“I’ll tell you this there is a 80% chance to see this final 4 to fruition”

Head of Household Winner: JACKSON
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder:
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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After being down for a couple of hours feeds return to reveal the Head of Household winner. SPOILERS alert it was Jackson.

11:18 am
Holly – did you hear what Bayleigh said to me she’s like no trust me I figured that ..
Feeds cut

When we’re back
Jackson going on about after he won the HOH “I blacked out”
Holly – I’m so embarrassed I got zero points I hope America sees I got the answer right
Nicole – Guys I love us
Holly – I do to I love that this is our house
Nicole – I love the four of you so much
everyone says “Same” (Barf me a river)
Nicole – I’m going to have my cast photo hanging in my house I don’t care if it’s creepy
Tommy – I am going to to

11:28 am Nicole
“Wow.. I’m so grateful for this entire experience absolutely tremendous.. ”

11:36 am Holly and Tommy
T – I’m gr8tfu to have at least one more week in this house it’s so great I get to play BB comics and I feel like this week will be a really fun one this is a good week to be here. If this is my last week Great I get to be here another week
Tommy isn’t going to harp on what happened last week he’s going to enjoy this new week
T – I’m going to win Tomorrow I’m going to fight. It’s all good
They hug
T – I love you so much
H – I’ve always had your back.. yours I’ve always had
Tommy starts to cry.. they hug again
T – You know how I feel about you ..
H – nothing game wise is personal with Christie I never regained Trust from her it’s as simply as that
T – no I get it. She and I played the game so so differently. Just on a moral basis played very differently and that was hard for me
H – I was not about to let you walk out the door before her
T – thanks. That would have hurt

Feeds to fish

12:15 pm Tommy, Cliff, Holly, Nicole
They’re talking about Jackson being worried about his “depicted” on the show.
T – I don’t think it’ll be that bad
H – Nayleigh confirmed jit today
T – yeah but I feel like it’s going to get better as the season goes on. It goes hand in hand with the conversations we just had like I feel like people don’t remember the beginning they remember what they last saw.
H – I hope so
T – it’s your last impressions on the TV show. It’s going to be OK I know that
Holly goes on about being worried about how she’s being depicted
Tommy called to the Diary room Jackson comes in with the backgammon board.

Jackson – I’ll tell you this there is a 80% chance to see this final 4 to fruition
C – it’s all about competitions at this point. I’ll do whatever I can to do it
J – It’s BBCOmic
C – he’s good (tommy)
N – We can do it
H – I have faith
“Whatever happens happens.. no regrets”

12:26 pm Cliff and Jackson
J – I’m glad we played that fair and square because trust me I was thinking
C – which part
J – A B C
C – oh yeah
J – I was like you know what that’s not fair
C – it owld have been obvious
J – It would have been obvious and it would have been dirty. If I lose I want to lose fair. I thought about it that’s the safe easy guarantee.. that’s what we need for him to
Cliff says he would have seen Tommy realizing what is going on and knowing there’s isn’t a chance, “This isn’t what we came into this house for”
J – especially this point of the game to get this far and not even having a hance
C – I know.. Yeah. I was excited when I figured out a way to do it
J – it crossed my mind. that’s not a bad idea
C – people would HATE us if we did something like that. I’m not winning that way
J – I would rather lose with my head held high.

They talk about how crazy yesterday was
N – I had a moment in the storage room where I was trying to Iron my f*ing shirt and it was a revolving door of everybody telling me to go after everybody else
H – You made one of the biggest moves of the season. You go out the first HOH
N – She was SHOCKED when she spoke to me. She came in and was like YES YES her target was pretty obvious we all know it (Michie)
N – I was like Christie you’re going to see the block and her face just … I felt so bad.. she was shocked
C – did she try to argue or she just took it
J – she was too shocked to put up a fight

They relive last night and how close Tommy came to winning the first HOH and how Close Christie came to winning the Veto.

