ker. Holly – I meant like my Jacket was there. And he was like here take your stuff. Christie – sick! Holly – like are you breaking up with me?! Christie – in the big brother house?! Holly – I was like should I get all my stuff out? Christie – wait, where are you sleeping? Holly – I don’t f**king know! In the hallway or something. I want to f**king talk to him and have a conversation but everything is on camera. Like nothing is private and with any normal relationship especially one with this big of an age gap there are growing pains and we literally can’t have growing pains because we’re under a microscope. And everything is seen .. there are things that I want to express. And yet he is hung up on me calling him a f**king a$$hole when yesterday it was teasing like with you and Tommy it was perfectly fine. Christie – but if you say that and say do you acknowledge what you did wrong?! What would he say? Would he just walk away and say that he is not dealing with this? Holly – probably just walk away. Christie – that’s so annoying and how he acts like nothing is wrong. Holly – That is what’s so annoying how he acts like nothing is wrong. Or that he just doesn’t care which is even worse. Like I called you a f**king a$$hole because you’re an a$$hole. Christie – what was that during the comp? Holly – yes and then I had to sit there for 5 hours by myself. First of all I am PMS’ing and frustrated with things that are out of my control and things that have to do with him but it doesn’t mean I am f**king attacking him. I want to be know for more than just being with him. Christie – I would just go lay with him like it was nothing. Holly – no he would go and move. Christie – then that is bad advice. Just go and do your own thing. Hopefully you can talk to him and it doesn’t drag on for another day.

11:09pm Backyard. Jackson, Tommy, Holly, Christie and Cliff.
They talk about how one of them could win the 500K. They all say that they would be happy with any of them winning. Cliff – one of us is going to need to hire an accountant.

11:28pm HOH room. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – can we please talk? Jackson – sure, what do you want to talk about? Holly – first of all you’re drinking? Jackson – I’m going to have a glass of wine. What? Holly – can we please talk? Jackson – yeah sure what do you want to talk about? Holly – Jackson! You’re being mean. Jackson – I’m not being mean. I am not about to get talked to like that in real life or on national television. On national television you called me a f**king a$$hole in front of 4 people in the house and in front of national television. You realize that my mom is going to hear that, my dad, my family, my friends .. when I’ve been nothing but supportive of you. Holly – do you not see that I’ve been living up to that. Jackson – when you re-watch that you will also hear me say thank you for the coffee. You’ll also see that I’ve been nothing but supportive. Holly – can we like sit down. I did not mean to say that. I was frustrated in the moment. Jackson – do you want to hear where I am coming from.. for the last 74 days I have spent every day supporting you, telling you how proud I am of you, trying to uplift you and trying to be the exact opposite of everything that you tell me that everyone in your life have been to you. I am not perfect and I don’t expect you to be either but for the last 74 days I have heard you go back and forth being internally conflicted whether or not you’re making the right decisions, whether or not what you’re doing is best for you, what your image is going to be because of me, whether or not I could be potentially jeopardizing your future. We’ve talked about this on numerous occasions and last night you talked about how unhappy you are and how you don’t feel certain things. I want you to be happy and clearly I can’t make you happy. I want your last 3 weeks to be the best they can be. I woke up this morning knowing that I had to pick players for the veto so I showered but I was trying to let you sleep. We were getting carded so I put the lights on. You left and you gave me coffee and you will hear it back that I did say thank you. And I jokingly said that you’re not going to have any hair after this because you’re constantly picking your split ends and then you freak out on me about that and then you come over to me.. Holly – because.. Jackson – will you let me talk!? Do you want to talk or not?! You come over to me in front of Cliff, Christie and Tommy and you start going off on me. I tell you I am not doing this here but I will talk with you upstairs. And you continue to call me a f**king a$$hole three or four different times. Holly – I said it once. Jackson – and then walked away. But when you’re talking about how you’re perceived on the outside.. that all happened on national television. I am not going to be embarrassed on national television when everything I have done is for you! I am not about to get walked all over. I gave you some space to find some happiness within your self. I can’t make you happy.. that has to come from within you. Holly – it didn’t seem like that .. it seemed like you were done .. don’t talk to me. Jackson – I wasn’t .. but I am now. I deserve better. That’s what all my ex’shave done. Jackson goes to open his wine. Holly – can we please save that. Jackson – I won this fair and square.

