Cam “I remember being in those rooms when she would talk sh1t with IZZY about you” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Cirie and Felicia going up. There’s a lot of talk about Blue going up if veto is played.

9:00 am Houseguest waking up. Cameron and Bowie
Cameron – Cirie is going to make you think. Cory is going to try and put Blue in your head HARD
Bowie – He’s already started
Cam – America is going to try and put Blue in your head
Cam – Blue is going to push for Cory and America … HARD
Cam – Me, Matt and Jag are are going to be like ‘let’s have fun’
Bowie – it’s definitely going to be Cirie and Felicia. Next week could be a double
Cam doesn’t doesn’t think the double will be until they’re 7 based on him and Cory’s best bet.
Bowie – I don’t care about jury votes really. I want to get through as many weeks as I can here.
Cam – you know that I work with you. You are my person. If I was going to do anything the best thing for me and YOu. Number one Cirie and Felicia that’s easy. That is the best call for all of us. If I was ever going to contemplate anything you know who the one person is going to be?
Bowie – Cory
Cam – Yeah, That might be a backdoor.
Cam – we know who has the votes. It’s ME, YOU, Matt and Jag. It’s done.
Cam – if we want to send him home this week we don’t need anyone’s permission.
Cam – If we really want to pull a trigger
Bowie – When I pick a team I stick to a team. I don’t want us to f** around and turn on each other.
Bowie – I know you are all great competitors..
Cam – No it’s the four of us. We are together. I had all the power last week and I decided not to put up Cory. I was that close.
Bowie – Cory was implying Cory and Blue.
Cam thinks that is funny says Blue would be the second one he would vote out after Cory.
Bowie – I know that
Cam – that means I’m going good
Cam – it will be an easy week to go Felicia and Cirie and take out Felicia. If we really wanted to take out a competitor to make our road easier it would be Cory.
Bowie – Not Cirie? She’s more dangerous than Felicia
Cam – on a competitor level we can put her out next week. We have the votes we can do whatever we want to do.
Bowie – I still think they’re team is HUGE and there’s only 3 left.
Bowie – how about me winning. Isn’t that funny.

Bowie says Cirie and Felicia are less likely to win next week.
Cam – less likely to win anything
Bowie – well Felicia nearly did. You know what? I was thinking last night I was so frazzled the whole way through. I was so pissed at the MEME thing. Got to the last I was in the tie breaker. I was like What the hell why Am I here? then I didn’t realize I could do the calculations on the board. I panicked and put a number. I was thinking about it last night I could have easily done the calculations and gone under to be safe.
Cam – there’s not going to be another one of those where Felicia gets lucky.
Bowie – The fact she wasn’t happy when I won (Cirie)
Cam – I’ve played this game with Cirie but at the end of the day. Hell I remember being in those rooms when she would talk sh1t with IZZY about you. I remember being in those rooms whenever they would f*** us over and she would sit right there and not say a word. She’s just as guilty as everyone else out there.
Bowie – even when Felicia would have a go at me like attacking me in the room Cirie was just sitting there nodding in the background. I said to her you were just sitting their nodding. She was like ‘yeah I know.. ‘
Bowie – I could have thrown Cirie under the bus but I didn’t..
Cam – she nodded because when you are not around she’s in complete agreement and Piling on every time. It’s disgusting
Cam – Cirie is a person that has everyone’s secrets except mine. Cause I don’t tell her sh1t
Bowie brings up that someone told Cirie that the live feeds show everything that happen on the season and Cirie was worried. “She goes ohh.. ohh.. ”
Bowie – I was like what have you been saying

9:40 am Cirie hat in hand and Bowie
Cirie – if you make it to the end it’s fine for me I anticipate that I want to vote for somebody that I had a real relationship from the beginning. You’re not bad for my game.
Cirie – I know you had a lot of conversations to have.. Nobody wants to be on the block. I never suggested to anyone ohh put up Bowie jane.
Cirie – moving forward in this game. I’m open to trusting, or even working.. you know what I’m saying I am never against you I have never been against you. I don’t know what else more to add to that.
Bowie says she doesn’t want Cirie gone but might have to use her as a Pawn. “No one will vote you out’
Cirie – MEME was a pawn.. that’s what scares me.
Bowie says she thinks she wants’ to put up Felicia.
Cirie – I’ve never thrown your name out there as a pawn. (LOL)
Cirie – I’ve never mentioned your name in a negative way. (LOL)
Bowie – The numbers are so small now.

Bowie – don’t freak out this is getting to the pointy part of the game.
Cirie – I won’t freak out.. you do what you need to do.

