“I’m probably going to get 3rd place again because I’m stuck at the end with people that can win everything!”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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3:08pm Backyard. Nicole and Cody.
They’re recounting the past events of the season. Nicole – Looking back I should have been smarter. I am glad where I’ve made it but I’ve been pretty damn lucky. Right away I was guns a blazing at Janelle because I thought she was coming after me like crazy because of Dani. And I do think she was. Cody – I think they would have targeted Tyler and Me. But didn’t.. like Dani broke her sh*t with me. When she told her about the slick six. And you called it out on the hammock. Nicole – but why didn’t you tell me about that. You should have told me .. you didn’t trust me right?! I am happy she told me about that. Cody – it was definitely a way to make you not trust me. They continue talking about the Slick Six alliance and The Committee.

3:30pm HOH room. Christmas strategizing her next mastermind move..

HOH room. Enzo and Christmas.
Enzo – I wanted to talk to you after I put you on the block. And then I knew you were upset so I was like let her have a day. I didn’t want you to scream at me. Then the POV happens.. and I was like let me give her another day.. and then I was like I will talk to you today. If Cody was not in this house .. you would not be on the block. You know that. Like Cody is to me like your Memphis is to you. That is the thing. I was like Nicole is definitely going up! I know that. I was scared if this guys wins this thing and I’m in the final 3 .. now he has a reason to be like .. you put me on the block. That is the only reason .. that is the only thing I went with. You know what I mean?! Christmas – I understand the game move… just from our working relationship.. and this is game.. from our working relationship through this game I just thought you would give me the courtesy of more indicative of what was going to happen. Enzo – no you’re right. Christmas – In that moment I did feel betrayed. That just made me think that you didn’t respect our working relationship. Enzo – no, you’re right. I kind of coward out. I was like I like Christmas a lot .. I do.. I was like how do I break it to her!? I didn’t know how to do it. And that is a cowardly way of doing it. I’m sorry. That’s what I am saying if he’s not in this house.. you’re not on that block. Christmas – That is not what’s happening. Enzo – I know. Christmas – I mean I talked to them today and was straight up with him. You probably already have a good idea of what you’re going to do ..I am not going to campaign against Nicole. Just like I didn’t campaign against Memphis. And I didn’t campaign against Tyler. You know how I can fit into the final three. Whenever I walk out of this house I am going to walk out proud of the way I played this game. I am not throwing anybody under the bus. The final 6 people that were in this house have been my favorite people in the house. Enzo – I know.

Christmas – and I won’t play dirty. Enzo – I am almost like I wish I hadn’t won the HOH. I should have let you win the HOH. Christmas – dude he was coming at me. Enzo – I know. Christmas – I honestly don’t know what they (Nicole & Cody) have. Enzo – I think they have something really…. tighter than me and Cody have. Christmas – she doesn’t seem worried. Enzo – exactly. I feel like me and him have something really good .. but them two are tight! And trust me I am going to try and talk but I know Nicole .. I am not going to do nothing because in his mind he has the power and is going to do whatever the f**k he wants to do. Christmas – and he’s said that he didn’t know what he was going to do yet and he was thinking about all his options and stuff. At this point there are no deals to be made. And honestly no matter who is in the final 3, he (Cody) is probably going to take endurance. And to be quite frank.. the next ones are physical and mental and Nicole might take those ones. Enzo – comp wise he could be me and he could beat her. In the final 3 is he going to take her? I would rather you are in the final 3. Christmas – I think Tuesday will be the eviction. She doesn’t look uncomfortable. Enzo – he has his mind made up. I was scared to put him on the block. I feel like you would have told me if you were putting me on the block. It hurt me seeing you like that. This guy is f**king winning everything! And I am probably going to get third place again because I am stuck at the end with people that can win everything! You don’t know what the jury is thinking. Did Cody ruffle a lot of feathers? Christmas – he thinks he did but I didn’t see any of that. Enzo – I think that Kevin, Day, Dave, Tyler are upset at him. There are some cracks. But they’ve had weeks to recover. If I win the third one .. do I take the champion (Nicole) or the comp beast (Cody)? I don’t know?! Now the person I want out of this house my ticket to win this thing?

4:53pm Kitchen. Enzo to himself – F**k I am in trouble. Yup, I’m in trouble. I need to win that endurance challenge.

5:37pm Backyard Hammock. Christmas swinging..

6:17pm The house is quite again. Enzo is staring at the photo of his kids. The other house guests are lazing around the house and backyard.

6:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:01pm Still blocked..

7:34pm Still nothing..

9:43pm Nothing but stars..

11:11pm Still nothing..

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Guy From Canada

Yup Enzo you did screw up, should have kicked Nicole out and then Cody would be bringing you to final 2……


Bah, if he boots Nicole he has a way tougher time making the end, as one of his two closest allies is mad at him, and he still can’t beat either of his closest allies at the end.

