Cory “If I win next week I’m putting him [Jag] up. I’ve decided.” America “You have to.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) Jag’s new target is Cory / America.

4:16pm Backyard – America and Cory.
America – how do you feel? Cory – I feel good. America – good. Cory – how do you feel? America – super paranoid all the time. Cory – really? I am not that paranoid today. America – okay good. I just need something because I am freaking out. Cory – any reason? America – no. Cory – I think its just very clear that Bowie doesn’t know anything. And they wouldn’t do this without Bowie. America – I talked to Matt and he said he hasn’t talked to Blue since the veto… which is a lie. Cory – I mean Jag has talked to Blue. I don’t know how much Matt has talked to Blue. America – up in the humiliverse yeah. She won veto but okay. Cirie is over it (her punishment). Cory – I just don’t get why this is where she draws the line. Her punishment is so f**king easy. America – I think its the mask. Cory – isn’t this a fun goofy thing.. its not embarrassing. She makes comments at every plane she sees.. like that could be me going home. If you leave, you’re going to jury not home. Part of me is like YO, stay or leave. Like you can’t want to go and still fight to stay. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was up next to Felicia and she was like I want to go. And then we would keep her. America – I would rather have Cirie here than Felicia. Cory – If I win next week I am putting him (Jag) up. I’ve decided. America – you have to. Cory – Yup, and I might go next but whatever. I am just being realistic I can beat him in one more competition. Matt I could beat in a lot of things. Blue I could beat in everything that’s not endurance.

4:33pm Bathroom – Jag and Cory.
Cory – are you still thinking of about this Matt stunt? Jag – Probably.. I mean I am thinking. Maybe, I don’t know. Cory – I think worst comes to worst its you pulling a stunt and best maybe they’ll be confused. Jag – yeah but.. I guess it doesn’t really .. I don’t know, maybe I won’t. I will just see how it goes. It doesn’t really matter. Cory – Matt is down. Matt is excited. Jag – it doesn’t really matter. yeah, I’ll see. Cory – it doesn’t matter. I think if its Cirie and Felicia. I think Cirie might be like YO, vote me out. Jag – vote what?! Cory – When Cirie is talking and she sees a plane she is like I wish I was on that plane going home. And if she campaigns I want to go home, we are voting out Felicia. Jag – nods. That might be the craziest..

4:34pm – 4:47pm Backyard – Cirie and Bowie
Bowie – I think Felicia is going to come out hardcore campaigning for someone to go up against her that’s difficult. Cirie – I wonder if they’re going to campaign against each other? Bowie – Cory and America? Cirie – yeah. That’s going to be crazy! That is going to be weird to me. Bowie – yeah I mean, maybe not. And they got no idea! Cirie – they keep telling me I’ll be fine if I go up. And at the same time put her up, put her up, put her up. Bowie – One of those two or both of them said that to me. Cirie – Unbelievable! Just the fact that he is so comfortable. Cirie leaves. Jag joins Bowie.

4:55pm Backyard Couches – Cory and Blue.
Cory – have you thought about what you’re going to do with the veto yet? Blue – ah yeah I am not going to use it. Cory – you don’t want to make waves. Blue – no blood on my hands. Cory – Jags got you, don’t worry. You use the veto on yourself, he also uses the veto on you… you become the HOH. Blue – cancels it out, I am actually back on the block. Cory – oh no! Hey you got my vote!

5:20pm Cory and America playing pool. Matt, Jag, Bowie are working out.

5:39pm Kitchen – Cirie and Jag.
Jag – I am going to quote unquote tell Bowie Jane now. Cirie – okay. Jag – have you talked to Blue or anything? Cirie – I haven’t talked to Blue yet. Not that you told me. Jag – I’ll let her know that you.. Cirie – she only talked about how nice Cory and them are being to her and how the energy changed since she won the veto. That’s the only thing that Blue said. Jag – yeah. Jag leaves. Cirie to herself – how does she know already. That’s weird. Matt told her.

Exercise Room – Bowie and Jag.
Jag – keep it a secret and obviously don’t go around saying anything because you know that I’m the HOH and you know that my plan is to put up Cory and America. Bowie – yeah okay. So I know that or I don’t know that? Jag – you do know that. Cirie – yeah okay. Jag – so you just found out right now. I’m going to let Blue know and be like hey just so you know I chatted with Cirie and Bowie Jane.. so they know and are super on board with the plan to get Cory out. Bowie – what was her opinion when you told her both are going up? Jag – she jumped up and hugged me. Jag tells Bowie about his conversation with Blue. Bowie – she’s (America) a good competitor, she knows her sh*t memory stuff as well. Jag – ultimately next week we have to win and we cannot let America win. We cannot let Blue win. We cannot let Mama Fe win. We just really have to win. Each of us have to go hard. America winning is worst case scenario. Next case is either Blue or Mama Fe. Blue might take a shot too. If we win and take out one more, we’re suddenly in a good spot.