9:56 am Felicia hat in hand and Bowie
Felicia says she doesn’t want to go up on the block. They chat about what MEME said on her way out last night.
Bowie say with MEME – we couldn’t see her game because there was no game. That is what I told her in my goodbye message.
Felicia – I’ve always said we had our red hiccup but beside that I always felt like you and I connected from the very beginning. (LOL)
Felicia – I’ve always tried to stay genuine with you.
Felicia – keep in mind that next week you can’t play.
Felicia goes on about how Cory is throwing all the competitions.
Bowie says during the HOH last night she didn’t realize she can use the board to do calculations so she panicked and put down a number.
Felicia says Cory wants to wait until final 5 to start winning HOH’s “I love America and Cory to death but if we aren’t too careful”

10:06 am Cirie and Felicia whispering away about their conversation with Bowie.
Cirie says if she’s up against Blue they plan to send home Blue. If it’s Cirie and Felicia they want to send out Felicia.

10:20 am Cameron pushing for a Cory backdoor

10:23 pm – 10:50 am Bowie and Cory
Cory – this might stress you out. It’s been a chaotic 24 hours umm.. I don’t know if you catch this.. 48 hours ago there was 5 people in this house that I trusted 100%, You, Matt, Jag, America, and Cameron. Now I feel like there’s four people I trust 100%
Cory – Cameron has been going to Matt and Jag if they wanted to backdoor me. Before the HOH.
Cory – he’s been coming to me and America saying how Matt and Jag are massive threats, they are closer to each other, we should be really careful around them.
Bowie – how do you know?
Cory – Matt and Jag told me.
Cory – yesterday we were in the scary room the 5 of us.
Cory thinks Cameron is going to push to be him up. “the thing that has become very obvious to me. Cam and Blue are VERY close”
Bowie – YEAH, I’ve noticed that
Cory – they’re in the bathroom for three hours while all of us are talking in the scary room. For HOURS
Bowie – what are they talking about?
COry says during the Zombie week, Jared, Blue and Cam got really close.
Cory adds that matt and jag convinced Cameron not to backdoor him last week otherwise he would have been.
Cory says next week if Blue wins HOH him and America and put up Bowie as the replacement.
Cory – if blue wins hoh and I win the veto you are in a lot of trouble
Bowie – Yeah
Cory goes through scenarios one is to put up Felicia and Cirie. Tell CAm and Blue the plan is to backdoor Cory but it really is to back door Blue. “He’ll take down Cirie or Felicia thinking you’ll put up me but you’ll put up Blue”
Bowie – that could be a good option
Cory goes on about Cameron and Blue
Bowie tells him she’s leaning towards going to Felicia and Cirie route.

11:00 am Blue and Bowie
Blue doesn’t believe what MEME said about Bowie when she was evicted. Blue says Corey and America are scheming “He’s using everyone and I think he threw this comp.. this was his comp to win”
Blue – is there anything that worries you about next week because you can’t play?
Blue says it’s dangerous to keep Cory.
Bowie – then America is fine on her own
Blue – yeah

Feeds flip.

Kitchen crew is doing a mock veto draw.

Feeds flip back to Bowie and Blue. Bowie is telling Blue she’s good this week.
Bowie called to the Diary room. As she walks down “This is my second redbull”

11:34 am Cory and Cameron
They talk about the HOH competition. Cory mentions how crazy it is that they are final 9 and 70 days in. (The best BB seasons are the short BB seasons, I would rather 2 short seasons at 70 days then one long one)

Cory leaves to grab his sunglasses

11:37 am Cory and AMERICA
Cory gives her a quick rundown of his talk with Bowie. Cory thinks if they all push for Cameron Bowie will do it otherwise Bowie is going Felicia and Cirie.
America – if we all push for that she said she’s down?
Cory – she seemed opened.
America – It’s me, jag and Matt that haven’t talked to her. Cam has set up camp up there.
Cory – I’m going up there to talk to him.

11:58 am Blue and Matt
Blue says Bowie has to be working with Cory and America “why else wouldn’t you put them up”
Blue now says the reason Bowie isn’t putting up Cory/America is that she feels protected “She feels protected with me, You and Jag and Cameron, Cory and America.
Matt – yeah
Blue wants Matt and Jag to go to Bowie and be like “I don’t know if you put up Felicia and Cirie you’re not as protected as you think you are” (LOL)
They agree if noms stay the same it will be Felicia leaving.
Blue keeps pushing for Matt to get Jag to push for Cory and America noms.
Blue – Cory is a national champion he knows how to convince people and he convinced Bowie somehow.
Matt – Felicia was not happy.
Blue – I just told Cirie, You need to calm her down.