11:45pm – 12am Holly starts crying. Jackson starts heading down stairs. Holly cries come back. Jackson – I am coming back. Jackson goes down stairs to get his water bottle and comes back up and tells her not to cry. He hugs her. Holly – I am sorry. I am so tired. I felt stupid this morning. I hate this house! I don’t want to be in here. Jackson – come here. Holly – f**king cameras! I just felt like you were dismissing me. Jackson – I am not dismissing you. Holly – its like when you got mad at me before and you shut down and shut me out. I thought that was what was happening. I felt stupid because I felt like I just opened up and that I was just so easy to dismiss. And that is probably just my f**ked up PTSD. Like I just spent all night telling you how I’ve never felt worth and then in the morning you didn’t even say good morning. Jackson – I was trying to let you sleep. I had to pick players for the veto. And I am also trying to give you space. For the past 74 days I have tried to build you up.. Do you know how bad if feels like you’re embarrassed of me? I told you and your family how much I care about you on national television. I’ve been burned way too many times. Do you realize how embarrassing and stupid that makes me look. I would never talk to you like that. I am sorry that you’re not happy in here and that I’m not doing enough to make you happy. Holly continues to cry. Holly – I am sorry. I am just trying to navigate. I don’t know what I’m doing. I am sorry. I came on here and did not expect to find you. I am not used to being on TV. I do want to be my own person. I didn’t anticipate these feeling either. Jackson – I am sorry that I bring stress and unhappiness into your life. I think you would be happier with someone that is 31 and not on this show. Holly – this house, this situation, this everything brings unhappiness and stress.. you don’t! I come to talk to you about things because you’re my safe place. I do not mean that you are making me unhappy. You make things better. I am scared and confused and overwhelmed by this situation. Jackson – I am feeling all those same things. Holly – I don’t need space. I didn’t ask for space. Jackson – I am sorry for how I handled it. Holly – I am sorry for what I said. I don’t talk to people like and I don’t want to talk to you like that of all people. I also do want to factor in insane raging hormones that make me really f**king angry combined with cabin fever and claustrophobia of not going outside and it being day 74 and feeling like the walls are closing in. In a normal circumstance I would not say that. Jackson – this morning was exactly like everyone of my ex’s have done. Holly – knock it off. Jackson – have I called you a f**king B***H?! I am going to feel the way you talked to me this morning whether you want me to or not. It is going to piss me off and it is going to link me to them whether you want it to or not. Holly – I am not your ex’s.

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Here We Go Again

This is a nightmare, Christie and Tommy survive another week! It will be so funny when of them win double eviction and put up Jackson and Holly. Please let this come back to bite them in the butt!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

According to the script Jackson will win the veto on the double resulting in Cliff being evicted.


Tommy has always wanted Cliff gone, makes me nervous


Holly and Nicole won’t vote out Cliff. So Jackson would break the tie and then Tommy is Jackson’s next target.

Red Wave

Who cares what Tommy wants?


More like a manifest come TRUE!!!!!!


It’s sad that Christy can’t ever save herself, tommy has to come to her rescue.

BB Casting Call

She won’t be able to take him to the final 2; if she makes it, all he has to point out is that he always had to win and save her.


do you not remember taco tuesday? she saved herself that week which also resulted in saving herself the following week

Just a game

Loco, she did save herself with taco Tuesday.

Red Wave

Not a Christie fan but she is hard to evict. I hope she doesn’t end up pulling a Victor or Andy the Red Rat and win this thing.


TBH with Hollys constant crap talking Jackson… I am finding Holly way more annoying than Christie.


What have i missed? What is wrong with Jackson and Holly? Are they fighting?