5:52pm – 6:11pm Bedroom – Blue and Jag.
Blue – America thinks Cirie is going up. Jag – yup. At this point I am just so disgusted by her because the fact that they.. BB switches the feeds. Blue – I don’t know how tomorrow is going to go. Like we both just stand there like.. (Smiling with thumbs up). Jag – because you think about it, its the invisible HOH doing it so there is no speech. Jag – I think its going to be more of a blindside if America goes up first. When America goes up, she will immediately have to give a speech for me to use it on her. Its so funny to advocate for yourself to use the veto on you 2 seconds after you were put on the block. Then Mama Fe will say why I should use it on her. Bowie joins them. Bowie – its going to be another interesting MONDAY! She (Mama Fe) is going to come flying out of there. Blue – I know, I know.. that’s what they’ve been joking about. Like oh do you think she is cooking something? She is going to come out saying a lot of stuff like campaigning. I am not going to lie, I am excited for it. Whatever happens I am excited for it. BRO they’ve just been saying so much bullsh*t. not Cory but America. Like Mama Fe I’ve telling you the truth for days now I am so glad we talked like I really want us to work together. Jag – she exposed us. She is so FAKE BRO! I cannot. Blue – they’ve been weaponizing you (Jag). They’ve been villainizing me. And they still think you’re (Bowie) in the middle. Bowie – they’re not very loyal. They’re all over the shop.

6:18pm Dinner time .. (not even waiting for Felicia)

6:50pm Blue doing it all for the gram.

6:52pm Backyard Couch – Cirie and Cory. Cory is grilling Cirie again about Survivor.

7:23pm – 7:48pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. The feeds return to Cory and America are getting into the hot tub. Bowie joins them.

7:55pm Felicia is finally finished her 24 hour solitary confinement.

Bathroom – Felicia and Jag.
Jag – how are you feeling? Felicia – you know as good as I can feel. Blue is coming off and I am still up and its like oh my god!! Jag – well here is the think, I am the invisible HOH. Felicia’s face lights up – are you serious!? Jag – and I am going to use the veto on you and I am putting up Cory and America. Felicia smiles jumps up and says oh my god! She give Jag a big hug. Jag – obviously they don’t know. Felicia – I sat in the room last night.. read / prayed and all this kind of stuff.. I said I know in my right mind this is Jag. I was like I know, that’s what my gut tells me. I said Blue is going to take herself down. Is he willing to take me down and put up Cory and America. Come on God! Jag – come on god! In no world were you going home. Blue was my target. Jag then tells Felicia about the conversation he had with Blue that changed his mind and opened his eyes to needing to target Cory / America. They are so comfortable right now. And we have all especially me have put them in that position. I told Cirie… Matt knew.. I told Bowie Jane. They are about to get blindsided.. its about to be a double backdoor blindside. They will do whatever they can. Felicia – they might go silent because they know one of them are going. Jag – that’s the line in the sand. Next week, it is what it is.. if one of them win you better pray for me. Felicia – you good with me Jag. Jag – you good with me. Felicia – I am thinking about who going to get that 750K and you my boy!

8:18pm – 8:30pm Bedroom – Blue and Matt.
Blue – Jag was like I am so sorry I put you on the block. I was like its fine! Its literally fine because this is poetic justice. This is so good for me because I have been wanting them out for 3 weeks!! Matt – I’ve been wanting them out since Seven Deadly Sins to be honest. Blue – Literally! Now I was the target, I won veto.. MYSELF, take myself down, Cory goes up, Cory goes HOME! I was like Jag you have no idea how happy I am. Because they don’t deserve SH*T! they don’t deserve SH*T! Matt – I don’t want to see either of them close to the end. Blue – I am so excited for both of them to campaign to me. Matt – I hope they talk sh*t about each other. Blue – tomorrow when this whole thing happens I am going to tell her (America) straight.. girl I don’t trust you. If you want my vote you got to f**king earn it. Campaign to me B***H! What the f**k you mean! Matt – she is probably going to be cocky and be like I know Cory is going home. Blue – I going to be like no you don’t have my vote.. campaign to me! What are you going to give me!? A comp?! No you’re not, I’ll beat you in anything! I can’t wait to hear her and Cory pitch to me.

8:30pm Comic Bedroom – Blue and Felicia.
Felicia – you fought for that veto and you deserved that veto. Blue – it was poetic justice! Felicia – it was poetic justice. You deserved that all day long. Blue – and I don’t know how much Jag has told you but obviously I was the target. I was the target so I am really glad that him and I were able to talk because I told you they’re f**king CRAZY!! I F**KING HATE THEM!!!! Felicia – I’ve been saying since the very beginning. I meant everything in that .. these two have been using everyone else to play their game the whole time. Blue – I thought it was just you and me on that train. I was like I can’t believe people aren’t seeing this. We both have the same problem we can’t shut the f**k up.

Big Brother gives the house guests wine and beer.

9:12pm Backyard – The house guests are enjoying the alcohol and chatting.

9:13pm – 9:25pm Backyard Hammock – Cory and America
America – I feel like the feeds were a lot more exciting.. Cory – when Cam was here? America – no, no, no just the seasons I’ve watched have been a lot more fun than this season. But is that just because I am in here .. everything is just so boring. Cory – the wrong people have won competitions recently. America – what do you mean? Elaborate? Cory – For a while the season had good competitions outcomes .. Cam winning pressure cooker.. Hisam winning Revenge of the whatever. America – I didn’t know everyone was so against Cam. I was out of the loop. I had no idea. Cory – I really hope I win the next HOH because it will be really fun. It will be a sh*t show but it will be fun. I’ve been thinking about how it plays out because it would be much deeper than Matt and Jag. America – what do you mean? Cory – oh there would be schemes and lies and bullsh*t. It would be a very uncomfortable week though. Finish your alcohol so that we can get crazy.

