Omarosa “If she wins HOH, she is coming for vengeance”

7:30pm Bathroom – Marissa, Ross and James. James is getting ready to shower. Ross – I’m not looking. Marissa – I am. Ross covers his eye and says – tell me when its over. I’m not watching so you need to tell me what’s happening. Marissa – I need to go home and be with my husband. Ross – tell me what’s happening. Marissa – he took his hat off. He scruffed his head. Now he’s taking off… Ross – WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT DID HE TAKE OFF?! Marissa – he took off his shirt. I signed a waiver. I’m allowed to sexually harass him. He took off his pants. Ross – what’s happening now?? Marissa – he’s in the shower. Marissa tells Ross to look. Ross looks in the mirror and then runs out saying I’m not looking.

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Shannon update..

8:02pm – 8:40pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. When the feeds return – all the house guests are in the living room watching / feeding the fish.

8:53pm Bedroom – Brandi tells Shannon – I don’t want you to ever feel like you don’t have someone because everyone loves you. And James is a nightmare. And he is a ____ little guy that got co*ky. I just can’t stand him. Don’t give up! I love you. Brandi leaves the room. Shannon has tears running down her face. She wipes her tears and sits in silence.

9:05pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

9:35pm Backyard – Ari, Ross, Marissa, Omarosa and Brandi. Brandi – Omarosa – maybe we should just keeper her and all the drama will end. Marissa – no one will notice. Brandi

10:10pm Bedrooom – Ross, Marissa, Brandi, Ari, Metta, Omarosa. Metta – James is tough. He’s hungry. Omerosa – I want Shannon out. She knows this game so well. Metta – she’s taking this personal. Omarosa – if she wins HOH, she is coming for vengeance. Brandi – he (james) is quick physically but his ego is in his way. Omarosa – if he becomes HOH at lease you can reason with her. If she becomes HOH there is no reasoning with her. You have to make a big move to win. She will look for a big move. Brandi – big moves, money moves. Mark joins them and tells them that the light is out in her (Shannon)’s room. Omarosa – she flipped the whole house and got Chuck out. You know how hard that is. I’m going to play hard for the veto and try and win it. If I do, I am keeping the noms the same.

11:15pm – 12am Kitchen – The house guests are still around chatting..

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Metta is gonna win because the best game is no game.

Can we talk

Brandi is starting to look like Joan Rivers.


What do you mean “starting to”?….

Imagine no makeup

Her face is pulled back and up so far, shes gonna look like a Siamese cat soon…


How come they don’t have ants like the ‘regular’ people do?? Did they not bring in any ant beds or rats for the celebs? Where’s the slop and torture beds? Theyv’e had more booze than the ‘regular’ peeps do for 100 day stays. Something stinks in celebrity world, they couldn’t survive going against a ‘regular’ peep cast.


Omerosa eats the ants.


Maybe because it’s not too hot there now.


Man, he is dumber than dumb….Scary shiite.


Why does Brandi Hate James ? I don’t understand what he did to get Brandi so mad at him also how did omarosa get inserted back into that groups good graces I don’t understand why she putting her 2 cents every time they talk game . I hate almost everybody in that house except Shannon , James, Mark, and Metta ( I find him every entertaining) . I don’t know if Ari,Brandi,Marissa, and dumb but they do realize taking Ross to the end is the bad idea I’m surprised they haven’t got together without Ross and question him hey ” Why are we doing this ? ” why didn’t Ross take Shannon out last week ?” Do they not see him as competition he basically got Shannon to flip on her own alliance and he’s basically cool with everyone in this house doesn’t that ring a bell while Shannon has nobody in this house . One thing that could actually stop Ross from winning is jury management he keeps lying to most of the people in that house and all the moves they made are benefiting him instead of the group Shannon goes this week then basically Ross has nobody stopping him from getting to end because everyone thinks they are in a alliance together and all holding hands in the campfire .


Brandi hates James, becuz he didn’t look at her twice!


Brandi is the white Ombromosa


James started off being a douchy, know-it-all, who only talked about himself. He was pretty arrogant, and Brandi got tired of it fast.


Ari and Metta are playing a good game. Lay low, let the feral ones eat each other, win comps at the end. Nicole and Corey’s game. Fits this quick format very well. Everyone else is playing too hard.

What day is it?

Easily the 2 dumbest players in the house…Wtf is Ari saying half the time anyways? English is not her thing I gather….She could head south and head into the Latino version….Although its quite boring I hear, with the ciestas and all.