Makes for the best TV, but without more wins Enzo would still have been screwed.

It is his overall approach that is flawed. He can always make it deep but hardly ever win, because he can’t win comps, and while he is buddies with people he is never driving strategy, just mirroring others.


OMG. “And I am probably going to get third place again because I am stuck at the end with people that can win everything!”… Says the guy who spent the entire season voting out non-threats. As much as I can’t stomach the idea of Nicole or Cody winning, Enzo deserves third place.


One of the best comments of this season was when Simon, in parentheses, sarcastically called Enzo “Big Move Enzo”. Perfect description, since Enzo was always gonna make a big move, gonna shake things up, etc, but ALWAYS caved when he was in any position to make any move. Big Move Enzo, indeed! (Simon, you’re the best on those parentheticals!)

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

Enzo’s biggest moves this season were flushed.


Enzo “Big Move” bowel movement.


Ewwww! LOL Your name becomes your Post!


Future houseguest. Stop bringing the toughest people to beat to the very end. At least cut them close to the end, whenever you get the shot. Xmas and Tyler knew this when Nicole and David were on the block.
Why didn’t Enzo figure this one out?????
If Nicole is out of the picture, he would have to bring someone else to the end; duh!!!!
1. Wall yellers stating Nicole & Cody f2 deal.(I think more than once)
2. Janelle saying they had pre-gamed, and their families were friends
3. They never put each other on the block, plus deflected anyones conversation when their names were mentioned.
Bye Enzo & Xmas. You both deserve to go home. You both had the chance to do some damage.
At this point, Cody deserves to win. Or Nicole, per production instructions. Lol


Begrudgingly that’s why I HAVE to give Andy S15 credit. He made that rag tag alliance of scrubs and took 2 racists, one a barely literate idiot and a 300lb chauvinist! He had them both beat, mentally, physically and socially before the final comps even began. That’s how you do it! Take people you can beat.


You said a mouthful, as all we’ve gotten outta ENZO is “Yo, I got to make a big move you, I’m ready for blood Yo!” Meanwhile the focker hasn’t even gotten or given a nose bleed! GTFOH w the BS ‘Making Moves Rhetoric’ when the only move will be you leaving final 3!


Enzo says “…And I am probably going to get third place again because I am stuck at the end with people that can win everything!”

Ugh. Why did you even come back to play Big Brother? You put yourself in this position so what did you think was going to happen? Stupid comments like this. I’m so over this season…smh

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Well,at least Enzo will be able to resume his job as a rocket scientist! Sheesh!




lmfao that is funny.


Simon said it all: “Big Move Enzo”…..Hilarious!


Yes Enzo you did screw it up again you shouldn’t have waited this long to turn on either Nicole or Cody. Well one things for sure Enzo has a better chance against Nicole than Cody If by some miracle Enzo wins the final HOH. And Cody has a better chance against Enzo than Nicole. Yeah I think Enzo should have evicted Nicole when Tyler and Christmas voted that way.

Miss Impression

Enzo’s one brain cell just lit up for a moment.


He has two brain cells, the Y and the O.


And then quickly laid down for a nap…


Now Mr YoYo putz wakes up…..too little too late. You wear 3rd place well. You got played Mr YoYo by your boy Cody and Cody’s ride or die whiney Nicole. Do yourself a favor Enzo do not return for a 3rd time.


Everyone knows Cody is going to win the 500000. Nicole had the chance to backdoor Cody and didn’t take it.All for friendship and loyalty. I hope Cody at least says thanks for the money

Roisin Dubh

I use to beleive that, but the real reason is like it or not, Cody is a beast. You take a shot, you better not miss. He can and does win comps. That fact scared everyone. He should’ve been gone on the triple, that shows the fear, and yeah, these guys are stupid. No Cody fan, but you gotta give props where props are due.


The fact that Cody and Nicole had a pregame deal months before the season started is what stopped Nicole. Neither is trying to beat the other as I’m thinking they have a money splitting deal in place. Cody has already talked about being more interested in followers than winning this game.

Game fan

Why would she go for half the money if she can evict him and have it all 🙂


Because Cody can be petty and confess the money splitting deal and she’d have some serious legal issues as such deals are in violation of the contracts they sign with CBS. Some companies will look poorly on a person who willfully violates a contract and her future as a social media mogul or reality TV show person could be negatively impacted over roughly $200,000.

I Bite

Fear is not the reason Cody is in this position. They all ignored his comp abilities. They were falsely considering others like Xmas to be beasts.

He set himself up well with alliances, and they all went with the herd mentality. His social game is very smooth, making others overlook how much he is dominating.