1:22 pm just lazing around now.. (Jackson’s target is Tommy. Noms are today BBcomics is tomorrow)

3:05 pm Jackson, Holly, and Cliff
Jackson says based on what Tommy has been asking he’s pretty sure it’s “4 V 1”
C – he’ll play hard and he’s got a decent chance this is the kidna thing he would be OK with
J – he could do well. I’m going as hard as I can
C – Please please
J – I’ve never thrown anything for someone else to take a shot at you. I have a final 4 with you and I’m playing as if I’m on the block os if she’s on the block
J – I don’t want y’all to go anywhere period
C – I appreciate that Jackson. We’ve fought through this thing and the loyalty we’ve shown to each other it’s what got us where we are.
J – We made it this far I ain’t stopping now. I want it to happen
C – 4 versus 1 to do it only has to be one person with a better time than him
J – We have a job to do we each gotta do it.
C – I want to do it
J – it’s going to be exciting
J – I need to ask whether or not I get to compete in the next HOH
C – I feel like you can’t but it’s certainly worth asking. AS far as Nominations today I don’t care obviously Holly isn’t going up it’s going to be Nicole or me ot really doesn’t matter it comes down to the veto. If Tommy doesn’t win then no matter who’s up Tommy goes. If Tommy comes off then Nicole and I .. it’s up to y’all to decide who y’all want to keep and send home..

C – Today I don’t care I won’t sweat it.
C – COngratz. if Tommy would have won today .. he wasn’t putting up Nicole it would have been 2 of us up here.
C – that was wild you got the first question I got the second and Tommy got the third. (The hoh)

C – if it comes down to it and I can win this whole thing I’ll do it. But I gotta say with your victories you deserve this sucker.
J – I feel the same way about you
C – I’m proud of both of us. Attitude wise there’s been a lot of similarities
J – 30 years apart that’s just a number
C – the best decision I made was lining up with you early in this thing

J – no matter what happens …
C – what happens we’re cool. We’re going to be buds and tight
Cliff says from the first day or two he felts a connection with Jackson, “we’ve both helped each other get further. I woldn’t have it any other way Michie”

J – I dont’ want you to go anywhere.. if that makes sense
C – say less
J – I have too much respect for you in this game. You deserve to be here
C – I appreciate that
It doesn’t take swearing on a bible, Cross my heart on my sisters grave.. whatever when we shook hands
J – it takes a handshakes
C – I knew that we were good and that is all it took

Jackson mentions how he was scared when Nicole got up to give her noms he didn’t think she was but still got worried “That gut pit fear”
C – She works with a lot of emotion it was hard for her. She also trusts me and she knew how I wanted it to go I’ve enjoyed every bit of this
J – if there’s 2 people in this game that loves Big Brother they are sitting in here.
C – someone went home yesterday that I am very glad will not be getting half a million dollars. She’s not the only person there’s a few. Please do not send me home before Sis goes home
J – Christie was mine, I to this day do not regret sending Sis home over Christie
J – if I had known Holly and I were going to go Back to Back HOH and didn’t need her deal that would have changed things. For me getting Sis out was.. I was coming off day 44 and I had nobody there except for Holly. Jess was saying ohh you’re going to waste 2 HOH’s get Sis out and me out. But she didn’t look at it the way I was looking at it.
J – I was thinking backgammon when I was taking Sis out of the equation it took a vote away from Nick who I thought needed to go. But Christie, Tommy, and Sis were unbreakable.
J – Christie and Tommy aren’t close their shared denominator was Sis. It brought Christie to start working with Holly and I. it brought Tommy
Cliff says he made it known that Jack was the lynchpin and “forntulety” jess overheard and “made it happen”
C – I admire you’ve played the long game. that’s what I tried as well
Jackson explains how Jess complaining about him wasting HOH on people that aren’t threats. He says it wasn’t about getting JEss/Sis out it was about disarming their allies Nick and Christie.
C – yeah it’s just the bigger picture I get it
J – keeping Chrsitie in this game was HIGH risk
C – I know
Cliff – you know how I felt about Christie I knew she was a snake just waiting
Cliff knew Jackson had a multi-week deal with Christie but Christie kept going around to Cliff saying she is a free agent.
They laugh about her trying to sell to people she only had a 1 week deal.
C – I was sweating bullets in the veto competition when I found out we were 6 for 6 .. really I’m going to be stuck with her again.. I know Tommy was the backup but still
They both agree the house feels 100% different with Christie gone
C – you take out one person and then suddenly all this paranoia and suspension and mistrust. it’s night and day

