Cory “I think you had every reason this week to be crazy suspicious of me..” Cam “I had a MOUNTAIN of bullsh*t evidence.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron did not use the veto.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

7pm Kitchen – America and Cory.
Cory – do you feel better? America – Yeah, I just wish they would have told us. Like right away because apparently it was going on last night. Cory – Cam told them theoretically but Blue’s been telling me forever. America – Blue talked to them last night. Cory – the fact that they only said it last night.. that makes me feel better. America – what do you mean? Cory – Because Blue’s been floating the for awhile but if she only said this is what I am doing last night .. that makes me feel better. America – yeah the last time she mentioned it was yesterday .. and before. Cory – yeah I don’t know about that. America – before “We Come in Pieces” she pulled him in the scary room she said she wanted you out. And Matt just told me that him and Jag were like f**k we have to pull Cory aside so that he knows but then we got called for the competition. Cory – yeah they told me that too but why didn’t they tell me any time between then and now? America – I know exactly. Cory – the truth is they’re telling me now mostly because they probably feel pressured to which is fine… better than.. they have to be committed one way or another. Is it annoying? Sure but what the f**k are we going to do about it? America – you have to stop acting so nervous. You’re always so anxious. Cory – where am I supposed to hang out right now? They’re all just sitting in the scramble room and Matt is outside.

7:35pm – 8pm HOH room – Cameron, America, Cory and Bowie.
Cory – why do you think she (Blue) wants to get rid of me before you (Cam). Cam – Jared. America – its a personal thing. Cam – not just Jared but how much Jared talked about wanting you gone and the fact that she wants you gone too and that you are a direct threat to her, Cirie, Meme and all that stuff. Cam – I am a big player, I got it. She feels like she can work us. She doesn’t feel like she can work you. Cory – I feel better .. I feel like I was being gas lit about the whole Jared thing last week and I never bought it the entire time we were talking about it. But Jared probably would have put up me and you (America) again. Cam – Mmmmhmmm. Cory – so I glad that worked out. I guess the whole thought for me is like damn the sh*t right now is pretty weird but its pretty good overall but probably didn’t make any wrong decisions leading up to this in terms of like the big picture .. who is going to be nominated, who are we going to vote out like it all kind of worked out. You coming back in the zombie thing worked out like we really should be in probably a worse spot honestly. America – and we don’t need to think about that .. we’re here now. Cory – yeah. I have never seen a cast strategize more about future competitions. Cam – you hold the majority of the pie chart for us. I have spoken very directly with both of you about my intentions. I have thrown all my chips in and if you guys are seeing what I am seeing .. and it looks like Blue and Meme next week. I mean lets burn up a f**king HOH, can I finally get a god damn week where I can hang out with you guys and not be in jeopardy? Or F**King people in my face because I’m HOH. Can I get a week where I am hanging out with you guys and lets f**king mow some sh*t down together. I want a week where I am not dying! Please! America – you got it! Cory – it could have been this week if you had let Matt win. Cam – I didn’t even look up. I am trusting you guys. I haven’t been able to trust anything this whole time. Cory – well and I think you had every reason this week to be crazy suspicious of me and I am sure you were to a certain extent but instead of acting on it you were straight up with me and I really appreciate that. Cam – I had a MOUNTAIN of bullsh*t evidence and that is why I was waiting to talk to Matt and Jag. Cory – I feel like so much has been tested in the last two days and it worked out instead of becoming the classic sh*t show it that you would expect it to be.

7:37pm – 8pm Backyard – Matt, Jag and Bowie.
Matt – Cam wants to meet all four of us. Bowie – yeah. Jag – that’s fine. Bowie – I think that’s good. Matt – to touch base on everything and moving forward next weeks plan. That’s really it with today’s drama. I think we know who the next four will be.. well three I guess because Felicia is going. Bowie – yeah.

8:07pm Bedroom – Felicia and Meme.
Felicia – They can take it however they want to. If they don’t want to speak to me anymore, I don’t care! I told a couple people when I get out of the house I can’t wait to see who everyone really is… that speaks volumes to me because if you all are so different from yourselves in here .. then you’re faker than I could even imagine! I said the same Felicia you get in here is the same Felicia you gonna get out there. You won’t see a change in me because this is who I am but that is me.. but that clearly isn’t who you guys are. And that’s why you have a problem connecting with people because you’re not genuine and they can sense that. You’re trying to fit in, instead of just being you. I DON’T GIVE A F**K IF NONE OF YOU SPEAK TO ME AGAIN. All of ya’ll have been fake as hell through this whole damn thing. America’s been lying since day ONE!

