“I’m going to take out the biggest f**king player in this house!” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – The flip is off.. Corey staying Felicia now the target.

5:56pm Bedroom – Jag, Matt and Blue.
Blue – I was basically like here is my perspective. I said I feel better about Felicia being in this house. I was like Cory is my obvious target.. like he’s basically my target. Here are the reasons why.. he got out POO. I said I think I can get Jag and Matt on board. They’re already feeling a certain type of way about Cory because of what he’s been saying. So we’ll see what happens tomorrow but I am not holding my breath. Jag – even in the room with the four of us .. the way in which he was talking he was like there is nothing to do it kind of is what it is like it was very much leaning heavily towards one way you know what I mean? Blue – yeah, I know it was a long shot but hey still got to take it. Jag – I wonder when the movie is going to be. I am excited for that. Blue – me too. me too! Jag – low key even if he doesn’t go for it (Cam putting up Cory as the replacement nom).. its not that terrible for us because as long as he is in Cam takes a shot at him before anything.. you know what I mean? And I am pretty sure Cory doesn’t take a shot at you. Or me, Or Matt.. you know what I mean. I don’t know if he (Cory) is ballsy enough to take the shot at Cam but I mean everything would have to line up for that. He might just do the least amount of blood shot .. or I mean who knows what he does. I don’t see him being ballsy enough to be like I am taking a shot at Jag and Blue. Blue – right. And if one of us wins next week, what do we do? We have time to figure it out. Jag – and I think right now it is hard to say because it depends on this week. Like if conversations go really well with Meme and she is good for our game ..or lets say they go really bad which it probably won’t go to any extreme with her.. just using her as an example. Like pissing our Cam as a pawn hold different weight than.. Blue – Meme. Jag – yeah so that’s just different things to think about.

6:05pm Dinner time..

6:28pm HOH room – Cameron and Matt.
Matt – I think Jag is still worried about it. Cam – he is not worried about it, he has something going on. That’s how I feel. Matt – yeah.. he also did bring up a good point I would agree on is.. you take this shot.. Cameron – Cory was talking to the whole group about me last night. Matt – what group? Cameron – the whole group down there last night .. he had to have said something. What did he say? Matt – I am trying to remember. Cory is obviously worried about you. I haven’t been around Cory that much yesterday or today but I know he is f**king nervous. He is nervous that you, me and Jag are getting close and that me and Jag are getting close to you. I still need to talk to him. Cameron – he has got to go! Matt – yeah. Cameron – he has got to go at some point and we’ve got him in the crosshairs right now. Lets pull the trigger. The only thing holding us back right now is if Jag has some sort of a deal with him. Jag is working angles. He is a smart guy. That is why we want to play with him. I would do the same if I were Jag. Matt – he (Jag) was saying if you take that shot, that everyone in the house is going to be mad and they’re all going to gun for you next week. Cameron – they’re gunning for me next week regardless. If I get Felicia out, the rest of the house is gunning for me. BB switches the feeds. Cameron – period. I am no stranger to being the number one target. I don’t want to piss off Jag. I want to work with him but this is telling me a lot about him. I am done spinning in circles. I am going to take this shot and it is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us. Just like Izzy. I just don’t want to piss Jag off. Matt – I don’t think he would be pissed.. he would just be like sh*t. He isn’t going to go anywhere else. Cam – You heard the exact same things that I am feeling. I know you heard him last night. You’re riding the fence on what to tell me.. I get it. Cam – That motherf**ker has been plotting against me. Its so obvious. Its so apparent. That it is going to happen next week. And then the three of us are screwed because you’re back to just the two of you. I would go on the block and if I didn’t I would get backdoored. Everyone would be behind the vote for me again. I am here to do every f**king thing I can and I am going to take out the biggest f**king player in this house! Mentally. I am going to take out our only opposition. He is gone.. we roll the rest of this house. Me, you, Jag and Bowie! Even Blue would be so over the moon ecstatic.