Yep watching After Dark it looks and sounds like they are over.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

No,this is just the douche bags pattern when his feelings are hurt,as if his Mommy and Daddy and all his frat boy friends already don’t know that he is a f***ing a**hole.


they’ve been over for a while, it’s just the game forcing them to stay together.


no, Jackson was shotgunning beers and telling frat stories, and it made Holly feel old

Red on Top

One is immature and the other is a control freak.

BB Casting Call

Maybe he can put her on the block!

Beat the Donkey

If Cliff were to win HOH do you think he would really be loyal to Jackson & Holly? The double eviction coming up is going to give us some fireworks.


Booooo! Another week of Christie! Hopefully she will go in the DE!!!


She is hanging in there Chessie give her credit for that.

I just love her and think she is a power player having a lot of fun with the dim wits.

It would be nice if it were her and Michie at the end they are the only two playing.

By the way, Holly is HOT!!



Zingading ding

Holly is pretty, however, arrogance works against ones beauty. Remember her pettiness in the beginning? She even talked about Kemi when she was complimenting her, just to be able to put it out there that she is pretty, skinny etc. She’s got easy facials to read. It’s got to be about her. I know she never thought Zingbot would go where he did with her on national TV. smh

Last Season was Better

Jackson you should have put Tommy and Christie on the block together. It was a good chance Tommy would win veto. Now your alliance Nicole will have to choose between Jess and Cliff. She is now in a tight spot. Seriously Jackson you gave Christie and Tommy a easy ride to finals. With double eviction coming it may be you or Holly leaving. Tommy has said break up the duos.


lol Nicole isnt in a tight spot theres NO chance she would vote out Cliff over Jess *facepalm*


The watermelon king Jackasson told Tommy he could do what he wanted if he won POV. ***sigh***


Yuck. So skanky survives again.

Dakota Barb

Krap!!! Tommy, what will he do? Save Crysry or respect the HOH’s noms? Kind of a catch 22 for him?

Ovi's tongue

He straight up told Jackson he has to use the veto on Chrustie. He says he will vote how Jackson wants him to.


Her name is Christie!


Jess – “I am just surprised that they let you guys do this.”

Uhhh, has Jess EVER seen the show before?
They’ve played “Hide the Veto” almost every single season.

Why on earth would you never research a competition (for half a million dollars) that you’re about to take part in??
That seems like pure laziness to me.

J e t s jets jets jets

How many times has she said that she always watches the show too! I really beginning to think she has a learning disability. I’m being serious not mean. Some of the things that come out of her mouth makes no sense what so ever.




I don’t think that’s mean at all, watching Jessica try to put a sentence together is painful. You clearly see that she doesn’t have the brain power to understand this game nor her place in it. She’s very sweet and kinda like a big lapdog with her need for petting. She’ll be happy in Jury house and have a nice relaxed time there.


I have doubts as well. Jess like many HG only watch the last 1 maybe two seasons I think only the highlights at best. She tried to explain Chima to someone few days or so ago and got that wrong. Jess told a few about voting only for guys. Now this is the dumbest thing ever first if this is true you have just given others your gameplans and they don’t,need to know much more to figure your plans out. Also allows your fellow HG to spread this all around the house and many inside did. So that every male thinks you are gunning for them. Interesting Cliff and Jackson conversation regarding wanting the ladies out. What was that about? I don’t want to,hear how Cliff protects Nicole she,is his F2,and the,only,person he sits next to and beats or so Cliff thinks. This is why he split Nicole off from the Angels. BB problem IMO is that instead of alliances, and strategy, vote flips and some backstabbing that used to be BB now the house and game have turned into “love you” and “I got your back”. Yuck.

Franks fumes

I blame Tommy for the fake we all love each other pablum this season.

Red on Top

Tommy needs to go. It is so nice having Nick gone and once Christie and Tommy are gone this will be a lot more fun to watch.


