“I’m glad a final four means something to you guys… I don’t know what I would do without that”

3:56pm Ross and James

James- I trust you since the beginning of this game, you are the only person I know that hasn’t thrown me under the bus
Ross – I saved ya..

Ross – Shannon pissed a bunch of people off.. things she told Keshia that Omarossa said that people don’t know are true .
Ross says Shannon is playing too hard
James says Shannon is mopping around..

Ross says he believes it will be James and Shannon on the block.
Ross – be nice to everybody, win the veto…
James says if they put him on the block they are going to make any enemy out of him

Ross tells James he doesn’t want to be the go between with him and Brandi.
James – Brandi, there’s never been a justified reason for her to be upset with me

Ross says “I swear on my life” after Ari won the Head of household he told her Metta and Omarosa
Ross – it’s no my HOH
James asks if brandi and them will know Ross will also be mad at them.
James – they’re making an enemy out of you, and whoever of us stays.. they are making an enemy outta Meta and the majority of the house

Ross – I’ve heard from a lot of people that they want Shannon gone, She’s the biggest threat.
James – if she gets herself off (off the block 😉 ) than I’m going
Ross – you’ve come back from way,…
James – I understand you want to get rid of a big player.. If I’m not the target don’t put me on the block

Ross – there’s no one harder to beat than you after Shannon
James now saying it’s better for him to be on the block because at least he’ll be able to play for Veto.
James and Ross agree James has the votes if he’s left on the block against Shannon
Jam es- if Shannon pulls herself down and Mark goes up..
Ross – you’re fine.. wait no..
Jame s- I dunno
Ross – yes.. do the recon at that point

Ross tells him not to talk to Shannon about this conversation
James – I can’t talk to Shannon anymore.. it sucks.. they just blew up the 4 of us
James says he can only talk to Ross

5:40pm Feeds back Nominations are James and Shannon.

5:41pm Brandi, Shannon and Marissa

Shannon is going on about how she’s never gone after Brandi.
Brandi says James and Shannon are Strong players.
They start talking about who are teh super fans in the game. Brandi says Shannon has the most knowledge of the game. Shannon disagrees.
Ari and Ross join them..

Shannon says they all threw her under the bus today.
They disagree
Shannon says them not sticking to the plan.

Shannon says it’s obvious what is going on with none of them looking at her in the eye.
Marissa says she wasn’t avoiding her.
Shannon – I don’t see why I’m the biggest threat..
Brandi – you’ve won the most competitions, you know the game the best.. everyone saw you as a target from the get go
Shannon says that means she’ll always be the target so why not keep her.
Brandi goes on about how strong James and Shannon are.
Shannon says Metta is stronger than her.

Shannon – it’s not fair I’ve had all your backs this entire time.
Brandi says they all love her as a person.
Marissa says it wasn’t only Ari it was a group decision, “no backdooring”

Shannon – I’m glad a final four means something to you guys… I don’t know what I would do without
Brandi – this game is about being manipulative and not always telling the truth.. it sucks but that’s the game.
Shannon says that Metta and Omarosa got in their heads.
They deny
Shannon – ok whatever.. there’s nothing else to be said..

Brandi- If anyone else would have gotten Head of Household.. . even people in your alliance.. it probably would have went the same way.
Shannon- Good to know

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6:02pm Shannon, Brandi, Omarosa, Ross

Omarosa says Shannon started gaming Omarosa when she was coming back from the hospital
Shannon to omarosa – the things you said to me in the room that night was very very hurtful

Omarosa – what was it I said to you, You were playing the mean backstabing person?
Omarosa – that’s true

Shannon – you said things that was completely inappropriate.. I haven’t talked game with you once since you’ve been back
Omarosa – that is not true
Shannon – let’s hear another lie.. Let’s hear it..
Omarosa – when I was on the block I was gracious and respectful
Shannon says what she told her was not gracious and respectful
Omarosa – allow me to speak .. Shannon I was on the block.. I got flipped..

Brandi – you did have your moments of being pissed and said things below the belt.

Omarosa – below the belt is like going to Keshia and saying ohh she misses her baby I should use that as part of the game.
Shannon calls her out for having an alliance with Keshia. Omarosa goes on and changes the subject.

Shannon calls her out for it.
Omarosa – Shannon… your not even letting me finish..
Omarosa – after I took 2 puffs of my inhaler you went to everyone of these people and said pick her. You saw my vulnerability you saw my weakness..
Shannon – I wasn’t watching you with an inhaler..