12:15 pm Bowie and America
Bowie – I’m exhausted.. I’m on my second red bull
America – there’s two options right.. Cam is trying to pit us against each other. He’s been saying the duo’s have to go.. implying Matt/Jag are a duo.
America says last week he was trying to backdoor Cory “He feels like it’s him, Matt and Jag as a Trio and Me, Cory, Cam as a trio”
Bowie – double trios
America goes on about how Cameron and Blue are close. “Final two stuff”
Bowie says Cirie and Felicia never liked her for some reason.
Bowie says she’s not caring about jury votes she’s wanting to get as far as she can. Right now there’s two people that don’t like her. (Cirie and Felicia)
America says Cirie’s noms would be her and Cory. Felicia would try to do a big move and put up Matt and Jag.
Bowie points out that everyone thinks Felicia is going to do poorly in comps but she’s actually does well in the mental ones. “She’s pretty smart”

They hug.

12:45 pm Bowie and Jag
Bowie – people are pushing the cory/America or the blue thing
Jag – Blue/cam thing
Bowie – that is exactly what you said would happen.. that is perfect but not for this week.
Jag – how are you doing?
Bowie – Fine, I still want to do Cirie and Felicia.
Jag – here’s the thing.. Cory and America are trying to pull me and Matt. They are saying it has to be Blue and Cam. they won’t get off our a$$es
Jag – Cam was downstairs just now talking to me saying it has to be Cory and America. Literally .. he was saying let’s blow this b1tch up drop a grenade.
Bowie – he didn’t say that to me.
jag – He said ohh it will be as easy as us going up to Bowie and say lets do this and she’ll f***ing do it.
Bowie – No you do your own thing
Jag – Cory and America are a pair. Cam and Blue are now pulling me and Matt to put up Cory and America which is scary why the f** would cam want to do that? Remember when we were in this room saying let them take shots? So now suddenly he’s on team blue wants to take a shot at Cory.
Jag – Cam and Blue are teaming up
Bowie – right..
Jag – it’s f**Ing scary
Jag – Cory and America we know has to go eventually to. THey’re not wrong when they say Cam and Blue are teaming up.
Jag – either cam or Blue have to go this week.
Jag says if Blue leaves this week. Cam wins next week goes after Cory. If Cam leaves this week and Blue wins HOH next she’ll go after Cory.
Jag – we take a shot at Cory he leaves this week now Blues and Cam’s number one target are gone.
Jag says if Cory leaves Matt, Jag and her are all possible targets the following week.
Bowie says Blue is more scary to her than Cam. “She’s prepared to LIE LIE LIE LIE”
Jag – worst case scenario is probably cory going home
Bowie – we don’t want Cory out.
Jag – best case Scenario is either Blue or Cam going home
Bowie – I feel more comfortable with Blue

Jag says Cam is pitting people against each other
Bowie – Yeah I don’t like that
Jag says he thinks the best play is Felicia and Cirie for now and they see how the veto plays out.
Jag – Cam is HEAVY on the cory train, So is Blue and everyone else
Bowie – the entire house is saying they want Cory America. Except for Cory and America.
Jag – no me, Not you, not Matt, not Cory and America which is technically the majority
Bowie says Cirie is still controlled the house through other people
Jag goes on about the Cory and America in the game right now is good for them.

1:02 pm Matt and Bowie
Matt says there’s two stories have you put up Cory/America or Blue/Cameron ‘Everyone outside of cory/america want you to put up Cory and America
Matt doesn’t think putting Blue and Cameron up is smart.
Matt – Cam is getting worried
Bowie – he’s going to dig his own grave
Matt – putting u9p Cirie and Felicia is best.
Bowie – I agree
Matt – I can make sure Cirie and Felicia pick me to win the veto. We win it
Matt says if Cory is gone Cam will go after him and Jag if Cory stays Cam goes after him.
Matt says Cameron and Blue are working together. Cameron said if he wins veto he won’t use it because he’s worried Blue is going up.
Bowie points out that Cameron isn’t in as good shape as everyone thinks “He hasn’t worked out once”
MaTt continues to push for them to take out Blue and Cameron first.

1:22 pm Bowie and Felicia
Bowie tells her she’s going up
Felicia – I keep landing on the block I guess I”m the easy target
Felicia goes on about her gut telling her she’s going to be nominated. “You know me I go with my GUT”
Felicia reminds her she has a couple of good options when Veto gets played.

Bowie Jane breathes out heavy look out the door “Anyone else?”