8:19pm Backyard – Jag, Matt and Bowie.
Matt – who would Felicia target? Jag – Felicia would target the same people as Meme. Meme is going to target Cory and America or Cam. Bowie – Oh yeah Felicia would definitely target Cory. Felicia would target the same thing but Meme has a better chance to win. Bowie – seriously. Jag – the other part of that, that we need to think about is if we take out Meme can we get Cirie on board? And Blue on board? Bowie – have we not got enough? No? Do we not have enough votes? Jag – no we do have enough votes but then it is going to be drawing a line again .. where if Blue or Cirie wins they’re just taking a shot at us. Matt – if we say that we will see how much they panic about it. Like no no don’t get rid of Meme. Supposedly Blue isn’t supposed to be working with them. If she says no no don’t get rid of her .. that means she’s working with her. Jag – we would have to talk to Blue ..and be like YO Cory and America feel pretty close to Meme and they feel like Meme might take a shot at you. Then we say should we just get Meme out beforehand and we see how it goes… or maybe not .. I want to think about it more before we pitch it to anyone. Bowie – your you could just get America to go around and do all the dirty work. Jag – even if America does the dirty work it has impacts on our game.

8:50pm Backyard by the pool – America and Jag.
America – that feels good and I feel really good with you guys. I was telling Matt, I am glad we had this conversation because I’ve been feeling sketched out by you two. Jag – I know.. because I felt weird myself not being able to say anything because if this sh*t gets out of hand its Cory’s a$$ on the line. America – and that was my reaction. I was like why the f**k didn’t they tell us anything. Jag – I was like I know they’re going to probably feel sus but I would rather be like see it got handled .. and they’ll have to be fine and if they’re not fine then f**k it. America – Felicia today.. WHAT THE F**K?! Jag – I didn’t know what she was going to say today. America – I clenched my booty hole. Jag – I was like oh f**k!

9:15pm Pool – Matt, Cory and Cameron.

9:40pm Bathroom – Cory, Cameron, Matt and Meme chatting. Matt is talking about his swimming races. Meme – tells Matt that she wants him to teach her kids how to swim. Cory – You got to teach America to swim. Matt – yeah I will help her. A couple people in here can’t swim. America joins them. Matt and Cory – we were just talking about you. America – that I look pregnant. Matt – I’ll right I’ll teach America’s kids to swim too. America – please teach me! Matt – yeah we were just saying that. Cam – America’s pregnant? Cory – I’ve got a lot of questions!? America – like wait a minute .. how did that happen? Matt – you’ve only been here for 2 months.. Cory – that’s not the problem.. America – No that’s not the problem. I could be pregnant but I haven’t had $ex. Cory – she shouldn’t show any signs for at least a couple months. Matt – Oh you’re a virgin? Cory – that’s not the problem either. What the f**k is wrong with you? Cam – this is getting fun! Keep going .. more questions!

10:20pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie, Meme and Felicia.
Felicia – I told Cory and America we will chat tomorrow. I said its best we don’t chat today but I’ll give them sh*t tomorrow.. And I am going to talk to them separately because I am going to ask America what made you feel like you needed to say anything to me because my whole conversation was really geared at Cory. So why did you think you needed to come at me and attack me, that’s why I went at you because this conversation really wasn’t about you. All I was saying was what I said to you. Then you felt the need to go on the attack, I guess protecting your man that clearly didn’t protect you. And all I am going to say is girl you don’t ever get to come at me like that because I didn’t come at you like that and everything I said at Cory is true. He’s been lying, cheating and stealing and listening to the walls this whole season so what was the point in you saying anything to me! Girl you know I don’t give a F**K about these nimwads. Cirie – the fact that she doesn’t even say it right.. she says nimwads.. its nimrods.

10:46pm Bathroom – Blue and America.
America – Felicia came in and was like .. tomorrow. And I was like sure. Whenever and then she points.. Blue – what do you mean tomorrow? America – like a talk with me and Cory. Blue – oh god okay. America – she was like I know you’re probably irritated. Or I can tell you’re irritated. Cory was like you don’t have to talk to her. And I was like I thought you wanted to talk to her!? I am just going to let her speak. Blue – maybe she just has somethings to say and that’s it. Maybe she will just apologize? Because honestly like that was rude! America – it was mad disrespectful. Blue – And just to come at him like that for no reason. Its not like he is even on the block. America – exactly! Blue – its not like he put her there.