3:28 pm Tommy and Jackson
Tommy knows he’s going up and knows he has to win Veto. They talk about Christie and go through their history in the game.
J – it was so disheartening to hear her say that she swears on her sister’s life, her bible, she literally stuck her arm out on eviction day and was like write it in blood (see image)
J – She sais she would take 5th gladly.. use me she said quote use me
J – She swore on the bible, swear on her sister’s live write it in blood she was not coming after us she was not voting against us and she wouldn’t nominate us. SHe was on our side.
J – Then turning around the other night telling people she’s gunning for us she’s going after us she’s doing this she’s doing that
T – how do you know she really was. People that told you were saying things to us to
Tommy reminds him that Jackson and Holly was targeted but a deal was made on the other side as well

Tommy says the “double playing” wasn’t him
J – Christie for me was the one person I didn’t want to see outlast me
T – I hear that .. to be honest, me to. I f*ing used two vetos on her she was always running her mouth. I love her but I didn’t want to go home before her
J – It was very toxic for me
T – yeah it’s a lot
J – for me it didn’t feel.. For someone that preaches so much certain things on principles and morals, your word. It felt disingenuous some times
J – it was disheartening

4:24 pm –


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I wish they would allow the hoh winner of the De to at least get the room for a couple of days, I know Cliff and Holly offered it to Nicole if they won but not sure if Michie did, she def deserves it !! On a lighter note, See you later Tommy !! Love you, don’t love you, at all !!
I swear on Christie’s sister’s life, I want Tommy gone !!


I hope Christie’s sister shows up at the live finale. Maybe in a coffin? Or an urn?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LMBO San Diego Gal! maybe I just get your humor, but she’s the one who falsely swore on her life over and over again. I’d be calling a family meeting.


Her ghost will manifest:)

Deep Thoughts

BBcomics is physical so I think the veto winner is going to be Jackson or Tommy. If I was Tommy I would be nervous.


Does Christie have a sister? What does she think when Christie swears on her life while lying through her teeth? I think she’s so delusional, she didn’t think anyone would notice her obvious moves?

The only one more delusional is Jess “I think I’ve played a great game”!? On what planet? She can barely string a cohesive sentence together. All she did was win one HOH and they got Jack out. That’s it.


I haven’t tried to look into it because I despise everything about Christie…but I’ve been saying for weeks now to my gf that she can’t possibly have a sister and that is why she just continues to throw that out there thinking she will get people to bite. Quite possibly the meanest person I’ve ever seen who truly thinks they are some type of saint. It’s bizarre. If she does then that sister must be like “Forget the voodoo doll…my sister just sealed my fate and trip to satan via BB lies”


Yes. I certainly wouldn’t be happy that my sister, who claims to manifest her destiny, would continue to lie while swearing on my life!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Except for her HOH week, Jess is dangerously treading on “Victoria ground”.


In her exit interview with Julie, Christie was asked if she has a sister and she said yes, and they are very close


Interesting. Apparently she does…but it’s also interesting that her “sister” lists several siblings on her fb page…but not Christie Murphy.


Well they might have been close before the show………now maybe not so much 🙂


Yea it’s really weird. There are pics and stuff of the 2 of them but it’s strange that she doesn’t list Christie as a sibling.

Ovi's tongue

Christie said on the feeds the other night that she loves her sister, but she’s a huge bitch, or total bitch, but she adores her. I’d call that mixed feelings.