9:50pm – 10:10pm Backyard – Blue and Cirie
Blue – I fully accepted going to the jury house. That is why I was super at peace. I was like f**k it. I was like I am really proud about what I did today being on that rope. I was really proud about the game that I played. I am not leaving here being a f**king America .. “I played my Boyf’s game”. I played my own damn game! I had my own wave where I was a pawn, a threat, underestimated.. this whole thing. And then obviously my right hand man left earlier. Cirie – that sounds like me. You just told my story. Blue – 100%, we’ve both been through the ringer! Cirie – I just want to see it. Blue – me too. Cirie – I want to see it. I want to open the door and hold it for him (Cory). Blue – I will be right front and centre.. I am pushing America’s B***H A$$ out of there. What the f**k! They’re too comfortable .. its disgusting! Blue – One down, One to go! Its going to be so good for all of us! You, me and Felicia. Cirie – I can’t wait for Miss Jane to go either. She’s been awfully comfortable and she ain’t touched the block either. BB blocks the feeds. Cirie – where does he think he would have to votes to stay? Blue – he thinks he would have enough votes over America to stay. Cirie – I hope he still think that. Blue – I hope he still think that too.. that is going to be fun! I am going to soak in this week. I don’t care if I am the next to go… well I do care if I am the next to go. I got to see that play out. Cirie – I want to see them campaign against each other. Isn’t that your man?! Aren’t you official!? I don’t think they will do it. I’m giving them too much credit. Blue – I don’t put it past him. He’s selfish.

10:17pm – 10:22pm Hammock – Cory and America
Cory – I really like Matt and Jag and I want to be good friends with them after this and I don’t know if I can be if I f**king… because the reality is if I make a really strong move against them that’s me acting without any reason. And then didn’t do anything to me first you know?! And I know its a game. America – and Jags got a good one. Cory – and I wish I cared less. I am surprised how much I care. America – if you want me to do it I will. Cory – no I’ll do it. I will just be very sad about it and you’re going to have to console me. America – its not a big deal, they’ll be fine. Cory – as much as I am hesitant to do it for human reasons I am so excited to do it for so many other reasons. It is going to be so f**king extra. Do you want to know how I would do it? Basically calling him and Matt out at the nom ceremony for sh*t they didn’t do. America – like what? Cory – Calling Blue in like everyone wants you out right now. I am going to call them out for a ton of sh*t and you’re going to have to validate everything and we’re going to pull in Bowie. Then it will be basically a he said she said and its going to be a sh*t show. That’s the idea.

11:10 am Cory and America
Cory is nervous nobody has told him the plan for tomorrow. America hasn’t had a one on one with Jag in days.

They start smooches before bed.

12:30 am Zzzz

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Gan ainm

Can someone anyone please tell me how Cirie loses this season?


She won’t lose.
It’s been a wish/want for her to win (from fans and prod/grod) from the beginning.
No matter the HOH or Veto, she’s been the winner for a while.
However, if I’m wrong, I’ll admit that I’m wrong.


it all shakes down to how the comps go once they reach 5. comp winners get a lot more power at that point and the vote is limited to a point of relying on the deals that get made. while she’s certainly capable of making those deals, she’s not guaranteed to have the best offer and could fall victim to being on the block next to jag with matt voting or something akin to that that sees her going to jury.


If they really want a Cerie win, they’ll fix the comps AND/OR keep the D/Rs pushing for her.
I don’t think it’s that far of a stretch at this point….

Angry BB

She needs to go. She doesn’t do anything but stir the pot.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

She has too many fanboys and simps to not win! Amazing how she has been able to stick around after her aggressive start but she does a good job of getting people to trust her, which wouldn’t be happening had she not already been a reality tv fixture…

no mo bro

Cirie’s secret is knowing when to stop talking. Just shut up and listen. Don’t offer any information unless directly asked. And when directly asked, deflect and ask them what do they think, then say, “Uh huh, you could be right”.


that was derreck’s strategy. constantly asking people what they thought, agreeing with them when he agreed while pointing out problems with their plans when he disagreed, and never volunteering his own plan first.


she is no Derrick


However, her son Jared was the total opposite, he had loose lips.


i wonder if he calls his mom “bro”

No One

Unnnnnn….. hu huh….uh huh…uh huh; she (Cirie) must have said that several thousand times, and the constant ebonics speech from 3-4 people absolutly drives me crazy …I miss Cam, he was smart, calculating, and extremely versed on a lot of subjects, and why?????? didn’t Julie Chen tell Cam that there was a mother / son dual connection in the house when he was voted out like she did with all the earlier voted out people. Possibly because he was going to the jury house and didn’t want it to be known, but Blue knows, she could spill the beans if she makes it to the jury house….


it’s basically a matter of if half duo wins either final veto (but not hoh) or the final and then keeps the other half of the duo safe. but she is coasting to final 4.