6:45pm – 7:07pm HOH room – Cameron, Jag and Matt.
Jag – if he (Cory) goes this week, who is next to go? Cameron – Felicia, Meme, Cirie.. I don’t care. Jag – not from us though.. who is next to go if Blue wins or America wins? Cam – I am telling you right now the dude is going to gun for it regardless. And I don’t trust that Blue has the balls to go after him (Cory) next week. That would mean that she would have to win the HOH first. Secondly, she is afraid she is going to mess up her relationship with America. She is not going to take that shot. Cory is not going to take a shot at Blue, he is going to take a shot at something bigger, something that the entire house agrees on. Blue says she wants to take big shots but I don’t think she has the stomach for it. The guy is in the crosshairs right now and he is nervous as sh*t because he knows he has a hand in everyone’s pocket right now. Everyone, Everyone! It is Izzy 2.0 and the guy thinks he is covered the f**k up. He is building the army against us and I can’t let him lead it. I am not one for adjusting fire once I’ve planned a mission. I want Felicia but it is clear to me that we have an imminent threat right now. And if we don’t come out of this door and shot the biggest gun pointed at us we just shot our chances all to hell. That is the bottom line and that is as clear as I can make it. This is the one dude that is going to stand in our way. IF we don’t take a shot right now it looks suspicious. He is not going to band with us. Jag – here is the way I see it .. if he is in this house next week that is a clear one more week for the three of us. He takes a shot at Blue. Cam – we’re saying completely different things.. he takes a shot next week .. it ain’t Blue. Jag – I think that is where we disagree. Cam – what world does he take a shot at Blue and think now its smooth sailing. No. I don’t get what you’re buying. Whatever he is putting out there I ain’t buying it. He is not nervous right now because of Blue. You know it! Jag – I actually don’t. I truly think he takes a shot at Blue and she takes a shot at him. Cam – so if you win HOH next week who do you take a shot at? Jag – Meme and someone next to Meme. Cam to Matt – you win HOH next week who do you take a shot at? Matt – Felicia goes this week? Cam – yeah. Matt – Meme ..next to her would be.. Blue.. Cam – I am not hearing Cory.. that’s what I am saying here. Why?! So who takes the shot? Jag – the way I see it.. Blue wants to take a shot at Cory and America. Cory wants to take a shot at Blue. If we nominate them we clear their path for the number one person they want out. Cam – lets win HOH next week and put up Blue and America. And then f**k it we just kill out all of them. Cam – I am putting my money on the two of you for HOH (Next week).

7:10pm – 7:20pm HOH room – Cory, Jag and Matt.
Cory – I had a talk with Cam. Matt – how did that go? Cory – every time I have a one on one chat with Cam it is good. I feel fine, I just want him to feel better. I was like I’m sure you’re uneasy because you’re unable to play next week and you’re Cameron but I got your back. When we get down to small numbers I am willing to take those chances because I like those odds a lot better, than the odds of everything going into chaos tomorrow. And honestly I am just f**king down. Matt – I know me and Jag were talking yesterday about just knowing you’re good with him and we’re good with ya’ll. Cory – and I think America is back to liking Cameron but that will be an up and down thing. I am down to just chill for a bit though. We just keep talking about the same two decisions for a week straight. Matt – so if one of us wins next week what do we do, Meme? Cory – For the four of us Bowie is great for all of us. Meme is most dangerous for you two. Blue I feel pretty good about Blue but I think she is more dangerous for me than you two. Cameron I think is equally dangerous for all of us. Obviously, next week he can’t play and if ya’ll are confident that if he wins at final eight he wouldn’t go after any of us .. I am down. I am just not certain.

7:20pm The live feeds switch the the pound cams..
9:09pm The feeds are still blocked.
9:51pm Still blocked.
10:06pm The live feeds return to Cirie, Meme, Blue, Felicia, America and Bowie sitting out on the backyard couches talking about Celebrity Big Brother. America says its 2 weeks long. Felicia says she thought it was 30 days. Cirie says that she signed up for the wrong show.

10:17pm America to Matt – How was it? Matt – it was good. (The live feeds were blocked for the movie that Cam won to watch with a couple other house guests.)

10:32pm All four cams on Cirie sleeping.. BB doesn’t want us to hear about the HGs talk about the movie they watched.

10:42pm HOH room – Cory, Blue, America, Cameron, Jag, Matt are all sitting around talking about the movie.

10:48pm HOH room – Jag – I really don’t have much to say about the movie. They can tell me what to say. But like I’ve pretty much said everything I want to say.

10:59pm HOH room – Jag, Matt, America, Blue and Cory.
Cory – Cam asked me about you today. Blue – Cam asked you about me? What did he say? Cory – Just what do you think about Blue? Blue – WHY?! What the F**K did he want to know? Cory – he was pretty vague. We weren’t that close at the start of the game but we’re talking a lot more. I feel pretty comfortable with her. That was basically about it. Blue – WHY he asking about me?! Cory – it wasn’t more that that. I was like I feel good about Blue. We’re talking more and more. The Jared this is a little awkward but with Blue its better now than its ever been. Blue – should I be nicer? America – you’re going to be blindsided tomorrow. Blue – BRO.. Cory – it was more that he was seeing what I would say than anything. He wanted my opinion.