Shannon again says what Omarosa told her was completely wrong and below the belt. (no idea what it is)

Omarosa – i’m not going to contribute to the stress you are having
Shannon – You’re lying
Omarosa – you are the most brilliant player to play Big BRother, if someone can figure it out you can.. (LOL a bit of s stretch )

Shannon says she’s been playing a upfront game from the beginning.
Shannon – you can roll your eyes and make little looks with your face I don’t really care..
Shannon – in the end you’ll all go out and see.. I haven’t done anything behind anybody’s since the whole flip

Shannon says Omarosa was going behind her back.
Brandi says that is part of the game.
Brandi – every single move you’ve done in here has been to benefit you
Shannon – and the group

Shannon tells them they are giving her too much credit in this game.
Brandi goes on about how good Shannon knows the game.
Shannon says Omarosa, Marissa and Ross know the game.
Omarosa says she doesn’t know the game.
Shannon smiles “Bullshit”

Shannon bawling

Brandi – I don’t like seeing James play
Marissa says she loves seeing Shannon play
Brandi says Shannon is the best player to have ever played this game.
Omarosa leaves to grab tissue..
Brandi – everyone loves you here.. I don’t like James but I would never say that about you

Marissa – it’s been exciting and fun playing with you..
Brandi – we are in awe… it makes us nervous
Brandi – it’s just game not personal
Shannon crying – I just wanted to stay here with you guys…
Shannon – it doesn’t matter what I say because whatever I say everyone thinks I’m so sketchy
Ross – nobody here is making it personal
Ross – I’m sorry

Shannon says she never had a 2 deal with James or Mark. Mark came to her.

They go on about how James and Shannon are the stronger players.
Shannon says James hasn’t won anything. Shannon reminds them that they were on the same side.

Brandi says she thought maybe Shannon was producing this show “you know the game so well.. Maybe you should not have let that be known”
Shannon says she was trying to help them her friends.

They go on and on about how awesome shannon is and how they all want to be her friend afterwards.

Brandi – give me a hug… and I don’t even like to hug
Mark who I didn’t think was in the room appears to give out a hug..
They do a round of hugs.
Shannon – if you guys don’t have anything else to say just go..

Mark stays..
Shannon – I just didn’t need them here staring at me.
Mark – tell me if you want me to go

Shannon – no no no they’re the traitors.

7:28pm Ross and Marissa
Ross – I have a lot of empathy for people… she can’t make people feel that bad because of a game
Ross – Shannon is being the victim right now.. the truth is she kept stuff from us for more days than she’s told us the truth.
Marissa agrees says BRandi and Ari aren’t going to lie.
Ross wants them to tell Shannon that she’s lied to them more than tell them the truth.
Marissa says James would have put up BRandi and Ari he wasn’t putting up Metta and Omarosa
Marissa – or you and me.. well maybe not you and me..
Marissa – my alliance with Meta is stronger than yours

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Come on Shannon win that veto!!!!


Damn, here they go…ladies taking out ladies. Shannon has a right to be pissed when Omarossa is safe right now…and Mark! And Metta! And….? I guess this game is going to go sideways daily and we will have the weak ones floating to the end? Oh well, there is always POV…hope they do it sooner rather than later.


Shocked!!! Ari….did that Honestly not a bad move Shannon will play hard for Veto and so will James. I think going for Shannon instead James is a big mistake …. James is a physical beast and we have yet to see what he does mentally … Shannon has not been good at mental comps except the spelling one and not a physical beast & She has nobody in the house including ” Marissa ” who’s suppost to be her so called Friend. I think Ross and James are the biggest threat and can possibly win this game if one of those two aren’t gone yet and I could only imagine James/Shannon winning HOH next week since one of them will both be mad at Ari instead of the right person that should be Ross.


Grrrrrrr….ok Shannon…win that veto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Marissa is going to turn on Ross in the near future. He’s more powerful than Shannon at this point. She turned on Shannon so I have no doubt she’d do the same to Ross. And the way he’s been playing…he shouldn’t expect loyalty from anyone.

I’m afraid the end will be floaters. UGH!

CBS put Big Brother in the toilet allowing Omarosa to trash christianity

The following comments do comply with your site guidelines Simon/Dawg and i am merely stating facts that are in the public domain and things that are happening on the show so I hope you allow this post

Here is how Omarosa reacts when things dont go her way:

She threatens Piers Morgan and questions his sexuality when he turns down her sexual advances on The Apprentice(he made this claim on tv today)

She calls Shannon a racist in front of millions when Shannon goes against black girl magic alliance

She rage quits after losing the HOH with a fake asthma attack(even Julie made fun of it by fake coughing on the live show)

She trashes potus out of spite for being fired, after he has given her many opportunities in tv and politics over the years

She trashes Pence because of his religion, and mocks the christian faith

CBS will keep their golden goose Omarosa safe until finale, so they can continue the ‘Trump is bad mkay’ leftist propaganda segments

This is how desperate CBS is for ratings against the NBC Olympics

This is how desperate the left is to continue their anti Trump/Pence/christian narrative

Have another cup of koolaid.

Nailed it.


Amen amen??! 100% a shit show of politics and crap

Trash Christianity???