It is in the bag for Cirie. Big Brother got their wish.


that’s why they have dumb down the competitions

Game fan

final 3 or 5 i think she would come just short
they would take bowie over her , or bowie takes her out

un autre nom

Cory / America
Cory has lost his ‘edge’. Without the Fields family alliance he lost intel. Everyone was sharing their game plan with Cirie that was exposed to Cory by Izzy and Jared. He controlled the chaoscoven’s desire for big move backstabs by pulling out spreadsheets and logic talking them off their contact chaos high.
Since week six he’s lost the intel and tried to background hide. He’s got horrible intuition reads, and he’s been called out weekly. Still can’t see the wind has shifted.
Why? that bad intuition. He spreadsheeted everyone up to week six data. It’s week 11 and he’s operating off of five week old assessment of his housemates.
Comp wise? Easily thrown off pre-comp by any call out. Crashes and burns.
Physically? Being have not so much for 1/3 of game totally tanked him.
The twists this season have tanked him as well.
Since winning the double his chances of final 3 have dropped weekly, but again, he hasn’t updated the spreadsheet.
America has good gut intuition of environment, but horrible read of trust. She’s known as a big mouth liar because she doesn’t hold information as currency, she gives information like charity donation. 90% of the infodumps are true, but the people she tells don’t believe her. Game strategy? She’s a bbtwitter woman acting strategically like bbtwitter personified. Not a compliment.
She’s been vilified for non-game reasons in and out of house since night three. stop that. keep it game.
Comp wise? Her performance steadily improves. She’s a mid-level threat in the typically upcoming comps.
Her biggest strength is her biggest weakness: She’s dismissed. By everyone either as a reliable ally or a target of value. That could actually make her the mark by Thursday.


Besides being a very informed intellectual human from Canada who are you? Gender? Age? Background? Not looking for detailed specifics just so curious!

un autre nom

Closer to Bowie / Cirie age than Cory / America age. Experience in the arts field with past careers in arts and heritage admin and television / movie production (contract basis). Other experience in Hospitality and Event facilitation. Studied art, writing, psych / soc and cultural studies. volunteered for multiple human rights initiatives. Everything else is anonymous.

Matthew schneider

Un autre nom america is for the most part playing with idiots like blue she told blue she was the target blue could have keep that info too herself but nope told jag thats when the target change to cory and america the only 1 who keep her info was cameron about the red vote thinking red was the real target it wasnt red it was cameron but he won veto everyone else uses america info against her

un autre nom

that’s the bad trust read. she thinks she’s helping people that throw her under the bus.

Gan ainm

They have really done more damage to each others game than anyone else.

un autre nom

America’s entire game reputation is based on Cory squeeling about America blabbing week one, then painting her as irrational and uncontrollable to the Crossroads crew. IF Cory hadn’t revealed ‘For Real’x2 alliance was real except America was plus one not member… where is the game? He wanted her weaponized. He tanked her value to everyone else to make sure she was HIS weapon.
America’s damage to Cory was trusting Blue and others she gave info would be self-interested, want to use not spread the word, and in the case of Blue actually wanted a girlliance. We all knew it was shit, America confuses social and strategic though, which causes Cory trouble.
Cam’s problem with Cory? I’m not blaming her for 2 adult males being petty. Not happening. Let them whip em out with a ruler, and leave her out of it.

Gan ainm

I think America convincing Cory to flip the vote on Izzy was a damaging blow to Cory’s game.

un autre nom

at the time, pissy Jared was pushing Cory out, before America even, to Izzy.


Everyone have their Chianti wine ready for when the feeds come back after the veto ceremony


Lots of Kraken!!!

un autre nom

I’m having an issue with Jag victimwhining pre-blindside.
a) they’re too comfortable.
how dare your final four that you said were safe and sat in on your ‘planning’ session feel comfortable. Their comfort means they bought your lie.
b) they’re going to hate me. They hate me already.
you’re backstabbing them and you are playing victim. they don’t hate you, they see you as the guy that’s won 5 comps and has alliances with everyone… they just think the one with them is the most real.

Stop the precursor to the ‘My targets are bullying me’ shit before it starts.

Note: prodo has caught on to Jag is going too deep and personal on the America stuff while going game reason for Cory. It’s a bad look. Feeds have cut and returned muliple times today when he starts. There’s a 3 minute delay on live to feeds. They’re protecting Jag’s image here because they haven’t been shy about people in the house coming for her.

Pretty much Jag’s biggest complaint is they are playing the game. Same thing he did with Cirie for over a week and a half, remember. Anyone playing the game the same way Jag is playing the game is being Immoral. The victimwhining will be peak when he gets called on it.


Once again, I completely agree with your take on things in the carazy BB house.
Really appreciate it, as a bb watcher and fellow Canuck.


Jag likes to pretend he’s powerful until someone calls him out, then he reverts to being the victim. He says Cory/America are too comfortable but he has idled through the game, always afraid to ruffle any feathers. If he backs out of putting Cory/America up…he should be the next member of the jury. I can’t remember ever watching a season and not caring who wins. This group is different, no moxie (except Cameron) and loose lips. I can’t think of anyone who has kept a secret except for Bowie Jane and her age. Oh and Cirie has kept her “mom secret”. I’m ready for next season.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Jag is pure evil!

un autre nom

Sunday Episode
The Minutemen alligned with EVERYONE
bye Fugitives.
Just Jag was after Cam apparently?
Bowie pulled the trigger.

Crystals on coffee table
America d/r comic week
Cirie d/r my plan is working, they’re going to go to war
POWER OF INVISIBILITY HOH (Invisible all week or 9 hours in this house)
HOH gets to play next week.
Cory, America, Jag promsie to reveal if they win
Cory d/r allies share intel.
JAG d/r is bs. He had NO PLAN TO TARGET CO/AM. Zero. Here we go with the fiction. says he knows Cory is playing him.
Cirie/Felicia discuss possibilites.
Cirie d/r wanted to win to shoot at duos.