11:38pm – 11:55pm Backyard – Cory talking to the cameras.
Cory – I do think that my position is so much worse with America. And at this point if I did actively try to separate myself it would look f**king ridiculous. Right like no one would buy that sh*t. I need to keep rationalizing so that I can keep cuddling with her. But the way I see it, that ship has f**king sailed. The benefit we have is we have proven ourselves f**king useless. We can’t win competitions. The downside is we’ve proven ourselves to be useless, so why the f**k does anyone want or feel the need to buddy up to us .. the same way as Matt and Jag dictate that. People feel like they have to go to them. They can hold court. Right now I don’t think my shelf life is horrible. I think I can make it a couple more weeks. But I do know that if the status quo stays the same, I am f**ked! What I need is Blue and Cameron gone. If Matt or Jag go that is good too. But Matt and Jag here does prevent me and America from going on the block. The last thing I want is to be played by Matt and Jag. Matt has proven himself to be able to play people. And people really seem to be choosing not to see it. I like Matt a lot.. human wise he is my third favourite person besides America and Bowie. But lets be real, Jag would need to go before him. I am truly not scared of Matt, I am scared of Jag. It is also frustrating being on this cast where everyone thinks that Cam is a good f**king player. I am not saying I am a good f**king player but that guys is a f**king mess! I don’t know if this season has been good, its been interesting from the inside at least. 100 day season is dog sh*t though. As a viewer I would hate this but the actual game and cast has been interesting .. at least so far. It would be nice to have some different f**king HOHs though.. holy sh*t like.. its f**king Cam, Jared, Cam, Jared.. we had one female HOH .. Felicia.. COOL! And I think that will probably change. I am trying to win these things but to actually make it happen is hard.

12am HOH room – Matt and Blue.
Blue – I hope Cameron f**king puts Cory up tomorrow! But I don’t think he will. I don’t think he will. Matt – Perfect world Cory this week and Cam next week. Blue – I think Cam is smart .. as soon as we get Cory out he is next so maybe he wants to keep Cory. I don’t know!? Matt – if we get rid of Cory and Cam then everyone will go after us. Blue – yeah but anything can change. Matt – I know Felicia is a big threat to my game. Blue – what do you tell Cam about Cory. Matt – I just tell Cam that Cory has been very nervous. Blue – just have to make Cory feel comfortable this week.

12:17am – 12:30am Backyard – Jag and Cory playing pool while America, Blue watch.

12:33am Quad cam on sleeping house guests.

1:11 am Corey and Cameron
Cameron asks Corey why he’s going after Cirie and MEME and not Blue next week.
Corey – Blue would be a partial strike at Matt and Jag.. I don’t want to do I really trust them.
COrey – I trust Matt and Jag they are incredibly important
Cameron – so you feel if you take a shot at Blue it’s like you are taking a Shot at Matt and Jag.
Corey – The truth is I feel slightly uncomfortable throwing out her name to them because I don’t know what they will tell her. Not a dishonestly thing.. sometime people say things they are supposed to right.
Cameron says he gives America and Corey the credit for getting Izzy the votes to evict but had he not stepped up to the plate and put them on the block “we would not be where we are”
Corey – you were in a position where they were targeting you anyways. I was in a postilion where they were protecting me for while.
Cameron says taking him out is not a BIG move anymore, I’m the likely move.
Corey – no one thinks you are the big move
Cameron – F** off.. listen i’m the guy everyone is going to throw into a conversation from here on out. All of them.
Corey – you will be a discussion
After Cameron leaves.
Corey to himself “I’m just glad to keep the lines of communication open that dude is F***Ing nuts”

1:30 am – 2:30 am Jag, Cameron and Matt
Cameron says he’s been a target all season and is a bit apprehensive putting all his trust into Jag and Matt but it’s what they want.
Cameron says the only way he knows to make this work is if he “Put my shield down” and go forward with taking out Felicia
CAmeron – that’s a scary move for me cause I have the Mother f***er I know is the largest mental threat in this game. I know he said my name. Has said my name in public recently.
matt – I think we can get Corey to go after Blue before he comes after you
Cameron – that’s my only prayer.
Matt says Corey won’t take a shot at Cameron without him and Jag’s blessing.
Jag – he’s too smart of a player to do that without support from us.. He doesn’t get our support her doesn’t make the move.
Jag – I truly think Corey doesn’t go after you next week.
Cameron asks them if Cirie or America win HOH what will they do? “I think they will go after one of us”
Jag – agreed. I think that is why who would I put up? MEME is someone for sure who is next to her I don’t know.
Cam – do you think we have Corey’s support if one of us is on the block
Jag – yes
Cam – that’s a long yes
Cam asks when do they cut Corey.
Jag – 2 weeks from now.

Jag and Matt talk Cameron out of wanting to Backdoor Corey
Cameron says he trusts Jag’s and Matt’s perspective. “if we want to the that alliance that people talk about for season to come it’s gotta be f**ing for real”
Jag – yup
Matt – for sure

Jag says he is in fully with this group. “I see this as the path forward”
They agree as long as MEME and Cirie don’t win HOH next week they are going to be safe.
Cam – next week HOH is tie breaker. next week is an important HOH

Cameron – FINE you have talked me down off the ledge I am now completely invested This is all we have guys. This is our path.
Jag – next week. I want to delay the moment we have to be in the position where you are on the block I win Veto and use it on you
Matt – that truly reveals it.
Jag – next week we might not have to reveal it. The following week it’s too f***ing late for them.
Cam – when do we pull Bowie in and let her know she’s part of a four person?
Jag – I chat with her every day
Cam – I want her to feel important and connected with us because she is.
Jag leaves..