J e t s jets jets jets

I wish Tommy had won HOH. That would have really opened up the game with Jackson and Holly on the block.


No need for a finale. Spoiler alert: Jackson wins. The other four are playing for their jury number. . It’s done. Disappointing season.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think Jackson could beat Holly in a final 2 hands down. Not Tommy. I don’t know with Cliff and Nicole. Nicole gets the girl power votes but reading the jury is never a slam dunk. Cliff has a great social game and has been the King of Come backs; but so has Jackson.


As I remember everyone being 100% sure Tyler was winning it all last year as well. Any of these 5 can win the final competitions.

Cliff's a wuss

I don’t think Jackson gets to play in the next HOH. If Tommy can squeak out a veto victory, that would send Cliff or Nicole home (Cliff maybe, that is probably why he is sucking up to Jackson big time right now). Tommy could have a shot to win HOH and at least be able to send a shot at Jackson.

I certainly hope that happens just to add some entertainment to this lousy season. Watching Jackson and Holly go into the final three with either Cliff or Nicole is just bleh. Then again they all just suck.

J e t s jets jets jets

Although Jackson can’t play in the all important 3 players comp. he’ll be wide open and likely on the block.


Why can’t he? There are still five players in the house right now.


I am hoping Tommy wins BB Comics…..and that there is a “leak” so that we can watch the BB Comics comp since it should take some time for everyone to do it.

Just a game

Well we still can hope for him to win the veto.

It will be interesting what Jackson and holly will do.


if Tommy wins veto then Jackson and Holly can only do 1 thing – nominate Nicole. Have you ever watched BB before?

Just a game

Don’t try to make me look stupid, i was talking about who they vote out and how they are going to act


yeah, this was my hope too. wanted jackson following christie out. then tommy. leaving holly, cliff, and nicole. three people with extremely weak resumes on fairly equal footing. as it stands though, jackson wins if he makes finale, which is very very likely, and tommy can probably comp out for a win. the other three are pretty much hopeless pawns that can maybe win part 3 of the final hoh to get out jackson but i’m not even sure they pull the trigger.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

If Holly had put in as much effort in playing the game as she has in trying to manage Jackson’s image she’d be winning BB,instead she failed at both.

Guy From Canada

So Tommy from here on out will show his cards about his ability to play in competitions. If he is serious and wins his way to the end, then he has a very good chance to win the game. If Jackson wins it to the end his only argument is comp wins, if holly makes it to the end, comp wins. If Cliff makes it to the end his argument is comp wins and sticking to his word (while playing the Rat game), and poor Nichole who I want to win probably has no chance against anyone but will hopefully get second place, so some money suffering with these douches all summer. I kind of dont want Jackson or Tommy to win, but this POV will determine which of those two will win this season,

J e t s jets jets jets

Plus Nicole will win America’s favorite player!


Why on earth would Nicole win favorite player?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Why on earth? Possibly for the same reason why she continues to poll here as the favorite…people actually like her.


Nice doesn’t equal good bb player

Cliff's a wuss

I kind of like Sam out of the horrible line up. Nicole is a nice person but at least Sam had a little personality.

Jan Nan

I would love if Sam won favorite. He has a family and I believe some big medical bills for one of his kids. Sam was also entertaining and seemed to be an all around good guy.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Ahem, Conspiring Bitches.
There was another player who could be pretty funny.


Kay is getting my vote




Ugh…not another week of Jackson being HOH!

More importantly, I want to know what Bayleigh told Holly about how they are being depicted!


In theory….then again there were bitter people on juries that have swung it to the unexpected winner at least a couple of times

Kat's Alien Bitch

Next HOH is really the last chance to keep him from winning. He can’t play, and if N or C when he goes home.


He just needs to win veto at that point. It’s going to be tough to get him out from here on out


Not really
Next week it all comes down to the POV, the winner gets to chose who is going to the final 3, so if either Holly or Jackson win, and they have a 50% chance to do so, then is between Nicole or Cliff.


