“If I get rid of him now it will shake up the house so bad we might not be able to hold it together”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron did not use the veto.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Cameron isn’t using the veto. Felicia will likely be evicted but there is heat on MEME.

9:26 am MEME and Felicia
Being sad about their predicament
MEME is pissed at Corey for taking out Jared.
Felicia – he hasn’t showed me genius yet just because you know Math and Science doesn’t mean you are a genius
MEME – everybody knows Math and Science
America joins them.
Felicia – you sound like you have a cold.. or allergies.. you sound stuffed.

9:38 am Bowie, Jag and Matt
Bowie saying that soon everyone will be playing in Veto.
Bowie doesn’t think it’s smart to take Cam out next week. She asks if people are saying that?
Jag – I feel like it’s always an option
Jag – he feels good with us for now.
Matt agrees says they want Cam around right now.
Blue joins them. Feeds cut. When we’re back.
Blue says she wants someone in the scary room to win next week.
Matt says if it’s slip n slide they will win it for sure.
Matt – You know for sure who can’t win?
Jag – everyone else
Matt – MEME
They talk about strategy if it’s slip n slide. Should one of them go for Safety and TWo go for HOH. The fourth person can go for the money.
Blue – should we do 2 HOH and 2 safety?
Bowie – should we do 3 HOH
Jag – that’s what I’m thinking
Blue says Jag should grab the safety and the rest of them go for HOH. “They way this house has been played you’ve been scapegoat number two”
(They are just assuming the slip n slide comp will have a safety and cash prize component)

Cam joins them and they continue to talk about Slip n slide strategies..

9:54 am Felicia is campaigning to America
Felicia pitches a woman’s alliance, all female finale 4. Says they need to convince Cam to put up one of the strong male players.
America doesn’t’ think Cam will do that. The guys are too close.
Felicia points out how Blue’s game improved now that Jared is gone.
Felicia – If we can get him to put up one guy it would flip the dynamic to the females and we would win.
America – I don’t know what it would take to convince him. I don’t talk game with him. He’s very stern when talking to me.
Felicia – you don’t think if you went to him and said ‘listen Me and Corey are an island but that doesn’t impact my game and if he would go I am OKay with that’
Felicia – and if I’m offending you say so . (LOL she’s asking of America would try and get Corey nominated.. WOW)
America – First off .. I don’t want to throw COrey under the bus like that
Felicia – just a thought.. This is just us the girls trying to figure out how to get to the end. When we had the dinner we said they’ve never had a final 4 with all females..
Felicia – I would love to see it happen.
America – he’s not putting a guy up.
America says she hasn’t talked to CAm she doesn’t know what Cam is thinking. her assumption is Cam will keep nominations the same.

10:19 am Cam and Bowie
Talking about their final 2.
Cam warns her about Blue do not trust her.
Cam asks what they were talking in the scary room when he walked in.
Bowie says strategy for the slip n slide

Bowie asks if the noms are staying the same.
Cam isn’t using the the veto. Says it got really close up until last night.
Cameron – The bottom line is I’ve decided not to use it because I am deciding to work with this group.. If I were going to work by myself like I have been this whole time with my back against the wall I pull that trigger today and he’d be gone. On the landscape of things if I get rid of him now it will shake up the house so bad we might not be able to hold it together

Cameron is going to talk to Corey and tell him that Blue is out to get him.
Cameron says there’s things he only tells Bowie “You are my f**ing person Bowie..YOu are my person”
Cameron love’s his crew buyt Matt and Jag have each other “we have each other”
Bowie – Let blue think she’s a part of it.
Cameron agrees.
Cam wants a name for their group. “it’s not going to be the swans”

10:30 am Cameron and Corey
Cameron tells Corey that Blue is after him.
Corey says BLue is telling him her target is Cam.

10:56 pm Corey and America
Corey – I got to talk to Matt and Jag about Blue again.
America – why?
Corey – she’s gunning gunning for me. Cam alluded stuff.. She’s been trying to see if the veto could be used.
Corey – my concern is Cam telling me this and MAtt and JAg did not.
Corey points out that Cam says he told Matt and Jag So Corey will talk to them today to see what is going on.