Oh my! Will Tommy use the veto?! Can our intrepid campers take out an actual threat?! Is it possible that Christie becomes allergic to her own tears and has to be removed from the game?! Tune in next time for the exciting…whatever…Tommy’s taking Christie down and Cliff will sit next to the diabolical Jess on Thursday and everyone does what they are told and she’s voted out 4-0. Maybe I should have said spoiler alert.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Like, at least things won’t be…like predictable or anything. Like, you know what I mean?

(Of course Tommy will use it to save the Mouth…and I hope his aunt is keeping score and will welcome him home suitably!)

BB21 Fan

Glad to see you’re not trying to make it personal… oh wait. You know nothing about their lives. There’s something called respect and you need to get some you nasty commenter

Why don’t people on here talk about the gameplay anymore? sad times when its all about calling people names and whining about people you don’t like still being in it.

House Stark

You know Christie and Tommy told each other their hiding places so that they wouldn’t find each others hidden plaque.


No, production just pointed to everyone else’s…

House Stark

I’m shocked that you would accuse Mother Teresa Allison Grodner of a low down move like that.

Roisin Dubh

My prediction, if Tommy uses POV, Holly is gonna go up.

Roisin Dubh

I only say that because I don’t think the fight is staged. Holly’s worried about her image and she hurt widdle Jacky’s feelings. Dude’s got his watermelon, he’ll cut her loose. He just might convince Tommy to put her up. And we all know Christie ain’t going anywhere. If it ain’t obvious by now, you’ll never get it until you see them final 2.


Why would Jackson need to convince Tommy to put up Holly?? Jackson is HOH not Tommy. Tommy would actually need to win HOH to put someone up


Why would Jackson talk to Tommy about putting Holly up? Jackson is hoh. He can just put her up if he wants without talking to Tommy. Tommy can only take someone off. The decision who goes up is purely Jacksons choice. It would only make sense for him to see who will get hoh in the double and “potentially” ask them knowing anyone would be glad to take out half a duo.


No, more likely to be Christie and Holly in F2

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

So how is Christie going to get rid of Tommy?


I swear when Tommy pulls Christie off AGAIN, these idiots better finally figure out they are a couple, and at least one of them has to go !!! (Hopefully both)

Roisin Dubh

I’m more than certain Cliff knows. He hasn’t forgotten the night he heard the bullhorn.


I sure hope so…but I doubt it. They’ll prolly just think he’s being nice lol


I’m sure the voices behind the cameras will be selling that line as well. I think production thinks people will be amazed that two people who already knew each other would be able to hide it all season. They’ll treat it like some big reveal like Vanessa’s and act all excited when they had her reveal she was a poker player who won a bunch of money one year.

Just a game

And then it will be too late cuz they will win 3 hoh’s
And the final 4 veto


Crapola ! Don’t have time right now to read the post will read later. Saw enuf to just say dang it!


Looks like Jackson will still get out the biggest threat in the house (cough, Jessica). Maybe when Christie and Tommy are sitting next to each other on finals night, he will finally figure out that they were working together the whole season.

BB Casting Call

Best use of HOHs: Jackson!

He made the biggest moves to evict Sis and Jess…he knows how to say chess, but he can’t see past the pawns.


More like Jackasson is playing Candyland. Chess? Pfftt

Double Barf

Can you imagine having to vote for Christie or Tommy on finale night?


A perfect end to this perfect season

Guy From Canada

So Tommy has to show his cards to save Chrusty…….he was in a good spot, didn’t need to win his veto yet he went for it. The only saving grace is that if Tommy does use it, it puts a target on him but regardless useless Jess will go…..or will she…..


Everyone in the house knows he is working with Christie. he’s already saved her when she was the third nom. Saving her this time isn’t going to effect him at all.

Just a game

He is not in a good spot going into the double anyways..
And things tend to flip on Thursdays , this season,
So it’s good for him to save his Only ally

Clara Oswin Oswald

He is in a good spot because Jackson can’t play in the HOH and the double is when the house will need to get him out. Everyone knows he is too much of a physical threat for the rest of the house. The interesting thing will be to see if Holly is smart enough to know that he has to go to take the target off of her.