You get mad at Omarosa for throwing the Race Card but you turn around and pull out the Anti-Christian Card yourself when you get upset.

Omarosa didn’t even mock Christianity. She alleges that Mike Pence thinks Jesus talks to him directly and tells him what to say. And before she even reveals that, Omarosa points out that she’s a Christian who loves Jesus too. She’s also married to a pastor. She was questioning Pence’s mental state, not religion. Therefore, that is not trashing Christianity.

Please give some actual examples of Omarosa trashing Christianity on Big Brother as your subject line states.

By the way, I don’t think Omarosa is a good person or believes everything she says. I think she manipulates and spins things just like you do.

First, everyone in there are celebrities in their own rite, and they All have different religious & political beliefs. . They know what they can & cant talk about in there. If you don’t want to watch the show because you don’t like someone else’s point of view, than don’t watch. and lastly, I have lived in Indiana all my life, and I’m here to tell you that everything she said about Pence is True!

trumptards are snowflakes

conservatives are such snowflakes…… geez, you can’t handle anyone talking about your cult leader. cbb is getting good ratings btw.


Metta is gonna win bc doing nothing and ending up at the finale is the key to victory on reality shows at this point.


UGH – Stopped watching the live feeds today just knowing that Shannon was going up with James. She was a super good player and I enjoyed listening to her strategy. The rest of them are so boring.

I thought Ross would be loyal to Shannon and he turned on her. He destroyed his likability factor.

So anyway

I agree. Shannon is the only one I’m rooting for. Ross seems to be a fan favorite. I’m not sure why. He’s running the house. Marissa is OK but somewhat annoying. Meta is a nice guy but hasn’t a clue what’s going on. The other two guys are weak. I can’t stand Omarosa, Ari and Brandi. Fake!!!


Can’t stand Brandi. She pretended like she didn’t know the game during her lecture to Shannon – did she forget that she’s been on celebrity big brother before. I think I may dislike her more than I dislike Omarosa.
Nobody left to root for after Shannon.


If she was so good I don’t think anyone would have caught on to her manipulations. She is no Derek. She played too hard too fast and made too many alliances. This was her downfall as she did have a final two with Omarosa as well as James and then the final 4 deal that excluded both Ari and Brandi. If Brandi figured it out in her haze of Rose, then anyone could figure it out.


Mutually agreeing to Work with someone is not a final two deal… the 4 person alliance was a final four deal.
It was actually stated that they intended to be the final four together. At no point did Shannon & Omarosa or Shannon & James state the intention to be in the final 2 together. At least build your opinion on accurate facts. Shannon is being undermined and discredited because the majority of the house believe they cannot beat her.; so anything goes in the smear campaign. Truth be damned.

Min O'Pause

GomerOsa has her jockstrap in a twist because White House security wouldn’t let her friends hang out in the Rose Garden.

Ross' Game

I’m just bugged that they keep saying they are playing Shannon’s game when really they are playing Ross’ …. And yes Shannon knows the game and is playing it but they put all on her when she’s not even winning. She even tried to make sure the 7 person alliance was trying to work together…

Celebrity big brother more like celebrit Big Ross

I know right and Ross isn’t even playing a good one either it’s very messy game he’s playing harder than Shannon is


I am on Shannon an james team they my favorite in the game’
my least favorite is brandi just her

Marissa’s matted bush hair

Wonder when the dumb dildos realize that ROSS is the biggest threat and that no one sitting next to him at F2 will win…. Metta is a threat as well because he’s everybody’s snuggle bear ( I ain’t buying it myself) Brandi and her squash are threats as well…. she’s played this game b4, why is she not a threat? Ari, Im not convinced of her abilities yet bc she appeared to b reading a script in the DR… and hangs on every word coming out of 10 lb lips Brandi. My guess is that several ppl will try and drag the Manarosa to the end hoping for an easy win…. hope Satan is keeping her seat warm when she returns


Ross ain’t running shit.
He thinks he is, but he isn’t.




Ross and Marissa can not even control their eating and are amongst the most vile players to ever play BB. They are just overweight people mad at skinny attractive, smart, Shannon. They want to be looked at as the nice people and hate that Shannon helps animals and people in Africa. Ross thinks he should be worshipped because of his “gay plight”. Give me a break lard a*$. Marissa is a nobody who brags she flashes her fat gross self to her son.

People did this same “You are so great at this game” thing to Vanessa’s sister when she was in the house. These people are vile. Vile I tell you. CBS finds the most disgusting houseguests and unleashes them on the one decent person they have play every season. “Celebrity BB” These aren’t even “celebs” Who even is Ross? He was a low level street interviewer on a segment on The Tonight Show for five minutes. “Celeb” not close.

