“I’m not sweating anything even if I’m nominated I’m not going to sweat it”

Omarossa nominated Ross and Brandi..

1:25pm Omarossa and Marissa
Omarossa wanting the girls to go after the guys. Says she cut a deal with James so he can’t go up.

Omarossa – beside James the only real power player in the guys.. because I don’t want to eliminate the women I want to stay true to that
Marissa – yup
Omarrosa – Is Ross
Marissa – yup
Omarossa – Marks isn’t a player .. Metta isn’t a player
MArissa except MEtta wins..

Omarossa – Metta wins anyways MArissa
Omarossa – now I’m thinking Brandi Mark.. the twist is the twist..

1:34pm HOH Omarossa, Brandi, Ari, Marissa

Omarossa says there was a deal with James not anybody else so if they win the veto they could take James out.
Brandi – he has to go ..
Omarossa – I hope everyone plays hard for the veto.
Marissa – harder than I’ve played before

2:05pm Omarossa, Brandi, Marissa
Omarossa says Metta was asked to be on Celebrity Big Brother in August but he didn’t agree until a week before.
Marissa says she was asked in November.
Omarossa says Metta could have come in super prepared.
Marissa knew there was an NBS player on the show but that is all she knew.. Feeds cut.

2:23pm Marissa, Brandi and Ross
They are not convinced that Metta really wants to go otherwise he would have left already. He could make it happen.

They tell Marissa her hair looks sexy ..
Brandi – it’s something different
Ross – pretty

Brandi says they’ve all told Oamrossa to go after James.
Brandi – She’s on board with getting James out..
Ross – you should give her a name she can get out an option
Marissa – I said Mark
Marissa laughs..
Brandi says Marissa is pushing Mark too hard.

Brandi mentions the POV twist says if one of them wins they have to get James out.
Ross – she knows (Omarossa) what she’s going to do she’s been filling time
Brandi about Omarossa – she’s telling us all different things

Brandi thinks she’s one of the nominations that is why Omarossa has been acting funny with her.
Marissa – worst case it’s two of this room
Branid – or one of us gets backdoored
Ross – it’s going to be you (Brandi) and me or Mark and Me

They talk about the upcoming schedule. There’s nominations and on MOnday evictions/HOH

Ross – I’m not sweating anything even if I’m nominated I’m not going to sweat it.. it is what it is
Brandi – just have fun
Ross – exactly .. on slop..

Ross leaves..
They bring up Ross freaking out.

2:30pm Mark taking it easy…


3:46pm Omarossa and Mark
She tells him that Ross has been her target from the start. She is planning on putting up Ross and Brandi.

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Omarossa really isn’t very bright. She’s got 2 moves:

1) Keep playing weak and b*tchy, so she stays a non-threat and one everybody wants in final 2…so she says HOH is just her veto and she’s ready to hear pitches for who wants who out, then BLOW it all up and rat everybody’s pitch. Create as much chaos and dissension as possible

2) She seems to grasp the girls and Ross alliance, so she should virtually ignore them and gather James, Metta, and Mark and pitch them that those 4 are running sh*t and their only hope is to get them out.

But instead she’s talking to everybody with no thought, loving the sound of her own voice, holding court, and making it easy for note-comparing on her and no matter who she gets out, she’s in huge peril next week.

Sakura Haruno

Omarosa may not be the HOH we wanted but the HOH we needed.

Time to put Ross/Brandi/Marrisa/Ari on the block!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway

Shannon is that you? I totally agree!!!


For someone saying he’s not nervous about being nominated…….. Ross is sure acting nervous this week if he or Marissa goes this week it would be okay with me. I’m more annoyed at Marissa because she’s disgusting I don’t think she washes her hands after she gets out the bathroom and eats like a pig .


She just never stops talking. Saying the same things over and over. It’s like she is stuck on repeat.


Their all boring, that’s why bb had to give them some booze. Omanoitall is annoying and needs to go and the only way bb can prove this isn’t rigged in oma’s favor is if she is not the winner. Talk about a snake. The twist should be to bring in Paul to fix this bloody boring mess!!! BRING IN PAUL BB!

Asthmarosa=Nomorosa Soon?

Asthmarosa plans to take out Ross and I love that idea even though I can’t stand her. I just hope someone takes her out next!!!


Did anyone notice on last nights episode how many hair extensions Brandi had? I think she could have made 3 wigs with all of that.


Somebody please mute marissa. My ears need a break from the incessant noise coming out of that woman.

Sugar Ray Fan

Why is everyone after Mark? I don’t get it. no one talks about getting out metta or even using him as a pawn and james is a far more dangerous player than Mark so can someone tell me why is Marissa, Ari and Brandi targeting Mark out of the other people left. Omarosa is literally the HOH right now so I don’t get how Mark is a bigger treat.

The Truth

Marissa, Brandi, Ariadna, and Ross are in an alliance so they aren’t going to tell Omarosa to target anyone from their group. They also know she made a safety deal with James in order to win the hoh comp so they can’t throw his name around either. Also, Omarosa has told them on numerous occassions that she will never nominate or vote for Metta to go home. Mark is really the only name they can toss out there right now.


They are trying to protect Ross…why, I don’t know. Didn’t Shannon get evicted for playing too hard? At this point, I think Ross has got her beat by a mile. I liked him at the beginning, but now I just can’t wait for him to go home! Omarasthma too!!!


Ha! Shannon is no longer in the house yet is 3rd on the ranking grid! She is a lock for America’s Favorite if they have it this season.

With Shannon gone, I’m pulling for Meta or James to win. The others are just vapid. Hoping Ross goes home this week….Omarosa next eviction….then Brandi & Marisa on a double.

Good Grief! Can someone get Omarosa out next eviction! Pleeeeease!


Totally agree with every word, YIKES! I couldn’t have said it all better!


What has Metta and Mark done? Right nothing. Lol
They were a waste to have on the show. No no I don’t want to see them win.
From agame point of view they are just there in it he way.

Omarosa for President 3020

I’m so happy Omarosa won! She’s not as bad as you people make it seem.


james is a singer
who is brandi I don’t know her is she famous


Brandi is a former model signed to Elite in Europe that became tabloid famous for being the jilted wife of a former soap opera actor having a much publicized affair with a country singer, and the very very very bitter divorce that arose from the affair.
Yeah, it’s not famous famous. At all. She brings in the real housewives demographic (I have no idea who that demographic is). Brandi was a replacement casting, brought on board in the hopes that she and Omarosa would eventually have a huge argument for ratings.
Then again, is James a singer singer… or an autotuned nickelodeon product that’s done pretty much nothing of consequence since he finished puberty? Seriously, I had absolutely NO clue who the heck he is. He brings in the post nickelodeon demographic. I think they brought him on board hoping he’d be shirtless most of the time.
They’re all D-List. At best.


So these celebs or fake. And we fell for the fake news. Lol
The only one I heard of was OnMo. The one everyone loves to hate.
Guess they did not get the drama they were hoping for. Hope it come soon
Cause we could get more drama watching a house full of cats and dogs together.




This wasn’t fair from the beginning. You new the girls was going to make a alliance and the guys had no chance. this isn’t the big brother I know , very disappointed and love the true big brother. The odds were so lopsided you new how it was going from day one.