That’s what I don’t get. Yes, it’s looking more so that he can win on finale night…but there are random comps between now and then where anyone can win. And those winners have a huge amount of power. I can better tell who will win if you give me pairs of final 2’s. But there is no way we can tell who the final pair is going to be. I just really hope the final pair does not include Tommy or Holly.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Jax has been a beast in comps.
Put him up and there is a 3 in one chance he goes home in the next eviction.

If he gets to the final 3 he will be really tough to beat.

Just a game

the final 4 is Depending on the veto.
not the hoh


Unless the HoH wins veto then the HoH chooses who gets to make the sole vote to evict, at which point there’s a chance that person wont vote out who the HoH wants

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I wouldn’t give an ounce of consideration to the opinions of Baighlie or Swaggie. He lasted about 2 seconds in his season; how does he score an appearance?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“…how does he score an appearance?”

Perhaps the Grod was looking for someone who would compliment this season’s heavy casting of arrogant, self-absorbed players.


Christie thought she had everyone on her side. She was so disingenuous that she was transparent but didn’t bother to think someone might be snowing her. She thought she was too good and that she wouldn’t see the block again. This double went the best it could & should have gone.

Ding, dong, the witch is dead
Which old witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding, dong, the Wicked Witch is dead!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s hard to believe that someone who thinks the Universe communicates with her could possibly be arrogant.


If she’s swears on her “sister’s” life while lying, is she going at accidentally manifest something bad for her sister?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She has zero self awareness. She doesn’t shut up long enough to consider what’s vomiting out of her sounds like a load of crap. I think she believes her own lies.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

That would make such a great photoshop project.

Nicole as Dorothy, Jackson as the Scarecrow, Holly as the Tin (wo)Man and Cliff as the Cowardly Lion. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, Tommy as Toto, but I’d do him as the last of the Flying Monkeys…let him join the bi…I mean witch.


Jackson won HoH? he will most likely see the block next week now

Just a game

So what? As long as he or holly wins the veto
Next week. They are both in the final 3 .
(Unless the one who is not on the block this week , can use the veto to get holly out)


do even know how this game works?

(“So what? As long as he or holly wins the veto”)
if Jackson is on the block next week then Holly will be sitting next to him, your above statement is nonsensical, sure Jackson can win the veto, but holly winning veto doesn’t help him, if Holly wins veto, the HoH either Cliff or Nicole will break the tie and send Jackson out.

(“Next week. They are both in the final 3 “)
Next week they are both in the Final 4

(“Unless the one who is not on the block this week , can use the veto to get holly out”)
this statement proves you have no clue what is going on, wow! Jackson is HoH this week, Holly will not even have a chance to get on the block.

Kat's Alien Bitch

This is wrong.

If Jax and Holly are on the block next week and Holly wins veto, she takes herself off and someone replaces her.

Which means the ONLY vote to evict is Holly’s.


No you are wrong

Next week is final 4 , with 2 votes to evict. HoH would have to break a tie if Holly won veto



No, you are wrong, udumdum. Michie and Holly aren’t leaving this week. So let’s use your theory for the following week; Michie and Holly are otb. One of Nicole/Cliff is hoh. The other is a voter. You say Holly wins veto, takes herself off. The one of Nicole/Cliff who is not hoh now goes otb. That leaves Holly as the one vote left. There is no breaking of any tie, as there is no tie, with only one vote. “Geezus!”

Just a game

You are the one , who doesn’t know the game well.

First of all, if holly wins the final 4 veto there ar two options
1.she is hoh and keeping him of the block
2.she gets herself off the block and now she get the sole vote to evict- and obviously she keeps him
“Next week” i was referring as to the final 4

This week
If nicole use the veto on cliff, holly has to go up.
Than cliff and nicole votes holly out ,
Jackson dont get to vote cause there is no tie.
(All in theory cause Nicole and cliff wont do that)


Anyone else notice Jackson throw that hoh competition to Nicole? Kind of feel bad for her, she was so excited to win and it wasn’t even legit.


jackson wasn’t even playing! lmao


I meant to type cliff. No idea why Jackson cane out. But yeah he totally threw it


Yes he did…but it was legit because she in fact, did win. But more importantly…they’re a final 2 and she hasn’t won anything. That’s why he did it. He knew how important it was to her and also knew she had his interests in mind.