1:27 pm Felicia and Cirie
Fe – “it’s me and you, She actually told me”
Fe – they are all in on this. the whole damn house. Matt and Jag are there talking
Felicia goes on about Cory and America going up to the HOH pushing for the two of them to go up.
Cirie- this doesn’t make sense
Fe – so they’re not the two that go up.
Felicia adds that Cory/America are making it look like they are fighting for them but in reality they’re getting them nominated.
Fe – America ain’t going up there to tell her to put up BLUE
Cirie thinks maybe the other side is starting to break up. “This could be it cause Bowie Jane gonna tell it to whomever said what to whom”
Feeds flip..

1:30 pm Matt, Jag, Cam, Bowie
Cam – They would tell you to leave
Bowie – Yeah
Cam – f** you
Jag – are you f**ing
Cam – they use to just tell her to leave.. ‘okay Bowie go away’
Jag – they would tell you that sh1t?
Cam- It’s f**ed up
Bowie – it was more like I walk into a room and all the conversations would stop…
Cam – have you talked to everybody?
Bowie – yeah
Cam – then lets hang out
Bowie – I need to get dressed. I look like sh1t
Cam – no you don’t
Bowie – I Doooo

Feeds cut.

2:11 pm Feeds return to Cameron and America chit chatting

2:50 pm waiting for noms

2:57 pm Matt and Cory
Cory – I don’t know exactly what America said to Cirie and Felicia. America was like I told Cirie and Felicia umm.. that we don’t want them on the block. That was me, her you and I think Jag. I don’t know exactly why she said that. It’s fine I guess.. Right?
Cory – I guess it’s good that Cirie and Felicia think we are fighting for them. I just don’t know if that throws Bowie under the bus.
Matt – Yeah.. What did America tell them?
Cory – I think it was like We don’t want you on the bloc. So who does that leave? You might want to figure out exactly what she said. I just want to warn you. I told her that probably wasn’t smart. Again I don’t know exactly what she said. It might get a bit messy.
Matt – She included all of us..

3:30 pm Chilling

4:00 pm Chilling

4:25 pm Feeds go to pound

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Bulldog Bully Momma Fe so stupid telling Cirie “Yeah Cory sitting in scramble room chair trying to listen to what Matt, Jag, and Cameron are saying in the scary room. I am going to block him” she waddles out comic room talks to Cory then grandly opens the scary room to catch Cory eavesdropping to find NO ONE IN SCARY ROOM. what a salami in her robe eating fool that bulldog is! EVICT HER!


It’s boring but Bowie’s doing what’s best for her game. Cam, Matt, jag, America, and Cory are targeting each other, not her, so no reason to stick her neck out and put herself in the crosshairs.

Game fan

this is final 9 ! when would you make a move?
she might not get anothe hoh!
she should do blue with fe/cirie they are too sure veto is gonna be used
if noms stays the same bowie didnt eliminate someone who is a threat to her


she doesn’t really need to make a move. if the boys eliminate each other and she ends up in a final against america she has a really good chance of winning as most of the house sees america as just riding cory’s coattails and unworthy of winning the whole game. she also could beat cirie, felicia, and possibly blue.

next week everyone’s target is cory/america except for cory/america themselves and possibly cam. she shouldn’t end up on the block no matter what and the week after that it’s probably a similar situation of everyone targeting the boys. meanwhile most of the women hate each other but have much stronger beefs with each other than with bowie, so again she finds herself in a pretty safe spot. bowie can definitely float to final 6 at which point she’s guaranteed to play in every veto and her game is in her own hands.

this week is all about not making waves that get her noticed and as long as blue doesn’t win veto and use it on cirie (at which point bowie would be forced to choose among the boys), bowie’s likely to remain off everyone’s radar.

Game fan

I know she isn’t going to be a target! But she isn’t gonna win. She is not making it to the finals with America if a guy is there in the final 3 he is taking the final hoh and the win.


Felicia blue cirie are actually the biggest threats to Bowie. Cam wants her f2 and Corey/America matt/jag want her to be their 3rd so she can sit back till f4 or f5 and let them get each other

Game fan

Yeah how is it going to help her to get FIRST PLACE

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Can’t wait to see the dirty grandma’s faces when F-ing Bowie Jane puts them up.


They’ll look about the same as when they didn’t tell her about the red vote. Perfect karma


You can be passionate about the game but everyone in the game has a name. “Dirty” isn’t it. Let’s be respectful to everyone. Please and Thank you.

Game fan

they know.


Bowie knows that she wouldn’t go on the block in a Cam, Matt, Jag, Cory, or America HOH, so why would she target anyone but Cirie, Felicia, and Blue? Cam can push the Cory backdoor and Matt/Jag and Cory/Am can push whatever but at the end of the day Bowie knows F/Ci/Blue are the only ones she’s considering going this week.


SO NO ONE WANTS TO MAKE A BIG MOVE! Cutie n Felicia is the boring move. They just got rid of MEME because she can win comps! Well what’s the reason for going after Felicia n Cirie if they can’t win comps! Target Cory because he can win comps!

