“I’m going to tell her if it weren’t for me and Corey you wouldn’t be here right now” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron did not use the veto.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

12:55 pm Blue and Corey
Corey tells her that Felicia was trying to get America to campaign to Cameron to get him up.
They talk about Felicia calling out Corey.

12:58 pm Matt, Bowie and America, Felicia, Cam.
Felicia is called to the diary room and leaves. Cam follows her out to the kitchen to make food.
America – what was the point of that other than making people feel uncomfortable?
Bowie – She (Felicia) said I have nothing to lose..
Bowie – She (Felicia) was coming in (HOH) fired up
Bowie – she’s assuming she’s going now. she feels like she has nothing to lose.
America – what is the point
Matt – She could have gone out peacefully. she would have a better chance surviving if she hadn’t blown up. Now she’s blown up and we’re all GET OUT.
Bowie – Totally
America – I’m going to tell her if it weren’t for me and Corey you wouldn’t be here right now.
Bowie – I know seriously..
America – the Izzy week she was going home it was me and Corey that rallied the votes to save her.
Bowie – You should remind her. Without you rallying there was no way not after the week I was blindsided.
America – if she tries to talk again.
(Sounding like Felicia spazzed out on Corey and America)
Feeds flip


1:03 pm Cam getting mad at the camera again “HEY Don’t you start with me”

Jag joins him.

1:10 pm Jag and Cameron
Cameron mentions he met with Bowie about naming there group of four.
cam – I told her I wasn’t going to be a swan
jag – a what?
Cam – she’s all about he Sydney swans. her football team
Jag – that’s funny..

1:13 pm Feeds back to the HOH group. Matt, America and Bowie.
Matt – Jared was way way more dangerous..
America = she (FE) brought up the whole weren’t you glad Cam left.
matt – you were like YEAH i was next to him
America – I was on the block next to him
Bowie – that was a silly thing to say
America – stupid
Bowie – she said we’ll watch back the tapes.. Watch back the tapes we’ll see you lying.
MAtt – you can go do it and let us know in two months.
America – you can roll the tapes back on Thursday night when you are home (LOL)
Bowie laughs “Ahh bloody hell”
Matt – she got too sloppy
Bowie – sloppy from the start
America – if anyone’s been carried it’s her
bowie – yeah 100%
Matt – she’s been protected..
America – the whole 7 deadly sins was putting you guys in front
Matt – we were the protectors
Matt cays Cam told him he was being used by Felicia, Izzy and Cirie.
Bowie brings up Felicia saying “Changing your behaviour and going to speak to the HOH hanging there”
America – that was at you
Matt – ohh that was about you?
Bowie – yeah
America – they are shitting on you all the time
Matt – why would you hang out with them
Bowie – exactly.. I’m not going to hang out with the people that don’t speak to me. I’m going to hang out with the people that speak to me.
Matt jokes “we Keep Felicia”
America – I DO NOT want her in Jury I’m SO GLAD she’s going to be gone.
Matt – she’d be a VERY bitter juror
America – 1000% .. coming up with theories..
Feeds flip.. (Sigh the flips this year have starved us of all the juicy stuff)

1:27 pm Jag and Corey
Jag says that Matt and him were fighting for his life in the HOH last night.
Jag says Blue is getting more bold saying Corey in the house isn’t in her game. She also said Cameron.
Jag warns him about Blue.
Jag says that Blue was trying to get him to go for safety and Matt for the money during the HO on thursday.
Jag – straight up.. I was like NO. It’s super f**ing weird if I went for safety.
Corey – it’s hard for me to consider targeting anyone else other than Blue. that has to happen.
Jag – agreed.
Corey – I don’t care about anyone in this house outside, you, matt and America. Cameron needs to go but I don’t think it’s next week.
Corey says one of the thoughts of getting Jared out was that Blue would come closer to them instead she’s further away.
They agree it’s “Horse sh1t” that MEME picked her for Veto.
Corey says he wasn’t trusting Blue he wishes Jag would have told him earlier that she was targeting him.
Jag didn’t want people to feel SUSS all of a sudden.

Corey says he appreciates Jag looking out for him last night with Cameron.