It would funny if Tommy Kept noms the same. Just wishful thinking for some sort of game play. However as others mentioned Tommy has expressed getting rid of duos and because he and Christie are pretending (badly) that they r not a duo and hgs are pretending not to know, Chommy has a better chance to make it to the end.

another name

So. Cliff told Jackson where he hid his. Which one does Jackson find? Why Cliff’s of course.
Yeah, that plan worked well.
Cliff and Jackson think, hey, maybe Tommy won’t even use it.
If Tommy doesn’t use it… buhbye jury vote. If Tommy wanted Christie gone, he’d have thrown it. If he trusts Jackson with full knowledge they have final four deals with both couples… he’s a bigger ass than I thought.
Cliff and his misogyny jumped out just a little “just make sure a girl goes.” Dear Cliff, the only people you can win over in the end happen to be gynoid in persuasion, and your trusty dudebro HOH is targeting one of them. Asshat.

another name

oh. he was told where both Cliff and Nicole put theirs… and he “found” both of them. Yeah. That plan worked PERFECTLY. eyeroll.

another name

… Jackson tells Tommy he doesn’t want to break a tie this week. In front of Crustie. uh hey einstein… your reassurance to Crustie was Holly and Tommy vote to keep her safe and you break the tie to keep her. IDIOT.


What was with the girls go home remark? Cliff is taking Nicole along cause he believes F2 he can beat Nicole.

another name

Yeah, Cliff is planning on taking Nicole to finals if it is his choice, because he thinks he can beat her, but he has been on this whole ‘the women are going to gang up and take us menfolk out’ crap since week two. He’s been lowkey about it. Even when he was in an alliance with 3 women… he was eyeing the door the second a woman in that alliance wasn’t HOH.
In a way I think he’s got a little of the old school in him. I could be wrong about that opinion, but an engineer (mostly male dominated field of education at about a ratio of 20:1 during the time he’d have been a post secondary student) in his 50’s (so socialized at a time when equality ideas would have been new and still a little bit in the formative stage in terms of presentation in schooling) from the oil and gas field (again, more heavily dominated by men in supervisory or authority positions when he would have begun his career)? It would not be at all surprising if there was some small hold over in his thinking. I could very well be wrong. It’s just an impression given the variables.

John Doe

Cliff did not finish his his post secondary education in the 60’s lol. Given his age, it would have been mid 80’s at the earliest. By then, ratios were much better for women, but your point is well taken.

another name

Cliff isn’t much older than me. My best friend’s engineering graduate class had 4 women. My own socialization in childhood less than a decade past where his would have been still emphasized women as secretaries and nurses, not executives and doctors.

Ovi's tongue

He merely meant don’t send me (Cliff) home. The other choices are all female. Don’t read more into it than there is.

another name

So, every other time he’s mentioned having to get rid of the girls before they gang up and take out the men (I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s mentioned it since he first said it the day before Ovi was evicted)… that was happenstance? I think there’s ample reason to wonder what the deal is.


I agree. It’s is fine if this is his strategy but he should own that and as for F2 with Nicole he should let us know this and stop acting like his affection (platonic) is the only reason he wants to protect her.


I’m drunk and this stuff makes me feel bad.

Ovi's tongue

When will these geniuses notice that at every turn Tommy has protected Chrustie? The two with the Jersey accents? That live just a couple of miles away from each other?

another name

And two of them know the truth but aren’t allowed to say anything because their knowledge came from over the wall, so can’t use the info unless they overhear Tommy and Crustie discuss it openly, or until prod gives them the okay to use the info.

another name

And that folks… is why making announcements over the wall is stupid. Imagine the frustration of players in the game knowing they know… but not allowed to act on the information in any way shape or form because they learned it from outside knowledge (part of production as a strategy exemption presenting episode info not accessible to houseguests).