Cameron – now that he’s gone I’m using it..
Matt – what
Cameron – I’m f***Ing with you
Matt -Damn ..
Matt continues to work on them not using the veto.


2:37 am camera zooms in on Cameron
Cameron joking around with the camera as it zooms around the room “do we need to fight.. you look me up and down you know what it does to me.. I’m sick of it now.”

6:00 am zzzzz

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Team Taylor

And here we go…so long Cory!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I really hope he does put Corey up.

Jag knows Cam is Corey’s target if he wins HOH.

Jag is a punk ass Floater, I do not respect the wimpy cowardly game Jag is playing.

Even Matt was concerned about Jag spending 2 hours talking with Corey today.

Jag is a coward, I can’t wait to see Jag up on the block again.

Spot ON

“Jag is a punk ass Floater, I do not respect the wimpy cowardly game Jag is playing”


Don't Shoot the Messenger

I want to see Matt & Jag on the block!


M&j are both wussies, all of their game talk is always about waiting for others to take ‘shots’ at each other, and anything they even discuss about doing themselves ‘has to be low key’. And this whole ‘fugitives’ crap seems like just a ploy to keep cam from targeting them. Theres a reason there is a vote to evict at the end of each week, god forbid we start to get un-unanimous votes for a change. Not every decision has to be a majority landslide every week. No 5-4, or 6-3 voting, lets be low key and go with what the house tells us.

Game fan

its a way to play a long term game and it works and have worked to a lot
of players in the past.
HAVING SAID THAT they do need to realise soon the game is about to be small numbers and not a lot time left to take the shots needed.
they can maybe wait this week but not anymore.

Not Jasons Holly

Whatever happened to blindsiding the HOH? The HOH is a sitting duck after veto ceremony. Then they can’t play.


They are all floatters.
TBH the big move is Matt not Corey.

Cam also will be backdooring Corey so his opposition to backdooring was a lie the entire time.


Omg! Is he gonna put Corey up? He is seeing what Jag and Matt are up to!


Cam is nobody’s fool.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jag is going to get busted, Jag knows that Corey has said that he will go after Cam next week. The whole world knows that Jag is scared, and he wants someone else to go after Cam, and we know that Jag will not lift a finger, nor will Jag vote for Cam to stay.

I hope that Cam sticks to what his gut is telling him, put Corey up on the block. Jag has made a deal with half the house, Cam does not have a chance, Jag nor Matt are going to give 100% to win the HOH, Jag wants Cam gone, but Jag does not have the balls to make the move.

Jag has already said in previous conversations, Cam can’t play next week, everyone in the house will target him, if Jag was truly working with Cam, who has kept Jag safe 2 times this season, he didn’t put Jag up.

Jag won the Veto when Jared was HOH, Jag knew if he used the Veto, Jared was going to put Cam up on the block. Jag used the Veto, Cam was voted out.

Cam is HOH, once again he’s trying to find someone willing to play and work with him, Cam keeps Jag & Matt safe this week. Next week Cam is needs Jag or Matt to win HOH, Jag nor Matt are going to be gunning for HOH, that really is messed up.

Jag has played a very weak game, I am going to love seeing Jag sitting on the block as soon as he helps the House evict Cam. Then Jag is going to realize that he made a big mistake, he should have given 100% on HOH Comps, should have protected Cam like Cam protected him.

Jag is a Wimp, and it is really hard to listen to him try to lie his way out of why he wants to keep Corey in the house. Please, Let Cam follow his gut, get rid of Corey, even Matt feels that Jag has something with Corey, he nailed it when he said, why spend 2 hours talking with Corey today, unless they are plotting and making plans.

Cam, follow your gut, put Corey up, take Felicia down.

Felicia is annoying as hell, and she is not your biggest fan, but Felicia has shown she cannot win physical comps, Cam needs to make it through next week.

If Cam makes it through next week, Cam needs to stop trusting Jag, put his ass up, tell him you have nominated him because he has broken his word with you several times. Blow up Jag’s game during your nomination speech, tell everyone how what Jag has said about them, how he plays the middle, and is FLOATING to trying to make it to Final 2.

Cam, stop trusting Jag. Matt understands and agrees with you about putting Corey up, you and Matt agree, put Corey on the block, don’t give a crap to what Jag wants, Jag is double dipping, Jag is making deals to keep himself safe next week, he doesn’t give a damn about Cam being safe and making it through next week.