Blockstar fell already. feels like she’s reading the comics, not doing the comp.
7 wrong first push.
2 wrong second push kirsten hat
1 wrong third push jag shoes

MATT: no time reveal
duo talk of minutemen. big danger of taking shots from invisible HOH.
grouping by 4’s. Reilly talk. eyeroll
2 wrong. 3 wrong.
swapped Hisam / Felicia

BLUE: no time reveal
SHUT UP. her catchphase shit is last nerve territory
oh really shut up
7 wrong. 1 wrong meme glove

CORY: no time reveal
a threat. 3 at a time.
Meme flashback. Doesn’t want to be next to jury. save Co/Am time.
1 wrong Cirie eye.

CIRIE: no time reveal
she’s watched this. ‘mkay.
notices her kids. zipline fall hardest
4 wrong. 5 wrong. 6 wrong. 4 wrong. 3 wrong
can i quit now? she says. eyeroll. that ticked me off.

JAG: no time reveal
big move is bad if he doesn’t win.
Red a problem.
one push shown.

AMERICA: no time reveal
Big move / showmance safety. Too much showmance talk. Villain?
too much zipline time. LOTS of zip trips.
one push shown.
Cory worried for being a schemer.

Matt:13:37 Cory 11:11 America 10:53 Jag 9:00 JAG LIES
Jag gets whodunnit d/r. Jag dunnit.
Blue being scapegoated.
Blue 15:24 to America
America doesn’t believe Blue. she’s overacting.
FE / CI think only boys won. Take big shot. don’t waste power.
Blue / Bowie: is Blue over-acting?
Matt says Ma/Ja will be targets.
Jag/Cory/America discuss Blue INVISIBLE HOH. Matt / Bowie join.
Jag reveals to Matt.
Reveal to Cory and America as trust builder?
Jag won’t final 4 with showmance doesn’t want to be only duo.
Blue / Felicia noms? whatdoyouall think

Felicia pissed off. Go after the boys.
Blue this sucks it’s Co/Am that are HOH
Jag final 5 is Ja/Ma/Bo/Ci/Fe

HOW TO TELL IF PRODO IS PLAYING D/R GAMES: JAG DOESN’T WEAR 4 DIFFERENT TURBAN IN 24 HOURS. Match turban to days. Post noms but pre veto d/r and post veto d/r with the anti-showmance talk? that’s the cleanup on aisle 4 i mentioned.


Jag and Blu ridiculous. Lol. He gets one of the best HOH because no one knew and then he tells everyone stupidity, then jag puts Blu up she wins veto then he tells her it was him blah blah blah and she is not even mad and believes everything he said. Dumb and Dumber!! Lol

un autre nom

Remember why everyone hated Handful/Family style’s attitude week one…it’s back.
The rampant ego?
At this point? If the d/rgremlins don’t grodkarma the showmance survivor’s rebound win for HOH they’re missing out on prime schadenfreude gold.
Yeah, it’s getting THAT dirty.


Oh America will def win HOH.

Grodner’s Former Lover

Felicia really should keep her cool. She has a legitimate chance at winning the game against half of the people there.


if she or Cirie win we know for sure BB is fixed those two women can barely walk live in their robes diversity has destroyed what was previously a good show


I hope Corey takes out Jag next week. He got too full of himself. Can someone explain why he went after Blue? Blue had thought of his as her friend and she was going after Corey so there was no reason to do that. His biggest threat has been Corey….even bigger threat than Cam. Just bad play on Jag really hope he goes. But one thing happening here is Cirie skating to the end.


Cory will not have a “next” week. Lol


The final 3 will be Blue, Cirie, and Felicia lol.

Cirie will win and Production will be so pleased.

I hope Jag and Matt are happy when they are like Jurors # 3-6 at best.

Queen Catia

After this crazy, disappointing season I can live with that!


if that happens no one will be watching BB

un autre nom

Jag’s already starting to lightly push America eviction. Recent physical comp threat / no penis (girlliance fear) if you really want to brass tack. At least that’s game… post short d/r…uhgain.
Tell me one good reason his Cory digs were game and America digs were personal. I’ll wait. He is making his inner lack of grace known.

Blue is pushing America and Bowie eviction – they haven’t done anything don’t deserve stipend increase they’d get if there was a female final 5.
one ball roll luck comp and she’s Dr.Blue Gheesling-Pierzina-Prather-Hale? Bishpuhleeze.

Felicia agrees, tells Cirie. Cirie is NOT for the Ma/Ja/Bl/Ci/Fe final 5. Now hold on she says.

I’m still recalling that Am/Co conversation last week. She was saying she could see the writing on the wall for her by the way d/r convos were going…in the post veto days where she had multiple d/r calls but no episode d/r. That’s why I pointed it out in the Cam eviction episode.

Queen Catia

If they keep Cory over America then they deserve what they get!


In Blue’s comic, I wonder why there was no roller in her bangs. That’s her signature look.

un autre nom

Artist was given bio and headshot from memory wall.
Other than that punishment clip shots, to show costumes.
The artist wouldn’t have known.

BB Fangirl

If there is a Grod Felicia will somehow spill to Comerica that she also knows Jag is HOH. I actually can’t believe he’s told every single person he is HOH…whyyyy will he still get to play in the next comp?! Also..why was Bowie not allowed to play in this week’s? Doesn’t seem fair…although a BJ HOH would have been a Jag HOH anyway. Jag’s an idiot and I hate him. End rant.