Spot ON

” Well what’s the reason for going after Felicia n Cirie if they can’t win comps”

It’s a really DARK REASON.


Well there’s no other possible reason besides the big R right? It’s the ONLY REASON. bwahahahahaha


Cirie would be a big move, too. If she makes it to the end, they’ll vote for her to win. Everybody likes her, and everyone still comes to her for advice.


Felicia almost won HoH last night




Hum, spot on’s response is still here? Interesting.

Another Dixie

Yep, she thought 1 week lasted 249,000 minutes (34 days)


That is exactly the Logic that hands Cirie and Felicia the game. You put them up because they talk smack about her. Both Cirie and Felicia can win if they make it to the end.

Spot ON

Who says lighting can’t strike twice?

It only takes one second or one more correct answer and you can have CIRIE and/or FELICIA winning HOH or VETO. AND THEN WHAT?

The two can conceivably end up in F3 or F2 BY PURE ACCIDENT, while JAG, MATT, and CORY would still be debating when to make the “big move”. They are being cautious to the point of being STUPID.


I think the 2 oldest woman are the most immature and petty. To be talking about how Bowie is lying about her age, and she must be in her 40s, is disgusting. What a bunch of bitter hags. Play the game and stop being gross.


But….. they’re right ?????

Felicia’s crusty feet

They’re both catty….. maybe a little jealous?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, how would Felicia feel if Bowie was sitting around discussing what happened to Felicia’s Hair ???

If Bowie was sitting around talking about Cirie’s age, etc…

They need to play the game, stop being bitter rude people who are really just upset because the tables turned, and they are not on the winning side anymore.


That’s right. Stop calling Jared a gangster and saying he would harm them; and he probably never been in the hood. Oh wait, we’re just talking about someone saying their older than what they are. There is a difference. This feed is a comedy show!

Team Hisam

lol, Bowie is 45 and in her pre interview she said she was going to lie and pretend she’s 35. Sorry, but Bowie cannot pass for 35.

Spot ON

Her “love handles” gives her away. BADLY.

She seemed to try really hard to be the age that she is NOT. Just look at the way she dresses, her haircut, etc.
I guess her playing techno music in her gigs she never heard Nirvana say: “Come, as you are”

un autre nom

So your game is being pulled along to finals as everyone’s second place layup.
What’s the big move for your game.
Keep everyone that considers you their third.
Target everyone that doesn’t consider you their layup, and everyone else considered a layup.

For a ‘drag me further’ player?
Survivor Cirie fans, think of the 321 vote. Cirie eliminated the alpha males’ layup hoping to be their only layup option.
Bowie has history with Fe/Ci. There’s a month of fbj and ‘teeth’ clips showing they aren’t taking fbj anywhere.
Every ally is naming Cirie as part of their endgame. So her allies want multiple layups.
Bowie wants to be THE layup to everyone.

For Bowie, the BIG move is getting rid of anyone else that’s a layup OR anyone that hasn’t named Bowie in endgame.


Gan ainm

Unfortunately Bowie is the only one that wants to get rid of Cirie.Will we ever be rid of her?

un autre nom

put matt next to her. only way she goes in the next 2 weeks with a twist incoming.

un autre nom

Why did she say Cam/Am the related players?
She was intentionally trying to imply incest.
No, in interviews she elaborated ‘texas cousins’ kind of thing.
That was her intent.
Stick to twitter Meme. Waste of space camtalker that did nothing but bitch and moan about people playing big brother while all she would do is cam talk commentate as that twitterbasicbitch.
Complete disappointment.

Reminds me of a highschool friend that used to whine about being perceived as a bitch.
After a while you have no choice but to tough love, “If you don’t want people to think you’re a bitch, stop being such a bitch.”
That’s where I landed with Meme.


Of all of your posts, un autre nom, this one disappoints me the most. I have always loved reading your posts, whether I agreed with them or not. Now, not so much.

un autre nom

sounds like a you issue not a me issue.
so why do you think i care?
since you came for me in the form of a pseudo- guilt trip not my comment, let’s be clear:
I don’t comment for anyone’s approval. I share my opinions, and don’t give a damn if people agree with me or not.
Don’t like my comments? scroll or rebut the comment.

Start by telling me why incest was appropriate and not just a bitch being a bitch.



The incest part of your comment bothered me the most. The “bitch being a bitch” did not bother me at all. I loved your reaction to your high school friend. To imply, on a national thread, that anyone thinks that Cam would enter into a relationship of incest with anyone, including America, is a disappointment. Did Meme actually use the word incest or is that your word for her thoughts? For you to imply her thoughts were incest is a slam at Meme, Cameron, and America. Incest is a criminal offense and too strong a word for you to use for Meme’s intent.