Feeds cut to pound.

12:51 pm Feeds return. Cameron did not use the Veto.

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If Cameron doesn’t use the veto and put up Jag or Corey they are coming after him.

Game fan

i dont think jag is.

BB Karma

Exactly! It’s a wasted hoh if he doesn’t because they will put him up next week. You think he would have learned that from his eviction smh


They’re coming after him even if he doesn’t use it.

The reality is that cam doesn’t have many good options and by making meme/fe the initial noms he burned the option of working with the two of them. Switching targets I think is a mistake. If he wanted Cory his initial noms should have been him and America. If he wanted jag, nominate jag and Matt. All he’s gonna do is look shadier than he already looks if he uses veto, which will make him more enemies than friends

Spot ON

I think CAM will be able to skate through next week based on the small amount of social capital he’s been able to cultivate during his HOH with A, B, C, J, and M.


F it, backdoor Blue at this point. I’m sick of her “kitty kitty purr” persona!




Though I would love to see blue leave because all she did was Jared. It would be nice to see meme leave. All Mecole has done is play the race game. I’m not a fan of cory, but what else do you expect him to do meme. Jared was the biggest rat snitch of the season and caused all of that drama in the have not room a day before the double eviction. Meme being pissed at cory that Jarat left confirms all along the girl ignores logic and was always playing the sugar baby race game.


omg. yes.


No no back door Corey or America please?!


Usually I think people play the game rationally, logically, or emotionally. You can usually tell by what they say and what they do as to which it is, but this week especially Cam has been all three. Aligning with Matt & Jag, rational you do need more than one ally to move forward. Thinking of taking out Cory, logical he is not necessarily a stronger player but it would break up a solid pair. Perhaps having a thing for America, emotional & possibly driving his desire to get rid of Cory/rival for her affections. This all equals part of the reason he is so hard to figure out b/c he is all over the place with his actions and gameplay. He might do better if he just chose a way and stuck to it.

Spot ON

He is a difficult social bird. That’s his main detraction.

Kinda makes me wonder how the house dynamics would be playing out now with RED in the house.

Game fan

Jared wouldn’t of BD red like he did to cam, i feel.


What has been forgotten at the basic level is as a man you do not want there in the house to be 9 people left and for it to be 6 women vs 3 guys! It would be foolish to want this because the guys would be done and screwing themselves for the women to band together. Being a man in a house with 6 women and them having doubled the numbers means that the fugitives would have to comp out as the target that much bigger on their back and cam would be the first to go. Hints it would be a bad move for cam and the guys to take out Corey this week! As cirie , fe, meme would have there target dead set on cam with cory out of the house. Without question It makes more sense for the guys to get meme or Fe out this week. If Cirie or Blue want Cory out so badly let them both do it themselves next! Not as if Cirie doesn’t know that Cam wanted to back door her two weeks ago so removing Corey would put cam at the top of the hit list. Jared took Cam out and Corey got jared out 20 min later. Once a women leaves this week and next week.
Final 8 or 7 then it is the right time for cam to go after Corey, because the numbers are even and the girls wouldn’t be able to rally a big group. The guys need to get out both meme and felicia first that way Corey’s double dipping is exposed and Cirie wouldn’t have a 1/3+ of the house as the numbers dwindles. This is the right move for cam.


When derek backdoored christian two years ago. It was the wrong move because derek took out his shield. If Cam wants to make it farther. He needs the showmance in the house for only a little bit longer to shield him, while he in the process removing cirie’s numbers and destroying the possibility of the women gaining up. Jag knows that if they boot Cory this week, Cam is the target next week, and if he leaves or most likely saves himself with veto, the target will shift to Jag and Matt before anyone else. He wants the America and Cory showmance as a shield. It is not prudent to do cirie dirty work and remove your shield ladies and gents as the past has shown.