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There is a 0% chance that jag even knew about this show before watching It! Never have I seen such weak gameplay! The elimination of Cameron was the demise of Jag, Matt and Cory. They should have picked off a few floaters first just to better their own odds…

Felicias Balding Clippers

Cameron was not to be trusted. He was the HOH that evicted Jag before Matt saved him. It would have been nothing for him to put Jag back up again. Jag was smart at getting rid of him.

BB Fangirl

Cameron put Jag up at the right time because he has always been the next biggest threat, not to mention he wasn’t the only one who wanted Jag to go. It worked out for Matt to save him but actually…Matt is likable so he probably would have been fine and not a target without Jag. Cameron fully trusted Jag and even allowed him to dictate his last HOH and not send Cory home. If anyone is not to be trusted, it’s Jag.


Cam was the main reason to watch the show


Ok, after watching tonight’s show, when Jag read the transcript telling everyone what the HOH will be this week, BB put some info in that transcript that I don’t think Jag paid much attention too.

BB / Production, might be able to go back on their word in regards to allowing Jag to play in the HOH this coming Thursday Night, if they are trying to help Whoever they want to win.

Jag read these exact words from the transcript “ Since the Invisible HOH will NEVER be revealed, this allows them to play in the upcoming HOH on Thursday “

Jag revealed he’s the Invisible HOH, so he revealed himself. That might mean he has eliminated himself from qualifying to play in the upcoming HOH ?

I might be reading too much into this, but it did say since the invisible HOH will Never be revealed, Jag might have shot himself in the foot. Remember BB, expect the unexpected.

Jag might be in trouble, he told the entire house, he should have remained Invisible.


The note literally said the invisible hoh could reveal themselves if they wanted. You are definitely reading too much into it.

Queen Catia

Yes, but then the note literally said “since the HOH will never be revealed” and Jag burned that bridge, so maybe?


That’s exactly what I’m saying. Since it should be invisible and everyone knows, it’s no longer invisible. He should not be able to play next week. It’s not fair for the others. Everyone should play for HOH every week then.

Queen Catia

I thought the same thing and personally it would serve him right…


I absolutely can not stand Blue


I think she tries too hard so would like she’s so street wise, by the way she talks.

Giiiiirl, Boo, she thinks she is so cool, i can’t stand listening to her speak !!

Grodner’s Former Lover

These Gen Zers live their instagram pages. They are making sure that they will leave the world a lamer place!

Felicia’s crusty feet

Could not agree more…. Could never stand her fake ass, especially when she was banging Jared… and her : “ ready for round three?” … ugh


My hubby (who doesn’t watch the show) happened to hear part of it last night. He said why is she talking like that? I said what do you mean? He said what does “kitty kitty purr girl” mean? I said I have no clue. I guess it means we’re old. He said she sounds like a ridiculous cartoon character.

Just The Truth

It is official Garbage floaters will be sitting at the end because anyone playing is only going after each other. So dumb.


I’m hoping for a final five all girls. What a crazy mix of women who actually didn’t work with each other.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Blue sucks, want her gone like yesterday

Just The Truth


un autre nom

The zeal and excitement. Cool. The let’s shit on them once they’re noms?
How has that not sunk in?
Think of old school bb 7 person juries.
Animosity and shunning was pretty common.
Bitterest juries since season 19 and 21’s prejury. Think about season 4,5,6 jury questions.

I have seen people shocked by Bowie. We saw a hint of this in nomination roulette night week three when Bowie and Felicia talked. We saw a hint of this when Byebyebitches and Professors formed. She’s always wanted line in the sand war. She’s said it a gazillion times. She recognizes it’s a game, and always has. As far as I’ve heard, she’s kept her attacks game. What’s the shock about? Post jury announcement, this was always going to be Bowie.

Blue? We’ve known since mid-week one she has no loyalty to women. She truly thinks Matt / Jag take her final 3 and she wins final HOH. Tell me how she wins the part 3 how well do you know the jurors comp…no really, tell me because she doesn’t know shit about any woman in that house. She’s a vile piece of jealousy and ego wrapped up in a hair curler… and the queen of going personal not game in ways that show she has zero self-awareness.
I actually believe her influencer branding stardom she seeks takes more of a hit than growth due to her appearance on the show given feeds. that’s not good. Branding herself for women and being her on feeds? Production should warn her, because I’m not a fan of real world attacks by social media stans. Some of them are fukakta. For me, season ends, press for finalists ends… i don’t care about / listen to / follow / watch any reality show wannabe celebutard. why bother?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Agree 100% with all that you said above. When it comes to Blue, I really don’t understand how she thinks the world is enjoying her game play, her D/R Sessions, Blue comes across as fake, phony & rehearsed whenever she’s talking to the Camera, and with Julie Chen.

I also agree when you say Blue has no loyalty to women, will go back to the guys and tell everything America has said. I remember when there were more women in the house, Blue spent most of her time in the house servicing Jared.

When and if Blue makes it to the point to the competition where you have to guess what phrase a particular Houseguest may have said, I think Blue will be lost. Blue did not get to know most people in the house until Jared was evicted.

un autre nom

America’s social environment read is telling her there’s trouble. The groupings, Jag and Blue being bff’s again. She’s seen Matt / Bowie plotting. She knows Matt lied about talking to Blue, she saw them go meet up. She knows she gave Blue ammo and wonders if she ratted / why hasn’t Jag asked about it (name the people in the house that fact check, Jag ain’t the one). She still minimizes the ammo to Cory, but she’s got the scent.