No Way

I wholeheartedly disagree! Cliff was busting a$$ on that comp. He had just made it back to the putting pad with the ball, same as Tommy, when Nicole hit the ball in. It was extremely close.


You mean Cliff ?

Ovi's tongue

Yeah, I noticed he was just sitting down while everybody else was trying to solve some sort of a puzzle.


Lmao !!


Because he was the outgoing hoh! He wasn’t playing!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

You mean he threw it to her telepathically???


Jackson wasn’t even playing!!


Christie is gone! Enough of all the hate on christie its a frickin game n its immature at this point going on and on and being nasty abt her….

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

…..but what will I do with the rest of my life?

Ovi's tongue

Karma isn’t done with her.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sorry. We’re not finished yet.




I agree Christie had annoying habits and she played the BB game hard,meaning she was ON 24/7. In everyone’s busisness and pushing the house guest the way best for her game. Everyone plays for themselves not some community B.S..


Tommy or Michie got this.


Nice while going through his hoh basket jackson offered Nicole the hoh room.

Just a game

Is Jackson picture got stuck with the title hoh or what!?
And this is the person they also made camp director the first week! I don’t think in any season someone was in power this way.. 3 hoh-in 4 weeks!?
And the week that missing is his showmance partner hoh! Wow!
Even his family is probably tired to write him another letter..
You still dont think double was the time to get him out?
And Nicole or cliff can still very well get evicted this week. they are acting too much safe and happy (there is even a way for holly to get evicted.. but it’s to much to wish for especially this season)


There is absolutely no way Holly will get evicted this week, You don’t understand how this game works


Watching the ranking portion of the site, the top 3 of late have been Nicole, Cliff and Sam. I’m good with any of those 3 being chosen as America’s Favorite.

And Simon/Dawg…I have a suggestion for the tip jar. I didn’t realize when I donated had I just upped my tip a bit, a kiss from Dawg would have been included. You might want to be up front with the goodies one will receive before they submit their tip! ~kisses to you both~

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Put the so-called game play aside for a moment and consider the exclusive advantage that Crusty and Tommy were handed by production. Unless both of them ended up final two, as long as one of them makes it to the end they have not just a guaranteed vote, they have an advocate on the jury pitching for them.

If Tommy makes it to final two he wins fait accompli. Not because of superior game play, not because he earned or deserved it, but because production manifested he (or she) win with an advantage no one else had.

If Tommy ends up in final two, at a minimum, the rest of the jury should be told of his and her relationship and have time to consider/discuss that before they vote.

NO, I do not like Jackson but I would rather that arse legitimately win over the high kicking twit having it gifted to him. If Tommy wins, expect Paul to be back next season…with a couple of cousins and a friend or two.

Just a game

Tommy has a good social game . Which provide him from the block until final 6, and being saved in the final 6 by the votes .to be in almost every alliance or plan.
What his relationship with Christy has to do with
Jack , Jackson, holly, sis, nick.. all were very close to him and love him.
If he gets 5 votes in the end or more, it’s not because Christy its because
1. He has friends in the jury beside her
2.if he got there , he won 3 comps in the end , adding to the 3 comps he already won.


But it does have a lot to do with Christie. She will be there to make sure they know every single thing Tommy did this season….true or not. She will gloss over any errors he made. She will for sure preach against whoever is sitting opposite him and demonize that person. And Sis, Jess, possibly others can be swayed by her. I know you say his relationship to Christie has nothing to do with it, but that’s just not the case.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

AND Christie’s righteous indignation was off the charts over her incorrect suspicious that Miche, Holly and Kat all knew each other before BB.