Those aren’t Jersey accents; they have New York accents…I don’t think either are from NJ originally. Tommy exaggerates his accent in his DR sessions bc that’s what production tells him to do.
This season is such a snoozefest. There’s no one I can even root for!
The fact that the houseguests know about Tommy and Christie and have to ignore that is ridiculous, they were the only 2 with such an advantage like that in the game. For 7 years they were practically family. But even though they know it no one talks about it.
So over it Just give Christie the check and let the fall TV lineup start..

Ovi's tongue

Staten Island is separated from the state of New Jersey by a narrow tidal channel. It is closer to NJ than to the other boroughs of NYC. If Tommy doesn’t use his Jersey accent so much I would put up to his experience on Broadway. They are at least as much Jersey Shore as New York accents. I realise those are fightin’ words to a New Yorker. Nicole has a New York accent. Production may have told them to ignore the drone but that would never stop HG from speculating about it if they ever could put 2 plus 2 together, especially with the big stink Tommy caused with the tenuous so called “relationship” between Kat and Holly. Nicole has been twirling it around in her mind but she hasn’t arrived at the conclusion yet.

Tina Myers

funny how Tommy never wins a veto. Until Christi is on the block.


High kick high kick “I love you all” from Tommy!
I’m nauseous thinking about it it all.

Back to PUZZLE AND DRAGONS farming on my iPad and Android tablets.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s just a coincidence,just like how they happened to end up in the house together.

Clara Oswin Oswald

Just wait until the finale questions are about Broadway shows.


Yayyy! Now let the games begin, Tommy take Christie down, put Cliff @ss kisser up n rally holly’s vote to get Cliff out on Jackson’s hoh… double eviction: Christie wins put Jackson and holly up and get rid of Jack@ss for not getting u out! Haha it’s called somebody take shots at real huge targets, not furniture like jess…


Jess hid it under her bed? Lol she deserves to go.


I have a feeling now that Holly is mad with Jackson that because of her Jealousy of how Jackson picks with Nicole like a sister that Holly is going to spin it around with Krusty’s help to try and save Jess if Tommy pulls Krusty off the block and they are going to throw Nicole under the bus and she will end up on the block and go home against Jess… I say that because this summer every time I want someone to go or stay it does not go my way…And I have truly fallen in love with Nicole I know her family is so proud of her she has a heart of gold and her compassion for other people’s feelings, because of this crappy season I really hope she a-least wins AFP…I hope when grateful8 gets out and looks back at how ugly they were and treated other people in the house they need to learn from Nicole.


Cld the whole reason jax and holly are fighting be that holly wants to play her own game now and will realize let me get closer to tommy and decide its too tempting having hogg up there not to get him out with this nice lil opportunity…. I believe we may see holly go against her boy toy for once!!!

Ovi's tongue

On another note, this is the first cast I’ve seen use the pool table almost exclusively for folding and sorting laundry. The only instance I recall them playing pool at all was when Bella hit Nick in the nads with the 8 ball.

SD Bird

Dang that Jess!!
She’s the one who planted the seed with Nicole that Jackson wants to put up somebody he can’t beat. She’s hoping Nicole votes her to stay and join Christy.
She’s just given a ticket to Nicole to ride the Jess Crazy Train


Omg at this point Cliff deserves to leave. And I never thought I would say this but I hope crusty wins next HOH and puts Holly and her so called man on the block. No more Hope’s on Nicole

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

If i was on BB and was HOH i could never ever imagine wanting to waste my HOH on getting The useless Jess out. That is totally and utterly embarrassing for Jackson!!!


I know it’s a dream but wouldn’t it be funny if out of this fight Jackson says I’m using you Beth as a pawn, “I’m the man putting you in your place woman” and everyone votes her out ???

Franks Ex-Girlefried

I just turned on the feeds to see 6 people sitting in silence, I thought my screen was freezing until someone would moved a hand. They are so stunted they can not even carry on conversations, make up games…anything!! Simon & Dawg, we all owe you for watching this. Tomorrow morning I am dontating $30, the amount I have paid CBS for live feeds. I have gotten more enjoyment from your website (the best in parentheses) than anytime spent watching the feeds!!


