“I’m literally among legends it’s f***ing rad I’m hanging out with giants and I get to be one of them”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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12:10 pm Christmas going through things she wants to change in her life. Be calmer, accepting, and fluid.

12:13 pm Cody and Nicole chatting about Cody’s dream.

12:31 pm Christmas and Cody
Christmas says she loves Nicole she doesn’t want to throw her under the bus. “that’s not the way that I work”
Cody – yeah 100% and I respect that so much
Christmas – one that’s not my style and two if that’s how I have to get there it’s not going to feel good
Cody – yeah
Christmas – and how I get there I want to be proud of
Christmas – it’s important for me to leave here as least dirty as possible..
Cody – yeah I feel that
Christmas – you know what’s best for you going forward into final 3 and I will say that I hope that I’m in that equation
Cody – Yeah
Christmas – and I mean you’ve been.. I’ve loved playing along side of you. I’m literally among legends it’s f***ing rad I feel like I’m hanging out with giants and I get to be one of them.
Cody – yeah 100%
Christmas – I’m grateful for this journey I have even in my hardest moments and my darkest days I have loved being here there’s never been a Moment where I took it for granted.
Cody – yeah

They move into the Key room
Christmas – I’m telling you this so you can make the most educated decision possible. By the way the brows look f**ing great
Cody looks at his eyebrows in the mirror “ohh yeah. My brows on fleek”
Cody – I’m going with my gut. I’ve played this game straight up
Goes on to talk about his game and winning competitions

2:25 pm Nothing is going on.

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Legends? Has Webster’s updated the definition of this word too?


Refresh my old memory. Enzy is HOA. Cod is VETO holder, Christmas and Nic are on the block. What happens if Cod uses his veto and saves the girl with the sore wrist? There’s no replacement.. If he doesn’t use the veto, does he vote out the wrist girl?
I think no matter what, it’s a moot point, the two Jersey Shore Italians are going to take each other to F2. What a waste of air time this season has been.


is this your first rodeo? he is the sole vote to evict


Theres no veto play. Since hes not on the block and veto holder He votes to evict thats it


Basically, Cody decides who stay or goes. I’m not sure what they’ll do at the veto ceremony, it may be they’ll simply say it can’t be used and Cody will vote on Thursday. Then we can finally bury this horrible season in a Kraken blackout.

The Beef

I don’t think there will be a veto ceremony. What would be the point? He can’t take any one off the block without going up himself, losing the only vote and putting himself at risk. Clearly he’s not going to do that, so why have a ceremony?


i think Wednesday will show veto comp,but Veto ceremony and eviction will be Thursday

Yellow Ducky For The Win

ZOMG. Christmas is legend in her own mind. LMFAO.


Don’t forget a comp beast too ..lol

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Soon she’ll be calling herself the BB Queen.

Tom is a Canuck

She’s replacing Dani since she’s gone further than her


lol I legit LOL when she said that about herself.


OMG I know! Me too! She is delusional!

BiBiFan 2020

Just hand Cody the $500,000 and spare us 2 weeks of predictable programming.


Christmas why waste your breath. Cody and Nicole per Derricks instruction are joined at the hip. They conned Mr YoYo man allowing him to think he had a chance. It was the C and N show from before season started. I stopped watching weeks ago. Dont care who wins – neither one deserves it.


I’m confused. I have questions: (1) Why are there so many references made about a pregame alliance, and are Cody and Nicole in said alliance? (2) What is meant by Derrick’s instruction’s? If it was pregame, wouldn’t that be okay? It can’t be going on during the show. (3) This goes way back to the Nicole offending Ian situation. I don’t fully get that because it was more Dani than anyone, but my question goes to those who are saying Nicole was being so nice to Ian before he got evicted because she was trying to keep from losing sponsors? How would she know that inside the house?

Tom is a Canuck

All this was on the live feeds and stated by the houseguests. Production would’ve called Nic into the diary room and hinted that her comments or actions about certain people were getting out there in a negative way on social media. Nic would’ve put two and two together.