And the same goes for holly/jackson cliff/nicole your point is invalid. Do u not see it was pairs pretty much this season.

U can say the same if holly is in jury, jax in jury for holly, cliff in jury for nicole, nicole in jury for cliff. Kat in jury for holly….

lame excuses & points just cuz u dnt like 2 ppl christie n tommy. Get over it!!!! All freakin season all we heard was uhhhh no its not fair they know each other. It was big brother’s idea for ppl who knew each other and pairs….

Its beyond petty at this point, with all the hate and talk of christie and tommy non stop, u have made them social media stars at this point and definately trending….


You’re the one with the lame points. All of these other duos resulted from people playing the game, the game that all these people signed up to play. Christie and Tommy’s did not result from game play. Everyone else was at a huge disadvantage and therefore had to work harder, in order to create a duo. If you are fine with giving 2 houseguests an advantage like that, then just say so. Don’t try and say it’s the same as all the others.

Club H.O.H

Come on Tommy Boy! Pull out the winning veto and send or should I say exterminate the Rats! If Jackson does make final 2 it sums up the racist bigot of a season it was! Tommy has a battle but out of all the rats he is capable!

Backseat Driver

OMG….you are soooo RIGHT!!!


I must have missed something. What are Michie & Cliff talking about concerning “playing dirty”? Something that happened during the last HOH that could have given them an underhanded advantage in winning?

Just a game

If im getting it right .. to decide
Holly is answering “a” no Matter what
Jackson “b”
Cliff “c”

Southern Girl

Ok here’s a potential interesting game play (very unlikely but it would be pretty awesome)
Jackson puts up Cliff & Nicole to hide the F4
(I’m aware he doesn’t need to)
Tommy wins Veto takes down Nicole
Holly HAS to go up
Nicole won’t vote out Cliff so she and Tommy send Holly home on Jackson’s HOH!!

I know.. not gonna happen but that would be some old school game play.

Just a game

That will be too amazing to dream for.. I’m hoping for a play like this every final 5 since season 5 who done that. But it never happens. Not even in Canada.


final 5 season 5 was 2vs3 with the 2 in power, where the 3 not in power worked together to give the person off the block the veto so he could use it.

This season final 5 is 4vs1 with the 4 in power. What Southern Girl described isnt even close to the scenario that happened in the final 5 in season 5. The move she described is so dumb it will never happen in any season.

Southern Girl

You’re right, it is 4vs1 but if he knows this and will still be target #1 the following week anyway it wouldn’t be too terrible to weaken the strongest player in the game by taking out his #1. Of course he would be on an island and have to win to the end but that would be the case anyway. Especially with the remaining players being all about loyalty, he would be the target anyway so why not make a legendary move and try to win his way to the end? Better than throwing in the towel. Go out with a bang. But these players today are all about making friends and gaining followers so I know it would never happen.

Jackson's Mangled Feet

Jackson did state that he would like to break up both opposing pairs, didn’t he? That would be a good move going into the next week. Tommy is companionless at this point, so still persuadable in event he wins next HOH.


I live in Alaska and typically I will just read your site on Thursdays since I’m so far behind time wise. For some reason(maybe I manifested it) I didn’t yesterday. When the puzzle started I kept saying come on Nicole you got this. When she missed that first shot I thought oh Lord she’s gonna blow it and Tommy is going to win this. Out of everyone left I’ve been rooting for her the most. She is by far the most likable. As I’m reading everyone’s comments today about whether she can win I’d like to add my two cents.
First I think a HUGE part will be whether or not the jury is bitter. Second, yes Jackson has been winning a lot the last few weeks but Nicole only played in minimal vetoes(I’m not sure her chip was even in the bag). I agree with someone who posted earlier she might not have won them anyway but how can you fault her when she didn’t even get a chance. Third and lastly, the last winner of Survivor was one of the first few voted out and sent to Exile island. He then came back and won the last few competitions and bet on himself to beat the only threat left. That jury rewarded him for his late game efforts. I truly believe the only way Nicole can win is if she finishes off strong. Everyone will remember the most recent comps. And she can use the fact that at the beginning she had no one and stayed in the game only being nominated that one time. She does have a good read of the game and if she can articulate on finale night what she’s being saying to the feeds all summer then she might have a shot. A slim shot.