Omarosa literally didn’t make sense if she wins HOH she’s gonna come with Vengance then what’s James if he wins HOH not coming with Vengance like really. Can someone for the life of me tell me why Brandi Hates James ? He roieally didn’t do anything to her I just think it’s weird that she is really trying so hard to hate him with no valid reasons and I really don’t like her either she’s being just as two faced as Ross it just makes me Mad that she’ll stay in the game longer
Than Shannon will. At this Point Ross is gonna win because everyone thinks they can beat ross and it’s just funny to watch them think so they don’t realize he’s slowly but surely planning his demise and will most likely take Omarosa to the finals since nobody really likes her at the moment they are tolerating her .


Metta is just there so might win like Nicole did, cool guy but no clue what he’s doing
I don’t think I could be friends with Marisa after, she’s thrown her friend under the bus just to be around other “celebrities” and wasn’t she “plagued” with being a diva for a bit?
Maybe I’m getting old but I don’t know James but at least he knows the game and is playing. But don’t care either way with him
Shannon is taking things personally because they had that meeting and pretty much said she was this puppeteer so when you thought you had an alliance and they blame you just because your playing and not great I might add because you like everyone are playing Ross’ game.
I like Ross but in BB he’s not just playing hard but manipulating everyone and lying a lot
Aria is just having fun and doing whatever Brandi says
Brandi I only know because she made a big deal the Gerard Butler thing but she is annoying acts like queen bee when she’s no one really
And I know they “production” want to keep Omarosa whether or not its politics to see if she spills tea or if they want the “Apprentice Omarosa” she’s drama, people are watching to see what she says
I like Mark but he’s just there
I wanted Shannon to win but not crying like a baby. I loved that she knows the game and is playing… was at least
Rant done

Blubber Lips Brandi

Brandi had the nerve to call James cocky? WTF ? Look in the mirror Brandi, you’re as cocky as they come! She probably secretly lusts after James just like big Marissa & Ross do. I can’t wait for this cocky ass group to turn on each other…. the love fest between Brandi & Jerkarosa will b over soon and then the fangs and claws will come out. Some of these women in the house look like dudes in drag and Ross needs a bra.


Hate much?

chief wha wha

mean girl well james is a cocky sob who was in a HHHUUUGGGE hit uh no. never heard of you
Some of Shannons problem was skipping around talking to everyone like they did not know how to play with out her you cant tell two groups your with em till end and expect it wouldnt be seen in this small of group also pampered much no slop no hard comps no rewards or punishments Baby Really? that is it ooooohhh wow woopety doo. Much too cushy, boozey, and medics for cough cough really out of breath not wheezing or struggling for air just winded due to out of shape except mark james shannon they dont look capable of fixing own dinner Plus are you cleaning for them too I think so.

Double D

It must be easy for actors to cry cause they sure are doing a lot of it.


Grrrr…..C’mon Shannon… that veto!!!!!!!!!!!


C mon shannon winn pov!! But it looks like theres a way the vote switch to james . They should cuz James will work with the other boys against them . Shannon has nobody . Maby mark but james is closer to him.


One thing Im learning from this season is I think I like the pace of play better. the 2.5 week season is speeding up a lot of decisions and not letting things drag on for days at a time. They should think about shortening the regular show and speeding up the votes. Much more fun to watch.


Summer BBUS should end on September 5th I’m hating when they drag it along 3 weeks into the fall.


I agree completely Better. Much more enjoyable to watch. Hated the days on end of nothing but people laying around the house doing nothing.


Why does Brandi hate James? Brandi is the type of person that hates people on sight. I think what happened is night one he talked too much about music and she wanted Mark to talk. It also may be that he reminds of her of Eddie her Ex husband. Brandi is weird like that…. she hates people that remind her of Eddie and LeAnn.

Personally I would vote out Shannon if I was in that house and tell James we saved you… I don’t think Sharon is going to buy it. Meta, Mark, Boozy Brandi, Ari and Marissa are pretty safe with Omarosa and James in the house. They are not clear thinkers so if one of those two takes themselves off I can see Ari putting up someone like Mark or Meta then have the house vote out Mark or Meta. the are not that good at strategy.

Dick Biggins

I get that it was just playing around…BUT…woman in shower with 2 people who are sexually attracting to her doing suggestive play-by-play of her showering could quite easily be called sexual harassment.