Spot ON

” Jag does not have the balls to make the move”

Those with a bifold do not have balls.

Not Jasons Holly

Totally agree with you. I hope Cam slept good and wakes up with a clear head. He should see Jag is not playing to protect Cam!

Here's a thought....

Cam just can’t catch a break with these guys….

The Beef

That’s because they’re playing SCARED, just like they’ve been playing the whole game.

If I was Cam, I’d consider going to Cory and America, working a deal with them Felicia and Cirie to pull down Felicia, and throw Jag’s azz up OTB and send him home PRE-JURY. You don’t want to work with me to get out Cory? Fine – you can go instead!

Cam isn’t winning this game anyway, as there’s not a single person in there that will vote for him in the end, with the possible exception of Bowie. Might as well blow it up and have some fun while you’re in there!

Spot ON


Gan ainm

Evaluation status; the narrative of this season has been evicting those seen as competitors. Cam and Cory are the #1 targets followed by Jag, Felicia and Blue are non-threatening secondary targets, Meme and America are pawns who can go, leaving Cirie Bowie and Matt safe for the next few weeks. It is very hard to see a path forward for Cam or Cory and then Jag once they are both gone. Both Cam and Cory need Jag and Matt to advance further in the game. Cam is an emotional player (don’t let the facade fool you) who does what he wants so if he goes against Jag and noms Cory what kind of working relationship can they have?

Oh my

Cameron wants him gone because he kept saying “we’ll send whoever comes back, right back out”. America told Cameron or “supposedly” let it slip that Cory might have said something like that too. “She couldn’t exactly remember.” And Cameron asked him about it and Cory started babbling, lied and said he hadn’t heard anything. That people would probably imply that but, they don’t tell him information since the blow up. Cameron had asked America earlier, who was in the room when they talked about it and America said, her, CORY, and Blu. America is “accidentally” throwing Cory under the bus. But, it’s really not an accident. America is doing the same thing that Nicole season 18 did to Cory and Victor. Nicole twisted the bed sheets with Cory ( I mean how ironic they’re both named Cory) and flirted with Victor but said Victor was creepy. But now she’s married to Victor in real life. America’s playing the exact type game to the tee as Nicole played. And guess who won that season? America needs to be on the block and gone.


I’ve been saying this! He wants Cory out so he can get with America…

The Beef

Poor America. She just has to “get with” whoever gets Cory out I guess. When are women going to get a choice in relationship matters in this country anyway?

Do you know how much of his stipend Cam will have to pay to America’s father in order for him “get with” her?

Spot ON

“It’s all about the Benjamin’s”


I have to wonder if production said something to Cam, b/c he has never been fixated on getting Cory out like he is right now. Getting Cory out might be a good strategic move, but saving Felicia will not help his game. She has a lot of animosity towards him and I don’t think this would change that. Next week Cam will probably be on the block again, but I think he has a better chance with Cory than he does Felicia.

Gan ainm

That fixation has been there for quite a while.


Felicia told him in her pitch after veto to put up Cory cause she knows he (Cam) likes America and he’d be a fool to think he had a chance with her if Cory is in the Jury house with them. Then everything changed.


Per Simon and dawg’s awesome recaps, it was Blue. She talked to Corey about targeting Cameron next week and then almost immediately ran to Cameron to say Corey is actively targeting Cameron. Cameron first raised targeting Cameron with Matt and jag almost immediately after his convo with blue.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I don’t think that this is a good idea. Cory is more than likely a voter that would not carry a grudge over or be influenced by the others. If he wins enough to make final two, he is going to piss allot of players off and will need as many like him as he can. I think that going after the cabinet was a better idea.

un autre nom

The issue we’re ignoring:

  1. He told Bowie same noms, cut her out of loop. what happens when bowie is cut out of the plan? she leaves the group. She takes it very personally.
  2. He’s telling Jag / Matt do as i say but hey let’s be allies. by Wed that will turn Jag and Matt with the forced to do his dirty work, screw him line they’ve riden every time they took heat.
  3. Remember America during Izzy eviction week? Dog with a bone powered that eviction through will… this is her showmance. Jag and Matt aren’t ready for the constant bulldogging they’ll get. Cam? He’s nowhere near prepared.

None of Cam’s HOH’s have been decided by Cam’s social skills. Once veto ceremony ends he ceases to exist.

Gan ainm

Hasn’t anyone noticed Cam does not work with women?

Gan ainm

I think that says everything.