Cory is convinced they’re fine, Bowie would warn him (he hasn’t done his daily with Bowie since she nom’d Cam). He’s waaaaayyyyyyy off on his read. When’s the last time Jag looked him in the eye?

They’ve gone self-isolation. They saw Matt/Jag/Blue go to the havenot pre-veto… stayed in bed.
Cory says she’s spiraling over nothing. EVERY time he’s said that, she was right, he was wrong.

BIGGEST SOCIAL MISREAD: Felicia’s been out of isolation for hours. Nothing happened.
They know Felicia talked to Blue. Nothing happened. 11 weeks of Felicia… does that pass the smell test?
BIGGEST STRATEGIC MISREAD: they haven’t been told the actual plan by their group. And that isn’t red flag.

Gan ainm

Can there be a new super power at the end of the week that switches the nominees to put the HOH and veto winners on the block?

Another Dixie

I keep hoping that Felicia & Cirie’s punishments secretly came with a power. Neither of them seemed very upset about their punishments and are both very quiet & calm. They know how to keep secrets. The others thought Felicia would be seething when she came out and she was all serene. I believe it was around that time that Jag finally told her that he had nominated her, something she & Cirie had already figured out anyway.

I know this is wishful thinking. I think production should hire longtime superfans to devise the competitions & twists.


It remains to be seen whether America will be annoyed or impressed by being blindsided. I can see Cory going up to Jag giving him a hug and saying “Well played”


Cory isgoing to be PISSED!!!!


The way he walked away while America was confronting Felicia in a previous veto ceremony I don’t think so

no mo bro

Yep. He had a choice in that moment. Game or girl. He chose game.

He chose right.

The Beef

His ass wasn’t on the block, post veto that time. Much easier to walk away from a confrontation, or not be upset, when your entire game isn’t on the line. PLUS, his disagreement with Felicia was a “he said she said”, versus Jag stabbing both him and America directly in the back! It may be a good game move, but it might take Cory some time before he’s able to view it that way, if ever.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, I think Cory will be PISSED!!!!

But then again, he might say that was a good move by Jag, because Cory told America if he won HOH, Jag was going up, he didn’t mention Matt, I’m assuming Cory would put both Jag and Matt up. This way it ensures 1 of them hopefully would be evicted.

Cory for some reason kind of started getting a big head, thought that his Game Play was so on point. Cory has been called out by a multiple people, they kept saying not to trust him or America.

I will not have a problem with Cory leaving, I think he is like Cam said, Cory has a big head, and thought that he was controlling the HOH, while remaining in the background.

America turned out to be a real disappointment, talked a big game about what she was going to do, who she’d put up, America should’ve put more effort in winning HOH, then seducing a dude in the house that’s very child like, and not very attractive.

I’m looking forward to seeing Cory and America on the Block. This might make an interesting week, I’m hoping someone like Cirie wins HOH or America if she’s not evicted.

I do not want Blue to win HOH, Blue would create a very boring HOH, she would most likely put up Felicia & Bowie, or Felicia & America, Blue would not go after Matt & Jag.

Game fan

thats so funny to me that the point of this week is for someone
to make an INVISABALE move . hands clean
yet jag ended nominate HALF the house with their knowledge – this is him.
he is making the right move. but this should have been his first move.
and also… not in that way. like.. even with felicia.. dont sell yourself. let her offer a deal
to be taking off the block. after you strike a deal you tell here you be taking her off
like you let her convice you .

Another Dixie

Jag has shown himself to be a real coward when it comes to making moves. He has always sat back, let Matt especially, suggest things & then nod his head. This HOH should have been perfect for him, but he just cannot do anything on his own, even in secret. It would have been so much more interesting if he had kept his trap shut, even to Matt, and played it the way it was designed. It would have been a perfect way to actually see just how loyal his alliance, especially matt, is to him. It’s easy to act loyal when you know your ally has the power but not so if you think he may be in as much trouble as you.
I really hope, when the time comes, that Matt is eliminated first so we can see Jag drowning in fear & shaking in is boots.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, it really would have been nice if Jag kept his trap shut, and did not even tell Matt that he was the Invisible HOH.

If he really wanted to test Matt and see how loyal he is, Jag could have remained silent, put Blue and America up, then blue won the veto, and Jag would win Veto, now put Matt up next to America.

We know Blue would vote to evict America, would Matt panic and sell Jag out to others in the house ? Jag would improve his chances on winning more competitions, Cory was not as good at physical comps as Matt, and we know Jag’s nervous about a final 2 sitting next to Matt.

But this was not to be, Jag has to tell everything, he did not even make Felicia stress out a little when her punishment was over, he could not wait to blab that he was going to use his Veto on her. Jag really messed up the invisible HOH.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Messed up in my response above.

Once Blue won her Veto, and Jag won a Veto, then Jag could have taken Matt down, and put Cory up. Jag could have said Felicia or Cirie LOL… won Invisible HOH.

We all know Felicia wants Cory out, so having Cory and America on the block, only if Jag could keep his mouth shut, he could have tested Matt’s loyalty, and then blamed Cory & America being nominated on Felicia.

no mo bro

This way as replacement nominees no one can take down either Cory or America. If Jag had nominated them in the first place there was a chance that a veto could.