For sure! With Simon n Dawg, you get way more bang for the buck!


So, Jess is such a nightmare in regards to mental threat and she hides the veto under her own bed. Yep, she’s a powerhouse player!


I am getting annoyed with Holly today… she is constantly talking shit about Jackson it is getting on my nerves. Nobody made her go for a twenty-four year old, he is the same douche frat boy she waited 21 days to kiss… yeah he doesn’t thank her or praise her for every morning cup of coffee… hello he brought her morning coffee too. I hate to say it, I feel sorry for that jerk. He never says bad things about her but he is going to go home and find out from his family (who is watching) all the things the buzzard said when he wasn’t in the room. He should have stuck with Kat.

I would love for someone to tell Jackson everything Holly says behind his back… have Tommy use the veto on Christie and have Jackson put Holly up. She has managed to become more annoying than Christie and Tommy’s insincere sincerity.


Seems like production told Holly to fight n break up with Jackson and talk mad crap knowing everyone in the house tells on each other. Surely they wont keep their mouths shut? They haven’t been able to stop telling on each other all season.
Bella told on the black widows
Nicole told on Christie to Bella but it backfired
The public told on Christie (and BB hgs pretended it didnt happen. Thanks production)
Jess told on Nicole telling about the alliances
Jack told on Jackson
The alliance told on itself by way of Jack and these people were working together!
If SOMEONE doesn’t tell Jackson, I’d be flabbergasted!!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She’s acting more and more like an old crow. (I’m an old crow.) If you want to be an independent woman and play the game, then be an independent woman and don’t lay on top of boys in the BB house.


She is a shrew…I hate shrews (and don’t blame it on PMS or PTSD!). What about all the other times she threw shade at him to someone else and wasnt on her period? God she is 30+ years old and acts like shes 14


She is really annoying me.


All season long all the HGs have not wanted to disrupt the HOH wishes and have voted, or done what has been asked of them.

The conversation between Tommy and Jackasson above summarized by me.

Jackasson, ‘I’d like the noms to stay the same.’

Tommy, ‘But I want Crusty to be safe so I’m using the veto.’

Jackasson, ‘I don’t want to break a tie, so I’d rather they stay the same.’

Tommy, ‘I’m using it on Crusty to make sure she’s safe cause she’s all I have, so I’m using it.’

Jackasson, ‘don’t’

Tommy, ‘make me’

Jackasson, ‘I Can’t but don’t use it.’

Tommy, ‘I am using it on her, to take her down’.

Tommy, ‘I love you’ high kick high kick!

Penelope Taynt

Jackson blew his chances to win (Holly’s also) when he foolishly didn’t follow through with evicting Christie last week. He got played and will now pay the price. I think the worst case scenario could very well happen…..Christie and Tommy are winner and runner-up (in either order).

Cotton Weary

their chances increase tremendously if they can take out jackson in the DE. but i’ll bet production will hook him up with the bowlerina comp to save himself.

Franks fumes

Oh it’s gonna happen I picked it last week with Jess as their third…..I might still be right if Cliff goes.


Just got home from vacation, getting caught up. Anyone know why Holly is moping on the hammock and Jackson is in the opposite corner of the yard alone?time is 9:27PM PT for reference.

Roisin Dubh

Jackson’s butthurt from Holly laying into him. I think she goes up if POV is used. Remember Holly is getting sloppy seconds.

another name

Imo: Holly thinks the pretend Jackson (the guy he’s been acting like since his holiday in the have not room office after day 44) is preferable to Jackson’s real personality. He’s more acceptable to her idea of what her family and friends would accept than his actual self. Last night after shotgunning a couple beer he was telling frat stories, and being mildly douche. She didn’t like that after all these weeks of ‘the new Jackson’ the old Jackson slipped out a little, because it reflects badly on her image.