I hope Shannon wins the Veto and she and James can flip the vote for James to stay. Mark, Metta, James and Shannon are our only hope of not seeing over eaters anonymous alliance of Ross or Marrissa winning the game. Brandi and her slimy lapdog Ari are vile as well, but have no chance to win.


Shannon is completely being the victim – what else is she gonna do – admit she is the brains!

Shannon should consider herself lucky that Brandi gave her a hug..usually Brandi back stabs! not sure why this mensa group dosen’t boot that ample bUtt of Omarosa’s OFF!

They are falling for Shannon’s victim mode – even though she was the first to be a traitor!


In the show and in my life experience it disgusts me to see people like Ross not only doing what they do but that so many people blame everyone but the person responsible for all that is going on. At least on the show folks watching can see all the stuff being said and done by Ross but in the game itself and the real world these people get away with it constantly and succeed in blame for everything landing on people they are afraid of; jealous of; competing with (secretly behind their backs, pretending to be friends / allies, because they are too cowardly to openly compete).
It speaks to the character of people in general. Inside so many people are these issues of fear and weakness that they jump at the smallest of opportunities to discredit and undermine the honor, integrity and reputation of hard working people who are actively doing great good. So many small people whose egos protect them from self judgement and honest self assessment that they aggressively and passionately invest in, believe and promote the lies woven to bring down people who are quite simply harder working better people than them.


Did you just now come to the realization that life is Not fair? I know, it sucks. Mean people suck. But what you are seeing on Big Brother is…A GAME. Everyone had a different strategy & I doubt anyone can predict exactly how they would feel, act, and React to the conditions they are living in right now.


Let me just say:

Pain and suffering is a fundamental condition within all of human kind. Every single person lives with and experiences pain & suffering. Every single person struggles with crises of identity, feeling appreciated; or even respected, let alone understood but some people have been encouraged to decide that, by virtue of privilege / advantage, there are individuals living charmed lives who are spared of the kind of suffering they and other disadvantaged groups experience. They manufacture a reality that blames society for their pain and suffering; and, by virtue of their oppression, they have a duty and a right to make the privileged feel their pain and to suffer as they do (it doesn’t matter if the so called privileged suffer already their suffering is invalidated, diminished or trivialized as their own personal/community suffering is aggrandized and made a righteous to be avenged).

We live in a world where a very few exploit and control the masses through divide and conquer. They set up society so the masses perpetually neuter ourselves, each other and all future generations. The overwhelming majority of the masses could easily overthrow the few who lord over and exploit us but when the masses are broken up into smaller and smaller groups of special interests who bicker, compete & fight among ourselves we perpetuate the means by which the few to lord over us all.

All the special interest groups fight over the scraps thrown us by our masters. Competing against and among ourselves for our perceived fair share of a very limited quantity and quality of resources. A finite share is strictly maintained so that any gain in share for one group there is a commensurate loss in share to another / others. It is a controlled system set up unequally on purpose and each group is conditioned to want a greater share than what they currently have access to. So we are all conditioned to the share we are allotted; to compete within and between an incredible assortment of unique groups within groups (within groups with more and more groups being created each) for a greater share for ourselves and the special interest groups we identify with weakening the masses and strengthening the power of the elite few.

The Rosses and the Omarosas of this world are poster children of multiple unique interest groups and firm placement of where our master want the energies of these individuals and groups applied. The keep retelling the story and guiding the behaviors of present and future generation to maintain the war between all us slaves (although some slaves have more freedom and opportunity than other slaves to keep us at each others throats and not theirs). The reality games are social experiments not so much for what goes on inside the house as for the far reaching ripple effects throughout society, media and social media. The real experiment is with all of us outside of the house. To gauge our buy in and obedience to the divide and conquer narrative.

Rewards are given to the champions of each special interest group who motivate and inspire future generations to passionately adopt their role in feeding our elite masters and preventing our collective liberation from the enslavement that is our lives. Kudos to the rewarded celebrity role models for playing their part so well. Thanks for perpetuating the narratives that justify dehumanizing our brothers and sisters as we inflict on them the pain and suffering we are righteous in inflicting and they so greatly deserve. Games are great tools for training and socialization and yet so many parrot the dismissive lines.. it is only a game, people are playing it and no one behaves like this in real life… but they do! And the people playing the game have no trained or prepared to play character roles 24/7 for weeks on end. No one is putting in the work to create a character that is separate form who they are. More like they are behaving similarly to how people behave when behind a mask or an anonymous keyboard. Saying it is just a game allows people the freedom to pretend that they aren’t at all like this in real life. Is anyone that good and actor? Can anyone find justification for their game behavior for a 9% chance of winning the competition and somehow not justify such behavior in their personal lives when the stakes are often quite higher and more viscerally present? What are you really willing to do / become for a 9% chance of winning a competition is the real question and how do people in society respond to what these people are willing to do on TV for nothing 91% of the time?