As long as the plan holds. Cory WILL be hanging out with Cameron.

This is not a “Pro Jag” thread. I HATE that guy.

Game fan

everyone was playing veto anyways

Angry BB

Need to get rid of Ciria. She lies and then smiles just like she did on Survivor. She needed to go when Jarad left the house


We all know Jag is just blowing off and trying to sound tough (like Felicia does – even when she has no power), but when it comes down to it, he will wuss out, as usual, and just put up Bowie in Blue’s place and not use his Veto. He is too chicken shit to make a move. What a dufus.


Bowie better kick herself if that happens because she chose to side with Jatt and get Cam out

BB Fangirl

While I think he should not be able to play the next HOH I do think it’s hilarious that Jag absolutely screwed himself on a week that should have been clean for him. Now he will make an enemy of either America or Cory, and if Blue wises up and realizes he never actually changed his mind about targeting her (until she won veto), she can pair up with whoever is left.

no mo bro

Production could have added a twist to the secret HoH. If you tell, you lose your chance to compete the following week. It’s too late for that now. But yeah…. BB says here’s an invisible HoH just to mix things up, but Jag says, “Nope. I have my own plan and I don’t like invisible. I’ll do it my way instead”.

That’s what Cam did and look what it got him.

I hope this pisses off production and they target Jag like they targeted Cam when he messed with the script.


Where is all this venom coming from? I get why he wants Cory/America out, but does he have to be such an a-hole?

Another Dixie

Because, he IS an a-hole. Just showing his true feelings that he held back at the beginning.

no mo bro

Technically, production could take away Jag’s ability to play in the next HoH and it would be perfectly deserved. The whole idea about allowing the secret HOH to compete in the following week’s HoH, was in order not to reveal their identity.

Jag himself has told everyone. There is no need for production to keep his secret by allowing him to compete.

He f*cked with your game production! F*ck him right back. Take away his ability to compete in the next HoH. You don’t need to protect him. Everyone knows.


Back from the trip thanks Dawg for keeping the lights on. Looks like the weekend was filled with twists and now Cory is getting the boot.

We’re going to end up with a Cirie/Felicia final 2 Cirie will win and Twitter will call her the next Dan or Dr Will.

no mo bro

Welcome back Simon. Dawg handled things beautifully while you were gone. I joked once that maybe Dawg is a bot. Now I’m not joking… Is Dawg a bot? 🙂


LOL! he is a machine but not a bot machine 🙂


Anyone but Blue. She’s the worst. Such a crass and low-class person who has no sense of how she comes across. No ability to self reflect or be the least bit humble. The way she talks about America is beyond the pale. I can’t believe she has a following… hopefully this “performance” puts the final nails in her coffin.

no mo bro

It’s funny that production wants Cirie there more than Cirie wants Cirie there. She has been caught mumbling under her breath she just want’s to go home. And the other house guests have had discussions about putting her up because, in their words, “She wants to go home anyway”.

She seems depressed and that she genuinely doesn’t want to be there.

***Tinfoil hat on***

It feels like Cirie has signed a contract with the script already written and is regretting her decision.

What’s also weird is as the other house guests were having the conversation about giving her her wish and sending her home, the feeds cut, like they do with all the script threats.

The streams are on a short delay. If they were live. Then we would hear the real truth.

***Tinfoil hat off***

Another Dixie

This season is so much longer than she is used to & it certainly has been boring for a good part of each week. Combine that with Jared leaving & I can understand why she might want to go home. She won’t as I’m sure she signed a contract & would probably have to give back the signing bonus. Not only that, she has her pride. Cirie does not quit. I do think though that if she really wanted to leave she could sabotage her own game, maybe letting it “accidently” slip about her advantage.

Buoy Jains horse teeth

Who would you compare her game to?

no mo bro

My neigh bor.


She’s stunt cast put in there by production to bring viewers from Survivor over. I would compare her to other stunt casts like Frankie, Jackie, Jeff Weldon, ETC… and all the BB returnees we had over the years.

no mo bro

The script is scripting

Grodner’s Former Lover

I agree! The elimination of Cameron set that up! They really should have kept him around to pick off a few floaters. It wasn’t hard to get him on board with going after them and matt/jag/Bowie all had him convinced that he was allied with them.


America’s playing a sleazy game as well. She made sure to openly seek Cameron out, every chance she got and openly flirt with him. She attached herself to a physically, insecure man-child and used sex and ” I’m a bobble head” tactics to string him along. America is a Super Fan and she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s doing exactly what Nicole Franzel did to Cory on her season. Nicole screwed around with Cory, flirted with Victor, never touched the block and won against Paul. Nicole couldn’t explain why she should win. America’s more arrogant and calculated, so she’ll have a speech why she should win, if these idiots let her make it that far. But, we all know this is a Ceri season.

no mo bro

My thoughts exactly.


Ya nailed it! I was just thinking earlier today that she and Nicole were flip sides of the same coin. Wonder if America will end up with her flirtmance (Cam), too? Also wondering if Jag’s attack against America became personal after Matt said he caught her and Cory “dry humping”. I imagine that really disgusted Jag – due to jealousy or his moral stance or both.


Hahahaha! Loser Corey and Lamerica. Your tears make me happy. And they’re showing their true colors. Scum.