You’re right, with me, it’s a “me issue.”

I love that you share your opinions without caring whether people agree with you or not. You do so with a unique methodical style of writing that few people have. That’s why I love reading your comments. I would be willing to bet that most people think your comments are some of the best.

And, like you, I shared my opinion.

un autre nom

she did not use the word incest. she implied.
when she says “like a texas cousin” relationship (quote from an interview) she is saying they were relatives and flirting incestuously wink wink style.
It was most definitely her intent to malign them.

Your response was read before I even started brewing my coffee. I’ve been told that morning me is a cross between a freight train and a grizzly megabitch, and should never “people” before being caffeinated. My apologies for being an ass and snippy.


Thank you for the apology. You are not an ass.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Why is Bowie sign up for Big Brother ???

Bowie has no opinion, I know that it was wrong for Cirie and her crew to pick on Bowie, the problem they had with Bowie, she never had any input, it appeared that she just wanted to be told how to vote.

Remember, Bowie just wanted to make it to Jury, I’ve never heard Bowie say anything about if she wins, or if she can just make it to final 2, all Bowie wanted was to make it to Jury.

What is really getting old in my opinion is, listening to Jag & Matt. They are the biggest floaters I’ve ever seen play Big Brother, Jag is just as much of a snake as Corey is. When Cam is HOH, Jag is all buddy buddy with Cam, as soon as Cam has no power, Jag is back to trying to get Cam put up, or backdoor Cam.

I understand Cam is a good when it comes to the competitions, but if Jag had a back bone, why doesn’t he stop playing the middle, stop floating from HOH to HOH, win a damn HOH and then let’s see what Jag can do.

I don’t mention Matt as much as I mention Jag, because in my opinion, Matt is just like Bowie. Matt is a Follower, and a BIG FLOATER. If Reilly was still in the game, Matt would be doing whatever Reilly told him to do, butt since she’s gone, Jag tells Matt what to do, what to think, and Matt just does as he’s told.

Cam just does not get it, he thinks that Jag & Matt are working with him, I was pulling for Cam, but he brags about how good he is, but he is completely in the dark when it comes to reading people.

Cam thinks Jag & Matt are working with him, they will keep him safe, Jag & Matt never give 100% to winning an HOH after Cam, because they use Cam during his HOH, and then they float over to the next HOH, and if they win Veto, they work with the HOH to backdoor Cam.

Bowie being the HOH, if Cam does not play in the Veto, Jag & Matt will convince her to get rid of Cam, and if Cam cannot see that Jag & Matt pushed Bowie to put Cam up, then Cam is really not very good at Big Brother. Cam keeps trusting Jag, but Jag doesn’t trust Cam.

Jag mentioned something about Cam betraying him the 1st week, REALLY Jag !! Cam has protected your sorry floating ass for his past HOH wins. Jag is still holding onto something that happened with him and Cam from week 1 ? No, Jag is just a WIMP, and he’s afraid to win HOH and put Cam up, Jag plays a very cowardly game, I wish Cam would realize that Jag controls Matt, Jag only works with Cam when Cam is the HOH.

I thought Cam would be safe this week with Bowie winning HOH, but Bowie is easily led, Jag will convince her to put up Cam as the backdoor plan, that really sucks, because Cam has tried to make Bowie feel like she’s not playing alone, he has her back, Bowie is weak.

Next year, Production needs to do a much better job picking contestants for BB 2024. Also, please get rid of the stupid twists, stop interfering with the game, get some people who are willing to play, get rid of the wimpy FLOATER type people, it makes for a very boring season.

No more people who just want to make it to Jury like Bowie.

BB Princess

Agree with you 100%! Thank you for taking the time to type out what a lot of us are thinking!

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

You mean twists like the one that got your favorite back in the game? Bowie is making the smart play for her. If cam jag matt corey or america win hoh next week is bowie hitting the block? No. If cirie or felicia win hoh could she hit the block? Absolutely, even if it’s as a pawn to one of those two she could still be voted out.

Spot ON

“If Reilly was still in the game, Matt would be doing whatever Reilly told him to do, butt since she’s gone, Jag tells Matt what to do”

Yeah….with her “butt”…ass you stated…lol


Cam’s bragging used to bother me, but then I realized he does that to the cameras in the HOH room or in the Diary Room, when he is alone. I don’t recall him doing the bragging in front of the other houseguests. I don’t get the live feeds.