Michelle Green

The only reason Holly has lasted this long if Because Jackson shotgun


Honestly they should have backdoor’d Jackson last night – now it’ll be him or Holly who wins…

Deep Thoughts

If they did then Christie or Tommy would be the current HOH, Cliff or Holly would be on the block and everyone besides Frankie Grande would want to barf.


Please please don’t win veto Tommy, I can see him being quick


To Holly: Oh poor Holly Beth…the end table. She is so worried about what the viewers think of her…still…after only staying in the game with Jackson as her shield. Without him she would have been gone before Kat. And she hasn’t forgotten how Jackson has taken Nichole under his wing, and treats her like a baby sister…jealousy rages in this one. She has said multiple times she wants Nichole on the block and I would bet thats who goes up next to twinkle toes Tommy after she lays on Jackson some more and whispers sweet idiocy in his ear. Actually she just wants to be the last female in the house, so she is the most attractive one. Sorry Beth, that just makes you the most used piece of furniture in the house. And usually that furniture is an antique…go figure.
To Jackson: Michie you’re not as “big time” as you think. Sure you have won comps, but since pretty much everyone else didn’t want to “get blood on their hands”, most all kept throwing the comps. Momma has been working hard to get CBS to give you a nice edit, not going so good, especially when the camera pans to you and you have a snarky look on your face. Momma needs to cut the strings and give an interview called “My son the douchbag”. Oh and the fake “new” relationship with Nichole? We aren’t buying it.
To Tommy: You lost your snake skin….oops I mean your shield. Crusty went out last night and you have stopped the high kick high kick show you put on to try and be AFP. Granted you still play the shocked claps hand on cheeks or puppy dog “I feel ya” eyes, but thats not going to take you to the end. And now you have glommed onto Nichole and Cliff hoping against hope they will drag you kicking and dancing to the end. Don’t think thats going to happen.
To Cliff: If your wife was in that house with you, you would whisper to Jackson that he has your vote and go ahead and put the “wifey” up. Already whispers from you to put Nichole up next to Tommy. Is that any way to treat your adopted daughter? People think you were throwing the HOH yesterday for Nichole…but you were keeping a keen eye on Timmy during that, cuz we know you wanted him to win to go after watermelon-head, cuz you aren’t able to accomplish it.
To Nichole: Giirrllll….ya made a mistake in your HOH. You should have put one of each couples up there. Yes FINALLY you got Crusty out of there and America is thankful…but stop listening to Cliff. He would literally step on your head to rush to Jacksons side. You just don’t see how he’s been playing you…your too sweet. But if you could bring it in the double you could bring it in the next ones, then use your own brain and not Cliffs mouth or Jackson and Hollys whispering.

Now, I am sick. I think we are in for another bad wind storm here and I think I could fit all of them into my garbage can, the same one that rolled down the block last night. Then we would all be out of our misery, because that’s one garbage can I wouldn’t go chasing after.

Tommy Sucks

You had me through Twinkle Toes…………after that………naw….


I didn’t have me after that…like I said sick…brain not working lol




I heard that Tommy told everyone that he knows Christie from before. Is this true?


The veto to win is the NEXT POV because there’s only ONE vote and that’s the Veto holder. This one only matters to Tommy because if he loses he’s out the door. It’s BB Comics so this only favours Tommy and Michie, no offense to the others. I just want Nicole to win. Hopefully she can build her resume and win another HOH or Veto. :D.
Whomever wins POV next week better take a shot at evicting Michie or he wins hands down. Game will be over hand the boy da cheque!