11pm Kitchen – Cory and Jag.
Cory – this might be me being selfish. I think I’ve got Felicia’s jury vote locked up! Jag – I mean she thinks you’re the best player here! Cory – I am going to be in there like .. she revealed that I am the puppet master. IF only I was the puppet master I would be able to get out of this situation.

11:33pm HOH room crew all hide from America as she searches the house to find where everyone went.

12am More hide and seek except America never comes to find them.

12:30am Kitchen – Jag and Meme are making french toast.

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Felicia saying that she is not fake, the same Felicia you see, and get in this house, is the same Felicia you get outside of this house. Wow, that’s scary, the Felicia I’ve seen in the house is “ Two Faced, Paranoid, Lies, denies her lies, Not very trustworthy, talks behind your back, treats people not in her circle like crap “Bowie Jane’.

If this is the same Felicia you see outside of the house, I’ll pass, I know that I’d never hire her as my Realtor, if this is who she really is outside of big brother.

Yes, I don’t know her, Yes I am judging her, but I’m judging her based on what she said.

” She’s just like she is in the BB House, She’s the same person outside the House”

So yea, I would have nothing to do with a person like Felicia in the real world.


As part of a generation that says “please” “thank you” and “G*d Bless You” when someone sneezes, I was taught by my parents to RESPECT my elders, that they have lived long enough to have a free pass to be ornery and rude but Bulldog Bully Momma Fe would not get my patience or understanding. Felicia stopped shining for me around her HOH when she pointed right in America’s face for something I don’t remember. Saying something to effect “Do as I say or your a$$ is on the block and gone!” I didn’t see the whole conversation but I thought maybe America said something disrespectful to Felicia to warrant such a bully response. No that was just Felicia showing how she tries to intimidate people.
She tells people not to talk to her then they don’t talk to her then she complains nobody is talking to her! Make up your mind. Stop telling people to stop talking to you. She is creating this wallowing self pity pool.
She was talking today about if someone doesn’t talk to you then all of a sudden starts to talk to you because you won HOH…..then she realizes SHE is the one that does that. (Ohhh OK…)
Knowing how she messed up her game is pure spectacle tv I want to watch. Felicia’s game imploded long ago and I will love to watch her get out of house Thursday. No jury. No extra money just shut up you and your snaggle tooth bitter old bully bulldog mouth needs to get gone.

Spot ON

“As part of a generation that says “please” “thank you” and “G*d”

Why did you * the word God?

un autre nom

It’s Monday.
Chances of a vote flip? 35-40%
Why it’s not higher? The three people most likely to turtle don’t know how to pull off a flip.
They need a Cory or America or Cirie to take the reins. Who is Felicia shit talking… oh, Co/Am/Ci.
Why a flip could happen. Can’t campaign for yourself through storage room camkvetching.
Meme needs to actually bond. Meme isn’t very good at actually bonding.

Why is Meme a consideration? Jag fears Blue’s connection to Meme. Blue lied to many about things Meme supposedly said (Blue named targets, Meme didn’t disagree, Blue reported Meme named those targets). Add to that Cory’s babbletalk of make an ally look dangerous stuff. He’s been saying Meme is worse for Jag, Blue is worse for Cory for days.
Never tell a cowardly lion strategy player somebody is a threat to cowardly lion game. It grips them in paranoia panic.

It’s been interesting to hear Bowie game talk for snippets in the last 2 weeks (first with America, then Cory, then Matt and Jag). She’s been lying low and ‘not playing’ purposefully. Remember RenomRoulette Night week 3? Bowie got a heebyjeebie that the Chaoscoven was going spinkitty? Warned Meme the Trio was throwing vibes, met with them and talked her way out of danger. I think she’s been deliberately BBaus playing to confuse the BBus crowd. COULD THIS BE THE CASE?


if they were in jury already, i’d say chances of a flip are higher. meme is definitely the bigger comp threat than felicia, but felicia isn’t someone you want in jury.

un autre nom

with this group because of week one tone and keep an enemy / evict an ally style game play, a flip is never 0.

the big reason a flip is possible is how these particular houseguests react to pressure. Jag and Matt fear attention. Matt already put his Cory plot on Blue and spilled to America. Jag heard his name (Blue). Instead of build a bridge, Jag prefers paranoia and evict talks, but doesn’t have flip saavy. He and Bowie have already stated get America, she’s good at inducement, and they can stay hidden. turtles.