1:51 pm Felicia and Jag
Felicia going on about Corey.
Felicia – my game isn’t over. I am blunt and very bold that is why I am here.. I can be a shield for you guys,.. Any moves your want made I can make it.
Felicia says she’s good with Cirie now even though Cirie did “Stuff” to her earlier at the end of the say “You have to trust somebody” She goes on about trusting Jag, Cirie and Matt.
Felicia – what cameron is doing is fake.. when he’s not HOH he’s back to sitting in his room by himself.. THAT IS REAL
Felicia says Corey and America are just out for themselves “They will be feeding information trying to defect people away from them”
Felicia is pissed about Corey throwing competitions and not showing the world where he stands.
Felicia – he’s played a low key game where he never shows his hand.. (LOL Corey’s not on the block)
Felicia – if I leave be careful that’s the game he plays he’s used everybody else to accomplish what he needs to accomplish because he FEEDS LIES/ He lays in all these rooms and acts like he’s sleeping.
Felicia – he not asleep (LOL )
Felicia – he’s hearing every conversations and feeding bits and pieces to people. Guess what they said, Guess what they started, Guess what they did.
Jag – mmmmhmmm Yeah
Felicia – If I get you, Matt, Cire, Bowie jane I stay in this house and I will further your game. I won’t make it to the end. I’m okay with THAT but I would like to make it to the jury house.
Felicia – I want to help take out him, America and F****ING Cameron. I don’t know what alliances you’ve made with Cameron/..
Felicia – he’s not going to let you sit next to him. he might let GOOFY head right there sit next to him thinking that the JURY won’t pick him more than me.
Felicia – he’s not going to let you or Matt sit next to him. (COrey is goofy head?)
Jag – I know that.
Felicia – that all girl sh1t.. that was brought up BY AMERICA in this backyard. (LOL.. FE’s spiral is better than I thought)
Felicia – we looked at her and said.. ‘you know you have to get rid of Corey’ she’s like ‘I know… I think it would be so cool’
Felicia – now she’s playing that off like I did that
Jag – ohh..
Felicia – mmmhmmmmmm
Jag – what a game.

Felicia goes on for another 15 minutes. Finally she’s called into the Diary room…

2:00 pm Cam, Matt, America, Bowie
Cam offers the HOH as a sanctuary.
Bowie – have you been called to DR yet?
Cam – no.. I don’t really care I’m going to have fun like I normally do.
Feeds flip. when they come back
Bowie – She went hard.. Felicia..
Cam – that was ridiculous
America – I was not going to go hard.
Bowie – not fair that she got to say the last comment.
Cam – ‘you all can not talk to me for the rest of this game’ Proceeds to come up in our conversations (IN HOH)
Bowie – is that what she said?
America – she did at the end (MOMMA FE really went off)
Bowie – she goes.. “I’m going upstairs, I’m walking right into that room”
America – okay and?
They talk about Felicia storming around.
Cameron – if you are looking for a fight I’ll give you a F***ing fight.
Bowie – I think she does want to fight
America – she clearly does
cameron – she’s good now. She’s calmer now. After getting whatever she needed off her chest. She went into the DR.. now she’s starting to do one on one ands calm down.
Bowie – she’s going to campaign

Cam – you are leaving this house how does it serve you to be put down everyone in this house particularly since you’ve been doing that this entire game.
feeds cut.. (WOW the amount of feed blocking to protect houseguest behaviour is notable)

2:23 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – what would happen if we kept Felicia?
Matt laughs.. it’s good for us
Jag – we have to talk to Cam about this.. it’s good for us and it’s also good for cam. Felicia is going after Corey, Corey is going after Felicia.
Matt – we get rid of her
Jagg – who can actually compete.
matt – who will keep her? that’s the problem.
Jag – Corey wouldn’t, Camerica wouldn’t, Blue wouldn’t, Would CIRIE?
Jag – Naw…

Felicia joins them. ‘I know I said a lot today everything I said today was true”
Felicia goes on about wanting their votes and helping them “I won’t vote against you two, MEME and Cirie.. ”
Felicia – You cannot trust Corey and America. Bowie Jane is just floating around.
Jag – right..
Felicia – I don’t want to see one of those guys that have never had to show their hand.
Felicia leaves..