Ovi's tongue

I think Jackson would be derelict if he didn’t allow his love to partake of the full Big Brother Experience. She’s won HOHs but never been on the block. Now if I could just figure out why Tommy is seemingly untouchable to everyone.

Summer Gowen

What is Tommy going to do? If he saves Christie, why doesnt anyone realize who he is really with


About 12:03 Am Looks like Molly argument number #3. This time a walk out and a door slam! Michie is pist!!! Michie just compared Holly to his ex and said how mean she was to him. After Holly cries Michie comes back and asks her (since shes so concerned about image) how would it look knowing Holly has talked to him like crap in front of America for a game and when they hit real life and real issues questions how it would it be? He even asks what his family would think? Now HIS image is suffering (guess shes not invited for family dinner after BB)
Holly claims the stress of the game made her crazy (even though they’ve been in power for a month????) And says a few things that makes him feel like she’s diminishing his game play (fight still going at 12:47 am)
He storms off n says he going to bed. He goes back to his love…watermelon!
As he chomps down angrily one saving loving moment, Holly follows n stands there as if she is confused watching him devour the entire watermelon.
Good job production!

another name

Jackson is offended that Holly worries about her image, and how he affects her image… when she should really be worried about how she speaks about him because the country can see it…. in other words she needs to be thinking about HIS image. No lies detected in my characterization.
Of course she’s doormatting. Did we think she wouldn’t after she grovelled to get back with him when ditched her for not putting out whenever he wanted camera or no camera?
There it is. I’ve been waiting for it for a day now. It’s the pms, not anything that has been said. It’s the pms. Soooo many eyerolls. Celebrate that pms Beth, it means you likely aren’t knocked up and squeezed through another month with him without condom use and without connecting your life to his FOREVER. Your birth canal is safe from giving birth to a watermelon with a cube head. This time.
No. Really. This clown is worried about being called as$h*le and his mama hearing it? Dude is seriously going to have to delete ALL his social media when the season is over because As$h*le doesn’t even crack the top 20 of things I’ve said about him. Let alone people that would actually hashtag his scumbucket ass.

Good timing on the HOH shower there Cliff.

Christie and Nicole are worried because neither likes it when memaw fights with the poolboy.

Tommy’s been in d/r for about an hour now I think. Grodner must have plans.

I thought I was out of bile and vinegar rants for the day. I guess I had one left in me. Hopefully good night everyone…


I so hope Cliff goes this week, so we have to see nicole actually step up and play the game and make a move already!

Cliff it’s not abt guys vs girls it’s too late in the game to even care abt ratio left; it’s who u can beat and abt getting there…


Yet Cliff keeps mentioning it. Cliff has used this guys vs. girls 1) keeps jess from being picked up as extra vote by the couples I know that ship has sailed but t was ill earlier. 2) It gave Cliff some info and convo with the boys esp. Jackson. I don’t think he is misogynistic he just exploiting this as game and I want him to talk about and not b.s. about how sweet Nicole is. Camp Kumbuyah.


I def believe the holly and jax fight was stagged by production for 2 reason’s.
1.) Production is trying to liven up the boring hg’s and create drama.

2.) There setting the stage for holly turning on jackson for possible vote flip…


Douchebag Jackson is in harsh mode on holly at the end of pop tv. Really hard to watch. WTH is going on?

another name

she called him a forking icehole…. well close. Apparently she’s wrong, and she’s tarnished his good name, and his mama and america shouldn’t be subjected to such improper character assassination…. and now i’ve sideeyed so hard i’m looking out my ear.

another name

chug when they mention their image. make sure you have plenty if Beth is there.
take a sip when someone mentions an event that happened more than 14 days ago like it’s current.
take two sips when jess cocks her head to the side a little and gets a shocked blow up doll expression (usually 3 per convo).
chug when christie chews a liquid. watch for it. she tries to chew liquid.

Last Season was Better

Seriously I wake up to see Jackson and Holly talking about their relationship. Get your head in the game, this is how Christie will win this season. Relationship talk over game talk.