It’s secret convos and jokes right now. Cam is hard no even to the jokes, but veto ceremony is over and chaoscam has no more power, so he’s back to being voteless and irrelevant to vote talks by Tuesday night most likely.


chances of a flip certainly aren’t zero, but i think voting out felicia serves two important functions:

  • it eliminates from jury an unreliable vote
  • it placates cam

now there are certainly scenarios where the houseguests say screw that and roll with getting out meme, but they don’t want fe in jury and angry cam is good at comp cam and they’d rather he not potentially bring that to veto next week even if he can’t compete in hoh.

Spot ON

If CAM can skate through next week he’ll be back on top or in the mix of power.

Gan ainm

Your name must be ironic.

un autre nom

Nobody respects Cam socially. That won’t change.
you know how jurors tend to respect the finalists that played most like themselves? Social game floaters won’t respect Cam’s social game.
He’s going to have to rely on men pushing comp wins mean everything jurors, but he wants to go final 5 with them. Ego that needs to be discarded to stack the jury with friendlies.


At this point, Felicia is someone they don’t want in the house, either.

Gan ainm

I think the odds of a flip would have been likely if Felicia had kept her guns aimed at Cam and not Cory,she shot herself.

un autre nom

Everyone fears Meme as a comp threat more than they fear Crunchy the Clown’s yapattacks. America and Cory are even part of the jokes.
Now Foolicia is planning another fight with America tomorrow, so let’s see what comes of that. She really didn’t like someone yelling back at her, and wants last word rites over a voter…while she’s on the block. oy gevalt.
We’re due for a twist to be announced by mid week 10 btw.


luv your “roasting”
your comments are a must read
Thank You

Spot ON

I think BOWIE may be a comp beast in the hiding…. laying low…. waiting for the right moment to strike, then at the right moment win an HOH and/or VETO, and put on the afterburners to get rid of the few cowardly lions that maybe in her path to confetti. She seems to get along well with most, it it wouldn’t be difficult for her to gather the wagons around her.


I wouldn’t want either of those hoes in jury.

Verdella Fisher

Who are the “hoes”?

Jags Turban

Just because you are a male escort doesn’t make every woman a ho. Meme is a married woman & has conducted herself as such.

Spot ON

“Meme is a married woman & has conducted herself as such”

She certainly didn’t appeared to be one in that TicTok video intro with her, Reilly and Kristen. All three were swinging their goods for the camera.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I am a male and was an escort in my 20’s and 30’s and you wouldn’t believe hope many married women I had as regulars!

Jags Turban

By the way, what kind of name is ‘Mike’? Sounds like a cheap strippers name to me.

un autre nom

about an hour of feeds on sleeping bj and blue… while you can hear people laughing and conversing in the kitchen.
Tonight’s feed blocks are brought to you by:
looks like Cam injured himself / needed a bandaid. no info.
recounts of the Am/Fe fight.
Am/Cam alone in a room post ‘faster than America’ comment.
French Toast?


I thought the BBHouse Live Feed G*ds were SO RUDE. I have insomnia so watching others sleep left me so jealous!


Felicia’s behaviour is deplorable… have there been many houseguests, on the block, who have reacted like this? It seems/sounds very next level. It’s beyond being a sore loser at this point.

Verdella Fisher

Watch BB19.


I remember BB8 Dick Donato. Cracked me up. Plus they had a bigger kitchen back then. You tube link for the best parts:


Actually, I’m just now remembering that obnoxious houseguest who was banging pots and pans … okay, that’s on par with Felicia’s outbursts and rants! However, she’s a grown woman and he was a pretty immature kid. I just keeping wondering, does Felicia not know how this game works!? People lie, people scheme, people want everyone except themselves out of the house!


Dick Donato was a 44 year old MAN when he was in the BBHouse with a grown daughter Daniele Briones. His bad behavior was rewarded because he won BB8. Felicia is just being bitter because she won’t make jury and get jury bonus money.


Felicia will be starring as Aunt Fester in the next Adams Family movie.

Spot ON

Or the new lead singer of the Black Crowes


I know America told Cory she went to Brown, but did Cory tell her he was a national debate champion?