Jag – low key we can’t do that..
matt- why?
Jag – we would be going against Corey and America for no reason
Matt – it’s just for the drama
Jag – yeah the drama
Jag – if MEME went home this week it would be a lot easier for us to win competitions

3:20 pm America and Cory
Corey says Blue’s plan is to go after him and Cam

3:40 pm Pool game.

3:44 pm Jag and Bowie
Jag saying that Felicia can only go to Matt, Bowie and Jag for votes. “she can’t go to Corey and america because she just blew up their game.”
Bowie says she’s going to go for safety and matt, Jag go for HOH.
Jag thinks that’s the best play

4:25 pm Backyard feed bird

4:32 pm Blue and America
America – I have three days I don’t even want to be here with her.
Blue – Cirie was telling me umm… she was like Felicia said it’s not over yet she’s going to keep blowing sh1t up.
Blue – Ohh brother ,… and then she said something along the lines.. I just need four votes
America – she just lost two of them
Blue – yeah, like for sure lost
America – mmmhmmmm
Blue – she’s got to go this week
America – can you imagine her in Jury?
Blue – absolutely not

4:46 pm Felicia continues her spiral this time it’s Cam that gets to listen.
Fe – I’ve been watching everybody in here all along watching their behaviour I’ve never had to ask somebody if I was leaving or going I could tell by their behaviour.
Fe – when they’re with you they’re in your face when they’re against you nobody’s in the room
Cameron – I’ve been watching it for 23 years
FE – it’s human nature
Cam – this is the game..
Feeds flip .. when we’re back.
Cam – my advice, soak up all of it. I knew when I was leaving and I stayed the same person tried to be the guy that told the jokes. I tried to be the same guy that I was in opposition right now. When you walk in the room people stop talking. It’s not that they are talking about you. it’s they are talking about next week
FE – ohh I get all of that.

Cam – just try to be the same. People will always remember the cool stuff about someone. It only takes a few things to tarnish that. I much rather leave a lasting impression of what I want my character to be rather as to allow everyone to paint me as someone else . (ohh shit.)
FE – Ohh Well I know who I am.. my speech today that was all facts. They can tarnish me as much as they want to.
FE – I do realize this was a game. on the outside when you see me you will get the same Felicia. THis is who I am. All day long. People take me or leave me and I’m okay with that
Fe – I ain’t gone yet.. I am not gone yet.
Cam – how do you campaign without campaigning against MEME (Ouch)
FE – what do you mean.. I’m never going to campaign against MEME
Cam – any campaigning at all is asking for MEME to leave.
FE – well yeah that’s part of the game. I’m campaigning to stay.
Fe – how did you campaign against Jared?
Cam – against JAred? I beat him at a game I didn’t have to campaign at all. I didn’t campaign against REilly she was my friend and I trusted you guys. I didn’t campaign against Hisam because it was the plan for the entire house for him to leave. I won myself off the block against red. I didn’t campaign against America because I had the feeling I was going to come back into the house.
Cam – I didn’t campaign I don’t know how you will campaign .. it’s tough road..
Fe – ohh I know

Felicia says she’s not going to do anything disparaging about MEME but she’s still going to try and stay.

Cirie joins them.

5:06 pm Felicia keeps the spiral going to Cirie. She betrates Cameron, Corey and America.
Felicia – if he was willing to help me stay in the house I might roll with him (her head is broken)
Fe – they are going to one by one..
Cirie- mmhmmmmm

5:33 pm Felicia and Cirie The spiral continues.
Felicia going on about Corey and America spreading lies.
Fe – riding everyone else’s coat tails. You don’t try to win a comp. America lost the pressure cooker deliberately
Cirie – Mmhmmmm
Fe – that’s two HOH they could have taken from him (Cam)
Fe – he’s building his f**ign resume. Who would do that? They don’t want to go up be the HOH and put somebody on the block.
Fe – they don’t deserve to be here no more. (LOL)
Felicia says the only reason she’s ‘Still fighting” is to take out Corey and America. other than that “I’m ready to go home”
Fe – the thought of them sitting their a$$es out here and I am going home. That actually pisses me off.
Fe – Him telling me I don’t want me in the jury house.. HA! you don’t get to decide if I get to go to the jury house
You can overhear a bunch of people outside talking about meeting up after the Show.
Cirie – they ain’t ever going to see each other again
Fe – no
Cirie – none of that nonsense.. maybe Matt and jAg. Who wants to go see Cameron.
Fe – nobody. Ain’t nobody going to Georgia to see him
Cirie – once you figure out who she is you ain’t never going to see her.. (America?)
Felicia says the only people that will meet up after the show is her, MEME, Cirie and JAred.
Feeds flip.