Cory thinking he can manipulate Bowie Jane is comedy to me. Also those of you saying it’s “not a big move” are not great with game theory. Bowie Jane gets out either Cirie or Fe and the others shoot at eachother while she decides which group to side with.
It’s still relatively early. Taking out any of the fugitives or Comerica puts her on a side and there is no reason to get involved in a war of your enemies vs your enemies.
Plus I bet Cam Would take her to the end.

The Beef

I’m hoping Bowie is just telling those chickens what they want to hear, and when push comes to shove she’ll do the right thing and protect the one who’s been working WITH her the whole game….Cam. Guess we’ll find out depending on how things go with the Veto tomorrow through Monday.


What nerve! Cory sounds threatening when he repeatedly tells Bowie that she can’t play next week and dictates all of the different scenarios she could find herself in. I don’t like his talk and, if I were her, Cory would be a definite backdoor this week. Bowie should throw a bit of scare into Fe,/Cirie and put them up then use Cory as a replacement nominee. Goodbye Cory!

Nether Region Euphemism

Nah. He speaks in a very clinical way, not threatening.

People really overreact to such a benign guy. I think Bowie is chill enough to not perceive it that way.

Oh my

Nah, he’s an arrogant little dweeb. Cory’s not making it to final 2,3 or 4. Too many people know his game and now the “user” is being used.

Nether Region Euphemism

I find it fascinating that so many people can interpret a guy like Cory as arrogant. I think people are envious of nerdy intellectuals with bright futures who could talk circles around them and leave them with their mouths agape.

It can’t be you that’s the nitwit, so it must be him that’s being arrogant.

Oh my

He’s still a socially inadequate dweeb! You big dummy!

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

I get it now. You’re 12.


Best laugh of the day!


Felicia will talk herself into staying on the block if not both of them depending on who wins POV comp. On the bright side, Cirie is finally getting to compete in that competition!!!

Game fan

might very well happen.
i think blue winning the veto is the only thing to stop that –
as i do belive cam would use the veto

Game fan

maybe bowie winning the veto would also save blue lol but unlikely


I wish (does it ever happen?) that there were no one on one’s. It would be so refreshing for someone to offer advice and the HOH to just say – no thanks im good. You’ll know whats going on when we have noms.

un autre nom

What i feel she’s been saying in Bowieism language:
I have my team.
Anyone not on my team can go.
When you are hoh, we’ll go after your target.
When I am hoh, we go after my target.
As a team.

in other words: blue, cirie and felicia are on the table.

Gan ainm

It should be Cirie.F’nBowieJane can do what Cam couldn’t.

Time to PLAY

To me, that’s kind of what Cam did. He held his cards close & didn’t tell anyone – at least with his first nominations. I sure hope he & Bowie Jane make it to final 2!

Game fan

sam did that on season 20


finally cirie is getting nommed
get her ass out!

Gan ainm

Jag needs a bigger turban to cover his ego.

Spot ON

Can’t understand the appeal of that guy in the house. He’s constantly backstabbing and nobody seems to take note.


Spot ON, I don’t know what’s happening to me. Your posts used to drive me insane. For the last several weeks, I’m agreeing with almost all of your posts.

The Beef

So according to Cory, America, Matt and Jag, Cameron and Blue are “getting really close” and are “working together”. I don’t know what the rest of you guys think, but they must be communicating telepathically because, unless Simon and Dawg are holding back on some secret conversations between those two, I don’t remember seeing any conversations between them that would indicate they are any “closer” or that they have started working together here recently, with recently being any time since Cam was evicted from the house roughly 15 days ago.

So in other words, all this is just more lies, paranoia and just typical chickenshit type game play from the usual suspects, and I hope Bowie doesn’t fall for it, or at least before she does, she has the integrity to talk to Cam to see if she can “flush out” things to see if there’s anything to this (there’s not), before making a mistake and acting on it. Several of them have made comments in the past about not liking it when they think somebody is trying to get them to “do their dirty work for them”, which is exactly what they’re doing to Bowie by lying to her face about Cam and Blue, but I guess it’s OK if you’re the one doing it and not the one having it done to you.

I’ve pretty much had it with Jag and Matt. Cory too. All three of them have been added to the list of people who can kiss my ass from now on, starting yesterday. I’ll also warmly welcome them to the Evicted Houseguest Club just as soon as humanly possible.


The way that Blue had been acting and talking during Cameron’s HoH plus Matt and Jag being there during one of the conversations where Blue was trying to get Cory put up is why they are thinking Blue and Cameron are together

BB Fangirl

No I don’t think they actually think that he is tight with her. They just want to throw him under the bus. It’s hella slimy.