Spot ON

It wouldn’t count if he was working with ICKY

BB Fangirl

Which men in this house are truly/have truly worked with women? Jared/Cirie/Izzy don’t count because of the relationship and Izzy’s knowledge of it. Showmances also, arguably, don’t count. Jag and Matt are each others’ final two. Blue is their 4th in the fugitives, aka first to go and not really “in” at all. Cam is arguably working with Bowie more than any other guy is working with a non-showmance girl. Cam was just as alighted with Reilly as Jag and Matt were before she left. Stop trying to make this something it’s not, please.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He oozes misogyny! He IS predatory and creepy. Yet all these stupid old ladies in BB Facebook groups I’m in LOVE him just cuz he’s “playing the game”. They’re too blind to see what’s right in front of them.


yeah, while meme/fe and cirie are clear votes against cory and america is a clear vote to save cory. everyone else is in the middle. jag and matt lean towards saving cory. blue and bowie lean towards getting rid of him, but i can see any of these people swayed. jag and matt really want to vote with blue. bowie wants allies and cam’s really not a great one. meanwhile blue’s motivation to work with cirie is pretty low and she likes jag and matt much better. cory’s getting voted out isn’t a done deal sitting next to meme/fe. if cam wanted to get cory out he really should have nominated cory/america from the start. no way does cory stay sitting next to america.

un autre nom

The basics that keep arising:
Cam has zero social capital, and sub par skills in being a team mate. His view of women in the house is cringe repeatedly when he’s with the boys.
Jag and Matt are pathologically afraid of owning their game. What happens when America gets in their face for three days? They’ll expose themselves to a juror. They’re counting votes already. Cowardly Lion and ostrich in the middle taking direct heat? I’m eyebrow raised there.


yup. cam’s treatment of bowie makes her vote up for grabs and jag/matt’s spinelessness means that theirs is too. cirie and meme/fe are the only locks to vote out cory. the rest are vulnerable to campaigning, which cam isn’t good at.

Game fan

he would tell bowie before hand

un autre nom

proof? what previous game move he’s made leads you to that conclusion? The Izzy/ Felicia noms support that he’d do the better to ask forgiveness than permission route.

Just The Truth

no one wants felicia on jury. keep the noms the same.


Good read Cam. Way to go. Jag was pretty weak and unconvincing that he doesn’t have something with Cory. Cam is not stupid.


Nope! Not buying what you’re trying to sell, Corey.
Whoever wins HOH next will definitely take the shot at Cam and get him out. Cam knows it.
He is hoping that he’s convinced Matt and Jag that they need to work together so that if either of them wins, they won’t take him out. He knows that everyone else in the house will definitely put him on the block or backdoor him.

For Cam, he is in a do or die situation. He needs to shoot big. Isn’t that what the job of the HOH is?
To eliminate a target. So take down someone that will really benefit your game.


shoot big, but if you miss it’s gotta at least wound your target. if cam wanted cory gone his initial noms should have been cory/america. i don’t know if he’ll take meme or fe down (currently looking like fe?) but that’s such a completely different option than cory that players may go for it.

cam changed his mind halfway through his hoh, and that’s a big no no.

BB Fangirl

It’s hard to tell if that’s true…I think he maybe wanted Cory all along. Notice how in last night’s show we didn’t even know for sure that he was putting up Felicia until he did (without help of live feeds). Sometimes I feel like only what they say in the diary room is true, and we only see that when the show airs.

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

Yeah i think Corey was his plan the entire time. Remember his first hoh. He put izzy and felicia on the block and told everyone the target was izzy even post veto comp, but in reality his target was cirie and he tried to convince jared to do what he plans on doing now. Don’t tell anyone else. Let izzy spin and bury her game then at veto ceremony take her down throw up cirie. Izzy has no one left except the person who saved her and you get cirie out. Of course Jared didn’t go for it being his mom. The point is does the plan sound familiar? Replace izzy above with felicia and cirie with corey and you have the same exact thing he tried the first hoh. Taking the shot at corey was his plan from the start.

BB Fangirl

Totally agree! I think we get confused thinking what we see in the live feeds is the real truth. But they’re ON 24/7 in terms of playing a game. Understandably, Cameron can’t 100 percent trust anyone, so just because he’s having these secret convos with certain people doesn’t mean he’s telling them the whole truth. We only hear the truth when people are alone and speaking directly to cameras on the life, or when they’re in the diary room. If it wasn’t that way there would be no point in watching the show!

The Beef

Without help of the live feeds? You mean without knowledge of what really happened! The TV shows often bear no true resemblance to what actually happened in that house, and that was the case in last nights show with the Cory situation. I obviously don’t know what was going on in Cam’s brain, but ALL of his discussions before the initial nominations indicated he was putting up Felicia and Meme, and that’s exactly what he did.

I feel like most of what they say in the diary room are lines that are FED to them by production, unless they happen to catch them at some moment in time when they are upset or angry, and then you may be getting the unfiltered truth. The rest is dialogue fed to them to drive the story-line production wants to tell on the show, and apparently last night they wanted people thinking Cory might go up (possibly trying to get more viewers for the Tuesday Veto show).