Game fan

solid points even tho

  1. the women doesent trust each other that much
  2. most of then cant win a comp so save their life

but i do see why it can be good to keep cory for one or two more rounds, for the guys.
(only for them. not even for america that much. she needs to have her own game. blue and cirie are playing better without izzy and jared)


I agree that letting the male number in the house dwindle further would be dangerous for the three remaining guys, hence they should wait to boot Corey. Next week I think they should put Meme and Blue on the block then back door Cerie if at all possible. Unfortunately it looks like every one of them is willing to drag Cerie to the end of the game, except maybe Cam.

Game fan

Cam twice was thinking of taking Felicia off the block, when he nominated her , only cause he isn’t afraid of her comp ability. He is swinging big. Eventually he would want jag/matt out as well. He would drag cirie. Even when he wanted her OTB it was for Izzy to go home.


TBH Women on big brother never band together successfully. Whenever women form an alliance (in most cases) they always take each other out. Being a man in a BB House of mostly women is an extremely safe place to be… they’ll take each other down and the man will skate to the finale.

Spot ON

Arguably, THAT’S A SEXIST COMMENT to make.


The guys would have been shooting themselves in the foot to let the sugar babies win this week having cory leave doing cirie dirty work would have been horrible logic to have 3 sugar baby women make up the final 9.

Game fan

they did have a female f4 in season 6..

un autre nom

None of the women in 6 wanted the f4 they got. It’s not like they were an alliance.

Game fan

Oh i see. But she is saying that never happened. And three of them were in an alliance. You can probably find four girls who tried to work together, I’m assuming season 15 , probably season 3 .. big brother Canada 6 ( i guess 6 it’s the number for the girls season)

un autre nom

there’s a rule of 3 tn bb women’s alliancing. Alpha Karen, BetawannabeAlpha Becky, and Gamma Debbie. two always get along as long as they have a third to shit on. No more, no less works.
I attributed early occurences of girlliiances failing to be part of past socialization markers. The Disney princess model that left women considering other women as foes not teammates.
When the model/actress/cheerleader casting model chooses women whose career longevity depends on viewing other women as a threat, then by casting they are lessening the possibility of successful girlliancing. Add showmance targeted casting and strategy women to that mix and nail the coffin shut.


If Cory is not the renom, it’s partly thanks to Blue for constantly interrupting Matt & Jag

Meme's Muse

I joined with others who let people feeling strong about Cam using /not using the veto rage on… watch now, sit back and be still, watch the , yes entitled Corey win! Now armed ( thanks to Cam, the great comp player with no social skills) with information and having that info has confirmed that he needs to keep a more watchful eye on Matt and Jag. Look how quickly Cam told Cory about Blu “gunning” for him, and he wondered why Matt/ Jag said nothing. Corey isn’t going anywhere accept towards the prize winning check. America will be # 2 as she knows Cory will take her with him of that, again no question there. I can and have yawned. I see there is no need to tune in until next week, as there is no doubt Felicia will leave on Thursday, and unless Cam is not picked to play veto, they will get rid of him next week. Who is left: Cory ,cause he is not afraid to make a move, Matt and Jag , two strong but game wise naïve players without any real strategy, Blue who is all mouth and not the “mover” she thinks she is, Bowie who won’t win anything intentionally unless it’s the last HO, Meme, you are right am n. , she has no social capital. Cory has figured all this out, and Cirie , well she is ready to go, and is incapable of winning a comp. Thanks Cam you just gave the win to Cory and underscored it! PS Why in the world would Matt/Jag be afraid of Blue, America, or Meme” coming for them, please they are no real comp threats.. Season. Over.

Spot ON

This idea of the BB jury members vote to decide on the winner is a total farce.

The whole premise of having a jury decide ANYTHING is predicated by the assumption that the jury will be provided with all the facts.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that once the jury members are thrown into the jury house, they have very little and selected filtered information on what’s happening in the house since their departure. Is this correct?

HOW CAN JURY MEMBER’S VOTE ON WHO SHOULD WIN WITHOUT KNOWING ALL THE FACTS? Doesn’t seem fair. I would have 24/7 live feed piped into the jury house.

BB Fangirl

I totally agree!! Even if they do part America’s vote, part jury vote, I’d be happier. The jury should be able to watch live feeds AND read pages like these from live feeds they missed while in the house. It makes no sense to have only their vote count when they know so much less than literally everyone else!