Gan ainm

Bowie is in a great position this week with everyone exposing their game to her as she sits in the middle of Cam Jag/Matt Cory/America.If she takes out one of the 3 gremlins and lets her allies take each other out she picks up who is ever left increasing her odds of making it to finale night.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Fingers crossed that Blue goes this week ….. sick of her fake ass….,,.for that matter, Cirie & her mile high weave bun can lay in bed at jury house too

Spot ON

BLEW is disgustingly gross in her “game”


Geezo pete, anyone notice how good Bowie is at not telling anyone each others secrets? What is disturbing to me is Cam telling Bowie that the two of them, Jag and Matt are a foursome. Then to hear Matt and Jag come to Bowie and push to get Cam out. Seems they are over playing. Whoever Bowie puts up as long as it is not them they should be ok with because they talk too much and are going to put a target on their backs because they can not be trusted. It is Bowie’s HOH and tell her whoever she puts up they are ok with it…have fun it is your HOH, but NOOOOOO they have to try to control it. Why they are not in danger? Bad gameplay.

Time to PLAY

I agree – and I HOPE Bowie Jane lets Cam in on how many people are gunning for him. Although he’s smart enough that he probably knows. I hope he gets Cory & Jag out soon!

Backseat Driver

Bottom line: This BB season is waaaay too long! I don’t know about the rest of you but I am exhausted!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Same here, it would not seem like such a long season, if we had people playing, not being scared to advance their game. Noooo, they worry about upsetting someone.


Cameron give back Cory his sunglasses you know your spiteful a$$ took them. Cameron is using his full military tactics on Cory just to throw Cory off his game. Such weak dealing Cameron, being threatened by a 22 year old man….

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Corey needs to lay in the sun as much as possible. He has got to be the most pale person I’ve ever seen, he looks like a damn Ghost.


Actually not true. Last season there was a houseguest that got extremely pale because he wasn’t eating properly so Production had to make sure that he had certain Shakes (and I am pretty sure Jasmine took one of his)

Spot ON

And did you look at his feet in a previous pic? Totally pasty white below the ankle. WEIRD when the guy lives in SoFla based on his bio. Certainly not a “beach person”. WEIRD.


And why do you think Cameron is being threatened by Corey?

Matt’s Moon Pie Face

Bowie best not nominate Cam, he had her back all these weeks. How can Matt and Jag make those cute assassin hand gestures with Cam then stab him in the back!?

Game fan

It’s a game . With one winner.
Should you think about your friends and family rooting for you back home or someone you met in the last three months.


I can not stand Jag, Matt, Cory and America. Matt and Jag are looking like fools. They are over playing and I hope it blows up in their face. If Bowie puts Cam up or back doors him she is weak and an idiot! Cam has protected her and how she can’t see that it is beyond me. If she follows through keeping Cam safe then Bowie is finally playing the game for herself! Her and Cam final 2!!

Oh my

Why would Bowie EVER backdoor Cameron? He’s been ride or die with her since week one. Has always looked out for her and let her know what’s going on. Jag and Matt are tanking themselves with her because once again (as usual), they’re on that target Cameron conversation. They just laughed and joked with him last week, ate his food, stayed using his room and now pushing a backdoor. But they keep telling her, Cameron can’t be trusted!? And why Cory trying to look like a mini Cameron? LOL!!! He looks like a little boy trying to copy his big brother. Do these morons remember saying how close Cameron and Bowie are. And finally, why do America alway look stink? I don’t care what college she went too. That girl looks funky.

Spot ON

She seems to be a clubber clubbing every weekend playing techno music. Figure it out


I’m hoping, (but not optimistic) that BJ and Cam have some good alone time and she confides in him what Matt/Jag have been doing. She KNOWS he trusts them, he talked to her about it during his HOH. But, BJ doesn’t have very good insight. Maybe DR will help her. LOL

un autre nom

early wakeup call and late nom ceremony.
on the week an HOH wants to nom the stuntcast.
good thing the HOH studied contract law.

BB Fangirl

I wish so badly that Bowie would go to Cameron and be like “Jag is saying you said this.” Like Jag really has balls to blatantly lie like that and trust that Bowie Jane isn’t going to look into it. He’s flat out lying/putting Cam’s name to things other people have actually said with no qualms about it. What’s his religion again because I think he needs to go to whatever it’s equivalent of reconciliation is. Sheeeeesh. Snakes are snaaaaaking.


And this is exactly why Cam should have taken his shot at Cory with the BD last week. He is nothing but a shield for Matt and Jag. They are already pushing for him to go on the block instead of Cory. And trying to manipulate Bowie to do what they want. I want the veto to be used just to see Bowie expose her hand. For all her talk about Meme not having her own game, neither does she. So let’s see which side gets to make her renom for her.

Mad Max

Cirie and Flea…….how do you choose between the two most worthless “players” in the house? Make it a double please!