When the feeds come back to Cirie an Felicia. Cirie is drilling chips into her like Randy. Felicia is hoping that the HOH is Shuffleboard so Cirie can win it and shock the house.
Cirie – they be so shocked..
Chump chump
feeds flip… when we’re back Cirie continues to chomp on the chips showing no mercy.
Felicia – they won’t let me stay they’re scared of me now..
Felicia – I got to get Matt and jag.

6:00 pm America and Mtt
America says Blue is sketching her out.
Matt says they have to take Blue out next week. He warns that Blue is really close to Cirie.
Matt – I know she’s cut throaty.. she trust me more than Jag.
Matt – there’s a war about to happen. we have the numbers.
America says Blue would spill information from her and Corey.

6:15 pm Matt drills a bar in. They talk about taking out Blue and MEME out. Cirie is a non threat.

6:20 pm They have a fancy camera

6:34 pm Cirie, Felicia and Blue
They’re talking about how much they miss Izzy (Barf)
Cirie – shout out to you Izard.. I wonder if her and Jared got together. I’m sure they have.
Blue – I’m sure they have
Cirie – I’m sure her and jared got together already for some drinks or some greenery
Feeds flip.. (Production doesn’t want us to know Jared and Izzy smoke week)

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after the initial noms i think this was cameron’s best move. cory, jag, and matt all seem legitimately open to working with him and he needs to show he keeps his word and respects their input instead of doing something unexpected. he also really can’t have felicia in jury.


Definitely the right move. Felicia is an emotional player, which can be a good thing. Usually you know what these players are thinking. However, she is constantly going from one extreme to the other. She is too unpredictable to keep in the house and I highly doubt there would be any chance of objectivity from her as a juror. Hopefully everyone will not overanalyze pros and cons of keeping her and just vote her out.


It’s not the right move. It’s a lame ass move. When you got stronger players like Matt,Jag and Corey still in the house. He will not be safe next week…….

un autre nom

Felicia vs. Meme.
On Thursday Am/Co discussed flipping and keeping Felicia. Felicia yapflapped today, shooting that thought out of existence 85%
Jag thought of keeping Felicia, but it acts against Cowardly Lion strategy. 30% chance right now.
Blue thinks she ‘has’ Meme, who will help her take shots.
Cirie. Bookends but… is it worth the trouble?
Bowie? Will give her word to one person when she decides and vote that way.

Felicia in slip n slide, Otev or Comic Zipline Veto. The thought will haunt you. Like a cross between a broken weeble and a slinky… keeps falling down and rolling around leaving you with a desire to push her down a flight of stairs to see what would happen.


Let’s be real, that might be the majority of us viewers. LOL

un autre nom

oh, i’d probably hurt someone else or myself in a comp or two…
i just don’t think i could deal with Felicia trying to snow angel her arse through slipnslide.

Gan ainm

If Fe hadn’t publicly gone after Cory and America it would have benefited everyone but Cirie to keep her.


Your ASIDE is hilarious, like (Kiss of Death) moviestar Richard Widmark(Cam) pushing woman(Felicia) down those stairs.
I too see Jag as cowardly lion, Matt as scarecrow and Corey as the tinman.

“Not sorry for this stupid remark!”


Felicia seems to be self-immolating

un autre nom

you know, i watch feedblocks just so i can shout the subjects of blocks from the rooftops.
I’m going to have a novel by Thursday. This week could only have more blocks if Jared was still there. It would be like bbcan10, Marty’s throwing shit level again.