But they do get information, the evicted HG spills more off camera than what is shown on the little clip they bring with them. I agree they should be allowed to watch the feeds but giving how often prodo cuts them they won’t get a lot of insight.

my opinion take it for what you will.

un autre nom

The jury doesn’t ask their own questions.
They choose from production written questions.
what else do you need to know about jury being anything but Grodism.

Spot ON

I’m okay with production feeding the questions.

My concerns was directed at the “EVIDENCE” provided to the jury to render a vote (“verdict”).

CLEARLY, if the info given to the jury is skewed in any way, the vote is tainted by production’s biases.

Another Dixie

Hey, Felicia, if you want a women’s final 4, a woman has to start winning. Except for her lucky win, it hasn’t happened .

Jags Turban

Reilly won

The Beef

She damn sure did, but even her win was tainted by at least half the house throwing the comp.

un autre nom

Dear Felicia,
maybe try to consider the motivations and agency of others before flapping your yap.
Sure, it makes perfect sense to tell a showmancer to ditch her guy and join a f4 where the other three were in a known alliance (bsb) since day 8. Not perfect sense for showmance girl, but for Felicia it’s logical.
maybe talk to the HOH to make sure he’ll use veto on you before you call out a voter. Just saying… those 4 votes aren’t going to just magically appear because you cook and flapyap.


Felicia’s big mouth makes up for her small brain.

Spot ON

““If I get rid of him now it will shake up the house so bad we might not be able to hold it together”





Gan ainm

I’ve tried to get behind Jag but every time he says something smart it is followed up by something stupid however persuading Cam not to BD Cory is a great move for Jag.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I think that it’s a great move for everyone! Cory will be an objective jury member and this will be key to anyone who wants to win! The players are going to piss allot of other players off from here on out…

Gan ainm

Not a great move for Cam and Felicia.

Jags Turban

Don’t want Bowie to win the game but hopefully she’ll win HOH next week & immediately be quarantined until nominations . This way she won’t have any influence & it will show where she stands.

un autre nom

Bowie stands about ten feet away. from everything.
Her game is based on choosing her group and being loyal.
She chose bbbitches, they discarded her like trash. She chose legends, they imploded and she was left out of the exodus. She chose the kids’ table.
Without influence she’d target a combination of Cirie, Meme, Blue or Cory renom.
That’s the intel she has: Cirie and Meme discarded her and shittalked her. Blue and Cory are most likely to shoot within the kids’ table instead of outside first. She values team solidarity.


Bwhahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha
Message in the bottle. Cory is safe THIS week only. Cory got his showmance stipend and beat his brother Zach for staying in a CBS show longer and will get jury house money. Felicia got to go. All those conversations Cory and Meme had since she went on the block makes sense. Cory was probably preparing her to start crap with him to make Felicia not feel so bitter. Felicia got to go. No jury money for her!
Fingers crossed:
Evict Felicia Thursday
Evict Meme
Evict Blue
Evict Cirie


If Cam wants to start taking showers with America in his hoh room then he needs to vote out Corey.

Spot ON

And AMERIKA will insist JAG shaves before jumping in…..

Tyler was robbed

Surprisingly the one major argument I didn’t hear between Cam / Jag / Matt is the whole “who is better to have in jury” argument.
Felicia is an anti-Cameron voter and is very pursuasive and would likely vote for the bsb players over anyone else.

Corey is a super fan and would respect game. He’d also be more fun to have in jury.

You are voting out the last person who won’t make jury so of course you vote out the person who would never vote for you and could poison the jury…. Cam’s not ad smart as the television edit he’s getting…

un autre nom

that argument was made thursday pm. that’s why Felicia was made target to begin with.

Spot ON

“9:54 am Felicia is campaigning to America
Felicia pitches a woman’s alliance… need to convince Cam to put up one of the strong male players”

In all honesty, you have to give her credit for the GRIT.

BB Fangirl

Here we go again with all the white people getting rid of all the black people. Disgusting!