Senior Citizen

Jag and Matt are a coupe of idiots if they help Cam get Cory evicted this week. They need to realize this helps Cam but not them. Evicting Fe this week and getting the next HOA to nom Cam and get rid of him helps the remaining hamsters toward the big bucks. If I was one of the hamsters, being semi-intelligent (IQ 138), I’d be doing what’s best for me, not what’s good for some other hamster. I’d start with dumping Cam, Cory, Blue, Cirie. Then I’d worry about Jag and Matt as well as the beauties, America, Bowie, Mecole. Of the last 5, America is the one I’d “take” to F2. She’s smart. Her gut is more accurate than most of then others brains but no one listens to her. I would. If we were age appropriate, we’re not by a long shot, she and I would make a fantastic couple. Of what, I’m not sure.

BB Fangirl

Hamsters is exactly what they are, though. With Cam gone there is no one left who really deserves it. They all collectively have the same number of wins that Cam has alone between vetos, HOHs, and battle backs. It’s pathetic. Cam is not a choice to go home this week so sending home the next smartest person is good for everyone’s game. Then they just have to Buck up and actually win a competition if they really want a shot at getting Cam out next week. And no blood on their hands since America inevitably makes it to jury and will hold the grudge against Cam.

Spot ON

“If I was one of the hamsters, being semi-intelligent (IQ 138), I’d be doing”

All of the hamsters IQ PUT TOGETHER do not even come close to your 138, and one of them is going to walk out with 750k. What does THAT tell you, if anything?

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Only if you subtract America and Cory from that statement. The rest are all under 100, for sure!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Part of the reason they don’t listen to her is because of pipsqueak Cory. All he did was badmouth her when he was foolish enough to think he was in a F3 with Cirie. The other reason, of course, is that she’s attractive. Story of my life…


PHEW!!!!!!!!!! The BBHouse Live Feed G*ds love to mess with my stomach.
Jag talked SENSE into Cameron coming off the ledge of his Cory Kick. With Felicia gone it makes the better path than leaving Bulldog Mama Fe to play and get more money in the jury house. If Cameron switched noms to Cory this week it would’ve been so STOOOOOOOPID! Cory can go next week or any other week he is a VOTE in jury. Cory respects the players and doesn’t mind being played. Bulldog Mama Fe is greedy and spiteful. To think otherwise is dumb. Also for commenters that think that Cameron doesn’t want to get America alone in jury house with no cameras(Cameron said this) HAVE NOT been watching the live feeds. (Picture attached of how Cameron pretends to look other way while he LEERS at America)
I want to see America get HOH and get CCCCameron out the house. Then get HOH again and get Blue out the house. Those two are the WORST on how they hate on America. Both jealous of her.
I still want to see
Felicia evicted
Blue evicted
Meme evicted
Cirie evicted
Evict Cirie last because her “cabinet” game play was the worst. She got side CBS money leave it at that.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He is super creepy and I’m concerned about what he will try in the jury house!


Posting it again since it said spam and I’m not losing my long ass comment!


Cam (obviously this week’s HOH/Veto winner *props to him but it’s the last compliment I’ll give him*) is doing what most always knew what he wanted to do by getting out the dude ‘his girl’ picked over him smh.

So yeah he’ll backdoor Cory later today because he is a jealous hater but it ain’t going to help him get any pussy in the jury house which is absolutely where he will be to reminisce on his stupidity soon enough. He is certainly not winning $750k and like I said he is not winning what Cory probably already had…

I can’t wait til Cameron is juror # 1 or by some miracle no better than juror # 3.

He’s not winning this game and only ensured that at least one for sure floater is getting to the finals.

It is really sad that he, Cory, Matt, and Jag couldn’t stick together since they are all threats and as the only men left they already were a minority. I hope the girls get all these idiot men out after they shoot themselves in the foot by going from four guys to two guys (when Cameron leaves in the next couple of weeks since most are targeting him next week lol).

Matt and Jag would be stupid to get him out so soon actually because they would obviously become the next huge target as the final two men and the final two people with competition wins that were tough wins not some luck challenge like the one Felicia won.

Is there any reason why Cirie, Mecole, or Felicia would go after Bowie fucking Jane or Blue rather than one of those dudes? Get real.

Cirie’s iconic season of Survivor (Season 16 which is the one she should have won) had her get to the Final 3 by rocking with a tight female alliance so Idk why they don’t realize that that is what is going to happen. It already basically has since Izzy was just replaced by Blue. And once Cory leaves America is not going to just accept that. She’ll side with the girls no doubt. She always says how Cirie is so nice when she talks to her so yeah America will side with Cirie especially if one of the girls wins HOH.

The producers may get their way with a Cirie win this season lol. I could just see her, America, and Mecole being the final 3 and Cirie wins that final HOH and takes Mecole ftw. She probably would win 5-2 or 6-1.