Reality Whore Brandi

I totally get why Brandi’s ex dumped her… she is an attention seeking nut job. She was sued in the past for slanderous comments made about another “housewife’s “ cooch smelling bad. She has 2 sons that probably get teased unmercifully abt their trashy mother. Sorry, not getting a douche vibe with James, he seems like a nice, confident guy who is trying to play the game and get along . James, Shannon, & Mark are the only likable people in that house imo. If anyone is a douche in that house ( or perhaps could use one ) it’s duck lip Brandi


Please explain:
If you are in an alliance with a bunch of people (in this case narcissists with fragile egos) how do you actually work together?

If you express your thoughts people decide you are dictating (to “the Group”) what to do. You’re a bully, walking over the rest of the group.

If you talk to one or two at a time you are scheming behind the back of the larger group and these “side” conversations are made out to be selfish “side deals” working against the game’s of those in the larger group.

Trust is the commodity of these games. Trust that must be treated as fleeting since ultimately there is only one winner. So it really is a shocking condemnation of humanity that after 19 plus seasons of this game (and more of similar shows) people have not evolved. People are still executing and falling for the same plays over and over again. Super fan to reality show first timers the same actions illicit the same reactions day after day, year after year.

So everyone has opinions on what this person or that person does wrong and most people think / believe they would play the game far better than those they see in the house. Ultimately, when similarly minded super fans have entered the house they are unable to implement their perfect strategy / game play to victory. So tell me: How can you work together in a game in which there is only one winner and, along the way, any two that are viewed as working together considered a voting block universally required to be broken up?

Are there really any ways to play these games, where violating trust is the fundamental reality of any game with a single winner, without these pathetic trust breach dramas? Seriously, there should be zero impact, surprise or indignation. In these games, no person should ever be susceptible to manipulation with respect to an expectation of sacred trust.


May I suggest the reason to clear all this up? #liberallogic


Hey Marissa, say what you will to justify your actions with respect to Shannon but ask yourself: If Ross had approached Shannon and said the same things to her that he said to you (only in this scenario he is talking about you to her).

What kind of person would she be to you if she participated in that conversation and then said nothing about it to you?

Is that person an ally (this person who is in two alliances with you)?
Is that person loyal / trustworthy?

The pleasure you get at the thought of getting over on the pretty / popular girl is sad at your age and point in your career… and the example to your super fan son who is certainly watching. Watching his mom and her current group of allies create false facts to ruin the reputation of someone you know in real life & making her cry and for what? Because his mom and her current allies are too weak in game to compete with her up front so they have to pretend to be her friend / ally while running around behind her back tearing her down and spreading lies about her (causing her real emotional pain).

Shannon was a good friend to you. She won the HOH and Veto competitions to ensure you and the girls were safe. She had you in both of her alliances including the one with James. James, who was a lock to win the next HOH until she convinced him to throw it. Making Ross HOH to further ensure your safety and the main 4 person alliance formed after you all failed to protect her after she put a massive target on her back for You & the girls alliance to which she had been loyal. It was you and the others who violated her trust and loyalty not the other way around as you allow Ross to spread those lies… and giggle as you consider stabbing this person in her back while continuing to lie to her face so she keeps protecting your sorry butt. WEAK Marissa.

Omorosa, Get Off the Stage!

Oh-My-Rosa is so BORING with her same-old, confrontational strategies and lack of finesse.

1) “Vengeance is a dish served cold” remark at the end of the broadcast show tonight, LOL. Spoken so dramatically, as if she was the first person to ever say it. Its a tired old saying.

2) The attempt to put Shannon on the defensive at the veto ceremony with, “did you or did you not campaign against me while I was in the hospital” Shannon should have said, “Hell yeah. Saw you coming!”

Go home girl!


It is so sad to see these supposedly mature celebs all ganging up on Shannon. Marissa, what the heck – so much for freindship. You can play the game with lies and deceipt or you can play the game with honesty. Neither is really wrong – it is a game and everyone involved knows what can be expected. But walking in with a pre-existing freindship has pretty much determined your choice for you.
Omarosa – I beleive that you beleive you are a nice and welcoming person…unfortunately that is not the vibe you give off. Plus, I just don’t think I can get past the whole Trump thing.
Please – wake up and smell the Ross! I do love you Ross, but stop being the mean-boy. Leave Shanon alone. Yes, maybe she will take everyone done simply because she is a top-competitor in the game, is that really a bad way to win? Or would it be better to win because you hurt other people with words and actions?

I wonder which win would leave you with the best feeling??????