Spot ON


Gan ainm

Simon, where’s the shrine for Felicia? Am I the only one that will miss her? Hello hello hello….it’s so lonely here all by myself.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Lol…I think that you may!

Spot ON

The shrine for FELICIA is going to be a goat’s head with long horns

no mo bro

If I have to listen to Blue munch on these damn crackers much longer I’m going to have a cringe fit.

Not Jasons Holly

It was the smacking that did me in while she was snacking on cheese and crackers. Does she really not realize she’s doing that?

un autre nom

Not bodyshaming. Recalling fatshaming of seasons past. Remember when Jun gained 35 pounds during her season because of kitchen strategy and stress eating? Couldn’t fit her clothes or her finale outfit.
Matt’s face has left Sid the sloth territory and is heading towards moonpie. i’d guess he’s at 3/4 jun. If he were a bbwoman there’d be entire sections about this.
Sorta glad we aren’t.

Just The Truth

I don’t remember many moments that Jun wasn’t eating. Aside from the times she was just saying terrible things about everyone in the house.

un autre nom

Think about who was in that house and ask yourself…could i come up with nice things to say about this floatilla of douchecanoes?
6 pairs on the cast were ex bf/gf. It wasn’t meant to be a kum bya festival.
Week one started with the guy being removed for being potentially dangerous and screaming at his ex for giving him std’s while she was hooking up with a housemate in the bedroom next door… right? Week one sets season tone.

Just The Truth

she was no better though really. talking terrible about everyone while her and alison were the 2 most toxic people there. either of them lose sitting next to anyone else on that cast aside from the dude who got kicked out.

un autre nom

That’s why they formed the final 2 from hell.
They openly walked through the house calling themselves floaters and telling each side we’re with whichever side has power… and nobody took them out. They knew jury was being shown their d/r. They still explained their games without candy coating.
They were toxic. So were the guys. Early bb was toxic as hell.
In no way am i calling Jun’s game virtuous. She came in saying these strangers stand between me and my money, and she took them out. Men who play like that are Competitors and Strategic Geniuses, women who play like that are toxic bitches and somehow not due admiration for playing the game the same way the big legendary male winners played. It’s on us to recognize and use one yardstick, not two.

Just The Truth

Please do not play the gender card because it is a pile of bs. Or else Paul would have easily won over the Jury over Nicole if that was the case.

un autre nom

In a season where Grod went out BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED and declared it the season of women… and production told hoh’s not to nom Franzel (as discussed on feed hissy fits three different weeks) you believe Paul had a shot in hell of winning 18? That’s cute.
18 was so rigged right out in the open on feeds that it forever changed my view of how to analyze bb. Right down to Da’vonne’s future reality tv career being payment for her bb18 vote.

Just The Truth

im just saying dont give me this crap about if both genders play the same way and one is looked like a mastermind and the other gets called a b!#ch. its just not true. why didnt Rob win Survivor Allstars if that was the case? Or Russell win Samoa. Im just not buying it. gender has nothing to do with it. the game the play has everything to do with it. in recent moderns seasons gender plays a role as their seems to be a push for the type of winner both production and modern woke casts are pulling for. but not the older seasons. and to be fair. im glad paul lost to nicole.

un autre nom

Hate to tell you, but in BB men and women are judged differently. Wanna pretend it’s not true? Go ahead. What you’ll buy is not my concern, but i’ll support your right to state your opinion even if it doesn’t match mine.
I don’t ask anyone to agree with me.
My opinion is the judgement we place on male and female houseguests and male and female winners is different and gender biased.

Not Jasons Holly

I’ve noticed Matt has gained weight. It’s interesting to watch. Most men don’t gain that fast.

un autre nom

I asked my childhood friend that was a Canadian Olympic swimmer about 20 years ago regarding what I’m seeing.
She said when training levels change it takes a while for dietary levels to adjust leading to off season gains.
She also said watch for signs of body dysmorphic behavior if it doesn’t correct within about a month because competitive swimmers are almost trained from childhood to view their bodies with a dysmorphic lens.

Just The Truth

its because of the free food and prety much having whatever they want. did you see how much weight jackson gained on his season. and jun of course.

Spot ON

“Felicia – what cameron is doing is fake..”