There is no time to make a well thought out decision in a double/triple. Nicole was of course going to stick to her same old. As were most of them. Nicole was already feeling guilty for having betrayed Ian and Day. That alone will make it impossible for her to ever cut Cody, going forward.

The pre-alliance certainly helped him. Going against that would feel unbearable to Nicole, due to her insecurities about her sense of self.

Roisin Dubh

F2 Cody wins no matter what. Enzo and Nicole only chance is to cut Cody. But they’ll come to that conclusion 5 seconds after they get cut. This has to be scripted, I’m sorry, the collective stupidity is just not believable anymore.


It was all laid out by Derrick for Cody to win vs Nicole even before the season started. Cody gets cash and nicole thinks shes getting more notoriety. She actually lost sponsors because of her bad behavior but I digress. It was exposed months ago via the bb rumor mill.

Miss Impression

What’s the point in watching when we knew week one who would win.

Mister Baxter

Quite frankly people are giving Derrick too much credit. Cody systematically removed most of the thinking people pre-jury; now we’re left with a jury of morons and Ian. If Cody makes it to the final 2, he deserves to win.


Considering there were only a couple people trying to win it’s easy for Derrick to set Cody up by telling him to take out Janelle and Kaysar, with Keesha as the low priority target. After that, everyone was just trying to gain social media credentials. So they don’t want to risk anything so they just do what is expected of them by whatever group sets the terms in the first week. That week Cody was gifted the HoH and became the leader of the only group in the house.


Is Enzo FINALLY regretting not taking out Nicole when he had 2 chances right in front of him? Outsmarted by the Pregame Alliance. They should out the pre-gaming after the show, because at this point it’s obvious. No logic whatsoever taking a winner this far into the game, Nicole should’ve been cut in the triple. Cody need to vote out Nicole to guarantee he wins. It’s too risky taking her to final 2 because it’s going to be close.


Lol. You can’t tell me Enzo is JUST realizing this when Cody has been telling him for 2 days straight that he is taking Nicole and finding many ways to “defend” her game play.
I SWORE Enzo was all over getting Ian out because he had won. He was the main vocal person initially to get him out but when there is a clear shot at Nicole he can’t see she was a previous winner?? AND that Cody defends her? Enzo you tried to play with, in and around a pregame deal.
As many of you predicted that move will cost Enzo.
Very nice ride to 3rd place Enzo playing “Big Cody” or “Big pregame alliances”

Lady E

I wonder if Enzo will get a cut of the money LOL. He knows he can’t win this game alone, so he is willing to help others get to the end, as long as they take him with them.

The Beef

Enzo was very vocal about getting BOTH previous winners out early in the game, not just Ian. That’s why Tyler and Christmas were so surprised when he didn’t go along with them in voting her out during the triple! Turns out Enzo was all talk and no action when it came to actually making the move. Now numbers certainly had something to do with it, and he didn’t want to piss Cody and Memphis off at that point in the game, but they DID have the votes to get her out there and then, if he had only voted with Tyler and Christmas, and he chose not to do it, after talking all season long up to that point about getting out both previous winners.

Now he seems to be regretting that vote. You can’t play Beta all season long, and then get mad at the end when the Alpha makes still another decision that’s in his best interest. Looks like Beta Enzo will take third again, due to his own unwillingness to fire the shot.

Just Sayin'

Ugh the thought of Enzo winning America’s favorite player upsets me, he does not deserve it


Anybody else seeing how long Enzo has been crushin’ on Christmas? Been obvious for awhile now, imo.


I kinda thought about that once and a while but not so much now.

Lady E

Is that why he evicted Memphis? Zing!

Tom is a Canuck

Memphis too.

Aunt Pat

Yes, Enzo and Christmas, this proves that old school IS better.


While people complain about the other stuff, Enzo’s biggest mistake other than just not being good at enough comps was cutting Tyler. Cody/Nicole both waffled at various points, and that was the one time all game he should have been able to actually change people’s minds. And Tyler would have been tightest with Enzo, could have beaten Nicole in the pumpkin comp, and would have cut down Memphis’ wiseguy numbers while leaving Memphis still stuck trying to work with Enzo and Cody because he had no one else.

It still would have been a tough road to navigate to a win, needing Cody and Tyler to blow each other up, and still somehow making it with Memphis without him being able to take all credit, or having Nicole take him over Memphis with one less win on her resume

But really, an Enzo hardly ever wins because he neither wins enough nor drives strategy enough to get much credit. He needs power fluctuations, and needs them to happen without blowing himself up.


I kind of like Enzo but if this is really All Stars he should have known to never let a F2 like Cody and Nicole get this far. Tyler was right to try and get Nicole out when they could. Enzo thinks he is too tight with Cody we shall see.

Sunrise Photo

“And I am probably going to get third place again because I am stuck at the end with people that can win everything!” It only took poor Enzo 42 long years of life to become self aware …