For the love of G*D somebody get Matt a handkerchief! Sucking his snot and him wiping is nose with his finger then touching everything in the house makes me vomit. Give him some saline nose gel it will help with his allergies.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Matt is just gross and disgusting on every level. I can’t stand him!

un autre nom

Looking back.
After I went to bed, there was talk.
Cory started pushing Meme eviction
It sounds like Jag shared Blue’s theory that Meme will target Cory.
America is hesitant. It depends on her talk with Felicia, and she doesn’t believe Cory is Meme’s primary target.
Jag was afraid of making the move (Cory being 4th vote to evict Meme). Cowardly Lions can’t pull flips, they fear ownership. Jag’s fear: Cam isn’t down.
America talked Cory off of Paranoia Plateau for the moment.
Jag still thinks Cory / America not on the same page is a first (he’s had his head up his ass apparently, they almost always are opposite and then come to agreement over time).
Matt is pushing Cirie as their fourth with Bowie. Jag still fails to recognize that five times a day Matt pushes protect Cirie. The slight pushback Jag provides recently is because Blue is Cirie’s new spy. As long as Blue is with Cirie, Jag won’t be 100 on Cirie.
Matt thinks Cam onioned with Fugitives on one side, Am/Co on the other. Jag thinks Am/Cam have a deal but Cory wants Cam out (oddly, that’s not quite right).

Meme being silent about her game strategy is detrimental to her at this time because Blue is speaking for her behind her back.
Blue is in greater danger because Matt doesn’t share. Not middle and certainly not Cirie. His entire Cory plot was a won’t share middle, won’t share Jag push.

The only person that sees Matt’s game for what it is? Cory. But he thinks that bonds them. He’s forgotten that Cory wouldn’t share middle when he had it…so why would Matt?

un autre nom

btw. Is it ablist to say hey Matt, if you are offended by people using your hearing against you… stop pretending you can’t hear them when people ask questions you don’t like.
Jag asked point blank if Ma/Ci have something. Multiple times. Matt played deaf. Tried to push the 4 of Ma/Bl/Ja/Ci that doesn’t exist as the connection.
Judging everyone by the same yardstick: drop the moral indignation or drop ignoring questions by pleading deaf. It’s icky.


Say what you will about Felicia. I find her entertaining. I loved her veto speech when she nominated HiSam.

Spot ON

Good for you!


Oh, I agree it’s entertaining (for us) … and it makes sense why the house want her gone and not in jury. I wouldn’t trust her to be rational when it comes time to decide on the winner.

It's me

Felicia actually stole that line from someone else. Can’t remember who said it.

The Beef

Hisam himself said it to someone else, who told Felicia about it, who then decided to steal it and use it in her speech. Highly original of her.

Jags Turban

She only said what someone else said she should say. She doesn’t have not one original thought in her head.

julie O

Felicia: I can’t wait to see who everyone really is… that speaks volumes to me because if you all are so different from yourselves in here .. then you’re faker

ayyy felicia can someone please tell remind her she is on a game and competing for 750k? and this type of thinking is what make some floaters lose the game very fast.

Matthew schneider

1 thing i dont understand is people here online thinking america isnt playing the game and thinking shes playing cory game thats totally bs she the 1 who got in cory ear about voting out izzy who cory was close with izzy america wasnt close to izzy at all america got cory to turn on a close friend cory didnt want to do that but america get in his head do this move every one watching knows america is trying to play her own game even though its not very good just because she hasnt won a comp doesnt mean america not playing big brother the 1 whos doing nothing is meme if meme got voted out no one would even care .


Cameron has it SO BAD for America.
In the HOH room Bowie talking about tv show Friends and who would be who, Jag, Matt (snoozing) America doing Cameron’s hair. America asks Bowie which character would America be and Cameron whispers Rachel. Then Bowie says Rachel then Bowie says Jag would be Ross and Cameron says No I AM ROSS.

My opinion yes he is Ross because he loves America yesterday Cameron congratulated America for making jury they hug and she is going to find Cory so she leaves the HOH room. Cameron tosses his pressed juice bottle in the air it hits the sofa and he mutters “THAT GIRL” and he lets out a long sigh. He really is pining for her the way Ross pined for Rachel. Cameron’s hope that the end up together is palpable.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

If I was in that house, I would too! She could be an OF success story…


She’s a 5 in a room full of 2’s… haha sorry not sorry

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

She’s a smoke show! Agee to disagree…

The Beef

So, if he’s such an ass and bothering her so much, why is she doing his hair?

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

These people are looking for drama that isn’t there…


Cirie wishes Jag was her “Honey in the house” after that kiss Jag stole, and how Jag snuggles Cirie so now she would have to call Jag, Big-Jag-Zaddy-Kins
What is Jag hiding under that towel on his lap after Cirie got out of shower? Hmmmmm?

Jags Turban

He was hiding an unwrapped turban