Gan ainm

So for all the Cam fans, you fell in love with him when he talked about going after Cirie and then he didn’t, you think Cam is a great Stategic player by targeting Felicia and when he flips it to Cory you agree that is the best move until he flips it back to Felicia where he is once again brilliant. You criticize Jag and Matt for doing what you are doing. OK.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

He said that he was going after the cabinet by knocking down the SOD and VP leaving the President vulnerable. He hasn’t reneged on that one! I believe that he will get her next chance that he gets. Yeah, he had that heartwarming conversation with her, but these players all do that to each other.

Gan ainm

So we’re just going to blindly ignore the backdoor attempt?

The Beef

What attempt? He discussed it with his primary alliance and it was collectively decided not to make the move.

From an “advance your future game” point of view, taking out Cory is the right move. From a “keep a toxic voter out of the jury” point of view, taking out Felicia is the right move. These are from Cam’s point of view.

Obviously Jag has a different point of view because he has alliances with everyone in the house with the exception of Felicia and Meme, so he wants those two gone first.

Matt doesn’t have a point of view, so he just sits back and waits on someone (currently Jag – used to be Cirie) to tell him what his is.


Ahhhhh what love is between two people
He gives her his Blue bandanna
his Green hoodie
his Zombie outfit
And she gave him her ring that her mom gave her.
SWOON shipping of dreams


She’s only looking for the insta subs.


Did Cameron get a special power for getting back in the house? I thought Julie said who ever won the Zombie competition would get something special.


I believe it was a movie. I know feeds cut for a while this weekend.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Cameron made the right move by not using the veto. It could be easy to play Monday morning quarterback if Cory wins and puts him up, but that would be lucky based on what we have seen. Felicia will be a bitter voter and could probably influence a few votes at least. I want Cam to win but it will be so hard at this point as he can only slip up once. The majority of the house are floaters and don’t really have to worry about being targets. I wouldn’t be shocked if we had a floater final two. If I were to place money on players to be in the final two, I would pick Matt and Bowie. I don’t think that anyone wants to put up Matt and Bowie is someone that you want to be sitting next to. Matt doesn’t seem to have a clear game, but who does? We keep hearing about how Cameron is unpredictable but he has been going after the cabinet as he told us he was going to. Hopefully that conversation where he agreed to look after Cirie for Jared was a bunch of bs. No one should do him any favors and that advantage where the mother and son being on opposite sides of the house and sharing information was incredibly unfair.


yeah, bowie is definitely someone to carry to the end and sit next to and imo matt is in the best position in the house atm. no one’s targeting him and they’ll probably go after jag before they go after him anyway so he’ll have advance notice.

cam looks shady to everyone in the house cuz he keeps doing this “i’ll tell you my plan later” bs that just puts people on edge. especially when every time he reveals his plan they don’t like it. he was right to keep the noms the same. felicia’s too much of a liability in jury and keeping noms the same doesn’t make enemies or directly go after anyone but meme . so maybe they can keep him safe next week? might not pan out but it’s a risk worth taking imo even if whether they actually keep him safe in return remains to be seen.

Spot ON

Hoping that FELICIA will be vile and nasty, just like her true self, on Thursday during her final argument.

Jags Turban

Simon, if Felicia packs all the spices in her bag & snuggles them in the pockets of her robe on Thursday night when she’s evicted would Julie make her empty her bag & pockets & take them back in the house?

Spot ON

lol…. it’s called a “Terry stop”….lol

Just The Truth

Thank you so much for not using the Veto.

no mo bro

Is Matt pregnant? Or have allergies swollen his face?


I really hope Cameron wins this! He’s playing the best at this point. They should really get Corey and America out next.

Curious to see who in Cam’s Fugitive alliance will come for him first.

Spot ON

All he’s got to do is skate through next week to make it to the next


Sadly Momma Fe needs to go, and then Cirie! They can bring Cirie back on Celebrity BB.


Wow Felicia and Cirie they are just 2 sore losers! The way they talk about people its just wrong! Yes you can be upset and talk about the game and if you’re upset with someone but to talk about someone’s character when it’s just a game they should be so embarrassed for their behavior! 2 bitter old woman!