Grod is loving life that these men are so damn short sighted. I really want Cameron, Matt, and Jag to be juror # 1-3. It’s what they deserve.

Here's a thought....

Your about as delusional as they come. You have to be able to win at least 1 freaking comp to get to the end. None of your final 3 scenario have won a single competition between them. The only competition Cirie could win is consecutive days wearing that stupid bath robe. Good Grief.


Get rid of that wannabe soy boy Corny. Split him and America up Cam. You’ll have her all to yourself! They won’t even have jury to play around in. She’ll be at you feet. Do it Cam! Let’s gooooo bro!

Spot ON

“Get rid of that wannabe soy boy Corny. Split him”

AMERIKA did just that, and figured that there’s gotta be better goods elsewhere in this house.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I bet he has a feel the been sticker on his Prius.


Well I just read more feed stuff and if Cameron doesn’t flip the script again it seems he is listening to Jag/Matt and will NOT be backdooring Cory after all. At least that was what he decided at 2:10 AM today. Waking up and doing the ceremony later today can easily change stuff though. So I won’t feel that Cory is safe til I read the Veto ceremony results later today.

If Cory survives this week then maybe this season won’t be completely lost. Because I really do feel that if Cory leaves then Cameron goes and then Matt/Jag which is just so dumb of the dudes to allow happen.

I actually like some of the girls like Mecole, Cirie, and America but so far the men of the season deserve to win more than any of those three girls.I do hope things change. I want some female HOHs that are hard fought wins. Mecole and America have to win something!


So Jag got to Matt and talked him into not going against Cory. I think it’s a good move for Cam. I also want the showmance gone but Cam is not wrong that Cory will go after him next week if he gets the chance. Jag needs to go soon. I hate that 2 people that have already been evicted are back in the house and 1 of them is in a fairly decent position.

Here's a thought....

I like Cam, and Jag, but I agree. It seems to me the winner of BB25 will be Either Matt,Jag,America, or Corey. The numbers are dwindling fast, and Cam has no chance, because he has no real allies, and everyone else is so fixated on getting Cam, they are completely ignoring two duos in the house, which will be an important factor very very soon. Especially considering they fact that no one outside that group can seem to win a freaking Comp.Sometimes I wish they would do away with the no back to back HOH rule. It would totally change the landscape of the game, and cause these idiots who consistently throw comps allowing them to coast to the end having done absolutely nothing other than breathe, to actually play the dam game.

BB Fangirl

It makes me so mad because Jag wants Cory to stay so that he can help them get Cam out. Meanwhile Cam is letting them help him make that decision. Jag is the ultimate unloyal snake, to Cam anyway, and I don’t know why Cam would trust him after he didn’t use the veto on him directly after Cam kept him safe during his HOH. I’d honestly rather Jag go home than Cory this week but Cory over Felicia is the smartest move for Cameron.

It's me

Cameron playing his own game! I don’t even think he is playing CBS’s or Production’s game IF HE CAN.
He is playing great with the INFORMATION HE KNOWS! Remember, they do not see what we see!!!

un autre nom

He makes shit up as he goes.
my evidence:
week one Reilly paranoid night, he insisted the professors were too stupid to have aligned and that nobody knew about family style. Push back on that is why he jumped ship.
week 2-6 built a narrative where Cory was the cover to hide the real showmance: Cam and America.
look how long it took Amer to let him in on house dynamics. He refused to accept it for about an hour and a half.
He’s got a storybook in his brain of what he thinks is his bb adventure that belies what he knows.

un autre nom

So, we’ve got some really odd d/r calls last night. Am called to upstairs d/r leading to the standoff of silence in the bathroom for the boys.
We’ve had five Cam d/r calls today. That’s unusual.
We’ve got the Jag d/r call at around 2;30 am.
Something odd for a Sunday.

Has Cam actually been talked out of using veto given the six foreshadows in episode?

un autre nom

I would have called this out as tinfoil, but I’m careful not to tinfoil before i’ve had coffee.
It is weird, and in future I could tinfoil this.


TBH Corey is not the biggest move in the house. The biggest move is Matt. Everybody wants Matt on their side, he is an Olympic athlete who has obviously thrown several comps. No one can beat Matt in the finale at this point.

Corey is actually smaller fish than Jag and Cirie. The other problem with Cams thinking is thathe mad a huge deal out of being opposed to backdooring people. It would be one thing if someone else won the veto &b used it, but, he holds the veto. It will be seen as an obvious backdoor when you consider how he will be campaigning to evict Corey. Cam is already considered an untrustworthy liar, this would only confirm that fact. What

TBH none of them have core values, they are all floaters this season with no real loyalty. Cam will be doing is losing America (Bowie and America are the only 2 who actually want to work with Cam when he is not in power.) because he never really had Matt & Jag.